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Natural Ways to Optimize the Immune System

Wes Youngberg
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Wes Youngberg

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  • June 10, 2011
    1:30 PM
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thank you it is good to be here and join some nice cool weather I was warned by my wife when she eleventh on the Internet see what the weather was good be light this week she warned me to be a hot line I think we got it blessed us with the with cool breeze I certainly expected the new hires I actually enjoy wearing my suit coat and not feel too bad I'm thinking back to as say teenager I mentioned yesterday that what had turned my attention to normal childhood activities at a young age the tender age of eleven was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer and and that that experience of watching her go through terminal cancer made me keenly aware of the value of good health the value of quality health she was a mother that I adored and that I love greatly and she was taken away from me by disease died at the age of thirty nine and an ever since that time my mind has been focused on trying to establish an figure out what the factors were that potentially lead to disease what are they what are the factors in our sin each of us that may predispose us towards different forms of disease and if we can figure that out where then the potential solutions being multiple strategies that could alter that otherwise reality of premature death premature disability premature disease treatment this function that hangs away our potential to serve God and to serve each other that's the real value of our health message that we have available to share so as a young man is I discussed this with my father I became very interested in reading books on health and one of the books they came across list councils on diets and food which is loaded with shotgun paragraphs of this and that the other and very wisely my father one day said to me says Wesley I once you read this book instead this would look in a ministry of healing same author on the cover but what's the difference instead of just a compilation of shotgun blasts of this and this and this and this and that which is actually very useful if you're looking something off her or want to get a broader context by its missing something very important it's missing the overall context of how we're to understand how and the value of following certain health principles and let the ministry of healing not only attracted me to learning more about how and natural remedies there also attracted me to Jesus Christ as a young teenager and that's what the help message is all about if a help message that we get is not also at the same time attract us and those that were sharing that with Jay Jesus Christ the value becomes very very limited the value becomes very very temporary we one how that can lead to need her on a lie right it's all about and be able to recognize the good truth help desk that we been together which is the opportunity to live forever with Jesus Christ and the ambassadors to the world beyond forever that is exciting that is worth whatever challenges we may have to go through this life so in order to give part show what we started yesterday and how to evaluate prevent and reverse diabetes and treat diabetes naturally why are we doing to actually two sections on this because this is in my opinion by far the greatest health scourge in the world we mentioned yesterday that if you don't have prediabetes or diabetes you are and then minority right now the vast majority of us have either prediabetes or diabetes now over over half the people with diabetes no they haven't about a third to half the people who right now have diabetes have no idea have the greatest problem with any disease is when you don't know you have been there for you're not paying attention to the accused the clues of what to do about the problem with prediabetes is that I'm estimating that over ninety percent of people with prediabetes don't have so that's was critical that we understand this process less less biased and praise we began this week discuss the very important topic father you you have provided us the great physician and your son Jesus Christ we want to follow is not us and we want to follow up his prescription and we want to allow his guidance so that we can better understand what we need to be in your will today Christ name we pray our self where they are basically expanding on this greater topic of reengineering genetic risk how how the transforming sickness and to help the transforming power of our health message reviewing quickly what we discussed yesterday what is diabetes diabetes is is a blood service saw high at high enough to cause serious health complications there are many levels of high blood sugar below the cut off for diabetes in fact based on the chart in your handout there's five stages of high blood sugar four stages of high blood sugar beef all our diabetes through stages even before prediabetes moment many times I've had people talking to me are patients talking and he said well you know I asked him if the if you have diabetes or family member has diabetes and does it well not really in it was actually controlled with medication well best diabetes that full-blown diabetes no doctor would average as a diabetes medication assembly unless they had full-blown diabetes is not borderline decile sort of as full-blown and in and so if somebody says in borderline or die even diet control diabetes is still full-blown diabetes diabetes very specifically the a fine and most physicians actually hasn't been even diagnose it early I do time most most health professionals get to the point of view their patient about diabetes already had everything to fifteen years okay so we need to actually be much more aggressive at helping each other determine whether or not there is diabetes we talked about how liberal the problem with diabetes is that its precedents suggest that the rate of four fold increased risk of stroke or heart disease when diagnosed after age of forty five but as you see in your hand and if you have a diabetes is diagnosed before age forty five net worth has been going on a lot of earlier that represents a dramatic increase risk of fourteen times and learning times increased risk of stroke or heart attack so the best testing business motivation to really do something about this I what are the underlying causes of diabetes briefly we discussed the insulin resistance the muscles in the lever they can store a more sure and so the blood server starts to creep up in the bloodstream and in the Packer says I need to make more insulin to compensate for that and had x-rays on the slot remember a cause is the blood pressure to shoot up eighty percent of hypertension is due to high insulin production trying to control blood sugar solo the best way to address high blood pressure is fixed the underlying blood sugar problem for the most part I insulin production trying to compensating control elevated blood Sears also leads to increased risk of breast cancer colon cancer prostate cancer increases inflammation which activates pretty much all the bad genes in a so hard for the Ganges to work Internet our system and how you slender thread of minerals through the kidneys to get for the magnesium and NZ can chromium all minerals that are critical for controlling what your metabolism controlling heart how controlling metabolism controlling musculoskeletal concerns so we see how this touches every aspect of our health eight countries are emotional help in our neurologic wellness as well which will talk about next session other causes of diabetes include just the pancreas is just tired out it just goes to the treaty they can work out hard anywhere can produce all that insulin and so it wears out so that's what critical that we need to give the pancreas a restitution have to do all that work if we go in exercise remember aright after meals not only does it make us feel better and what helps the brain work better than exercising right after a meal blood step blood sugar dramatically which means now the paper 's visit have to make on it I translate which stores extra fat in the midsection and increases the cholesterol in the blood pressure and so forth and then there's out immune response which which will touch in a minute so what are the best strategies look at it bounced to some real practical approaches things that you can start doing when you go back home what are some key strategies to prevent complications what's the best strategy if you say don't well I don't want to end up with an amputation I don't end up going blind prematurely I don't want him up with chronic kidney disease and incident kidney failure and so philosopher step in and really the first that is early detection that's that by far the most critical thing is it something that most people don't think of as I well I guess that are not clear to see it doesn't work that way with things like diabetes because there's a reason diabetes is called the silent killer is theirs there is very little clues that there is a problem and you don't want to be one of those individuals that is diagnosed the traditional way Sunday blues maybe had had problems losing weight for years and decades all of a sudden notices that pant irrigating a lot of food in her losing way is a like a more could be the more weight than this is pretty pretty cool guy and I came across that I don't think undulating different other than a meeting mark maybe maybe just need a lot more loose like Texas and I and then he noticed them not only hungry and I'm really thirsty to some predawn water and in a run in the restroom a lot waken up multiple times during the night to urinate when and so pretty so a family member somebody who cares you don't look so good while you come to think of it I haven't been feeling really good either they got a doctor and immediately was documented in immediately check the blood to draw some blood and many times those symptoms are strongly associated with what the blood sugars are so high in the kidneys are dumping this extra sugar through the into the year-end so most of the food that they are consuming is being wasted through the Aaron saw the weather losing weight holy nontenured powers that is why so that is why many times when a diabetic is diagnosed and they get put on insulin or even regular medications for diabetes is what actually gain weight is because the other holding onto all those calories the Blazers have been controlled with Madison but now that is further increasing the resistance depends on making the problems spiral of the self the key is to get evaluated away and so you have major sense is because usually that's about twenty years longer than you then you should've waited get tested and found your handle you see some the last test I would recommend if somebody came into me to do really understand what's going on and I is I mentioned yesterday I really like the two or this four hour glucose tolerance test rice sugar stress test you have your blizzard from new think the sweet drink in the laboratory one hour later your blood sugar shack two hours later his check in those two readings tell us whether this prediabetes or diabetes and you can see that on the stages of high blood sugar chart can clearly see that the thorium for our talus of the blood servers dropping too much and and that helps us determine how to go about balancing blood sugar the designer ties that go along with that and even though this is not conventional many times when patients devoted their primary doctor my insulin measured intellect why you're not taking insulin white white or where you want to have euros lunch while because there are thousands of studies that show that insulin relates to many risk factors is just describes as all I want to know if my insolence I hesitate to write down dramatically increases my wrist from the health problem the other reason is that by following a very consistent exercise nutritional program we found that our planet is wanted and just generally Sabean on a daily consistent program insulin levels dropped fifty percent and this has actually been published at from the Pritikin Center in Long Beach California and other centers consistently showing that the insulin level in just a few weeks time had dropped dramatically why is now the blood sugars are being so well regulated date pancreas doesn't have to make all that extra insulin causes all the hypertension all the deep promotion of cancer and so forth I sell those articles are important test the I was talking to some leave this morning who said I didn't find out about my diabetes except that I went to a healthier and it was a boot images checking blood sugars random blood sugar and they told me your blood sugar is really how you need to go see your doctor I have found that this is one of the most powerful ways to get to know your community doing insurance run booth at a community fair at a community barbecue I think you got all these places rainy kind is a lot of people together but I was out there and have somebody that knows what they're doing checked luggage reasonable fingerstick you can use the chart that's in your handout by them and you say go see your doctor if the blood center one hour after I ate food is above is above one fifty five attendant risk factor for heart disease and most people will go to the doctor don't get a test of that sensitive because your fasting blood sugars are rarely tell you why I can say that they often will tell you but it's about it's about maybe twenty percent as sensitive as the blood sugar after you've eaten something that's on the pleasures more likely to be elevated in so doing doing having where where you provide this invaluable service I can't type how many people we've bonded they looked healthy writing of my throat check your blood sugar to the light while what I thought was healthy well maybe you're healthier than you what it meant if you do an exercise that you need to start paying attention to the blood surging get that under control because many of us are really good some parts of health write me where human we can't pick and choose either to exercise right and so when we exercise and because we exercise a regular basis we think of ourselves as healthy I exercise and we have no worry about maybe the nutrition part because hey when I exercise every day commuting in our images in the bother me as designing unable to control my way insult for you know who said that I remember back in nineteen eighty two I was listening CSI was living in various brings Michigan at the time with my parents now as I was in college going to Andrews University and I my father oftentimes listens to WBBM Chicago NewsRadio seventy eight to the pickup on the news and back in those days Bob and Betty Sanders were the cohosts of one of the morning news program and I was painting the hallway one one day and Anna St. Joseph's is given beyond the regular class in a few minutes and when I heard that mentioned I saw maybe heard the names of the duty of thirty all through high school I had actually read his books which were motivational books related to exercise and running and I would log my exercise and in and he was just a really great way to stay focused on a good in this program is the Randy Jensen said Allawi you I will listen and he was he was there promoting of the race I believe is a 10K and the first question that came out of Betty's mouth was in a week or that you run ten miles in ten young jungles and she said what easy read print 's house and in everything from eighty and other it always I stop it a little kid I said that that's not very freely in their right and I thought there like with Jim good to say that any says since well you know what Bob and Betty since one nine one ten miles a day I can eat anything and after him him her that I actually laughed when I heard that Disney did it was ungrateful and great comeback and then you have this vision of yuppies radio cohosted their drinking their diet Pepsi and hamburger and no fifty pounds overweight unity of the typical may be a stereotypical radio hosts and a good heart there was no letter there is anything for a few seconds it although they just burned a couple hundred dollars of radial time and by a soon as I finish laughing about that quick comeback I remember stopping and looking down the hallway where the radio was in I remember saying Jen there's been a be a problem with that this will be a problem and he's like Mister fitness right he had a great physique he was seen as background and then that his father died of a heart attack in his forties and and Jasmine is and is having mid- twenties was out of a job how do you say about twenty five pounds overweight sedentary callus potato smoke a couple packs of cigarettes a bad had a sixpack of beer at night you know I just wasn't healthy God will one day a friend of his said Jim let us join a 5K in business this was in the in the seventies you know when the running revolution started to take the install it I wanted to do it but his friend and then monitoring down and actually felt good and he is he starting to really enjoy training for these races and because if you're going to train every day to making these things the smoke right him a stuff and a cigarette here which makes even more tired right so he very quickly didn't you stop smoking it in this is a very important point that we were trying to get somebody to stop smoking and unless you have something better for them when people smoke because it is the solution to the problem is when Islam mean everybody knows smoking causes cancer everybody knows on the negative side of smoking most people have let this long anyways why because they feel better right now in the smell and help them concentrate it helps them better and it decreases their anxiety and be brief stress and depression on and on and on so smoking does outline for those people so it will stop smoking some better forum growth you're doing him and his neighbor why is there to start doing more things that are bad for the New Mexican something good and so wanted that guy thinks sex and the diet and all the other things with adequately in left the mood and stimulate the right chemicals in the body so now you got feel-good chemicals in your system there actually good for you as opposed to the other chemicals in your system that are associated with cancer and cause high blood pressure heart disease and an erectile dysfunction all things okay so such an gem decided that he was initially doing he said he got in tremendous shape stop smoking stop drinking but what was one thing to even really think you need it and think you needed to change the diet it was all his fault because back in that day even thirteen F Hoover who was his doctor in Texas the father of aerobics the father preventive medicine in our country seeing he maintained that music gave a talk in nineteen seventy six which I attended and he said he was asked this question about guy and he said calories and calories out if you can control your way everything is game I remember thinking this will be problems here that philosophy which was pretty much the philosophy and medicine at that time was responsible for the death of genetics two years later in nineteen eighty four I am I'm actually in a Loma Linda University and I'm jumping in my car to run home to get another book and the AP news at the top of our comes on in the first thing out of the radio announcers mouth is just this running guru promoter countless races across the country in the world found that the day laying on the side of the road same row that he ran every morning and my faith by the individual exercised by itself doesn't save us a good rest exercise for the rate of heart disease by fifty percent but it was sufficient so the point here is that we need to figure out the strategies that are sufficient to accomplish the goal help us be effective in our own health and effective examples to the world that date to better appreciate the value of health and how that relates to spirit how do you make is choosing wisely him will him perform well so fair as it is important that you pay attention to these topics so there's this way but they passage of being challenged which is what they think we is telling people to adhere to be screening them for their blood service that what they normally would he some snack foods some sweet foods on solid sons use in about an hour later chapter blisters and bats was going to give the best indication of whether or not they need to pay attention to this problem so how many of us would need to pay for well at least fifty percent of Friday at least fifty percent of the survey to find we have a problem with that Sony says one of the most important tests medical tests in my opinion to take advantage of there is another staff beginning in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine December two thousand nine the Centers for Disease Control and and the various medical societies agreed that the hemoglobin A-1 C blood test could now be used actually diagnose diabetes and also could be used as families if there was a rest of the Pahlavi diabetes or another way of referring to treat diabetes and it came up within this fantasy previously this past A1 C blood tests essentially looks at how much sugar is sticking to the cells in our body normally it's it's simply suggesting that it you see in your handout that for every thirty point increasing your blood sugar that relates to all who want point or a one percent increase and the hemoglobin A-1 C blood test SLB level should be around five fibers and others five percent of the proteins in the cell membrane would be coded with sure that's normal but is the level starts going up Hatton Marine every percentage point medical is a dramatically increases the rest for disease for complications for high damage from nerve damage for kidney damage for artery damage atherosclerotic plaque buildup etc. so we want to pay attention this soul normally doctors use this test only for people who already have diabetes and it helps date of the over the three to four month period between that says how high your blood servers been there for some patients Friday that it aren't virtually anathema to do whatever they wanted to and then they go home honey see the doctor and sell virtually extinct hardly eat anything exercise every day they starve themselves in a negative light fastening on the monitors that doctrine has this method this is just look at what your blood sugar was on the day he was it looks at the average blood sugar experience over three to four months to get cheated anymore that anybody can see your doctrine was held Wednesday not to impress him or her how healthy you are back and have them help you get help here right message the whole point of it so so be it but there's another very important part of this test which I think is the cable and that is as the server attaches itself to the cells essentially reversible once the sugars on as attached to it is glazed to collect like oscillations in the further so how can you eventually law or this is the red blood cells have a lifespan of a hundred and twenty day in your body how is making little red blood cells with hemoglobin and therefore be every day that we control our blood sugar every day that that our blood sugars are in the right range decreases the amount of additional sugar sticking to the love that blood cells so that's that's why even any reversible and actually you are to remain in the body to be able to re-create itself a basis for opinions that I is on .net it's okay honey is in a day and we written I halfway repent and humble ourselves and say I will follow this new way because I want to be healed by one I want to become healthier we have that opportunity now the VM short increase risk for complications like nerve damage vision loss kidney disease is actually up thirty five percent increased risk for every one percentage point that builds up that A1 C blood test goes up sell so this test is now not only a way see how you read this also has an apology way before you have visible Path biology and nerve damage in an visible eye damage and kidney failure it's telling us that those cells are being damaged and now we have the opportunity to do something about that's the value of this test it also is also shows us that there is increased risk for heart attack in all diabetes related that increases by twenty five percent are at reporting that goes up that so this is something that we all want to take advantage of it personally I think everybody should have the stuff why because it is now is independently another way to establish whether we at risk of diabetes i.e. prediabetes or actual diabetes even separate to testing Web servers so I we mentioned yesterday this phrase know you you can't really reverse this disease you can only manage to that that's an old paradigm that's a paradigm that has been proven untrue multiple times in medical studies now the reason many believe that these lifestyle related chronic diseases where your reversible because the decolonization is all had never been down a therapeutic product call that was sufficiently powerful enough to lead to reversal we now now that kidneys can restore themselves if you have kidney damage the kidneys can actually rigmarole the nephron the real stuff filter out the blood previously I was considered to him alive because a protocol that was sufficient to allow freewheeling without it was not incorporated with most faith of course were not Canadian healing if we're not doing what is needed for healing if you have a horrible bacterial infection in your just given a standard dose of antibiotic and you take it even further recommended time in ten days or fourteen days it's probably not really because because of the type of infection that person has the needle will have on so that's what we need more careful attention to what is the problem and what are the solutions that are likely to accomplish our goal a few years back notice must be at least five years ago now Morgan Spurlock made a documentary film called supersize me really shook up the corporate fast food world really shut them up and of course the fast food industry deserve to be shaken up a little bit we have all fallen asleep slow to speak and are and are thinking about the potential damage and disease that is being inflicted upon every day Americans simply because of fast food and is not just the meat and fast food it's the process vegan foods to that are are very very costly in terms of health complications so I will go through what that whole film talk about other than to say that what he actually gave twenty nine thousand thirty days of a following the McDonald's diet back on a dislike of the sumo wrestlers would be proud I guess that's how they gain weight you know they made it on a breakfast diabetes used huge lunch with lots and lots of white rice and then first operating on McDonald's and just literally paid out and admit it it isn't all it's 's cold the whole people is the watch these guys eat right and as self-adhesive sleazy he ate breakfast lunch and dinner at McDonald's for thirty to an end thirty days time traveling again twenty nine pounds he developed serious severe hypertension develop a basically chemical hepatitis nonviral hepatitis okay they make sure that the food is any viruses or bacteria hopefully it does not erode realized there were arrested on the other chemicals and in in everyday toxins in interest Alaska basic nutrients that cause damage to the whole body in his liver was starting to shut down and its doctors were saying you're killing yourself if I didn't know better I'd think that you have been alcohol binge in Las Vegas this would look like that day they were just going to his liver but the point here is that one of the doctors that Morgan Spurlock interviewed for this documentary was a bariatric surgeon right he did bypass surgery for weight loss and during interview the surgeon looked into the camera said by stomach gastric bypass surgery is the only medical procedure proven to cure diabetes now on I actually showed that film in a talk I was getting at a regional medical conference some years that when when the president of the medical society asked me to give a talk in reversing diabetes with attrition I thought that was Kelly knows this the political suicides that he could share diabetes with nutrition licensure in the meantime and I say so I made sure the pocket present a society wanted me to talk on to show this interview and then I went on to explain Warhol through nutrition you could do the very same thing and at the end of my talk must be brief on this the chairman of the scientific committee for the conference got up and said by the way I just want to go on record saying that I completely disagree with what Doctor Young Burgess said about about nutrition and diabetes diabetes cannot be reversed and then and he wasn't being spiteful and assist what he believed and has since he was responsible for the scientific content of the conference he felt somewhat compelled to NSA what maybe a lot of people rethinking and so he goes on to elaborate right before the question-and-answer session saw sitting there listening to have the audience is looking at me and him looking ahead and it also are built every Michigan what is with the same snarl I was thinking and responsiveness then he goes on to say since they had been just before my talk a a genetic a geneticist had been from from front international speaker had had presented how he thought I sure you could actually genetically reengineer the system to reverse diabetes as I said lamenting the future to genetic region engineering and asset thank you for mentioning that his acting and talking about that's what went on here we're reengineering that change the genes don't change the diabetic genes the heart disease or cancer genes are still there overturning them off that but the key is we need to make sure that our patients know that those genes can be turned off and that they have the opportunity to choose the healthy foods and healthy lifestyle that allows that to happen because if we elect that patient walk away thinking this genetic can't do anything about it was a chance that there do not look for an answer or solution there can walk away and say hey that's just my lot in life it's God 's will I'm not unified and they will suffer because of that I'm necessarily two days after that conference I'm driving in my car to work and listening to the radio again and then the news says that the study from the Journal of American Medical Association with thousands and thousands of participants in the study shows that diabetes can be carried with gastric bypass surgery there wasn't just one surgeon saying that this is a serious tidying that was published in arguably one of the best medical journals in the world I immediately started formulating in my mind a plan to present this information to my colleague across the hall right across from our wellness center was a kidney dialysis center would be owned and operated by this doctor who had said those words and challenged challenge my perspective and who did I run into an elevator that very same morning I see an end fortunately fortunately God humbled me in the remaining minutes as I drove to work us a note that's not my place to rugged and this is not my place to help anything and as I wrote up an elevator with them I just we just exchanged pleasantries and at less than it looks I knew he was a researcher he will find that out but he didn't need to hear from me two days after you challenge me and God and so happens that soon after that time he became very interested in diabetes and collaborated together with me in various projects and we became friends we won somebody over to the cause of recognizing there's power in the choices that we make out why what why would he have felt that diabetes was the reversible he was attending doctor is a nephrologist nephrologist get diabetic patients at the beginning of the problem at the end of the problem because patients that are ready have end-stage disease in fact if so this is the their kidneys don't function at all so they have to be dialyzed that situation is not likely to reverse that if you start paying attention to stage one stage two stage three on this is also reversible I so don't wait until states five start talking about it they start early enough so that you can actually reverse that that situation on the study in the Journal of the medical of the American Medical Association then just say that you know in person for people with diabetes are able to reverse it after gastric bypass was a twenty percent wasn't forty percent it was in the seven percent of patients now my wife has criticized me in the past four in her opinion giving the impression that you should not have gastric bypass and that is not what I'm talking about here I am excited about that study because once and for all now know anything say diabetes not reversible there's no proof of that excuse me just read the Journal American Medical Association through the needed now it is reversible the key is what is the best and healthiest and most effective way to reverse the condition that the value of those studies is and how we can use them to promote lifestyle medicine it's a program if you can reverse diabetes Europe at the same time reversing all the other problems heart disease and in your protecting against many cancers and you're just improving the health dramatically vessel we call serendipitous synergy is certain that that is because your your changing your life to improve one little area here but without realizing that what you're really doing is you're blocking a terminal cancer and is starting to Grohl horror horror I had a immune diseases sooner yes that's best likelihood that the state your hall and cut your life prematurely you never never even find out about that why because you've taken a stance on something that you are ready now and you're doing something that's sufficient not only are you controlling a blood sugar blood pressure cholesterol but you're at the same time serendipitously controlling something that is far more lethal if you don't take advantage of the information that we have with our health message socket we determined that diabetes has been cured you know that this is a real challenge in Madison that has because doctors have been taught for so many decades that diabetes is incurable but now they're like wall I can't say you're scared because I said that's because there's no protocol in some of my physician friend say you have twenty people on medication and diagnosing a condition but were really bad I think people also medications as an you you don't have that problem anymore we had to give the person you once a diabetic I was a diabetic once you have high blood pressure you have to be on this medication for the rest of your life that is that is basically giving up that's the bottom line we have to understand about if you think you have to be a certain medication for the rest and I'm talking in general dollars further certain exceptions that the article should always be looking at how can I improve my health to the point that I no longer need that medication on the same people don't need certain medications the question is maybe there's a better way to improve how seemed all need to rely on that medication anymore so how can we did a Navy American diabetes Association just over here also do we need to study this Sunday put together a task force to study how can we then tell our patients who is essentially nullify diabetes in warming big check their blood sugars and their nondiabetic range anywhere the completely normal they're not any medications can we say that diabetes under any of the signs are sometimes that means that they put together a task force while the simplify this for good this is how this is how it should be done is really pretty basic a San Luis Obispo say that thirty forty pounds overweight and do they lose that thirty to forty after bounced facilities now okay that's a solution that so if you don't will have better way you can save your leaves you say well you your soul besieges managing it well it doesn't make any physiologic medical sense say that an diabetes and in other conditions like the hypertension fall in the same of you don't fit the criteria you can't say you have guys so so that's my recommendation to all these these committees that want to come up with a consensus so so essentially the diagnostic criteria for diabetes is that the blood server before breakfast has to be above one twenty five so if somebody for a period of say six months never has a blood sugar by one twenty five and they haven't been on any medications and by definition is easy more now do we want to just rely and that now we want also reverse the that the diagnosis of prediabetes which is a blood sugar before breakfast of one hundred or higher so if you get your blood you use or prediabetes and blood sugars under one hundred now you don't even have prediabetes anymore so relax until diabetes potentially could get to my window need have prediabetes and and to make sure you can actually take all three tests to determine whether or not you have said here hemoglobin A-1 C blood sugar test ride the stinky mustard test how much sugar sticking to yourself if that's less than six five diabetes in work if your two-hour blood sugar after a meal or a sugar drink is not two hundred or higher you have diabetes and okay so those are the only three ways the diabetes is diagnosed if you don't meet any of those three criteria I don't see how anybody can say you still have diabetes you may still have the diabetic genes means you can achieve whatever GG had initially you just change the way those genes work in fact the great news how this works we had great potential so if you are able to control blood sugars effectively without the need for medications drugs to two lower the blood server then there is no prediabetes or diabetes anymore now a few years ago researchers in Australia were became keenly aware of the problem with the immune system related diabetes and latent autoimmune diabetes we discussed in the last session and as though they did some extensive studies and they came up with a a simple approach to determine whether or not somebody had either a actual heart whom you related diabetes the first criteria that have at least three oddities of five criteria is diabetes that was diagnosed prior age fifty and I was Darwin 's not that sensitive but it's an important one the second one though was having acute symptoms in other words the diabetes was associated with a a rapid onset of thirst frequent urination may be excess hunger and so forth okay same kind is something somebody would get with type two diabetes if if if they were getting scout said and in turn criteria was normal way I think this is the most important one is that I wanted to be the rapid onset of symptoms and in a normal way so in other words you might be sitting back right now and think it's no exercise every day or on lean and fit in pretty good diabetes on that can be part of that sixty seventy percent of the of the adult population that has prediabetes or diabetes are not waste my time testing for the I can tell you how many slim individuals I see my office who have diabetes and and I believe that the reason is becoming more and more of a problem is because of the ubiquitous nature of toxins in our environment and and we talked a little bit I asked if I wanted to have a plan to increase my exposure to toxins what we wanted best ways to do it unilaterally says means you got animal products eat a lot of fish that being that be by far the best way to increase my exposure to toxins some of us have super genetics our genes are very insensitive to these toxins and where less him for less of a negative influence from the twelve everyday toxins that were all exposed to some more because of diet but many people now have had enough of these aberrant genes than I really average there we all have some have more of them make them more sensitive to certain toxins so there is seemingly getting less toxins then than I do but that is enough to precipitate an autoimmune process or a toxic reaction the damages the pancreas the damages other hormonal functions in the body and in the later precipitate as some type of disease including diabetes so this is why this is why I really believe that in these days if we been paying attention to the environmental collapse in our world oil spills radiation still flooding out core meltdowns going on as we speak affecting fish and affecting everything affecting us right here but you don't hear about it so it out of sight out of mind but we're been influenced by them if there was ever a time to eat low on the food chain to get food directly from Greenleaf season and hold whole fruits whole grains etc. there is ever a time being at least now X otherwise written in the exposed to significant additional talks no question about that's influencing heart disease rate he invented well we know I think we're really living a healthy lifestyle so the the other characteristics of whether or not somebody has on out immune related diabetes is if they have a personal or a family history of autoimmune disease if you have a a relative that has had little but Sir has had rheumatoid arthritis or rosacea or even dry eye syndrome that means that you are much more likely to be susceptible to anatomy and process the researchers in Australia found that if you if you had three out of these five criteria and you have diabetes was a ninety percent chance that was autoimmune diabetes which means that it's not just a question of controlling calories in calories out the whole notion of just controlling calories is taking us down and down the primrose path 's just does doesn't work is not a healthy approach at all we need to be consuming lots of nutrients that first and foremost with which happened to come in packages that don't have that many calories fortunately RIS and there is also a blood test that can be measured and taken for this is called the the dad antibody were the estimate cell antibodies of these are standard medical tests that they are there standard they are there available but very few clinicians actually use these tests in spite of the fact that so many people have this problem at the anatomy and pricing on a condition that that had for me to fifty percent chance of being somewhat related immunity would you want to know that I certainly would because that would tell me I have to be especially concerned about my exposure to toxins are to be especially concerned about making sure and e-mail lots colorful vegetables lots of green leafy vegetables lots of green vestibule and very very few of us even very very few vegetarians consume adequately green leafy vegetables and colored festival just in a little garnish on top of the salad which really is a green leafy gasoline we got really emphasized that and in as many ways as possible so I really have really enjoyed the fact that it been able to eat some decent salads here and we need to keep emphasizing that more and more others also blood test is called a C-peptide the vital centers of America actually do interesting research on this test and talk to Doctor George got three and Doctor Zenon Marcell cool cool act Canada did most of the evaluation of this test and what they thought was that you can actually treat the act the likelihood of somebody reversing their diabetes the day they walk into your door if I use this test clinically especially when there's some question and essentially the C-peptide is a protein released by the pancreas which is a precursor to insulin and and so as you've been learning most of diabetes is resistance Ansell which means the Packers has to make more insulin so if the amount of out of the C-peptide early form of insolent that is produced after a sugar meal is really low less than two that means is only about a five percent of that person with a rigorous lifestyle medicine programs Burnaby and refers her diabetes in a period of three to four weeks or couple months is going to be a longer longer road is addressed is Dan in fact we call it senility knowing think of senility some as cognitive impairment they can't think straight anymore senility is a term for shrinking of an Oregon sold the brain literally shrinks during senility hey but other organs can shrink to the another one of the greatest hell scourges in our country 's muscle senility a piña the muscles have become puny due to disuse when we don't use her muscles regularly in a way to keep them strong they lose their sides they lose their body that means they're becoming senile same thing happens to our nervous system with the very first risk factor for mental senility cognitive impairment well you think it's I can't remember name are you now forgot where my keys were or well beyond the very first risk factor is weak muscles and interestingly enough if you take the time to exercise those muscles that actually helps the brain so there is this there is this communication this interdependence between a strong body and a strong mind the water bath bath and body is actually exercising your brain this is proving your brain on him thought here's a half-life is between two and four about a 50-50 chance he can have a major change right away but if it's above if it's above for is a ninety five percent chance of reversal that's good news and you know why I rarely see this below for its usually five six seven eight nine ten Doctor Joel Fuhrman says that ninety percent of his patients who come into his clinic with diabetes within two to three months are cured why because they really focused on getting the right foods then in and helping the body get what it needs to literally reengineer their health okay so why treat diabetes the complications that we've already gone over the nerve damage I damage to kidney damage the what I share with patients on a regular basis is this wonderful tax enrollments Romans twelve to the end this is icon St. Paul 's encouragement to his friends in Rome this do not conform any longer to the patterns of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind now this is a challenge for and receiving the one of because we like it or not are part of this world and we have been greatly influenced by this world we have been so greatly influenced that we don't think twice about some of the behaviors that we participate in that are literally being not mean the body and the mind and therefore the spirit and so we have to be willing to say no to conforming to everyday customary activities and say I am I am waiting for something that is better I am going to allow the spirit of God to renew my mind I am willing I have one line change best the challenge that we have so the lifestyle strategies for transforming diabetes at a genetic level what is it going to take that we have to reintegrate these multiple strategies to get sufficiency and this is why the principle of synergy condescend and why we need to better understand bringing things that we may not be naturally attracted some of us like exercise some of us like the nutrition part some of us like other aspect but we need to bring them all together we need to embrace all of them otherwise were not think that this energy as you see one horse can call by itself two times but if you yell to horses together now one plus one is an equal to or two plus two dozen evil for it twenty three SL so that's why we need to bring strategy upon strategy and integrate them all completely that's what we have to look at an model that looks at all the potential strategies and an and why the when wellness program that my parents and I are involved in looks at what we call the minute the medical ministry model of the ministry of healing model for lifestyle medicine all of them but not just on the biologic factors that we normally think of a natural remedies but also the social factors the ministry of healing is a book has five chapters on the importance of the family and our relationships within the family is by the ministry of healing and that part of her health message is making sure that where that where sure enough the family and improving the health of the family golf family wellness the whole issues of forgiveness and how we communicate with one another are so critical and we can talk a lot about those that will have to go on and so let's let's briefly go over some strategies for blood sugar control I talked to some individuals this morning who wanted what it was the best thing that could do to help control my blood sugars and possibly reverse my diabetes and number one thing that we can do a race that we need to get tested to see where Brad if we already know we have prediabetes or diabetes the number one thing that we can do is change testing of blood sugars on a regular basis why is every dog that were not good and all the impact of what we just gone and how much that's improved our situation or how much that the greater a situation so I gave in and running these programs for the last twenty years I have I have recognize without a doubt the number one thing if you're checking your blood sugar you're far more likely to be successful is just like inner spiritual activewear checking our everyday choices to the Bible and the spirit of prophecy where using that as a form of biofeedback home when I read this for my devotions then it is it's taught me that the way I'm thinking about something the way on I'm not acting uncertain choices that I have is wrong so now I have now I can make a change but if I'm not constantly testing myself according to a standard I'm actually going to the theory gradually to fall apart on so home testing and and and especially if you're testing your blood sugar what I really recommend that you do it before and two hours after again after the beginning of a given meal and every other day does alternate between different meals of my eye the end of the week you'll see a pattern while you know when I when I exercise after a meal without that really makes a big difference or when I eat eat let go half a cup of some type of being like we had for breakfast this morning that dramatically improves blood certain but you can see it objectively is coming out your bolide you can't argue with that that's you writing and and I sold the guns means not only help your blood sugars after that meal but after the next meal and the next meal and the next meal the three days later a powerful strategy so what we need to think is what was the last time I had beings more than once a week adding or couple times a week but here's a therapeutic food this good from cholesterol good for blood pressure not just do it powerful for lowering cholesterol powerful for lowering blood sugars powerful for increasing satiety in helping us feel stable and have stable blood sugars all day long we need to take advantage of those second one is first-class foods if you take my card and e-mail me I can actually send you a copy of first-class foods essentially first-class foods are foods that are whole plant -based Nuñez second-class foods and third class foods we need to make sure that weird meeting primarily first-class please lie because if we want first-class hell got a very fast food there's no other way around that third strategy is meal balancing I had initially started by my life some medicine work with the idea that is long is you a vegetarian foods you could eat all you wanted of them anyway wanted to I was wrong how did I determine how did I find out I was wrong by actually working with groups of patients it has been the validity of what I thought was good to hang out so this something about clinical practice that changes a lot of misunderstandings that we get even from our training and so I had this idea I denied if you just need patients with with high blood to just get rid of the meeting get rid of the cheese get rid of these saturated fats even given all that upon the are whole-wheat pasta all the all the potatoes all they wanted that they want him in as long as eight of the from of the other further refine you what I learned if you have a lesser problem if you have metabolic syndrome you have to really watch your starches I know that's not a popular message this is simply the reality that Apple reality you have even if it's really healthy start obviously we need to stay away from the refined starches that's not a question but even of the healthiest starches we have to wash them why because our metabolism is out of balance that's why we can handle it up we were out working the fields eight hours in the media will have lots and lots of stars just to maintain her energy levels humming of us are doing that they are here less are lucky enough to get half an hour on even moderate physical activity a day which means we have to we have to cut back on our starch and they are why are we will suffer metabolic disease and continue to sell Neil balancing since I've found that for most people especially if they're ready have some metabolic conditions like high blood pressure iconic cholesterol high triglycerides prediabetes etc. they need to control their starch intake to no more than two servings a meal sometimes one serving and then monitor see what works see how you feel but you have to have healthy sources of protein healthy sources of fats I'm not a proponent of not nonfat diets remember most nonfat programs are artificial program we put something in artificial database I guess that it is not healthy same thing with with certain freight sugarfree is not healthy and because of putting something artificial which is actually toxic so so the key here is to use a link lungs is so powerful because not only do they go to three times more fiber and other other plant foods per serving but it has three times more protein or mores loaded with healthy protein which helps stabilize blood sugars and because so many of us are under so much stress constantly the adrenal glands are stressed down there working overtime and adrenals need to have a steady blood sugar else to have to kick in within causes her blood sugars fluctuate on so I healthy protein plant -based protein with each meal I think is really critical and then not since seeds are great source the protein and healthy fast and then optimizing digestion which we spoke to last session and I can't I can't emphasize this enough this is critical you need to make sure that you have healthy digestion any know if you just take the time to read through Alan White's writings on digestion you'll be well ahead of most medical professionals and understanding digestion and how to fix it so I'll leave it at that for now and then the whole concept of what we call the dinner fast some of the most successful weight loss centers in the country file a very simple rule nothing to eat after one or two o'clock so solid breakfast if you don't eat after two o'clock you're very hungry for breakfast even if you've never had breakfast in your life within two to three days or to be going to think I will have breakfast with her head and saw a good healthy breakfast a good healthy lunch and then either nothing after two o'clock or a life early evening meal that I wanted that best strategies to alter metabolism and so I generally recommend some is that I have a dinner meal have a light dinner meal before six o'clock what about somebody who commutes an hour and a half to work I get that all the time in Southern California people commuting an hour and a half each way and they'll get home till seven thirty in Salford then it's really critical that you plan ahead and make themselves a a healthy smoothie that they eat before they leave work and so when they get home instead of eating everything in sight right if you're that hungry again to make bad decisions well unless the honest humanly speaking you let yourself get hungry you are not to make a decision I know I don't tag talk about this and think about this all day long without it if I make bad decisions if I'm not making beans for my planning I certainly can expect my patients do so it's about planning ahead of time coming up with a good strategy and then on and then as we are ready mentioned the importance of light to moderate after meal exercise very very powerful lowering the blood sugar as much as one to three points for every minute that we participate in that activity we previously shared the fact that that diabetes is actually caused by inflammatory trigger that activates the diabetes gene and that inflammation can be evaluated is so big she is make sure you get your blood test for cardiac CRP is a blood test is taken as a fasting blood test is his Medicare approved the goal line with the cholesterol profile unfortunately the doctors don't test for this yard they don't recognize its importance and they don't know what to do about it so they don't test it but it's one of the most powerful tests to evaluate our personal rest is far more powerful in my opinion then I cholesterol profile in establishing risk in fact national news magazines have had this had recognized how inflammation is the main trigger for so many diseases we know that that C-reactive protein has been found to win elevated to lead to four two fold increased risk of developing diabetes in women such as having this allegation is this inflammatory protein and floating throughout bloodstream that had SL increases our risk of developing diabetes by more full days off so that slacking is an important task is related to dramatically increase risk of heart attacks strokes cancer all kinds of problems so we need to get tested and then do everything possible to get that under control the value of blood testing is that it makes you aware of you need just like the law yup all set if it wasn't for the lie with I went down and test the value of blood testing as it tells us what I need what are risk really 's and so we can do something that software really sincere about wanting to get healthier and I surmise our potential serve God then we would take advantage of these opportunities Doctor James Barnhart at at UCLA as actually done research showing that in a three-week program of daily exercise and eating largely from plant -based foods the measure of inflammation cardiac CRP can be dropped over forty five percent three weeks the main cardiologist out of Harvard to does work on this Doctor Paul Ricard she he did a study now showing that certain drugs to lower information like cholesterol-lowering drugs know the real value the Rhône Valley is not so much that a lowers cholesterol is that it actually lowers inflammation by about thirty two percent was interesting though is that I asked for a reprint from from his research group of this study and I e-mailed the fact that we found in our clinic that within two weeks of a comprehensive lifestyle medicine program the average participant decrease their cardiac CRP inflammation by fifty percent and expecting just a reprint from one of his graduate assistants he personally e-mailed me back internationally famous cardiologist he says I want to see that data because I firmly believe that there's nothing more powerful are in inflammation then the proper diet and he's the doctors doing all the drug studies okay why does he's looked at the research he's seeing the researching he knows there's nothing more powerful and lies down especially nutritional variables and lowering inflammation while you let me just finish in the next few minutes going over some of the slides is also important to get the thyroid manager the thyroid hormones are really critical and even though the next session were to be talking about ways to optimize brain wellness there is a study published in the archives of internal medicine in July two thousand eight showed that having a thyroid stimulating hormone below one or above two one represented a two fold increased risk of developing Alzheimer's or writing your program so then in particular women who worse in their seventies started in this study and between the seventies and eighties of their thyroid function wasn't in the optimal range it was a twofold increased risk for Alzheimer's but very few clinicians actually look at optimal range the lab that come back to get a range that is about about double with optimal ranges so in other words we need to start asking a question not the question is this normal but is this healthy see normal in no way equates to being healthy and medicine so we need to stop using at work because normal means average and average me the fifty percent risk of heart disease a thirty to fifty percent risk of cancer normal is unhealthy really normal we would be healthy we would have optimal for now we need to start looking at the Moab ranges not reference ranges which are purely statistical and and don't really help us towards optimal health specifically the paid attention I was one of the best ways to improve thyroid the right diet and daily exercise in particular exercise that pushes you a little bit and that's all the pushes you little Clinton backs off that intermittent exercise activates the thyroid gland all right that meet let me just say and how much time we had best two minutes okay even Caleb 's worried over there are let me let me try to do justice to this topic and to the limits of the question of coffee and diabetes the question of cost in heart disease it was a study out of harbor harbor does some amazing studies with a health professional follow-up group and they actually looked at the amount of coffee consumed is also the really interesting they found that individuals who drank six or more cups of coffee a day actually had a fifty percent lower risk of developing diabetes than those who drank very little to no cop buddy thinking this is an aberrant finding a science you're wrong there are many studies showing that those who drank four five six plus cups of coffee a day actually galore about a fifty percent lower risk of heart disease thirty to fifty percent lower risk of hypertension and on and on and on and I believe the study of so many were thinking something that I did not say so this is this is where there is a we have to be technically correct and scientific I did not say that if you drink more coffee you have a lower risk of diabetes and heart disease and hypertension thus the special this you have to actually look at what the study actually set the study said that people or groups of people who drink six or more cups of coffee are much lower risk of developing diabetes over a year so the question to be scientific and objective that we need to ask is what is it about people who drink them atop his C average person who hears that information of man I drink six cups or more of coffee a day I be on right at me like I meet you walking around shaking in my eyes twitch in and in and I be yelling at people and I be really mess on the drink six or more cups of coffee a day when I'm going to do just recruit one or two sounds reasonable I contribute one hundred hundred ten fret I'm just do a little bit should be okay by me back doesn't that make physiologic status and do all that excessive stop this bad even though the study suggest that it may become for you was a problem with with data from at least any that you look at people drank wanted to the three cups of coffee a day increases the risk for diabetes increases the risk of hypertension increases risk for heart disease and that he is a markup that law risk and one to two cups of coffee a day of moderate amount something that most people drink coffee would think that young is no big deal there's nothing wrong with that that increases soul how can we make sense out of Seattle in the biggest challenges in Madison just like physiology a little knowledge can be thrown out of proportion and in and makes it look like especially the goods being her passion like wow you know this is truth when it's not true of all this error is a misunderstanding of misapplication of Scripture the same thing happens in Madison on the time I challenge my patients who even question this essay you have a cup of coffee check your blood sugars about thirty minutes later please let me know what you found it was a guy to patient data had had initially blustered about four hundred fifty at a control came to the whole ten week series that I did two hours every week really was he was into it and he would he was an accident ABC don't release the con frogman lays guys that was the end and intellect of Navy SEALs on the other Navy SEALs I was following his senior things on this seer here interesting guy but now he had he was on a control healthwise yet strokes and heart attacks and in super high blood for all kinds of problems service for Hunter fifty mean he was like dying in front of that when I told him I said you can actually reverse you really need you mean forward and looked at me I leaned back eleven then sure enough and maybe the cholesterol in it and I pity and he said you kidding me this is the first Doctor who ever even suggested that I could change this is absolutely come to t


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