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Thank God for the Great Disappointment

Rick Howard
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Rick Howard




  • June 10, 2011
    6:00 PM
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everyone down John seventeen three note the text and this is life eternal that they might know thee the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent it always amazes me that eternal life was described and defined not in terms of length of living like I would do for me has me know what's eternal life I was living forever Jesus didn't say it that way he said to know him was eternal life is no different he he expressed the quality of relationship rather than the length of time to define what eternal life was in I was looking in there for a while he was singing open to John chapter seventeen is this is so relevant to the church which is really what I wanted talk about tonight the church and God 's love for the church I know it says there that it's about the great disappointment but that's about the church today the church and I will recap that but look in verse one and chapter seventeen in pictures yes you got it grasp this scene the creator of the universe has taken humanity upon himself given up his omnipresence a functioning now in his humanity he says these words he lifts his eyes up to heaven is about to cross this is his final prayer for us as we spring for right here and it says EE listed up his eyes to heaven and said father that hour is come and believe me he has been thinking about our every moment of his life and he knew as well as anyone that he took a chance when I hear somebody say you know Jesus knew he was there to make it through gazillion of the end from the beginning the way okay I read had taken he trusted but when he was on that cross he paid the penalty for the sins of the world and the penalties of the sins of the world 's death and he paid somehow on the talk about a little bit because it's the most wonderful experience to be able to see what it is that Jesus Dave for me you we have to go through and why he did it and when you can really say what he did and why he did it you'll feel different about yourself and why Satan hates us so much because when God created man he created us with the ability to grow in our minds forever we were made a little other than the Angels temporarily did it all that temporarily but we were made in the image of God and we were meant to be our white him this astounding counterpart of God for if they do that one in the passages as we were made to be a counterpart of God we would to reveal to the universe for ever and we will new revelations of the glory of God God will reveal more about his infinite beings of the creatures that he is created all over the universe and we will win your way I guess planets far off the galaxy revealing the truth about God and God will give us some information in mind that will grow and grow forever and ever that's our destiny and it is so unbelievable that God took the people that sell the lowest and most integrated in the universe redid them and then has them grow beyond all of the creatures revealing the attributes of God to the universe forever and ever and ever that's why Satan hated us and he was so upset that he was excluded from the planning that went on to create this planet in this race it was so jealous that there was very another race that actually would surpass the Angels in mental ability electric installment said this morning over there yesterday about the brain and you know you anything that you proceed through any of your senses you got it for ever in your mind assume that prevents her from being able to call it get back to but that's the kind of mind that God gave us phenomenal Jesus is praying this prayer is for his church it's for all of us as he loves us so the hours come glorify thy son that his son also may glorify you it was talking about it and I is glorifying his father when he dies the photograph glorifying the glorifying the means to undergo the cross you know what I think it's on the opening pages anything in the desire of ages word says the glory of God was the light of the sacrificial love shining in Jesus face as he opened the glory of God was sacrifice God gave himself was willing to cease to exist in believing that was a real chance he hung on the cross when he said my God my God why hast thou for seeking of course the father was right on the inside you know you think about this the strength and and how difficult it was that the father is not to reach out and hug his son as he was dying on the cross the lead and nobody was there who suffered more diseases and dying on the father in withholding this incident will him through so many couldn't touch to let them know that he was that Jesus had received that he was alone because it was paying the price you know the second death is the penalty for sin I die and to die is something that takes place while you're alive you think that when you die your life after you die your bid is over the penalty phase is dying it's in the perceiving that you're going to lose your existence forever Jesus hung on the cross when he cried out those words are these he had no hope it says inspiration tells us not one ray of hope he did not see himself going through this experience and being successful that's the price he had to pay is that the second note once you decade that it's over with its longer alive and you know that you are going to never have a life again and the horror and shame of the cities of the world being laid upon him he felt the shame that we feel when we sing he took it all the much as mine everybody's shame and an infinite being God the Creator of the universe has all the shame that exists late on his shoulders he felt filthy and his father withdrew his presence which to the tune that he was thirty we're seeing you can think of that's what was laid upon him that's how he felt that he had committed them they had to do it alone he threatened the winepress alone we had to this was the agreement that the father of the son and the Holy Spirit had from time in eternity backwards they clasp hands together and they agree that the son of God when they created this race if this rates fell son would go through this experience they all agreed to it and wasn't easy for the father to do this that's interesting to me you know how to know God the father the infinite being eternal being struggle with allowing his son to save us he struggled over the plan but he agreed to it and they clasped hands and eternity backwards so they knew from time forever but of course got the lien from the beginning there were things being worked out in the fall of humanity that are far beyond our understanding on our knowledge even but it's part of what happened to rid the universe of evil and sin forever but you would be chosen in your part of this little group here in verse two says it has found had given him power over all he should give eternal life to as many as thou hast given him that you gone gave you some God is viewed as such these are the ones on why I deserve it do not assume I thank God all the time for some reason he we then thought little denominated group of people on earth but the world thinks is a nice dinner but God chose us for some reason and we have to come to grips with that you know you are special we are special I don't know why but God chose us and when Jesus went to the cross some incredible things happen that we will be looking into and studying for ever that's early I study and have the plan of salvation the cross what Jesus did I will be our study but if that is like a car right over here I wonder what they anyway talked the talk with someone who but here's the point is the point when Jesus was on the cross he could've come down to the could of said hiking boots and every angel in heaven would come to his aid and he could come down from the cross and the human race would be lost interesting manifestations of that of the place about the ones already in heaven you know like in Aiken Moses Elijah the dying of Jesus did not gain the victory of the cross to the humanity that was already in heaven with he would have lost his existence and the creator of the universe would cease to exist that was a possibility and all I could ask myself what you know in my studies over the years when I when I study the cross and ICG there feeling that he had not one ray of hope now why would someone continue to go through what they were going to if they had not one ray of hope I never thought about the why did Jesus continue if he could not see through the portals of the two of the words he had not one ray of hope and he could not see through the portals of the tomb which had the because that's the price that has to be paying for the sins of the world you have to know that you ceased to exist and believe in and believe and see that this is in the works because that's what the center would go through as a result of sitting the death that he would die would be underground once again Jesus had to feel that way he had to pay the penalty why would he go through with it if you felt that the only thing I could come up with so far as I know we have an attorney to think about these things are he didn't have enough space to be without me or you just say one person he said I only wanted me there it just just me wouldn't be there with wife would not be worth living for him does he know if I don't go through this one of them will be there and I want I can't live the rest of my life for eternity even as God without the love he has the human race that's the kind the love the father has for the human race in sending his son and giving him up to save us in this picture of how much God loves you he loves you so much he didn't want to live if you couldn't be there just you that's the glory of God the sacrifice of love now and when I say when I hear the word love throwing around the way it's thrown around just a bunch of feeling feelings as you know Jesus didn't feel very good Wayne was giving up his life on the cross that was the greatest demonstration of love the universe is at the scene and the feelings were not great down feelings were very good so that's not what love is a principal of sacrifice that motivates us to act and give ourselves for everyone without the expectation of getting anything in return that love and felt when I like that when I like that the coral known major is not like that God is like that and the only way we become like that converted and changed on the inside when we really want to live for others instead of ourselves when we can't help but give of ourselves because Jesus is in here at Jesus 's life these take up our heart is him his new creatures if you don't feel that way now you will and you can particularly the obsolete with the site I want live this life for myself I want to buy love in my heart gone you promised it into me really want to do you know that I think do I really want this from you with talking about giving of yourself all the way got Olivia self anymore the people did wind up this work in this world opulence of themselves every moment of the date of the human being the training building looking and searching for souls it's all about giving the last thing message to a dying world as well as having over class now they're all about the lost most of them will be lost but God has selected this little group back to this one that Jesus is praying for right here and he said I chose you I want you to show them what I'm like so that don't really understand who God is because this is life eternal that they will loan me the lonely number one like which is the terrible sin of this spiritual formation it's a false God now they they they go into an altered state of consciousness and belief in what they think is the presence of God not that Satan and demons and they malign God they misrepresent him you know how wife said they would even hear Satan 's voice clocking in this omega apostasy is what happens they hear Satan a human voice methinks Jesus to come into God 's presence now come into the presence of the game why because they want God to be the way they want to be but one thought to be the kind of God that I can do this little thing and anything are all of a sudden I have just phenomenal stealing peace and joy and let me tell you I know that feeling people who go to this silence when there practicing this contemplative prayer which is really the heart of spiritual formation they have this experience with joy that is tremendous I was not a Christian I was a Hindu and I was in my silence to know the joy with their the feeling that God was everywhere in the pantheistic God why did I experience that in the trees and the grass everywhere it was like everything was alive and I had such suggests phenomenal feeling on the inside that that I was right in God everywhere that's experienced the same one that they are having the people who practices the interesting and once you have that experience it is so difficult to deny it and say it's not true I think I shared with you how I spent an hour and a half on them immediately after the first time tonight quite a few okay so it's good that I should be coupled with probably but in a Icelandic over an hour on the phone with someone who teaches this and shared all of this him us about with the spirit of prophecy says you know what the Bible says about our however to a boy being involvement in spiritualism or anything that even smacks him run the other way in a manner after all the evidence was presented it was Rick you just need to go to silence yourself and then you realize that is really from God I just told her that I been there a place in her I was supposed to I told this person that I'm there I know it was like no but it think it just didn't connect the emotion of the feeling now that you notice in your churches have all of our church is a kind of divided them groups of people in our churches that think they want to celebrate they want to know a happy time in church and be positive and young think they take our message and feel that it's it's it's it's too negative we should be just preaching the good stuff no just like that where are you Anderson NL they tell you they want to change the name of a controversy for the great hope now because it's sounds better than a Congress is too negative no follows our message is both positive the righteousness of Christ being leaving our lives shining forth to the world by his message of warning the world coming to an end of people in this world have to understand the issues and realized that they have to make a choice and God has called us to share that message with them this is not the time for a happy celebrating church is not in Athens for processing this is not a time that God 's church will be performing miracles in were demonstration that we are not people know this guy knew that they would be miracles being performed in all of the false churches not the miracles won't take place they will among God 's people but that's not on ministry we have the first second and three angels message to give for what some are little high class angels I really run anymore nitrogen the Angels will tell about message and it was the rejection of the first two of those Angels messages by all of the Protestant churches hundred and fifty years ago as the reason that Satan is ruling over them now the churches that we are going to win meeting with it we are inviting the coming holds seminars and then we go to their church that we listen to their pastors and their teachers Satan is in charge of those churches theaters all this good people in those churches have been part of God 's invisible charge in those churches absolutely living up alike that they have failed relationship with the Lord and they are a part of the rent in short the invisible remnant church but denomination only all of the Protestant churches off falling and Satan rules over them not me that's the spirit of prophecy as in the book put it in this subject the school who are we anyway one and who are we anyway to go through all of this it's so important for us to understand who we are we are the remnant church I God has picked us out denominational he made us a remnant church the only one my cousin this morning when Jesus told the woman of Samaria he said we know who we worship the Jews Samaritans don't he wasn't embarrassed to say that you know Satan tries to get us into the state of embarrassment like weeding out like self-conscious intimidated and bundled say that we had the truth no phone say that because it makes you look egotistical and zero sorry to see the truth would not discharge enough game the science of salvation to share with the world we had the three angels message we do have to give it to give now and a part of this is part of what I want to talk about tonight this is so important to Jesus loved the church loves the church and he gave himself for it to be like Jesus okay we all want to be like Jesus that means I must law which like Jesus on such Satan goes about like a roaring why he throws dirt on people organizations in the church to get them to do also things that make us sick and we say what is going on in our church and then he whispers in our you think this is God 's charge added and used on badmouthing the church to start looking at the back door wandering how long I put up with this how could this be God 's people while they are doing this and this and this and misusing money you know everything that goes on the ten patient is Satan tries to get you to look negatively towards the church don't ever do that ever love the church is going through to the end it will not be a coming out on discharge to another one they won't be this church goes through the end of the week and the tears were together and the chairs are separated from the church the church is not separated from the town with a new organization that comes out in order saying the tears are sent out leaving the church your and the separation of the week ended tears takes place by angels than the one to do this operating loss so when you see the snow group that needs to be out of the church God is not giving you permission to think that because there tears you can get rid of them now but the Angels do that work exposed the error of their teachings that's what doing right here Satan has done his way into the Seventh-day Adventist church with spiritualism and the Omega which might be the Omega it could be the Omega covers all different kinds of things it's a ministry to abuse its spiritualism and it's it's a faulty theology pantheism a pantheistic God when you went where God is in everything it just so happens the spiritual formation of the teachings within it contemplative prayer a way that you learn to alter your consciousness and go into a trance like state and then it is a trancelike say the same trancelike state that mistakes have been using the two thousand years it's the same trancelike state it's called samadhi in Hinduism when you become enlightened I've been there I know what it's like it's phenomenal the carnal nature of months it feels wonderful I've been out of my body and everything it's just that it's an unbelievable experience I remember when I finally let me next to a Adventist pastor and we started the study together my main goal was to take Hinduism and Seventh-day Adventist woman but now with the public brick house religion you know that God says no you how we said no he didn't wow me to the many victory over sin and that's how I went up next with his pastor in the first place no matter what religion I practice no matter what I did I couldn't stop singing and I wanted to so bad it was my whole life I couldn't stand myself anymore I wanted to gain the victory I was not wholly and I wanted to be holy and that the means by which God led me to the truth no matter what insanity I got involved with he didn't let me gain the victory which forced me to keep looking and keep going keep going I kept going until it finally dawned on me I know that the truth is what I want to figure out for God to give with a lady to try to figure it out it took five years to come to this point I realize later minute but knows where I should be I just have to surrender to him at that point I wasn't willing to him the things that I was doing just like the people who practice spiritual formation in our churches today are having fun and that's what they say I will not read that book the thing from them that while within it they're afraid it's going to say something is in the spirit of prophecy it says when you stop this ongoing scary state to be in you don't want to know the truth because you're afraid you'll have to change your lifestyle and your already gone yes no I wanted there the worst part about later this year is that they are blind and naked and wretched poor and the only thing stinking rich and increased with goods the veteran talk about the section while there I want any of you and you're not going to be this year this is a special meeting here doesn't matter that is only a hundred and fifty others nation a thousand it doesn't matter you are here because God led you here I know that I'm here because God let me hear that's what so amazing when the camp meeting gets kind of condemning when those of us who were speaking of recently I know there was providence involved that opened up it allowed me to be able to come so I feel God let me hear others feel this is not from God that says something so Ms. right I guess right bottom-line logic you know like I was being led by God and was not will find out someday you'll find out that it is when we soon and this is what encourages me more than anything it really does and I say this I said a woman over us then again God has taken the reins of exposing the deceptions in our church in his hands just recently I'm if you're anything like me you've been waiting for twenty five years a more those of you who are old enough now for the what to do about what's happening in our church you know stuff is happening for so long and it has driven many of us crazy now it's happening it is really happening God is moving among his people everywhere and I mean everywhere in Europe also and I see these miracles taking place just about this book may be right you know it's just like it's it's incredible but in book in the book for some reason and I joined indecisiveness this is heavy but it's true page hundred three principles no there is not has any the Charbonneau one was my folder I have somewhere a manila folder you want to have the book and that's for knife not down to the Navy and left the was back there before but some three points the start on page one hundred and nine when I was writing this with notices like well it's true I really point number one writing under the power of the Almighty God Ellen White wrote that God 's spirit was withdrawn from the Protestant churches when they reject in the light when they rejected the first and second Angels messages in eighteen forty three in eighteen forty four and get that God 's spirit was withdrawn all Protestant churches when they rejected the light shining upon them the first and second Angels messages that was the message given by Adventists back that and what is believed to be the working of the Holy Spirit in their midst at any level aside from that of sincere individual seekers is not the Holy Spirit but the deceptive power of Satan and his host doing this opposing work of God this is not a popular view of her counsel in our church today obviously it's the truth and ignoring or refusing to believe this counsel is ignoring or refusing to believe the Holy Spirit cancer all the Protestant churches one zero mom system maybe the new tubes filled not being led by God but by Satan and his things it's not that Holy Spirit working in those churches accepting individual people who are honest and sincere nomination going there on the demonic control I know ignoring or refusing to believe that if you say I have on time with that loving you have a hard time with it the prophecy the spirit of prophecy is that that's not me saying it for the Lord says I is very important it is essential for you to accept this if you do not want to get caught in the Omega apostles when Jesus was praying to his father in heaven for you this is what he was praying that you would believe the testimony of Jesus that was given to the Roman church to the love of amendment church like he loves the church look at what a silly thing for his get his life for you am I to be angry and upset he will end no bit mouth God 's church today and if we do we can fall into a trap you can't love the church and we need to love the church things are going wrong in the church when the love that and when God opens the door and you feel impressed he speak out about the dwindling is standing is all about the speak out about apostasy and it's a city not to speak out about the right time to listen coming to rest again this is not to say that there are not true spirit led Christians spread among the various churches in the world today who have a saving relationship with God and all members of these invisible church but the spirit of prophecy clearly state that the denominated Protestant churches are under the influence of such power and falsely believe that God is working for them when he is not to believe that you listen to tapes of passes in most churches there we've all fallen into that listen I saw that God has honest children among the nominal Adventists and the falling churches the nominal Adventists were the ones that after the great disappointment and went back knowing the Dongfang are and before the planes shall be poured out this isn't people will be called out from these churches and will gladly receive the truth now you think about that statement before the plagues fall on those churches the honest people and that will be called out and receive the truth will those churches ever come back to the truth according to a different there will never be a time when the fallen Protestant churches repent and come back and reform never it's over they were God 's people I've had people say to make you say we shouldn't be reading it on material written by no authors in those churches first of all I don't say that Ellen White says it but she stipulates no for spiritual growth when not to read them thinking that we can be an lightning and learn something that will improve our spiritual life that's the way in which were not to read day but to study the research to find out what they're writing that's fine but don't I think you will find some jam God is not given us because we're told that if God has any new life to give he will give it to his people have given us and not to those churches that a falling from which he called us out of and that's why when you go to them thinking that we can find something to use that the condition of not reading these of the authors but he left that out to supply the truth do not believe that God has led me often to these authors from Babylon to study what they wrote but not to find something that's going to improve my spiritual life I found Wolseley read books now I got it on CV only follow my computer I can find out the truth I will have to suffer down and dissect you know I've been told by others that there is good stuff then you just have to know you just take a good home am I glad I don't have to worry about I can go to material that has truth and error and think that I'm wise enough to just pick out the truth God says in the middle alone you don't need to read that material want to listen to those preachers who denounced the law of God who denounced us as his people make fun of us I think you did you get gems of truth to improve your spiritual life well God has given us everything we need and we would meet the spirit of prophecy we would like that of Lisbon only ask what we do looking to has will this instruction given to us to get us to the end of time and it is so important for us to do that I can trust on my own wisdom the higher my own plans what I need to do up until the time that Jesus comes back God who is Ellen White gave her the gift of prophecy to help us know what to do as the end of time approaches that's all no I will usually without going to refine the know if there's any question in my mind about what I meant to do the searching out the spirit of prophecy and if there the instruction is there is not always what you want here especially if you're of the bill it once God to be the way you looking to be this is a big danger in those that are into these these false teachings in the church today they may God be the way they want to be just like one or the Aisha that this morning with folks you know he ain't in three minutes he said he had revelations from God when he learned more than he learned in his whole life about God 's supernatural revelations called the spiritual exercises of loyal Satan gave him those he wanted to see God everywhere he was tired of being convicted of sin I think about sin anymore and this is at the same time Martin Luther is going to the same experience the Bible and defines the way of salvation in Scripture and Loyola finds the spiritual exercises that Satan gives him in a supernatural vision and from those spiritual exercises of Loyola spiritual formation today a put together by the Roman Catholic Church from those spiritual exercises and we will wipe out this is great to see her now if we manage to gain the information to see what was going on that's okay but to believe that we should take into online practice and teaching while seminary students want what are we doing there the people responsible for changing this know where it comes from they know it comes from Loyola they know we receive those those supernatural visions and teaching it as if it's truth they believe it's true to teaching seminary believing that the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola the truth I guess you must've to teaching our students for practices right I understand logical now Catherine the birds and even singing I know the truth of sorry I'm just being logical here could do this without checking it out first without studying its ruling saying what all of these spiritual exercises we did that come from should I be teaching our students but it didn't happen that way this was a big bang boom program started I know that God 's dealings with no tie things have to be set perhaps it becomes a time when if you don't open your mouth you just don't belong in the face of evil and you'll be held responsible for what you know when would you didn't say has to be said I is the second point to attend meetings held by other denominations without God 's providential in directing us to attend or to invite speakers from other Christian denominations to specifically enhance our spiritual insight please remember those words I'm not saying that we shouldn't have all the speakers come and speak to us or that we should not go there on Watson were accused of saying that but that's not true the truth is it's when we invite them thinking we can learn something from them that will help us spiritually like hope I wish my church members can learn this method it will improve their spiritual life that's where we are warned not to do I found it again to invite speakers from other Christian denominations to specifically enhance our spiritual insight or receive instruction training and education in spiritual things will eventually result in the ability to and losing the ability to discern truth from error and more explain more Olympic later number three to read books watch videos listen to recordings of authors are instructors of other Christian denominations for the purpose of receiving instruction train me patient was spiritual insight of any kind without God prominently leaving us to do so will eventually result in losing the ability to discern truth from error you disappoint here God wants us to be separate for a reason he called us out of those churches for a reason saying it has taken charge over them I can fight that I can ignore it I can hang my head and deny it and say I don't want to believe that sorry I'm a pastor in the church and I've been teaching my church members on different all along that all you want doomsday is coming believe me it's the truth it is true if God has any new light shine visit his people and not those people from whom he called us out from and separated us we has to come to grips with that it is not a popular view charts believe me and reliable is the number one thing the general fund to fight violent Reformation that's only one these three principles I know the Lord had me put it here I know why when I was doing it but it developed I know it's true and we want real revival and renewal Reformation and the two go hand-in-hand you can't have one without the other these principles must be followed they must be God is not going to bring about a Reformation and revival by having us reading material from the fallen churches know thinking that this is good stuff and I will learn from it and say it can't happen that way it won't happen I will only have been when we finally make a decision and realize that he therefore perfect separate yourself from the world you know I'm in the Protestant churches were all God 's people right up until they rejected the first and second Angels message people laughing a little hello I read books from these other waters associated she was reading books written from when those people were God 's people before they rejected addresses and Angels messages from our library was filled with those books that was God 's charge and how cheap it looks like backed third in the yard on those books are wonderful they were God 's people should the first and second Angels message and they fell and we have to understand that and we have to understand that Jesus loves or church and he died for it and we need to love the church just like Jesus did and leave the separation of the week and the tears for the Angels preach the truth exposed error by word from the pulpit and let the Angels do the work that they need to do I'm so excited about the young people at UIC and what they're going to be learning I know they are the ones to carry this message to our schools for churches I remember what I was like back then how does the like that today but I love to have cause to fight for once upon time of his marijuana in open debate something much better than that was fitted and that really true what absolutely over the last things that because my misinformed okay women Linda Saint that it's a good thing to do to make friends with the other Protestant churches so that we don't look so bad is much higher than that we want to be a part of the sisterhood of all the Protestant churches now that's what's been going on let's admit it we don't like being those odd Adventists built especially in the academic field and they struggled with it much more than we do at the college level you know having to having to deal with what's being taught having to deal with the standards that of an established but always following the Council was at the tank was a prototype for four of a group of people to come out now in this church I commend the church begin to grow in this church that point it will bring Jesus back and that's where we're at I don't stop I guess one nine nine and I feel sometimes guilty that I just go I didn't cover certain things you know but it's quarter to nine and I was going later here on within the sundown anybody know anybody have an actual time fifty seven and fifty seven we got about ten minutes of people while the tables over there I guess okay but so what okay I will do that okay thanks I didn't know with you then overnight I touched on earlier but this this is such an important point many of us feel bad they feel they feel like and Barry yes about the fact that this church started with people who I know didn't know the truth they made a mistake they made an error you know when they when they thought Jesus to come back again to make such a mistake you know people said that and this was really brought home to me in my own church it all when someone was pointing out that that was just a bunch of farmers and uneducated people back there these antennas and if they would've been a little wiser and smarter and more educated they probably wouldn't make that mistake and I really really bought that it was obvious that this person was embarrassed about the fact that we had a beginning based on a misinterpretation of scripture will talk about them and when I looked at them I thought about that when I study the spirit of prophecy became so evident that no one no matter how intelligent they were would never have seen the truth that Jesus was going to comment a time when no man knew the day of the thing in order to discover the truth because God is truth from their dog did not want the Adventists to see that because he wanted them to give a message that Jesus was going to return believe it or not he wanted to keep that because he wanted the whole world and the attention of everyone to be brought on this little group of people who were preaching the second coming of Christ and it worked and it worked and yell I went into the spirit of prophecy study this through yellow lights is it so plainly no Limited is going while I tell you you know what you think after Bibles and and take a look in Zechariah chapter nine no sister in this it's amazing how lesson for us is right here day and it says in verse nine nine nine rejoice greatly O daughter of science shout O daughter of Jerusalem behold thy King cometh unto the key is just and having salvation locally and riding upon an ass and upon a colt the foal of an ass now that we know what that is I that is a processing foretelling Jesus triumphant entry into Jerusalem visit I and when you think when you think about that experience and what it was like it truly was an amazing scene second life itself what I want to read to you sign of who they were Lazarus who was been dead for five days was holding the reins that asked the Jesus was writing what he was right up front and you have those in the crowd every single one of them were healed by Jesus that group of people with his disciples were there him you with their and and Ellen Weiss describes as the way he describes it was yelled at the ones that were running the harness back and forth you know getting the Palm branches in Languedoc they were the ones that will blame and can walk the ones it was shouting and singing hosannas they were the ones couldn't speak they would vote for that and this whole crowd consisted of people that Jesus healed as they let him into Jerusalem to be what Crown King right and natural listen went out of his way got notified that is okay that would crown Jesus came right without a mistake with a wrong they misinterpret what was there happen the digital still prophecies in the Old Testament and it was prophesied that this would happen and it near the water happened if they did make a mistake that they knew he was an underground thing they never would've done in that property within left undone revelation chapter ten when Angel standing with one foot Angel Jesus Christ one familiar with one foot on the sea holding the book open in his hand open to the prophecies that were being understood as the administrative look at Daniel I and they would go through this great disappointment and John was told beneath the book it would be sweet beautiful wonderful experience the van the great disappointment in turn bitter in the belly and then they were told Y prophesying again I indent the right thing you really been I am but instead turned into a bitter experience that God has more or you worry it was all part of God 's plan that great disappointment was a part of God 's plan he only is my answer blame of going to farmers they were uneducated when the Holy Spirit from making mistakes really think about that I know Holy Spirit led that group of people on God was fulfilling his will and accomplishing his purpose is in the great disappointment even though it was a mistake and erroneous interpretation just like Zechariah is a God is so good he doesn't leave us without explanations so folks there's nothing to feel embarrassed to be on bonds denominated in bending this media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to me seven audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain is www. audio course taught or


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