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Sanctuary for the Final Generation

Roy Gane
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Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary



  • June 11, 2011
    9:15 AM
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our father in heaven with everything that means you're the one in reliance the shepherd of our souls with all of our hearts father were in an open structure here we can feel the beautiful soft clean refreshing breeze you sent we want to feel the refreshing breeze from your Holy Spirit that divine wind coming in moving upon us in a mysterious and light way than our doors on this structure anyone can get in but we believe over the power of your angels you can shut up evil influences as you bar the entrance to the garden simply station your cherubim with flaming swords of the entrances to this place shall assume with you away from distractions surefire minds to get this big picture this grand message that you have for us just before your second coming we believe you're coming very soon we can see things around us and we can see Lord that we your people happy and are in a Laodicean condition we confess our lack of zeal for you our lack of wanting to make preparation for your coming proclamation of your message of love the burning desire the most important things in our lives we let other things get in the way and that we have done wrong for now if you rearrange one your word hoping not to get in the way me this message comes straight from you to your people in Jesus name what a lot of the big picture very big picture we'll start with Leviticus organ and the revelation I have never attempted to do this I'll have to confess to you scaling but I think you'll see some things come together and you've never seen it together before you go see a unity in the anti- message that you've never seen before I think it's a strangely stir your heart as it has stirred my so here we go to seatbelts on time all electronic devices turned off for going on a flight hard or go the question when you look at it what does the sanctuary teach the end time people of God about preparation for the imminent second coming of Christ I imminent work on a set and they are weak so I tried it out recently other thought was a secret rapture turned out to be an secret rupture when we try to do that here today but we believe that the end is imminent could come any time if we set a date that may be too far in the future wonderful prejudgment of the site or in the debit time let's start there in Leviticus judgment in the century on the day of atonement there were two phases of atonement at the sanctuary the two phases consisted of during the year people would bring their offerings to the sanctuary like sin offerings for example they would with one hand on the head of the animal as an unspoken confession of sin or if for a hidden kind of sin they would orally confessed to get it out in the open and they would then take the life of the animal the blood was portable once of the altar and this was the way for the debt of sin to be removed through pointing to Christ's sacrifice on that basis then God would forgive his people this was the way in which the people would bring their sins to God and leave it with him it wasn't a problem anymore they were cleansed from that but it was still left at the sanctuary it was in his ballpark we don't talk about why that is in what sense when sin is forgiven does God still have something to do with it that he has to deal with our so we're going to look at that the sins came into the century during phase one Leviticus for the benefit on the day of atonement once per year Leviticus sixteen these sins were removed from the sanctuary along with ritual impurities this was like a housecleaning when you sweep out of a room you start from the inside and you sweep out right and that's what happens wrong I think the priest goes into the holy of holies begins there and progressively cleanses a sanctuary from the insight out not throughout the year earlier we see that if the whole community send in Leviticus four or if the high priest said which of course involve the whole community because he represents them then the blood is applied first of all before the veil which often I cannot explain to you fully right now why this is in front of the incense altar will have to read what I've written on that we can't do everything here and then the blood goes according to as for the seven and eight are they or rather verses six and seven and seventeen and eighteen the blunders on the horns of the incense altar that means that the blood is moving those applications of what are moving towards the park representing the fact that the sin is moving in some way under other indications that throughout the year during phase one as the people were bringing their sins leaving them with thought they were going into the sanctuary on the day of atonement they come out what goes in must come out just like what goes up must come down I got our bets that the basic principle but it's very important and we're going to build on that on the damage on it also when this was going on the high priest alone could go in and be with God the people could not see that happening but just as when Queen Esther told the people of Susa for fast with me as I go in the fourteen are the people were to enter into and participate in the experience by doing two things according to Leviticus sixteen twenty nine to thirty one they were to afflict themselves that is practiced physical self-denial fasting and other things and they were to keep Sabbath in this way they were to not worry about anything earthly though so you don't worry about that I knew nothing about doing any work to just focus concentrate on in this way they were to show loyalty to God on the day of atonement when the final second stage of the tournament for their sins was being accomplished God had already freed them from those sins they were gone from as it says when were forgiven our sins are removed from the East as far as the this is from the West before into the depths of the state and Corey can lose visiting signout that it says no fishing allowed so when God forgives us he really forgives us and there are those who attack us by saying that the judgment we talk about the second phase the day of atonement faith removes our assurance so we have to be forgiven all over again they don't understand the second phase of the time but you will by the time we're done here today okay so doesn't mean we need to be forgiven a leverage undergone is dealing with our sins were going to get to that and this is a judgment between the loyal people who do those things show their loyalty going at that time and the disloyal but failed to do that Leviticus twenty three twenty nine to thirty so this is a real judgment among the nominal people of God those who claim to have a connection with him within that group between those who are loyal and those who were distant while just as in the camp of Israel you could find Caleb and Joshua you can also find correlation in a bar I always than the nominal people of God this wasn't judging the Amalekites and the Moabites and the Jebusites in the website and I was out of there it was it was just phenomenal people of God the Israelites reclaimed in connection with an sober people today who claim to be Christians the reason why judgment God 's judgment has to deal with their cases is because they affect his reputation what they do under his name tells the world and the universe something about him just like what Colonel Oliver North did your member the Iran Contra hearings said something about Ronald Reagan that he worked for this is insane Ronald Reagan wanted to distance himself from what North did the conduct involves some judicial kinds of things so this is what God is doing the very judgment as the purpose of showing the guard is fair this is an extremely important point judge the job of a judge is not to forgive my correct that's not the job of a judge the purpose of the judge isn't you can then the guilty and to vindicate the innocent right to a quick against in fact the judges of Israel are given those instructions and you don't be twenty five in first Kings eight thirty two Solomon is praying to God asking him to do the same thing however what does God do God does forgive all right let me ask you a simple question this is not a confessional here today like in some churches but I'll just ask your question even have to give any specifics is anyone here ever since walking out in the second question is anyone here ever been to get a praise the Lord will be done as our judge the judge is supposed to forgive what is that due to justice when you forgive guilty the judge needs to be justified in doing that that that was a right and just thing to do you get it that is the problem to God deals with and wife sins are left at the sanctuary it's all about judicial responsibility of God as judge in forgiving the people who accepted on and of course he can then do some among the normal people got a sale one Lord Lord we called I know we want to give them something has to be shown to be just dealing with these among his nominal people know an illustration that works very well is in second Samuel fourteen verse nine here the woman off to co-op has come before King David as a judge she tells a story but it illustrates real-life dynamics of justice and this woman comes to David and Jesus on the window I had two sons but once until the other number relatives want to put to death for the murder because he supposed to die and so help if I lose that son all have nobody to carry on the family night and she didn't say nobody to see me at my old page so David have mercy but he he said first of all he said in verse eight is a go to your house and I'll give orders concerning he was concerned for his reputation as judge because a judge is supposed to forgive a guilty person but the one thousand and second Samuel fourteen verse nine she says okay let the blame the only and on my father 's house but let the cheating and his load which represents his administration has government right between that is clean from from culpability from blaming him for getting a guilty person so she say yes I recognize the judge would be wrong in forgiving my son but we won't think that way don't worry about it so on that basis David that illustrates work on bills but God has no woman if the color to take his blame doesn't it takes it and pays for in the death of his son he bears it in fact when it says in Exodus thirty four 's sell herself this is God one God merciful and gracious long-suffering and abundant in goodness and truth as for sex for seven says forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin the Hebrew word for forgiving is now five that was when Austrian act filing that the Hebrew word Messiah and that means to bear to carry he bears when God forgives bears that said it's a wonder we handed over to him he has been there because he is the judge vindicates his justice through judgment this is the purpose of the judgment to vindicate that God is just when he forgives Shirley guilty people on purpose just is not to wipe away our assurance so we start all over again we have to be forgiven again nowhere been forgiven to complete the process records and give an example if I went and took my Toyota Corolla out on the highway out here and I was doing hundred and twenty miles an hour and fifty five zone and I got stopped taken to the judge suppose the judge I don't think I do this instead of Ohio another one or other of us was the judge said well I know that you sincerely promise never to do this again and so therefore I'm going to forgive you and pay your fine probably two hundred fifty bucks are now in figure five that's never happened after that is an illustration they what's can happen then when that judges up for reelection perhaps you could you imagine that they are one challenging the incumbent would look up in the public records to see if they could find something about the record that judges done something they could say is wrong until they find that the judge for gay youth guilt zero again for doing out on twentieth five zero whimsical example okay and so we find that and he puts in the newspaper that judge is soft on five so now you see the judge you for Dave is not a problem but if the judge of forgetting is then vindicated and what did to me on my behalf that I receive benefits Uganda because it showed that my forgiveness was in fact just see how it works are there is a higher court universe not the dog is subject to the power anybody but he wants to show the universe of created beings who are intelligent with free choice that they can trust him a method for we mentioned yesterday that's like a politician try to get everyone in their hometown to love them except it goes to the whole universe Supreme Court honeydew that you are sure that your fair art the third point is the judgment shows the faith of God 's people Christ sacrifice justifies God when he justifies or forgives those who have faith Romans three twenty six ninety same invalid is already justified at the cross by what Jesus did and that makes gone just twenty justifies those in what has gone me any kind of end time judgment to vindicate his justice you get the point but the answer is look at the end of the verse Romans three twenty six justifies one who has faith in Jesus whose that who has faith in Jesus yes he's justly justifies one who has faith in Jesus but one who departs from that faith John justifies such a person more busy Colossians one twenty one twenty three talks about the fact that because people were in all kinds of conditions but then such were some of you but then as long as you hold firm to the faith if you hold fast to the faith then you'll be carried through visit if there is not just having faith at one time it's made not throwing away that trillion dollar chapter forgiveness that God has given to us all right so there's a need for finding out who is still with Jesus who continues to have faith or loyalty faith and loyalty go to get it on the high loyalty to God faith in him Caleb the Old Testament Abraham the people of faith were the ones who are loyalty I also encouraged here now something that may sound rather radical almost everyone I know including myself I think everybody thought the purpose of the judgment was something that it is not and that is people think the purpose of the judgment is to find out who has sent right is not what people think they think that it was sent and there is a wonderful picture that I could show you in a PowerPoint would show up real well here in address books showing a man dressed in a black suit subpoenas white shirt and he's standing I guess he is what should I still like this in front of the law of God and his wife is being measured against the will of God and you get the impression that the purpose of the judgment is to find out how he has and you get the idea that the only way you'll survive in that situation is if you haven't sent are forgiven for more persons okay that's fine but when folks come on let's be reasonable does Don need a judgment to find out if we have sent out a people and send full and short of the glory Romans three twenty three herein is that everybody knows that as stated in the Bible that couldn't possibly be the purpose of judgment why now we see that the purpose of the judgment is to answer the question continues to have faith does not put a little bit of a different complexion on the judgment thing so it's a lot more positive it's to find out who still hangs onto Jesus Jesus said to the woman taken in adultery John eight verse eleven neither do I condemn you you're forgiven your previous life is flushed that now go and don't do that she was accountable there for holding onto the forgiveness that she received a living in accordance with a forgiveness with the transformation that God gives with it as Ellen White says in false from the mount of blessing page one one God 's forgiveness is not merely a judicial act by which he frees us from condemnation God 's forgiveness is the outflow of transforming love is the outflow of redeeming love that transforms the heart the outflow of redeeming love that transforms the part David had a true conception of forgiveness so white when he prayed created in the clean heart and when you were right spirit within me Ellen White didn't know either but it so happens that the words create the word forgive the word baraka words to live was worth have nobody as their subject performing except for going is a unique word for forgetting which only God can do because God forgives in the unique way and how do you react by creating a clean heart which we cannot do we can forgive each author which I create each other clean heart God it doesn't uniquely when God does that then we need to hang on to that needed awakening now go and sin no more when not accountable for the part that's flushed gone but we're accountable now for the converted life which is empowered by God through that transforming forgiveness that's what comes up into the judgment right unless we decide to throw it away why weren't going to let you he allows us free choice I can change my mind if I don't want to live with him for eternity then he says okay you don't have to do that would be held for you to live with me anyway and he gives me free choice are he was gone respect our free choice that's incredible there was sin crouches at the door Genesis four percent Jesus stands at the door and knocks and if anyone will open the door he will come is not amazing you respect our free choice so the question is who has faith if that's true then again those who attack us on the site would you address believe that your judged according to your works therefore you believe that you are saved by your works well folks look we can make of this I give myself to get it we judged according to our works happens to be in the Bible with the Old Testament and the New Testament narratives in the Old Testament Ecclesiastes twelve fourteen where judged by our works he agreed secret thing and so one will just also is in the New Testament Paul affirms that I didn't have time to put all the references that a biblical idea how to explain that we also find by the way and Daniel seven verse ten that the judgment is set and the books are opened at the time of the end time judgment one of those books all about records of want records of human works right out of the books are all about which can include their decisions in regard to God those are works right transactions we have relational transactions but why is it that when judged by our works against Ken created being is made by God read forms the okay what did Jesus demonstrate when he ran for like those assignment assignments feast and Simon asked a question in his mind and Jesus answered and what did Jesus demonstrate praise God because I think God can read thoughts therefore by the way I'm so glad Satan can read our thoughts aren't you as a place of quiet rest near the garden between these two leaders and cranium doesn't know what's going on I can pray silently designed to need within cinders and Warner again encrypt the current article the encrypted code and those players aren't necessarily on a partyline interface the chemistry when it is fine to speak but he's a terrific student of human hating you can see your eyes dilate you can see you sweat he can see what you looking at so be careful but back to God does God need a judgment to know our thoughts affect the yard he knows everything and he can reform so why would there be judgment of works because the judgment isn't foregoing information is not an investigative judgment in that sense bought been doing research to do a lot of research by going to the library or semi- research assistant I go to the Internet for my accordance Bible software and I do research to find out new information dog doesn't have to do that the purpose of the judgment here Daniel seven ten is notice God is not there alone surrounded by new reasons thousands upon ten thousand millions of created beings what are they doing when the books this is called complete disclosure on the part of God it's the demonstrative judgments like no human government would ever think of doing we live in a free country but that's a lot of classified staff in the Pentagon and the White House and those commonplaces God is up everything all the books look and see what these people don't help I have related to that and see if I have just and merciful meeting that are truly the God of love that I claim to be but that's the purpose of the judgment I would call the demonstrative judgments from God 's standpoint yes it's investigative from the standpoint of his creatures looking into that but now why is an judgment works we know that because if if it's the jury which is all the created beings they can read thoughts of faith God has given evidence that they can see that you say this artifact that I have your exhibit number one using you cannot see a thing I have to say evidence that you can win and that's what brought us and it's valid what without works is that you can't separate faith from works works hard be symptoms of faith when God said to Abraham let the hot guy doing a man says to him to Sarah while we were moving in a start loading up the older stuff into baskets and putting them on the donkeys and sort is that safe those that works faith and works as both you can separate you get the point right so that's the reason why the judgment of works now let's go to the three Angels messages the judgment is presented in time as possible go to use Revelation fourteen six and seven Angel which is Angel by the way with means messenger of who is the messenger proclaiming this message brought people back to us we are that Angel I am in the midst of you with my guitar proclaiming that the hour of his judgment has come to end time judgment and is that good news that's what it says is good news what that means is that Jesus is coming soon enough is enough he's going to judge oppression judge the oppressors is going to take us home judgment is a wonderful thing if you're being oppressed I'm if your judge is just an honest and is going to help you write we know that God is infected in the price of our lives he wants to help us we have nothing to fear the judgment these days died for us Jesus is our defense attorneys are witness and even substitutes for us in our stead with your or wrongly we have to be afraid in the judgment the purpose is to deliver us from oppression as King David said in the book of Psalms repeatedly judged me over the I will the woman to go of wanting judgment said in second Samuel fourteen twelve okay the judge may same year and the situation is good news which the third Angels message revelation fourteen verse twelve and this is incredibly performances here are they that keep the commandments of God and hold fast to the faith of Jesus two things here commandments of God which represent one would Jesus say that the Commandments are based on Matthew twenty two thirty seven forty love to love relational old gospel is relational I tremendous of God and the faith of Jesus not scholars have discussed this a lot I've heard a discussion recently and some scholars believe that a faith of Jesus is referring to the faith of Jesus had we hold fast to the faith which is and that's that for a plausible course is true that we have faith in that faith that Jesus had that trust and we accept his experience of faith by faith so you can't really separate those things but that his faith was based upon love what her guard so what loved the world that he gave his only begotten son in the face of Jesus was to believe that he could come through that and save us so here we have two aspects of love commandments faith of Jesus in other words here is the standard of love and here is the names of love and the salvation from a love through Jesus that is the third Angels message and Ellen White told us Seventh-day Adventist the people of the third Angels message because that is the entire message and in eighteen eighty eight at Minneapolis at the General conference was a big discussion about you see I was really seven the sort of the neglect of the faith of Jesus and so what we need is both of these together with dynamically in harmony is really only when you grasp the faith of Jesus then you can have that love that puts you in harmony with his command is the sole dynamics one whole this is the end of the enzyme if I would appoint to one verse that would we would say is the mission statement and marching orders off the Seventh-day Adventist movement not just a nomination notice hierarchy but it's revelation fourteen verse twelve of the best makeup that idea of what Ellen White thought this these two things were equivalent to showing this on jumping your woman looks up at there these two things commands of God faith in Jesus are of equivalent to the two things that the Israelites were to do on the damage on which were the biggest sixteen twenty nine two hollow yourselves through physical self-denial and Sabbath and there is a connection here because Jesus according to Philippians two verse eight hold himself when he lowered himself and did not problem two to lower himself from equality with God became down down down even to death on the cross he humbled himself Philippians two birthday as we are to humble ourselves at the end of time faith of Jesus the faith that he had seen the Sabbath they were to keep Sabbath on their return on the Sabbath is a microcosm or representative of the whole thing in the ledger will procure reasons why the Sabbath gives the authority behind the whole intentionality and secondly because Sabbath is assigned that God sanctifies his people Exodus thirty one thirteen what is sanctification when we say yesterday certification is growth in what love first Thessalonians three twelve thirteen first Thessalonians three versus twelve and thirteen I love grows in love is the same as growth in holiness so if Sabbath is a sign of sanctification is a sign of growth in love and what is love God 's character and his law this is how holy things are intertwined with unbelievable part so what we have to do if we ask ourselves on their damage on which was a day of judgment is on Monday that ensure loyalty they were to be cut off or destroyed but if they did show loyalty they would vindicate it was a true day of judgment the damage they have those two things to show loyalty to God what is our review of an fine day on attornment John here are the equivalent to things revelation fourteen verse twelve third Angels message keep the Commandments God says that Jesus them a sense okay now number in this one little point in this one there loyalty yes we show our loyalty of his relationship through our faith through our loyalty folks is the bottom line we often think that perfection is the bottom line that is the result of our loyal because the well I is here in the perfection really get to know more professions maturity and growth father gives that we're responsible for his making the choice is loyal following delight in message one another three angels message messages particularly the third has the same message as the Elijah message okay here it is remember the law of the law based on love for God relational reconciliation turning off the father shall love right there so it's the same message in the Elijah message the law which is what the relational reconciliation which is what the preparation by second it's amazing think at the end of the Old Testament these are the last three verses of the Old Testament not a few people in the second Chronicles in English based upon earlier versions like the Septuagint itself Malachi last three verses and we expect what it says before the great and terrible available and I will send Elijah will will be on fire by miraculous power on Mount caramel and do great things and maybe white about autonomy after we spent quite anti-Semitism is a little bit of anticlimax bit of a disappointment always going to do is turn on and so on dramatic my friends this is the still small voice message this is the client climaxes the fire in my college earthquake in the wind and all that the climax is still small voice of the severe him in hearts with love can exist before one Romans fibers for the holy sports boys love into our hearts and untested I promise years ago there was some what I needed to love not lost my love for I looked around in the ventricle entry of my heart metaphorically speaking I was looking for a molecule of love and I couldn't find and I couldn't get about myself I realized that I felt desperate so I prayed to God for love and for your miraculous window was it from your creative power like when God said let there be light and get a report love into my heart and the love lives and endured and my life was restored and went on one of my similar excuse ridiculous story of the century class educated enough was and she said I'm having trouble loving someone right now I still pray for you so I pray for that week she prayed she came back the next week and she said it's working of course what you expect it's not traditional God wants nothing more than to pour love into our hearts it's what he wants to do and this is the Elijah message this is the most important message for our time if we as evidenced would focus on this message relational reconciliation unity between family family is so important tween family members between generations instead of tearing each other apart and the worshiping instead of the house of God being a great place of worship World War II that's right because I worship styles and really nice anyway but something practical to work on or will we work to do if we can model relational reconciliation to the world then this is going to further in proclaiming the gospel that so many of our ward I love what Francis of Assisi said he said to his disciples he said pray short of God at all times use words when you have to write the letter and the spirit folks is the same message we were not the early and latter rain the early rain fulfillment Pentecost the power of unifying love is what we soar in acts two yeah a lot of times we overlook that fact where was the power of Pentecost and what did it reside yes we see the unity and they pray and then the power comes great unity is the prerequisite that is it's what we need to do before we get the power is not quite right Howard is the unit is guarded by annoyance this unity like in some hundred and thirty three I think of it in Hebrew in a mature woman I enjoy talking with you and you know that some in the much movement on the ship is nothing going on until I terrible voice but the whole output and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity on the next verses say we never say that it's like the oil only had their dripping down his beer everything will unit is pretty messy but it's the consecration unblinking oil and the message of the song is unity is holy but no matter where we are having unit that unity is Helena testifies that God is there holiness is love because God is and so when we have this power unifying love Jesus talked about it but John seventeen twenty twenty three and one fourth to provide John seventeen whether verses twenty to twenty three amazing amazing words Jesus said that if we would really take this to heart it would transform our witness Jesus said I do not ask on behalf of these alone but for those also who believe in me through their word that's awesome right version twenty one John seventeen that they may all be one even as your father are in me and I in you that they also may be in us so that the world world may believe that through the unit the world believes because the world has never seen that kind of unity the next verse the glory which you have given me I have given to them that they may be one just as we are one I in them and you and me but they may be perfect and in unity so that the world may know that you sent me I love them even as you loved that's amazing that is the power of the latter rain does something again as happened at Pentecost but this time it's going to even be greater the gospel was taken to every land in that day to be taken every day we won how will be done but it's can happen now in the Internet they didn't have the source on this love is the Holy Spirit doesn't disappoint because God 's Spirit is poured or rather God 's love is poured into our hearts through the sphere bathrooms fibers for if you claim that promise every day first thing when you wake up before you even look in the mirror certainly before you speak anyone claim that promise your life will be transformed the lives of those around you because my friends that is the power of the latter rain the power has been there waiting for school we just need to accept it what God has for together as a group this is a group experience it's not just an individual experience we need to get together and if we wanted it badly enough that we focus on God it's not our desire that is a work that is meritorious no it's that if it becomes not overwhelming priority only wanting among the woods and we want his work to be finished at we love other people in a miraculous way that breaks down barriers is not afraid of ridicule not afraid of being weird break down boxes not in those early disciples that's what the power once they love people who spat on them and stunned and crucified them upside down and beheaded them they love them anyway that was the power the natural that his miraculous power that is the power of the labyrinth is not gigantic choirs and orchestras in stained-glass windows and organs and negative decibels in an amazingly eloquent preachers none of that is the power of the latter right the power is when people see movies for what happened to be with Jesus and then the Lord to take us we would be afraid to go on the streets to proclaim tell everyone brag about God and we brag about everything else would write about cars our computers are football teams are best wanting to try DragonBar go to Google that's the greatest witness move you heard about Michael is so amazing and always done for me it are our victory ever since interrupted up here rivers this is a big issue was still saved by grace through faith were only saved by grace through faith never my works lest anyone what will you find last generation people of God there is not a different way of salvation were not saved by the perfect okay what is perfection come and gone it has always been able to keep us from sinning this was a promise and Jude twenty four for people in New Testament times he's always been able to keep us from sin you believe that he can keep us from sin I know a lot of people do what people think it's like breathing and heart stops and Jesus came and demonstrate that to be human doesn't mean you have to set up we weren't made that way God perfects his people 's character and perfect his people 's character he is the one that noticed in Ephesians five who was the one who washes his people with the washing of water with the work so that they are without spot or blemish or any such thing as the one who does Jesus who loved himself gave his cell for the bride which is the church was a revelation nineteen seventy nine it says the the white linen representing the righteous deeds of the saints is imminent to happen it is a gift all of our works are only ever part of receiving the gift so our part is to be loyal to God to receive the gift not the women up on a rock God vindicates himself through us now there's been a long-standing idea really had its most eloquent articulation in the second to last chapter of an L Andreasen 's book on the sanctuary and this idea is that we vindicate gone in the end by our perfect lives demonstrating that he is right when he says that his law can be kept by human babies before that before I'm uncomfortable with that we all know now God will vindicate himself by what he does in and for and through us right let's let the focus beyond number we are performing the last stage of atonement for the people of God by our works but rather that we loyally follow him and he does what he wants to do enforcement and he vindicates himself truly is what can be kept our role is to follow Christ I see if I look at my glasses I can see that they're a little bit not weekly if I look at my shoes were the rest of if we look at ourselves we get discouraged Peter didn't find what he was when he was looking at Christ but as soon as he focused on himself he looked away and the way he started to sink it's like when you're waterskiing there you hold onto the rug can let go of the rope so if our role is to follow Christ he will lead us wages we are to where he wants to take us and look at where week with one struggle within will give let him take us through it doesn't mean that we do not want break and that's the hard work of blood twelve years and it's what it's all part of receiving the gift carries us through we have the same standard God said to Abraham in Genesis seven seventeen verse one one this morning and be blameless as per a comprehensive is no different standard no higher standard for the people of God but there's a new challenge that these power revelation thirteen and his victory as a group God will never have such a cohesive group experiencing this there have been individuals in the past Abraham saw Daniel but he's got have a whole group of people like this when people are settled into their choices Christ will no longer need to mediate percents crime will John leaving the parish when I was ongoing construction working on a house I was I was let go I was in Florida was let go when the job was done I went right job is done and people settled into their choices he doesn't need to mediate rescinds any more of his people because they're just not doing that the Holy Spirit will help them out row committing acts of sin I noticed that besides whether their Savior loss resides with your Savior lost you do is your choice going respect your choice did not force anyone to get on the arc were often art in the days of Noah he allow them to make their choice he waited for a whole week then he shut the door nuts what happens in the end we will walk by faith in both power and not by sight but Christ will never leave us I am with you always Ellen White says in the great controversy but something that has made under this including myself tremble she says that after the closing privation we will stand before a holy God without them we will be walking by faith without the site rather than by sight as Jesus on the cross was going by faith in the work my God my God why have you for sake in the eddies referring to the whole song which ends in victory he was going by God 's word alone and we will be joined by God 's word alone because all the towns of shell and earth are arrayed against us that everyone see any way out but we will not put Christ is with us the whole time with you always keep it has the son has life first John five verse twelve that is our assurance when Jesus stops mediating for since he doesn't start mediating out for errors have his business to mediate our prayers knowing going to Revelation eight it just doesn't just mean there were no longer committing acts of sin it doesn't mean that we are perfect in our flesh so that we don't have propensities to send we have those things until our bodies are glorified remain immortal but he helps us overcome our bodily impulses right through our character he will never leave is in fact Christ was Christ was right after a week to get back into the record we just go to the end of this and know what was in a figure for the Odyssey presentation let me ask you question what was Jesus during the time of Jacob 's trouble where was Jesus in the five hundred he was wrestling with a divine being who is the one whose goings forth are from of old things and will remove it there was the one whose goings forth are from of old Jesus Jacob was wrestling with Jesus Christ was in his arms as close as he could get well so when we hear that that we will stand before a holy God without a mediator all it means is that he has prepared us for this he is sustaining us we're not standing inherent strength was standing with Jesus the Holy Spirit is with us more than ever even though we may not realize that the Holy Spirit has been withdrawn from the rest of the earth and put on us we will not be going through this alone we do not have to be afraid because we can just what will follow him know that he will carry us praise what to look and with this I know that it's time for me to quit best is when we do get some more info this was just bigger picture this will be with you this Sunday Mary the mother of Jesus now she's being demonized and a lot of things but you know she if we strip away all the un- biblical stuff we get a teenage girl she maybe fifteen without teenage ordinary dynamism it is at here she is approached by the angel Gabriel says you should consume will I see my doctor to see if that can happen but she doesn't have the angel said with God all things are possible all things are possible doesn't matter what your struggle is what you sent even if the expert assigned to the psychologist tell you that your kind of sin is not possible to overcome they say that about some kind of sense you know what I'm talking you have a say that with God all things are possible God can keep you from falling no matter what you sent yesterday really hard you can join your strength as a given but he can take you through and when Mary say to the angel Gabriel she said that it be to me according to your word in other words the Holy Spirit is God overshadowed her and I plan Christ in her womb let it be to me according to your work she said yes to God go ahead and do that if we just say yes to God go ahead and plant Jesus in our minds spiritually through your spirit which is what he wants to do Christ living in escalations to persuade and if we say let it be to me according to your word your promise what you want to do oh God he will surely do that you know what she was saying when she said that she was saying yes to yes I made the choice if we just say yes to God we go on saying yes to God with everything behind and about these were together Mister and its could be soon scrupulous or hear you say yes yes I would do you are afraid father in heaven you can message her rich message but thank you that is so simple and so unified and what you want us to say is yes to you and to keep following except your gift wherever that leads to lead into the to the way of service sometimes through the valley of the shadow of dark dark experiences through pain suffering sickness maybe only none of it really matters because when we get to heaven when you say heaven is cheap enough art and short time here is nothing compared to the eternal weight of glory only no when we get there Lord when I can install all growing in love moral growth will grow in love furniture when you get us to the point that were not committing acts of sin that's only the beginning tomorrow will just like running a business when you get out of debt zero and you start to be in the black and not in the rent then that's just the beginning of growth Lord take us through keep us from fully do a mighty work through us mayor life such as the unit testified that her presence to the world you may come as consisting of this media was brought audio nurse the website is renting God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more so than please visit www. audio person .org


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