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  • June 11, 2011
    10:45 AM
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father then you are here and you are new with us in the Lord my prayer is that as a result of that we will never be the same again Lord when you tossed as you walked on the spirits when you touched people they were changed because they came into a presence in someone we come into your presence and we ask as we stand at the threshold of the gate of heaven as we peer through those pearly drinking step we might get a glimpse of your heavenly throne over I have no business this morning to be here except that you call and I promise I promised you many years ago that whatever you send me I will go whatever you want me to say I will say whatever you want me to PEI will be with father at this time allow me just to be a nailed on the wall so that your people sitting in front of me now will not see me but they may see the picture of Christ hung from the snail in Jesus name and I'm living on borrowed time there is no other way I can say anything except the fact that God spared my life many years ago I graduated from Andrew 's University at the same time I got married in one thing led to another I started working up a northern Michigan to make a long story very short I was involved in a plane crash small plane crash that left the pilot of the plane my boss that according to all witness accounts the one seventy two Cessna four seater which crashed into a lake not straight not balance but straight in I got out of a window that was too small because the Coast Guard diver that went down to find the plaintiff seventy three feet of water radio company said how big was this guy that got out six six one about a hundred and eighty pounds they said no way impossible but I find in the Scriptures the Bible tells me that nothing is impossible for God nothing is impossible for God so that tells me that no matter what stage spiritually you are in nothing is impossible for God the only thing that makes it impossible in the person you see standing in front of that mirror and a challenge that we have today is that we are living in the most incredible time the school 's history my neighbor who is passed away now was a Cynthia 's pastor 's name was Paul Mattias Hill ministered in Illinois Michigan conference I member is eighty three years old he was hunched over how to hack kept his head always warm it was January when I went to his door and I I knocked on his door and he came outside to meet me message on I'm not able to clear driveway this winter I may be gone to Ghana to be preaching I said that my son will do it for you so you don't have to worry about it but I just want you to know that's not me out there that's my son pieces we go again I said I'm going to go in and with tears in his eyes he said he is God what do you mean they are questioning is region one format cinch just one more message he says you tell them they are living in the golden hours of Adventism Susan Calvin Jesus is coming so I preached two more this morning to you to tell you Jesus is coming nothing is impossible you hear Jack with all his excitement and exuberance for the gospel of Jesus Christ I think they have a medication for you I'm sure if you make an appointment with Doctor Yung Berg there is going to be some nutritional change that we could do to the diet God bless you but it will never change you know why because you cannot shut the love of God inside that would be like trying to put your finger in Niagara Falls to hold it back if you I will naturally and that is one of the things that I've been talking this week in the last Americans yesterday morning and will flow from you naturally because it can help it unless you don't have if you don't have the law that accuses the heart and cannot come out because nothing can come out unless is already implanted in their the problem that we have and I'm well aware I'm speaking to a conservative congregation here not wanting not want to know what you know it too late sister you know you're a conservative congregation most of the congregations I preach on our conservative because the liberals don't want to hear the presence of his message out now you saying that is your fighting that your home churches you're fighting it tooth and nail you know there's a difference I'll be honest with you and I've heard this said many times and I'll tell you from my mouth the liberals are very happy people there always the happy people if the conservatives that have their underwear is a little too if show was so focused about that you know what radiates radiate below we haven't sold bottled up inside brothers and sisters but somethings that happen just because we believe we are to be right because we have the presence of message does not create a hierarchy for us Jesus died for everyone NEC is set in such a way that he said that he is seeing anything about what was lost in incomes so much because you already have the message became for those who don't have the message or who have a skewed perspective of the message in Seattle I take you to the book of Ezekiel yes easy kill chapter thirty seven I initially had a message I was to share with you my testimony but you know what when you ask the Lord what should I preach Brother Sullivan the Lord has a different message and he says I want to preach on this message you'd been working on and I said but Lord I have one page I've been working on on that message is not on my door last night brother it was late I heard the knock admits the airplanes in my ears and I knew exactly what that knock was all about and I pray prayer and I said Lord you know what that means get me out give me the words in the valley of dry bones verse one hand of the Lord came upon me and brought me out of in the spirit of the Lord and set me down in the midst of the valley and it was full of dry bones then he caused me to pass by fast buy them all around and behold there were very many in the open valley and indeed they were very dry and what made them so dry I mean they didn't just drive overnight baseline because they been in the church a long long time they've heard the word they're tired of the fight they dry out but notice they are dried and sitting on the surface they are not very beneath the ground that means there's hope in verse three and he said to me Son of Man can these bones live so I answered oh Lord you know again a centimeter prophesy to these bones and say to them all dry bones hear the word of the Lord thus says the Lord God to these bones surely I will cause breath to calm and enter into you and you shall live now Doctor Dean I have to admit when I went to the seminary my calling was to work with young people I didn't go in for Greek and Hebrew because you know when you work with young people Greeks Greek Hebrews Hebrew as a matter fighting going to study that stuff but you know along the way as you study on your own you learn and you pick up things and what God is trying to tell you easy fuel here is that when you prophesied to these God himself is going to breed upon them and word for greed is rule that's not just I don't know what you drank this morning or if you drink enough water but I'd like to write his life but I can guarantee one thing your breath is not like this because that same word is the same breath that God three into a dirt formed human being when God created into Adams nostrils he agrees rule and put it into his nose the breath of life and what God is saying to a CQ is reach creates to be there and drive homes with you to preach preach the message that will wake them up preach the message and he says and I will sing newly entering flesh upon you or you would scan it and put breath in you and you shall live in an outlet for your own when you let you all know that I am the Lord and so I prophesied and I commended as I prophesied and there was a noise and suddenly I'm rattling and the bones came together people into bone indeed as I looked the sinew in the flesh came upon them and his skin covered them over and there was no breath in them also he said to me prophesy to the breath prophesy son of man and say to the breath sayeth the Lord God all come from the four winds O breath and breathe on these slain that they may live in Seoul I prophesied and as I commended and as he commanded me and breath came into them and they lived and stood upon their feet an exceedingly great army and he said to me Son of Man these bones are the whole house of Israel this is the restoration of the nation of Israel we today our modern-day Israel and we need the breath of God read upon us into our nostrils so that we will become alive in Christ Jesus therefore he says in verse twelve prophesy and say to them thus says the Lord God behold my people I will open your graves and cause you to come up from your graves and bringing you into the land of Israel then you shall know that I am the Lord when I opened your graves O my people and brought you up from your graves I will put mice I will put my direct in you and you shall live and I will place in you in your own land then you shall know that I do Lord have spoken it and performed it in a review and Herald article January sixteen eighteen ninety three Ellen White writes these words to us and she says when the can learning how were with the power the converting power of the of God comes upon the people they will become workers this class is well represented by the valley of dry bones the one in the Ezekiel saw envisioned those who committed to them the treasures of truth and yet who are dead in trespasses and sins they need to be created a new in Christ Jesus there is so little real vitality in the church at the present time that it takes constant labor to give men the appearance of life to the professed people of God Powell .com how will that rack now come upon us who are the last generation waiting to step foot into the promised land how will be doing their part we would leave your friend but we're not doing our parts in here one guy out here with his exuberance passing of great controversy I daresay this probably a few of you in here because of one talking to but in our general churches you know the General conference saw the school department they did a study and they said you know if we had just closed our doors since the birth of our church and we just didn't spend a penny on evangelism we didn't we didn't baptize any why do we breathe a word of evangelism to anybody and enter to win just kept children if we just kept our children in the church you know what the membership of the seventh administration and work North American division would be conveyed two million two million without doing anything and how much money we spent on evangelism arts like the effort of going out there and doing this type of thing if we just kept our children in the church and you know what the membership of the church is today NAD is just at a million today at this time throughout the churches in the North American division a million members on the books but only five hundred thousand in attendance and only two hundred and fifty thousand faithfully returning time is a much work to be done absolutely there's much to be done but as I said over and over in early writings page two seventy I asked the meaning of the shaking I assume was shown it would because what is testimony called for by the latest seed to the latest team what will have a problem with well they will rise up against it this is what will cause the shaking among God 's people I tell you that just under one year ago the Seventh-day Adventist church was rocked from its foundation it was locked on July third two thousand ten when I'm mad was not ashamed to preach from the pulpit in Atlanta that will send Wilson any preach that sermon forward not backward split the church and we felt and nine oh earthquake hit the church that was the shaking that was a strange testimony called for by the Council into it is truly no antecedent search data that is absolutely the Germans rose up against it and they hate Wilson why would they hate Wilson up tell you what because a few months after that I went to Cologne Bonn Germany to preach I was not permitted to preach the Seventh-day Adventist church although I am an ordained Cynthia Aster will why would I be allowed while you see yet understand the dynamics of northern Germany there are many conferences there but other conferences that are there especially in the northern part one conference in particular has a hundred and thirty five pastors of the hundred and thirty five pastors only five only five pastors believe except and preach at one point we are in the shaking and God has to read upon us the breath of life has to because if he doesn't breathe upon us feel like there's no one you know what I would very you see the Jews when we break down this passage we find that the Jews in Babylon were like those dead and dry bones unlikely ever to come alive unlikely ever to become a skeleton they lately buried on top of the surface of the Valley why shouldn't they Revelation tells us that they would Revelation Chapter 11 verse eight and nine it says in their dead bodies will lie in the streets of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt were also our Lord was crucified then goes from the peoples nations tribes and tongues and nations will see their dead bodies three and a half days and not allow their dead bodies to be put into the grave you see the bones of God and may God shall be buried according to what Ezekiel thirty nine says for their destruction is final that's it there under the ground but the bones of Israel there in the open valley there under the watchful eye of heaven which means there is hope Son of Man can these bones live this is a likely thing the prophet says no I know not how it should be done and what thou knowest notice he does not say they cannot live because he doesn't want to limit God sometimes I go to churches and in my own fallacy I scratch my head and say Lord how can they live I don't want to limit the Lord but they can as Lord thou knowest whether they can live and whether they shall live it without no one is not put life into them it is certain that they cannot live you see God is perfectly acquainted with his own power and his own purpose and will have us to refer all of them and to see and own that his wondrous works are such as could not be affected by any counselor power but his own so that means that we find used for bringing these dispersed bones together and these dead and dry bones to be brought to life it's done by prophecy Ezekiel 's order to prophesy what does it mean to prophesy means to preach in his reach that's what it means so I am really prophesying to you right now I am preaching to you I'm preaching to bones we find to prophesy to the wind so he prophesied and he was commended she must preach and that's what he did and bones live by the power that went along with the word of God you see many times we find in our churches is not the word of God we find twenty five minutes of pure entertainment with five minutes of the trite little verse how can you bring the breath of life that way what is being reinvented them out to you what's being breathed into them the Disney channel HBO this scares me when I see him as soon as it are doing these types of things I had young people tell me when I pastored at one church as an associate pastor and won't tell you where but they saw the senior pastor at the movies that don't have passed through what you doing here when I'm working on sentences have you see that's the problem that we have in our church the ones who are prophesying at nothing to prophesy about the themselves are tribal God bids his ministers to prophesy upon the dry bones say unto then gave there is OU dry bones BC Ezekiel was called to not only prophesy but he was also called to pray with you not in the book of James chapter five through sixteen it tells us is the affective for prayer of a righteous man and ability while much but it's the one assigned to pray what else nothing except honey you see over and over in the word of God the word watchmen or watch and singular is used it is important because you see the place in watchmen on the tower and watchmen is to be the Garda security to tell the old city when danger was approaching placing watchmen on a tower when the effects and results of the watchmen while he looked in easy to chapter thirty three you go back a few verses you will find the words are very clear and very evident here it says again the word of the Lord came to me saying Son of Man speaking to the people who are the children of your people and say to them when I bring the sword upon the land and the people and take a man from their territory and make him their watchman and when he sees the sword coming upon the land if he blows the trumpet and warns the people then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning if the sword comes and takes him away his blood shall be on his own head he heard the sound of the trumpet but he didn't take warning his blood shall be upon himself but is he who takes warning will be safe but if the watchman sees the sword coming and doesn't blow the trumpet and the people are not warned and his sword comes and takes the any person from among them he is taken away as an end in his iniquity but his blood I will require at the watchman 's hand that's serious business is not I hope with all this role watchman is not the most importance that it is mentioned in Ezekiel three Isaiah twenty one Isaiah fifty two I very say a fifty six Isaiah sixty two Jeremiah six Jeremiah thirty one Jeremiah fifty one will watch person is a critical one and one person had better your sharp person constantly on the alert to detect sin underpinning this in Isaiah fifty six Israel's irresponsible leaders in verse ten it says his watchmen are blind they are all ignorant they are all dumb docs there needs to be done means you got no barking the work nothing like having the meanest looking Doberman pinscher but you go to and he goes in but that's what the watchman sleeping lying down loving to slumber yes they are greedy dogs which never have enough and they are shepherds who cannot understand they all look to their own way everyone did his own gain and from his own territory one says Oliver then we will also intoxicating drink tomorrow will be as today and much more abundantly and pose a question to you what you think these blind and ignorant watchmen are drinking from couldn't beat a couple of Babylon could you watch lends themselves are unconverted and therefore because they're unconverted they don't understand their duty nor do they have a knowledge of what it is that they are supposed to be watching for in order to sound the alarm so when we hear spiritual formations the alarms just how long and endanger buttonhole we don't do that we supported we embrace it we promoted have mercy you see we don't hear enough messages from the pulpit about reference we don't hear anything about reference kids come running to the church as noted with the Daytona five hundred casino losing losing and they don't have any idea why because nothing preached what personal people are studying for themselves but they're not watching the watchmen should be the one exciting to watch the show declare and hear the warning stopped running in the church because it's God 's house stopped talking and executives on how they are not preaching about it because they're not converted about it a we don't hear enough messages from the pulpit about the health message because the watchmen are eating from the same table that Daniel had turned his back from Daniel had already decided long before that he will not defile himself he decided before he got to decide young people that's a good message for you when it comes to sexuality decide now before you get into the situation we don't hear these messages because you cannot reach on the subject that you are not converted on yourself it doesn't happen your blowing hot air that you know you've known all you him sure have heard the things about being meat free before Christ comes those who want to see Christ because we had been told we should strive to be part of the hundred and forty four thousand and because we need to strive to be a part of them they are the ones that most definitely will be vegetarian because the only thing that is promised to them in the last days of bread and water healing can be going on McDonald's in the last days upside down much you are going to be praying for your food and created a Raven arrives as you're not to be in Ohio Ohio doesn't have enough case did you know that spirit of prophecy has some very sharp and direct words to ministers ministers in regards to their food on your plate when share with you review and Herald vintage one write this down review and Herald March three nineteen ten paragraph four she says shall we not bear decided testimony against the indulgence of perverted appetite will any who are ministers of the gospel proclaiming the most solemn truth ever given to mortals set an example in returning to the flesh pots of Egypt will those who are supported by hide from God 's storehouse permit themselves by self-indulgence to poison the life-giving current flowing through their veins will be disregard the light in warning that God has given them the health of the body is to be regarded as essential to the growth in grace and the acquirement of medieval England temper if the stomach is not properly care for the formation of an upright moral character will be hindered the brain and nerves are in sympathy with the sounding of erroneous eating and drinking results erroneous thinking and acting so we go back to the question I asked earlier how then is it possible for these what types of watchmen to pray and prophesy unto the dry bones in order to give them life when they are intoxicated with the wine of Babylon and the food about so when we pray then what happens to our prayers our prayers ricochet like the ceiling in your house from the fourth volume of testimony page three thirty two what do your prayers amount to want to regard iniquity in your hearts unless you make a thorough change you will not for hence become weary of reproof as did the children of Israel and like then you will apostatize from God some of you in words acknowledged reproof but usually not in a heart accepted remember this week I was talking about the heart Jesus is standing at ease knocking at your parts store he is wanting to be sister hard why because you need him to come you go on the same as before only being less susceptible to the influence of the Spirit of God becoming more and more blinded having less wisdom less self-control less power lesson seal and relish for religious exercises and on the carton unless you are converted you'll finally yield your hold upon God entirely you would not make decided changes in your life when reproof is because you have not seen and realized your defects of character and a great contrast between your life and the life of Christ it has been your policy to place yourself in a position where you would not entirely lose the confidence of your brethren when asking a question knowing that this is the situation argue praying for your pastors are you pouring your heart soul often are you fasting you see we have the disease in the church in that disease is called worldliness and worldliness has something that it will do to us we are all as a result of that we have a terminal illness it will kill us but there is one who is coming that will take that away you see when I came out of that water I popped up from the surface of the water we were photographing sailboats and I thought there was no thought ever that we would crash into the water annuity say later your life flashes before your eyes before something but when something catastrophe like this happens and it flashed before my eyes if it looking just got married is graduated and he just started his new job in Allston wisest the window is too small but I thought Windows somehow by God 's grace and I can tell you is certainly by God 's grace because I don't remember going through the window of the procedure blacked out I think because you see God designed our situated in blackout you go into autopilot mode in your heart continues to be and you continue to breathe you don't know how to hold your breath on your unconscious and if I blacked out for a moment I was sucked in water and that would've been I know the Lord spared my life when I got into that bullet and made it to the dog got rushed to a trauma center know what was wrong with me they actually mean x-rayed me and the doctor came in I really did the surgery to me and he shut the door after kicking everybody out of the room he pointed his finger in my face and he says the words on never forget son I don't know whether you believe in God or not but he's the one conceived you because you're supposed to be dead man he said let me tell you what happened you fractured form of bones on your left foot right across my foot was social and that they had cut and recast me five times in eight weeks I sat in one third of my left kneecap dedicate out the cartilage of the pieces and kind of no pins is no metal in my body I fractured my classical I had fractured my sternum I had stitches of my head compressed tradition by that I bruised my heart I was on open-heart standby for forty eight hours and the doctor said to me your baby in the hospital for thirty days don't even think about getting out any sooner than will the next morning they found my bosses body his name is Tom Pangborn interestingly enough he was ascended master but he left the church years before because of a guy named Desmond Ford they allowed me to go to Tom's funeral they wheeled me into the church in a wheelchair with my foot sticking straight out and cast would he stick someone in a wheelchair used to come right in the middle of the aisle we put the casket in the center and I will tell you that I cried like I've never cried before because that should've been me there is nothing in this world that would assist anything other than that I was sitting next to him I should think I because I didn't die I started a fight with God I started yelling what you will he never spoke a word I would wake up in the night cold sweat viewing the plane crashing the doctors told me I would be in the hospital for thirty days by God 's grace I walked out of the hospital eight days after the accident I'm living on borrowed time the ongoing ministry right away you got to be joking if you came to me when I was in a university setting my undergrad photography you can amuse it out when you get a preacher someday I was run definiteness there was no way I was not interested in ministry my wife even came to me at that time she said you she was very serious she said you think God 's calling and administrative person actually not why she said I I want to be a pastor 's wife as a result of that I kept yelling of God but he never said a word not one word didn't see anything and I said fine you know what I'll do what I wanted to I want to make money they started working for a company that he promised new job prior to graduating from Angers but management shift it wasn't there so I started off at this photographic company huge company I moved up the corporate ladder very quickly within a year and a half I became the top salesman for the company of selling three million dollars a year the competitor saw that they said hey we want this guy the company said no the company was grooming me to take over they want to send me off to get my MBA visit go for it we will pay for and you know what as a fool I said no I'm done with school I'm tired of school I got burnt out when I was at Union College my first semester of union had twenty one and a half hours thirteen classes was not interested in school they moved me into a different position the moving me into a new position of creating it instead of receiving inbound calls I was to do outbound calls to try bring back all customers cold calling stuff job they want to see if it's possible twenty three percent success rate they were amazed they move me into national accounts as a young I was handling twenty million dollars the company I was ten all the government contracts I became a consultant for the CIA and the FBI in photography they would call me up and I would problem solve for them when digital imaging came out in the early nineties no way you would buy a camera like that at Walmart during that time but the cameras we were selling with thirty six thousand dollars I was hungry for more money I became employee of the year for the company and I was doing a demo and a guy that I was doing the demo for recognize some things and he said you know what you know photography no digital imaging you know sales I could use something like you and my response was money talks I was hungry for position you see when you're in the church position is like your pastor they think you'll like they then going into the conference isn't a promotion but in actuality it's a demotion because you taken out of reality you don't know what the local churches like and I think the best thing for conference leaders and union leaders and division leaders is after term to get back in the trench and you don't even pastor in a church for more than ten years get too comfortable you get too cocky and what happened was at that point I started working for this guy I was hungry for status and the status I wanted was title I became the vice president marketing it looked good on the title and what do you ask what you do on love vice president human heart for the Lord had other plans and he was slowly breathing on these dry bones in August I started a new job by April I woke up in the morning wide-awake at four o'clock in the morning sitting on the bed why am I awake it's dark nothing will be up and I sat up in bed looked at the clock radio four zero zero in a voice young people I talk to this morning a lot of voice about listening to God what does he sound like that voice called me God 's Alpine there is much work to be done and the workers are few I said no will you understand I'm a vice president the next morning the same time the same words with the same message and my response was Lord it I do want to go to the cemetery I mean a seminary I don't want to study but you know what the Lord has away of changing your because when he grieves something respond and it becomes life seeing you comes on the book 's the more you follow the more than two goals no more you willing to the Morris Alex the more you will hear as well the more you become my any green into my nose and he gave me not my own breath whatever I do now it's not for my glory and come up to me and said he did a good job because it's not me I will hide behind the voltage I have nothing to offer you and you have nothing to offer except to me working in the world was living in the world and selected messages volume two page one ninety three in the eyes of the world man's value is estimated by how much he is worth in property but heavens books registered his worth in proportion to the good he has accomplished with the means he has been entrusted in the fear and the love of God with his talents wholly sanctified in advance to advance the glory of God men can and will show its true value you see we find Enoch in the time period in which we live we talked about being a this week in time in which we are living right now we don't only have the light says that we need we need the knocks as well when you survey Enoch 's life you'll find that he walked with God tells us that in Genesis five but as a result of walking with God Hebrews eleven tells us that he pleased God June fourteen and fifteen tells us he witnessed for God and refined as a result of these three things she now lives with God you what that tells me that tells me that we too can live for God once the dry bones take life yet understanding the time which were living we talked about this last night with a the young people that Satan is alive and is well and he's doing everything they had to separate us from God no one can serve God without enlisting against himself the opposition of the hosts of darkness evil angels will assail him alarm that his influence is taking the praise from their hands evil men reviewed by his example will unite with them in seeking to separate him from God by alluring temptations when these do not succeed that a compelling power is enforced or employed to force the conscience we are at this time right now we are so close to Christ don't give up it's not getting it easier I can verify that it's only going to get tougher but hopefully prayerfully your relationship today is different than it was yesterday that is different than it was last week or the month before or two thousand because of your life is not changed daily the problem is a serious problem it's okay to be stagnant for a while but when God reads on you you better change there is a species of bamboo plants it's called the Malaysian bamboo tree it's actually in the Guinness Book of World Records if you know that it has the fastest growing rate zero zero zero zero two miles per hour in your thinking will be due that's not very fast it's not but let me tell you that exemplifies a Christian you take this seed planted in the ground for the first year you planted your watering fertilizing he let the sunshine upon it and you know there's not a whole lot of result it's still underground the second year you looking at it it still underground the third-year is still underground you know I I don't know about you but again but I am not a patient person that's one thing the Lord working me on besides my helping that whenever I would after a month and tossed at sea you know what nothing breaks ground in the fourth-year and no holding back because when you race around and start following in Raleigh and I will raise thirty hinges on an zero zero zero zero two miles crowd didn't sound like much when you compared to thirty inches a day you wake up in the morning it's nothing there you wake up the next morning and it's this call you what that equates to ninety feet a month when God leads on you you grow exponentially you will be at Henderson because as a house the problem with many of us is that we want to give God good but it is much he wants your heart fully once he wants your heart you see it's hard to say when Jesus is living in your heart it's very hard because you hear a voice insistently constantly says in the fifth line of testimony page two fifteen the prophets of the Lord says it is now that we must keep ourselves and our children unspotted from the world is now that we must wash our robes of character and make them white in the blood of the Lamb is now that we must overcome try passing a selfish or spiritual slothfulness is now that we must await and made determined efforts for symmetry of character today if you will hear his voice harden not your heart come out of the darkness of this world we are sent to us we have a message to preach and because we have a message Satan knows that if this message gets out it will be bad news for him at every street is been up a roadblock but I will tell you there is one greater than him I got to Zambia October I was getting ready to preach a copperbelt University for evangelistic series the young people for their campus when they were on fire all the funding was there people I donated for me to be able to get over there because I'm on my own I asked her funding the Lord provided the funds I posted on Facebook within forty eight hours the funds were there I get over there I get a call from the secretary the conference hello this is so-and-so we cannot have you preach evangelistic series said excuse me why what because the young people did not fill out the proper paperwork the service request we need ninety days to process it and they submitted at sixty days is not enough time I said my eye this is the southern Indian Ocean division opponents are the president has approved me many times to preach in South Africa side I said what are my options because you go to South Africa I have I got on my knees I said Lord this is not your will this is not your will that all this should come together and the gospel to be hindered so I sent a quick e-mail to a friend of mine at the General conference help the next morning I got an e-mail reply back he sent an e-mail to the union president and that union president called that that conference secretary within fifteen minutes of me reading that e-mail I get a call from the conference secretary asked whole welcome to send me an e-mail was signed Ted Wilson God is before us was against you I'll tell you who is against you once again I refer you back to the mirror you are against yourself your limitations are exactly that your limitations because the God which I serve has no limitations dangerous I find today is that many people start putting down the spirit of prophecy two days ago I preached to that message LNG why gave you all the information you need to show she fears the profit in the last days but yet you go on the Internet today and you will Elimite and you will find every flavor output down of the spirit of prophecy should not surprise us absolutely not because we are told the very last deception of Satan will be to make it not affect the spirit of prophecy it shouldn't surprise us and yet you have people preaching from my office who do not believe in the spirit of prophecy you know what don't call yourself a Seventh-day Adventist if you do not believe or accept the writings of Ellen White to be one hundred percent inspired of God don't call yourself the Seventh-day Adventists if you do not earnestly study your Bible daily not just reading it but studying as though there was an abuse testing don't call yourself a Seventh-day Adventists if you are not prepared to give a Bible study and cannot share what you believe to others I realized that hurts but I'm not here to preach preach pleasantries I'm here to prepare people for the soon coming of Jesus Christ those who have been here and here hose with story the day is over and you're driving back from work you tune into the radio and you hear this little blurb about a village in India or some of the villages of dying suddenly strangely from some mysteries never been seen before it's not influenza by three or four guys are dead and interesting they say their sending some doctors out there to investigate it that's Friday don't think much of it but unstoppable after coming home from church somehow you catch wind that it's not just three villagers it's the entire village of thirty thousand somewhere in the back hills of India thinking so far away who cares but now CNN is running a little blurb on it and you find that people are heading there from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta they never seen this particular strain before of influenza by Monday morning you get up and is the leading story on the news it's not just Indian Afghanistan and Pakistan and before you know it it's called the ministry flip the president makes announcements over the national broadcasts that he says they're hoping and praying for everyone that things will go well over there but everyone's wondering how is it going to contain that's when the president of France steps up and makes announcement one that will the continent of Europe he is enclosing his borders no place to and from India Pakistan or any other country that's been affected by this thing that night you're watching the news and CNN right before you go to bed and right there your jaw hits your chest as there is a woman weeping in a Paris hospital she is translated as saying that there is a man lying in hospital in Paris who is dying of the mystery flu panic strikes you as best that they can tell you get it you have any symptoms for a week you don't know it when you have for it is a believable symptoms and then you die Britain closes its borders too late especially the South than in Liverpool and Northampton and by Tuesday morning the president of the United States makes an announcement due to national security risk all flights to and from Asia Europe have been canceled if your loved ones are overseas I'm sorry they cannot come back until we find a cure for this thing within four days the nation has been plunged into unbelievable fear people are selling these little mass and people walking around with these NASA on their face and is saying is now that it is the scourge of God it's Wednesday night you're the church prayer meeting someone runs in from the parking lot said Charlie manual to the radio when the church listens to this little transistor radio stopped up to the microphone and the here to win in a Long Island hospital dying of the mystery flu within hours it seems as though it is swept across the country him around the clock are making an end to build nothing is working in California Oregon Arizona Ohio it's as though it's just sweeping in to the borders all of a sudden the news comes out the code has been broken you are having found them seem to be made in the blood of someone who hasn't been affected and sure enough all throughout this Midwest area through the channels of the emergency broadcast everyone has been asked to do one simple thing go down to your local hospital have your blood type taken Natalie wanted you when you hear the sirens go off in your neighborhood down to a hospital hospital and make your way quickly and safely sure enough you get there you get the hospital and it's late Friday night and there's a long line the doctors and nurses are coming out in the freaking people 's fingers and taking their blood samples to putting labels on it you your wife and your children there is one when you hear your name your dismissed you can go home you stand around ski with your neighbors you wondering what in the world is going on and when will this end suddenly a young man comes out he used to screaming and yelling he's got bored and you can hear what you say and I'll send you little boy tell straitjacket and he says that the easy calling my name and before you know it can pick up your little boy and they swept them off to the hospital to verify you say wait a minute that's okay that's okay I cleaned life he hasn't been infected by this virus they verify five intense minutes goes by and then the doctors and nurses they their cry and everlasting for the very first time in a week the doctor comes in and walks up to you with a little chart he says will you sign permission to be able to withdraw blood thank you he says your son 's blood is perfect it's clean it's pure we can make the vaccine but you look at the space that says how many pints of blood and it says all and you question the doctor and then you use it all sorry we we didn't realize behind we need all of it as work begins to spread through the parking lot people are screaming their train there laughing and crying he signed the form the doctor says to you would you like to talk with your son please be very quick we must start now so you and your wife you go back to the table where son is sitting basis to mommy daddy what's going on can you take his hand can you tell him son your mommy and I love you very much and we wouldn't let anything happen to you that you didn't have to beat you understand the old doctor comes I'm sorry we've got to start to believe will you leave anyone out and when you say mommy daddy why have you forsaken me next week to have a ceremony in honor of your son and some folks sleep through it others don't even come it makes you want to jump and just scream for you you are soon as I really don't care there's a world that dined there was a message that we will under lock and key schools Len here my Lord send me send me when we turn your back on your family telephone I ask you are you willing are you willing to go I don't care if you're retired I don't care if you have a job God has a plan for your life and it doesn't involve what you want are you willing to lay it all on the line and say Lord I'm stepping out in faith and if that's your desire I would like to come appealing father in heaven we come to you if there's ever a time in this world 's history that we need you old Lord it is now we need you to take our sinful desires away we need you to call us out of this world we need you to make us hate the things that we love and give us a desire to love those things that we have a difficult time with many of us want to be used by you but our own idiosyncrasies stop us from opening our mouths to strangers but Lord who made man's mouth give us the words don't give us the confidence Lord because we need to be fully reliant upon you so you give us what we need on a daily even if need be and our one minute by minute basis so I can convince on you will be of the utmost importance but there is much work to be done and you've already instructed us and told us that you cannot come until this gospel is preached every kindred tongue and people thought there's there's six billion people in this world but what you send us to whoever it is that you want us to speak to you give power to our word you give us a passion you keep us holding on to you I don't ever let as a link you will the media was brought by an audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain that the visit www. on universal .org


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