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I Can't Hear You, God

Alden Ho


Alden Ho

Wheel Salt Ministry



  • June 11, 2011
    9:15 AM
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I had some fun in heaven this morning we think you we can come together and we can hear your word assets as the words spoken you will take control of my lips my thoughts and that they may speak what these young people need to hear today in Jesus name we pray in there's a story that's told one of my favorite stories is to have two favorite stories current side which one type there is a lady she was Brazilian lived in Brazil now while what I want to find out from you is you guys live around here in Ohio and any of you or your parents members at Costco or Sam's got on the checkouts do have a bunch which has more Walmart or I with the biggest push up into a number of checkouts on my probably this lady didn't have any money at all and so she had prayed she had with vehicle that was was twenty percent O 's which is about twenty cents work at all she had four children no food pantry empty fridge empty no food we do we have no food and you have no money and you have no resources would you don't speak it once is raise your hand stand up take a number what would you do pray that's what she did she prayed to half-hour she prayed she told the children I would pray don't often library she prayed you know there is there is two parts to prayer one is speaking in the others what hearing now this is critical to understand because if you praying you want answers and the Lord says Howard Lord say to you and how you know what he sounds like if I called you up on your phone and I can say my name and my caller ID was blocked with you know who I am not none chance you would have any clue as to who I am you may go on you know like normal I hate doing and I'd say hi fine how are you doing included up after a few minutes of polite conversation you might say finally the question who are you who is this else they intimate me who know me hope you wouldn't recognize my voice she was very quick to discern God 's voice God 's voice told her to go down to a store named El Dorado 's entered by three months worth of groceries now this is documented this is not some story I made up this is a true story it was reported to a missionary in Brazil it was in the week of prayer pamphlet that came by the General conference she went to El Dorado 's to buy three months with the groceries now think about this you got a big family meant it he had to buy three months with the groceries we load up it did have all these around here doing all these is yet all these you and you get even other shopping carts are pretty good-sized some of these little like Dollar General stores you know you have visibility into the weeds and shopping cart then you go to Walmart and he gets little bit bigger than you go to Sam's and Costco it's like eating for the whole family there she went to El Dorado 's she got three months worth of groceries now you can imagine the first one Philip one part second one another cart she is pushing kind of pushing too hard pulling one can't try to get to the checkout and got specifically told her to go to rethink our favorite numbers seven God told her to go to checkout stand number seven so she goes it's a constant number seven and wouldn't you know the moment she steps up the laces sorry I'm going to lunch shuts her light off and she's as you would number sixty would number eight Broncos which you do what would you do if God said voted number seven and all the sudden number seven got close to do she waited obedient because that's what God said Gordon number seven so she waited half an hour goes by ice cream is starting to drip she waited waited which another lady came back and she was astonished you are still here started putting stuff on the conveyor started checking outside his scanning it one by one started going to this lady 's thinking gay economy since the lab how much money is as good a cost three months with the groceries the last item wings across total brings up lady doesn't even stress out because her faith and trust is in the Lord the Ke$ha says this is how much is good to be and just as she finished that sentence over the loud public address system of El Dorado was a voice comes to the speaker welcome to El Dorado 's today is a special day today is our seventh anniversary and a person at checkout stand number seven gets their groceries free awesome story come on wake up is not awesome smile just to smile for me and asking too much when God spoke to only strongly will recently I mean wouldn't God be this big bullying voice or would he be this tiny as you so have you heard God it is neither God but wait you're telling me you've never heard God before so what we needed my day we sing a song father the need for a ride so with each step you take is leading you if you're not hearing God 's backup from what does God sound like what does he sound like this he speak with the voice of this he speak to an impression which is a selling I know what it is you guys are talking this morning I got a problem and we need to go back outside I need to sit down we need to have a quiz again strong impression you know you sure you know I know he thinks up so what does this on in the one okay with all of those rather that's a psychological problem that I think right the voices in your head you don't answer with regards in first Kings chapter nineteen hundred Bibles first Kings nineteen let's look at this story Eli Jones runs who is running from the wicked Jezebel it runs from Jezebel this Jezebel all the sudden you see Elijah had this incredible mark knelt caramel showdown in their eight hundred and fifty priests were slaughtered they were slaughtered zero calls down the rain the rain comes in Elijah runs so fast you know that I give breaks to world records here not only is he the fastest runner in the world is the fastest guy with the names of Ben Johnson minnow fishing boat that's right under ten seconds what is it nine six two seconds but you know when when if you same ran it like to ask him if he liked it I like to pass the chariot that was racing downhill not only did he want but not only did he lie to run the fastest human ran the longest were not talking like an I went talking more than I never thought you about this guy in England he just this year he ran a marathon columns and Marathon full-fledged marathon twenty six two miles he ran a full marathon and then he decided that he thought I feel like any good shape he ran all the way home how long was the right home well by the time he finished the twenty six two and he ran home he did a total of ninety nine miles ninety nine mile segment but Elijah ran further than that according my calculations you been more like two hundred miles he didn't stop to eat very much know he was fed and powered and fueled by Angel soon we find Elijah ran because he was threatened with his life from the wicked Queen and he got scared we find Elijah went in he hid himself in this case and in verse eleven of chapter nineteen then he said go out and stand on the mountain before the Lord and behold the Lord passed by in a great and strong wind tore through the mountains in the and broke the rocks to pieces before the Lord know what was the last time you saw a win that was so strong that it broke rocks me think about this for a moment are we nearing the end of time absolutely look at the scales right now that we measure tornadoes with they used to be F one two three four five but the skills of the genus scale was is not high enough so they came out with an EF scale which is the enhanced Fuji to scale and five is over two hundred miles an hour and were talking tornadoes that hit down in the south that killed that great amount of people who wanted to hit Joplin hundred and eighty miles an hour plus can imagine a hundred and eighty mile an hour wind in this wind tore through the rocks and after the wind there was an earthquake some of you saw the pictures I took of the earthquake and is more so the effects of the earthquake after coming back from you should want to depend after the tsunami presented that yesterday morning to see the effects of the tsunami they came in having been to Haiti after the earthquake and everything that could be shaken it was down this building would be rubble I stood behind the Seventh-day Adventist church there in Port-au-Prince and the school building was in the section of AU and this side of the building three stories high collapsed so that the second story painting on top of the first story so that the bottom of the second story was this high ground a pancake the first story down to near eighteen inches and it shook but we find that the Lord was not in the earthquake and after the earthquake a fire I was in Melbourne Australia two years ago preaching and it was right after I had preached in Melbourne I laughed and the entire Wilson's promontory that I was at burnt totally to Chris why came home for five weeks and then I was heading back to Australia again and I got to tour around and I saw the devastation and you look upon the hills as they rolled in hill upon hill upon on Hill tribe over time night had been a few weeks since they got charred and you can see some of the trees big trees discharge down but at the base of the tree your pops a little green interest there's hope but we find that the Lord was not in the fire after the fire still small voice and so was when Elijah heard it he wrapped his face and eventually went out and stood in the entrance of the Cayman and suddenly the voice came to him and said what do as thou here Elijah what you are doing Elijah you're a man of God why are you running easy God did not speak to Elijah in a mighty wind he didn't speak to an earthquake or fire he spoke to Elijah in a still small voice God does not always speak to us as a loud booming thunderous voice sometimes carefully sometimes we miss the still small voice of God because were caught up in the things of this world were so caught up with the activities of video games with chatting with texting and talking the schoolwork ourselves that we don't hear God does God speak yes he speaks but the problem is the space that every one of us the issue is we don't hear him because our ears are plugged up with her iPod earphones out of your God he says be still and know I'm not how you still what I comes in the morning they comes in the morning to spend time with God some of us spend time with God like we pay our time we don't get in the firstfruits we don't take it right off the bat with a ten percent we pay all bills first and then we give God what's left kind of reminds me of this guy who basically he takes his check every week and he cashes his check he cashes it in coins laze about on all on the kitchen table and every week he looks up and says okay Lord this is your money and he takes it while he's throwing it up in the air he says Lord you take what you want whatever hits the tables mine is that how we treat God God speaks to us he speaks to you you you you you every one of us speaks to the problem is we don't know his voice because we don't know how to associate exactly what his voices if I called you every day on the phone you would eventually recognize my voice right to recognize his voice to recognize your parents when they call you on the phone all you even without the caller ID sometimes all it takes is your father to just go all hideout you know what your dad just because of you the breathing you know it's God when you spend time with his word I repeated this to be felt tents song says by word if I hid in my heart that I might not sin against the new hide God 's word is hard what happens John says the word became what he might flash McCain railed at it what it dwelt among us and we may all his glory so God 's word this thing became real and it was touchable it was shareable it was audible anyone became real it spoke in the computer and when we heard its renewing the problem that we have today is God is not walking around in human flesh but he said I'll send you the comforter and he will lead you and you will guide you to what all truth how can we guide you when you don't know what he sounds like how if you don't know who is guiding you what's leaving you it's like for me to drive to California just guessing the way without a GPS or any directions and all it would eventually get there you could if you knew how to navigate by the sun you could eventually get there but it would take you a whole lot longer in this timeframe in which we live is no time to play around lastly we talked about Satan 's deceptions we know exactly what Satan Scooby-Doo and the more we meander from the truth the more Satan has up to target us and should the fiery darts at us what does he sound like stories told in New York it would been anybody ever been to Manhattan times where it's quiet places meditative not Times Square is the craziest place on earth I used to go there for the photography shows the Jacob Javits Center two thirty in the morning you hear people yelling downstairs down the streets your prostitutes down day if you guys freeware and in the middle of the day I you kidding it's crazy yet one one corners some guy selling something on another corner somebody preaching buses taxis how can everything gone by and standing right there at times square with the Native American Indian and his New Yorker friend the Native American Indian and a New York writer talking back and forth and just as the light changed from red to green the Native American Indian parks of his years and he says to the New Yorker I hear crickets in the New York went to turn on said what and at times somewhat changed and the Native American Indian was making a beeline across the state he comes across a street and all the Sonny comes the plaintiff by that time the New Yorkers finally catching up to him and just as the Native American Indian sticks his hand inside the Bush of the winter well lo and behold a cricket now the New Yorker was dumbfounded he's like women how did you hear that from all the way over there is a you have I wanted to win and I I have the same hearing as you have but I do hear that is along it depends on what you used to hearing what the New Yorker was incredulous what we mean it depends on what I'm used to hearing he says it depends on what your ears are tuned into listening for the Native American Indian reached in his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins right there in the middle of Times Square he takes those coins and he tosses them up in the air and they hit the ground with the jingle in the clanking that's everybody's ears around said money all eyes in a thirty foot diameter stop all eyes focus on the money amid the noise of the honking the buses the taxis the street preachers of people selling they hear the money would be tuned into listening for are you tuned into listening for the world 's music the rock music the alternative music the wrap anything that has to do with his world or are you tuned into listening for the voice of God because uptight one thing if you're not listening to the voice of God unit in big trouble because when God says Ron and you don't follow that impression that feeling in a canoe that have been many times and I cannot even tell you all those times that I just I just had this feeling I've heard God very distinctly talk to me he called me buying name sometimes in those feelings you learn to discern those feelings in one time I was coming back from the group trip with my young people in North Carolina we came up to write across my church going across the main road there's a very steep hill and you have to just wait they are an asset like changes then you can trust the top of that thing to be able to get onto the main road and have a very difficult time because as you cross the road here kind of arches the opposite way and I was waiting there and I was pulling a trailer big church van loaded with everybody and trailer with all her belongings in the back coming back from a long adventure week the light changed to green my foot gets on the guys getting ready to push that just down to be would get is a cross and a feeling says hold on for a moment what I mean you're just on the verge of implosion down and it's like and all of a sudden within two seconds of that momentary pods this car coming from the left side goes right to the redline enough I have not momentarily pause when that impression said hold on we would been hit and young people with God and many times this is happened in my ministry in my life anymore times that I don't even recall it's happening your life to if you think about it is happen but you see that voices of voice that guides you you see when you submit your life to Christ hopefully you did this morning in that renewal when you submit your life to Christ he says okay you submitted your life now allow me to work with you allow me to talk with you allow me to guide you what's can guide you it's that voice that guides you instead impression that guides you but if you can hear the voice and once the that's critical to know happens to me a lot especially when I go shopping your shop are your shopper was a shopper who likes to go shopping ha ha go through target deal with the good deals our target we know there's a specific place to go for the good deals in order on the endcap against the wall that's for the good deals that's we find the red tags so I got my little target shopping cart in on the red one pushing around going around checking out the deals going through the back wall comes to achieving no way I put it in my cart score in Olson a voice says to me you don't need no stop the stomach lining hearing keep going on and it comes again you don't need that okay I think I've identified that so my stomach that's God speaking but she can't understand it's a good deal guy thing you don't need that okay so now what I'm doing the voice is getting more probably I'm getting a little scared and I got it sealed the deal so I take the cart now and I rushed to the checkout stand and you put the thing on the checkout stand and the voices you don't need that and I say audibly now but I wanted the lady with I should say so we also looked at me and says no problem will get you in just a moment okay so now I'm thinking okay she's probably thinking and ninety person because I'm talking to myself and the voices again you don't need that I want it can't download to you she's okay she finishes as one person she really is that they across the Holy Spirit it also is on the power mutilation that she gives me the total and I'm struggling inside just warning against myself I want to continue she brings a total swallow hard you don't need the leasing of a choice between need and want God says you don't need it but I said I wanted no would you draw the line between needs and wants and obeying and disobeying Kesha looks at me and says here's the total I would thought my American Express card getting ready to swipe it and all of a sudden I look internationally Christian she's like no Sidwell I can't do this she's like what you just said you wanted this thing I said yes but but you don't understand you see I I'm I'm Christian and God said I can have it she's like whatever I walked out it's a struggle it's a struggle I with self presented in doing your fighting against yourself how do you know if you should or you shouldn't think of the story of Ananias we held Ananias the one with Paul that is putting upon Paul's blind he's got the skills in his eyes God speaks to Ananias and says in a nice there's amended I've chosen is on straight Street he said such and such a house I want you to go and restore his sight trailer got to do that for you by the way his name is Sal what makes all of Parsons yet that's the one but of the United States you did this dude come here because he's keys can you tell us all in a nice season anointed one that I've chosen goal restore sight of the Lord will this the guy he we we are running from him and you want me to go to him you what would've happened if Ananias to go he would be shunning the Holy Spirit desire of ages page four eighty nine says with every knock unheeded the disposition to fear becomes less and less in other words when God speaks to us Enoch 's owner nor any he wants to come in and we turn our back on him the ability to hear him becomes less with each knock did not I don't summer time Euros school would let that calculator flow in the head for little bit here let's say I'm not in today on your door and you say not interested Lord tomorrow that knocking is going to be at by Monday what is it that with half of fifty twenty five A with me this college girl by Tuesday what percentage is about twelve and a half by Wednesday by Wednesday with that sixties rounded off six percent by Thursday what's that within that three is a Wednesday or Thursday Thursday by Friday was that one percent by the week one full week Sabbath it's less than one percent notice for a moment given when Joseph and Mary went out they've had to go in and get counted for senses they came back and they're heading back to their hometown Jesus was with them in all their friends were with them so they thought Jesus was with them they won on a full day 's journey finally they arrived there just as they were hit by the way where's where's Jesus I'm not don't I don't know what is the legal route all friends deal with Jesus he would use his no no no don't know any start tracing the steps that how long they taken generally found Jesus three days they finally found the Temple three days notice in those Jesus for one day you lose contact with him for one day it takes you three days to find you don't hear the prescience of the Holy Spirit today it takes you longer to establish that connection again answer this question by raising your hand if you agree raise your hand is it important to hear the voice of God good combines all the great Bellamy asked another question if you don't study the Bible and you don't pray how do you establish the hearing of that voice it's futile it would be like holding a water bottle up to having trying to listen to a water bottle and not getting anything out of it it doesn't come by us Moses it comes by hearing the word of God having the problem for some of us is this we don't know what that voice sounds that will send you the sandals lying down and that is getting ready for dad and all the sudden he hears his voice Samuel Bogart they can just picture this was a single guy he jumps up a as always we see a licensed peace here I have called me that night I call you Samuel Goodman Sam goes back to bed movably comes to detox himself in bed he's all cozy and everything nice and warm nonsense Samuel gets up runs back over a pre- CI you can't make your I know something of ecology you hearing concluded that Sindelar inspected that same type Samuel Strong disguised and went back to displease you what no human call me okay so now my son that's got to the next time he calls you need to see these words and he was very specific says say speak Lord for your servant hears so now Santos himself that he's like all eyes popped out ready Samuel Samuel Samuel so nervous the line he was was a safety totally forgets the line it is a speak Lord Peter says shrink your servant hears it took four times and a little help for Samuel to be able to identify the voice of God Moses stands in front of the burning Bush and the Bush I don't know about you if I stood in front of a burning bush and his burning is not being consumed and then push out in the middle of the place of voice comes and calls me by my name I would have soiled underwear like there one two this will be about except she would Moses realize it was God series how do you hear God if you don't spend time with him because he impressions figures are very very quick it is almost a fleeting momentary thoughts don't do this do this never do one of those things and as you walk and also need to turn another way because some things that go that way that's how quickly it speaks of how we respond is how we knowledge the voice of God sometimes we don't technology fast enough sometimes we wait sometimes we do it knowledge index chapter eight verse twenty six the stories told here Philip now an angel of the Lord spoke to Philip saying arise and go now to the south along the road which goes to Jerusalem from Gaza and so he arose and went nose the voice just said to go to this road and start walking down is the voice does not tell him what it is that he supposed to do it just gives him the direction not the location nor the person nor the contact or anything like that so you Rosie went to behold the man amenities you appear unique of great authority on in under ten this the queen of Ethiopians who had been in charge of her treasury had come to Jerusalem to worship he was returning he sitting in a charity and he was reading Isaiah the prophet the spirit for the second time now system Philip go near and overtake his chariot noticed there is no no further thought from Philip he just goes and does he ran Tim and heard him reading a system do understand what you're reading in the UNIXes how can I unless someone explains it to me and Philip came up and sat with him and explain to him all these things and we find that Philip says to them talk about baptism in the UNIX is what stopped me from being baptized and Philip says nothing if you believe with all your heart the UNIX as I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God anybody have the new King James our new international version of the Bible with them here nobody you do acts eight thirty seven is not convenient what right thirty six is thirty eight is not thirty seven we see that the very issue that is it has to do with the origins of the Bible not all bubbles are the same what do they not want you to know in the origins of the Bible as it has Catholic roots to what they don't want to know is when I'm in reach you which is verse eight thirty seven Susan Phillips and I believe with all my heart with all your heart if you believe with all your heart you made any answer any set I believe that Jesus Christ his son of God they don't want you to believe that Jesus Christ Satan doesn't want to believe Jesus Christ is the son of God because he wants you to think otherwise in the world in which we live you have to choose a listen God or you're not listening in Isaiah chapter thirty first twenty one your ears will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walkie this is the way walk ye in it a very specific voice is good to direct you but if you cannot hear the voice not understand the voice guess what you enough in reading your driving without speedometer odometer gas gauge GPS and a black windshield from desire of ages page three sixty three all who are under the training of God is to be revealed a life that is not in harmony with the world its customs and its practices and everyone needs to have a personal experience in obtaining the knowledge of the will of God we must not win like we should we must individually hear him speaking to the heart notice that we stands Revelation three twenty I stand at the door and knock if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come and sup with him he would meet Christ once access tour hard because Suharto is where the decisions are made I talked to last night about the magic kingdom and over and over in the movies it is the Volvos to the movie and underlying tone tone and that tone is probably we must binge of each individually hear them speaking to the heart when every other voices hushed and quietness we wait before him the silence of the soul makes more distinctive voice of God he bids us be still and know that I am God here alone tension must be found and this is the effectual preparation for all who labor for God amid the hurrying throng amid the strains of life 's intense activities this soul that is best refreshed will be surrounded with an atmosphere of light and peace a life will breathe out fragrance and will reveal divine power that will reach men's hearts if you cannot young people hear God speaking to your heart you were on very dangerous ground you have to hear gods voice I could ask you this question but I really know the answer if you want to go to heaven every handle but let me be honest with you how do you expect to get to heaven if you never study you never pray and you never learn to discern that voice of God in what is called wishful thinking it'll never happen you cannot just dear seals one to three and be in heaven it doesn't happen that way it's a work in progress you learn to spend time with Jesus Christ in the morning and by doing so in the morning his words will resonate through the day into your heart and by doing so you will more readily hear his voice to his language and that is what will college don't think you can go to heaven just because you go to church on sound I got bad news for you mating could happen that way you have to surrender your life to him Galatians two twenty I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me and the life that I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the son of God who gave himself for me that's what it's all about it's about God giving his life to you but the greater response to that is about you surrendering your life to God you have to if you don't let me be straight up honest with you if you don't want to have a daily relationship with Jesus Christ you don't want to know about his atoning grace and what he's done for you then my friends don't come to church don't play games go out and live a real life that you want to live in the world but don't be a two-faced hypocrite by coming to church and trying to walk with the world it cannot be that way you cannot serve two masters you will love one and hit the other either you're going to go all out for Jesus one hundred percent you notice ninety nine nine nine nine nine nine is not three digits even you going all out triple digits one hundred percent for Jesus or you are not it's like pregnancy either you are or you are either you are looking for Jesus or you're not living for Jesus so stop playing games you are all old enough to make that decision I would daresay probably all of you are baptized so when you were baptized you made a decision that you would follow Jesus Christ have you reneged on that position and he moved away from that position I encourage you I implore you go back to that decision and choose Jesus everyday and stop playing games with the world is when you play games of the world guess what the playground set on which your claim is Satan 's playground and he's playing for life and death you plan his playground you did your chances choose Jesus choose life father in heaven this morning as we come to we need to hear your words we need to hear you speaking to our heart we need we need father in heaven for you to impact our life in such a way that all the things that we love about this world we will hate we will not see the world through the eyes and the sunglasses that Satan wants us to be see the glitz and glamour but if we would only look through the eyes of Christ's to be able to see a world that is devoid of Jesus a world that is spiraling out of control when you called us to come out of Babylon you call this to come out of this world father honestly that's what we need we need to come out of this world and the cares and the influence of this world please save this in your kingdom please touch our lives are and give us a hungry case in a will a media was brought to you by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading sermon audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is much more so than in the www. audio verse .org


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