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Biblical Secrets of Church Growth

Don Eckenroth
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Don Eckenroth

Retired pastor and church administrator



  • June 11, 2011
    3:30 PM
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and thank you for being so gracious to us giving Jesus your son to die and be uplifted and involve as we look at these parables that he gave to us in Jesus nine eight nine okay regulatory parables in the chapter in the fourth chapter of the Gospel of Mark I consider them to me Jesus traitors on evangelism it is here that he tells us specifically how his kingdom grows by the way brother David went to enclose the session okay the Sahara before five which means we're related when I have to move because of a lot of material to share with you so let's move right along here move to see the very okay our radio why did Jesus used parables why many choose the method of telling stories as a means of illustrating how is kingdom grows first of all parables were told our earthly stories with the heavenly meeting as soon as Jesus was telling the parables often times the people who were sitting in the minority audience could see the actually the illustration they down in front of them down in front of the case of the solar serving God says that they actually were able to save people doing what Jesus was talking and he told them a parable because they provide a familiar scene with objects that were easily remembered and every time they would say these things reenacted they would think about the teachings of Jesus that's why his parables and the point of the parables a very interesting son of God says it was to clarify the nature of his kingdom notice what she says they expected the Messiah to prove his claims by mining days of conquest to establish his empire on the ruins of earthly kingdom this expectation Christ answered in the parable of the sewer she continues by saying not by force of law not by violent interposition was the kingdom of God to prevail but by the implantation of a new principal in the hearts of men you see that isn't going to work it is the kingdom growth takes place in men's hearts as a divine work of the Spirit of God okay the Bible also illustrated the Old Testament prophet Isaiah talked about the kingdom developing like a tender plant and escrow I will remember the passage in other words the kingdom wasn't to come as a result of man's inventions and his methods it wasn't to come as they had expected it was to appear like a tender plant will suggest a miraculous nature of the growth of God 's kingdom that's why he says in the following parable that the farmer cast in the CV goes to bed at night as of Monday and see growth even now as God 's realm this miraculous realm so the kingdom was to come silently unobtrusively like attenders brought little shoot coming up to her and Brewington second illustration he uses here are the pride of the sprouting wrote is even more astounding because it says is like a road that sprouts out of the out of trying ground all of us know that a route that is in the ground is going to sprawl has to have some moisture but this root sprouts and comes out of the room from dry soil again another illustration of the miraculous nature of the growth of God 's kingdom it is beyond our realm it is beyond our ability to manage it or to conceive it we have our role to play we'll talk about that later but God rule is the miraculous work and creative power that he exercises in the hearts of men criticism of the driverless of ephedra he came out and very low place in their history they were in thing time Jesus this route this tribe from this drawing room this route was to sprout and grow again is a illustrating the miraculous nature of those serving God says that phenomenon in that morning devotional book page sixty six this works whose work as seen in the natural world are not one half comprehended or appreciated these silent preachers the growing plants sprouting these silent preachers will teach human beings their lessons and they will only be attentive hearers she goes on to explain I'm sorry this comes from Isaiah will come to her statement in a moment for as eight euros and is a natural realm bring it forth her blood in the garden cause of the things that are so minute to spring forth so the Lord will cause why consistent praise that's the spiritual realm to spring forth before only and so we have complementary laws in operation when it comes to the kingdom of God we have the natural world his works illustrating how his kingdom and grow and when we become aware of that will be more effective in our and our work in his price on the classes page thirty three he who gave the parable of the tiny seed is sovereign of heaven same laws that govern earthly scene say I think selling govern sowing seeds of truth so here's fair profit simply complements supports what the word nonsense and from the natural state Christ desires to lead online to the gospel see Christ's object lessons a thirty three is here there were no here we go to the parables the first paragraph lesson Jesus said behold the seller is Christ went out to sell and it happened I see so that some seed fell by the wayside and the birds of the air came and devoured the misunderstanding most of the gardens in those days were outside of the cities they were communal gardens in which people who live in the city kept little sections of themselves between the sexes was little pathways for people to find their way to their section okay and as they walked back and forth of their section their feet and compacted near not hard cases and soliciting fell on their record in favor of because are confronting through the soil so the nurse came along who he later explained was the enemy and picked up the same way to know a unlike in the section applied the section to the church is hard and traditional run these are churches and say but we've never done it that way before can't possibly work the thing about that is too far I'll think about if you're in a church that is in a traditional run your chances of growing our because you're not keeping up with the society around again remember what I said this this seminar is not this is not a seven about compromising our faith is not about lowering our standards but it is about lingering mingling with the people rumors and listening to them so that we can hear their heart cry and therefore we can tailor ministries to reach those needs those needs do not do not determine the way we minister I do not take control of our ministry but they give us something to focus on so that we can reach the specific needs that are in our community and tomorrow morning Lamar is currently deciding that I don't have a lot of questions today but tomorrow morning I expect a lot of questions going were going to talk about how you translate these principles into practical simple ways bridge people here in the beginning your shape to those who are certainly won't be here tomorrow morning I'll send you home with a sheet with maybe fifty or more ideas things you can show on and and and think about creating in your community on some of them I've been involved in some of them I haven't some of them are still challenges things that I hope to get to as a result talk about some of those tomorrow but you will find tomorrow morning session is going to me really interesting sorry ventures the wayside represents I like to suggest to the church that is stalking the traditional run not open to new means of ministry some fell on stony ground where he did not have much earth and immediately sprang up or six when the sun was up it was gorgeous and because it had no root in the way you suggest to you this represents the cold and indifferent church this is a church were raw is just below the surface of the earth is not open to new people attend screen people think they ignore the via person who is seeking for truth and oftentimes those people get discouraged lately on you got to recognize when you have a guess you have a gas coming into your church for the first time you got three to five minutes to convince them they need to come back in the fifth impressions in one likelihood and then returning is not a very good that's why I always considered those who are grieving the doors the most important people in church on Sunday morning then again there am elastic along the same the head elder he's well elastic about the same but the first people that they me are the ones of the door and even better if you have a greater in the parking lot I can grade them as they come in you have any idea how many people drive in New York parking on Sabbath morning and then get cold feet and wrongly slighted in greater parking lot catches them before they decide to leave Angela Bolan and greets them trading provides an umbrella hopefully you got caught candidate and I can drive under it if you don't greater say Savior said was not being there will talk tomorrow morning about how this happens somebody's bridging events how people may come into your part live five or six times and every time they are told by the cabler they got cold feet and drove away for they finally had occurs to come inside and around the salon and some fell among thorns and the thorns grew up and choked it and it yielded no craw and you have to understand something about the primitive flowers usually made out of a September alone it had occurred on the end of the individually drawn by an ox and it only scuffed up they are a couple inches deep so with all the media that the brambles and the briars but it did not Abreu did not take up the grooving soul is only a matter of time to Laroche came up again okay and so that's that was that was a problem I like to suggest this represents the careless world loving church this is the church is lower his standards hoping that it will attract people out there by becoming more like them I know that's what happened early church but that is precipitated the great apostasy they never works never works I must not other seed fell on good ground and yielded a crop that sprang up increased and produced some thirty sixteen seven hundred and seven of them and has ears to hear let him hear faithful church Revelation fourteen twelve church keep the commandments of God faith in Jesus now here's a concept that want to take home change the whole way I thought about my congregation totally revolutionize my thinking and it is Lord will guide you continually Isaiah fifty eleven you shall be like a watered garden you have a little dry spell in Western Journal in a way we've been doing low-water and try to keep our young plants a lot on a well-worn lie beautiful and because I feel for his church is that you be like the car like a spring of water whose waters do not fail the night Jesus referred of that when he was talking to the moment well this is worried I will give you you never thirst again but it will be like a spring of water continuing to bring water out of the ground unfortunate enough to have a flowing well on the mountain where we live about three gallons water economic telephone well every minute truly fortunate godlessness to be like that but his presence in our lives is constantly flowing to those about the same Jeremiah thirty one twelve therefore they shall come as saying in the items on their shelves their sole show me a well watered garden then now from the book evangelism page ninety eight or ninety nine the church is his garden adorned with a variety of trees and plants and flowers in his spiritual garden there are many varieties of flowers we move on the garden accommodates an infinite variety plans another different varieties fulfill different functions they grow at different stages at different rates growth and maturity and God plants each seedling in your garden so now let's just pause for a moment and think about that concept I saw my congregation than as a guard I had as we will see later ever fragrant flowers I had oh I had radishes coming up through the ground it just is reported in the garden and so the way I ministered and then was much different after I discovered this principle than before to move on a good one from the English variety of plants and flowers we may learn what kind of an lesson and important lesson all blossoms are not the same informal war some possess healing virtues some only there are professing Christians to think of their duty to make every other Christian like themselves this plan is that this is not God I I have characterized these people is my good little housekeepers you have got to understand that when you're growing a garden you have all of the tremendous variety of plans there alone drawing in different stages they all have a particular role to play in God plants every one of them in your garden he does that because he knows you need them you need their gifts next you need their spiritual you need their energy you need there were some God puts in there for a reason we have our little tiny house keepers look a growing church is a church that has a certain amount of clutter and because the plans are all growing at different stages she says as we move on oh no I want to finish the statement in the church of God there is room you just said there is room for characters but she said that because I can include me in there's room for characters as all the flowers gone before I move on in this next section I will talk about these housekeepers for just a moment these tiny housekeepers will sleep the church is having opportunities this week because they can they have difficulty tolerating water but if you understand that you have a call that is growing continually and they're all moving toward maturity similarly this far long as others you have a Hoover simply interests the manager not baptize another and only early stage you know you're going to carefully prepare them before you baptized okay but you got to remember that you got have little seedlings in the ground growing all the time if you don't have those little seedlings you have it I have a problem in fact Solomon said the slaughter will not plow because of the cold and in the winter able bag to fit even have a crawl and phase silent teachers have an important lesson to teach to us if you're going to have a clone then you've got to have little seedlings growing in your garden you you you will save your congregation is made up of plants that are all stages of growth and you're only waiting for them to mature they begin to produce this time so and/or the clutter do not have a certain amount even brand-new and take some time to settle in and over takes a little time for them send them to stub their toes here there is got to be willing to tolerate that they graciously let provide encouragement to say that plan continues to grow because someone will bear fruit producing one this is why this revolutionized the way I thought about church growth the wayside others this is really mind-boggling the wayside the stony ground that the thorny ground hearers may not remain silent regarding of the heart must be culminating the soil must be broken up by the repentance for say poisonous attack plans must be uprooted soil once overgrown by thawing can be reclaimed only by diligent effort give me hope if you have a traditional church that is stuck in a rut they grown to be changed they learn the cold on accepting congregation like the sonographic MHA all of them can be changed but it takes diligent labor in the Lord Jesus to accomplish it there were thought of it this way that the soil conditions determine the outcomes only there were four solo conditions but only one produced a crop so if you're in our here in the traditional run if you're in the cold clammy root if you're the world loving root ego worked and it shows your soil because only one one section of the garden produced a crop now is important for us to understand the important elements and it have to be in the soil of the church for your plants to grow and these are some of the conditions either some of the things that God has given us the actually wailing car around so the following is with fire around the wee fertilizer water which culminated in Windows kind of things to encourage us to grow we can make them grow but we can help to provide the environment in which they can grow so if you're going to have a garden it has good rich soil the one thing for sure that you have to have is a strong biblical teaching ministry in your chart that enclosure brother Alton was talking about that this morning the word of God to the amount in the life of your church it is going to grow and suggests no cherry pick the gospel and and and and put in the background those things that are more difficult we call testing through Gander that you want to grow if you want to grow healthy plants you can grow without doing that you and you can fill a church if you want to give you can fill it by putting all those in the background Hugo had weak sickly you're going that's one thing you have to have the soil another thing have to have an understanding of mission you heard these men was way over sitting here listening to them talking about the importance of understanding our mission as a charge one of our problems is that we have begun to forget how we are and what we're about how God 's chosen us to proclaim his last warning message to the world we have forgotten that many of us anyone ever go now I know I'm talking required as we go back to our churches we know that there are many they are the very faint idea what the Sturges Olga have a very sketchy idea of the miraculous nature in which the Adventist church came into me the prophetic significance of this church we must have a understanding of our mission that has to be part of our floor bridging ministries that's when I'll be talking to you about tomorrow bridging ministries open up the worst of virginity it creates friends in the community and in and in him with the word of a senior moment now it interconnects for the community but it also breaks down prejudice and there's a lot out there I mean the to talk about this tomorrow I is interesting some of the things people in the communities they administer about the how do how do you see how you nullified have you turned around you because you have know you have no possibility of reaching that that person onto will you have taken fairness I do this this prejudices of their and some of Israeli lab jack nosiness those of us who live in the Bible Belt we know that there's a lot out there you know and so we have earned we have tremendous challenge to change the thinking in the community good bridging ministries emerging ministries complement public evangelism losing track of time here I'm one who believes that you build your own crowd we just finished a evangelistic campaign in our church are by the way for the benefit of all of you here are pastors watch praise God every ways were fed from your God and wanted to join a privilege and that is have that kind of a teaching pulp within your church but I think we send out something over on large community about ten thousand bucks ten thousand handles it drew about forty four some people personalized about average and by the end of the first week or two was down about half of that Legos but cannot cost lots of money I read someplace where I will I won't quote it because I'm not sure the figure but it was astronomical how much it costs to to evangelize and baptize single person knowing public evangelist subsite bridging ministries complement public evangelism because they created they create the potential to create your friends in the community were more likely to come as Olav will pay to come near raising events you can do an awful lot of evangelism in bridging ministries and people are happy to pay for those in the it's a winner this ugly talk about that tomorrow morning that's the icing that I talked about earlier today I were setting the table right now were taking the main meal right now over you were talking about the philosophy of the biblical philosophy and basis and foundation for this tomorrow morning recently take it from there and we begin to do not know your misers is going to know your most improvement in his tomorrow morning as you're going to gain insight and the sheets are you going to be looking menacing like to do this I could do this how I go about doing I hope to explain that's even more wireless mobile must have a soul winning Sabbath school teachers is your status who winning souls is your cesspool live that's a whole another seminar but I can tell you that there is a way of developing us all living Sabbath school and reach out into your community it will bring revival and reformation do your own members and it will give you the opportunity reaching out into your community and evangelizing them for cyber school I can't talk about that now that you got at a welcoming during embracing members this is where the good news of the gospel as revealed through you and it will come feel welcome they feel embraced and nurtured and are more likely to come back when they feel that way all effective men's and women's ministries about three years ago the three other fellows myself created a men's ministry that is a dynamic active ministry in our church one of the key things that drove us to that release let us than that was the recapturing of God 's role for men in their families in their churches and in the community were active in the community we are active among our elderly in the church in our handicap we give thanks for them that they cannot do we do the same for people in the community when we know of any have to have a good active men's ministry manner our doors are hands-on people that are not inclined to sit around in circles and talk about relationships and the other thing is important as relationships are meant to hand never hands-on people and the that's account of men's ministry with development Sabbath cover Fellowship and Fellowship Sabbath covenant men's Fellowship based on covenant with God Sabbath covenant with God and becoming the man that God wants us to be great if all the world as a woman their centers fully based on women's ministries also can be a very volatile part of your soil hospitality ministries very important to have people who are a special especially the gift of hospitality and welcome the guests take them home and friends in the match of the service onset that that's one of things you have to have in your solo if your plants are grown be strong and healthy now we take a little look at this parable from a different perspective the degrees of receptivity and how we react to them the wayside represents the unbelieving world number one they are spiritually paralyzed number two they see no need of God 's number three a sense no danger and then we see them this is how we save them they are not fillable the soil is hard the scene seems to bounce off of them they they are a waste of time NEC they receive from us is by accident abuses happen to fall where they know something it will even translate the name next the next portion of ground distorting around here in the afternoon off who he is one of the verbal is explained in later disciple their fascinated with the gospel but they're unconverted he's selfish self-centered his self is selfish self-centered nature is like law line under the soil superficial is experiencing very superficial and shallow although he's fascinated with gospel our evaluation of him is promising that his spasmodic experiences etc. Astbury to us so after an initial attempt to reinvent a failure possessed the screen morning around here relevant way Warwick an overly worldly person five thorns have been caught but the roots have not been uprooted is materialistic pleasure loving how do we look at him they create too many problems the we don't have the time or the energy to invest so we avoid them you see the method that I am sharing with you takes time just think in your garden you bought a packet of seeds look on the back I learned that his Excellency come to maturity once you put in the ground and even water you can fertilize it and you can you can cultivate it so you're blue in the face of this lacuna going to mature any earlier than that in fact if a Helen Thomas attention the wrong kind of attention me and this is the reason that this method does not attract most churches and church leaders is because it takes time I was sharing this with a colleague of mine a California remaining together others of years ago and the rating breakfast together and I was showing within some of the concepts and all papers you telling me is that radishes you can have in a few weeks no injuries take a little more time this is exactly exactly do we need the radishes these the people come to us galore will read themselves into the into the message they may have had friends and share things with them and they are there they're ready to group almost ready to be reaped by the time we meet we need the radishes we got tomatoes and corn got all kinds of flowers forgot trees and bushes bushes and shrubs and they're all growing at different rates we have to be patient we know that the overture is going to take a long we have the patience to bear with them what we do is we tend to think well established troubles too time-consuming we know at the time Philly just and we ignore them good ground hairs that are honest and sincere welcome truth I surrendered they surrendered themselves to God 's will and this is the way we see them all these are the person we relate easily he takes minimal best time and effort that we gravitate to those we generally tend the screen of the others were going to say look you got a garden you can expect they all treat abroad to write of the tomato plant no one is recognizing I think laundries in your garden be patient with encouragement nurture them eventually right now the regard on right influence for good in your congregation that I moved in the next pheromone while trying to finish more quickly he said the kingdom of God 's command should scatter seed on the ground and to sleep by night and rise by day and seed should sprout and grow he does not himself know how on the earth yields crops by itself is God 's work first the blade then ahead and after that for grain in the head but when O'Brien ripens immediately puts in the sickle because the harvest has come this other good gardeners constantly watching all of these plants is he standing on is watching them the majority when they do immediately puts in the harvest but it doesn't harvest the whole garden and wants that is why God gave us a garden law will not commercial law studies guys across the road over here they may reap hundreds of acres of the time when I read those hundreds of acres some of the graves some of the core 's overwrite is just right some was not ripe enough if you bring your garden that fashion you have difficulty again is a garden month you pick the fruit as it matures you watch all the plants in the garden you getting all individual you don't give every player the same the same kind of care to be at string beans him potatoes you have different things either from various plans so ministry of the church has been multifaceted it has to be specifically and I and and and possibly directed toward each client so that you encourage it to grow and mature value this revolutionized the way I thought about saying hello you doesn't think as we do is give a safe landing there looked the same what do the same what you say you don't say much very unpretentious you have no idea from looking at the service of Satan of the power in the Senate that's a way with the gospel Jesus said that the scene was a gospel simple unpretentious but powerful germination is unobserved by the growth takes place beneath the ground a few days ago I dropped a few essays in my garden covered them left I couldn't do about it now long gone sessions when I get home I hope soon little savings open from surface attempt a germination growth and some observed by us that's gods for a tender plant sprouting root illustrate the miraculous nature of the coming Messiah growth on his kingdom to what I know this is this author in recent ministry magazine she saw him singing God 's ways of bringing his kingdom are more mysterious than we can know our duty is not to fathom these ways but to be obedient to what the Lord tells us to do in the context of Mark her previous would lead us to play a good thing that he let God do his part don't try to do it for encouraged clients cultivate the one of them a really good to them to encourage them to grow but you can call grow one inch Jesus in Japan and one inch to your stature and that's just part of hours okay this understatement Robert in his book the master plan of vaginosis little table says that this is our problem of methodology today well-intentioned ceremonies programs organizations commissions and crusades of human ingenuity are trying valiantly to do a job I can only be done by me and the power of the Holy Spirit I noticed how that harmonizes what certain noncitizens many many years ago there is a great necessity for us to realize our tenants on God too much confidence is placed in there too much reliance on human inventions there is so little confidence in the power with God then ready to go there are three segments through the agricultural cycle is the preparation of the soil lessor for the new then the maturation that's when the processor growing into the majority that's God 's word primarily to do and then the harvest is preservation of the harvest don't talk a little bit of the morning 's arches like a three-legged stool three-legged stool his statement on one leg for Solomon said the man who refuses the plow because the cold is no diagonal harness not as a boy I suddenly three-legged stool every morning and night up an account I still have this little mother like still have the bucket still have the butter churn still have the strainer restraint it's the still had three legs on the goal three legs up so it is with the agriculture cycle you cannot afford to ignore any one of these cycles if you do you will not have a crawl when it comes time to harvest this is our work we putter around with the soil Helen Weiss says the source of the singer who worked at noon prepare your heart to receive the gospel in Christlike sympathy we should come close to the net individually and seek to awaken their answers in the great things of eternal life you see she says we must come to them individually this is not a mass farming model commercial model this is a garden law in which everything I find this individual attention and care and notifies you continue to say her price of less than fifty seven there are swimming as hard as the beaten highway apparently it may be useless effort to present the Savior through them but while I may fail to move an argument be powerless to demand the love of Christ revealed in the personal medicine in personal ministry may soften the stony hole so that the seed of truth can take growth generation her James as therefore be patient brother until the coming Lord see how the farmer waits for us the heart of oneness and went to see the enemy of another civilization about everyday lives it is gateway to gateway to recidivism the best scene of the girl 's go take a certain amount of time to come other you can't do a thing about the legacy that just mitigates against your tendency to control them and to engineer into it under this thing around your role play but got answers we have to let him have to let him work in his area waiting patiently for the sale and receive the early A you also be patient that was in your hearts becoming a Lord is near it is one of the statement of powerful husbandmen work us if he does not plow and clean in the initial cast in the living savings in their cities you will have no waiting work for nothing to inform law it is not sufficiently impress upon us and moral and spiritual fears tears then only workers can be waiters if a man has not or what has stayed awake for what has taken what about in altar waiting there is expectancy but expectancy must be based upon something the husband and bases and I work way that has no work behind and no work and his dreamy sentiment and if no good to anybody I moved in the harvest this last phase done through phases of the harvest in two phases sometimes we don't think about it but there's gathering and preserving pickling unpacking only ripened fruit on why talk about this is a garden not a commercial model move on here quickly she had a dream which ever going on a very picking is that the expedition and she recorded in gospel work in the inpatient six I began together through nearby very carefully for fear of taking what the Green Berets Winokur that Green Bay shutting she said I was very careful not to take any agreement or she knew they would she come back and get them later which were so mangled with the right food but I could pick only one or two varies from the cluster we do hydrate we can rephrase repair call talk about that more tomorrow the I said the same thing during where you take care of these bearings is really other people along whether and then go in later look for more food on the hot flushes but they had made the preparation to care for the fruit I became tired of waiting finally they do not come together for then why are you not prepared to take care of it she once you've harvested you have got to preserve and you got heckled and you got a dry your better phrases if you bring the road in on the on the back porch and you don't do any of that is open to you you'll be Elizabeth wife of the backdoor the idea of what constitutes successful evangelism is this is not how many people you baptize at the end of the Sears that gets all the attention gets all of the eight it's how many you have left at the end of the first year you have most of the people there at the end of the first year you doing evangelism are my ministry I was never on top of the total something and you never never there I can tell you when we began to implement this program the year I baptized twenty twenty five people thirty sometimes I have more left in the first two thousand hundred people said that in the back door either because you're picking them great finish foil on you for you way too late she and I like to see former women when the thing with my bachelors immediately within the circle this lot a lot has to do with timing and if you don't know that you have what lots of okay all you come right within the soul is what is encouragement this is the parable of the mustard savior when eleven was a thing to associate is helping the most promising of all things I learned as majority it houses a very severe now every courage but God is saying is you may think that this plan of mine is has little potential but if you will be faithful and tend your garden you will have the birds resting in the branches of the master plan out when they find another way thought about it this morning to attend meetings been a blessing in my life anonymously members will later today we know a lot of people work could measure hopefully this is not the last one to say to you your beginning maybe small and if you will be faithful like much of a next year 's emergency room you hereafter more people here try the theater experience God bless you and a good meeting with you today tomorrow and have a good time Kristen Marley talk about TrackBacks no theory to practice tomorrow okay separating her father in heaven you have given us the plan help us to tend our gardens faithfully some of the cryoprobe for ruling as you continue to new seedlings as a solo that we will have a ritual I will very however he will this media was brought audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading seven audio and much more I would like to know more about hothouse will feel like the more certain that please visit www. done on 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