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Spiritual Formation, Ellen G. White, and Daniel 11:30-36

Rick Howard
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Rick Howard




  • June 11, 2011
    6:00 PM
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Lauren you know passionately as in all of our hearts have you come back to have you come and take his home in an this message wherein here but we know that certain things have to happen and one of the things that has to happen is that each one of us needs to become an passion we need to be filled with your spirit to overflowing so the weekend you can hold it in and it is a desirable parts to share with everybody that we meet the love that you have for us you saved us how you change the lives how you gave us something to live for the Lord make it happen come into our hearts with strengthened with power and I pray for my brother Jack she continues on in this ministry give him the strength and the ability to just keep going and I just pray that this book the great controversy which is the most important book Ellen White said that she wrote that it needs to be in the hands of every human being that you would make it happen is nothing impossible to you all things are possible you have a thousand ways to do things that we don't see one so I pray that you would just continue with the unbelievable providential ways that you have been opening doors to get the great controversy into the hands of the people in this world so Lord Shiva going and if we can be a part of it use us in one way or another I pray that the that you would leave every single person here that is hearing my words right now that on a daily basis you would lead us to someone who we can share this book with an Lord make a way for us to have copies of Elkhart wherever we are quietly we thank you let me know that you do these things because this is the will and you can't wait to come home to take us with you in Jesus name and I him hello John the military on a little bit with you talking about here because part of what I want to do tonight was besides young things up and have you see certain things on your go home tonight understanding why the problems exist in our church that exist and what needs to be done to solve those problems how we got here and however to get out of it that's what I would like to shift tonight and a part of that is how God leads us in our lives I a lot of people feel paralyzed they just don't you just don't know what you do learn what you want me to do our share this to events with you to show you how it works it is it really works this started four years ago almost with me and I got a phone call really my wife was sitting on a bed Sabbath afternoon in a house that we rented with two kids little children and we had to move out by the next weekend I quit my job I went into business in order to earn enough money so I could go to seminary while I sold the business for the deck it was in and got out of it I know John no money no place to go my plan was the next week if nothing happened to get in my car dry mouth Andrews walked in and sat out of school he lets figure out how to do it that was it I could think of nothing else to do I know God was calling me to the mistreatment and I didn't know what was given to this point the phone and Rick 's daily baby was going to do so I know you want to talk to okay and a man named Don Graham got on the phone anybody know the hungry is your net ninety six similar to the others it was the view is the link Union ministerial secretary back at that time and he says to get out here in Michigan I said no one hundred and one unit can you borrow it I said maybe what's going on it as well I got a job for you what is with what would we talk about what I like and don't the Lord has a place for you right now and it's a program that I'm starting up no goal borrow the money and I'll pick you up anything I flew up the South Bend and he picked me up with his wife and we drove up the grand ledge and Michigan camp meeting was taking place and when we arrived the conference committee was meeting so he went into the conference committee and I sat down outside and filled the chamber came out after about half an hour he was not present a talk to me a little bit no one goes back in Jane Haywood came talk to me a little bit and then amending Myron vainly who was a ministerial secretary back in those days taking a reply they just want to see who I was and I still leave me with a two hour drive from South pentagram laid and Don didn't tell me very much at all about what his plan was upset only to the Lord has something going for you now it was very mysterious but it that way and it was a little bit of a game on his body like that you know this and that's his nature and the so then Don Gray comes out windows were you hired okay what am I to be doing and he says well it's a brand-new program and seminary graduates who didn't have a call and we would put them along with the pastor somewhere and they would work as a call for pastoral training and I said I didn't know the first in the program and I started the program so you're in that's a way was seasoned you want to go below a peninsula on the upper Peninsula to the soul week later we moved out of our house and the upper Peninsula to Escanaba Michigan and I was a pastor will pull quarter trainee and I got a check for five hundred dollars a month but if I sold enough books with a commission was higher than I would get more I never got more because my heart within studying the Bible the hubby had an average of ten to fifteen Bible studies week when I got there somebody gave me two hundred and fifty great controversies and I put them in my trunk version that effect and the everywhere I went everybody that I met it if I show the books and they couldn't afford they got great controversy anyway and the desire of ages I had I had both of them I just gave them out even a map might help the Cold War leader wasn't that happy with me but you know these people will pour out there and I was a little leave them with nothing I was electric version and say what happened in that one year thirty people okay that mingled me down the Flint as a bipolar is like the sky Bible work it out and I was a Clinton nine months another thirty people and all I did was have Bible studies but I handed out the great controversy and him I gave them a controversy for anything now that the one that had the Bible studies and it was an amazing year and nine months now with the Holy Spirit one sixty people into the church and most of it was handing out the breakup don't tell them what books one kind or another now I do know how I was living in ministry the next thing is I get a call hey Rick over the seminary I want you to sit down and talk with so-and-so who's leaving the seminary to go start a church in Georgia and we went we were gone I was in ministry a year and nine months if Rosewood Drive out the answers and go to school now you might say now with original schools I had a three year period when I joined the church where I was always so fortunate to be able to study with a manic pastor Solomon Pastor Solomon was a meal connected his mentor I don't know if you know whom you don't connect with you and I and so I was able to just yell really study our message and get grounded I went out to the Catskill Mountains in the cabin where I woke up in the morning and the water in the toilet was frozen solid but I was out there studying and reading everything in only every foot that she had friends doing and I got very grounded in our message today and going to when it was time when I would've driven out there I'm going to the seminary was the biz for thing that was going great guns and God knew I would turn around probably just one I can't so the Lord got me in the back door yonder sulfite because this is the time when they were actively people wanting passes to have a minimum PhD to be in the ministry now God was he has a way of laughing people like you say he has a sense of humor and then he leaves me to big churches the hospitals are to Spartanburg church fifteen doctors they all wanted a PhD to come and be the past they didn't get no and it was really the first week I was at the New England Memorial Hospital the first week of petition was sent around by the doctor who wanted to be the head elder but wasn't to get rid of me will know when you know the way God works this is miraculous he had Rosalie become the assistant to the senior vice president of the Memorial Hospital so here she is up in administration it out at an ill she was so upset his senior VP level what was happening he just wash on his way six years later I went to the man who started that petition and I said my friend what can I do than make things better you know between the seat his rival the conservative in the church was the one who is my handheld and he wanted another pastor besides maintenance it out he went to the conference president the conference president said as long as I am president in this conference that man will never be a pastor here and he was insulted he went and started this petition we had to come to grips with the fact that the Lord is the one who was in control of his church in a note to think that I want my man in their Jesus is in control of the church and say this out if you will without understanding anything remember this nothing sneaks into our church behind the Lords back if you see it in the church good one bad memorial permitted to be there so don't get angry and upset with the church don't think like what's going on with me I turned willing to do what we do church what yes and nothing exists in his church but the Lord has not permitted to be an integer he is an absolute control no he is no longer omniscient okay I mean omnipresence and omniscience he controls everything is ahead of the charts to get upset with the charges to get upset with the Holy Spirit and sing of the things right no weather problems in the church because God made us with free will by and people make bad decisions and Satan even leads people into our church and God doesn't just take people immediately and throw them out they made a mistake thank God I have many times over wouldn't you think the first time to reform to repent to understand and to see the truth and to change always what he's doing that with many people in the church that are doing the wrong thing in the church to getting you so upset with Jesus is in control you really and nothing sticks in the church behind and anything in the church he has permitted it to be here right now now that can change your attitude very quickly if you will accept that the Lord is in control yes there's problems yes but you think he's not been a deal with the you think he lost control of the church in all he has not right write your dream and understand so the next time you're tempted to get really angry and no going on in the world were not he's allowing I don't know exactly why you is like Ezekiel you know Ezekiel to know God and lost control of everything in it I had to give up using wheels within wheels and shown this is a lot more complicated than your mind can comprehend Jesus control of the church is a lot more complicated than you and I can come back he has not lost control he is in control everything goes according to the way he allows it to go you may want to go different of course but we have free will and he loves us and he gave us a free will and he will allow people time to make decisions one way the other I think it was run again this morning who said you about who makes the decision whether we're saved in a cool window window but godlessness they make a decision right now will not know and when at last cases decided you know the angel goes back to heaven and reports to Jesus it's not the angel is reporting about something that happened back on earth Jesus didn't decide okay it's done now we decided it's not everybody's given an opportunity were all living a life of probation record this is the way God works and works miraculously through our lives if we will let him he wants to be in control of even the little small things in your life this is what I learned last couple of years since I retired know the greatest lessons of my life I have learned after I retire from medicine patients waiting on the Lord praying the Lord opened the door most of the time you want to go into endorsement we devised that we create another dozen workmen when the life of my life you know why are you leaving me what he wants to which won't let him when you're doing things the know that you think this is the way it should be done pray and wait on the Lord and wait for him to open the door all of the things that is so frustrating to all of us that we've been waiting for God to do something about it he's doing it now he really is he really is he has said this over and over he has taken the reins and the control in his head has dealing with problems in the church and this is happening now at the same time I noticed is the first time that both the world and the church are fulfilling prophecy together and that's what convinces me that we really are on the borders of the heavenly King this is that people often ask me know if a guy with this is the final crisis of everything a all I can say is that there is a process that will take place alight says and they asked me when I go back to the spirit of prophecy to find out what's really not happen okay on which we all would do that in fact inspired with the happen is that things that we normally think in crisis then after it's over it's not that bad but about before oil prices is not that way information says it will be far worse than anybody ever dreamed of in the labor unions will be responsible for the worst violence the world has ever seen imagine the violence has occurred in this world the labor unions will be responsible for the worst violence the world has ever witnessed last six months ago people would laugh at that but not now all of a sudden you are in the news everywhere especially in Europe and folks on which I the plans of the papacy or to regain Europe to undo what happened in seventeen ninety eight that's their first goal to regain the control of Europe that they had during the dark ages while maintaining themselves as the moral voice of the world and is doing very successfully doing you ask anybody what moral voice rises above them all and will be the Roman Catholic Church in the world today it really will with the social gospel to the bridge please know when I speak of the Roman Catholic Church in on talking about people that we should be willing to pay for to give our lives to save they are our ministry I than negative aspect of it is the system that Satan has created and it's the most wonderful wife and wonderful I mean awesome I don't mean good their system is something to behold their literature is right on is probably of the highest order of anything you could read in this world this dollars their schools their theology even if you don't understand what's behind it all very busy intellectual very because it makes sense believe it or not it salvation by works but it makes sense and did you know that the sacraments every sacrament and you have to perform the sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church okay because when you perform the sacrament you receive grace that how you get a brace in moment Catholicism into the sacrament and guide gives you grace the only way to get Grace Catholic Church and did you know that every sacrament has been developed around mysticism there is a mystical component to every sacrament Roman Catholic so if you know that I defined Catholic publications we know I don't keep up on everything I and it is unbelievable and I have to do this research Seo this book but it is an amazing system you get a raise when you do the sacrament and of course the holy Eucharist of the most important one and the sacrament that resulted in the Reformation Martin Luther and and and and the other reformers they could not agree with what school transubstantiation which is the power that the priest had to actually transfer the real substance of Jesus Christ into the wafer and his real life into the wine they don't think it's a symbol you know they believe that the priest has the power to transfer Jesus from heaven down check out Daniel chapter eight where it says these very things that would take the daily Intel and undo it that's what that's all about King Jesus I haven't had the most holy and bring them your hoping of the Roman Catholic Church that's why you have to go to mass Esquire the uterus is so important because happy to Jesus in every mass through the Eucharist it really is an amazing system no see the buys the whole thing and he's been smart you've been watching us for long time and he knows how the mind works and know what's attractive and really great controversy about the service in the Catholic Church and is very attractive to okay God led me out there the Michigan ministry I was passing down there in Georgia and my sister Gail was one need a crutch my secretary right from the start of the van ministry in New York so she came down to visit with us and she said all of the Christmas if you want a church in New York and sixty one and him well here I am living on fifteen acres in the country with the docs and decent and you name it goes to milk goats Peter butter and jelly to make is raising and the waterfall and I mean it was like I was already in heaven you know and you want me to take my kids and go back to New York City past now I know thank you Gail you know but but I felt I needed to call it and I called him at the couple of weeks and he wasn't there I called him again he wasn't there I called him again I said would you please have him call me know when he gets back another week went by and well know something happen first I know it didn't happen for some among he called me I was on my knees in the living room alone praying and I did something that I would never do because it's presumptuous but I did it on praying and at the end I was about ready to wrap it up and I said all Lord please help call me right now I should be aware just came out and told I believe I said those words and is the following I mean within one second the phone was trembling hand Moses were is his best to Howard yes please although I know the correct mode like to talk with no okay I didn't tell him what does happen everyone informed about half an hour and I was calling him to tell him thank you but you know I just thought it was the right time and estimated anyway on to tell me how he raised his kids in Brazil and how they played in his little mud street behind the house no you don't worry about stuff like that God will take care of it okay I will thank you I know I'll think about it and whatever and I didn't even ask him what church he was thinking over anything I'm sharing this with you because God will lead you in your life I'm telling you if you wanted to ask him and you pray and you spend time in your knees every day and don't enter into his life and salicylate and while I was minister you in any way that I can he will lead you like this and wants to know so there I am telling them in the nicest way I can that I am not interested in no the back to that I guess it was about a week later and also the other thing was Rosalie Young disabled go back to New York with the kids were within the school everything was just like I just couldn't do it a couple of weeks later I'm sitting in that same living room and I have the review and I'm reading it and as I'm reading I close my eyes and immediately was in this living color dream and I was driving over the fifty ninth Street Bridge Long Island and Manhattan my car and the next thing I knew the car was gone and I was flying up the East River North and was a broad scale and I'm looking and I see the Bronx and I look up Westchester I looked across the Hudson River and I could see over the Rockland County and then something to my attention I look to the left in his the island of Manhattan you're with its skyline and the most unbelievable glorious rainbow like admitting its own life over the island it was phenomenal look at that rainbow and it went on both sides that have a little piece missing it wasn't connected up on top iron wine I have always thought that forty years why no is because I went back someday but anyway he is his rainbow and then I looked down and on over the Bronx over the Big Dig expressway this cars and people in flux since going hunting in trains and subways in say more how are we of the original of these people I it was like it was like turning on the TV and turn it off it was like I fell lazily color green and then it was over was gone new that it was not a dream that came out of my mind what do you dream at the stone brick how we can originally I had to go I called him back and I said what church you think well Pearl River and Yonkers the very area that I was looking at in my dream is to it was really amazing experience I have anything like that's something that had other experiences we all do know I'm not a prophet that God will lead you elect in this way are because I wasn't in and all I needed to have his reign like that in order for me to do with the Lord wanted me to do that he will guide you in line so that you will know what you doing so we went after I was ordained in New York now was an amazing experience is an every time you have a question what should I do wish that I don't need to stay close to God and playing with him to lead you and he will but pray and patient and wait and don't open doors yourself wait for the Lord opened doors for you okay now something else I should the statement right here I selected messages book one page one ninety six my message to you is no longer consent to listen without protest to the perversion of truth unmasked the pretentious sophistries which it was seeing Lily ministers and physicians and medical missionary workers or the truth for many are in danger of receiving theories and sophistries that undermine the foundation pillars of the thing those who leave and acquiesce will become charmed as Eve was charmed by the serpent 's words they cannot listen to charming philosophical speculations and at the same time keep the word of the living God clearly in mind folks first of all no longer consent to listen without protest I would have to approach this doesn't mean speaking stupidly at the wrong time I mean speaking wisely at the right time with the right words I will get into it doesn't mean just blindly going forward and saying everything is wrong is wrong it doesn't work us that God will lead us if we are close to him and you know when you supposed to do so I waited over a year for this book to come out I waited on God as where I learned the lesson patiently wait and when the time is right and then went to Wilson's then he spoke those words about spiritual formation the truth came to Houston America Stadium and lanolin I heard them say that it was like now I understand again waste that is on the back of the book but it was obvious to me the Lord as a thousand other things he's working on and everything has to be right and who leave us to do the right thing at the right time but only he knows the right time because the work is so complicated and all the people is working with the souls that have free will that that making decisions that he wants the world back to the truth we can just longer out there and just tell everybody the truth and entry them what's wrong with you that way we have to let him do it because he knows who he's working with and he will in his infinite abilities make the right time in the right way by the right people but you need to be the right people that all waiting and praying for him to tell you now would now I is so important it's so important when we get in trouble in our churches when we condemn what's wrong at the wrong time there's always something wrong to the churches purified until the shaking takes place right there's always been a be something wrong again the weekend the tears come up together and together Satan muddies the Cherokee makes it awful dirty church that Jesus loves and died and we need to love the church just like Jesus loved so deliver a mixup the church with the things that are wrong in the church bulletin then picture eleven health insurance way it's his bride he gave his life for if the object of his supreme regard right is the one thing on earth with the object of his supreme regard the church some just determined that second mind to it and just settling this is God 's church is the remnant church is going through is no coming out of the church of another church it won't happen they will be and will be the Omega NATO might tremble when I think of that you know she's seeing everything as a profitable more than the true image is maker tremble speculate that made her tremble you know she told the workers back there in Battle Creek under the influence of Doctor Kellogg as he would philosophize to them and share his theology with them into the wee hours of the morning until they could think anymore but finally accepted his theories of the one to get home and go to sleep there was no opposing patella he was brilliant of the most articulate human being that was alive on planet Earth at that time you cut it out thought you couldn't you couldn't win in an a battle over which sore or theology or anything even twist things around he would take Elimite out of context if he had to usually you would avoid and not deal with questions that were asked that were challenging to but when he was cornered he would misuse the spirit of prophecy the supply and finally win people over I mentioned the other night that he and he went so far down theologically the him fully wound up believing the Holy Spirit was gravity in the universe that unseen week force that holds the universe together that with the Holy Spirit this way when the adequacy became very pantheistic than his view that God was in everything and everything which is what happens with spiritual formation by the way the people who looked into the silence and had the supernatural experience of coming into God 's presence which is really the hidden power and spiritual formation of people that's the heart of it and anybody who has ever had that experience if you took that experience away out of spiritual formation I have no interest in it at all that's the thing they go for because it changes them going into the silence having that altered state of consciousness occur and end Satan is in control of it and then Walt your van I've been there numerous times okay you have such a feeling of unity with the world when you stop such a joy you've never had before such a oneness with people such a feeling that you just know what you are with God in everything in your life I was a Hindu when I did it okay when I would go there but it doesn't matter he experiences the same if you're a Christian you'll just seen Jesus I thought the double creates the Lord BS so that you think that all this is wonderful you and your handle you'll see some Hindu icons on who was something we'll have an experience according with that theology but it's the same mystical trance that him use since time began it is a science that Satan has humanity and I get that Mister he has chosen people and talk to them about this and it is a phenomenal experience and if I didn't want to be holy and stop sending more than I wanted to experience the joy and the unity that I felt the leader God would not allow me to have victory he will then need to the truth wife by not letting ethically elicit my life and I just kept going and going I thought want to stop sending you this is a wonderful experience wants Phyllis said I have no power over it the danger in our church is the people to get into this and know better they access to inspired writings were even not to be involved but they have denied they don't want to see people look at Frank and it's like I said they may God a God of their own devising they want God to be the way they wanted to be that's the danger and that is the system of the symptom that that's what the people who get involved in spiritual formation all seem to have they want God to be that way they want to be able to commune with him face-to-face somehow and then once you have that experience which is that he didn't experience within the process of spiritual formation when you go to learn it somewhere you have to build awareness and in a retreat or an institute that Bill has been set up newly by the Roman Catholic Church over some of the emerging leaders all emergent church leaders but I think I mentioned the other idea that there were four years ago when I will four thousand institutes in the United States teaching spiritual formation and the one I called Ohio and asked how many people were training your Institute last year the rest was seven thousand seven thousand people trained in spiritual formation in one Institute and Ohio and they were over four thousand room country this is spreading like wildfire many vendors don't know about it except at the administrative level teachers academics administrators it's very prevalent at that level but in our churches people are just learning about it now related illness book came out when God wanted to come out that's why I feel free to speak about it at this point because I know how is the time I keep saying this because I want to want to be convinced now is the time God is dealing with this and with many other deceptions in their while the world is falling apart we really are entering that time in history I believe that they went to know that God movies he will lead you I will I want to read a few statements because I I commented on these and people several where you don't give us no hotel is where they are in regard first I want to read this early writings page one twenty four if God has any new light to communicate he will let his chosen and beloved understanding without then going to have their mind and life by viewing those who are in darkness and error when it comes alike found in the if there is anything new that we need spiritually for our lives when not to find it out there most churches of falling there also are we on Christchurch and I will say that proud it's a fact that so Jesus told the woman of Samaria music we know who we worship he was telling her the same thing now we know who we worship you out there the singular fool the American people it wasn't embarrassed to say that he was saying it because it's a true and if you don't say the truth somebody like that don't think that I have been through everything we get them looking into it right now to speak the truth stand up now remember I read my message to you no longer consent to listen without protest to the perversion of truth that's what's happened at the right time at the right place you speak now now any Don has these negative thoughts is no need ever to go out there to find and if we insist on going out there listen just as long as men consent to listen to these sophistries a subtle influence will we the fine threads of these seductive theories into their minds and men who should turn away from the first sound of such teaching will learn to love it as loyal subject we must refuse even to listen to the sophistries their influence is something like a deadly Viper poisoning the minds of all who listen now with it is a branch of hypnotism bending the sensibilities of the soul and what is the branch of your as long as you consent to listen the false teachings every time we put Rick Warren 's tape every time we watch a DVD of some pastor from some other church every time we listen to those who are in error when making a choice not to do what we have been told to do now is the result of that is that your angel and watches over you your whole life has to back off because as a Jovanovic says hey he made his decision you must give me access to his mother and he does it's true that's how important your freedom of will is God gave us the freedom of choice and it is sacred he won't violated and neither will your heavenly angel that watches over you and if you choose to do something that you shouldn't be going because we have instructions not to do it nor Angel has to back away and you don't know what you don't know what happened often would you know how to all of a sudden feel enlightened about something you feel before that's really interesting I think I'll listen to this guy tomorrow night again and then you'll say on this is good stop I never thought of this before and the things you use the money from you learn to love and to see you don't know what's happening which is more than deceived you I this is what was happening the leaders of our church in nineteen hundred Battle Creek under the influence of Doctor John Harvey Kellogg imaging hypnotize and Ellen White told them they would hypnotize and they would not believe the believer I have thought of what could it have been made Ellen White from and this is what I speculated it could cancel could the leaders of our church many leaders of our church doing a great work great work motivated get up in the morning God is with me every step I take to something did you hear all the time from those in spiritual formation God is leading and guiding them with every step every day all day long towards me I only make plans their sending people into the cities they are holding conventions and youth rallies and after Israelis have a little rock 'n roll no stuff like that everything is going great guns phenomenal but no one likes off the Jesus was not in the same ones and they believe that they were doing the work of God but they were doing what safe one to do deceived into thinking it was God leaving that would make me tremble if I were her scary thought that's what was happening at Battle Creek why should we think that would happen now a part of the Omega apostasy is a usurpation of the control oh when the General conference was back then and that was intimated in the air and a couple of letters then Ellen White's son wrote about the Omega he was convinced from the talks that he had with his mom it whenever your middle was a part of it was going to be to grab power weight and general health if that's going to happen I share this with you from my heart because I know what's happening among leaders of the church right now that are involved in this and with the reactions like it's it's do or die its fight it's like even justify what you doing when you lose your job when God is moving taking care of these deceptions within the church think about it to think about what I happen to those who are involved in a war leadership in here I have written a book that says the course that they teaching were offering a PhD in is a Satanic deception in my books right or to if it's right that's true and if God has taken the reins in the control of things in the church and even a deal with all the deceptions that are out there if I'm right before the netbook is why I think no I'm saying me it's a spirit of prophecy is like their elbows of you who know have read it and it makes sense to me that we should not be teaching people the you know thirteen exercises of Ignatius Loyola in our seminary with the excuse that they have to know the bad things the there is the food 's been given as the reason why there are young men should be able to discern the old band stuff that's out there folks this is a day for us to have been in advanced settings for the prophecy it has told me just the opposite of that I don't need to delve into all of the evil that exists in older people to learn about it so that I I won't fall into it my right we study and learn all that stuff we go I mean some of the southern call to do some study I had to study because of it on the book that I wrote but in general you just need to know the principles so that you can leave that alone so it's just not right and it seems that when confronted there's always the argument against the it's like going to go to law school you learn this principle if you have the truth you argue the truth in court there when you got the truth if you don't have the truth destroy your opponents credibility okay and that's what I see in definitely what I see happening now and not it but it's okay I'll I knew it was coming I will happen when no but I can feel so good because it was the Lord about the book out and out I didn't have any development I wrote it but I mean the timing so what does that mean it means that God is dealing with these issues now a yes I see it all the place all over so it's kind of wonderful I know we aren't the words we stay close to God we pray I and we just know more neatly than the next person you want me controversy as we go forward when you have the opportunity to stand up and say what you know about this deception is the happens okay what opened the door you speak out will he deal with things right here in Ohio yes he will be well his timing though it was when he knows how to do it for years and when he should take place so don't worry don't fret and is the same in every conference because we know we're all dealing with things in every conference that we know regular hard we don't understand it but God will take care of it he has taken the reins in his hands and making it happen and the Lord is coming soon in the world is really going and instead of the over IPO we have to go through this crisis and we just want to be ready prepared spiritually to be able to handle whatever is happening by listen to society this science is the pluck the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil okay this study spiritualism to me why always thirteen exercises to read by Doctor Bill Delaney 's books who teaches mysticism of the New Jersey intellect is suggested in the article that I written the review to know it's a long okay to read any book that had been his growth that recommends reading non- Adventist material written by those who are into spiritual formation and mysticism as long don't read it God does not want to read that material even if it's recommended by our own people in I know enough and it's time to stand up speak out against the perversion of truth don't do it the digital this here is a channel wholly devoted to himself and under his control and he can make the world believe what you will know that the Lord has allowed Satan to have absolute complete control over spiritualistic power to do anything he wants with it I wondered what you want the Lord to that ability and the only thing I can come up with is that God has sufficiently warned us to stay away and went over the bell and fight against him to the point we were to look into spiritualism go ahead and be lost I haven't seen one person has been for the silence make a decision and not one that a few talk I know what happens but you know when you have the truth that we have and decide that you're not to follow it well that's rebellion rebellion is all about and that's why that's why Spiritualism know this kind of thing is as the sin of witchcraft I think that's what rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft because those who practice witchcraft is the digital and wrong let's face it right along one of you which suspect might you be doing something wrong was the same as rebellion when you do this you know it's wrong to do it you want to and you doing it because you want God to be the way you want to be you want to be a God that I can close my eyes and I can focus on my centering prayer and bingo altered state presence of God one one God is not like that Satan will be like that for you if you insist one having not be that way you'll find it wouldn't be the devil deceiving not good I a few more things on your own and I call upon all who are engaged in the service of God to all of us but I think specifically maybe she's talking to those in the cold of the ministry what to place themselves fully of Christ side there are dangers on the right hand and on the left and I level my read was like this our greatest danger you know when you will read our greatest and I know this is important in one scene she says our greatest danger will come from men who have lifted up their souls on the vanity who have not seen the words of warning and reproof sent them by God as such men choose their own will and way the tempter clothing Angel Rhodes is close beside them ready to unite his influence with their key always send them delusions of the most attractive character which the present of the people of God 's area say when you want God to be the way you want to be right that's having a hard lifted up in vanity and you don't seem to morning I got given in the spirit of prophecy and then Satan will open delusions to your mind and then you shall know when God 's people that's exactly what's happened after spiritual formation is and how it has occurred in the book living Temple there was present at the outset of deadly heresies the old manga will follow and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning God has given day and that is reflected messages page two hundred so those who fall into the Omega invariably will bring those who reject the spirit purpose of the doing I seen the warnings God has given and their abundance and he anybody it doesn't make in the slot on the editor was reading and it is obvious the spirit of prophecy warns us to stay away from the very things being practice and when you check El Salvador we don't do that that's the first response on the we don't do that we don't teach that that's not true when the leader the program is written a book teaches you how to practice it when you go on the ABC and you click on his book and you click on details and the ad advertisement for his book is a woman who says I took a course from so-and-so and I learned undergoing solitude and if you buy the book you'll learn how to do it to and I learned it in his class that I took any of those the present two weeks ago but when you call and check its own we don't do that but we have the still waters up there right as an Adventist run retreat that's all they do is going to solitude and silence folks I'm just telling with facts are facts need to come to grips with it and people people who were practicing it need to be honest and answer what's going on and even if you didn't do it I didn't change it the required reading to pass the course are all non- Adventist mystics but you have to read in order to pass the course two ago and I said before that is justified by saying that well we want young men to be intelligent and know with the enemy is doing out there it doesn't take long to read the spirit of prophecy to know that when not instructed to do that and then all the churches of fallen you heard what I read write if we even listened to the sophistries we become hypnotized law young men going into the ministry are told they have to read books containing those teachings that Ellen White warns if we listen to the wind not a very good thing for our young men to be knowing when you say no now why don't our teachers know that why don't they quote the Nordic they know that it exists to bring up one because maybe it would affect what they want to do it on site I will but this I know it's wrong and they should know it's wrong we shot our young men going into the ministry and women that they should know what they should teach what they should they should check things out and they should be sure that doesn't say anything related to spiritualism but just the opposite is taking place because the Roman Catholic Church is very wise they knew they couldn't get Roman Catholic priestess Van mine are pulpits to teach these things to us we weren't there yet so they said let's get this teaching at all the Protestant churches will get the administration started changing Pope was a Protestant churches to do it that way that's exactly what late on their teachings into our church to the other Protestant churches by getting us to mingle with them by my speaking to our people and say I'm sick and tired of being looked at like some oddball church I want to be just like the other Protestant churches and be accepted by them personally at the academic level nuts with we all been there we've all felt it I mean I'm going to have a problem with this really long time ago but Minnesota really bothering me is not right not being separately we are going back to Babylon back to Egypt for instruction within after we had done and that's how this teaching got into our church is moving back to those churches that God called us out of thinking that we can learn from them are little but more so long as they refuse to heed the warnings given them to spell that is upon them cannot be broken SVM special messages probably page four sixty four eight want to have these the site I've been saying these things now I want to talk about the Omega dog health and the Omega the Omega is the higher deception at the end of time it has a beginning part that's only also like will that be helpful of the Omega but the omega is a total entire deception and the health of the first part right up to Kellogg's day and she said she saw right before the close of probation deal made me tremble and the Omega will continue aspects of the Alpha plus more it will sweep away the lives of the fate I was litigated to Daniel chapter eleven prophecy from thirty to thirty six already way over time so we just can't do it he wanted to harness that is very important let me read this one paragraph and then we'll go into Daniel for ten minutes maybe the man ruling power that has been coming into our ranks has no sanction in the word of God Satan has stolen any to lead men to depend on men and to make sell arm and was the influence will be to destroy the God-given personality of man and place them on the human jurisdiction the men who instruct their fellow man to look to men for guidance on really teaching them that when they go to the Lord for counsel in the direction of his spirit regarding their duty will follow handsome without first going to certain men to know if this is what they must do the list a species of slavery is developed that will bring only weakness and inefficiencies of the Church of God in other words the spirit of God leads past and workers individually please speak to them and gives them their duty and what they ought to do not leadership of the conference coming down five tell you what you should be doing in your ministry unless something to Festival together in a ongoing left in this and feel that the blood leaving a wife this is so important so important Ellen White boy the leadership of the church back then she said you are not in the position of conference president on leadership of any kind to tell all workers what they should be going the spirit of God tells them want to do he speaks to them individually he is the General of the Army any as the work going on around the world and when you step in with some program and try to get all the passes that the work according to this program your usurping the authority of God the making of not affect what the Holy Spirit is done you confusing the work and ruining the plan that God had to play is important this will do with free will and how precious freedom is that God speaks to us individually unless we get together with others and we all agree on one doing something together but otherwise the programs that come down from up they had it everyone is supposed to be doing never Ellen White spoke against that and that is an aspect of the Omega apostasy okay leadership leadership usurping the power and authority of God and controlling the work in the minds of the people under them God never had a structure built for that you won't find in the word of God and she warns against warns against you is more bones will bring in this unhappy chapter into the experiences of our work and willingly accept the idea that the rulership of other men's conscience has been given to them need to understand that they had made a grave mistake their office was never intended to give to them the responsibility which they have been linked to think it is so the danger signal is now lifted against this evil never never let men consent to stand in a position which God alone should occupy I saw and she's pretty straightforward God speaks to his workers individually and will lead and guide them no programs forced from up on top down doesn't work ruining the way the Spirit of God works and leads the people in his church if you do it that way at by each of myself and Jeff and Linda with this real quick and I feel guilty you can delete it I do want to develop a true ten minutes or so of things a when I read this it was like first of all let lending figures below will save thinking of right now Pope John Paul the second probably the most loved man in the world he was alive even today now in his most important apostolic letter said concerning the contemplative life of Loyola personally said it's the churches and his wife is the Roman Catholic Church as they are the ones that the only the contemplative life and other he said it is the main tool in the evangelization of the world except spiritual formation is the main tool in the evangelization of the world by the Roman Catholic Church this is what they plan to use the whole to win the whole world is to wonder Anthony's only a select teacher has no incentive although the study were prevented from the main tool that the Roman Catholic Church is used this is why they have written letters to every Roman Catholic political leader in every nation in Europe and told them you must institute the contemplative life into your life and every other leader 's life in order for a united Europe to be successful I think the thing is missing the Roman Catholic Church as was behind the uniting of Europe right now they and when you walk in seventeen ninety eight that's the first step night euros to maintain what they lost in seventeen ninety eight to do it using spiritual formation among the leaders of the nations why was I think about that because Satan can control them and get them all to do what it wants them to do with the massive criticisms would and then after they win your it's the whole world is the whole world wonders after the meeting that happens is real it's going to be things that happen all world will be hypnotized but aside from that I knew this is just the first stage on the thing that the whole world the practice fusion formation that means that that is the main tool to evangelize the whole world but because we know that we natural catastrophic Benson will be one of the reasons the world will feel we need a leader of moral leader and his beautiful hope sure I Daniel eleven verse thirty four the shift citizenship shall come against him that's the king of the North and the king of the north here is Babylon ancient times the papacy the time of the day therefore he shall be means and return and have indignation against the holy covenant and shall he knew he shall even return and have intelligence with them that forsake holy covenant who are the people of the company in the world today who are those who have a real covenant relationship with God today when you separate them now this is saying the king of the North as intelligence within that forsake the company that's interesting the word intelligence today it's the only time that word was used in the whole Bible and is not one word that you can know used to define it but a group of words at militia of those words with two secretly observe separate out and instruct all of his and that one Hebrew word that Daniel insight to sacredly observed separate out and instruct an interesting those left forsaken the covenant in God 's church being observed secretly separated out and instructed while instructed in one well with no one and I shall stand on his part and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength while at the temple in heaven of sanctuary of strength and shall take away the daily marijuana get into a big discussion on the daily but I'm convinced my own studies anyway that the daily now it is representing Christ's ministry I was taken from him back in Daniel eight while we take Christ out of the sanctuary in heaven and no this power has intelligence has no busy instructing people who were forsaken the covenant in our church just think about what happens when you go into the silence you come in the presence of Jesus right supposedly well did you know that Richard Foster the father of spiritual formation in America okay he wrote celebration of discipline and he's just these is the guru I have this quote and where he he says contemplative prayer it's like carrying a regular little sanctuary is liking if I can alter my consciousness and Jesus comes into my presence willingly the sanctuary and have been for the fact that boy needs a temple in heaven are a temple in heaven I do my centering prayer I close my eyes I didn't go into an altered state and all the sudden bingo presence of Jesus not only am I in the presence of Jesus I control him anytime I want I do my thing Jesus come now I'm in control of God that's what it's like and I don't need the temple in heaven and finally the temple in heaven I don't need to send their minister who needs this for what the point people to the holy ones holy Jesus is enough I have Jesus in my heart I can call either I haven't come into my presence whenever I want I don't need the Adventist message see the danger in this widow might say about the Omega it would sweep away the foundational pillars of the church especially the doctrine of the sanctuary interesting and again I'm pleased on not saying that this is the omega I'm not maybe it may be a part of the Omega involves more than just spiritualism it involves you know that the administrative techniques of the authority in our church is one more I don't know the whole thing will hold but I know that what you do in spiritual formation evil anything the section and is spiritualism for sure I know that goes on the thirty two as such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he corrupt by flattering but the people that do know God shall be strong and do exploits or take action and do something will be people in the church will you are doing something about it okay and they that understand among the people shall instruct many yet they shall fall by the sword and by the flame by captivity and there will be a persecution like we've never seen before okay but Ellen White wrote a letter and in the letter she was talking about then she talked about the medical work and then she quoted that the text that I just read and she said many of these prophecies will have another fulfillment in the future another was this will be repeated down so when you say no they had indignation against the holy covenant and that the the pollution of the sanctuary of the white vote that nineteen hundred Jesus was already in the most holy so the pollution of the sanctuary would be his ministry in the most holy at that time not only place the most holy and old fence in all fairness was what's happening today in the something going on right now in our church even to take Jesus out of the sanctuary the most holy and brings into my heart when I want him there you were kind of the sin that is the thing that you have the right to call God into your presence whenever you want to it shows you how far we can drift away from really understanding what God is like and it makes me think of John seventeen three and this is life eternal that they might know the only true God Jesus to do list is to be so confused about what God is life just like what I read in a commentary by one of the leaders of spiritual formation that he wrote fifteen years ago I want to come into the God 's presence I want to be able to see God face to face just like Moses and why should my be able to I don't know when I'm not Moses I know that I and God did speak to Moses and the special way face-to-face that doesn't mean that we have the right to demand that this man wrote that fifteen years ago now he's leaving out he got what he wanted he wanted to has now said he is even being here is on the make on the way along the because it satisfies my with they don't realize carnal desires after they want God to the ability of the sea God face-to-face whenever they want okay but that's not what God is really like exiting folks but let me at this no word will lead us seizing control of his church yes we get frustrated like I'm filling in I have frustrated we can get this off we don't want to run ahead of God he knows what he knows everything that goes on his church he has personally handed to me then and there remember that he is not lost control he loves the church and gave his life for it and I want to be like Jesus come to want to move the church to go never speak against the church it's his bride when we take a stand we take a stand against the evil spirit in the church about the church which God will see through all the way to believe that he will and we just need to learn patients to love one another understand how Jesus loves us and he's in control he has not lost control of his church is in control but our hands heavenly father always talk about some hard things here but know that we love you and we love the church and we would never ever do anything to hurt and downgraded ever but help us to understand these issues and what's happening in Lord most of all take control of our lives individually that we might be in tune with you that we might have the heart of Jesus and we might love as Jesus loves that we might understand the love is not a feeling but it is a principle of selflessness Lori shines in price phases of the cross when he gave himself be with everyone of us now is the wonderful camping you bless all of us newsletters here and special way many of us and we thank you for the Lord I added this prayer with the heartfelt desire a single person to gather together as Jesus a media was brought by audio course a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to restart and audio and much more you would like to know more about our universe is like the more certain it is www. audio verse .org


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