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The Narrow Way - meaning explored ( Remnant Rally 2009 #2 )

Christian Berdahl


Christian Berdahl

Founder of Shepherd's Call music ministry


  • June 20, 2011
    7:33 PM
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him this media has been brought to you by your friends and when the publication 's annual like more of these powerful resources please visit us on the web at www. remnant media Center .com or he was a toll-free call at one eight hundred four two three thirteen nineteen would like to invite you to subscribe to come and paired to the mice him him to running I now be awesome privilege of hearing something with you this morning that might encourage you might challenge you it might cause evening of the spirit of prophecy and the different and deeper way like vagrant rally for remnant publications and white for inviting me here it amazes me that God has chosen to work through faulty man to give the most solemn message to the world to work through Clay to present something that might intrigue a human mind and urge them and encourage them and even challenge them to have a walk and experience with without God in heaven as a miracle to me that it's a miracle that got and I don't know if you know my story or not but God took me from a life that was was a really bad life I was raised in a non-Christian home where there was sexual abuse and there was a mental and emotional and physical abuse and it was a very bad slice of earth and when I ultimately became a Christian and maybe someday you can learn this testimony but when I ultimately was wasn't introduced to Jesus Christ I realize that the life that I had embraced and the worldly life that I have been living up to twenty four twenty five and in my life and now forty I can't believe those words came out of my mouth but now I'm forty eight and then hopefully some of your thinking he's forty why doesn't look like his past is funny and I would be because of the information I learned called the health message long before I ever lit learn the message of salvation actually but prepared my mind you see what God began for me long before I was even a Christian was a a a realization that to be a better person not even a Christian but to be a better person that there were some things in my life that I would have to do away with and so this morning I want to focus on this part of the fee the narrow way sister whites has written some very powerful information that she received through a dream regarding the narrow way in this morning were going to go through this in narrative fashion I'm going to read her dream straight through so take a few moments to do that and then want to dive into its symbolic meaning in this morning 's message entitled the narrow way and its symbolic meaning explored we may not get to the whole vision and then I invited tomorrow afternoon to come I think it's around two o'clock to a music presentation that the Lord inspired me to put together where I take the narrative this very narrative organa go over and put songs interweave throughout it to make a music program and ensuring for the Christian to go through the review and Herald January twelfth eighteen sixty nine and I will begin reading this in quick fashion so listen quickly I dreamed of being with a large body of people a portion of this assembly started out prepared to journey and while I'm reading think of the different elements of it and everything I wonder what does that mean father let me know what this means in fact let's have a word of prayer inviting the Holy Spirit and and I would like to just pray a prayer of dedication for this broken vessel to be used gracious heavenly father as we are about to dive into one of the two swords I believe that you gave us the spirit of prophecy and the Bible father as we use these two swords I pray you would help us to wield them and understand them correctly Lord I ask that you would please bless us with the Holy Spirit I pray he would hide me behind your cross I am not like my name is on the program father but that doesn't be on the man of the hour I'm not Jesus Christ the righteous is the man of the hour and father you are promised and you have said no therefore go and I will be with thy mouth and Tiki what thou shalt say Lord I claim that promise right now and if you can speak to a donkey I know you could at least speak to me so please father manifests this Holy Spirit that we each need to indwelling us in Jesus name we pray amen I dreamed of a large body of people larger than this I'm sure a parser the portion of this is simply started out prepared to journey we had heavily loaded wagons and as we journeyed the road seem to ascend on one side of the road was a deep precipice and on the other ha ha why smooth wall like a hard finish upon plastered rooms and as we journeyed on the road grew narrower and steeper some places in the road seemed very narrow so much so that we concluded that we could travel no longer with the loaded wagons we then lose them from the horses we took a portion of the luggage from the wagon and place him on the horses and journeyed on horseback and as we progress the path still continue to grow narrow we were obliged to press close to the wall in order to save myself some following often our road down the deep precipice in doing this pressing against the wall the law engaged on the horses pressed against the wall which causes to sway toward the trust precipice and we fear that we would fall to be dashed in pieces on the rocks are you starting to get a mental image in your mind let the Holy Spirit do that to you let let him entrust your mind let him help you to see what this is about and no more than a go and and and and and apply the spiritual application the symbolic meaning and right now I'm sure the Holy Spirit is or he started to impress your hearts about what this can mean so in doing this a lot depressed luggage press start against the wall costs asleep toward the precipice only fair that we would fall be dashed in pieces upon the rocks we then cut the luggage from the horses which fell over the precipice and we continued on horseback greatly fearing as we came to the narrower places in the road that we should lose our balance and fall at such times at hand seem to take the bridle and guide us over the perilous way and as a frappe have grew more and more narrow we decided that we could no longer go on horseback with safety so we left the horses and we went on foot in single file one month following in the footsteps of another at this point small cords were let down from the top of the pure white wall which legally drive student team are balanced upon the path as we traveled the cord moved along with us the Pathfinder became so narrow that we concluded that we could travel more safely without our shoes so we split them from our feet we want on some distance without them soon it was decided that we could travel more safely without our stockings and these were removed and we journeyed on with bare feet we then thought of those who had not accustomed themselves to endure titrations and hardships where were such now they were not in the company with us at every change some were left behind and those only remain to accustom themselves to endure hardships the privatizations of the way only made these more eager to press on to the end and our danger of falling from the pathway increase we pressed close to the white wall we could not place our feet fully upon the path now for it was far too narrow we then suspended nearly our whole weight upon the court someone explain we uphold from above we uphold from above and the same words were uttered by all the companies in the narrow pathway as we heard the sounds of revelry and Murtha seen the company abyss below we shuddered we heard that profane note the folder just a mobile song we heard the war songs the dance songs we are instrumental music and the loud laughter mingled with curses and cries of anguish and beer wailing and we were more anxious than ever to keep up on that narrow difficult pathway much of the time we were compelled to suspend our whole ways upon the court 's and these increased in size as we progressed I noticed that the beautiful white wall was stained with blood because the feeling of regret singlewall listing but this feeling however lasted for a moment as I soon saw that it was all as it should be you see those who were following after we'll know that others have passed the narrow difficult way before them and will conclude that others were able to pursue their onward course that they could do the same as the blood should be pressed from their aching feet they would not thing with discouragement but seeing the blood on the wall they would know that others had endured the same pain at length we came to a large chasm at with art which are past ended there was nothing now to guide the feet nothing upon which to rest them our whole reliance must be upon the courts which had increased in size until they were as large as our bodies and here we were for a time thrown into perplexity and distress we inquired and fearful whispers to what is the cord attached the question is my husband she writes was just before me and the large drops of sweat were falling from the brow the veins in his neck and Temple were increased to double their usual size and suppressed dad denies and groans came from his lips the sweat was dropping from my face I felt such anguish as I've never felt before a fearful struggle was before us and if we fail here all the difficulties of our journey had been experienced for not before us on the other side of the castle was a beautiful field of green grass about six inches high I couldn't see the sun but bright soft beams of light resembling fine gold and silver were resting on this field nothing I've seen upon earth to compare and beauty and glory with justice field but could we succeed in reaching this was the shoe 's inquiry should look for breaks we must perish we must perish Jean and whispered anguish the words were breathing out what holds this color what all the card and for a moment we hesitated to give venture for them we explained our only hope is to trust holy to the cord it has been our dependence all the difficult way they will not fail us now but still we were hesitating distressed then the words were spoken God holds the core God holds the card we need not fear and these words were repeated by those behind us accompanied with anyone else now he's brought us this far safely and my husband she writes swung himself over the fearful abyss into the beautiful field beyond and I immediately followed Nolan 's sense of relief and gratitude to God I heard voices raised in triumphant phrase of God I was happy perfectly happy I awoke what a dream to wake up from all taught me back in there although we went through the narrow way and I'll put me back we will send all our utile Hinsdale you will know hard job to be a prophet of God I awoke and found that from the anxiety experienced in passing over the difficult route every nerve on my being seem to be an attorney this dream needs no comment however we will comment on it made such an impression upon my mind that probably every item in it will be visited before meanwhile my memory shall continue turn with me to Matthew seven I hope you have your swords with you Matthew seven powerful imagery is meant what in the world does it all mean out world and explore some of it this morning and the more that I have the opportunity to share this program around the country and around the world with God 's people and without God was not steep people that don't know their his people yet I am amazed at how much deeper this vision becomes to me and it gets deeper and dislike the word of God well actually interestingly enough it was inspired by the same source the spirit of prophecy amen so anything that is of God will always have a deeper meaning for us and I know it because when when your experiences so new you you you have such a surface knowledge and such that you have a depth of knowledge and so when you read something you can only get a certain level of of of spiritual education from it but then you go back over it after you have a mask say more experience with God and more of his word and understand what think you can read the same text and it has all whole new depth to it and so that's what's happening here and our time is going so fast I am sure were not to get through all this let's read Matthew seven and verse thirteen in 3-D at the strait gate for wide is the gate and broad is the way that lead us to heaven is that right note to destruction I'm glad you have the same version ninety and many fair be which go thereat and so it's saying it is a lot of people on the Broadway and I hope there's no one here that's in the broad road in the on the Broadway on leave you will interstate to hell because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which leaders until life there's been a be a punch people still go through that gate no few there be that find it spiritually speaking friend one is the broad way that leads to internal destruction the other is the narrow way that leads to eternal life now notice that the narrow gauge is the narrow way this is where the company sealed actually find it so it's not ever going to be according to God 's word the majority that finds there a way to heaven that's what this is saying can we agree with that is the interpretations you are I believe so it was interesting though I noticed that it's this way in our towns and cities of today and a practical illustration most people only like using the broadest roads in town they only want the interstates the only one the most efficient means of getting from point a to point B and they don't really care about how they get there and who is on the path with them as long as they get to where they need to go where they want to go as fast as they can go so many efficient type a personalities like myself we do like efficient travel like efficient everything and so if we if I can find a road that I've been frustrated I must be confessed I've been surrendered but I have been frustrated I guess is a contradiction turns but I do with all the constraint construction going on around here I haven't found a street yet and I I said I declared my friend was in the car with me driving over this morning I need to find out which roads that have wrote construction from Tanzania and to heal and everyone going down like that is the whole city under construction this is highly inefficient so it are cities there are large arteries that make the flow of traffic very efficient of friends I want to declare to you in this world the devil has paved a way to make going to hell very definition hello and if we were to sometimes just get off about Broadway that is so easy to go to the habit of getting on and going into this infield like you catch the illustration you catch the application and and we were so easily taking the on ramp to the broad road in our lives day-to-day today because we develop the habit of getting on the broad road we don't realize the blessings that there are in the near railroad you can get to a whole different destination by the way to find a hold of a group of people by the way you'll find little little start for the taxi make good wholesome food etc. the fast food of the world all that are all located of course often the broad road and the application is when whenever were going through and following the masses my friends there is so much temptation and sin all around the broad road that it is impossible for us to be saved we have to take the off ramp on the broad road take the on ramp to the narrow way that leads to life amen does that make sense is the oranges are not a preacher Jesus they are not the trained preacher I'm not even a trained singer and an does the laundry to say okay yikes it's pretty sad the Gaza Strip at the bottom of the barrel and use someone like me but you know I'm just a man who saved by grace and faith in Jesus Christ and and if you have a testimony you can be quiet you need to go out and testify a man because we overcome by the blood of the lamb and want by the one created not by the what the word of their testimony you can have a testimony if you're on the broad road at least a spiritual testimony is not the testimony the world needs because the whole world there they have the same testimony test to I think in the offering I got off the problem among the narrow way that leads to life everlasting well it still got you know well construction everywhere like it does here but you know what those are just obstacles everything surrendered Jesus helps us to navigate around or sometimes through those obstacles I don't think the car rental agency that I rented the car from wood before will driving in the middle of the city in mud and water in going I hope that is a shallow pit of water otherwise were calling her worker in Jesus navigated us through and I got here praise God and so it is if we allowed Jesus Christ to help us to navigate through this life we will arrive at our destination our heavenly destination safely I don't want to follow a multitude to do evil as Exodus twenty three two tells us so whether we like it or not whether we understand enough every person on God 's good earth is traveling on one road or the other there is no middle road if the old leafing you take away today is the wind of doctrine that's blowing through the that our church today is that there's some sort of middle ground there's some sort of middle of gray area friends and that is a lie of the devil and Jesus Christ is explained very clearly he said if you are not hot if you are not called if you are Luke warm I'll let you into heaven no I will still be out of my mouth in other words if you're not a cure on the broad road and you choose to be there I'm not a force you to get on the narrow I will respect your decision I don't like it because I know works in the lead you but if that's your choice you can be on the broad road I would prefer that you're on the narrow road and others I prefer that your hot drawn fire for me your moving and being actuated by the holy your blog is for me I prefer here on the narrow road but because you're somewhere in the middle this is what he said is not a legitimate pathway to happen if there is no middle ground there is no gray area it is either you are for God or you are forsaken if anyone else says anything else they are preaching to you another gospel a sobering thought so the question to ask ourselves right this moment which would be apropos would be this is what road am I truly on MI on the broad road humoring myself that I'm on the narrow road because I happen to show up on the right day of church because I happen to show up in pace and type friends you can be on the broad road leading to destruction going to church on seven hey but you can also be going to church on Sunday and being on the narrow way hello Q on oh yeah dentists but did you notice in the vision Sister White said there was a large body of people but only a portion was prepared to journey only a portion was prepared to journey there many professed Christians today that are prepared to that some are prepared to journey and some are not prepared to journey so how do we prepare to travel typically long before we actually get on the narrow way spiritually speaking the Holy Spirit 's work diligently on our hearts in fact evangelism two eighty three says it is the work of the Holy Spirit to convince the soul of its need of Christ so long before you have a successful Bible study long before you even have the interest 's sake yes I'm willing to study with you the already to where my friends in that so that's why they're open base either need of Christ according to the word of God once this is accomplished when the soul sees he needs Christ then he begins to speak or see begins to seek for answers and acceptance is there someone else that knows I have a need and do they have any answers and then let's read on invention to their QA three let the soul look to Jesus behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world no one will be forced to look to Christ but the boys have invitation to sounding in the in yearning each reentry look and live in looking to Christ we shall see that his love is without parallel that he has taken the place of the guilty sinner he has imputed to him the spotless righteousness can you say amen at best some miracle that so that's a blessing when the sinner sees his savior drawing upon the frost under the curse of sin in his stead beholding his pardoning love love awakens in his heart this inner lives Christ because crisis first love him and love is the fulfilling of what the law the repenting soul realizes that goal God is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all on righteousness once the center has places trust my friends in Christ asking for forgiveness his sin forgiveness for his sin the way he has lived his life the bad choices even the wrong perspective he's had and ask God to impute the righteous of Jesus it Jesus to him at this point the center has become forgiven and has taken the on ramp be the also ran off of the broad and destructive way that leads to destruction to death eternal that's him I know nothing at all for gambling I didn't say that I don't want I don't want to live anymore God says he just doesn't know what your ego right over this way there's offering you take it right now please forgive me you're forgiven while on time on the net rollout a username and I got up this morning is how often should you die a bad start you on the narrow pathway this morning anyone don't phrase anybody on the Broadway this morning there's a couple going hunting so what you know listen we need to see whether we be in the field so the moment the center designed menu on the Broadwood yesterday in the morning the Holy Spirit you see your need for Christ you see you're falling you see you got back on the net on-ramp on a broad way that leads to destruction and you would know how to get here again you know what I'm talking about soon as we say Lord I want you I need you I give my life to you is like that that that indicator light goes on and and and Jesus clears the way we don't even have to look if there's any obstacles around us can you say amen and because there is no obstacle at the moment just say I'm coming to Christ I believe without a shadow of doubt that God put a hedge of protection around that's all and since we are moving them off of the Broadway is mounted at an old so today when we won a road trip with a specific destination in mind do we leave without supplies or plan some do and they don't even know where the world that can wind up and they just want that experience on I would not like that experience some people do God bless you yet I phase no way I need to know where I'm going what time I need to be there how it's all done up layout and when things start interrupting that is a perfect opportunity for me to grow patients we don't leave I don't I hope you don't leave on a journey of us that the purpose of the journey but friends God is not left us without a plan without a roadmap he has said look I give you a specific road map that leads to heaven because then we failed to properly prepare for any journey we will most likely never get there or it will take a read Dick Gillis amount of time to get there right for example if we didn't put fuel we failed to prepare a fuel in the tank how far would we get well if the destination exceeds what's in the tank monogamy get there right so friends if we don't plug into Jesus Christ if you will NBC ruled by his grace sealed by his word sealed by the Holy Spirit my friends to partake is not filled up we will not complete the journey if you got filled up last month I guarantee you you're running on empty vector not even running in the it every day we have to make the tank has to be topped off can you say amen all right you get the point that make sense so God 's grace God 's power the Holy Spirit is the fuel is the energy if you will that the Christian needs to be on this journey you know a vehicle is not he parked in the garage and left they are some people do that and I think it's a waste of vehicle is its very purpose before it was created was to move people or cargo or something from one place to another now each one of us on a journey read on a journey of a broad road run a journeyman of the narrow way that leads to life this experience is of this vessel in earthen vessel tangible to convey me my spirit my soul the essence of who I am from this place it was made for the very purpose of a bridging the gap the golf that's there to be with God and to worship God that's what I'm designed to do to have a worshipful relationship with Jesus Christ not just the middle on his right and that in that it is not what this is this is about having an open by eating law from the holy spirit about having an abiding principle God 's Word God 's love written in our flesh that becomes spiritual so when we see the spiritual law inside of incentive payments we say I'm already yours and your are reminding users I know I can't operate here we really lessened this relationship thing we never go without directions were wrote at least I think properly prepared people don't have and don't tell you right now this Bible and the spirit of prophecy are the roadmaps they are the roadmaps Saldana throw out one or the other or both and John at the end of time said my people need a more clear if you will a more detailed map and so I will give them the spirit of prophecy I will give in this beautiful gift if you are not convincing you do not know that Ellen White was the spirit filled Christian that by the Holy Spirit of God to write what she wrote under the function of the Holy Spirit then you just don't happen to know something that I know is the best-kept secret Christian should be secret but it is an mild goal is to say the Bible and the spirit of prophecy are not to be a secret but a blessing for God 's people I don't go out Walmart wrote a sake Alan Wright a prophet of God wrote it so another problem that just because they don't understand the was okay it's as much about St. John wrote all not here he got no run going in this morning at the home of the conversation the word of God is a roadmap and we can get on the road and stay on the road with purpose and determination no waiting that we will arrive at our destination in fact Jesus has promised each one of us that he will leave no way while were on this narrow pathway he will guide us around sometimes through different obstacles or roadblocks that we might encounter he is already traveled to heaven friends and is already traveled back so guess what he knows that will and as always better to travel with someone who knows what a okay I want to follow some folder doesn't know the way to heaven while a lot of us are or am I to follow Jesus who already knows the way to heaven the Guardian understands that the narrow way in fact the only notable by whale God is in the sanctuary we all know that Jesus Christ is right now ministering our behalf may not mediating an artist and so Jesus already knows that this point the Army knows because he was born out of a imagine the King of Kings the creator of all lays off his crown sets aside his second book I will go become like them even lower than some of my creation the jewels out that even tells as angels I will have to rely on your power to get me through there will be times when I need you to view the creator yes so he knows the pathway throw this physical being you know the pathway as a baby as a child and as a man tempted in all points like as we are young with victory he's been on the around of hard knocks the again and he says not only did I die which was what's going to happen to you if you don't follow me but I will die for you and I will go up and they haven't I will be at the right hand of God I'm not only that I will go into the most holy place and minister for you so for the wrong map has been laid out from our way and do the same show Larry and if we follow Jesus does when we get to go right into the sink while we yet you I followed your he knows the way these are either still friends we must take with us on our journey spiritual supplies God Jesus the holy spirit the word of God are attend you and other Christians and those who do not know Jesus we must take them with us and teach them we must be prepared to did you notice in this in that we got a really move fast I've got seventeen minutes I'm on page seven of sixteen it's not good happen I think they had heavily loaded wagons and as they traveled the road ascended selected the hot heavily loaded wagons represent could symbolize that they are we are so spiritually prepared that we have to take something with us to carry our amazing spiritual load the heavily loaded wagons I've I believe are a representation of the chairs of this world that they start out heavily you know we can still get off the broad road because now this talking about their score on the narrow road so apparently at the beginning of our spirits which is the road is wide enough to take me as I am a man take me as I had so the road is wide enough to bring all my baggage and in my case I have a bunch of emotional baggage and other because of all the treasury I went through as a child the great emotional baggage and I brought all of that with me I had worldly problems I preconceived idea of everything that you could hop into a lump into a a a wagon I had a wagon train okay I when I came the road was wide enough to hold my wagon train okay and so when I got on that I took off the broad road it was really easy in the broad road that you don't hear the narrow as well as right there at the edge that we sign here and so they had heavily loaded wagons so is your garage or closet or your paid for storage unit heavily loaded with things that you would need if you're paying to store stuff there's something wrong I tell you there's a lot better use for your money the jump of any league and what happens if you go through it all you don't follow what was I Christmas again or what have you forgot what they you forgot you had it that means you have a new is the last what thirty seven years you probably don't need my wife and I go on it to annual cleans and almonds there were about ready to gamble to have another yard zone about too much not a and we do this twice a year at minimum once a year we go through and if we have not used it in a year were not using the next year we take we sell all that we rolled right into the ministry it not only frees you that helps you on the last day hello art so we got to move on sadly journey there is a ADD precipice on one side and a high white smooth wall on the other so what does the deep precipice symbolized quickly the world okay anything exactly so that they on one side of the press of his it is the world I believe an and on the edge on the narrow way is the player that if we get too close to add the devils there who wants to snag us and we can fall off of the narrow way off the pathway to heaven and back into the world one wall the white wall I believe is symbolic of Jesus and his righteousness will come back to then does the moment so then he continues on the road grew narrower and steeper what's the significance of the road growing narrow and steeper yes it is the difficulties of the other Christian life not only the start why and become narrowed like this there are narrower places in the road you see what I'm saying so it's not just as wide and it narrows and so you can keep bringing your preconceived ideas even religiously or what we can bring all the things of the world with you that it does represent that but there are even narrower and even steeper places in the route and friends we've all experienced that as we go through this day as we go through this day in life as a Christian we see there are many obstacles that that could be set up sometimes it what people Christians do they see in obstacle and instead of closing pressing close to the wall going around that which we know the righteousness of Christ Jesus Christ is the white while we go around in this way for a while that's that's a scary proposition and not so whenever we come to an obstacle friends it might be a steep one it might be a narrow one think of this the closer we are to Jesus Christ during the whole pathway even narrow it is still walking on a narrow way way but if you use a walking on it what can I get away with and still beat and happiness what can I get away with and still be a Christian as soon as it narrows you did what you know the story of the man who was looking for a driver for his carriage and he was looking for the best he was a wealthy man and he said I want a good driver I want you and he told in three different people and as I remember the story and he says I want you to take and drive me as close as you can do the edge of that on that that ravine there that clip as we go along the winding mountain and show me your skills in writing of the character he's right there along the edge and that man was within twelve inches the whole way and you said you are a fine driver I'll let you know the next man he was even better he was driving within six inches on the road going as fast as he could he never fell off he said you are an amazing driver I will let you know the third man comes through is going slowly and carefully up against the wall and the other doesn't once we got this new bagman now this is a guy gives anyone and the man got Shaw because he was as far away from the cliff as he could be to where it was safety because that man knew he had a precious cargo and he needed to get that cargo safely to the other side and that meant that Richmond said I hire you because you understand and I can trust you to get your friends Jesus Christ is not about helping us and wanting us to get to the edge and see how close we can come to the world without falling he wants us up against his righteous is accepting accepting his power accepting his life except he has commanded accepting lifestyle standards and being as close to him as we can so that the end of the path the clip 's almanac not right here and now so sometimes very difficult very difficult narrow places in the road eighteen forty four man that was steep that was narrow Jesus death that was narrow for the disciples that was tough and art spaces Christians will sometimes we will have to when it seems that the road is fallen out from under our feet on the road is gotten so steep that we can't pull the load remark we have to realize you're right we can't overlook and what Jesus wants to do is to cut the load off cut this season and the world off it is much easier to go and climb uphill on a steep winding road if you don't even have a backpack so what are you holding on to what's in your life that is making the narrow roads so difficult you have even stopped you can even progress anymore they what's in your life I don't know God knows the Holy Spirit knows that's what's important as what we don't have traced we going to confess your sins to a man and a man can't do any thing for us was in your life is your wagon so heavy that it's good to take an entire beast of burden or maybe argue that beast of burden trying to carry the wagon of stuff in your life Jesus has come unto me all you delivered heavy laden and I will give you rest has has someone hurt you and violated you like they did me when your child just wants to cut out a way to I can tell you I was a messed up guy emotionally I didn't know how to love I couldn't be loved I didn't accept it a but even came up to me who wanted to hug me I was like what especially if a man did because I was molested repeatedly by different male figures in my life as for Jesus Christ in zero eight cut all of that out of my heart to where I like to hunt his guy around now a man prays a lot that's a miracle every father might have on your face he and his God because his power in the Gospels is power in the narrow way so yes it starts why but it does narrow are you willing to take God at his word did you notice that some of these Christians were not willing to let it although they took some of the stuff off the wagons and put him on the horses and that some of us were not willing to give it all the Jesus we got to take some of it we need to have it we need all this money and her makeup we need all this stuff we need a big house we need big cars we need airplanes we need this we need that now we know we need Jesus Christ he will supply all our needs were hoarding all the steps and were going why is so hard for me to get that on God are you hearing me this morning page nine sixteen and eight minutes left on they progress it says none noticed is still progressing but some are running if you will and some are not I with all the cares of the world even though we have different struggles friends we are still progressing if we are on the narrow pathway following Jesus sometimes it's hard sometimes easier sometimes there's just a reprieve sometimes but that the narrow pathway does flatten out sometimes I have noticed that as well we have to press close it says here as we progressed division continues the past continue to grow narrow so never gets wider it just keeps getting narrow and we were obliged to press close to the wall close to Jesus Christ in order to save ourselves from falling back into the world off of it narrow road in doing this the luggage on the horses pressed against the wall soon other words anything any see any preconceived idea anything even theological ideas anything that stresses I guess the righteousness of Christ will cause us to sway toward the world so friends but Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit our group everything that he needs to in our life so we can press close to the white wall to Jesus Christ in doing this luggage on the horses pressed against the wall was caused to sway toward the precipice so in other words everything that we have in our life that we hold onto it that is not for our are good for the journey it inhibits our journey does that make sense it comes between us in Christ to come between us and our internal inheritance look at this way went out whatever we hold onto in our life that Jesus doesn't want for us it is something that Satan can wrap his rope around of Digitek that whatever we hold onto in our life that is not of God it gives the devil permission to put his robe around that same we hold onto nothing and he's been appalled because were not holding onto Jesus Draper had to keep us on the road anymore because wanting a drink the way that we want to whatever this thing is a television sports a million things you name it Internet not be what ever it may be pride blah blah blah blah a million things that get or find a hold on to that is not for our benefit and the journey so you have access to that they never holding onto it he's down there underneath the clip we got her on he is one man this is really top why can't I walk with the Lord because were holding on to the things that God said to you home make sense the visual so the question is what is in your life that the devil does have his role attached to and he by the way do you think the Devils goes will get them off like this have you noticed the Devils play for keeps yeah the Devils play for keeps so what is in our life that were holding onto because here's this is also this is the gospel by the way as soon as we go that's what happens I will there goes the devil back into his bed right think about it friends what is in your life that you're holding up is if you hold onto it you are not that overcome a supernatural value way stronger than you he's buffed and he's been up for you now gains four seven says submit yourselves the John resist the devil and he will flee from you that is an equation by the way that is of power to unlock anything that you need in your life to overcome and where were rapid up here we only got the about page ten sixty so submit yourselves therefore to God what does it mean to submit how do you submit as a Christian that go deftly that go of what every thing we been talking about so far how else do submit every day every moment that's how often absolutely how do we submit what's what would be a very easy of submission that we all know the phrase that's right yes a good payment so here it is I would only give you a prayer of submission that will unlock heaven so outside of Solomon Freire and keep for it just like on the tray it will unlock everything that you have to get it right though and then there is a technical what you have to say the prayer in the right way to unlock heaven there is a method to this are you ready for it you want to know what it is because if you want to stay on a narrow pathway if you want to unlock every single thing you need to keep you on the road you'll have to know this prayer are you ready okay I would suggest you get the proper prayer position they as a good one right there in and here's what I believe if you like this is currently standing on one print on one leg and the devil to come and push you over pretty easily but this moment that you center your grubby little lower than we did over here you get down a little lower like this before almost a tripod event and is difficult for the Lord for the devil to push you over to your center of gravity as low in your humble position and so when you pray it has been prior it's a network free here's what is ready to go pay attention if this is pretty long too ready I met him in his legitimate prayer out nothing for it just like that you say those words all those words heaven will be empty to help you that's called surrender submitting to go it's not just asking for that is also submitting to his will when you say help and he impresses your mind with where you need to change we need off the broad wrote down the narrow than you say I will because the next part of the sup Scripture is submit yourselves therefore to God and the next part is what what resist the devil if you try to resist in your own power and you're going to fail FY starts with submission FY starts with the connection that's why starts without prayer and if you say help your asking for the power to overcome any shield briefing that you need God will not hold withhold one thing that you need to overcome so you start with submitting you start with surrender and then you are given the power to resist the devil and using and guess what happens on the third part of the Scripture and the devil will sleeve from you with all right back down where he belongs I wish we had more time to run a time zone good speaking behold you will interweave some more the symbolic meaning in the concert tomorrow at two o'clock friends for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that every man that believes in him should not want perish but have ever lasting life friends God bless you I love you and may your needs remain in the book of


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