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Galatians 4—Two Covenants

Norman McNulty


Part 4 of 5 in series on Galatians given on May 26, 2011.


Norman McNulty

Neurologist at Southern Tennessee Regional Health System, Lawrenceburg, TN



  • May 26, 2011
    8:00 AM
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I will follow wherever Colonel has started father in heaven we thank you for another day we thank you that we can have another mountainous times you have enough a word of Scripture and we pray for a special was as we look at Galatians chapter for this one as the name of Jesus a month and so he let that the first three chapters English correlations chapter one we saw that Pauline mine in the church of Galatia that he was an apostle Paul by God to preach the gospel and he marveled that they were so soon Sharon Jewett a mother different than the one the easiest time and then he sells personal testimony last chapter one verse of chapter team of how he was and she knew exceedingly zealous persecuting the Christians and anyone in the law of the Jews fault and then after his conversion he talks about how the apostle Peter despite voices need got carried away or influenced by Judaizing Christians and another was to have the fear of man all the seed and clearly shows what salvation is what justification by faith is not in order to have salvation we must be applied with Christ of the gospel is the gospel of surrender and then chapter three he tells the Galatians that you have been the way Christ was sent forth crucified among the and yet you have insurance and a different Gospel one of the things I thought about this yesterday with that when we see Jesus crucified him Ross and I really noted they will surrender our lives and so many euros through chapter three times Abraham how he received righteousness and that she is the covenant that God made with Abraham and then he talks about the lawn how was the schoolmaster to bring us to Christ that once Christ came to sign him a demonstration of the gospel and therefore there was to have the price on Abraham 's not the only season now reality chapter forty eight and if you look at Vienna chapter three uses of heaving price is twenty nine then are ye Abraham 's seed and heirs according to the promise when you accept Christ you become an era salvation and so he continues on chapter four is now I say that hair as long as he is a child differs nothing from the servant of the Lord of all but eleven shooters and governors until the time when it of the father so the obvious example would be for example Trent is the colony as well as the United Kingdom on and the Queen Elizabeth right now when she was much younger she had her son Prince Charles he's been aired in the for quite some time diabetes for example when I was advised Prince Charles was two years old with friends Prince Charles would be King of England he would have been that he would not have happened knowledge or ability to carry out over the function is that he wouldn't have been the king that he would have had you have overseeing the living room so they seem to function in that role properly what Paul is saying here is that what when you are in the child of God and because of what Christ did as the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world making a means for salvation we became heirs of the kingdom of God from the very time or we have the potential to be heirs and if we accepted rise even before he came we have the potential shoot grow up to be a full mature person with the knowledge of God but before Jesus came and gave up for them duration we were in the dispensation of this world like shown needed to go to training and what he's teaching us is that there were all saying here is that along with our cheater and a time so the long wizard shooter our governor that we were under until the time appointed of the five women continue numbers reasons even so when we were children we were in bondage under the elements of the world by the supplements in the Bible commentary and whereas as we are in bondage of the economy elements of the world where what you see here is Paul is clearly connecting being hundred shooters and governors with being under bondage to the elements of the world Lisa Stevens 's so the clear continuation system just as children are underachievers and governors they are an heir to the throne even so we were in bondage to the elements of the world is like and what the commentary says it it shares that the element hello world the word for elements are actually describes the laws that guide the world that we live in is and what follows are not as we were under bondage to the law when we were children before we had a full demonstration a few crisis we were in bondage under this law and that in the contrast becomes very clear verse four but when the fullness of the time was on God sent forth his son made on the woman made under the law to redeem them that were under the law that we might receive the adoption is analysis shows Jesus came we receive the adoption of sons we became heirs now this is the amazing thing about being an air if you look at Romans eight specifically it talks about how yes Jesus is the son of God but when we accept Jesus as our Savior we also become heirs of God is a just as Jesus is the son of God we can become heirs of the same from and the wonderful message of salvation here's what Paul Sangamon is as interesting as when the fullness of time was come God sent forth his son made of a woman on his memories of Jesus was made a human name not only analysis he was made under the law which means I see came in human nature with a kind of human nature that we see was made under the law specifically to redeem them that were under the anti- people several precedent-setting initiative of the meeting that he needed a Savior while Paul says Christ as man and woman made under the law to redeem them that were under the law so Christ obviously you need a Savior release each team in the humanity that we have she read deem us that we might receive adoption and Paul continues because you are sons God sent forth spiritedness on your hearts crying all so when we become sons of God we enter into a relationship with God where we see God the father as a loving to send his son to give us salvation in verse seven wherefore there are now more a servant but a son and if the son then an heir of God through Christ County anemone knew not God he did service under them which by nature or no God and the nose or sinuses but now after that you have known God or rather are known of God how ensure near the end of the weekend in early elements whereunto you desire in a VM on his posting this one these laws run you and you were in bondage under these laws they were the laws that were like shooters and gunners until it's time to the point that Jesus was they help you to gain a knowledge of you God was that you were a servant to those laws so to speak so you have a better demonstration of who Christ is and now that Christ is he is made possible to you to be an heir of God through Christ so why would you go back to the things that you were in bondage the weekend beggarly elements of the world and a practical illustration many of us have a time in our lives when we were in the war in the Bible while the world according to the principle and then time came in our lives where we saw Jesus as our Savior we accepted him we receive salvation and we felt that freedom that came in Christ as so often happens with many Christian why do the things they once were in bondage and question has why would you go back why would you desire to go back to the things that you were in bondage to you that you would deliver for so just as the Galatians so it is today and Paul specifically talks about the things that they were involved to citizens very clear that the Jewish Christians were affected person you observe these amounts and times in years I am afraid of you must laughingly have bestowed upon you waiver in vain what are these days most times in years in fact these were the Jewish ceremonial thing that were on specific days of the year in these Jewish Christian virtues and when Jesus died on the cross guaranty brings salvation that you still need to keep the Jewish ceremonial system similar to keep all of these ceremonies and all of those things which the feast by the way were based on the monthly cycle of the main sources days and months the feast days were based on the new man and you can see that Colossians chapter two impulses are you afraid of you must either set up on you labor and vendors still people that it is actually a string with an even harsher strategic and orders the seal of God must see these days of the Jewish system but I'll say she observe these days on afraid list by Mister labor on your team and then he goes on an and versus twelve through fifteen he speaks about how came he became an even though he had an infirmity in the force which was the fact that he was had for eyesight he preach the gospel and talks about how they were so what I presume that they could have they would've given their eyes and they were somewhat by his mother like remember last time because now they're turning away from morning remember my freaking you were so was by my preaching even though you knew that I was not an infirmity in my flesh and I couldn't see very well you were so blessed and he knew that God was speaking you are willing almost to give your own eyes to me the volume if possible at least not so then he says and Hesiod he said he I was received as an angel of God even as Christ is the first fourteen verse sixteen am I therefore become your enemy reason I tell you the true anyhow we need more pastors and teachers to just tell the truth do not be afraid of now and it just treat people pleasing ceremonies to perhaps they have thoughtfully someone and the truth and now they see the person turning away from the clear teachings of truth but they don't want to send them so they just preach watered-down easing made messages and people just come to church feeling good about themselves and walking away feeling like they're just fine in Jesus at times he would speak right to the heart it wasn't like everything is ever so just please every there came a time when Jesus gave a message of separation so Paul says am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you that you nicely in the Jewish Christian seasons they zealously affect the not well even when explaining that he might affect that it is going to be cells infected always and again and not only will present winning anonymous first license is my little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you and this is the essence of God Paul sang it as if I am going through the pain of labor as ICU bank deceived by these false teachers and I will go through if necessary what a spiritual sense how women go through the pain of labor I will go through that experience so you have the true experience of the Gospel of Christ being and we need to labor for our brothers and sisters in the same way verse twenty desire to be present with you now and the change my voice right then and now to tell me you that desire to be under the law unite here the law is like those of you who you sure the trade-off now you want to go back to being under the bondage of the law of having that has the means of salvation in Christ and salvation he says let me give you an illustration here the illustrations of the truth the timeline summarizing Paul says here in verses twenty two through twenty six he gives an illustration of how Abraham had to sign Isaac finished one with three Hagar one with your spare Hagar was the server or bondwoman through whom Ishmael was born Sarah was the free woman through him Isaac was born by promise impulses that this is an allegory of the two thousand one is the continent where people work according to the flash and set all the goddesses and we will be the other covenant is the promise of God where God says through my power I will be something that is not possible in Abraham 's case he says I will give you just as I will write my will on your hearts and minds and give you a new heart will give you and so what Paul says then he says in verse twenty five this Hagar is Mount I am Iranian of the old heaven where the law was written in tables of stone analysis is an answer is in the margin of the King James this is an is in the same rank with so Hagar is a symbol of the covenant at Mount Sinai which is in the same ranks of Jerusalem which now is singers were volatile those jeers in the literal Jerusalem right now are just like Teilhard which was like the old covenant given when God 's people so we will try to be what you said and Abraham when gossip you want a child Abraham said okay I can go for an abortion it was one of writing while there was nothing shocking about that because they are more than childbearing age and of the law of biology that Sarah was the time of childbearing age and Gaza I will do a miracle I will give in that which is implausible humanly speaking and humanly speaking humanity cannot make a new heart that God does through my power I will write my lot work character in your hearts and minds so that you will have a and so Paul is saying the twenty sixth at Jerusalem which is above which is the mother of us all is intriguing please resist twenty seven to thirty one for it is written rejoice thou barren that bears not right for a nontrivial and desolate hath many more children than she which hath not in other words people who live according to the flesh are much more numerous than people who walk on that we brethren as Isaac was are the children of promise but I then see that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the Spirit even so it is now additional he was born after the flesh persecuted Isaac and so it is now those who walk according to the flesh persecute the Christians you walk one he nevertheless was that the Scripture of the bond woman for the son of a bondwoman shall not be heir with some of the freedom free woman so then brethren we are not children of the bond woman but of the free insert here in chapter four makes it explicitly clear if you are following the Jewish system in which the Galatians were falling into you are not following Christ we as children of Abraham Ennis year shall sense we do not follow the Jewish ceremonial system and more we allow God to write as long of our hearts and minds which is the symbol of how Abraham and Sarah were able to help Isaac when it was not humanly possible abusive through saying they believe the promise that God would give and we who are children of Abraham through faith believe that God will give us new life and that is the new cabinet and what Paula sang as a Galatians if you do what you do you're continuing to be you will be under the old time and just use there any elves that will leave your salvation so Paul love them so much this is my little children of whom I travail in birth I guess until Christ be formed in you or in other words and sources was written in your heart so here we stand the first four chapters were manufacturers that inhalations tomorrow we seen in the first four chapters Paul has been contending against the false gospel in teaching what the true gospel was so may we experience that true gospel is in you and you for the next conference will offer both a father in heaven thank you for all you have made search as the Scripture may we be right Isaac is child of the free one thing we have truth is not yours plus the faith and the promise is our God we thank you for your blossoms is there with us is that prison is


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