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Question and Answer Session

Dennis Priebe



  • April 15, 2006
    5:30 PM
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firstly for the first question someone asked if I would say a word about May seventy one May seven as you and him and they can command the day the most remarkable thing that I've seen in modern history that the churches that have denied that the ten Commandments handicap and as that was nailed to the cross now want to have the ten Commandments day for the entire United States without getting too high force about the season you look at your inconsistencies was used this ten Commandments day for telling people about where the ten Commandments should be playing in the heart not on stone tables and we can read it on the taxonomy tables installed on the fleshy tablets of the heart so let's use the day there are movements of what to get magazines into people 's hands on ten Commandments day with the ten Commandments being emphasized you can find out about those become a part of it you might well find something valuable to do this quest is your first question in your three o'clock meeting housings you explain it sometimes when we read the Bible are opinions of the Bible contradict with Ellen White says about the Bible and I got the impression that you that you might have said that sometimes the Bible contradicts nonwhites as nukes someone else mentioned that this is what I was saying was that my colleague said that sometimes Ellen White's ideas contradict the Bible and that when her writings contradict the Bible we reject her because you can't have veto power over the Bible so he was saying that there is an inevitable conflict at times between the Bible and her writings when that happens we take the Bible and reject her what I was trying to point out perhaps I didn't do it well enough is that bad attitude says that my opinions of what the Bible say supersede what Ellen White says the Bible says and at that point my opinion becomes the of the you know what is no longer the authority and I what I was wanting to say was that at that point I am placing my mind over the inspiration of the word of God that is making of none effect the word of God by our tradition so I was opposing the view of my colleagues on what you would say that the Bible and never country what I'm saying is just as just as Paul does not contradict Jane that was Martin Luther 's wrong result direct contradiction there I believe that Paul does not contradict Jane I believe that Jesus does not contradict Paul for instance some have said that Jesus taught the new birth as justification and Paul taught legal justification say no in order disagree at all there in total harmony on that does the Old Testament contradict the New Testament so what I'm saying is apparent contradictions in inspiration always resolve themselves without a study that's likely I will not take it to the extent of details very careful on this here is an area were sometimes we stumble and fall were there seventy two people or seventy that came out of Egypt with Joseph with Jacob came out of Israel into Egypt seventy two or seventy Genesis as a one-way access it another way seventy two or seven there is a text in the New Testament which the text is quoted and then it's the wrong author in the Old Testament is quoted as the author but we did it with those things discrepancies people say that's proof of the Bible contradicts itself you know in the book of Chronicles of the book of Samuel in one book it says the Lord caused the spirit of the David to number Israel and the other it says Satan sent the Spirit Dave number is around well who was a Boulevard or safe as they were dealing here with some apparent contradictions remember how inspiration works my friends inspiration does not give verbal statements inspiration does not give details it does not give chronologies it does not give historical backgrounds inspiration his concepts of truth and the profit and loss by the historical background of that is Ellen White so clearly sad when the great controversy details were revealed to her when she saw in vision what happened during the Middle Ages and the Reformation times she saw as her son this private flashlight pictures of that time and then she went to the history books to find out what King was ruling at that time what nation it was what the city was in which it occurred and therefore and she put that into the vision even voting for many Protestant scholars on that point Wiley etc. on these various points to substantiate the history the Lord is not always good details she was given age he said there were so many rooms in the sanitarium at Ellen Sabin Willett turned out there were more rooms in that singling sanitarium and whatnot ha ha herself up and Ellen Sabin was that it was a Paradise Valley and my wrong and how to correct it I stand corrected paradise Valley the wrong number of rooms in the status area she said the Lord never revealed that in Lord has revealed details like that brought you don't be very careful he reveals truth he reveals concepts he reveals precepts and then the profit skills in certain details so there can be apparent contradiction of the details there will never be contradiction of Drew I know that's a hard one and people stumbled over that would not have a correct understanding and inspiration are we willing to all right brotherly and perhaps the lessee how can we do this with the microphone I don't avoid Nellis was there over and would perceive the was standing in the whole thing over and over one thousand and one oh oh census is being recorded I think I had been rash microphone of your question first of all homer of the Marxist view your printer no I don't please you will not share with all of us know how they got an error that has millionaire you don't want to do that although I didn't really open those of the year no I haven't what one I don't do is I don't generally get in on the intimate workings of some of the committees that happen these days I hear it just like you folks do from the grapevine so I'm waiting to hear your sister I mentioned that Christ tendencies to send to my house and I study the league quotation says that Christ in nineteen propensities good if you could explain if the contingency yes yes let's be very clear that the word propensities not occur in Scripture it is an alibi concept she uses the word Scripture does not so the creaky question is what you mean in the letter to Baker Baker letter when she said that not for one moment was there in Christ and evil propensity the problem is you look it up in the dictionary of propensity is inclination or tendency in the dictionary and so now we have that little dilemma that we are faced with I hear at this point I think I'm going to share to her three save him from the spirit of prophecy that might help to give us a little bigger perspective on this so we get it just as clear as we can be patient for just a moment we need not retain one's sinful propensity as you and me we need not retain one's sinful programs Bible commentary volume seven page nine forty three while on it we have to keep our tendencies the tendencies of our nature or do you believe in only flash the tendencies of our nature will disappear the second at the close of probation as friends we believe how many of us believe that I hope none of us because I thought the Bible of the spirit of prophecy our fallen nature stays until the second coming of Christ our tendencies to send stay until the second coming of Christ they were born into us they say but we need not retain one simple propensity that must be a difference she says also the grace of God works in us to deny old inclinations to overcome powerful propensities and formula half parallel there is these have its price object lessons three good before she says although their evil propensities may seem to them as precious as the right-hander the right eye they must be separated from the worker or he cannot be acceptable to God propensities separate tendencies for offensive him is one seventy one and one seventy two and then listen the statement which may unlock propensity natural or acquire upward look great with regard to propensity to categories natural born into us or acquire chosen to know how which propensities can you get rid of the day on your nature not dependencies but your habits we need not retain one simple habit is what you say in Bible commentary volume seven page nine forty three not one habit is inevitable for us to retain although our natures and our tendencies must be retained there are three meanings for the word propensity in the writings of Ellen White number one holy propensities number two fall and propensities and number three chosen propensities we inherit holy we inherit fallen we develop chosen we develop a sweet tooth for ice cream or whatever it is some warning to us some people have no desire for it but we develop certain propensities and they are encouraged by repetition and they can be discouraged by the power of Jesus Christ they can be reversed propensity in my judgment refers to those parts of our lives which we have developed and which can be reversed by the power of Jesus Christ and not for one moment was there an evil habit pattern the life of Jesus Christ is vitally not for one moment that Jesus Christ develop these negative 's so I make a difference between tendencies in propensity not on the basis of the dictionary on the basis of context and usage that's how we determine the Bible or the spirit of prophecy meaning context and usage there don't ever ever use a dictionary to define the meaning of the word in the Bible flash we find in the dictionary no help at all for the meaning of the word flesh in the writings of Paul God whom I will be authored by the word out when a later dictionary says the word you is true the disc Ford has ceased keeping them is a truly cease keeping the Sabbath perhaps you have more information on this than I do or perhaps someone else can help us here here is my latest information and is a couple of years old on what doesn't work is done he has retired to Australia he has gone back into teaching the last I heard I don't know but still true but it was at a Baptist seminary and he has requested that his name be withdrawn from the membership roles of the Seventh-day Adventist church they got surprises you but he's been a member in good and regular standing up until about three years ago and even requested that his member should be withdrawn at that point from the Pacific Union College church which is where I am also a member and so at this point that is the last official thing that he has done I have heard what you've heard but I heard no substantiation of that up to this point does anybody have any kind of clarification that you know what that is not just a rumor apparently not so apparently at this point if you have anything that you know about you more than I sleep it seems though from my observation that cleanly weekend yes the influence of the Spirit on all events weaken the Sabbath it kind of goes I'll tell you exactly how well it doesn't for has not done that a colleague of his has done it perfectly is a time and a half in who I also worked with the more that haven't they also given up again I don't was sure I heard rumors that her substantiation I do know this for a fact the one that was with Desmond Ford in all of this procedure supported in one hundred percent came over from Australia to help support what he did by the name of Robert brings me can from decade to decade show exactly what you're talking about right here in the fifties and sixties these aborted almost everything were talking about today almost everything with the exception of original sin in the seventies he shifted over because Original Sin forced him to shift his position is he a you believe in original sin you cannot believe that we are going to be perfect at the close of probation you have to believe it will be perfect at the second coming of Jesus Christ because we will still be used as sending by nature until Jesus comes and Robert Presley have to make a choice between Original Sin and the perfection of the hundred forty four thousand the Joe's original sin and rejected the perfection of the hundred forty four thousand and so we joined with Desmond Ford and his movement at that time then in the eighties he began to question the Sabbath he began to question the spirit of the day of the sanctuary and the various other things in the nineties he became an atheist and today the best of my knowledge there is no substance there is no savior there is no atonement the only sin is not in being a good person that's the only scenarios unless Europe really needs your message I just got back from Newbold College where he spent ten days giving seminar I met so much opposition white and the Spirit prompts the school I went to forty four years ago I saw a complete change in doctor verse twelve also in this was the principle is in college when I was there Ellen White spirit of prophecy and a beautiful about this on anymore they're playing soccer today as recently sure on the Sabbath and a lot of other things norms and so on but Europe is even farther on then England is right and we need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Europe they were unfortunately afflicted by the teachings of the manual and great influence in the administered in Europe and Conrad and he did not like the spirit of prophecy he did not like some of the other issues of Adventism and there were very few spirit of prophecy books translated into the European languages force for decades and only now are they beginning somewhat to be translated so my friends be very thankful at this point that you happen to be in the lab for certain prophecy is easily accessible in some parts of the world it's almost impossible to get a spirit of prophecy will I noted one little thing is to say this right now right out of the blue the one country I'm not saying the only country but the one I become acquainted with that held pretty has helped me strongly to the teachings of Adventism is the country of Romania and the reason for that country is because of the high value placed on the spirit of prophecy during these years it didn't succumb to that rejection holds wholesale of the spirit of prophecy that's the difference that I've seen in one country in your are honest in hand here that's than a curiosity unity among the manager and the national geography all right but the National Geographic program inverted baobab it is been interviewed on the on the issue of prophecy along with a number of how many just say this first of all you will hear a beautiful I'm sure I heard you will hear a beautiful testimony by Doug Batchelor the authority of Scripture and the value of prophecy and then the very next thing you're going to hear is a total denial of all about by various other faces appearing on the National Geographic said the program there are real whole bunch of people with various different views on the subject and so it'll be a little smorgasbord right there as soon as you'll see as it will not be quite as wonderful as we might hope although we can still hope that his message will come through to the hearts of honest people and the last question to ask is I have the faintest idea what his new job as anybody know already fast is already done they will air back to their no known this on okay so he saw that doesn't mean it will be seen again National Geographic runs and over again so does nobody know you don't these as it has been seen already there is invited that doesn't mean it will be seen again the I'm in the dark would like the rest of your video this summer sometime ago okay that's the answer then looked on the website and find out it is amazing facts websites on you is not habits this house is like we'll is and you know Ellen White was posed the question how can Christ be tempted in all points like as we are that's a difficult question I was a woman tempted as a man know how a woman is tempted Jesus died at the age of thirty three how does he know how and ninety -year-old people suffering from a degenerative diseases in him what my parents go through very difficult period of their life when they no longer had the strength of the ones that is faster than experience so there are a number of areas where you can say he didn't have that same exact temptation that we had and Ellen White when she was asked that question she said that as a ministry that is a mystery that we do not have a complete answer or we are not given but I'm going to say is very simple and it may not satisfy these the only answer I know Jesus was tempted in all points like as we are the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride of life those are the three great temptations of math under which all temptations are some soon fleshly impulses what we see in our desires our ambitions our wants are feelings are added to even put all the temptations that we come into under those headings male or female we just have different varieties of approaches those temptations Jesus was tempted in all points all basic areas of human temptation he was tempted to yield the wall of these things not who did not form the habits that we have he was not bound by the chains that bind us so how can reveal the depth of my training he could feel very strongly because remember his major was pure his nature was wholly under the control of the Holy Spirit me I have yielded the San already send us your very repulsive it appears attractive it appears reasonable it appears logical for if I were truly a holy being repugnant the sin I would be a soul what's the word every I sent me it would be just like an electric shock penetrating into my space that I would feel his horror and I would feel the pain of it now it's kind of well I've been with all my life no big deal I don't know which is harder to be honest with you I don't know which is harder to fight against the chains of sin that bind me and seem to be on the impossible or to be in a position where I were a holy person is assaulted and relay with on holiness and satanic thoughts and Satanic ideas and Satanic attitudes and is constantly being hit with this in every moment of every day I honestly don't know which is harder to live with on a day by day basis so in answer to your question I don't have a good answer I know that Jesus was tempted do everything that I have formed a habit of without forming the habit of it I know that every kind of area of my life where I have formed the habit he was tempted to form that happen in terms of overcoming evil habits no he was not in I think Ellen White said the only wise thing that is a mystery that God is not revealed to I know that is the greatest moments only answer Marais anyone else you promise to give you any answers today I promise to get us question I have a question open again articulated have you noticed those that believe that Jesus to the unfallen nature of Christ also believe that sexual sanctification is not a part of the process you articulated very well there is no reason I would bring up the subject there is listened to I would not touch him I really wanted to go back as a young pastor I believe in that Jesus took our nature I even preach a sermon on or two on my churches still have those islands a great way that in nineteen sixty and nineteen seventy I hit it maybe once every three or four years only when Desmond Ford came on the same and he began to emphasize justification only as the way of salvation and sanctification being like a caboose on the train which follows along for the ride but is not necessary for salvation nor does it contribute to our salvation did I begin to wonder why why did he come to the conclusion and then I began to see that he thought something about Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ did not battle against dark invasions he didn't have to fight the fight of scientific Asian you didn't have to fight growing and holding them to grow in holiness and that we are all born with sinful natures anyway therefore sin is as natural as breathing sanctification can only be fifty percent effective the best so the only reason for touching the fallen nature of crimes because it impacts on justification sanctification and perfection of character hundred forty four thousand and the vindication of God that's the only reason it's become important and those who are saying it doesn't matter are also saying sanctification doesn't really matter for salvation it is good for witnessing it is good for personal growth fund is not something which saves or process belongs in all lies and one as someone has said the nature of Christ discussion is a branch off the righteousness by faith and that's what we do alright good questions when it comes please let everybody him a wanted him and him and him and my big leather belt on that desolate in the slew and only made a distinction between her and is religiously but I'm not sure the government distinction is all she really said was if you want to know what I can consult my publish writing she was having a problem with people who were taking what she said in the sermon saving which is a private letter taking what you said here and saying this is what Ellen White believes and she was saying people are running away with my teachings and misquoting me and misstating what I believe you really want to know what I say go back to what I published I put together I've edited it I've shown what I believe there don't mistake out of context what you heard me say so she was trying to make a point that there is a difference between what we're doing right now and what I printed my book which I carefully analyze and try to make it right here I might make a mistake you know I might say something that's unguarded and should be should be taken and Ellen White was trying to say the same thing some point there's a real point there the whole issue on propensities comes from an unpublished letter written to an unknown quote unquote evangelist in Tasmania which was never designed for publication that statement propensities you never put in her books she apparently never wanted it to be see the light of day was written to him at a letter problem we don't know what the mouse problem was we have to guess that but she wrote into the mad because he needed to be road and so it was put in the balls because all of her letters go to the ball and only when some diligent researcher going through the balls discovered in the mid- fifties that come out the light and then all of a sudden it was a great answer to the nature of the minister as one person said it was that shining moment that unlocked the door to our understanding and I think right there were doing exactly this problem could be a whole bunch of other issues as well the compilation 's and all of the other things that come into bearing in this area so I do think we missed the principle never going to microphone to speak to the inspiration of publishing them only because they use uncommonly with products she's making distinction there and you see no gets my postings are inspired and not the letters is remember the statement that we read at the beginning of our outlying today we need to go back to that the first page of the outline of today the fifth paragraph the fifth paragraph weak and trembling I arose at three o'clock in the morning to write to you God was speaking through Clay you might say that this communication was only a letter this is a nonpublished letter see the testimonies only have a few of her not help you quite a few of her letters but not all of yes it was a letter but prompted by the Spirit of God to bring before your minds things that are then shown the in these letters which I write in the testimonies I bear I am presenting to you that which the Lord has presented to me so she's making a very clear statement there that in the letters not all of which will be published they are reflecting what God has told her to write to that individual all letters of counsel see again were making a distinction in the letters of counsel and letters to her husband life you haven't written to me so long I wonder if you're still alive she even told believe it or not she even told a assess your remember my fax correctly on this that had received a particular letter about her husband to burn the letter because moving she said she was not happy about say let's give the profits the chance for the people let's allow them that some personal lives they can write to their children they can give counsel they can write to their husbands they can write grocery list they can do the things a normal person does but giving counsel regarding a person 's relationship with the Lord regarding the work of person should do is in a different category than personal notes to a husband about personal problems so yes all letters on Council of direction from the Lord has expressed our letters in which she is referring to write here published or unpublished because only a selection republished in the testimonies that you need to be valuable for everyone she did not deny to be valuable for this letter in Australia that was for that man alone it wasn't a problem for the general people so she did not include so yes there is no distinction in any way that I know of between published and unpublished writings particularly when she instructed the people after she died to publish her unpublished writing because he said they needed to be drawn together and given to the people so that has to be a race there is no difference in inspiration there is only a difference in context and purpose and we mistake that took usage authority yes I thank you I often hear today that some people they often say that some of her letters or writings in the testimonies they say that there were that we today are taking them out of context so that we that they do not apply to today yet because she was writing to an individual or as yes I do understand that portion but can we pay the under the principles better in those letters the problems that were being addressed in those letters are those statements and apply those principles in our own life today or within our own individual churches then I heard this these two statements that you know certain things it's been a proxy do not apply today was only written for then and the other statement here is that we're taking it out of context this and both of those in the group are how do we deal with this subject here were moving from the question of authority which I spent my time on the question of interpretation that he heard the word hermeneutic nice big fancy theological word it means how to interpret the right is a first you accept the authority of the Bible he saved Moses spoke from God then you have to try to figure out what Moses meant when he said if you collect wood on the Sabbath you could be killed by stoning I love my last day so we have to interpret what is been given in light of present-day realities versus sent out centuries ago reality interpretation is the hard part authority should be nailed down for us unfortunately that isn't even true but interpretation is the hard part should we take that letter that Ellen White wrote to a certain individual that said that he should take a glass of grape juice and take a a a raw egg in it every day because everything every day you should have a raw egg in a glass of grape juice has been so are we to take that as a way that we should live every day and then when she wrote to another family you said you never say before your children to inspire councils from the Lord two different individuals and so are problem is isn't it trying to understand the situation in both cases trying to understand the background what are the principles applied in one case the man had so deteriorated his body by extreme living that he had to build up a system again and he had built it up I am very extreme measures in the other case children were being raised to already have strong passions appetite and all the rest and timber laws and she was say eggs inflamed that kind of tendency and they produce more of that in those who already have those tendencies so she was saying that into different situations two different councils would apply and we have to make that application to our situation where are we in that kind of situation are we very anemic have we depleted our body or are we robust and strong and are we over developed in some areas that we need to occur and so we did a different different methods so I'm going to suggest that that becomes a hard-core to interpret the background of the context yes we do ignore context sometimes and especially in compilations you have to go back and check the context or you can be in trouble you have to check out is that hitting really is what the text under it says sometimes it is and sometimes it is and you have to check it out for yourself and see what it really says now to some of her writings no longer apply yeah women don't have to learn how to harness horses anymore that means they shouldn't bother with anything mechanical right learned to drive learn how to change oil learned to change a tire of it has to be is about harnessing of course is principal find the principal the bicycle craze what was the principal fashion expenditure of money we've got plenty of that going today go down to Circuit City and spend on you while all kinds of bags that come into play that can be exactly bicycle problem of a century ago so while there are some applications that don't apply it is our job divine principles it is our job to apply principles the situations in our lives and not necessarily going to the other guys it applies to you we may be totally wrong and that becomes difficult area principles yes applications BJ all you get you did Ellen White change some things that she said because there was criticism I have found an interesting thing just for shut the door for instance because you brought that up Ellen White did do some clarifying about what you believe as as as the charges came and she did say yes we said one thing but we were wrong that was before she got a vision on the subject we believe that the door of reprobation remind eighteen forty four October twenty two you are either going to have a regular law the shut door she says we were wrong on that point but she says we know something about the shut door at that point that a door was shut a probationary door for all those who had rejected the life that God had given to his people that gone into the outlet end were not coming back at all the churches that attacks the Miller writes out the churches that do not I think Jesus Christ churches that retain daughters about they shut the door now individuals would still come in she said but just as in Jerusalem's time Jerusalem shut their door before old nation was blown and thirty four eighty Jerusalem shut the door when they crucified Christ but individuals could come in even later and so what we're dealing with here is various degrees of shut the door in the SL in lightheadedness and clarify because original statements were wrong original statements were misunderstood original statements were taken out of context and Ellen White happened it was an clarify on various point is not just that as you well know but not a lot of them while there are some points in which she had to do some clarifying what she actually said and what she what was meant by what you said and usually you'll find good explanations of those in the appendixes or the notes at the end of some of the chapters like an early writings where you'll find a little expansion of what was done what was said and how it was how was understood so there are many of those but yes she did as Bible prophets had to do as well when Paul was challenged on certain points he had to clarify what he meant and that one offering food idols was all about things like that you brought to backtrack sometimes made into a one hundred and monitor are times when I'm awake once portions of Scripture interprets Congress is the final word good boy is Ellen wife and exegetic indeed the final exegete on Scriptures exegesis that means interpreting the word as it stands taking that text and giving its full meaning in its context the way it is written in the Bible writers always do that but writers always in Scripture what is Matthew seven fourteen say that right now that's wrong to Matthew one twenty one was Matthew one twenty one say no to that part out virgin shall conceive what is Isaiah seven fourteen say hi to young woman shopping the visit us Isaiah seven fourteen says a young woman shall conceive and you notice he checked the Isaiah prophecy carefully you read through it and and it continues is not just that behold it says in the King James version and the original of the young woman Verizon butter and honey shall EE that he may know to refuse the evil and choose the good for before the child shall know to refuse the evil and choose the good the lab about Horus shall be forsaken of both working what is this book prophecy there will be a woman who will bear a son 's name will be an annual and before he knows the difference between right and wrong the land that you are afraid of will be abandoned by her king was a literal prophecy fulfilled in literal terms in Isaiah 's time some speculate that this was Isaiah 's wife was a young woman at his speculation but this is a literal prophecy for Isaiah for the deliverance of the people at his father does Isaiah does Malik got to does Matthew exegete that passage along the flies that passage to a totally different situation using a different word which can mean only virgin not young woman married woman out anything like that behold a virgin shall conceive and thou shalt call his name Emmanuel and he shall save his people from their sins not foreign king that was the issue in Isaiah 's the when he will save his people from saying he will be the deliverer the toner base Savior so I assume that so Matthew does not execute the apply this in a different context not in the original context not explaining that that but applying it a different situation all the time I happens all the time prophecies of Jolie Lebron young men shall see visions live in the New Testament the Pentagon's so does Helen wife exegete Scripture very little very little pussy exegete Scripture she does what most profits new applies Scripture to the present reality whether or not as the original meaning of the text and Ellen what does that most consistently popular times she exegete Scripture most particularly in the prophecies of Daniel eight and nine when she is dealing with the seven-year prophecy in the twentieth and twenty three hundred year prophecy she does careful exegesis she shows that each point the development of exactly how it applies what it means exactly but most of the time she will take an appropriate text that apparently the Lord brings to her mind apply to the situation today which may or may not have any relevance to what it originally said it applies now today in the situation of the day and makes an application so that means when we go to the text our job is done when we read the spirit of prophecy we've got a be studying what the text says to know what it meant in the original and we wanted to careful exegesis and apply it to our time so that's why said you start with a Bible verse then you go to your prophecy because it is start with the spirit of prophecy you may get just an application of the text and not the original meaning of the text I like the noble frankly I'd like to know what the original meaning is and then I'd like to know what the province application is but exegesis is a job of the Lord has left us to do and you didn't give profits all of the exegesis of the week and got the just robot three Rob said you sent me here on all not all use market memory of a prophecy I got to know Ronald Reagan is portrayed now is in his library quite a bit of quality time this is where California or California after the White House and of and before the Alzheimer's CS I found it extremely alert and intelligent but hard of hearing and he pointed to some pictures on the on the wall of the library very proud to show him shaking hands with Gorbachev and the portrait of Pope John Paul yes blessings to Ronald Murray had from the whole do you know what he told me tell me what you think of this I heard this from his own mouth it was Protestant America cooperating with the Catholic Vatican that brought down the evil Empire that's his legacy as I might nearly shouted at him as I write you know who you're talking you know the prophecy is that you are helping to fulfill and across the Gulf yes you did hear something right from the horse 's mouth at all of us have believed because others is an oncologist Ronald Reagan but others is that exactly the same thing and is remarkable is that he considers that to be one of his greatest legacies Magazine brought down communism being brought down communism in a way that none of us could have predicted remember how many of us us and Dennis were saying that there's got to be some way to communism is part of the beast or the image or a horn or something and pride in Bible prophecy interview people were saying no communism is not part of the him the Bible hoping that anyone is so strong is so popular now sitting over the world bids South America is in Africa is permeating the world as a global power is not to be stopped until Jesus God and here comes a man working with another human being but a church leader who destroys in just a couple of years everything that human beings could not be destroyed only now we have one or two major countries of the world left the profession real communism and that's it and and so here yet he saw this as his great legacy this was his great legacy and truly a remarkable legacy but unfortunately it have to be with the cooperation of our then we will greatly come to regret that Association that's what he did see and what you know and that is remarkable our all right so once again I thank you for your friendship for your attention and most of all I want to thank you for remaining true to Seventh-day Adventist when there are a lot of forces are trying to sweep that is under your feet to let them know it's too precious and are too many ways that it can be denied these days while professing little to let that happen may God be with you may the next year be a year that will we always say this because when you're closer to the Lord 's coming but that's a cliché made this year really get his lungs and really get us close because I think I think I see the images of these almost form completely for my and won't take much just one more Ellen White said envelope for calamity in this nation we strongly in the nations of the world is a all right God bless you thank you for coming and we will see you are


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