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The Toenails of Time ( Remnant Rally 2009 #3 )

Jim Ayer


Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio


  • August 29, 2009
    11:00 AM
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him this media has been brought to you by your friends and when the publication 's annual like more of these powerful resources please visit us on the web at www. remnant media Center .com or he was a toll-free call at one eight hundred four two three thirteen nineteen we like to invite you to certify it comes and apparently he was him him in a weekly blog is doing one thing world in longer have the opportunity or the time to share stories with you today but brought some DVDs is good for her TV series making waves you haven't seen it we travel around the world continue catalog on a global gospel tract if you will and we find places where God is doing fabulous things and that's virtually everywhere in the world he's working mightily if you can't fathom it let me tell you today well the Holy Spirit is pouring out everywhere around the lists maybe molest the United States he wants to he wants to believe me but seems like a small tougher here in the states he's waiting for you is waiting for you you can make a mighty difference in the power of God what he does here in the United States surgeon if you like please take dozens of them take them back to your church I don't want to have to carry them back in the airline so what if you would take them with you on just tell you real quickly got us opened up a tremendous thing for a sin in the Russia were on fifteen hundred FM stations not just those in Russia were broadcasting across eleven time zones it's unbelievable what God is doing their while we're in Africa recently the government basically wants to give us dozens of frequencies to put FM stations in many places in Africa just got an e-mail from the Philippines wants to do the same thing the Philippines and it's just going on and on and on were not broadcasting ten hours a day meandering and all crossed all of China it's exciting what you say when God is doing so to get an opportunity to grab the DVD check things out and see what God is doing around the world paid account the Bible records that any walked with God he worked with Don for three hundred years but the Illini plus three hundred sixty five years old at a certain time when he was taken while it seems that that any Canada had a good experience with God but when his son was born at age sixty five that's when it really kicked into overdrive he began looking at his own son thinking how much he loved his son help how wonderful was to have decided he would do anything anything took to draw the sun closer to God and he began talking with the father mole on a continual basis on a daily basis he would he would speak with the father he found himself more and more as he looked at his son thinking about their relationship with God wanted with him to begin thinking about it more and more and more it would find himself I believe up in the mountaintops and he talked with God all evening long sharing with the father the things that are going on that day in the trials and tribulations in Venice they would have to look at his watch and say well I guess it's time to go home it's getting late all you didn't know him and watch if you ever get an opportunity you should read a book a little sidelight here but you should read a book called lessee what out of place artifacts is is what it has been a sequence of a lot of races that's it secrets of a lot of races my remainder Bergen he came up with what he called a young parts out of place artifacts and it's very interesting to find in the ancient world things in today's site is that it doesn't fit so we need to shove it aside we will use it like you know on monster human footprint right in the same track with a dinosaur comes outfitted and wondered the lady making hundreds of broke open a piece of inside was a gorgeous finally finally fashion silver necklace inside a piece of coal think about that they found batteries some type of citrus driven batteries inside man's for lighting anyway he checked his watch out said Lord I guess I better get home any go on home and then he would share his and his wonderful love his fellowship with Jesus Christ that after day he do that week after week month after month and then one day then one day as he looked at his watch of Lord it's it's about time to go home now the Lord I believe said time you know unique you're closer to my house tonight why does you just come on home with me all how fantastic is closer to my house when the chickens come home to me in a three hundred sixty five years of age unique was taken translated translated if you will kill before he left God had blessed him with a son and in that son he given a prophecy his name was Methuselah mouse to select when I die the coming becoming of what they didn't know but it was a prophecy when I die the company there's a woman named many many years and over on the side when it was time for the fulfillment of that prophecy God raised up another a profit of you think that once Noah erased to know what to confirm the prophecy and can you imagine here was a living on page listing tool for the evangelist this tremendous evangelist I can I can imagine marched Methuselah on the state you said you see this man you see him when he dies the coming of the waters God is going to destroy the earth by flood and you need to get in the market were building and he was building an Ark day by day every day his faith was worked out in reality in works because he was building an Ark if it never rained it had never had Pacific precipitation except for the doom that came down and he's building a boat question nine hundred sixty seven years old you see this man standing on stage he's getting old and when he dies the floods are going to come nine hundred sixty eight years old nine hundred sixty nine years old please everyone Jennings of your God does not want you to die not one of you needs to Perry's New York will be big enough God will supply the need and Mrs. Linda and the people skull and they laughed and said it's never happened before it isn't going to happen it is never rained scientists tell us it will not rain and we believe scientists are correct in everything I hear science is good science is good in conjunction with God 's word and all of a sudden the people that the jeers of the Christ stop because the sky was black and white words from every where and all of a sudden they filed methodically into the end of the animals began coming to iTunes and seven by sevens from every corner of the planet and they filed into the phone scratch your head this is interesting but all the scientists are correct never read I'm going to rain and then got directed no it's time to get in your begot of the art in a mighty unseen hand close that door on and nothing nothing happened one day two days three to four days five days six days everybody outside he started a laptop it look at that old man is crazy with such of me had the mishap I can't wonder inside your foot they were thinking in the family what nonfamily were thinking while Lord and I spent my whole life preaching here at least the last hundred twenty years and nobody else got me are just the family I'm not much of an evangelist I didn't get anybody hard and know nothings have a large and mighty to be the laughingstock of the world a seven and all of a sudden sprinkle sprinkles in a few days and water begin building the first beers was able to sample the water but then begin building and building rising and some people are crying out and people are clawing at the yard to get inside the arc Kimberly Mandy what must've been like for for knowing the family inside hearing the screams and the cries to the people they had pleaded with the company in New York and they would not I woke up one morning by my alarm went off and they were talking about the news commentator was interviewing someone who was in New Orleans during the time of the hurricane and the flood and he was able to sharing at that moment in life time he'd been clinging to his wife and his child and the raging water for what being around them and he was trying to hang on to them for all they could inform his wife was ripped from his arms and she disappeared never to be seen again and his child he was trying to clean up a child in the water was so wrote the child was ripped out of his arms and he was screaming and crying and sobbing he could hardly contain himself and I thought most of the of the tragic time when four hundred twenty years no pleaded with these people to come into the ark of safety and he would not and would not God became friends with another man Abram Abram yes Lord I want to build a great nation out of you I want you to come join me in my work is done I'm nationbuilding right now I want you to come join hope only in his seventies now it's the older I get that's looking under the move will place you don't have a clue about pull everything up you know because you see with God you can't stay where you are and go with God to get there can't stay where you are and go with God and finally he pulled up stakes he pulled up everything wrapped up in will you do not determine location and God indeed Bill did build up a great nation he told him they're going to be in captivity here is a prophecy there going to be in captivity for hundreds of years and over here God raises up another profit member who that was burning bush hey Moses I'm going to deliver my children I got this ongoing work on delivering my children I invite you to come join you would you join me novel in the crisis of belief Lord I been out tending sheep for forty years I tried to deliver your children forty years ago killed one down and barely escaped with my life I don't know that I want to do this they're not going to believe me things went back and forth and back and forth member you can't say we are going he finally decided to go with God he got there is a feral got says let my people go and all of the children Israel were brought out of the land of bondage out of the land of sin without one person being all Moses does it on his own barely gets away with someone you follow Scott enjoys God in his work and the whole nation is delivered not one person what he is all I tell you figure they got to the beginner to the Red Sea at the Red Sea there looking and looking and looking C is the they look back and furl and a whole army of coming so were going to die were going to die if I tell you God does not lead you out of sin to let you go back doesn't work I switch gears and share little short story with your fellow was standing on a street corner New York City praise God praise God God destroyed the whole Egyptian army in the Red Sea in a nonbeliever T Munson what do you or you means of the Red Sea was only about a foot deep and he walks away and he leaves anything so I really destroyed his faith figures walking by an afternoon there is the all-American praise God praise God I just use what you still pray supervisors praise God but destroy the whole Egyptian Army one foot of water God is able God is able to deliver the children is when you find there in Exodus chapter fifteen a tremendous praise to the creator God of the universe and I don't think this by mistake in Revelation chapter fifteen we find again the children standing on the sea of glass singing a song of victory a song of overcoming how by the power of God by the power of God he was begun a good work is well able to finish I God brought the chill of Israel Odyssey and wrapped them in the righteousness of Jesus Christ justification baptize them in the river now starting for sanctification there out there in the wilderness they're going through and God says I will take you I will take you to all wonderful it's a land flowing with milk and honey and we find some interesting things there numbers chapter thirteen he turned with me this morning will be my cheaters here numbers chapter thirteen we find the story they actually after a lot of trials well trials and we see God exhibiting tremendous power to take care of his children we finally sent out spies they sent out spies to go check out the land and make it back first in chapter thirteen verse twenty six and they went and came to Moses and Aaron and to all the congregation of the children of Israel and making that congregation and showed them the fruit of the land now were told that they had one cluster of grapes between England or to market anarchy and is wrapped of all this apparatus one cluster grapes between how big is one cluster of grapes it takes to really carry can you imagine can you imagine heaven we say hey what you come on over and split it great with me today I tremendous things that God has in store but they they than they said something is probably one of the once most stupid things all the general surely is a land flowing with milk and honey verse twenty eight never the less nevertheless that should not be in our vocabulary as Seventh-day Adventist Christians who believe in the power of God who is the creator of all the universe it should not happen nevertheless the people be strong that dwell in the land the cities are Walden very great and moreover we saw that your romantic there down first thirty one but the men that went up with him said we're not able to go against this people for they are stronger than we first thirty three and there we saw the giants which were in our old site we are as grasshoppers whose site in our own site to see they had a real eye problem they were looking at themselves they were looking inward if they looked at the power of God no problem how I know this turn with me to Joshua was look at Joshua chapter three forty years later they wanted to die in the wilderness of God let them die in the wilderness and now we fast forward forty years in here they just happen to be staying with a harlot a prostitute item Housman there in that particular house lap dance not because she eventually became in the lineage of Jesus Christ tosses incredible but she has a conversation with them up on the roof just before the go to sleep and chapter two verse nine and she said unto them I know the Lord hath given you the land is even I know the Lord has given you the land and that your terror is fallen upon us that all the inhabitants of the land state because of you for we have heard how the Lord dried up the waters of the Red Sea how long ago was that forty years ago to go on down to verse eleven as soon as we had heard these things our hearts did melt that the it signifies here they actually liquefy their hearts liquefied and there was no more courage left and believe me no more courage left in any man how strong an army is that his hearts are liquefied in there their legs are quaking in shaking and there's no strength left and it doesn't matter if your giant that matter what you are exactly that matter what your web when God puts fear in someone's heart there is fear that person 's heart and guys can work it out to return back with me just a just a chapter chapter one look at verse three every place that the sole your feet shall tread this is basically gone talking here that shall tread for you English majors what tenses that future cases that I have given you what sense is that past tense he's already given think about that what God has purposed he's already done the already purpose to give the land is already taken care of but it was there all they have to do is go in and possess it have faith in the business all I tell you we serve a great guy but you know we get so hung up so hung up in so many things of this world we tend to have our eye problem today God wants to lead us through to the promised land we are at the edge of eternity we say all but it's never happened Lord look at me how can I do it for the Giants in the land Sosa so said when God wants to take us through he's waiting for a people who will reflect his image is like this through his power through the power of his Holy Spirit through the power of his Holy Spirit understand when the disciples got together in the upper room they pray they fasted they got together they besought the gift from God the Holy Spirit and tongs of fire fell upon tons of fine Holy Spirit were told that the devil in the last days will impersonate God by bringing down fire from heaven there was a time in my young Christian life I thought that was a good bring white and down from heaven or some kind of fires in the staff there may be a bit academic but fire from the Bible is the Holy Spirit fire the fire from God Pentecostal fire people I believe that the devil is bringing down a fire today Colleen at the power the Holy Spirit when it's a false fire it's not the fire from God we need to be so careful we need to read our Bibles daily moment by moment therefore possible he would deceive the very elect of God we need to have that friendship and relationship that only God offer what is what is your relationship today is the effort that's what know always calling people to his relationship because without a relationship they couldn't believe he was called in to receive the power Holy Spirit because without the Holy Spirit they couldn't act on the belief what's it like today in your life you spend that time in fellowship relationship with your God is the God who wants to change you in mighty ways that you can't begin to imagine I have not seen nor ear heard neither is entered in the heart of man the things that God is prepared for those that love him we always called data sometime in the future to read contextually I believe it applies to the now what God wants to do in your life in my life today right now things that we cannot even imagine things we cannot believe she wants to do in your life today through the power the Holy Spirit through the strength and energy of car I went through my Bible some time ago in a begin highlighting everyplace it talked about the power of God the energy of God to change that the God wanting us to be transformed Romans said chapter twelve verse to be a therefore transformed by the renewing who does the renewing God does the renewing it all I I got it I've got my own personal story that God brought me out of so many things drugs and alcohol and all these things it and you know many stories like like this you hero people as a column of your praise God that that's one of the power of God and then we get into churches and will thereon can do a lot he's the same God yesterday today and forever these the same daughter has the same kind of power these the same God who with the disciples gave them the authority and the dynamite power to go out and to cast out demons to heal the second reason of their and he is doing it today we see it out of the mission field God is raising the dead today God is casting out demons guys healing the sick and he's on both all the greatest miracle of all these changing lives every single day on a continual daily walk with him and that's what he wants to do in your life is fully changes fully transforms not sometimes got a time when we get to heaven but today throughout the friendship and relationship with you to get a little plug for for delight he's got a book out there that we put together called he shall lift you up to get an opportunity pick it up it's a it's a book that I believe lays out for you what God wants to do in your life through a relationship and friendship like none you've ever had before Aldo continued on and he gave a prophecy to Daniel remember Daniel Barron and Babylon then he was a mighty man of God a tremendous man of God and in God gave him a prophecy turn with me if you went to Daniel chapter as I wonder you know some of these books is kind of disappear on the one where they go Daniel chapter nine you doesn't seem to care close minds to the okay first twenty four seventy weeks are determined upon my people upon the holy city to finish the transgression and to make an end of sin and to make conciliation for iniquity to bring in everlasting righteousness seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy while on first pregnant with so much information first of all information and said look I've I've I put up with so much from you griping people first so long I just can hardly take it anymore but I'm still a loving God and we give you another four hundred ninety four hundred ninety years I am so glad that I am not gone because I would've gotten myself long ago but praise God he is a long-suffering God but don't miss this he does have a point in which he says this is enough you member your member the disciples will Lord help how much should we forgive you know seven times we thought that was a whole bunch of a thought that was almost twice as seven times seventy much is that four hundred ninety all interested in the same the same length of time that he given the chiller visible to finally wrap it all up to finish things I I sometimes I put my mind into the mind of God maybe you don't do that but I thought about this a Lord you said you're going to come right away was how come you haven't come yet you said so is edited the doors we haven't come yet never do that maybe you don't have ushered in the one day the Lord put it into my mind system gyms and think about your own your own experience in my own experience was God told me at a certain time in my life when I was doing drug Jim short this enough I told you that how many of you would think short time well within few days maybe maybe an outside week what would I think that's true you gave me about another two years short time to decide two more years to see in the mind of God things work a whole lot differently in a timetable for new me I guess if we lived in eternity then we would look at things a little differently and we are so finite so so measured in what we think so God is in four hundred ninety years that's interesting to bring in everlasting righteousness seal up the vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy who is the most holy Jesus Christ Jesus Christ at that time Jesus is going to come now this is what a prophecy of prophecy now if if the Bible is flowing along and got axis V normally does we come down to the sand and he's going to do what he's going to raise up a prophet to confirm the prophecy and sure enough John the Baptist sustaining down there on the Jordan River and he's baptizing people he's calling for repentance is calling for people it is time give your life over now get rid of sin and minis as well there is one standing among you today who shoes I'm not worthy to untie now don't assist the conference leaders are there maybe some of the general conference pastors are there there'll listen this time the church members of their and everybody when he says is looking around me where we creator of the universe was standing among them and he didn't recognize I want to give a real pause for effect here okay because it is so important Jesus can be in our midst and we will not recognize unless we spend time getting to know him this is life eternal and they might know the the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou has said the word no there is also important it's Adam knew his wife and they can see the child gets personal in its intimate it's not a cup of coffee and hit on one hand and on the doorknob and St. Laurent thank you for a great day and go out the door that is not getting to know someone if my wife called my cell phone right now it's a hello who is this I don't recognize your voice who is anyhow long how long would I be married not very long and guides you in the audience you been married any time at all you'll know that if you don't know that you won't be married anytime you you got to spend time with someone in fellowship in relationship to get to know them personally quality time as the guns looking for quality as the John points to Jesus overhears he is the one he is the one he confirms the prophecy and then on this site again God gives Daniel another prophecy Daniel eight fourteen hundred two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary because who interesting prophecy about the numbers and Ezekiel we find again day for a year in prophecy two thousand three hundred years they shall sanctuary be cleansed all the way down to the year eighteen forty four now understand that if God was the same then what's what's going on he's going to raise up another profit is it going to raise up another profit well we look around that time we'll see there was Joseph Smith there was Mary Baker Eddy and there was Ellen harm we've got to look at what they talk about what did they talk about that they confirm this prophecy what was this eighteen forty four prophecy all about he was about judgment now it was about the cleansing of the great sanctuary the children of Israel had been led through the desert with a sanctuary in their medicine every year there was a great day of atonement when everybody had to afflict their own souls their own lives look at what was going on in their own hearts because it was a time of judgment it was a time of judgment I would fellas I don't have a countdown clock to let me know how long a gotcha it was a time of judgment and now and now the time to come upon all the years the great day the great day of judgment eighteen forty four we are in that time we are in that time and there was only one person it seemed like three profits were raised out there was only one that pointed to God 's prophecy pointed to Daniel and says it is time for the fulfillment it is time now get ready to prepare yourself for that person was Ellen Harmon was a way in a honey you know what it's very interesting when we joined the Seventh-day Adventist church my wife had problem with profit she did for a couple years and then an interesting thing happened a fellow by the name of remainder Burgin wrote a book profit and destiny if you get an opportunity to go out and buy that book is still in print they've reprinted it a couple times profit of destiny and the cello created what he called the PA Cuba prophetic accuracy quotient he looked at many of the profits of the day he looked at many from around the world and he found that some of them had eighty percentile correctness eighty percent well that's really good but you know what that means throng twenty percent was not this at work now it doesn't it's stupid it's foolish it's like following the scientists is that it's never rating and it's not going to and here they were but then he looks available one hundred percent one hundred percent now it wasn't her know it's God who can step in and out of time it will end look at history look at the future and say I know exactly what's happened all I tell you brothers sisters we are in that time it is real we are in the judgment our first history David said the sanctuary the sanctuary is where God is the sanctuaries where the truth is all by way he says is in the sanctuary very interested check it out study wrap your mind around because there are so many beauties of the sanctuary find that every facet of that sanctuary has to do with Jesus Christ to the nails that support things to do one of his so exciting to me in so many ways just me personally you look at the the Ark of the covenant you know what would be our concurrent is Nina okay she would never been in Africa and you look at Acacia trees in goal for huge thorns that's what the giraffes reach up in the trees and what did it tears their tonsils are looking off the leaves I thought how interesting the village surrounded by phone Dennis 's gold top mercies God offers mercy diversity was purchased to us through the thorns in the blood of sacrifice overlord and Savior Jesus Christ tremendous when God wants to do through each one of us sacrifice of Jesus Christ Roman soldier stood there that day you seen that eighty one soldier staring their cross on the ground in his hand with all of his regalia and his spear in his great contemplation as he probably said truly this was the son of God truly this was the son of God all how God wants to working through us in such a powerful way where are we really in the span of time turn with me if you would Revelation chapter six Revelation chapter six and their lives began at verse twelve and I beheld when he opened the six seal below there is a great earthquake so what a sackcloth of hair and the moon became as blood is happened you good Seventh-day Adventist I hear I heard if you has that happened that's a little bit is not a test but it is a test yes that's happen now let's look at the next verse verse thirteen the stars of heaven fell upon the earth even as a fig tree casts of her untimely figs which is shaken of a mighty wind as I happen yes first fourteen spent the heaven departed as a scroll what is rolled together and every mountain and island were moved out of their places is that all draw line and put your name there and say here idea you want to know where we are in the span of time in Oliver 's history right between two verses in the Bible that's that's what needs to occur next the coming of Jesus Christ is a member that yet this should not be a dreaded time this should not be in dread of saying this should be the most glorious thing what we've waited for all of our lives it is not like those just alongside the art of the wall with me no God wants to take us and put us in the ark of safety while this is our God we have waited for him and he's going to say powerful but we here between those two verses I'd say we preach Daniel to it all of our evangelistic meetings are almost all of Daniel to Yuri Daniel to a course is the great mental image we talk about so many times yelled at the king of Babylon the head of gold and downs of the arms and the legs and out into the toes we get all away out in the feet and the total iron miry clay Brazil that's where we are today in that area and I tell you we are out in the Tony of time where you cannot turn on the television today you cannot turn on the radio but you cannot read a newspaper and listen with real leaders revelations is even has year that it even got one year hear what the Spirit is saying all I tell you you know we are later to see it is so hard but Laodicea praise God they had to see is blind and wretched poor invisible and naked but says nothing about the years God has us if you have one here when you see and hear what's going on around the world today the world is falling apart Ms. hearts are failing them for fear of what's happening what don't know what's going on but praise God it's all been predicted we know what's happening all we might not know every little minute ship every second of the day but we know in the grand scheme of things God is laid it all out for us and when we have a prophetic eye when we are filled with the Holy Spirit we can read the Scriptures and understand what God says we can hear him say this is the way walkie in can you hear gods voice today saying those things to you this is the way walk ye in all I tell you so many times today there so many people are coming in the church and they all in a week we just want to be like everybody else well what about come out of her my people be not partakers of her sins many she but my not of this fold but his daily message in Revelation fourteen is coming out for my people come out come out come out and join in the art community arts the Seventh-day Adventist church is not a church church we please see you both called out it's a movement it is an movement we have borne down we become a church we got all the machinery without all the stuff we got all the things that God wants us to be a mighty movement just like John the Baptist standing there think Jesus Christ is here he wants us to herald the time of Christ coming his second coming to take us home with all please don't don't get so bogged down wanting to be like everybody else God 's people are not like everybody else or not to look like everybody else were not to act like everybody else were to be in the world but not of the world were supposed to be camping here this is not our home this is not the place where we should be putting down roots in eternity is where were to put down roots that's where we can need to be investing today right now today is our today's time one time it was written there's been its written about eight or nine places at the Lord to come today not one in twenty would be ready that was written to Seventh-day Adventist house sat and I wondered today at Ethel was written about you and me today you the viewer 's Iraq there was written about you would you be ready when you be ready when you have a no sew relationships either has the son has eternal life right now today I shortly beyond any doubt the only way we can have the assurance is by the power of God dwelling once you can see when you are and go with God there may be something in your life and that you keep wondering over God should I do this now I don't know why I got got this situation about the situation and all these things you can't see where your ghost go going with God brothers and sisters is the most important thing spirits is today if you hear his voice harden not your if you here's what I wonder can can you hear his voice calling today my sheep Jesus said do what you hear my voice my sheep hear my voice that I would submit to you today that if you don't hear God talking to you in some manner in some fashion through the Scripture through your prayer time through your life and you got a problem at the very core of your Christianity because God spoke to his people in the Old Testament he spoke to his people in the New Testament and he wants to speak to you and me today make no mistake about it this is the way walk ye in it it's not just for them of all this for us today today right now I wonder are you hearing his voice are you one of the sheep to two young men that they lived out in the end I think it was one of the Arabic countries I'm not sure but they they always were tending their father she and each one fellow would bring his sheep up over from the side of the mountain the appearance is beautiful lush plateau and the other young man would bring all of his sheet from over on this side and he too would eventually work his way up to this gorgeous plateau and all day long the boys could sit up on the rocks above the naked once the sheep grazing is beautiful area will stream going so it was a picturesque and so wonderful and and they would just have fun enjoying one another you know what boys do one thing in the clouds begin to to come up in a in a mighty mighty way and begin to starve and he began to crackle with thunder and lightning was hitting everywhere in a voice freed up in the kind all the sheep and they ran another huge cave it was nearby with Ann and I thought to all my decision we barely made it in your life the thunder and lightning so much finally at ease off sun came up but it was the sun was actually can work something out and starting to go down over the edge of the hill without we need to hurry up and get cheap out and go home they walked out but they definitely going to get all the sheep and the boys grabbed a sheet set out over here another boy came over here he grabbed a sheet set over here but as he walked back the sheet was right back in the over him right back in the cave what kind of bothered the boys what are we going to do in the grabbed another when they did this for about ten minutes back and forth and back and forth it and pretty soon the boys are so frustrated it set up we'll get down the mountain soon it's going to be dark and if we don't bring the sheep are finally going to kill us what are we going to do now finally the boys this aside there nothing they could just absolutely nothing and so they begin once and I guess I'll go home and you can go home and it will well and dissuade independent way frustration as I go down the mountain exists they take all all all what you know just as soon as my father lets me out of the house again I'll come over the other one saying the same thing at eleven to go back and forth down the mountain all of a sudden a look at busy something funny out of undecideds here's all the sheep coming down the road over here only of the sheep are coming down over here the fourth what's with your machine hear my voice it it's that simple my sheep hear my voice what's what's blocking your way I one time had and so drop back in my life to to the things of this world I had just gotten into so many things I become a Christian Dennis is this used changed my life it was so exciting then I began moving in the southern direction slowly I quit studying as much slowly I quit praying as much and in what it just he was on this just gentle slide just this little gentle slide in sin I wasn't talking with butterball soon I can have time to study anymore so time to study and this one day I began thinking about things that you know I was still in the church are still preaching I was doing all these things Jim the Holy Spirit may be poured out all around you and you won't recognize five begin a begin thinking about it is something I got together with a friend and we started to yell it's how the study but several Bibles they will get together Friday night and the Lord led us to other exciting particular study it on at night open the book and a backup before you started you had to sign a covenant with God I will spend time in prayer and study every day and it equated to about forty five minutes a day and I thought I don't have that kind of time I can't take that kind of time unto import my doing too many things no wheels all night long we went through me and asked thinking about this and thinking about this and toward the end of the meetings I plugged in a video and this preacher was preaching right to me because you know you want on your life you piled up so many things and find the door that even when God calls you you can't go with you can't get to the door to even answer the door while standup videos over looking the book in my findings let me tell you it was so exciting got home my wife and sign it she was excited we were excited was a well announced what we do in the Holy Spirit impressed me June just get ready your premium channels on television you'll have time interesting thought got rid of all the premium channels are violating Becky Terra Bossi undergoes either Becky started journaling in the list sounds kind of interesting I have a tough time focusing in my prayer life maybe I should maybe I should try this guy can I can be prayed Lord of human that time and just about Rego sleep Lord and thank you for the food am about to receivers on what women would wait a second that's when not doing you slap my face is get myself focused to consult journaling really begin helping I could start out by praising God and thanking God just for everything from breast in a online continues to say it if you can't take of anything to pray Scott Abadie says hold your breath for five minutes praise God this thank God for the things that are going on happen in your life moment by moment what a wonderful way to start out your prayer time and then continue on in your thank God for the recovery of his righteousness for the power to live in him and then began asking for that power in your life and maybe now you're prepared to do in your prayers to start talking to others in training interceding for them and soon I found out that while I was going on for at least an hour and it's like no time at all I was ready to go on more and sometimes I could go on more and I'm not talking about setting the clock until one hundred one whenever marathon prior to know it's just about having fellowship with Jesus Christ member Jesus he got up on that mountain they say actually at the top of the mount of olives where he ascended not really wasn't there vital says in Luke he went as far as to Bethany Elizabeth and he Martha Mary Lazarus some of his best friends in the whole world had pushed in Jesus had pushed upon extent wanted whatever he had been pushed in Asia they jostled but there was more than married women who became his best friends that while the Bible doesn't specifically tell us I think he simply wanted to say goodbye to his very good friends argue his very good friend today for you on the that is so near and dear to his heart that you're holding so close to you that you can feel his heartbeat that's the kind of relationship he wants to have with you I will be like a little ninety two -year-old lady who said I prayed up packed up and ready to be picked up how many of you today want to be like that little late let me see your hands I'm easier God wants to bless each one of you more abundantly than you could ever imagine in your life but testing proving trying to taste and see that the Lord is good experience a Lorne I tell you it's good to be so exciting and instead of being on the outside of the art you're going to be on the inside of the art experiencing God will have you been blessed we have been admonished Jim is admonished us to go


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