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Cleansing the Temple ( Remnant Rally 2009 #5 )

Mark Howard


Mark Howard

Director, Emmanuel Institute of Evangelism


  • August 29, 2009
    11:00 AM
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him this media has been brought to you by your friends and when the publications you would like more of these powerful resources please visit us on the web at www. remnant media Center .com or he was a toll-free call at one eight hundred four two three thirteen nineteen we like to invite you to certify income and paired to the mice him right bathroom this morning those of you that no kudos not in our new Thursday night you would know and so you'll have to find out somebody else got as good as in the all right well we're going to Neil I'm going to Neil rather this morning and asked if you would value your head and we just wanted to ask the Lord to be with us in a special way me as I'm speaking and all of us that we would receive and put into practice that which we learned this morning and am heavenly father father you have invited us into your presence today we didn't come on our own we were drawn here we were drawn here for purpose and father you has something to teach us something you expect us to take the heart today something that will be saving in its influence and so father I pray that as you drawn us here you'll give us years to hear and hearts to respond and father I just pray that the time that we spend with you throughout this day with all the different speakers will be a time that that will help us to grow closer to you better resemble your character to the world around us father this morning we are talking about cleansing the temple we have a soul temporally needs cleansed and father we yield it to you this morning and we ask and pray this in Jesus name amen as I mentioned they are one win that fight was out here and how many read the accounts in the Bible and the Gospels about the cleansing of the temple where Jesus came in the moneychangers were selling at the animal sacrifices how many you of you have read those accounts okay I wasn't really want to think about that this morning again I don't think that was in fact and I'm very positive that that was not an accidental thing or an incidental thing like all Jesus came into the temple and there were things going their things going on there and he said well since I'm here anyway I may as well do something about this the fact is he did it twice in his ministry that we have recorded in the Scriptures and he could have done it more times even because the template the beginning of his ministry and their many clubs at Temple the end of his ministry was as bad at the end of his ministry if it was the beginning of his ministry which tells us he could have done it more times but he didn't he starts and ends his earthly ministry with the cleansing of the temple I think it's significant and I want to go with me first of all this morning to a text in Isaiah we're going to finish up with a text that were going to start with your Isaiah chapter sixty Isaiah chapter sixty and this is going to have profound significance only come to the end of our times more Isaiah sixty I'm going to start in the first verse Isaiah sixty in verse one the Bible says all arise shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen where upon you for behold the darkness shall cover the earth this is speaking of the darkness of sin tell me is this not just given the time that we live in the darkness shall cover the earth and gross darkness the people but the Lord will arise over you you might want to take note of the fact that in the beginning the Bible says God created the heavens and the earth the earth was without form and void etc. and then it says God said let there be light what I find very interesting if it wasn't a couple days later until God actually created the sun moon star so what was the light when you understand when you meet when you do a study of the Scripture what you can find out the Bible contrasted that it that the light and darkness with with good and evil in the absence of goodness is God 's character and what God said I believe in the beginning there is God said let there be a true knowledge of me throughout Europe that was his purpose some are going to see that even even fleshed out this morning with that knowledge of God as stated and darkness covered here deep darkness the people multitudes today in the world don't know who God is they don't understand who God is they don't understand his purpose for their lives and how to make this point this morning if you do even a little bit you like the apostle Mark Paul are interested to the people that you come in contact with them let them know the gospel truth he says Isaiah says verse three ninety thirty first two again for behold the darkness covered the earth in the darkness the people but the Lord will arise over you and his glory will be seeing a lot upon you hallelujah God 's glory will be seen on Saturday just a real quick lesson in this many of you made may be familiar with it but when the Bible speaks of the glory of God is speaking of the character of God in Exodus chapter thirty one Moses goes before the Lord sorry for chapter thirty three Moses goes before the Lord and he asks the Lord of quest he says God show me your glory to which God responds okay Moses you found the favoring my site I'm going to make all my goodness pass before you animate a proclaimed in the name of the Lord these things are synonymous return to the glory of God we talk about the goodness of the character of God the Bible says here that the glory of the Lord will be risen upon you what it's saying is that the character of God is going to be seeing in his people so that when Paul says I'm crucified with Christ but I'm not really alive with Christ who lives in me that's what he is talking about you want people to see Christ in you this is what the Bibles were telling a time at the end of earth history when deep darkness covers the earth and the people but the people of God will be shining a light very character of God will be seen in his people notice the response verse three the Gentiles those are just the people who don't know God the Gentiles shall come to your lights and kings to the brightness of your rising lift your eyes all around and see they all gather together they come to you your son shall come from afar and your daughters shall be nursed at your side anybody here today have sons and daughters you don't live for Jesus that you pray for you listen to what God says this morning your sons shall come from afar your daughters shall be nurse at your side then you shall see them become radiant in your joy shall swell your your hearts as well enjoy because the abundance of the sea shall be turned to the sea and prophecies representative of multitudes and guys to say when the glory of the Lord is risen upon his people multitude to be drawn and say why is it you're so different what is it that makes you so different from the rest why waste his life in you are you looking forward to that day but guess what it's today yesterday a favor everyone as we should be looking forward to that time today God has promised to give his spirit to us and that his character can be seen in a the abundance of the season we guarantee you the wealth of the Gentiles .com humor six the multitude of camel to cover your lambda dromedary that many in a box all those Toshiba shall come they shall bring gold and incense proclaim the praises of the Lord neither people didn't will once know the Lord now that Sing praises to the Lord verse seven all the blocks of Kedar shall be gathered together to you the Rams and the balance shall minister to you they shall I send when acceptance on my altar and I will glorify the house of my glory and the language there is sanctuary language seat in the temple in the wilderness Monique sacrifice was accepted the presence of God would come down in his glory would be seen radiating from the Temple God glorify the house of his glory power and come back to that one should go with me to John chapter two John chapter two and were going to find the first instance in Christ's earthly ministry of cleansing the temple John chapter two were going to go first thirteen John Sue and verse thirteen the Bible says now the Passover of the Jews was in a black and the Passover of the Jews was at hand and Jesus went up to Jerusalem now yet understand the significance of that what that meant Passover was one of the feasts that God required his people to be at in Jerusalem and so they were people who came from all over that didn't dwell in Jerusalem but during Passover time the city would be people came from all different love Asians and it says in verse fourteen and he found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and dogs and the moneychangers doing business seniors what was going on when people would travel from far distances and they come to the temple they had to offer animal sacrifices some does some sheep some bowls and that was that was that if you don't can you imagine bringing the Bulls machine from home remedy of traveling to get here how would you like to bring jobs and she then bowls with you wow it even about that so what they had set up an example was that the babies they would actually sell the animal sacrifices in the Temple which wasn't in and of itself a bad thing and the people could travel from afar now the Temple had a currency dunker and seems the Temple shackle Emily happen is you and you would give your money and you traded in for the Temple shekels that was the exchange rate in a was supposed to be fairly young player that you know just you got people coming from all different locations of currencies to have traded all into the Temple shekel and then use the Temple shackle them by your sacrifices that we did have the whole the sacrifice will be become to the Temple during the Passover and here there are multitudes of people coming into the temple to buy their sacrifices offered to the Lord during the Passover season the only problem is that the Temple had become a place where you can only imagine that if you change in currency well hey we could make it bleed we charge the letter we would if we charge them more money for the Temple shuttle is out and exchange it we can make a little money off of that and if we charge little bit more for the animal sacrifices we can make a little money there and what happened is that the service I had that had been designed to direct the people 's attention to God had had had been the had become a place really a marketplace that did nothing else would glorify me okay this is what were reading about this is what's happening for Jesus comes in I think I would expect them to feel about this there are people listen to me carefully who have come from afar and their longing to know that God receives them the longing to have the assurance of the forgiveness of God for the sin only to come and find out how sure you can have forgiveness not ever price okay well I haven't run a money with me sorry it's not enough once you change it for the Temple shekel and the earth when you're driving twice as much fresh even have to pay this isn't there a look that's the way it multitudes of people than being turned away or nothing it is not turned away the idea was being impressed in mind that the God they serve really wasn't not be cared about the salvation uses to God who wanted it make his people which is something it was perverting the whole purpose of the gospel a whole reason for the service was being distorted and Jesus the one who ordained the service on ordained a system of animal sacrifices comes than anything always taking verse fourteen again he found in the temple those who sold oxen and sheep and dogs and the moneychangers doing business verse fifteen when he had made a whip of cords he drove them all out of the temple with a C antioxidant and he poured out the changers money and overturned the table and he said to those who sold jobs these things take these things away do not make my father 's house I house of merchandise were seventy minutes disciples remembered that it was written zeal for your house has eaten me up so the Jews answered and said to him what signs you show it to us since you do these things and Jesus answered and said to them destroy this temple and in three days I I will not benefit is that I think in forty six years another ceremonial raising in three days but he was speaking of the Temple of his body they are positive were not actually stop there were going to go through what we just read and try to picture this on Bigelow book promotion this morning is okay with you that it's not limited anyway is a book called desire of ages if you do not have the desire of ages get a copy of and read the book and read and reread this book is the most beautiful book on the life and ministry of Jesus and I was reading this passage in the book desire of ages I mean it just makes this whole scene comes alive and I was reading about Jesus going into the Temple and it just really put me in the first of these is how you feel how would God feel to go in here Jesus came and gave us what we can't even imagine he and he left heaven and left all the glory had come to this Earth to save falling humanity how many of all humanity all each and everyone is a theory comes in the Temple was called by his name only to see that each and everyone is getting their credulity and righteous indignation fills his heart as he sees the perversion of the gospel and he takes the scourges the Bible says and he begins to go through and run the animals out telling the money changers to get out and you have to picture the Temple this is this building has his hard marble floor you've got these money boxes and these coins they just rose the table over and you can hear the coins just that that that changing the club and that the clattering of the coins just resounding through the Temple and as you're reading this in the book desire of ages it says his Jesus comes in his divinity flashes through his humanity and all of the unholy traffic all the Pinoys all of the clamor since not just to silence but to a very uncomfortable silence even his own disciples are terror-stricken listen to this the book as I read it page one fifty eight is in a panic sweeps over the multitude who feel the overshadowing of his divinity cry of terror and escape from hundreds of blanched lips even the disciples trim and let me make a point to this morning one that has been forgotten by God 's people today the God we serve and infinitely holy and why we spend our time talking about the fact that God is love and indeed years something we have to come to grips with is this if we were immediately at this moment brought into the presence of the Almighty we would fall down on our faces before him terror-stricken not because God is trying to inspire terror but just because the awesomeness of the situation Daniel the prophet of the Bible says in Daniel that there was he was one of the most righteous people in the land in fact the Bible uses Daniels example of righteousness in the book of Ezekiel and yet Daniel when he came in contact with the Lord he said all my comeliness was turned in me into corruption I lost my string all my goodness now in the presence of the Lord suddenly I realized my week it would do us all well to have that kind of encounter with the Lord and realized that in my flesh as the apostle Paul says dwells no good thing our only hope is in Christ Christ was not coming it is one who is trying to take away their help but I'm simply painting up advantages of the grading of the fact that once his divinity shone forth even his disciples trembled because they were in the presence of the line you created worlds even the disciples tremble they are awestruck by the words and manner of Jesus I like his usual demeanor they remember that it is that it is written of him in the Psalms the zeal of thine house hath eaten me up soon the tumultuous throng with their merchandise are far removed from the temple of the Lord the cards are free from unholy traffic and eighty silence and solemnity settles upon the scene of confusion and listen to this last sentence the presence of the Lord the same presence that sanctified Mount Sinai has now made sacred the temple reared in his on now we're going to flesh this out but the point being made is this that simple was for the purpose of the dwelling of the presence of the Lord not for the unholy traffic that was taking place in zero nine house has eaten me up to let me make my first point this morning brothers and sisters would to God that zeal for his house would lead us up today because there's a lot of unholy traffic taking place in the temples today and God 's churches around it it's an abomination was taking place in many churches that are called by God 's name they become entertainment centers is unholy traffic taking place every time God 's people come to worship we started the day instead of paying instead of creating that solemn reverence that would draw minds to God many of our churches have become an entertainment venue 's one thing that has has out ominously cracked cracked it hasn't crept into the church it's marched into the church and taken over one of the things to me that is in our minds probably a little thing and leave and I would guarantee that many of the founders of doing it is applaud but I really can't like what is it like when a rock concert in her people those of our human ministers Muslim is it think what were clapping for the Lord let me tell you something God is not a human and egomaniac human being like us that means our law he would rather have our obedience he would rather have a phrase and and and what happens is when we just we gotten to the point where we can differentiate between the that the sacred and economy turned to become a place of merchandising to become a playfully common and we're trying to basically glorified men like ourselves I found the door by the person is there singing or praising God you ever clap for me on minister on Sunday performing up here as that we are performing to entertain you and God please help us not to be in the ministry for the purpose of entertaining Jesus that this is exactly what was happening in the Temple they had lost sight of the reason that they were there why do we come to worship services do we come to worship services so that the minister can tell us everything we do everything you do is okay here to enter the kingdom right now you're ready to go down and translate people to do it all to you your radio right now because I want to come in and sunny just pass on the back and tell settings okay what do we really come to say Lord I know I'm a sinner I need you help me to guide me in the past and the right path that I need to walk and if that doesn't sound like something that we want with what you hear for this morning are you here just as we come up and tell you hey listen you know every things my hand but I'm glad you guys named as we can be really didn't need to reinvent you really don't need any preaching the word because he does a radio on do you come because you feel like you need a closer walk with the Lord Jesus how many of you all appraisal order that's why I'm here free year on three you listen I'm here because I am assuming that without the grace of Jesus will be lost and I want to tell you something you know there there are Christians today the Bible and at values of the Bible teaches that we can have confidence in Christ for our salvation right here and now right here today we can know for certain that we have salvation in Christ that I may tell you something there's a lot of false assurance that goes on today is a false assurance this as you have salvation in Christ when you don't live for when you haven't got anything as long as you said his name with your lets say I believe in Jesus pray you say don't let anybody tell you different hearsay from here on out don't let anybody ever coming calendar don't let anybody ever unsettle your faith in the back to your say they listen we can have confidence in Christ our confidence is that in Christ and if we are not in Christ we should never confidence in the me tell you what happens is a multitude of people today in the Christian church that their confidence in the competence is not in following Christ and yelling themselves to Christ in giving their hearts Christ it's a false assurance that somebody told me a lesson as long as you said the name of Christ and of matter he made your life committed your life to Jesus die for everybody anyway anyway I listened what happens this is the end result the result of that is that when people have that false assurance unexplainable bit more when a person realizes that their competence is not in their own goodness only in the righteousness of Christ guess what the righteousness of Christ is unchanging the righteousness of Christ is constant I'm a sinner and a lost sinner without Christ by the apostle Paul after thirty years administrative midpoint said that in my flesh does not signal good thing that I I am the chief of sinners what's amazing yet it didn't bother him to say that because he realized that his salvation wasn't dependent on who he was it was dependent on who God was so impossible in common in your message if the preachers that Carmen is felt across while you don't bristle up and angry because he didn't feel his salvation was threatened he actually felt his salvation was enhanced a person was a false assurance is really in their heart insecure when you start talking about soon they start getting very upset because you're taking away their insurance there sure is because the reality is there really kind of hoping that it that it is at least as good a be because they live the Queen will they say is in Christ but you can know the difference because Winston is pointed out they can't deal with but the person who has their competence not in who they are but in who Jesus is and what he's doing not only are they able to hear witness and is addressed but they are eager to hear because they want to learn how to become more and more like Jesus had a yield themselves to him what areas of my life need to be yielded to him and because so many are banking on a false assurance worship the whole entire worship services are built around that's where worship services are those that are just as just entertainment don't want to step on database cells don't want anybody to feel uncomfortable other people safe church is a place where people live and just be overkill home and comfortable young that if the alarm I know the Lord loves Vietnamese never to show me what needs improvement understand and say so it wasn't right baby comes into the Temple when it happened this is instead of God 's methods being followed man invented his own way of having worship they have the money changes going and any became very self absorbed in self focus and as a result they lost their focus on God they lost their focus on the reason that they were there in the first place the priests and rulers which should've been really openly accepting the people in leading them to Christ and they themselves should homeland themselves before Christ began to see themselves as the one that were developed to benefit from the service much as it is today you have a big mega- church in common near me and pay money to me and Jesus comes into this situation and Jesus is visibly indignant more so than we see in any other place in his ministry and he does is twice at the beginning of the end of his ministry and as Jesus chases out the merchandisers as that statement says the presence of the Lord makes sacred that Temple raised in his long feeling Christ's presence came in many unholy presence when now then God was glorified his presence was seen in his Temple when I went to build on this just a little bit further John says John makes an interesting statement here Jesus when asking for a sign he said destroy this temple in three days are raised up as it may wait a minute we we took us years another similarity to do this in three days and Jesus John said he spoke of the Temple of his body I want to spend the rest return to really focusing on this animalistic in this point this morning is a lot you can learn about the same trade as we can listen to me carefully the very purpose that God had example raised up first the Temple Malone is the chance and then Solomon 's Temple and then the rebuilt Temple that Jesus enters into right here the purpose for those temples was to illustrate humanity God 's purpose listen carefully for humanity that God 's purpose ultimately has always been that his presence can dwell with you and his people these are the reminder in the temple services was that they wear and confess their sins important their trust in the land that through the ministry of the Lamb and through the ministry of the priest both represented by Jesus by the way they too could become a dwelling place for the presence of God they too could be transformed into the image of God that was with their minds would be drawn to the whole structure itself was to be a an object lesson to them about God intended to do for humanity in the book 's average is grade one sixty one listen what it says here in the cleansing of the temple Jesus was announcing his nation as the Messiah and entering upon his work think about that as he entered an example and cleansed the Temple through that cleansing he was announcing what he came to do in entering upon his work with them he goes on to say that Temple already did or the abode of the divine presence was designed to be an object lesson for Israel and for the world from eternal ages it was God 's purpose that every created being from the Brian Emily Sarah to man should be simple for the indwelling of the green because of sin humanity ceased to be a temple for God darkened and defiled by evil the heart of man no longer revealed the glory of the divine one but by the incarnation of the son of God the purpose of heaven is fulfilled in other words Jesus came and mom to you and me this is what God intended for humanity no one is that Jesus lived was God 's purpose for every created being as we see the love and the mercy and compassion in the life of Jesus God wanted us to see that that was his intention for every human being and to me is fascinating here the author says that by the incarnation of the Son of Man the purpose of heaven is fulfilled John the apostle understood this when he wrote in John chapter one and verse fourteen the Word became flesh and dwelt among us literally in the Greek language the word became flesh and tabernacle among us stitched his tent among us because John understood that when Jesus gets to humans in the glory of God was with in him just as it was in that tent in the wilderness and he says we be held his glory the word became flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth we read in Isaiah listen to me carefully that God wants that glory to be seen in us Jesus modeled for you and me what he is willing to do for you and me that was the work he was entering upon he came to this earth as he ran he was not the other night once at the end of the agency was revealed to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself where in the world you can put away sin of the world and they put it away in the people Christ was entering his work and giving an object lesson I'm going to come and chase out the unholy traffic out of my temp not just the building and not just the churches we worship him because the reality brothers and sisters is that is just an outgrowth of what's happening in our own personal lives we were never controlling traffic in the building on out when we worship God if we didn't have the unholy traffic in here all through the week think of all the unholy traffic in the Sultan 's I'm overwhelmed as a minister when I realize how much time God 's remnant people are wasting on the television and movies if we would just get everything out of the equation I mean everything is introducing the leading us to heaven are not talking about heaven the people produced a marked planning on going to happen we do everything like that in the mix just ask yourself this time do I spend doing that to the soul Temple is still with that I wanted to our movie is spent two hours in the word most people don't even spend an hour in the words of the holy and we are going to be a dwelling place for the presence of God Jesus characters than a shine through us when our soul Temple is the full full full to the brim with the world but were more interested in those things than we are reflect I was supporting a man I see I get more excited about sporting event and I'm a pastor where I think you got excited announcers at least they get that excited about reading the word but let me tell you something this morning it is absolutely impossible and the devil knows that when you are so full of the world excitement to get excited about spiritual things that you are gone Gary involved in John seven percent deputy love not the world neither the things that are in the world if anyone loves the world a lot of the father is not in him why do you feel are contrary these things suffice in the spirit and we spend our time indulging our time and we want to spend more time watching movies or watching sporting events or shopping more people worry about fashion and making sure they love it how to compare the timeless and just be honest with yourself compare the time you spend shopping for the latest fashions for the time you spend studying the word of God but the time you spend listen carefully Pratt is seeing what you stay in the word of God because the Bible says there are people that are hearers of the word but because they're not doers of what they hear they are deceiving themselves they think their same just as they heard it and in this outtake will erase passions are and I don't tell my friends I wish we would tell our friends about the Gospels much we did as we do about the share sale or the team did not play in the Super Bowl on my team just beleaguered team get that excited about telling people what on their way to destruction about the Savior that you claim to know unholy traffic in the Temple where the with our shopping relationships in the media say something this morning that nobody's going alike in ways that young people aren't going to like and I'm speaking out of seven a.m. as you should know better this morning our young people should not be involved in the girl relationships and firing seniors all days they don't have a clue where the going on you think how I don't agree with the past and let me tell you something this morning I wish everyone are you all had an opportunity to be the pastor who has the Council with these young people once they get married in the relations of their rec because they never processed through what they should have before they got into the relationship and then you see them fall apart but you see them lead away from the Lord I say yeah I know I know we don't counsel that way the times of change have any yet the devil 's bargain and never let me tell you brothers and sisters on your own supplementals this morning that this is not only Dragon example we've got our young people and it's not just the young people so consumed with dating and relationships God is not in the picture and mothers and fathers who should be parenting those children I don't minute segment child you can be upset when the tears rolling down your face in their outside city and I be accountable to God if I didn't tell you that this morning brothers and sisters we have unholy traffic spilling the soul Temple and most of all most of all with everything that I mentioned the strongest wanted to make about all of it will not matter the Christian church was raised for the purpose Jesus mission was to his glory when shining on us and we would proclaim the gospel to all the world in this generation will even therefore Jesus how can we go therefore when we are so building consumed with the world it's impossible and there are people who are dying what perishing for want of a lot of truth this is what Jesus thought he came an example this is what incensed and not only when the Temple unholy traffic it was Solomon Ali because the heart of his paperwork all among unholy traffic even the priests that had been taking the people present in one offended anybody and when Jesus came in his divinity shone through human they saw themselves in the July is fascinating about the story of the cleansing of the temple to go to Matthew 's cleansing the temple Matthew twenty one amendment to do it this time is you see that as the scribes and the rulers were fleeing the Temple there was another class of people that were drawn to the Temple which is absolutely fascinating and I noticed that it will pass if you preach like that it imitates people after they Jesus did it so I guess I'm in the company but while this carefully while those who didn't one of the gospel truth to the grant you the truth they had were running from the Temple there was another class running to the Temple to deliver the lame and the blind and the ones who realize that they needed help from Christ the Lord will so wondrous running but he can hinder the other group from coming desire pages page five ninety two puts it this way on the way from the Temple they were met by a throng who came with their sick inquiring of the great healer they are running ideologies is going to demo the divinity divorce here comes another group that coming with her healing no lesson the report given by the fleeing people caused some of the you turn now they fear to me one so powerful that happens today we got people fleeing from the commandments and I'll be happy to fling the requirements of the unsafe on alert after searches direct all I guess I don't want to do that in real in my life since when is the truth of God really anybody's life was argument is that is the devil 's in the beginning well it's when you thought when you disobey God that's when he can have a true experience in the data nowadays there and you feel like they feared to meet one so powerful whose very low tech driven the priests and rulers from his presence but listen but a large number pressed through the hurrying crowd eager to reach him and was there only hope their people in this world today that are wanting to meet him and was their only hope I'll be leaving them that direction to him are we the people that are chasing them away are we doing anything to reach the world around us brothers and sisters Jesus is coming soon and he is seeking to prepare this world for his coming he wants to make every man woman child a dwelling place experience he entered off in this work of cleansing by the incarnation John says the son of God of the second on the purpose of heaven is fulfillment in God dwells in you Manny reading again from desire pages one fifty one God dwells in humanity and through the saving grace the heart of man becomes again his death God designed that the Temple at Jerusalem should be a listen carefully a continual witness to the high destiny open to every soul sisters I can't appeal to you strongly enough this morning Jesus sees every child of humanity not listen carefully not for what they are but for what they might become through him Jesus doesn't look at the job at it like a drug addict he is a drug addict and see what it would be Julia 's grace but will the indwelling of the Spirit am I ordering is God 's Jesus is a look at the harlot and a preliminary promiscuous man or woman has given her life over to sexual immorality in that whites instead he sees them for what they might be if only they would receive the gospel truth into their hearts that's how Jesus sees all humanity and the decay something else this morning that's how Jesus followers see you me and as such there is a burden that comes upon the human heart the goal in ten people about the saving grace of Jesus that can fulfill in them this high destiny for every human soul Jesus said he can save to the uttermost all who come to God through him you know people who don't know him are you doing about our UTEP all know it I don't know I know some people but they wouldn't be and is it a listen it's a high destiny opened every soul on the director of the school of evangelism called Emmanuel Institute we started our class for two weeks in our class just the other night after Thursday night preaching our students went out selling Christian literature the first time they've ever done they were scared to death going out and knocking on the doors of people into different communities now I may I'm the pastor of the church in globals Michigan and in novels and the people and surcharges at all you can't do anything gullible voters interested in the gospel may just be more hard to do it this is where my director associate director made Iraq ninety 's again on we'll see about that question about nobles one of our students those knocks of the door guy answers the door uses wall boy is his unit you knocked on the wrong door tonight you got the wrong I am the meanest man engulfed up to the mental audience of the daughter personal remember going into I am the neatest man and nobles he said is a neuron to get anywhere here in fact he says I don't have any friends on so many to win smart young man replied in the grace of God was with anything less is a godsend making a friend is a brother year to make a friend tonight so anyway this guy then proceed to does my heart our student it begins to go into the books that he has a salad I like no no no I finally tell the lesson I know what it means and I know it all means and again I know what they mean they say now Bowman slams the door saw her student moves on to give you little background on this story I shared with them the story just this week in our class about one of our evangelists as Methodist evangelist he was talking about and in helping people make that decision to follow Christ and some people need to be encouraged by helping easy to the hotels listed to do anything for Christ is the cost that's something too great all you become a Christian and Amelia this this this this and he magnifies all the difficulties that he doesn't tell you about the benefits of becoming a Christian and so sometimes the gospel work of many thousand and the farmer all the devils arguments by letting them here with the word of God says about the benefits of becoming a power however some people will be moved by the benefits of or the benefits when they need understands consequence and in RAR and his evangelist had been preaching are actually visiting he visited a man in his house on AlterNet means angles but this ties in the visiting Amanda 's house and when he sat down with the man he began to talk to him about the fact that this guy had been to evangelistic meeting to start eating just never made a decision for the throat he is not accepted Christ in his life and are visible said lesson of the guys a lesson don't waste your time with me I'm not a make a decision for you HMS Richards came out to my house I did make a decision when he came here for stemware with you leading evangelist and in an yesteryear rather than an isolated as a smart decision for any given decision and your comment to get a decision out of me so you may as well get up our business law committees as you know what I wanted to Cincinnati I want to go to my church elementary for that I wrote everything but let me tell you something and I was elderly says let me tell you something if I review I'd be making a decision for what this does look like you have a lot of time left if you don't make a decision soon to be lost for eternity knowing that any preaching tomorrow morning he says if I redo I be there on a make a call and answer and if are you I come forward to that call this is that mammals in church that morning is the first one responded to call sign telling this story to my students and his student goes to the door he leaves the door of the meanest man in global he's walking down if they're about to get back into the van we transform the neighborhood he says for the first time in my life nineteen years old by the way pension young man he grown up his Christian background for the first time in my life I really says the Lord speaking loud and clear like I've never heard it before he said you need to go back there he said that story came in my mother I may visit Amanda didn't surprise visit as many the mantle in the evening is mangled and eighty years old and he's eighty years old what if he doesn't accept Christ they lost I got into law the oldest parties and we never got back to the house as hard as it are you crazy as I was nineteen years old he was part of the nominal money supply and you go to the man on the back of the house he went back to the house and not enough and not nobody is nobody has not answered I just want out he knocks and finally he praises the Lord if I'm doing this for some selfish reasons on doing some kind of pride in relation of the guy comes back out and get that there's anything wrong in any does help not from the doormen and not one word mortgagor will message you will there reaches me help them become he knocks on the door no response he turns and begins to go in the door opens up and the door was a few occipital and the guises it's obvious that you're having a hard time leaving the ports you're being a little processes it is all walk you to your man and if he comes out our our our our our student is up to meet me these to his ear is the man's hard of hearing he said rather he said you're eighty years old and you're a sinner in need of a Savior man looked at me so you know what you're probably right anything I like you your persistent he said young people today are persistent enough with anything that man while out to the van and our student gave him a Bible study card and he said it put in the man's hand and Nantucket in ultrasonic or Bible studies and he said you know you're right you said I'd make a friend today and I did my student said if you're my friend to fill that part and he said I'm going to do it where this is just how many of us would've gone back to that door how many of us let me tell you who send them back to that door and the Lord Jesus came from heaven to ensure that Batman had an opportunity I don't search members that will only are you trying to live advertisements or Verizon on to something the Lord and we just want to try to knock on an RNA just didn't seem interested brothers and sisters Jesus time that they would have eternal life Jesus purposed to come to this earth was that every human being would understand the high destiny for them through Christ Jesus doing is ministering and he has called you and me as his followers to let them know about this is not your work or my work is Jesus work were simply letting them know what Jesus is doing in their behalf the Bible says as we look at Thursday night he has ascended into the template happens to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself incidentally Paul speaks of the working hubris of the present work of evil technologies within a thirty one eighty and he finished his work van but that's not what you read in the Scripture description says the network continues continues continues in and finally Jesus takes off the crazy relatives on the robes of righteousness a rather rough to kingly robes and comes again without reference to sin it says in Hebrews chapter nine to receive to himself those with avail themselves of his grace in time is winding down and the Lord Jesus is coming soon he's doing the work of preparing people for that company he starts with his own arise shine for thy light is seen before he cleanses the world temples he comes into the church he comes into you when he comes into me and he said someone to take out all the unholy traffic on Chase out of here I wanted to be empty so my glory can be seen shining and you and with my glorious shining and you send the else will look at USA I like you you have persistence for some reason or another you have a you have a desire for my soul and as we allow the Lord Jesus to work through us or their multitudes out there I'm not going to reach their people that you know that only you can reach only you have been put in the place that you're in for that this is not an accident your homework or your worker asked by accident you live in the neighborhood you live in by accident you will month into the people you love to my accident when a young man went to the door the angels of heaven were there with him impressing the heart of that day and is seeking to impress the people you come in contact with brothers and sisters we meet adequate playing these games with the religious life got so tied up with the Jewish leaders with our buildings in our institutions and look at this temple that we haven't forgot what the whole purpose of it is Jesus is seeking first to prepare your soul Temple for his spirit that you would be ready when he comes again and that through you through you he can give the light of the gospel to somebody else and we need to take that charge seriously amen listen this student we had is the first time he went out Don worked to him you think I can work for you in the same way as I guarantee he can for the sisters there are multitudes in this world that have no concept of what they might become in Christ they don't understand is ideal high destiny that grown up in places where they never seen anything that humanity amount to anything except the year was up to me to let him understand the light of truth and see what God can do in their life will be done let them do it in our lifestyle to because then it were modeling for them and we can tell than he listen I'm a sinner just like you and the difference in you and me is that God 's grace came into my life and change me insane guy certainly wants to change you to present sisters got it down we got to get out and proclaim this everlasting Gospel we don't with a savory message you can talk with the sacred message and not talk about evangelization without it you can't even talk about the one and not the other you can talk about the closing of the things are and what you are doing and have it all live when I understand it wow William of mass responsibility to let the world know I'll let you in on a secret this morning Jesus isn't disclosing the sacred red Jesus is cleansing the sanctuary for this world he is not seeking just the FTC defines the sanctuary so that you and I can herald the message that the priestly work of Jesus is available for all who would come to him and he comes to me Jesus said in John six no wise cast out this morning I want to finish by simply asking and I want you to think about before you answer with the response I call for God wants to use you to proclaim his gospel to those around you God was you and me to get our focus off of what we like about church while you go to this church as I have more fun there it's easier there is whatever there that's not your purpose got the incident in the placement of Reagan a place that you are signaled a church when the place that you are you work with people in the place you are the days of the church in the place of your atoll of the sermon to administer chocolates entertainment seekers type of the church the work and they don't work on getting anything out of it the purpose you're probably not getting anything out of it because a bunch of people I gathered on the same day not ministering each other at the same low this morning that assisted my friends anonymous resume business view we say we believe Jesus Cummings there's a world that does me no goddess put you in a place for such a time as this to proclaim his Gospel in whatever way you can you may never get a sermon like this you can tell what Jesus has done in your life simple appeal this morning are you willing the presence of God save you listen to the message this morning I want to make a difference I don't want to come into my life realizing that if myself and their people that I could have reached and I get on with persistent enough I didn't I didn't think about all Christ gave up for me and I thought it was too much he rescued me learn today I want to make a decision that I wanted to use by you in whatever capacity I'm committing this morning that I will take whatever opportunity to listen before you answer I want to raise their hands and some pretentious like a Sunday the raisins on the racing is your vinegar church and the pastor said okay what is certainly missing class guess what you may hand this morning you'd is committed to be part that's I'm telling you this morning as I okay I learned to in and gotten the opportunity your way and you neglect maybe it's witnessing classic eighties and I were comes up and ask you something spiritual your committee Eurasian invader committed to helping a person understand these diseases needs plan to their lack enters him and say I'm serious this morning this is not just for show don't worry about what anybody else is doing I'm asking this more if you want to be a witch a witness resistances if you want to use use in whatever capacity you willing to link to apply yourself energy cooperating the clinical salt if you're focused with the movies and attention shifts in the shopping every thing else is observing a time when Jesus introduces first how many of you want to do that after the first commitment Jesus is closing yourself he wants to use you can reach the people around you and go to their recognition was not just to the twelve it was to everybody who claim the name of Jesus that's all of us here this morning I believe is it your desire to be used by Jesus to reach the ninety nine you can say yes Jesus would make whenever the user to use away to be a witness for you missed this year 's as our hands are raised a star has before the Lord father father this morning I fall the father but through the weakness of humidity you have communicated your customs I pray Lord that in spite of things that I haven't worded correct but your spirit would make an clear to our hearts and minds his father we had a great responsibility and a great opportunity you have opened up before is the ideal for every human being that we may be an indwelling of the Holy Spirit that our lives may be transformed and reflect your character to people around us that people would look at us and see the love and compassion and mercy of Jesus in our words and our actions that this is why we're here we're not here to do that upon some some religious card it is a religious duty where you're because we want to transform into the image of our Savior father we want to be the means of being used to reach other people help us to remember what it was like when we didn't know Jesus and help us to realize that there are untold multitudes that are in that same place right now in father 's UCR hands raised this morning oh Lord use us bring opportunities our way and when the opportunities come father they may come today I may come tomorrow they may come within this next week father and when we see them help us remember the commitment were making here and now realize you have answered this prayer and a father to bring an opportunity our way help us to remember that you will not leave us alone that you are with us always you will reach people through speaking the more this is our desire this morning the accident rate in the name of Jesus before his


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