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It Doesn't Really Matter...Does it? ( Remnant Rally 2009 #6 )

Dwight Hall


  • August 29, 2009
    11:00 AM
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him this media has been brought to you by your friends and remnant publications in your life more of these powerful resources please visit us on the web at www. remnant media Center .com for he was a toll-free call at one eight hundred four two three thirteen nineteen we like to invite you to subscribe to come and prepare to be nice him have a short word used by father in heaven it is Perino you will touch my lips than something that you father I pray that you be with each line here today and father Craig and I hope that toes are stepped on not because of me and not because of my worthiness father for you know how much of the center I am the father that the Holy Spirit would be here lately gently prodding us this is the way watching father I thank you for having this prayer is entering the name of Jesus amen J am I just asked summary in the back of I look right here my Bible Roman writers I hope that I think my notes out back there so we can get those notes not that I couldn't talk without them posted February the third but I wanted I wanted to share a few things about the sanctuary on that I think it's vitally important as a survey method that's it thank you Joe they want is a few things that can him just ruin your day but God knows with bassinet this is just a painting I don't know who painted it and you know there are things in here that aren't quite biblically correct but it doesn't matter I want to get a point across for those that don't know about the sanctuary island is your couple other quick things here and then I go to my message on this does anybody know that would like to share what happens when you send what what you have to do a sacrifice of life of the Lamb and sometimes if you're bored to be a true love that Leslie a Lamb and and what I want to get across is that there were twelve tribes and those tribes were different groups can you see how this group 's heirs seek and you get the picture now I want you know that that the time that courtyard it was and I have in my Bible on that note I can't member was I think was a good half-mile for the first ten is that what was within a mile when it was he grabbed my arm I have and know that nothing in this bill is to work up to the wall and it was in the desert okay if I don't know about you but I can't hide really good in the sand I guess you could dig inerrant but his drops an emergency tonight to do it but I can hide behind a tree but that was in the desert the tents were about a mile behind from that from the courtyard now when somebody send I would hope I would catch the rush traffic of noon hour something you know with all the other people to send in I could I was walking with them hope nobody could see me but you got understand that it was a serious thing when he said and has always been a serious thing writing math and then you can you you said you had a little lamb they didn't do anything wrong to you which represented Jesus Christ can you imagine hearing that Lamb are walking at an end your now people talk behind peoples backs in fact I think that's one of the worst Christian so-called person things we do today and we have to get rid of that or we won't make it happen I don't care if there's talking about something you're a hundred percent right we've got to get off of that a man and but I can just imagine that the dumb the delights during his lowly and I cannot try to camouflage myself know when I was young I had to covenant since the one was that I had a nice smile and the other one was the girls and why we turn sideways you disappear so I would even wear shorts in the summertime I always wear long pants as my legs are so skinny and zydeco but so I would guess I would almost like they're competent beings because I would want but isn't hoping that it only see the Lamb and I pay myself white because I have to walk almost a mile from the from the edge of the cancer remember might think could be no remember there was there was a million or so people can imagine I'm intense there were in me helping his cold water just ten thousand so people were talking about a million or two million people the United take your land carried up to your little rights there and then finally you have the space of about a mile all by yourself and your carrying out land and I can just hear my neighbors say I wonder what do I did this time I bet it was really back he must do I mean look at his lands little bigger than it was last week there must be a bad sin and not in the word goes all the way through the sad part that would really be a good thing by the way because it should make you understand that I don't send but I can imagine with all those people pretty soon it was so busy people talking around the amount of the syndicate what is the common thing it I sent this road map of how far we should be now when you took your lamb in that courtyard what happens what what happens was the first thing you come to hear this is a map by the way you go to the altar of sacrifice if the first thing what happens at the altar of sacrifice yada that that the priest slit the throat and out those down and then they take Atlanta for it if you need to read it in the Old Testament in Leviticus you need to read about that about a burnt offering and since sacrifice but again I don't have time to get in all that but let me ask is that the finishing point in the sanctuary I think about that right here I can get that right there that the first box you guess that's when the outside how many are of us you and I are still here right there Holly of us are every nice and hard forgive my sins I'd not done everything right behind me I need your blood Lord please forgive my sins and him we never get past that point but we doesn't keep bringing a little lamb Jesus Christ because we know when we send what do we do to Christ we know we crucify my first because it takes his blood the comers and then and so what I want paganism roadmap now I don't like you but I many times had these man saving a GPS and and so we can be even I should I might appoint nothing I can be actually less informed about how to read magazines tell me take a right turn it on the next lightning on and you can even if you like even but different voices and sounds and even an Australian accent or English or whatever notify about for years I decided out less when I was from him what is that Matthew it tells me for a man and it tells me where I come from any tells me where I got get to a man I know I don't either know what you look to me I'm a man is not that interesting I I never said honey kiss check out the map tonight we got some exciting stuff going on the map never done the matter kind of boring but are the vital there absolutely vital we need maps to let us know where we can where we are where we need to get to know my soul the sanctuary is no different in that it's a map it might not be that interesting on the outside but this map tells you what were your ad are where you started as me where you're at and reading to get you does that make sense a man now this is what happened if I could draw a picture of this an analyst to evangelism yet another picture there's another picture as I guess I would like to take an aerial view in summary you seen this picture of you can drop cross to the sanctuary at how you see Matt so I'm not the only one missing it for you start at the bottom of the altar of sacrifice down there you start down there in the bottom that becomes a foot of the cross you move up to the labor you go out because in the holy place there's three articles of furniture it's the way and stand in the last fifty SQ FT is going and you've got the altar of incense in front of you right at the curtain next to the most holy place and the right get cable showbread and it's not perfectly straight across the cars I do know that how was vital that one is by the curtain Alterman sent but if you can imagine with me you go up with across you go out for the arms fair in the will will be in the holy place for the Arctic on is that in many of them don't that's the cross now when you send where you started your starting at the foot of the cross what we have to do when we give our sins Jesus what we started at the top across we've heard it all along come develop what comes of the foot of the cross and in an role that burden off the Jesus blog will cover you a man now what's and except I love up as a concert last night and I I might have your list the next episode water labor and what that represent baptism it's simple red represents baptism which means that once you come to the front across instead Jesus here I am I'm a sinner like a public entity met on the center large any be just as is and I don't even have the right to come to you but please take me I wanted to your will and once you do that you go to the next of his water labor which represents baptism baptism means lot and baptism by the wind grade means what baptismal which means go underwater come back up that's why we believe Christians that you should be baptized on the water because what does that represent death I got the one self so we die but we go down and that one represents dying to self we come back what a new creature Jesus Christ that's how they got the name Baptist John the Baptist is usually okay has it in their and can we go any other way look at my changes around can you should you get baptized person then as forgot to forgive your sins it doesn't work that way note G1 I have the right to change a map around it even if we do we get there but yet were we we have tampered with God 's word many of us probably every one of us here have tried to tamper with God 's word we have tried to the Nagel and do things and change things around to match what feels good loss and enhance what we do to rectify well I know I'm not perfect but did you say so-and-so we always want to knock summary else down to make ourselves look better and so they were tampering with God 's word we need to go exactly where it's supposed to be okay now once you get baptism when you come up a new creature in Christ what is happening what what what happens is over with no were not even in a holy place yet so now we go to the holy place because now we've got something that God is calling us to do and that's at work of sanctification by the way I've done a lot of study on this an industry like I'm finding it more and more but do the study when you study your Bible when you come up many times the three things like Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life you know if you if you look at that the way it is physical it's walking it's physical I am the way follow me what do what I do and I am the one way that what shows to and it's true so what set you free either through that's mental so your body mind spirit physical mental and spiritual tonight on the way the truth and what and the like the spirits of Christ wants us to be spiritually nine so not to look at the sanctuary you got the outer court of justification you come as you are priceless he notes that they want continued about that because you think I want you not only to be my savior but I want you to be my King and my Lord and I want to follow you whatever you're asking me to the that makes sense but you're not done you can't go around saying under Satan Satan Satan just do whatever he wants because then you're not using a Lucifer was saved at one time was in a he was the bright and morning star numbered and in the holy place and in that holy place that the starting sanctification that you let us know what were to do now when you first go in there you got as you as you walk in this way if you'd like me to walk in his life this site is the lampstand and anybody can look at lampstand represented us represent Holy Spirit they had to keep that lampstand let twenty four seven does not does the Holy Spirit fall asleep on your high sometimes and Martin has on me before because I don't listen but you know what it does it's its faithful to work on my hearts just sometimes I don't listen well what a sad got that land the Holy Spirit and what is advancement was an outright you've got the word of God or the table of showbread and what is Jesus a man shall not live by bread alone but everywhere the procedures of mother got right that represents the word of God K not again I get into a lot deeper but why do that don't want to get a picture and you go up to the altar of incense what is that represents the prayers intercessory prayers going up to our heavenly father sinkhole Lauren I'm so sorry I messed up you remember when Jesus but at the Last Supper and you remember when he stood there he's waiting for some of the wash his feet from there what a sad story really and everybody looked around and Jesus had a workout that you know they had sales back to it so that they would get dusty and dirty and so when they would go into places the even start the what what were they knew what would happen some servant would be there and they watch your feet so you have to go to house the dirty fate now anyone in the last supper that night there was no servant not at all the sought disciples a look around while watching as the LPR tonight is many things easy on raw and Jesus was saddened to what Jesus do he was the one that the presented me with the Peter Peterson J Thomas Mike and Jesus if I don't watch it you have no part of anyone he said watch all of me is that always annoyed me just a little soiled so as we as we go in here we get a little soil certification takes a workable life that brothers and sisters I know what you would I've ever in the publications like around twenty five years and had I know no myself twenty five years ago I mean I like the enormous effort but if I could know myself back in twenty five years ago I would've picked me I'm not worthy to be part of the ministry that God chose me back there in spite of the White House self he chose me back there and I'm learning twenty four years later on think I cannot believe I said that I cannot believe I did that as a revenue but praise God he doesn't forget us he will just moments by moment gay by day and now we go into the holy place known the holy place is the art of covenant on top of that was called the mercy seat you had to Angels on top of that what I want to get across is this inside that are there were three items what were they take a memo law Aaron 's rod divided in the manner which adjourns on top but on the inside the ten Commandments errors Rod divided in the manner now what you think about this Irwin 's race in this race because when we lost our image to God we can lose it and just one thing we lost it in her body we lost it in line we lost it spiritually understand and God must restore the image of God in all three things you and I think it's related still just because you go to church and just because you donate today and just because you know the truth but physically or not walking away with Jesus Christ your lost and that's what this was sanctification is and we've got to get really out of the outer court we need to get into the most holy place where you activating it ask yourselves at one of my death MI continually dissing argument since forgiven since and I'm not really making any headway right should be soon outfitted as you got in the outer court stands for what justification you go to the holy place but is as therefore sanctification and you got the most latest dance floor glorification three things body mind so now we go in the holy place you've got body mind soul does the metals but you got the cable showbread metal you got the lampstands you are excusing metal of the Holy Spirit the word of God physical because it tells us what to do you got the altar of incense which is spiritual you see that now legal in the most holy place a any here's another thing I went in and stand for going to that in the holy place every one of those items are in all of these outside there and item by themselves I never thought that ones over here ones over here and ones up here there by themselves and were working on getting all that working together pieces of what followed me from the way that you'd like to go in the most holy place now all those items are where together they run back inside the arc a man what is God what a good artist as I would've thought my log where in your hearts Paul said when inspired let this mind what is being you that was what in Christ Jesus so now he's got these three things inside the ark was a big figure out who got the law of God you've got the jar of life Nana and you have airdropped about it now the job matter what you think I might stand for the bread physical body right if you remember that Jesus said in the wilderness you know you had the manager came down he was talking about the word of God that's what that represents the work that's the physical it's for the body you've got Aaron 's rod a budding young idea what that is unsure that over later that's the mental that's the mind and will share why that's the mind and then you have the long and what is the law supposed to be honest spiritual written on their hearts we can never get rid of the law of God and by the way as vested in the car investor marketing others have spoke to sanctuary that we see it was the was put on this earth as a symbol is all through Hebrews in its estimate is not just the Old Testament as in Revelation when Jesus is walking amongst the lampstand what is it talking about it's talking about the sanctuary okay it's a map day cut out the think of doing that now now these roadsigns I wanted to get out of there but you can picture everyone's been to a scene stop sign and when you get this in your mind for all the sin and come short of a very gonzo through but what the Lord thanks stop I know you sent I sent my son to a Fiji did you victory if you follow him Road work ahead of everything that I remember I've never had this happen but it had a presence that happen when you're driving on the freeway and Emerald were an angel slowdown the fines are what you know see fighter double so there's worldwide rule overcast and that is what Rick have to be done again I have sent work of sanctification we've got to get out the of the outer court that's why this is a roadmap to us okay let's go with another couple signs about that in have you ever amen if you are in construction are you went on vacation I'd love to get this out because it very seldom gets me going down a dead-end but a few years ago I went out last with a few friends and we had my diesel truck it was all true cab which means it has seats in the front seats and isolate small and had a fifth wheel like a thirty six foot schedule and in America that I had I get twenty simple trailer for the recreational level back in Michigan you have to take a little test so that you can drive one of those things and I was around sixty five feet long December and I'll never forget we got down the wrong road at an end and it's a lot harder on backing up to trailers if you never tried people it's almost impossible and many people cannot back up what you try to visit everything is it's it's terrible thing believe me and so I got there got back up if I would've followed the map I went to go down that Dan praise God I got on a mission even though we go down the dead-end street sometimes because we want to do what our way God still has the map doesn't you and I have to surrender to that and we have to go his way and that message is that you've been hearing the last few days is it how much time do you and I have two keep going down dead-end streets you either got to believe the Bible or not is that true are you are not wanted to share a couple things here we got Christ with his map entitled and that we have well surprised that the Lord snap winless on the Senate know Satan the state have a map what saves math broad is the way you can get lost down that road well figuratively speaking you will get lost going down that road but if so why do you think it's the right way it's like it's got like a rest areas with little places as in all kinds of nice water and drank sent and all kinds of nice things getting this must be the way at the dad and a bad tenant don't go there is a statement that are long gone it obeys it today but it says may Rosalita will help the entered mayoralty the wrong menu mostly grown all roads lead to Rome and no sort of the Dell thank you cannot get people in the study thanks so much the Lord has given us a roadmap through the Scriptures this road map is five the roadmap can a single guide and a roadmap in my vehicle and back I could pack callback and roadmaps same wants to get me there but if I don't pay attention to what's there happens that will not be good for me the notes of the roadmap doesn't be just up ahead now that GPS Canada as what's on Tuesday in Alberni area now and then it doesn't go somewhere else but the roadmap is silent it's their it just means direction is my choice is yours as I even follow the road I know we had the devil 's map and she imperceptibly little by little gives us a different road mapping then have you ever been down his road I have it's not a pretty sight oh it starts out that way and I was shared just a few things that you won the first things that we have is featured in your Bibles in Genesis chapter one know by heart Genesis chapter one what to say in the beginning what God created the heavens and the earth I would ask your question do you believe that today I managed to get in the beginning God created the heavens and you do truly believe that God created the heavens and near in six days ago to be dotted Internet guided out of the socket usually believe that God created the heavens and the earth you do believe that correct and why is it that Christians and are now pointing my finger at other churches today are pointing in all so-called Christians and Christians are just one you are here and I see to some of our universities some of our school and some of the teachings of so-called professors and Christians that makes up evolution and creationism how long player what are we doing what are we doing and yet we call ourselves Christians and we want to mix a little bit of the world and when it's a little bit of God when we doing you either believe it or you don't I know for me in my house I soon began I want to read this statement to you and get my reason these are not trying here to pick on an individual but I want you to understand it isn't just me speaking this came out July twenty five oh seven but most of us knows that if your Christians you've heard this this is my Paul Benedek sixteen here's what he said in Italy there was a debate raging in some countries particularly the United States and his native Germany between creationism and what you think evolutionism and he thought it was necessary and this is what he said saying that evolution they were saying that evolution can not coexist with thing but they were saying and what was that if they both can coexist is that true you cannot mix evolution and creation either got spoken in it was John or he had to say you know what I'm good have to relay on the Big Bang theory I know God but I don't have that much power it's got to be a big day in my dumping that theory out there I think about that for us Christians doing you believe the Scriptures are not high that some of my friends Christian friends that are questioning Wayne creationism the China medicine all you believe it because got status you work on his roadmap are you going down the road narrow image understand goes on to say that it says the participating as he was concluding his holiday in Northern Italy also said that while there is much scientific group to support evolution the theory could not excludable by God will see that we don't want to completely exclude God but I don't want to take God out of the equation because God without God in all of the equation you want I lost again big trouble okay let's go the next one Genesis three chapter one starting with one of the goal or read in Genesis this is chapter three starting with verse one this is now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field with the Lord God it may and he said to the woman has God indeed said you shall not eat of every tree of the garden and the woman said as well we may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden but all the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden God said shall not eat it nor shall you touch it lest what you die where was this where it was history it was in the middle of the garden member that and then the serpent said this in verse four and the serpent said the women what look at I know God better than anybody by was his greatest danger but there's a problem there hear itself I can tell you for me just speaking to you right now the unit surely I think that not you not been a die of what it says it says for God knows in and day you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God knowing what was that a truth is the one that you does the devil mixtures in error absolutely you believe the Scriptures brothers and sisters you either got it all hundred percent over here and say I believe it is says that it's true and I believe it or you going in say in the middle maybe that I wanted to know I don't offend the people that leave everything and I notably the often people don't leave everything to all of your item and consolidate and then inevitably some of it can we do that are you doing in your life today and then on television and that we get a little DVD a couple years ago but I don't watch TV especially anything about spiritualism you know how many shelves today are on spiritualism that that fifty percent thirty percent whatever a lot you you you get these advertising cc things on the Internet it's all about spiritualism things were talking about the vampire stuff today but not like the olden days for you know you got this guy with a thank you think he looks like while I don't look scary but you've got good vampires what are we doing and we let our kids watch out stuff does God say what he means he would go with me to him first Corinthians Chris Pythias chapter six verse eleven nine ten North stranger I hear a lot of Christians quoting me Scripture references but I want to step on her toes because we don't want talk about those can we get can we get by but only keeping some of all got callings to keep no and I'm just pleading with you that it's everything you need to do everything lessor says it says in verse eleven chapter six verse eleven prescriptions chapter six verse eleven is a right and right yet for six prescription six eleven but now I have written to you not to watch keep company with anyone named a brother who is a fornicator eight more coverages or an adulterer revile her or a drunkard or extortion not even to eat with such a person and got to know what that means because you balance out does that mean that we should never talking centers those days I happy mom I can talk to me first in verse eleven first Corinthians chapter six on site the authors revisited six five first Turkish chapter five verse eleven know what you are going along with me I went to get so caught were talking more people to keep doing all over increasingly think it's okay you know it says Alai often told us what friendly by beholding to become what changed greatly any change in the likeness of who Jesus Christ in the likeness of Satan but will go unnoticed the now that's chapter six chapter six the first and ends when does you do not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God but the one the unrighteous who is the unrighteous is that wicked people that believe in double worship only think about that who are they do not you know that the unrighteous value of the kingdom of God do not be deceived neither fornicators nor idolaters nor adulterers nor homosexuals or the King James has a feminist you need to look that up in the greeted you like and I love public up-to-date technology and get on the Internet you can if you don't understand a word look it up and you can get a great meaning of that word you have to know me you get the bringing of that word are the key remaining in the Old Testament and delight but when I do my Bible studies I'll output the number the Strong 's concordance number then I looked up in the market down what that word means a type in the Bible studies are homosexuals nor sodomites now you think it will go on percent Northeast their cottages nor drunkards to rebalance extortioners will inherit the what can you believe that you really believe that felt identified off and on and pick out some of the worst things because they are there just ran in the news but again I'm not picking on anyone they are taking again soon a man I'm not trying to get somebody as if they were need to think that only me on the cheek the centers read this this just happened last week by the way and it happened or that it happened on August twenty first but I think last Friday is the nations largest Lutheran denomination to openly gay clergy more fully into its fold Friday as leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America voted to lift the ban that prohibited sexually active gay and lesbian people from serving as ministers I don't know what that means in the past all while ago as long as you saw that the limits you are actively gay he said those propensities to you to be a minister but now they just fax it it was I think of them got a regular wanted to write so that change has to the support of sixty eight percent polyester question is a vital tool or the Bible false but we wanted that Douglas emitted that got what we think of extends but what is the definition of sin and transgression law and what what are the wages of sin death didn't say all only cure homosexual only if you're a liar in only if you commit adultery no it's all sin feels that not right what is God trying to do with you nine history to close this you would be cleansed I want you so bad I want Jesus to come again don't you I long for it I wake up in the middle and I may say Jesus come I know when I when I travel around and I see the terrible as it is going on and sometimes people ask me if God is such a loving God why is all this stuff still happening because brothers you and I are still in the in the courtyard as I forestalled we ran out of gas and we don't know where to get it for the good old effort for gas and gas cans we can't find it because what because we haven't got the gas from Christ we haven't got this letter to hey I is amended by the visual she harder back in the day that Moses day as well as Netherlands I just keep sending on the end of last day Obama is about two thousand lambs and you know they're going to continue to grow also know that you live in you and him and everybody else opened up a event that you set the layer you know I sitting at home until I got no one thousand nine hundred ninety nine that saw discovered that yellow that's how you and I think many times we get underneath the night sailor please forgive my sins but do we need because if we mean it why in the world many of us keep doing it day after day after day after day the same thing and what you think is little to Holy Spirit working upon your hearts are you surrendering I idle youth so often in my own life I've done things in the spirit said no experts that know you before Christian you should notice a spirit cenote before sturdy said no to me many times in their times and not listen do you really want and I think it's such a little thing today I think about a missile that something that are not generally be happy if I if I get this thing up Internet but I thought this on another legal is because it's such a small thing and a negative slumping but it's such a small thing life is hard for me to get off because I don't want to because I'm selfish and I don't want to surrender that because I'm afraid if I do that I know that by theory that Jesus said if you will if you'll pick up your cross and follow me your peace but I think if I can't get that off I mean Lord I given up ninety nine things already in the last three weeks you know when I like because I lose my faith and trust in Jesus Christ you believe the word you have a right to figure out what you can accept and what you can reject it the roadmap we talk to take shortcuts it might nearly two years ago when I was in attendance from the Darrell Sawyer at the end of my life about my kids watch for this stuff it's twenty four now was I to know only five years old something I'm not sure it was the Sabbath afternoon it was cohort of mountain and and I think there'll be around I think it might've been a part mounted upward among their letter notably if you go out there and you hike around this year with a man who is it where we lived it was when the Rocky Mountains and you just overlooking all the Rocky Mount so beautiful and so we traveled beautiful day we travel up there to have my wife and her three children we got there and enjoys others just us and if so then we was other quite sometime and aggressive that was going up I was taking a mental picture of how to sing it all the switchbacks powered just suspect that this was back at the yell it's not the details on hot issues that you got so many suspected takes forever to get things done Taipei subway personality .info unlock them this was back in marking the switchback Magnus was back on figure then when I come down on the go on doing it is understood picture thought I did save my family time we got up there we can notice out he listened to the long pending appeared in England it back to the shaking had as you members is very well I terrific a short time advertisement I said I I I I been kind of vantage I know exactly where to go home last maintenance words I don't know how long we run my shortcut and that was good though much a while the only could you say will you and your mom would say soon soon she looked at me and she just rolled her eyes and I can't believe you doing this to us and then I got says Fannie Longford fallen all over your inner monologues and and not only that I can or Muslims bring them or something but the Bush bushes at the sticky stuff on and when we got home because of his own like this high his hair I'm talking I know what they got dated hair gel stuff that this was the best thing you could policy or part and I just so you know that my wife is always taking care of the kids on the guide monologue are nothing guys should help shed but she never mind she given the massive illness I want to know that was the first bath I gave my son five years all because I was about to ask them if she would clean them we got down there that addresses items is a nice Sabbath afternoon lot and down everything was on that day wrote on a close and down so I when I got home I never did that they said honey are going to set the bath today because like the state I knew a better way I had a great sort class but this shortcut sent me about three hours longer than the forty five minute walk up there and I was going downhill when I got quietly down the ground I didn't have a clue where truck was at I didn't know where I was have to be honest with you many times and then we have a real problems we always love the shortcut then when we do get in the shortcut we don't ask anybody for directions but shoulder with our work on our women are much will I know my UMNO Widmar and I don't think another much every night in my life is that just as somebody like nothing now that's okay we'll get there I don't write about what I'm going on as they look adorable I would as they can seem okay and I want to share with you something they can afford to take the Catholic you either believe in the Scriptures one hundred percent that this is in you the hope of what the hope of glory you believe it are you chasing at the CeBIT is good that what Jesus said is true everything and by the way I don't care what science says about evolution and I don't care if pastors are saying the wrong thing you better know the word of God you better be able to rightly divide the word of truth because it says in the last faith even Satan is going to come is what an angel of light believe me this in turn this can be over religious events related Daniel and Revelation United have a problem being if you have common religious people and by the way I wanted to their religious person person I want to be a Christian which means Christ once you we don't have much time from people communities and wildlife I mean we just don't know when the Lord 's coming you know we do not know what the day nor the hour but a resource another sees and and I want you to know in Michigan I'm not really looking forward for fall as I get older like warmer weather but I love spring as I don't like winter that well I'm I'm a happy camper I Isaac prays Laura like the white I was younger like going on the hills and all that but when I get older I I like swinging like spring because it tells me winners over I see the buds on the trees I can smell things blooming I love it it's his life in an fall comes and leaves Europe we are so full of sin that we like the trees for the least of all of us while they are pretty but you know that represents a death does it remind you of death spring his life so we might not know the dignity our brothers and sisters but you should know the Scriptures well enough to know that Jesus is at the top in the messages that are being preached this weekend our message is that I know these ministers have been praying long over I know for a fact that they strive in they may cry and they think they are concerned for you I'm concerned for you I don't even know a lot of you are in Ascot in the a lot for each one of you not that I have obtained but that I'm moving past the outer court and by the way when Jesus comes where are we supposed to be it have to be in a most holy networks we have to have the what the mind of Christ if our skill back here and we've got to get there and you and if you're twenty years old thirty years old courtiers all fifty years old six years old seventy years old anger scale out here tell me is it an easy process to get to the most holy can we get there do we have the right to be there by God 's grace a man can Christ lead us there always asking us what to follow me I am the way I am the truth and in the whole of his eye and the like please follow me you willing to follow me closing this somebody here I don't know the story of seventy four and down it's something that really has touched my heart I think I was told the story a couple months ago on news in our staff worship that you have one every morning from start by lamina publications I think you do talk with rendered staff it with a Windows favorite part today's worship together is that great I love it it is just outside and it would be waiting for the big controversy needs of the good stuff on your toes about the time praise God and thankfully stuff I just was the Lord getting more feel me take this evilness away from it doesn't matter people think that you know because I'm a seven data it doesn't matter that people talk behind my back even some of my good friends it doesn't matter I just want to walk with you I want to be with you in eternity since I heard this in Staffordshire by one of our guys work at the time that your day Greg he was at the ministerial retreat in ensuring the steps I think it was my then the pastor 's wife I will be destroyed perfectly you get it she had a dream she didn't really exercise about her son it wasn't following the lower annual mothers and fathers without a show of hands I can like I know there's mothers and fathers are hurting for their children today somehow they went astray in pray for them we get letters every day around of some of our donors and people just e-mail us and we doesn't might my son my daughter my sons in prison Mike and my daughter is pregnant she's not married and she fell away from the Lord and in my something is in an and please pray before the probation closes it is somehow my children will see the light and so this lady was exercising she had a dream that night in a dream that she had was that she made to heaven if she was on a great example of this talk about a revelation that she was there she saw that her son was around to looking was my son was my son because it says in Revelation that we may with Christ a thousand years and then what happens that city that great city in your data that you've heard about here the defendant it comes down where comes down out of heaven and sits upon the earth it says in that the wicked and then death for thousands of resurrected and is a great Marcy children and Lucifer Satan was once followed for the marshals the greatest men generals that is ever lived on the face of this earth anything to get warfare and I mean if you think nuclear wars that I don't know what is got planned but I'm telling you he doesn't like God 's people and he is working on you and me you can get a sound that wide rollout and make us only parts of the Bible is the Lord to Judy what for me against itself as that city came down this ladies inside the city by the way when you read about the walls the walls are sold that but can you see to the walls can you imagine if you just picture about the city read in revelation and it could we mile that you can than three hundred feedback tells you know but if that but you can see through it just like a glass like is that there achieves look at your dancing this this dark spot shadow word out there and all of a sudden a shadow gets bigger and bigger and all of a sudden see that these are people and as these people get closer and closer she realizes these are the ones that never fully surrender to Jesus Christ these are the wicked in Iowa Nepal Paul's for second too often we Christians when we read the Bible about wicked we think all these people that are devil worshipers and that have committed race that kill people and call the goals of the wicked minds but not the seven twenty one and other places that Lord Lord look at other good things are done in your name and these are so-called Christians good people as God is not in the business of saving good people is in the business of saving surrender people a married adult don't kid yourself don't think it is because you're here because you're an elder in the church are a pastor or deaconess or whatever or you do a lot of the church we get a lot of money because we cannot merit salvation and that it suggests that we love Jesus we will walk in his way right and the truth and the life still be a lot of good people good identity still outside the walls you see what I'm saying this lady looks out there has a getting closer she sees her son and his son sees her that was transparent and the sun comes up about glass wall on this adamant that she puts her hand on the glass and because she couldn't hear him because of the thing is the law he let these words she understood so plainly Lee me she said her son wasn't all rapists a killer question that I have for you today as I have Christian modern sing a song it is a close song to my heart embrace across you afraid for embrace the cross of Jesus Christ it are you afraid of which are going to lose are you happy you can give it all to Jesus mothers and fathers I beg of you maybe our children don't want to religion we half because AC is bickering and complaining and backbiting are church members in the same I get older that's a church is about I thought here as long as her life modern-day Graham 's and grandpa 's I entreat you get everything to Jesus let your children see a different life she had Jesus Christ young people like me when I was younger I said that Christianity because I was sharp ethanol that those people in my church and the editors were forty and fifty years it talked about how she loved Jesus and I knew they got behind peoples backs and I thought I said I don't want anything to do with it I left the church when I was young that I don't want that what if I and now all these I know wrongheaded they don't know going right along with their playing church the double loves us to play church brothers and sisters it's not about being good it's about being surrendered some young people if you don't see your parents acting correctly dressing on the God of the Bible flag young people if you see it you'll be the shining lights chillier pair something or maybe they know but it's up here have another actor you get underneath you going to veterans they look how can be discerned like to my mom and my dad and I love them so much they gave me life and brief


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