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Chester Clark III

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  • June 16, 2011
    4:45 PM
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for all right let's go and get started and want to thank you all for coming joining us this afternoon going to be talking about the right think is an important subject to several foreign subjects and multiply why the first slider briefly and then will they will be writing our discussion data spies begin with though forward for father in heaven today we we realize that as we handle divine things we are we are much in need of your spirits guidance we are but finite in your infinite we are sinners and sinful and you are holy your truth is holy so what we we confess I need to reclaim the promise of your Holy Spirit state we might understand better how we are to live how we can best be a part of your final revival Reformation is a person 's earthly think in Jesus name and whenever I think of revival I also think of Reformation is related to terms are not synonymous that they go together there thereof the satellite hand in glove almost there there there there combination of ideas that must go together and share with you this statement from the spare profit is probably my my my my first recollection I think of revival reformation is given as a minimum definition of what these two concepts these two terms signify revival reformation must take place in his administration the Holy Spirit revival Reformation are what don't you see okay from back there revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life a quickening of the powers of mind and heart of a resurrection from the spiritual death that the revival arrived revival Sony takes place in our heart revival is where I wear those who have not felt at peace but instead felt guilt that those of not having the level of design hours instead of had selfishness their hardest changes in miracle is not something that can be done for us by eating person is something we can do for ourselves it's a miracle we sometimes call conversion write something that takes place within us the Holy Spirit has to bring that new birth experience Reformation on the other hand signifies a what they read organize Asian a change in ideas and theories habits and practices please seen these two concepts sort of opposed each other not oppose the contrast in to each other one is what takes place inside the other you could say to place more outside ideas and theories is that since I do I guess that's more delightful rather than a spear in her attitude her heart but that's what takes place in the theories and the VIN and ideas that habits and practices that the way we live our lives that's where Reformation comes the play and why these so intimately connected she says Reformation will not bring the fourth the good fruit of righteousness and OS is connected with the revival of the spirit revival and reformation are to do their point in work and in doing this work they must when you see we just have a revival we have made me just an emotional experience when they does have a lot of feelings made is how they relate is have a lot of a lot of well sometimes people turned revival just just emotional trips and on the other hand if we just have a Reformation we could sink into me error formalism and legalism and focusing on the external and ever according to the statement and I believe according to what the penalty just a couple no really talking about something today's session is first of this first hour that may may may seem like detail oriented really talking about some of lifestyle issues battery that are involved with Reformation and to some people these things are simply legalism all the mean we have to be honest some people will view anytime about life delegates elect legalism it doesn't matter what matters is our relationship and they in that I think they tend to probably favor more the revival side the Reformation side instead of blending the two of them but the fact of the matter is that we could believe things very linguistically we couldn't ingest is a set of externals we could do them just that something we do on the outside and you will were very quick to point find fault with the Pharisees the Pharisees you recall were very good at the external drive they could make a big divide up all the different illegal restrictions and regulations and and all the lifestyle things they had down and we criticize him for that but Jesus did not criticize him for that you do realize that Jesus said will undo you scribes and Pharisees for you meant you tithe of your mint and anise and Coumadin while you neglect the weightier matters of the law is righteousness and gents justice so what they were doing as they were being very titular about the externals you can imagine harvesting the herbs from your garden and counting your your your seeds one two three four five six seven eight nine for me one for type one two that's that's pretty main thing we detail right but what surprising wasn't is what Jesus said when he said he continues we are there will give rise and scribes Pharisees who tied the laws is the solution of the should have done and not left to the other so there's nothing wrong with being particular about the way we live our lives it's done in the right spirit in the screen from the right cause and down and saying I wanted to say this from the very beginning because I don't want I don't want anyone to come from here and say on one hand well we were just talking all the legalism we do 's and don'ts and yet it is external type stuff Reformation we are talking Reformation here I wanted to be very clear that Reformation is only worth anything if a company is that if it's blended with a revival of the heart it is coming from a heart of love and I think that I hope that what we talk about here these next few minutes is going to be is going to help us evaluate our own lifestyle and how we approach our lifestyle and maybe even how we approach others that a different lifestyle but I hope it's from a balanced perspective because I feel like there's ditches on either side we start talking about lifestyle their ditches on either side and many people have particular convictions of things that are good that they have a perhaps a wrong way of trying to communicate the importance of it to someone else and that leaves the naked trouble and often when we communicate the right things the wrong way people reject the right thing so I'm hoping that I'm hoping that time to cover what I what I plan to share and I hope that we can we can do so in a way that is going to be helpful for us well I believe in Adventism is a continuation of the Reformation early Adventists had a keen sense of their role and mission within Christianity as they saw Protestants drifting from the soul so a script to will the Bible and the Bible only ending leaving even though these of their Protestants and they believe in souls are mature they began to to attach themselves to traditions such as the Sabbath was made of the data and other other teachings that early adolescence can be based in Scripture souls absorbed that is that is taken from the tradition of Christianity they needed themselves in the Son of Man is movement as being called by God to continue the application of the Protestant principles such as solar script to run and to expand the work of the Reformation to its completion that's the way early Adventism had a get itself out of its self-awareness a continuation of the Reformation they do not see themselves as antithetical are opposed to the movement of the Reformation in fact if you read the book great controversy you'll read Ellen Wright Ellen White's treatment of one after another after another after another of the reformers maybe rightly conversely but if you knew the ring a controversy you'll find that she basically makes heroes out of each of the reformers if you never gotten that impression I mean as a young person growing up I was thrilled with all the blizzard without limitation was lamely and when all you have to do wrong and were driven as he does go down through other reformers she presented from the house use them to bring the light to a world that was very dark that's the focus of her presentation she does not focus on the things we disagree with with each of those reformers and there are significant issues that we would haven't each of those reformers basically all of them have significant meaning we as Adventism we came out of Methodism which is in her day with a distinctly different strain of Christianity from the establishment of Presbyterianism and and and the Congregationalism and the how menace side of the Reformation when we came from a totally new perspective in the way only betrays it we are simply were simply walking on the shoulders that the way she presented SEC's Adventism as a continuation of how God used people to bring light absolutely greater light to those of the Christian world and so she says the great controversy beta forty and forty hundred twenty ninth Reformation and not as many supposed in with Luther it is we continue to the close of this world history with her at a great work to do on reflecting the other the light which God permitted sharp on infinity not receive all the language was beginning to the world from that time to this has been continually shining upon the Scriptures and new truths have been continually unfolding my interest in history running my fascination with church history is that it saves thrilling to see how God is continually unfolds new truth and building on the experiences of those who've gone before running although so many lines that can be traced through the Protestant Reformation all way down the Adventism Downs and the great awakening the second great awakening so many fascinating influences the one that had on another man and another man another generations built on the shoulders of the great spiritual giants who went before and that's the way God intended to be and God intended Adventism to complete the work of reformation that sends chills down my spine because that means we have a very heavy responsibility we're not just any ordinary group of people here where there is if I read my Bible correctly God raised up the Advent movement and a chance to be the last lumen of Bible prophecy edit is to complete the work of the Reformation which was begun that means that we are to be able to understand the truth was they are discovered and be able to build upon further truths so we can if we look at the every look at one of those biblical passages which describe I believe the Advent movement Malachi chapter four verses five and six I believe this is describing the message that God would bring a message like the allied to message of old Malachi chapter four verse five it says Malachi four verse five behold I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord John the Baptist what sort of the type of Laura has partial fulfillment you might say of this this prophecy team to prepare for these his first coming right and the message that he had was very much like the message of the Elijah he was a interesting repent and he was calling for reliable Reformation is calling God 's people back to the word and the will of God but here this is specifically specifying the great and dreadful day of the Lord that's not the site the first coming at the second coming and hear a lot in the profit is to return at it we don't believe this is talking specifically about allied himself coming down from heaven as he was translated there and that giving another message we don't believe that we believe the Elijah message given and to date Adventism sees itself as being called to fill those type of shoes to stand in the place of Elijah here and to say listen to the Christian world listen who even of obeying I think of regarding them a big item of all the word of God even if all the conditions of men that is the message God has called us to give as we had our calling the Christian world particularly back to the true understanding of God 's word to us is God that has been entrusted the thirtieth message the binding off message that is to prepare a people for the coming of art and now this if you haven't figured that already that message is going to be different than the rest of the Christian world message right if you have a different work it is undoubtedly a comment by different message and in fact online says into and that was on fire as a people we are looked upon as peculiar are position and faith distinguish us from every of their denomination said he wanted to blend in and be the same as the rest of Christianity you're not going to be able to do that like to work not to be able to unified message we had a distinctive message in fact she says further and antifungals Christian education when we reach the standard of the Lord would help us reach worldliness will regard some of the aggregate says what a lot of singular straightlaced extremists not aligned that statement but I can't change the fact that there a lightning considering on Singler Straley 's extremist and by the way I don't be we can try to be odd or singular or straightlaced or extreme right we shouldn't try to be in those categories but the fact is that which is highly regarded and middlemen Jesus said is an abomination to God people think everyone got thinks everyone a reason standard gauntlet happens to read this is way how the world is going to see us again we should be able to we should be trying to find common ground we should be building bridges we should do everything we can we shouldn't try to be odd because English release or strain does not make you that God 's ideal right so this is just important for us to understand this will happen the world is not going to do the will didn't receive Jesus is not received us where walking his steps right now let's look at a couple of things and I'm going to focus on a focus year mostly for example on diet you little while and I'm not wanting to get into the specifics of diet were to be looking some administer street bringing me looking at how God Rod Ralph messenger came already looking that I want to look at I want I hope the best time in the in the fume as we have to say I want to look at some principles of how we can determine what our major issue is whether it's an diet whether to address with its entertainment whether it's in any other lifestyle issue I want us to be able to look at principles of how we can determine what are things that we should be so dogmatic about a lot of things that we shouldn't times be able to be flexible about everything sometimes especially in conservative circles we had difficulty making any type of a clear glycation between those two sets of concepts and having having a good rubric for how we come to that demarcation does not believe they will I think this is important that will say that important some people say what just one of your convicted about a convicted abundance and really not good about this line people and do it there's all kinds of ideas and I just wanted to spend a little bit of time does I found it for me it's very helpful to try to understand why we're doing some things are doing okay and is this something that is a something that I have to do is a something that the moral issue or this on the interstellar thing you can always turns I hope that we can we can make some headway such time a country living very briefly here it is through this and it's not really solid part of our main topic but it is one of those lifestyle issues that I think have an effect in helping prepare God 's people the last days it was not God 's purpose that people should be crowded in the cities huddled together and terraces and tenements in the beginning he placed our first parents amidst the beautiful sights and sounds he desires us to rejoice in the day the more nearly the harmony with God 's original plan the more favorable will be our position to secure health of body and mind and soul now that last sentence is very important to me as a find that almost every time were talking about lifestyle issues that the real bottom line is there's an advantage to be gained with me there's an advantage to be gained will get the wet out how online describes that the later but done well maybe the beats Massad 's cleansing out and she says that something better is the watchword of education the law of all true living something better that in quotation marks something better so whenever we talk about lifestyle issues over talking about when we talk about education tomorrow because I believe that art of the Reformation that Adventism has been called the complete and that when you think about these things because am I physically fail to understand the science of education will fill the game interesting so there this important matter but here we find that the only reason that calls country living is because it gives advantages advantages to preparing for the second coming to being ready for Jesus return says that the more nearly becoming Oregon's original plan more favorable will be a new position to secure help the body and mind an advantage this is something we should have a big reason to think that the guilty about these of the things I really I think I do just I've got a do it know it should be something we say God wants the very best for me I'm going to know we can't always we can't always just pick up and live in the country right so were to do the best where we are right that the gold bulls always have the best we can do that's all God asks of us for many people it does me moving the computers they can if they make some sacrifices maybe financial sacrifices to save their family to save their souls what is it worth right so let's move on though to one of the one of the major advantages that God gave us for preparing a people to be ready for the second coming for continuing that of the rest of the Reformation and by the way the of the Reformation the Seventh-day Adventists were not the first to begin teaching health net performs other Protestants of the reformers had an inkling the giggly we look back to the Pietists movement in Germany after the days of liver there were there men who arose like Frank and others who were who were teaching a more message more of a heart whereas Lutheranism was the magisterial Reformation we call it because it it it it still basically had a very close tie between church and state is very easy to become a reformer Batesville city became a Protestant city right is very easy for four Protestantism in that context to simply be intellectual in the pietistic we need to relate religion of the heart and so the parser all movement the Wii without us have a lot to to identify with and will permit process sometimes talk about that a little more we talk about some other other continuations of the Reformation but when we talk about health reform Adventists who were pioneers in many areas and I wanted to share parts of the first of all two statements of why why God gave us this advantage of health reform this is galvanized with page forty seven uniquely or energetic minds and are depreciated exalted character of the truth to value the atonement and to place the right estimate upon eternal things if you so what do we need not have that spiritual experience clear energetic mind that he pursue a wrong course and/or the wrong habits of eating and thereby weaken intellectual powers you will not place that high estimate upon salvation and eternal life which will inspire you to conform your life to the life of Christ you will not make those earnest self-sacrificing efforts for entire conformity of the will of God which is word requires and which are necessary to give you a moral fitness for the finishing touch of immortality that thou might help you might be related to preparing people for the incoming now it is not a citizen it's in that the idea is she's not here giving us in the statement a list of do 's and don'ts we begin this cc EA opted in order to be prepared translation of stopping this have something this what she's saying is an orderly program translation meaning you have good clear mind energetic minds right I feel like sometimes has seventy outlets were clear we want specifics you know if it's on the lazy man's way out we want specifics we meet that's why well it we like checklists we like to think I do this look at doing that I feel good about yourself and myself on the shoulder when sometimes we follow our checklists while we're not even were not even obtaining the best health for a mind and body right and so she is very clear that she's talking on the purpose behind it is to make us healthier anything that lessens physical strength and fables the mind and makes it less capable of discriminating train right and wrong we become less capable of choosing the good have less strength of will to do that which we know to be right on about you but I need all the strength of will but I can get by God 's grace so when I think of the times ahead I realized I want to help this body possible those who evangelize on the subject of eating drinking is that addressing with simplicity with immediacy more on physical laws still turn from the language points out their duty will shun duty and other things by shutting the cross which they would have to take in order to be in harm 's natural law they blunt the conscience and they will avoid reproach of violate the ten Commandments there is with Summit decided one willingness to endure the cross and despise the shame continuing on says some cannot be impressed with the necessity of eating and drinking to the glory of God the indulgence of appetite effects in all the relations of life history and their family pictures in the prayer meeting in the comment of their children as the personnel wise what is the indulgence of appetite the person their life you cannot make them understand the drizzly last days God bountifully provided for the festive happiness Wall Street is in his log remember Biden all acted in harmony with the divine will help ease and happiness instead of measuring continual evil would be experienced some health reform the message about reform is given to us as a people as a blessing is what is a blessing now let's look about look a little bit of history and see how that took place probably the preeminent health reform among Adventism was a man by the name of Joseph Bates you would've expected that health reform would come from other creatures but one of the teachers are made when the doctors like Nino John Harvey Kellogg or some of the others well done her he was around maybe he would've if you he was probably born back back in the early days of that Disney would come around till though the eighteen eighties as the doctor but Joseph Bates of course was was a not a pastor or preacher or a educator or a doctor he was the unlikeliest candidate for a health reformer he was a sea captain I think I have been sending letters should sailors known for right there not exactly known for their very very G totaling ways their healthy ways there are known as being alcoholics may be no big sort of course must type people in fact doesn't be said quite a story and he drew up his father was actually very concerned that he was going into the into the business of the shipping and sailing because he knew the kinds of influences they would find their and down he is the equine experience sailing around the world and being captured during the war for independence by the British and then made to work in the galleys as a user worst labor so forth finally became a earned us the prisoner of war status anyway when he comes back to that we comes back to the US and his father has with is this fearful of what his son has become during all these these aspects with AIDS about travel he actually found that that Joseph had been decided that he wasn't going to drink he'd seen that lifestyle he wasn't going to drink he was he was content to know that he would have a you would limit itself among glass about blogging does this wine out using his evening meal as he was sailing later and in eighteen twenty one he came to the realization that you looking forward to the glass of alcohol more than he is looking to board the McNeil and he realized that even though he thought himself above addiction he was being evicted he was addicted and so in eighteen twenty one he decided he would no longer touch alcohol you have no more alcohol and he had no more alcohol and this is twenty years before the before that the right of this event this isn't the result was very processing else making twenty three two years later he was somewhere I think of South America and he was leaving the port and was in Brazil he was leaving the port and he was on deck with another sea captain and they were discussing the evils of cotton tobacco and that others seek out and took his tobacco and he chucked overboard he said there goes my tobacco and finished with and Joseph basin well he's finished with an eye on him and he finished with a two and never again would tobacco passes lets that the team twenty three eighteen twenty eight he came to the realization that that some tea and coffee were not very good for them and this is something he was eighty he had no scientific evidence because in those days doctors were saying the team copy were good for you right yet no inspired evidence the Bible doesn't enumerate your coffee and certainly there wasn't any prophetic message that he received what happened is one idea drinking some tea and he found himself unable to sleep until the early hours the morning he decided he know what the scanning it for you this is like a little stimulation we know is not healthy and so he quit drinking tea and a few weeks later he quit drinking copies while this got written it is so these trainees got rid of tobacco and alcohol now Tian copping it was nineteen thirty nine before he heard the event of message and became attached to promoting the happiness message so you can understand not been working in his life now for almost twenty years on the area of health reform is not interesting it's interesting also that it would be Joseph Bates who would become prominent and the foremost in promoting the Sabbath message among the early Adventist I believe that God has done something with Joseph Biggs he was always just a sea captain 's patch one years of progressively becoming healthier for his mind to be clear where for him to be able to understanding theological issues another amazing and so here he understands that the message she he believes that many begins promoting it and he puts his own for personal fortune because by this time he has basically retired a young age sold his shipping company owned ships he sold it on he has quite a fortune but he puts that fortune into printing tracks and leaflets to promote the Avenue message and later to promote the Sabbath message and sell in eighteen forty three he became a vegetarian in the story of how it became a vegetarian is very interesting again this was long before this was long before any happiness were Mister and Mrs. Bradbury 's work but down here he's easily easy was he was loading a ship are he is having a ship loaded with salt or salt loaded in the Shabbat on the end Dublin are somewhere in England but there are some Irishmen who were who were actually nicer where was this ship is being loaded in their Irishman who are shoveling the salt any notice there are two Irishmen they were shoveling more than a crew of nine and he was vital what is it with these Irishmen like they just make us keep shoveling these big shovelful without stopping for Brazile is other group of nine and they were neither British or Americans wherever side land that he was on and they were in their advocate rather than dig breaks and he found out and Irishmen were were immigrants were poor and they were living in a boarding house where their meals were also inexpensive and they had no meat it was his vegetable and rain and he became convinced from watching Irishmen shovels salt the vegetarian diet was the better diet for promoting health and he became a vegetarian soon afterwards he also dispensed with the use of of like fried goods and how do you have that send sweets and cakes he says I determined to make my guide simple spot was reaching forty three K this is long before an administrative health message very very interesting eighteen forty five he hears us out of message and as I mentioned he became foremost in promoting this the Sabbath message now aging forty eight was the first time the larger body of Seventh-day Adventists would have a message from God on the area of health aging forty eight on wide was shown in vision the dangers of a basically three things tobacco tea and coffee tobacco tea and copied this is four years at the great disappointment this is in all distal almost four years into her ministry as a mess and your Lord and Alan Watt is given this vision regarding tobacco team copied now leaving you think of Justice Bates was please with this I'm sure he was side on all of any reaction that he had directly but I do know this it's very difficult for anyone to add to it would be very difficult for anyone debate argue that Ellen White was simply she made of that vision and just was taking what Joseph Bates was saying agreeing with them now some of her critics might try to say something like that the problem was making forty eight nothing in that vision sitting about vegetarianism Ernie and other health practices the Joseph Bates was also promoting effect dissipates was very humble about his health message when someone asked him why he didn't drink your coffee knowing it would say is that I've had my share of those lay responded I've had my share of those and when she wouldn't he would virtually never bringing these subjects when asked to explain why he was very wise and very humble about the way he shared his convictions and health message and your member and now he's the parties been disingenuous out of message right but he has been publishing contracts on the Jainism grunting or copying those things though there's something the Lord has led him to these grown men and I believe yet another bandage and but now God is bringing advantage the wider group of Adventists and he gets all like the message of tobacco tea and coffee not being helpful and that his God 's people should of white in their use government for a number of years for most of the next decade and this would not make a particular stand that mean we want to organize the church of membership and all that but there was no type of church discipline or any like that many avenues did continue to smoke many others that continue to use the back of the intime copy and so but there is message was now the what is getting more and more that God wanted his people be healthy and that these were things that were not very conducive to good health now in eighteen fifty two years later very interesting there is a couple who have become at the message that they believe from there understand the Bible that we should stop eating pigs both James wide right in the app 's periodicals as well as online rights not having any to particular she does not have a vision or say I was shown at night banishing both gained nonwhite right but this is not the message of doctors people and now Mike U can you can read it if you are looking up on liner I can share with you all might letter basically says God is moving at people and teaching of people truth not just one or two people and when it's time for God 's for truth new truth to come to the Limon is revealed one or two revealed the body and dated the Bowater body will see that the wisdom so eighteen fifty on you know I doesn't make thirty minutes chamber seven years and administer James and nonwhite particularly are arguing why we should not make it it was necessity to stop eating pork and then James White wrote in fact he read he argued that the division of Peter in acts chapter ten shows that clean and unclean meats are no longer distinction from New Testament church all things that he would later course recants when he came to a better understanding of himself and he is important to point out again on White never said I was shown a God told me this isn't as assemblies she had not received light on this the body wasn't prepared for it and she's so this is not hunting was agitated this time so what I want as we would come down to the the nineteen sixties we have the major health vision out of Sausalito Michigan and this is what we know of the health reform vision this was one of those major visions of John might have you know we have like the great controversy vision is the health reform vision this is really this is the same year the average church was organized at the denomination and God here now shows on light that these messages on pork and unclean meats is a message for God 's people this time the church now was ready for many other people been studying it at as all my receives his vision she now begins to include councils about the use of unclean meats the notice with me how many years after tobacco gene copy we get the message on pork fifteen years this is very interesting to me is that it is history because it began to tell me something about the priorities that God has in God in the business of cleaning people 's minds and clearing their minds one of the most important things it seems to me that he would use some sort of the intentional hierarchy of most important issues right and here he is starting tobacco tea and coffee and for fifteen years he has allowed his people to continue eating clean and unclean meats and then we come down to eighteen sixty three and now the major help vision leads to a denomination why change an understanding of the matter of clean and unclean meats but this is fascinating to me because were talking today about continuing the Reformation ever to continue the Reformation we shall be speaking meanwhile a high near the man right and then I don't want to get on a hobbyhorse here because really talking more about what's most important was not most important like I hope that my hope that as we go through that and you'll be able to sort of sort this issue out to it's ironic to me that most admissible not even think about touching pork which I wouldn't either and I'd I don't I don't think there's any reason to but they have no difficulty with caffeinated drinks when eighteen years before the message on pork we got there life on Kathy is not interesting and I don't say this because I want you anywhere to go on point fingers at anyone else but if it's something that would adaptable to your life I'd I'd I'd just ask you to consider why am I suppose eating pork but why why why drink a Coke or Pepsi or Mountain Dew or whatever it is you and her silencing we did it makes no sense in my mind it makes no sense I don't believe you should go out and eat pork but down if you wanted to get some some good admissible while not just tell them I'd rather you know pork group that drink up a copy of my I don't recommend either the delegates of really excited people on your hands because because that's countered our culture easily done somehow the last hundred and fifty years we've actually begins it began to think of just by tradition instead of in the light of inspiration and we've we've we've now I understand there are some differences and we'll talk about this later on there are some differences and that the Bible specifically talks about clean and green meeting we believe is the basis was the Bible doesn't specifically about getting right and so there is room for someone to be not convicted about that issue is not clear and they can begin you don't know that they're actually in violation of of what the interest the word of God now I just did a little principle here that I have found them useful in my the evangelistic efforts through the years that is simply explained and people noted that that that God is in the business of setting us free from sin sin destroys the image of God and destroys the power of choice in our hearts minds God and the gospel restores the power of choice are you with me those two distinctions we can develop them but I think you are you you get the picture right God and the gospel is all about restoring our power of choice which is a major part of the image of God in man anything that is chemically addicting serves rather to destroy our power of choice our power will rather than to strengthen and restore are you with me so that's how I've always explain even the Bible doesn't talk about tobacco doesn't talk about getting it chemically addicting it it it it it destroys the image of God in my soul rather than building up image of God it destroys my ability to make decisions exercise my willpower rather than affirming it in strengthening and selecting that's understanding that I made now the problem is that on one hand some take matters of little importance and impose guilt on themselves and others one the other hand some drink matters of moral and made using the significance with indifference and carelessness are you are you following the problem that I think we see with the nepotism today there's some were saying there's this matter I think this is really important and therefore you gaze you feel guilty and you are guilty if you don't do this or you do this and they use that guilt is a motivator to try to get people to to practice what they consider health reform it may be health reform and may be healthy for me may simply be a inmate anyone were asked for the health reform which focus on entirely is not health reform at all and just in the area of diets we can look me to talk about some specific than I don't want you to get in the longest discussions about any specifics is something we can study on our own but we happy like baking soda is but a property right maybe vinegar in the spirit of prophecy Gary your refined grains alcohol caffeine mixing fruits and vegetables and we need as all as a whole gamut of issues that could be could be debated within abdomen they are debated within his right as a hobby we understand which ones are really important now as you read that with some probably you came up with the ideas of which ones you think are important which ones you don't fingerboard okay probably not everyone in the room and not every app has become of the same ideas what's important was not important so what are we when we do how do we know and we talk about beyond the diet we can talk about other issues of lifestyle which might include satin observance honesty and ethics white lies entertainment dress etc. the list goes on and on how you know what is something is really important you should make a big deal about and how you know what is a matter of maybe just opinion the problem is the guilt is a poor motivator right and so when people use guilt as a as a way of trying to encourage people to be health reformers usually is not radioactive it works maybe for a time in my work for young people but anyway I got the following visit the understand what I'm saying maybe ever as a young person felt like you and is using people using a guilt trip may be to make you do something or not to make you do something I can be on either end can be conserved as could be could be making feel guilty that you are concerned me naked be there when the poor motivator guilt is not a very good motivator and I seen a news item I seen for example in one extreme we talk us out of the website I've heard is faster than the one you faster I was an atheist Sabbath school and they were talking about going to the beach that evening for sundown worship in their window Bollinger do something else I don't know what it was and done so we asked the question of his classes out of school the bastard and he said so they might know what time sundown is nobody knew at times and I was is a good present all legalism anyway well isn't is it legalism to be concerned about when Sabbath ends I mean I was low bit disconcerting on the other hand I had I had a friend who went to the shop I went shopping them all and eight probably between meals the cookie know from the cookie shop when another heard about it she said the missing heaven to her it was obviously big deal you know all my talks wedding makings of cookies baking cc within adages and you have the whole gamut right to having these extreme where where doing how do we know what is truth what is the right approach many end up throwing the baby out with the bath water and ANS is realizing perhaps that they know baking soda is not such a central issue so they'd is starting to whether you start doing this manually decided to drop their arms and get rid of the whole message of health reform or whatever the reform is how can we know which issues are important and which issues are not is there differences between principal and preference and so I want us just real quickly to consider this one thing is certain willful known sin will be shone by the true Christian playground that the true Christian is not Wednesday I know this is wrong on it and do it anyway right that's one thing we can agree upon one one thing that is very certain and acolyte says and writes on Gaza sixteen of the righteous righteousness of Christ will not cover one chair sent a man may be a lawbreaker and heart he commits no outward act of transgression he may be guarded by the world is possessing great integrity but God 's law looks into the secrets of the heart every act is judged by the motives that prompted only that which is in court with the in accord with the principles of God 's law will stand in the judgment continuing on she says no repentance is genuine that does not work what Reformation the righteousness of Christ is not a cloak to cover unconfessed conversations and is a principle of life the transform the character and control the conduct so no repentance is genuine it does not work Reformation so we know that the Christian interest is not going to be knowingly willfully engaging and I was here she knows is wrong that their man off the page eighty two we read those would rather die than perform a wrong act are the only ones who will be found faithful right preparing for those last days but what is sin and what is simply a noble goal to be raised as there could be a difference right between sin and what is simply that our ideals the definition that I choose to use is a very simple and straightforward definition of sin I at least sent as a willful violation of the law gotten up with a willful act that could raise some questions because even if I'm not knowing that I'm sitting I could be still setting of the kinds of this ignorance God winked at right and so silver offer our perspective not present is still sin sin is always sent for every person every circumstance is no definition for what you know it but God overlooks some of the times of our ignorance so first on free verse four says whosoever commits sin transgresses all law for sin is the transgression of the law and done here we find that the ministers need to be more clear about preaching what sin his competition based any five NGOs on this and I calling page one forty one the only definition of sin given in the word of God is first John three for sin is the transgression log is about nineteen statements were she says basically the same thing the definition of sin is the same in all ages and for all people for the standard about one hundred changes were not held accountable for that which we do not know because as we mention the times of this ignorance God winked at therefore defendant knows to do good and do that not to him it is sent only to stop in and look at that person just briefly some people will say that those are two different definitions of centers on three four and an James four seventeen I don't think so I think I think Jane is two things anything is accepting thirty foot I understand that it was if it gains not saying now this is a new definition of sin if you know you can dislodge a person meetings about the need to send I don't think that's what he's trying to say I think you saying if you knew you were supposed to keep the Commandments and you don't send for you it's accounted you the same as accepting thirty the times of this ignorance God winked up now commend all men everywhere to repent as a makes sense and that we longer this is another main topic were not really talking about sin here in dosage reality but I hope you can understand where I'm coming from I'm looking at a very simple black-and-white definition of what sin and moral issues are this is what all my settlement of education engaging higher than the highest human thought is God ideal for his children godliness God likeness is the goal to be reached in a wonderful God has not set before us a load goal to be reached but this is how I feel people have approached the issue I feel people have taken especially sometimes as young people we take this question about we take this question about morality are within question of sin was okay where is where is this the line of demarcation between what the moral issue was a not a moral issue with the update here's here's what's riding his was wrong this line would we cannot cross down here is send right here is not sin and so sometimes our approach is that we want to find how close we delivered this line without living in sin I evening with the problem that approach is is dangerous exactly 10K can it be done perhaps perhaps especially by someone who hasn't grown it is no better but where is God 's ideal is God ideal right here in common it's right that's right and so what do one happen what's going to happen and this is your golden motivation you're going to be big and be heading over the line preceding right God videos where is it right here next to the just and is the goal of the greatest Ossining in the middle maybe a trick question the goal Christians never stops if that's true and every everybody is in the cemetery down the road here's a progression right there's something the goal of the Christian is to take yes this income through life but it's replaced by by summing totally different let him that once cursed blessed let him that stole work that he might be able to give in other words holiday also overcome evil with good Jesus would say the man was the houseless swept and garnished with the demons cast outright and is kept clean and that one of the striking the claim that location no athlete of the Holy Spirit as we dealt with the good is anything but clean silent and worse demons and a common live in it so I've hardball is to be right here we are enough problems guys got problems some form for Christians our first question should not neatly is a moral issue our first question should be in the best eye with me our first questions you need isn't it that it is not ideal but we have to standstill understand where this line is because sometimes there's going to be opportunities for us to be flexible but this line is never flexible pay with me to get there just it just as to the minute savages based three eleven ideal for his children is highly nice human thought can reach me therefore perfect even as your father which is in Ebensburg this command is a promise the plan of redemption contemplates our complete recovery from the power Satan tries always separate the contrite soul from sin he came to destroy the works of the devil he's made provision of the Holy Spirit shall be applied to every repentant soul to keep him from sending praise the Lord that the promise not just to keep on sinning but the complete restoration it's all promises and we have here Matthew twelve in the parable I just told you about something better education these two ninety six is the watchword of all education the law vulture living whatever price axis asks us to renounce the offers in its stead something better that's what the good news he offers in the state something better true religion brings men are the laws of the physical mental quality just self control serenity temperance religion ennobled the minor find the taste as a divided judgment in Mesa solo partaker in the purity of heaven faith in God Lovin overruling Providence why the burden of anxiety and fear filled our joy and contentment in the highest or lowliest lot religion tends directly to promote health to lengthen life to heighten our enjoyment of all the blessings it open to the soul and never failing fountain of happiness with all not chosen Christ might realize many us something vastly better to offer them then they are seeking for themselves on my problem is that too many people are trying to live as close as soon as possible after all it's not a moral issue and that use these end up below the line of morality somewhere down here but on the other hand you have those who say okay and the ideals appear somewhere and therefore that that something better which God wishes for us to enjoy is compulsory and if you're falling short of that you should be ashamed of yourself you should be guilty I'll miss you in heaven they impugn guilt on themselves and others may fall short party with me a following and so I've given you a few examples but let me just unless this is talk about another one what about eating meat is eating clean he said owner so many people talking about my not be for you it would be for me while I agree but why it is his backup is eating meat creamy center wire why not not a sin because it is God yes to us are loudest evening I visited the level why my restraint you mean always years okay so I should eat as a kosher meat right okay either a magazine of Mister and I is there something better yes now I said it could be me it could be sent for me to meet me because almost anything while while while meat has been allowed I could be simply indulging appetite because I love meat and I know it's not the best for me nicely of better things to eat but my appetite is my idol in Minnesota not because the meets assumed that because idolatries assumed rightly with me on the so so sometimes it has a little more concrete and the less black and white but this is always sent us always a violation of the law of God understands always advise and what God is clearly said thou shalt not this is a prohibition prohibition with me and so I believe right here that eating clean neat is is unwell amused us that would spur process while we do not make good use of flash me a test while we do not want to force anyone to give up it's usually with sandwiches and when we do evangelism and someone is living with them is not their spouse we believe that's sin and so we have to needed to get married or to separate if they want to be baptized because we don't believe someone should be living in open known violation of God 's word when they are no professing to be dying to self and joining the body of Christ but we don't ask people to stop eating meat cleanly the reason is because we don't believe that it is sin it is our duty to make to request the no minister the conference on a glider proposed method reform on this point him Australia there is no organized vegetarians aside in his numbers are compared with you among the people in general please allow classes is the cheapest article of food anywhere probably about needs using down upon the table therefore there is the morning and handling why we request a meeting regard is matted is no rash movements we should consider the situation of the people and the power of lifelong habits and practices should be careful not to urge our ideas upon others is that this question were a test and those we largely meet with the greatest sinners nor my mother known Mike for all the bad Mexico sometimes things just to be black rendered very well they take out certain things you wrote and they take while she's harsh and extreme and radical ideas that seem very balanced and here she is saying look eating clean meat is not a test right so if you are to make a definition and I we talked about situations where appetites of worth meeting could be sinful forthright but if you don't want just on its own merits eating clean neat appropriate Queen Nico show me whatever when you say those above or below the moral line you might say it's above right it's not God 's ideal but it's not to be considered sinful in and of itself right until you have a lot of conservative animus and have a hard time with that because they did we just have a hard time understanding that anything less than ideal is central we've got to with a shift years from sayings were doing this Reformation because you should feel guilt if you're not too saying we want the Reformation because there's something better got has for us in the positive motivation is always in my experience more successful than a guilt motivation God has something better for us since I use the term principle to describe that which the law that requires and I must never deviate from regardless of the consequences I would i.e. clean and meet well I remember I can tell you a couple stories that others tell you what our member one time I went to my friends house he is homeschooled their sanitary and they weren't vegetarian and I was staying with them in the mother was kind enough to make special considerations my diet I'm gluten-free have been since I was six months old and then she'd made this a being casserole like pinto beans cheese and and you know the bubbling and thing else and then she said to me suggest your very proud of herself I didn't really be from this corner so what you do I got out of the Trinidad I never ate any database or mom and them I wasn't too keen on eating the would be wrong pretty no I think their times when to avoid offending someone else I would yield what would be my preference as long as it's not a matter of principle another plenty of times he might say ha ha yeah I'm on my principle to fight that have agreed it that's not that's not the attitude many times people are very understanding I've also been in many parts of the world where diet is a very big part of hospitality and I just had to say you know what I'm sorry party and I can't even look one thing you can either one's own will become sick when you're going from jungle house to house maybe the one whom you become sick but down is half many times people understand your culture is different you're different each is different you'll have to than people but in order to not offend someone sometimes you need to be able to heal that which you would not know what I feel guilty that if I have if I thought you see if I don't have a right understanding of these the difference between what I want to something better and what is God 's minimum if you please a moral standard I might feel guilty if I had a little bit of clean meet but I don't need to if I'm doing it for the right reasons very with Nana result of hearing say judges that I can eat as much because they want that for lack of better terms I use the word preferences to describe the something better which God prefers me to enjoy in which the converted heart will learn to seek that's what we want we want the very best of luck that what God 's ideal higher than the highest human thought can reach right I I I I hesitate even draw on the board here because it's way up there far beyond what the board reaches right that's where God was unconverted heart is going to want to be there is not only looking for reasons to to yield our preferences in order to give that you need to do that or when better go there whatever it is that you will need to be able to sit down and you need to be able to say okay this is the reason why I believe this is coming right for this the reason why we want to do this and understand what is the difference in a principle and precedent sorry with me and one other example really quick and hopefully I'll be a leader not have think I'm either extremists are apostate but I was I was I was raised in a home where we didn't have much time for sports we were just pretty much in involved in practical duties we group with a garden and me in on me I had a basketball hoop monthly bath but we weren't into sports by some friends and giggly later on that were very much along the lines reinstates their privacy is a sports art are wrong sports or harmful and I in myself I was about eighteen I came to the conviction that I had to quit playing basketball outside watching the conviction I came back consistently from basketball games about that time in my life I had a habit is after my reconversion experience and I was working on things revival and Reformation go together right and them God was working on my heart with things that I need to reform and I would come back to have him I says we should reverse cringes thinking every day so that's what I was doing as reimbursement is the community and I was praying about that that passage in that passing the scribes got scared to write about they love and then I would come back on basketball game I be up my Bible open Monday night and I'll be reading love lost myself love seeks not wrong love is not puffed up and over and over I was like that is that antithesis of what I'm practicing on the basketball court and I can't I can't say no I can't say this for everyone but for me I can conviction that adequately met fast-forward about three years I finished college I was I was in Reno Valley California this is a pastor and I was one of my jobs was to expand the grade school from K-12 grade eight to include nine to twelve so I was helping with 's principle of the Academy and started there and done all we had when you have a work-study program I mean I knew the counseling process education right but we had a parking lot is asphalt we were growing anything on that in owning it was there wasn't any wetlands the kids had breaks from their classes what were they to do they were to go out and they would use that the lines on the parking lot for you know for a ten yard lines and they play to hand touch football but me I said Wasson because I play sports and it took some time for the Holy Spirit to convict me that while sports have been my idol and something I had been called to give up at this point I needed to be spending time with those boys to win their hearts to work for their salvation L number forget this was after to month or so when I started playing touch with them and some of my friends I know if it's seeming it would thought I'd pop eyes they would've told me announcing no but I came to the conviction this is a preference to God led me to his ideal but I wanted that right now for their sake I was any of that ideal my members first semester ended in second semester began a new student came to adopt a grade with them but then I transferred out the Loma Linda Academy are one of the Academy 's and Allison back and down he was been classmates within the first couple days he has done the sidelines and he is watching them play and I remember the tooth to my students got in an argument Anthony Brad and and and and and Brad said I just want to know about the legal hold and Anthony said will take the penalty and Evans is not hybrids I'm not old enough yet is watching the beginning of the merchantability or take the penalty and and the stupid thing gone for a six month they were angry they're insistent to know the students what has happened to you guys you trying to give each other the game like that not even in a totally change the way they were leading to one another in their games as appraisal or something was taking place in their hearts something was happening and then I to this day I believe God led me I believe is the right decision even though some people would feel I'd gone off the deep end by playing football I believe God led me to do what was best for them and that one of those young men you you've heard though he was in ninth grader become more well known among youth nepotism claims Israel Ramos and then he was one while the boys that I spent time playing football with the parking lot in the church and I believe Holy Spirit used at whole experience that year to help him reach his heart and being willing to yield preferences for other people and I think if we had time to look at Romans fourteen and restraint pins nine we desire and we would see that so principles must never be compromised in any situation for any reason there's nothing that could induce me to say pork or drink coffee as I believe those are principles that have lead though the things that have been prohibited activities and even if some of the standard IMAP to run that risk the devil 's temptations for us to rationalize Daniel didn't rationalize those who would rather die than perform one wrong act of the only ones we found faithful principles of her preferences may be yielded when the laws self-sacrificing love requires it or for me to make my brother finale no flesh will will stand the state make my brother to offend so this would be my conclusions and God bless you as you consider consider these issues and try to study as you bring Reformation your life let's bring it for the right reasons none is not bringing because of guilt because God has something better for us and more there may be some things that are moral issues that we need to be reformed into and then God brings us forgiveness as well as restoration isn't much but spring father in heaven today we are thankful you given us a few minutes to try to cover a lot of topics the ground that is printed to help this to be meaningful and useful information Lord we want to be the continuation of the Reformation and as a people this health message is very dear to his report to us and important to our mental and spiritual health is a father it is pray that we might seek the very best that you have to offer us still help us to seek the higher than the highest human read thought can reach a deal we might not try to simply ask is not a moral issue try to live as close to immorality as possible the will want to take those sins from our lives and fill our lives with something better the very best what remains of this media was brought by modern humans the website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more to know more about hothouse as you like this is more so than please visit www. .com universe .org


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