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The Sins of the World and the Lamb of God Part 1

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 16, 2011
    9:45 AM
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our father in heaven I asked that she would be here is our teacher she would help us understand what's true by your Holy Spirit and I ask for this in the name of Jesus and tourism your Bibles to John chapter one John chapter one and verse twenty nine my wife brought my Bible pressure she brought her Bible is the one I'm using John chapter one and verse twenty nine is becoming on my very favorite passages the next day John sees Jesus coming on to him and say at behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sin of the world were talking this about the sin of the world and before we get into the sin of the world as well start with this gospel truth what is Jesus do he takes away the sin of the world Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world if we find however bad are scurrilous in the world it is it doesn't change the fact that Jesus takes it away I'm very happy that when I gave introduction to this series this morning right after the amount of talk we addressed Romans seven turn there with me for a minute Romans chapter seven we talked about the idea that sin is not known intuitively Romans chapter seven and were looking for I had not known which was I not known sin except a lot send some thou shall not not known lust recorder GUI find it pride not no lust except the law instead they'll shall not covet verse seven almost between the pages what shall we say then is the law sin God forbid no I had not known sin but by the law for I had not known lost except the law had said thou shalt not covet dispersal helpful to me because I think it through I would not have known that Lowenstein was wicked it wasn't for this verse and pot would not have known that lusting was wicked if it wasn't for the tenth commandment is what Paul says in Romans seven seven is that sin is not something that is identified by my intuition I can just know what sin is this is where John Bunyan went off John Bunyan you like him he wrote the book called that's right and he also wrote another beautiful book called the holy war at the time of man's soul John Bunyan was a Christian man who did you know he wrote a book about the seventh day Sabbath euro a book entirely about the seventh day Sabbath and netbook is against the seven basic is to prove that the sum of a Sabbath is not obligatory for Christians today and here is John Bunyan 's primary line of argument against the seventh day Sabbath it's that when a man is born again that man it has the law of God written in his heart he cemented John Bunyan so far and when a man is born again he knows he shouldn't kill he sent steel he shall not commit adultery but he doesn't know anything about the seventh day Sabbath and so that must not be part of the love of God that is written in the heart of that's John Bunyan 's argument and my response of the Roman seven seven that is the sin is not known intuitively we have to go to the law defined and if you would go to the lot there you would find that the Sabbath is obligatory for Christians today and if John Bunyan was here I taken a step further and say John the law is written incrementally that is each each aspect of the law is written in your heart as you submit to it so God brings you out step higher and higher you are an epistle that it's not like the God was done writing you the dates you gave your life to him you are under construction you are his husbandry that is you are his orchard or his garden you are his building so that's one thought the laws not known in his Nissan is not known intuitively the other thought doesn't need any proving as it's too much common sense but that is that our theological errors are not perceived intuitively it's hard to say this because it's so obvious that it doesn't make a good sense but if you think something wrongly you're talking a real assets Ron just by thinking about it I that's why we need the Bible the Bible 's how we find out our heirs it will become in but you have to about so the effects of sin and hero read this in Hebrews talks about the deceitfulness of sin that we in fact are to exhort one another daily lesson you must be hardened through the DC Alyssa send it turned a sentence around your fine that Santa is deceitful that is the effect of sand is it leads me into error I hope you haven't lived long enough to around observe this in your life but on when you meet someone who has a theological aberration once an aberration but look like they were comes the theology there something wrong with how they think when you meet someone like that if you know them long enough my experiences eventually some crops up that there's a send in their life is a connection there that sin is deceitful and when you have a sit in your life that you end up in some foolish or false way you must you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin the converse of that is also true and is also easy to follow and that is the man who has a misunderstanding of what is true to whatever extent he misunderstands truth the just that extent it's easy for the devil to lead him into sin so enter Adam and Eve he has a miss understanding about what is true that is she believes Satan 's lie about God and what is that do what she believes allowing that sets her up to disobey I'm not it's good music they play in the cafeteria was interviewed he stops and will move forward once thought we find soon by revelation and that keeps us from going into theological error another thought is that we find theological error by revelation and that helped keep us from going in the San or even can lead us out of seven these are the two ideas so of our six part series here the first three parts from in a span talking about sin pray tell why would we talk about sin remember our very first verse Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world but the sin that Jesus takes away from me as the sand that I recognize and Intel I recognize the sin is not going to take it away so that by talking about what sin by recognizing the sins and our life we opened the way for Jesus to take them away that's the first three lessons the last three lessons are of my effort to fulfill the Elimite says in the book education or she says we should not teach young people to be near reflectors of other men's thoughts we should in fact teach them how to think what I find many young people in elder people alike so let's understand thinking that when they make their own opinion they feel like they been thinking for themselves and I just want to preface those less elections by saying that making an opinion is far different than thinking so much so that you could make an opinion without thinking and learning and thinking is not the same thing as thinking well if I said I want to teach you how to cook I don't know what a teacher to cook that make sense when you said that is you I can teach you to cluck without teaching you how to do it and you might just be making mashed potatoes every single meal now you know to cook but you don't know how it if I just teach you to think for yourself that really is what education is talking about of course you think for yourself not everyone some builders do whatever someone also whatever they hear something open for themselves and all but there are many people who think for themselves but they don't think well so they end up in delusion and illusion leads to send turn in your Bibles to James chapter five James chapter five in verse twenty two start verse nineteen James five nineteen brethren if any of you do a hair from the truth and wander convert him to thought about verse nineteen when we think about converting people at least five hundred about converting people I would think about converting them from sin the righteousness and that's valid we want people to be converted from sender righteousness but what is it in verse nineteen were they being converted from its reparative truth and I'm telling you there's a connection between these two ideas error to truth and between said unrighteousness verse twenty let him know that she which converts the sinner from the error of his was a say way that's the idea there is an error of a way that is if you dare from the truth it's can I put you in the wrong way and if you go the wrong way you're going to send so if you convert someone from the Erika true your converting him from the error of his way and what are you doing you will save a soul from death and hide a multitude of sins and then look at Hebrews chapters Ernie and verse thirteen a verse that we've already spoken of this morning goodbye Jessica Hebrews chapter three verse thirteen but exhort one another daily while it is called today lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin you see that no last few words of that verse the connection between sin and error that sin is deceitful and leads us and here's the exhortation it's in the passage for some like you to do for me today it would be to exhort me to live rightly and to do well you could for example say to me be faithful you could encourage me to the exercise self-control or Ted speak in a way that well represents the Lord Jesus you can exhort people and how often should you exhort people corner to the verse should be our regular activity in a regular activity exhorting why according to the verse should ideally be exhorting will surely be exhorting each other to live well why should we do it jiggle this that there is a current in this world the current is pushing the wrong way that courage is a sinful current in the sinful current is pushing you in such a way that you won't be hardened you will end up having less clear ideas of truth tomorrow than you had today unless something is holding you are keeping your study are moving in the right direction and so a great activity for us would be to exhort each other daily I think I'm just well enough established those first points really one whole point that error and truth have somewhat of an error and sin has so much to do with each other in your Bibles to John chapter four in the question are as above average common sense brother above average appreciate it John four and verse forty two the people speak in this verse are the ones that were converted by the woman at the well and they said another woman now we believe not because of your say in for we have heard him ourselves and know that this is indeed the Messiah sometimes I come to the word Christ in the Bible I just say Messiah and why do that because the word Christ means Messiah and sometimes because of the way we use it it sort of ended up being like a name in my head I use a kind of like a name so by saying the science data reminds me the meaning of the word we know that this is indeed in the Messiah the Savior of the world we talked about John one twenty nine where John the Baptist said Jesus is the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world now we have men and women who have heard Jesus for themselves and they know that he is the Savior of the world I want to think of Jesus this way I want to think of him as someone who though he knows the world he knows what is in man of you read on the New Testament he knows what is in man you know will betray him and even though he knows this world very thoroughly Jesus is the Savior of the world who came to take away sins I just hold on to this channel John six verse fifty one Jesus is speaking to her John we've heard this those persons of Samaria Jesus says I am the living bread which came down from heaven if any man eat of this bread he shall live forever and the bread that I will give is my flesh which I will give for the life of the world the size impressed me deeply when I thought about it I'll illustrate it with the tree of life the tree of life I think is the reason why we're going to meet together from new moon to new moon in the new work you read that in the Isaiah sixty six government meet their from month to month is really what it says when the month-long Sabbath to Sabbath it's because the tree of life will have different fruit every month and the tree of life I've had a lot of food from a mango trees last couple weeks been in the Philippines and the mangoes in which they were in season it never arrived they were abundant and they were not expensive in fact it was one of the cheaper things you could eat and in view of options of what could be eaten in some places I was was one of two things I could eat and so I had a lot of mangoes if I don't get mangoes it's a little bit sad but it's a lesson but it's no tragedy right I don't need mangoes to live the trip life isn't like a mango tree I mean it that when the Adam and Eve Sand the way that they were executed by removing access to the tree of life humor that's back in justice that they had to eat in the tree of life if they were going to live forever as not like this you eat once from the tree and now you live forever and never was like that even before there was a sin in the world it wasn't like that that you didn't want to live forever it was like this you'd be a new layout you need a new layout you need forever and so you live forever and if you remove the tree of life seeing a longer to eat and eventually are no longer going to live because to level Jesus is our tree of life Jesus is a tree of life that has you might say been updated to allow for forgiveness so that in the old tree of life if you send you get no access but in GSS the who gave his life his flash for the life of the world that if you get his flesh so he could give life to the world and now I can come to Jesus and we write this information to us that we would not send for if we sin we have been an advocate with the father is in Jesus Christ the righteous so the tree of life that we have today Jesus our tree of life our white makes this illustration you can find it in the seven if a bubble commentary she calls the Bible are tree of life but that isn't really a very different than what I'm saying right now it really doesn't if I want over what in common was not a baby photos and maybe are just the baby is in the stroller are you got lost Rachel unified campus for all nicely weary including the little ones with you I don't think she deserves any credit for your mean lots are known in anywhere I'm glad you're here were talking about sin and error but mostly about Jesus right now how Jesus gave his life for this sin of the world related to diversity is rented to get his flesh for the life of the world and said the game is flat she's giving life to the world and by partaking of Jesus I have life for today I didn't write this first on my notes and I don't know the reference so some brewery in here will find it sometime today but recently laid preface it with some info I've had people challenged me to show in the Bible words require that we have devotions at the urban challenge that waited proven the Bible is required to have devotions I then challenge that way and the thought that the Challenger was giving is that sure to have devotions is a good idea you can do it but but it's not required resources required I found a verse requires a pencil in Deuteronomy when Jesus is speaking about when I came to if ever a canvas chosen for Israel God says that he should write out with his own hand a copy of the entire law in the next verse says he's radar that every single day and then I says the first half of wind you should read in it every single day and I start thinking that we are made into God kings and priests and so if anyone ever challenges me again disproved that you have devotions all say only if you want to be part of the Royal priesthood assets but for those it's required to read every day we ought to be which is just a way to try to illustrate this main idea that when we say Jesus of the Bible is our tree of life it's a life that you have you get life from Best Buy we continue bowl without envying partaking on audio verse I have a sermon called something like what was accomplished by the death of Christ 's relay taken almost entirely from the article by Ellen White mammals the same title is such an eye-opener to me the article what it says is that angels are saved by Calvary just like I am I stand in need of forgiveness they never send and they never needed forgiveness but I never want to sin again and it's important also that they never send and the cross is the solution the second problem is much as it is to the first problem so Angel is by looking at the cross that's what keeps them from sending that's what will ever keep them from setting I revert hearing people say that Jesus would have died even for one center I mean he would've died even if only one person would accept the sacrifice I think now the Jesus what died even if zero persons would accept his sacrifice I mean it was essential for the saving of the Angels that this experiment here on earth is for their benefit to and they honor him as well as we ought to forgiving such a solution to the problems that face this planet Jesus is our tree of life now relook at three verses that are so interesting look at John chapter eight silver product page and a half for you John chapter eight in verse twelve then spake Jesus again unto them saying I am the light of the world unit follows me shall not walk in darkness but shall have the light of life so want you to imagine for a minute Miss Rachel Nelson back here Doctor Nelson that I tell her she should follow need to wear I'm giving a lecture and we start out at the Chapel but imagine that she does follow me for about twenty paces and then begins talking to someone and I come over here to earn giving the lecture and then she stops talking and looks up I'm not anywhere around as she followed me you know she followed me for a bit but then she stopped on the tournament a very obvious points that when the Bible says that if you follow Jesus you have the light of life is the very word follow proof enough it has to be continuous because if you don't follow continuously then you don't all I'm if you don't follow continuously renewed yet is lost as if you didn't have a guy so there it is Jesus is the light of the world and we want to follow him so we can have the light of life Matthew five fourteen we just read in John Jesus said I am the light of the world Jesus says in John five fourteen you are the light of the world Jesus then me the light of the world that's the idea gets in these two verses that is Jesus is the light of the world and I am to follow him and if I follow the light of the world I won't walk in darkness but I'll have the light of life that we read that John eight Jesus is the light of the world every bottle and we have the light of life if I follow him then I'm on this planet and if I have the light of life what am I according to Matthew five I am the light of the world but that doesn't make any pride in me because I understand John chapter eight and that is Jesus is the light of the world and it's because I'm following and I have the light of life this idea of being proud because you're the life of the world is so shortsighted that is if you don't get it is if you don't understand that Jesus is the light of the world when we talk when Jesus says that you and I are the light of the world he say something very simple and that is that we ought to exhort and not one another daily what is called they autonomously hardened to the deceitfulness of sin all he is really saying is that the things that God teaches you aren't just for you do you remember what Paul said in Romans one the item debtor both to Greeks and barbarians both of the wise and unwise this is what he said I'd be careful I spend the whole time talking about Jesus we won't spend any time talking about sin which is just reciprocal and do but Paul said he was a debtor in this idea of being a doctor is that I have any money and hear it all we just check and see recently I've been poor I do this is in for keeps Mister Haskins for illustration right divine give this to Mister Hess and I say you can keep it I didn't say that but if I say if I said that then Mister Haskins and use that money for whatever more legality is up for right it's his money but if I said Mister Hass I'd like you to give that to mess she's the blonde lady right there but don't do it unless a nap right but if I said that and then he pocketed at that would be staffed right because it wasn't given to him for him in effect I make Mister Hassan I die thereby giving him money I was assuming makes making better steel is not that they give you money that's for them and so by giving you money they make you a better but God does it in a different way like this he gives me true and he says it's for sharing and if I don't share it then I am on debtor if I don't share I'm stealing Jeremiah twenty three uses those were the size you steal my words everyone from his neighbor what how do you steal God 's words from your neighbors not to go over to sneak into the house and take his Bible is that God gave his words to you for your neighbor and when you don't show your words with the neighbors than your neighbor doesn't end up with the words are glad that we get too distracted gas price regards once upon a time the devil took Jesus into a high mountain and he showed him the kingdoms of this world and the glory of them that's in chapter four of Matthew Burgess read in chapter five so in chapter four you have the glory of the world in chapter five you have the lights of the world would like you to think a minute about the contrast because it's a great way to introduce the sin of the world that is there is a light to the world that has everything to do with truth and righteousness we ought to be the light of the world Jesus is the light of the world but what did Satan show to Jesus when he showed him the glory of the world it wasn't righteousness was you showed him what the world has to offer what you might call the lost of them dies and the lust of the flash and the pride of life is that things are in the world the devil showed him for a salmonella metaphor he showed him fancy buildings fancy clothes fancy camel 's fancy you know he showed him the fancy things this world had to offer and it showed in such a way that it looks very attractive thus the glory of the world where talk one thing about the sinister world that have to say that the world House of glory switches the world has a glory sometimes it's impressive I've been a Roman edifices that were very impressive I haven't been yet the Taj Mahal by suppose someday I might be there I think it's going to be impressive the world has a glory but that glory is so much like the world that is it covers up the sin of the world it's almost like the Pharisees Jesus said they were like Whited sepulcher 's that was one time there can be severe like sepulchers it didn't show up at all that you are rumored top of them you don't even know their there when you said that let's before it's too late talk some about the sin of the world turn to Matthew thirteen narratives Matthew thirteen in verse thirty nine talking about the children of the wicked one the enemy that sowed them is the devil of your thought about the fact that you could be double seed but the devil is a farmer at us like God is a farmer and the devil does in fact so in the church adventure the double cells in the church the devil sows in the church I have found in my life of ministry that there are individuals you can have a local carnation with fifty people and there could be two or three people in the congregation at all by themselves can use up almost all of the laboring force of the workers in the church but if you are laboring force you shouldn't let it happen no one has a right other than God to use up your God-given time for ministry and the fact that the devil sows in the the church is no evidence that we ought to double our entire country cultivating the tears the enemy that sowed them is the devil the harvest is the end of the world just that beautiful thought that middle diverse the world has an juicy and verse thirty nine of the world as an harvest is the end of the world and that proof enough that the world has an end so I'm thinking back now to the devil showing Jesus the glory of the world but the devil fails to mention is that that glory had fan and errant this is the problem with the Taj Mahal it's not the last for a long time and Artie lasted for quite a while but in the big scheme of things it's just a blip the world house and end if I talk about the sins of the world because they are so dark because they are so deep because they are so horrible I could get the picture that they are as it were overwhelming but though the sins of the world are very deep in terms of chronology they're very short they started recently and they have been in isn't that a very encouraging thing about the sense of the world Matthew chapter twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five were looking at verse thirty four Jesus said and to him verily I say unto you that this night before the cock crow now that is the word December when everyone else again Matthew twenty five thirty four Matthew twenty one and twenty six ago twenty five verse thirty four then shall the King say unto them on his right hand call you blessed of my father inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world this is the other half of that same idea the world hasn't and it also had a beginning know which came first the preparation of God 's eternal Kingdom or the world you know that was their first from the foundation of the world there's been a kingdom prepared for me and the world is going to have Van and so when I talk about the world and its sin and its horribleness this is one of the ways that I would answer and objection of the new atheism the brother Walberg mentioned about this book was because NDM and he mentioned this morning the new atheist made hand the horrors of this planet very vivid detail if he dies respond like this that if this is what was required so that someone could live forever no matter how much pain no matter how many people are lost and suffer if you take all of the pain and death of all the billions of people and out into one big tile of this rain death sorrow disaster as big as you can for all of them and compare that to the joy in pleasantness of just one eternal life of one human it was in the same sense of honor try to illustrate this for you you say you're from paradise I was in paradise a couple years ago there was that the feather River Hospital there was a doctor there that high noise lives in Tennessee that volunteered to do a surgery on my throat I had a throat I still have a preponderate is much worse for the surgery he as part of this process not Hebert one of his nurses had an IV in my arm I should know that I dread IVs more than I dread surgeries except that surgeries involve identities but that's the only reason the idea of having a big needle in my arm is for me anyway the thought of someone cutting open my chest cavity it just isn't any worse than that and when you wait for this writer offensive so there is a difference but this lady at the River Hospital had some marvelous improvements over the first IV I got back and that seventies helping there is any ideas between those two times and down the needle she used to dad and me was only about the slow was like long plastic and just a little tiny prick then how can you be scared of a needle that's like half a centimeter long it don't you think that's an improvement like a wisdom on the part of someone and so that that was a great idea the needle that they went to put into me was it was almost flexible until the very end of the thing and it just took away so much not all that took away a lot of the fear and then she gave me the IV and then they put me out and I had the surgery that was worth it to have improved my swallowing process was worth it even with all that little bit of discomfort but if you were to tell me now that I am going to get an IV put in me every five minutes for the rest of eternity so that I can swallow my food properly I would say let me die the death is Outlook interest in insane but it's worth it to have a little pain for a lot of benefits we all can see the value and a little pain for a lot of benefit and we could end you are easily even ten minutes of torturous pain for up several years of significant benefit but that logic is what makes this world very bearable the sins of the world have a beginning they happen and they have a finite number of sufferers and when you add it all it's just a drop compared to the benefit that comes from this experiment the question is why did God allow a I will go and say he did wisely he did well it was worth it indeed no matter how much suffering happens here you follow that Isaiah thirteen in verse eleven Isaiah thirteen in verse eleven and I will punish the world for their evil and wicked for their iniquity and I will cause the arrogant Sea of the crowd to cease and will a alone the haughtiness of the terrible if I want to say something else about that sin of the world before we get into identifying sins of the world is that the sin of the world has consequences is God going to punish this in the world is going to punish for the sin of the world when I was in Australia a couple few months ago I guess it was now six I was talking to a treasurer there who works in the Fiji Islands he described from a something horrible something just hurts my soul he described how there could be a congregation of Fijians love the Bible that do evangelism their arms fire but they cannot be trusted with the offer that he gets misappropriated and I will be speaking on talk about the sins of the islands about this one also thievery is punishable by death even if you are an evangelist that loves Bible study the sins of the world are going to be punished you don't get out of it because your culture has so I mentioned Fiji but now if we come right here in North America some are doing in the next lecture some of the sins in North America and South America and Asia if I can do North American sentence since I played on the public if we talk about the sins that are right close to home we want remember Isaiah was a say about the sins what's got going to do is punish you don't get out of punishment on the basis of the prevalence of the sin it's not like launching into the second series already especially introduced it already I am not going to what the sense of the world have a beginning they have an and and they have a punishment connected with their aunt first Corinthians ten in verse eleven first Corinthians ten in verse eleven who I'm quite certain this has to be second Corinthians ten verse eleven note that it's probably first Corinthians seven verse eleven note that I don't know where it is I'll tell you what it says maybe no word is then maybe you can tell squared is a set has in the middle of the verse that the sorrow of the world of work it down second crimp in seven I was getting nervously was nine second Corinthians seven verse ten is see there are two types of mistakes I often make us the first and second sentence the seven to eleven 's innate and this time in both the same time it was just too much second Corinthians seven and verse ten for godly sorrow works repentance to salvation not to be regretted but I understand that word repented of but the sorrow of the world of work at death thing for minutes to the nasty trick the devil tried to play on Steve Walberg when Steve was at his darkest points when he had his infidel roommates advocating foolishness when a little bit later summer later he was pastoring her in California was he said adding authorities being at the edge reminds me of an experience that you drive Smith have a license like at a precipice so sure he was at the adage and what the devil was saying to him in his darkness was the world the world is the way out of darkness but did you notice that when brothers Steve and Michigan adopted the skepticism it didn't resolve his darkness there is rumor he had darkness and so he burned all my sports analogy have lightened cheerfulness the relate it's a very very silly trick the devil tries to play on us about the world that is when he can lead us into an experience of discouragement and darkness in perplexity and when were at the very bottom is injustice he suggests as a solution of the world and when you're really desperate you might just try something your try it not because it looks so attractive but because you're desperate but is the world going to solve this the darkness you have I like the way he eloquently put though Saints of Satan Satan says could be so easy but thence in her private as you will have these internal struggles because it is living a worldly life easy the sorrow of the world of work if there the truth is there is no peace saith my God to the wicked and this idea that the of because efficiency is hard to go with the world is just the most hollow silly thing the devil we would never fall for it if we weren't blinded in an dense darkness on what we said about the world beside that it hasn't and that has a beginning but the sins of the world are going to be punished and now even before there punished this the sorrow of the world is a horrible thing that there is no peace so Fred talk about the world sin it's a short lived a miserable experience and review what we know about Jesus Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the takes away the short term miserable experience turn to first Corinthians five ten I think I have the first correct this time no hurry there look it is right one more thought about the sins of the world we need to start verse nine to get a whole sentence I wrote unto you in a letter not to company with fornicators Philip preaching about verse nine I mean we live in a in an age where you have an a time when people are indulging the loss of their flash at the expense of the most weighty things I had an extremely distressing phone call a few months ago from a lady in New York she was a Hindu I talked to her this week also I think she still is a Hindu I hope someday shall be an Adventist but if she does it would be the most amazing type of miracle because this Hindu lady married and addressed pushes defaulted and that the lady on the man should be the man's fault in that scenario this man and Adventists married a Hindu lady then after some time he developed an affection for a Seventh-day Adventist girl and then he suddenly discovered where the Bible says not to be unequally yelled with unbelievers and he made this is grounds for divorce is that grounds for divorce and you know the distressing phone call was from that in the lady she had heard from someone they are in her church that maybe I could help and she called me to ask me to talk to her husband let him know that what he's doing is wrong call him the slew of this bond you know with you to the slew of this bond remember but what was he in there was an almost infinite volume of councils and good advice and truth and that is there is there is a way that seems right unto a man and even the middle of it could be the way of death he's gone you see by say would be a very hard time for her to ever become a Seventh-day Adventist very very hard thing for her if I never met the man and only looks like but if I found out that one of you will be in you want to sit with me at lunch I would not sit with you I won't do it as it says in verse nine says I wrote and unit tests all not to company with fornicators I am not going to sit down with you I'm thinking of Adventist history of Sudafed and Associates Christian history laundry pragmatism back in the fourth century there were Celtic Christians that were trying to convert the pagan Saxons angles Coptic Christians would eat with the Saxons and they would never their servants in most cases and they would associate with them they were trying to save them but when the Saxons became Catholic Christians then many of the Celts stopped eating with them they said when you are pagan we could eat with you but now that you claim to be a Christian we will not because what's right here let's look at verse verse ten says yet not altogether with the fornicators of this world or was the cover chess or extortioners or with idolaters for then must you needs go out of the world but now I have written unto you not to keep company if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator or a drunkard or an extra a fornicator or just what idolaters or a rail or we don't know that were learn more referrer once like that someone who's always talking about other people someone who got the essay a malicious gossiper or a rail learn or I lost myself I said that Bruce was a or a drunkard or extortion there was such a want and know not to eat what is Paul saying about the world he saying that it's perfectly legitimate to associate with sinners in the world it's perfectly legitimate because the limiting out of that is to get out of the world I can it ate with sinners in the world because I'm trying to save the centers in the world but if a man is called a broader I don't want to confuse the center spike meeting with him there are going to think that all Christians are just the same as sinners when we really should not be the same at all so a man becomes a brother if now he continues to lay out in that simple way the world is to see that we don't acknowledge him as being one of us without talking about the sin of the world and socially that more pleasant part of that first am talking about that is the world 's deep and dark it hasn't and suffering even now but I am not commanded by God to disassociate from it I'm not so loved the world not to love the things that are in the world but I can surely love the people who are suffering in the world I can associate with them and eat with them even with one's idolaters and fornicators and coverages how will they be anything else father in the world are they art should not expect out of them that's about where they have to be and I yet he wonders Sam Gardiner we can associate with the world repented OES yes in fact this is the logic of second Corinthians the first two chapters of Paul says is you need to this fellowship this wicked man but once his disfellowshipped that is sufficient punishment for him now confirm your love toward this is it just said after start with one that take elders in short the church century another publication that doesn't mean now treat him as a what's the word yet you're not going to leave them at arms length once she's been disassociated he's no longer a member we can get as close to him as if he was in the world I was like I wish my father for example had been able to her had chosen to confess that he was addicted to tobacco I wish you had because he was a member of the Adventist church in fact his membership was transferred quite a number of times when we moved he was a member of many Adventist churches but if after he had been able to expose himself he could have been disfellowshipped and that he then there would've been no need to put on a charade or a façade he could have been out in the open yeah I think this is exactly what Paul means this is a man who is called a brother and I would go and clarify we then asked I thought you were asking and that is when a man in the church 's cover choice and then he repents of his just ways and he is rebaptized on repeat with there is answer a there isn't an eternal stigma to sin that is not overridden by the power of forgiveness and it is legitimate for the church to re- Fellowship a man who has abandoned this fellowship when we say disfellowshipped today we sort of mean off the books that we may receive a scholarship but you seem to put this fellowship looks like in hazardous Reading Corinthians this fellowship looks very much like this fellow shift the number looks like and in the church we fellowship amount they can re- fellowship in their largest of my entire time and used up two thirds of my data and dumb and this is so normal when I had to say so on the review and just get started with the next when the next comes were to be talking about the sins of North America and South America and Asia and then later about the sins of Europe in the islands in Australia and Africa where we talking about the sins the various regions of the world but we know everyone forgets that Jesus is the Lamb of God takes away the sins of the world including the sins of North America and South America and other Asian of Europe and of Africa and of Australian islands Jesus is the one who takes them away and they are going to go away they have a beginning and they haven't an they have punishment at the end and why they're miserable even the meantime and even if there's a great deal of them and if the suffering in this world is immense it doesn't compare well to the glory of even one eternal a lot of women get eternal life is like making from the tree of life and do we have a tree of life we do Jesus is our tree of life and for practical purposes since we can't see him the Bible is our tree of life it's the words of Jesus to us is it sufficient to partake of it one day the particular one day is the way to live one day but if were going to live forever but I have to partake forever in spite of continuous partaking that we have continuous life that's it Jesus did he's given his flash for the life of the world and that's what we want life would still prefer our father in heaven I'm so thankful to you that you have restored to us the life of the world which is given us a tree of life that has no flaming sword to guard nine so sorry that we have been inclines look with over over much favor on a miserable short-lived worldliness they show us how dark it is and how many women are to save us I ask for these in the name of Jesus and this medium was brought to my audio nurse website dedicated to spreading God 's word reason audio and much more I really would like to know more about how to use you like the more so than in www. done on universal thought or


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