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The Sins of Europe, Africa, Oceana, and the Islands

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 16, 2011
    3:30 PM
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Rachel a prayer and then will begin and for those in all U-verse lands and I'm glad that you are with us was Neil for prayer our father in heaven home asking that you will be our future we need you to use your Bible to make clear to us what is right and true and I has to choose will do this for your own sake can you give us of your spirit we ask in the name of Jesus amen tell your Bibles to the book of acts acts nineteen acts nineteen were talking about this are the sins of the world with particular focus on the sins of Australia the islands of the world Africa and here now I plan to do the series originally there were then like eight or nine different lectures one for each continent or subcontinent so you know you can put this much to get there you are really abbreviating things right acts nineteen and we are looking at verse nine says that when the verse that is various persons were hardened and believed not but spake evil of that way before the multitude he departed from them and separated the disciples disputing daily in the school of Law and the Tyrannosaurus is a principal thereof is very helpful for those that are in Europe and for some in Australia and that as a principle to know when to separate from a congregation do you see in that verse when our apostle separated from the congregation when we do it was when they'd visibly reset fax nineteen verse nine it started when they were hard and believe not but that wasn't the only issue what was the other one and this began to spray cable before the multitude that is it became a public controversy over it I think you can see it let's say that we were a church right here and I'll make myself the wicked one and let's say that I'm preaching error and when you get a chance to teach you teach truth I pray sure you teach truth and people here are making decisions but now let's say income visitors that are not yet members of our church are just learning if you and I have any common sense and courtesy in all we are to be quiet in front of the visitors seventy three cents to run saying you are not to discuss these things and for the visitors as things that divide us but what if I violate that common sense I began to oppose the truth of God in front of visitors can you continue doing evangelism this conversation you know you really can't because if you bring the people in the work that you've been doing for months can be undone in just a few minutes and that is the time to do what it also does here what he doesn't seem those next door do not three does the school tyrannosaurs next-door I don't mean it he's been excellent in this case that's realized she separated even separate just because someone disagreed with him just because of her personality differences it wasn't just a theological issue that had to do with an evangelism issue is when they were speaking evil before the multitude so what are the classic sins of Europe do know it was in Europe among the Germans that this concept called higher criticism was invented it's an idea that's a scientifically refined type of doubting there is a place for doubts and skepticism when you're dealing with humans and if you go back to the middle ages you'll find that a couple man that work together for some time one of which is named Peter Abelard Peter was a great developer of thought in the Middle Ages in his great development really was that he began to cast everything people sad to see if that matched up with the facts with reason with data that was pure Abelard and this was so such a revolutionary idea enough to just believe what the people at said before you but Peter took this idea too far and he treated the words of man the right way you might say that doubt but that he did the same thing with the words of God that is he treated the words of God with the same type of skepticism that he did the words of men and does it make good sense to you you shouldn't do that that the words of God in the words of men are not the same Europe has never fully escaped from that tendency in the Adventist church there's some really bad history they are centered around an unnamed karate that has left a dis- taste for the writings of Ellen White a disbelief in the sanctuary message that has just slowed down movement of the three Angels messages in Europe for now about one hundred years of how to illustrate for you that in the island of Mindanao just one of the larger islands in the Philippines there are more Seventh-day Adventist than in the entire continent of Europe and again the one nation of Romania in Europe are on the edge of Europe you might say but I'll say in Europe and that one nation where communism was controlling for so long in persecution was drawn when communism fell there were nearly as many administered in that one nation as in the rest of the westernized free Europe combined Buckland illustrate for you is what skepticism and doubts dies for the church in terms of prosperity and growth it stunned said it slows it and overlook a few verses about unbelief turn in your Bibles to Mark thirteen marks thirteen and are looking at fifty first fifty eight someone who's listening might want to ask me why should you not doubt what God says giving you just blindly believe anything that God says in my short answer to that would be I can't deal with that in this talk but if you would look at predictive prophecy you would find abundant evidence that God knows well that he knows the future and is infinitely intelligent and if you look at the character of Jesus you find abundant evidence that he is has the character to manage that kind of knowledge so it might taking God at his word is based on evidence not on the blindness to the data it's because of the data that I trust him not because I ignore the data that is we God is never asked us to have a blind faith is asked to have an intelligent one year in Mark thirteen verse fifty eight votes thirteen a friend of hers thirteen fifteen thirty first no such thing you're right well let me tell you what it's all with Matthew I told Jordan that denying AI soldiers are right Matthew thirteen verse fifty eight but also is partly the result of poor handwriting skills and those of you who are students take note and learn what you can those regard teachers do your best with those kids verse fifty eight says and he did not many mighty works there because of their no think that through for a minute do you see they are the unbelief produces itself that is if unbelief is expecting to see a miracle as a means of being corrected yet what does what's the effect of unbelief not many mighty works are done in the area were unbelief it's and this in my mind accounts somewhat for the difference you see between for example demonic activity between North America and Europe on one hand in Africa and India on the other when I was at Mountain View College share about a week ago I talking the student who talked about how they've had a number of weeks of prayer revivals in the last few years and almost every single one of them some student would become possessed during the meeting and would begin to fall over and do worst booster range things but the chance of that happening right here in this room is low why is the devil of a different character in these places no but the devil has a different name in places where everyone believes in God the devil would like to have people have a bad idea of his character to scare people into pervert the idea of what God is like but even better than that first Satan is unbelief in God 's existence and there's nothing like supernatural activity to destroy skepticism at its root in other words it's better for the devil whether where there's a lot of atheism and skepticism to hang what cemetery since June I'm saying that it does so both the devil and even the Lord Jesus where there is much unbelief Jesus could not do many mighty works there Chapter seventeen verse twenty two pages over Matthew seventeen verse twenty so here is the man who comes to Jesus this is just after the Transfiguration and that this man is come for healing for his son why could we not cast them out the disciples are asking Jesus verse twenty and Jesus said to them because of your unbelief for verily I say and do you if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed you shall say to this mountain remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove and nothing shall be impossible unto you if there is any gospel in dealing with the sin of unbelief that you find in Europe in the last not just in Europe but also in academic circles generally that is when you go to the graduate level and even undergrad in some places but the graduate-level education around the world has been been there with the same philosophy that has been began over there in Germany in fact many times they relearn these language they can read this philosophy in its native tongue it's the philosophy of doubt was the gospel message about it is that when the same man came to Jesus and said a similar thing you said help my unbelief Jesus healed his son is that I believe help mine unbelief Jesus will do that Jesus will take a man who has a mixture of faith and unbelief but is willing to know for but the fate that he has and wants to be apparent and feels helpless to rid himself of his skepticism that man can come to Jesus just as he has and Jesus will begin to reveal to him evidence on which to base his confidence and the problem with unbelief is that it grows very naturally in the soil of our hearts so that you can uproot it today and find a flourishing next week in this business of being believing his work that Jesus even talk this way have you read Reese said this that the work of God is to believe on Jesus and the ascent this is it we are to be approved in unbelief from our life this time I really do mean Mark oh we just are just referred to those Mark nine twenty four you are right it down but that is the place for the man said I believe help my unbelief to your Bibles to Romans eleven Romans eleven and looking at verse twenty three verse twenty two is a verse that possibly brother Wahlberg will share in his series of the character of God Lisa seems to me like it fits in with that topic this reverse twenty two behold therefore the goodness and severity of God 's or a place to think about God severity there is on them which fell severity but toward the goodness if you continue in his goodness otherwise thou also shalt be cut off and the gospel and they also if they abide not still in unbelief shall be draft in for God is able to graft them in again when your heart brother Wilfred 's testimony this morning it was a fulfillment of this verse is liable for for example is a gym and he was a Jew that believed and then a Jew that do not believe and was God able to graph him back in again and what was the condition of being draft back in again not abiding in unbelief so were almost done with this part of the thought if the great sin of Europe includes sinful unbelief that is doubting in the face of evidence yet there's hope for those who are willing to cry out to God to look for the evidence they don't have to abide in that dark old that there in another sin that characterizes Europe and in fact exist quite plainly in Australia and is not unknown in entering Latin America it used to be a serious problem here in North America when Ellen White was alive but she thought it so was so much energy here that actually beat down in the church speaking about that what held my calls kingly authority kingly authority was a perverse on it and then I'll try to help you understand it look at first Peter chapter five first Peter chapter five verse one the elders the elders which are among you I exhort who also am an elder and a witness of the sufferings of Christ and also a partaker of the glory that shall be revealed feed the flock of God which is among you taking the oversight thereof listen carefully not by what's the word constraint or compulsion or force but willingly not for filthy money but of a ready mind neither as being lords over God 's heritage but in samples to the flock you know the Bible never gives me a authority as an elder to tell you what to do I'm an elder in my local church in Arkansas and that gives me some responsibilities that means I am to teach well and to guard the flock if I can from error and to meet with them and talk to them and try to save them from falling into sin I have authority to teach and to help but I do not have authority to command if one of them decides that he's going to start a ministry and I think that ministry is a bad one or poorly timed I have authority to teach I have authority to counsel but I don't have authority to prevent that is never given that authority to map so what do we just returned first Peter five should I take overs site I should take it but I shouldn't be controlling by compulsion not by demanding not as though I'm the Lord but how might I lead the flock what was the suggestion verse three by example I can teach and demonstrate and this is the extent of my personal authority that's not just true for local elders that's true for pastors conference administrators union administrators division administrators God has never invested to the church the authority to prevent the me not address this quite yet because God certainly has invested parents with authority not that my mom now in her seventies and need to go on a mission trip but when I was fortunate authority to permit me to do almost anything she wanted but it's a different topic I'll never did finish this one so let's just not go there quite now but maybe the contrast is important God has never given the church the kind of parental authority over thinking adults the gut is given parents over children who are in their minority in this contrast of government is one that people ought to understand so that God never intended that a because said the start already well just move all the way up to a division president for extreme illustration if the division president says that you may not start your vegetarian restaurant well you can pray for was no know what to say back but he doesn't have any authority for that the church hasn't given to him in the Bible has been given to him he only imagines that he hasn't and you he has authority to teach and authority to counsel and you have responsible wanted to respect them to love others know where they are and authority to forbid you are still misunderstood this I think in a James and John they saw some people casting out demons and those people were not part of the central organization that was surrounding Jesus and taking orders from him and James and John saw that they were just casting out demons the worst of it was they were doing it in the name of Jesus to member this New Testament and that felt like a real breach of protocol and it could lead to confusion people might think that they are some of the disciples learned not and what a James and John do first where they do before they told Jesus they told him the correct south of Baghdad they said don't do that in the name of our Lord and then they felt funny about it and they came to bounce the idea of Jesus and what did Jesus say prepared than not the people who are not against us are on our side now you had a similar thing happened thousands of years before that in the case of Moses Moses prayed and God sent his Spirit on seventy elders and Moses asked those elders to come up to meet him well sixty eight of them came up the L dad and me dad didn't come up in the sixty eight that came up the Spirit was poured out on and they began to prophesy in the camp Joshua went back to find the two renegades and found out the spirit been poured out on them to they were prophesying right down there in the camp and Joshua was very concerned and he came up to Moses said Moses forbids them from Europe read the story in the last three or four years offender notice forbid them and Moses said Josh what are you chalice on my account where words Joshua do feel like that I have a power trip and I need everyone to answer to me listen I'm perfectly content to have everyone answer directly to God that I am willing to guide I will teach all be an example but I would be happy if everyone was a woody site that everyone was a prophet it would be just fine with me this is the right authority for a man of God and authority to teach I have authority to teach authority to counsel I even have authority to call the church together and the church has aborted I don't have do know that the local congregation tried this fellowship of men I can't do it become the local carnation disfellowshipped the man God has invested in the congregation authority that he's never put in me and he's invested authority in the constituency of a conference that is never put in the administrators of the conference in authority and the worldwide charts of some fantasies never put in the president of this church with the management at the precipice ten times are rare she just quit one something else but in the sunken in this thought is not well understood in Europe Australia and even many cases and Central and South America where there are not sufficient self-supporting institution people to see how it's possible to work together without an administrative connection at the time let's go to Australia in the islands for a minute one is interesting of our white quoted Mark Twain once it wasn't like Ellen White to quote Mark Twain they're not the same kind of authors at eight and have similar goals or anything but she was in Australia Jericho talking about Mark Twain visited mentioned a very Mercer says about Australia she quotes Martone remarked points in Australia every day is a holiday and when there is not a holiday there is a horse race which was just Mark Twain 's exaggerating way of saying that the Australians love to have fun they love parties they love fun they love games they love excitement I don't want to tell you that it is a sin to enjoy pleasure in fact David said that at thy right hand are pleasures for evermore God and in fact we were created for the pleasure of King Jesus he enjoys us it's not that pleasure is a wicked thing but the love of pleasure his wife is very dangerous it's similar characteristic the difference between the love of money and money that many godly people have had well but they could be godly and love money at the same time and many godly people enjoy the pleasures that God gives them but when the Bible talks about lovers of pleasure it uses a ratio and those are condemned to the Wadsworth says lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God it's a grave danger to being a lover of pleasure in such a way that effort and time and devotion that you give to your pleasure exceeds the effort and time that you would give to your service of the Lord so that if in the scales of the sanctuary was weight on the undecided not a time you put into seeking after enjoyment and excitement and pleasure and extend the satisfaction of this type hours money attention I was compared to the hours time attention you give to soul winning and Bible study if that site is comparable are larger than the side then that's exactly what the new test missed talking to condense a class and it says that they are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God look at a few more passages on this business of pleasure turn your Bibles to James chapter five James five think you're already only three pages from its five inverse five to speaking to the rich men this says you have lived in pleasure on the earth and in one ten you have nourished your hearts as in a day of slaughter James is illustrating something for the wealthy here and that is that this is not our home and when you treat this place as your home so that which are seeking to do here is make your life more pleasurable more comfortable more as it were well you know your home that it's almost like feeding a cow too much food why would you feed the cows too much food because you're not can it keep him much longer what is his destiny that's it which are trying to do is turn grain and the money by processing it through the cows got right and so you're overfeeding him this is the way the Giants illustrates people who have money and are using that for their pleasure I can think of all kinds of practical ways of the illustrating the same alternative illustrative on the soft and you can make the hard applications Ellen White for example rights to call porters and says it is called orders you may be compelled to travel from place to place the outside she says when possible you ought to seek lodging with private individuals and so that you don't are compelled to spend money on a hotel and that they get your food at the restaurants but I know workers who specifically choose hotels and restaurants the expensive fare and the luxurious living because they enjoy it when the work of God could be saved that kind of money by just a little bit of work that's the soft hands but you know that that's soft and can be stretched much further on this note to remember the halcyon if I say what I'm thinking right now I was in a million-dollar home here California than anything in a house the size of a million dollar house but the rhyme from an Arkansas known in our house is a really big site utilizes a big it's a big thing and I it was a million-dollar home and you could just see how much effort was put into making it luxurious and comfortable and as I stay there for some time with those people I can just see their minds were on on pleasure on what could they do for diversion what could they do for fun what could they do for tonight I just fear for those to our sink in this direction wow it's been a field one more example and I'll move off it you know every year we lose a few zealous Adventists who go a student missionaries and in their heart is broken as they associate with other student missionaries in the islands every year we sacrifice student missionaries to the pleasure seeking habits of others and it is a common sin in our student missionary activities that are student missionaries and even adult missionaries choose as their mission some islands where they can get plenty of beach and surf time so that what they're really aiming for is to maybe teach a few hours a day and to enjoy their student missionary life there is no reward in heaven for a self-serving mission there's no reward for this kind of thing I'm not saying that you can't be a missionary on an island that has a beach but if your missionaries they are the beach is not your mission you understand what I mean this love of pleasure does not pass muster in the judgment and being a missionary won't get you to heaven if while you are in your mission service your worm was registering a story on this recently about and that was in Guam as a student there I think it was here at this place Amy was a missionary in Guam and she was so excited to work with Adventist and then the missionaries were they are inviting him to their socialist with their socials are places where they'd watch movies and eat and he didn't believe in watching movies and he resisted going negative and Ellen and one-time event and felony regarded it for long time afterwards and felt terrible about it and it just led him into a despair not remember where I heard it was nice talking to in Wichita this week you have the love the pleasures of sin not the enjoyment of pleasure but the love of pleasure more than the love of God in Australia you have another issue that's worth considering turn your Bibles to ask Disney Hebrews Hebrews chapter thirteen of the desolate back a few pages where we are right now Hebrews chapter I said thirteen but this is really in chapter twelve Hebrews chapter twelve we need to start in verse two and three and then move down it says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith but skipped the precious material after that to verse three for consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself now skip precious material all the way down to verse fifteen looking diligently looking at what diligently that would be it Jesus right we just look at that verse two and three considering Jesus with diligence looking diligently lest any man fail of the grace of God lest any root of bitterness springing up trouble you and thereby many be defiled what has happened in Australia and it has its parallels even here in California is that an are developed quite a foothold because of the teaching of Desmond Ford Bill and Desmond Ford left Australia he came to teach just a short distance from here when you teach the PUC and a better announcer he was doing it and the effectiveness teaching wasn't just to deceive people that owing to seem some people but the people who were deceived were extremely distressed by it and you ended up with a polarization now I'm not speaking right now about the sins of those that were deceived those and skepticism are only maybe I address that earlier but there is danger on the other side has to do with bitterness when you are all I are involved in a controversy with those to believe in error there is a grave danger of our own spirit losing its hold on the Lord Jesus to hold onto our position on truth is not all that is required we have to look diligently lest any root of what was the word any root of bitterness spring up because in bitterness brings that it's usually not just an individual loss what does the verse say and thereby many be defined that's the effect of bitterness bitterness can destroy entire bodies of believers so an Australian end up just my brother in Australia end up with this problem and it's it was worse even fifteen years ago than it is today of entire groups of people who bother standing on the position of truth their own characters and the way that they relate to their brother have soured and that's his assume we are commanded to look diligently than our own characters was a single Asian sex is first one says if a brother and be overtaken in a fault you which are spiritual restore such a one in the spirit of the next word it says in meekness considering yourself lest thou also be tempted that's the thing so Matthew twenty four talks but the same idea it says because iniquity shall let down the love of many shall wax cold it isn't just that those are doing wickedness lose their law of its those that are opposing wickedness are in serious danger of losing their love it's because wickedness is abounding that the love of many is growing cold but it's you who's love I'm paraphrasing endures unto the end the one that makes it better nurses assume no brother jokes you want to say or ask something all right for there's more than one and something about how one answer to get to this but let's say by the end of the story he didn't believe in the eighteen forty four judgment or the high place the ministry of Christ since that time or the element was reliable in her teachings of course on that topic in particular or that sanctification justification go together in the plan of salvation and once you start on those platforms you can make a lot of progress and some other strange developments via that's the summary letter that was the questions I knew the answer to it many times Gillespie questions I know idea what I'm talking about the unrelieved so now I want to talk for minutes about the sins of Africa I should tell you my talk about the sins of Africa it's not quite the same as my talk about the sins of Australia or Central America or the Philippines or China or you know I've been in height is behind these other places but neither one of us is ever been to Africa so I'm talking them on the basis of rumor and reading so I just tell you that's actually been treated for double but less authority is essential and say that in December were going to South Africa and that it will delay to Botswana and the same trip and then that will be held say that anymore after that point turn in your Bibles to Revelation chapter twenty two Revelation chapter twenty two in verse fifteen for without are dogs and sorcerers and that fancy where they are what we would call down that prostitutes and murderers and idolaters and whosoever loves and makes a lie lying and staffed and the per version of injustice you know there are organizations that keep track of corruption political corruption and African nations and India are always high in the scale of political corruption there always are right up there to lie is to put yourself outside of the city of God to choose to tell a falsehood on course not sending you can be forgiven I think we brought up with most of our sins that there is a gospel for those who lie I think Peter himself lied on the night that he denied the Lord Jesus one one thousand base lies reset I do not know the man those relies of the most simple character and he has been pardoned for those thanks but when you seek pardon for a lie if your life is done damage you need to do it you cannot make it right and this is what prevents many people from repenting of their lives and their corruption the receiving of bribes will look at some passages about the ride 's here in just a minute thinking about that talk I had with someone about India he told me that when I'm there I'll be going there every year because amazing facts has a school there now it's starting in July just this coming month and I that school I'll be teaching their I was born that when I talk to and people of India the table tell me what they believe I want to hear whether or not it so Asian it's working I may analyze our lives no matter how much your society smiles on them or thinks that is not a problem and this idea that there are small lies and big lies which is really caught on my wife even told me about her childhood where she wasn't had no idea until she was older that there's anything wrong with the white lie that do not feel like a moral disaster of our white lies moral disasters they don't even exist I mean a light isn't white my fiancé and terms for talking about moral rectitude there's no such thing as a lie that is morally acceptable loves and makes a lie I can think of two times in the last twelve years where under the pressure of the moment in the circumstance I have said something that I knew wasn't so and while did my conscience smite me one of the times was to a police officer she told me over and my drivers license was not the state that I was in but I had moved to the state I was in and that he asked me how long I'd been living in the state and while what I said I'd had some technical truth to it was about how much I was traveling and definitely communicated a lie about how long it'd been since I had begun residing in the state probably as a basis of that lie I did not get a ticket how do I make that right do you know the Bible has a solution for making things right when you cannot make it right to the person you did wrong to the used to call a trespass offering and you've never incurred the terminal trespass offering that the Old Testament outlines this idea for example if you steal from a man and then he dies and leaves no air would you pay back the answer is the treasury of the Lord the trespass offering is a recognition that every sin against a man is a sin against the Lord and if you cannot pay the Lord back through the agency would you did him Ron you can pay him back directly which is the right thing to do so let's switch to the bribery issue because it goes so much with the line you probably use seeing the integral connection between lies in bribes in fact very often drives our drives to get you to lie for example turn your Bibles to first Samuel first Samuel chapter eight first Samuel chapter aids and verse three speaking about Samuel and his sons walked not in his ways but turned aside after Luker we seen this word before what does it mean money profits and took what to say arrives and perverted judgment the Bible in the first five books of the Bible gives such strong counsel against this idea God is looking for people who if you have the bride to them you put it in their hand perhaps they don't know it's a bride that you give it to them they have that nagging tone that it's a bride Isaiah uses this test they shake their hands from holding a broad those of the people God is looking for those who don't play with it don't consider it would not allow in my union that's the southwestern union we just lost our union president and a conference presidents over corruption I think that if you could see behind the scenes everywhere you would find that a lot of people who are in fact involved in corruption don't view it as corruption that doesn't seem to them to be a sin let me describe for you a scenario that would like be repeated hundreds of times suppose that you are on the building fund committee for your local church and you're going to hire someone to put in a new sidewalk and door for access for handicapped people and you have a friend who does that kind of business and that you know that you could get bids and see who would do it for less but you know that if you give him the job that he might give you hundred dollars back for doing it and he'll do a good job and so you suggest we give the job to help and hear his gratitude gives you a hundred dollars for the favorite that's theft that hundred dollars is a discount on the labor not paid to the church is doing the work that is paying for the work that paid to you instead its staff and by not involving the the process correctly to find out who should do the work other people who might have done the work for alas redundant better others are robbed of their opportunity in short this is the nature of corruption corruption is take advantage of your position to give favors that may not be in the very best interest of the institution that you work for the Bible condemns it and yet as church we have many regions of our world that are still today called missions the reason that they are called missions is because they cannot run their own finances the reason they can't run their own finances listen carefully to this any church in the world no matter how poor it is if the people pay an honest I then where you have twenty believers paying tithe you're going to have enough income to pay at pastor as much is any one of those people typically earns we wouldn't need to have any missions were we have thousands of Adventist but what we have been made his places is when all hundred dollars goes in the offering plate only sixty of that goes where it's intended anywhere because of favors and agreements where there might be money to hire five ministers and an average wage we hire one minister at an exaggerated wage and I insult you might have to deal with eighty or ninety churches but can he deal with eighty or ninety churches it might not be his fault that he gets in your ninety churches it might be because of the same arrangement made with somebody else but what were talking about now is the sin of many these places what does that send the sin of taking bribes and corruption lying and staffed perverting justice and no matter how spiritual people may be it won't pass in the judgment it won't be I can see I'm putting five of you to sleep and and that's not kind the ones who are good at hiding that and were almost so let me review and we will be finished with this yes-man I understand your questions on his answer so for those in audio person is asked what about the liar Rahab who we go further would even say she was a whore right and she had serious moral troubles God in his graciousness and kindness in fact we saw this this morning that God makes a distinction between those were called brothers and those were not should we associate with fornicators and colleges people who are outside of the fold we can do that counts we at bowl in the process of bringing them into the fold there is a process when they're going through what you would call conversion and in this process is a possible they will still be covered since liars and fornicators you might even be giving Bible studies to a couple that are living together and they're probably having sexual relations every night when you're having studies with down is a possible their learning spiritual things Dennis but before the processes Donna Gergen have to get married right in and I think what I'm telling you about ready she allied she was an idolater in all likelihood she was a whore with certitude but she couldn't remain those things and when she amended in Hebrews eleven she is not amended for anything she did wrong is commended for her faith and I yeah that's true let me review briefly and then close and I'll start this next talk a little bit late the sins that society smiles on because of their prevalence heaven doesn't smile on for a similar reason the love of pleasure is not considered a sin in this country is not considered a sin in Australia is not considered a sin really anywhere covetousness is not considered a sin here and we can look on Matt and and feel however we feel about it but it's a sin in the light of heaven go over to some other places and there might not be considered fast if you take part of the offering to use for really needy family members were suffering hunger that might not be considered fast if you're doing something really good with the money that some explained to me about the people in Fiji that they don't feel like what they're doing is really bad because are using the money for really needed people but listen here that is unfaithful and that which is least will be unfaithful and that which is much and God tasks even the very poor people with their very least he'll even cited those that have only two cloaks that they ought to give one to someone that has not that is God 's requirement to be generous and to be picked up integrity is not requirement on the rich alone it is a requirement even for the very poorest people among us but then we talked about the sin that rises higher with rank that's that sin of kingly authority is assumed that destroys the church 's dependence on God reduces their ability to think for themselves and to live by faith in God has done what he can to destroy that that tumor in the church what is done is helpless or North America the user influence and spread the word men don't seem to know what church authority involves and what does it not involved they don't have authority to command to force to compel her to do what authority do we have do I have authority to teach and to demonstrate I can be an example that is the limits of what I have to do whatever since there are in the world Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world with Neil for prayer our father in heaven I thank you that's it you have power that is needed to set things in order I'm sorry that we have found some new ways to justify our sin and I asked if she would condemn it so that you can free us from its that you would lead us to your son we depend on him take away our sin I asked for this in the name is a a this media was brought to my audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word to read seven audio and much more and he would like to know more about hot humors is like this is more certain and www. .com universe .org


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