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Second Chance

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio



  • June 17, 2011
    2:30 PM
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good morning it is good be here with you although I've got to give you kudos for getting up this early in the morning on getting out here it is good to be with you though you know I think about I think about that that man I remember God poured out the man to his people and when were they together it early morning because when the sun came up and the sun waxed hot it melted it melted you see yesterday 's experience is no good for today ever going to gather the bread we got a gathered fresh each day God spreads and nourishes and strengthen our lives I didn't always believe that I didn't always believe that while I do believe anything I wasn't a believer matter-of-fact as some you probably heard my testimony I was a drug dealer in alcohol again at the butt I stand here today and Saint God has incredible power God wants to speak the hearts and lives everywhere to draw them to him it's the doubles lie that God is not love it's an absolute lie of the devil he doesn't want people to know how wonderful and how loving Ghanaians life died I didn't believe in him of God at all well I I may thought there was something out there but you know just died in care one day I was in a little tiny room I was smoking some some grass and all of a sudden the room expanded into this huge auditorium a great big auditorium it was it was something like this I was sitting up on the top bleachers looking down and there was a table and two chairs and two people sitting in those chairs and I do need the introduction I knew it was God and the devil I listen the devil would use an argument over me they were arguing over me that the devil would begin saying something and then God would say something back I don't know what it was like it never quite understand what the same but the number would shut up and then in a moment the devil would use another argument and it's funny all these arguments will it really is an funny but but it was it was amazing to me that the arguments the devil was using were the same arguments I would always used to tell other people about you should try drugs you should try all these great things these were the arguments he was using over me again God would speak the devil have to be silent this went back and forth this interchange for quite some time and then all of a sudden it was over and in an instant I was back down in my little tiny room stone cold straight in silver and I thought what just happened what what on earth happened anyway what's what's going on at and just like I'm talking with you right now on voice of voice and Jim you have a short time to decide what's going on I've taken all the drugs I take everything I've taken acid night taken mescaline I taken this and I take a nap but taken all these things but what is going on in every time I would get loaded from that day forward but the voice the same voice would say Jim you've got a short time to decide what got so bad after a while it drove me crazy and finally I decided I just had to quit because it was no fun I just couldn't stand this voice all the time and I well for months I tried to study my Bible I I I had up I had a Bible actually I found one but it just didn't seem like it made sense and in our didn't know what to do eight months past and finally found myself crying myself to sleep at night I wanted something so badly but I will go to the local bar you know let's okay I won't do that the drugs the alcohol is fine went down the local bar and you'll see the takes one to know one this guy walked into the bar and I thought the guys acting he said that he said I need a ride to the next town anybody here taken his ensure I'll be happy to take you and I I got the car he got the card soon as he was in the car he lit up then I have enjoyed out is handed in my mouth so fast he didn't even have time to think and no votes all this was good well little time went by I was dating a nice young lady and let me tell you she was a nice young lady cheek she had never done anything wrong her whole life she had been so sweet and kind and wonderful until she met me and then you see it was just like it was just like Satan sitting in that trio that tree there whispering evil go ahead you try it it'll it'll expand your mind it'll take you to look to a level that you you won't hardly imagine Gore said he tried it we see today all the drugs young people if you're listening or if you're in the audience today you that's what the devil is doing right now signal had tribal illness it will make you like God you'll understand something greater than you do right now it will give your release it will give you peace it will give you happiness beyond what you have any took one for a moment there was this excitement this acceleration it was this was good stuff I got to run back and I got to give it to Adam to Adam Adam try it they were the first drug dealers try I got when I got my girlfriend going in and pretty soon we are with all we are doing all the time will we finally actually I took her down to the river one day I got her stone and I asked her to marry me when she was now now I want to fast-forward for you for just a second because I may forget this otherwise but in that same river some time later him where we were baptized God is good no I have more power than the devil I read my Bible from cover to cover and God never loses dotted line visit a wonderful guy the right and asked her to marry me she said yes we got married we had a child with we yet one day were going down to Sacramento California and I meet the bunch of friends there and I get loaded and I'm I'm having a good day with them all day long and by that evening Jennings got to drive home because because I'm too loaded we get home to change the baby on the kitchen table with a small house James and baby on the kitchen table and I going the other room and all of a sudden Jim tonight is your last night to decide same voice gym tonight is your last night to the site and reflect there were the crossroads of eternity right there I went in and I grabbed everything out of it out of the Bureau I walked out to the room is that how you have got a flush all the stuff down the toilet when she was loaded by the time and she smiled okay walked into the other room walked in that bathroom when I dumped everything in the toilet it was in the first time I don't stuff in the toilet in other than what the cops knocking at the door before you non- jamming stuff in the toilet notice was flush the toilet all of a sudden it was like a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders awake that I was not aware that I even had to see that's the way it is the devil I'll think on it's just a teeny bit at a time just a little bit here a little bit there pretty soon we got this monster wake they were carrying around at the double thing he found that very that's what the devil wants to be with you you realize he wants to bury just one little teeny thing in itself one little tiny thing at a time when all of a sudden a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders up in man I was down there grabbing out like porcelain boldest cry myself it just so incredible in a turnaround there with Janine standing in the doorway and she was crying to God touched her heart I stood up I said honey would you join me in prayer we walked in the other room arm in arm stood there is a God I'm sorry it took so long as our prayer sorry it took so long well and then we thought by now what we do well or are we Christians I guess for Christians made we had a good church and so we we went to this stuff I will almost mention where was led to this fellow had married us away we went to his church but each week a kind of an interesting thingy with the same words over and over Christ died for the vacation your singles were good words but every week I was pretty much the sermon every week same word same thing as I was hungering for something I wanted some meet and after a while began saying there's got to be something more and traveled start going to another church will pretty soon one one Sunday I'm sitting at home and there's a beautiful at that time it was beautiful you know and talked about the Bible unfolded in living color to you you know this beautiful multivolume set will bring Jesus to your children don't want my sons ever go through what I went through a lot of my face I call the toll-free number toll-free number in those days was a big deal anybody remember when a toll-free number was a big bill you out there that feel you as old as I MRI called up sometime later this fella showed up about the books got them home on the shelf and after a while I thought I was see what's in these maybe I should check it out a knife I opened the first volume and I begin reading how this was good stuff it was written for children I could understand and begin making sense I start read you start comparing my Bible and looking through the Bible as I'm going to this one particular denominations are talking about burning in hell forever Delaware where does that say that my Bible I don't see that in my Bible study and all the time I looked and I like to wear where is this I began asking if I was at a prayer meeting one night didn't end there they're just going on about helmets and please show me in the Bible words is shown in the Bible while I trust that so hard and they couldn't show me in the Bible that broke a prayer meeting the next day I went knocked on the passenger door faster pastor please help me understand this is what Jimmy said it was settle for me God gave me a vision on the side role those are burning in hell forever and on the side roll those who were saved Jim UI to just go find another church picnic manager had no answer district manager well I continue to study and a continued getting discouraged because my now to replace ongoing just doesn't seem like they're talking about what's in the Bible I couldn't quite understand what why this was one day I had a terrible toothache it was so bad I called up this dentist in town who everybody in town said he was just a real religious nut called him up he did give me a white over now across the street and sat in his chair as a doctor is that what you believe what you know he cram my mouth full economy give me shots and he started talking and for the next forty five minutes everything that man said was everything I'd been studying everything I knew to be the word of God it was incredible what he's done he finally pulls the stuff out so I can talk and I said Doctor what church do you go to only since I'm a Seventh-day Adventist at the old mill I've heard of these crazies before I want nothing to do with the nothing to do with it I guess he could see my phase of the basin will be given opportunities to come some time he said we we need on Sabbath Sabbath funny thing my wife and I just been arguing over what day was the seventh day in a week she said she said Lloyd had a good look on your calendar on the wall and see what days the seventh then I thought my wife can't be right well I decided to maybe go to church on again we had a business at that time we sold exotic animals all over the western United States wolves and cougars and prayers and on and on and on and on and my wife watched the business I went to church now I have my pen and my paper about every other preacher I prove wrong I'll get this preacher to why this time I'm getting arrogant about my Bible study we can do that can we have known him we don't want over doing well I'm taking notes and guess what sermon this guy was preaching the Sabbath the Sabbath was the last time you heard a sermon on Sabbath and maybe you do here praise God because in Michigan if you get the word of God some places they haven't heard a sermon on Sabbath for twenty years but I tell you I took all these notes I went down the library right after church I began studying in the Gregorian calendar the changes are not Palomar Observatory and in the sun and moon the stars and any changes there are non- anon anon on funny thing is I can prove them wrong I went back the next week and have part two of the Sabbath sermon I took more notes and get what I came to realize is seem like everything this guy was was preaching was run out of the Bible and everything was right and eventually joined the church I'm still in it today you know why I'm still in it today because I'm not found in other churches preaching as much as a truth this is here if I found another church that preached more truth I have to go there I have to go there closed more truth I would want to stay and try and change this church it bothers me when people join this church and they want to change my church know in life you don't like it go someplace else on the speak strangely go someplace else I joined this church because his preaching the truth and brothers and sisters Mrs. God 's church this is God 's prophetic church is in time church why got so excited now I began studying all the time pretty soon my wife said all I wish I could get in between the pages of that book because I'd studied till three four four five sometime five o'clock in the morning go to sleep or couple hours get up go to work and I want to grab everybody around the neck and tell them about Jesus while I was so excited you want to know if you've got God in your life is he burning is it such a burning sensation that you got to share Jesus with everybody you come in contact with that site you can tell gods in your life when he's in your life you just you just flow with it is it just glows everywhere I studied one time with this fellow I like getting to Mike my story my talk with them about Jesus and I share Jesus he said Jim Reese is I know that you love God he said because I actually see you glow you actually glow when you talk about theirs there's actually a light he says I see and what I laugh the alone ask you to date you glow for Jesus you glow for Jesus you see you can go just like Moses went when he came off that mountain because he spent time with his lower I would get up so early in the morning I go on under the trees and I pray and I pray and I pray not study and I can actually hear God speaking to hear God speaking music that you know today we look at people in your guts be sure your voice is a whole you know in the Old Testament God walked in the garden with Adam and Eve he spoke with in the New Testament for those you have a red letter edition you can find pretty easily who that is speaking hinted was that speaking Jesus Jesus spoke to his people in the New Testament God says my sheet do what my sheep hear my voice my sheep hear my voice I would submit to you today that if you can't hear the voice of God speaking to you personally not necessarily audibly but even through his word he speaks through his word if you can hear them speak to you you've got problem at the very core of your Christianity because God desires to speak to you this is the way walked the Internet if you can hear him speak to you and tell you that how are you going to know what went well how are you going to know how to go how are you going to know what to do in life if you cannot hear the voice of God speaking to you and the only way the only way I submit to you that you can be sure is by spending time in prayer and it got so wonderful it was such an exciting relationship soon I felt called to ministry I felt that I needed to I needed to go in the full-time ministry insult my wife and I I was so ignorant at that time I've got to share with you I thought everybody who was in evidence was sowing dissension wrote these folks came to town one day and they said we'd like to buy your business in your home and we had one of the nicest homes in the area at that time I just handed over the keys to the business and and everything else that the Holman said when it closes send us the money am but you know it was you use got to school and things are going going well even even that J even great class name to get an a in great revolve things and that God help me to do that I'll tell you but sin we discover not everything was right in the administered not everybody was a Christian sitting in the pews of the church and got home got all those details worked out it never had a call from the conference President Nevada Utah conference Jim wheat we just built a brand-new church in trucking we'd like you to pastor when I'm a skier to us was pretty nice in a brand-new church everything else but him I looked at my family by this time we had two children looked at my wife thought about myself and I said no no no what had been called to do had a call didn't even have to complete school and I said no what it happen well what happened is during all this time I began studying less I began praying less in a begin losing the connection that all important connection of gathering that manna each morning and I said no to God I turned another direction and within that within just a very short time of turning away someone else came to hasten on I'm starting a new real estate office would you come join us it just sounds good my wife worked or other business and I started in real estate and I became extremely successful in the top student in the top four percent of all Coldwell Banker agents in all of North America now I also had a radio talk show I lobbied in Congress in Capitol Hill on the player political player I wrote a newspaper articles editorial pages as the world looks at looks at success I was extremely successful and I look good in church sit in church just like you have my same matter-of-fact I still went on for only thing I was preaching without the power the Holy Spirit there is a real difference there's a real difference creatures can stand this pulpit and preach what can be destitute of the Holy Spirit we can be dry as the hills of the above and I sat there in nephew one Sabbath looking really good pain five doing all the right things boy said and heard that voice a longtime voice of Jim the Holy Spirit may be poured out all around you you're never going to recognize the receipt while at that moment I realized sitting in the church Annette Seventh-day Adventist church looking nice doing all the right things being upstanding citizen in the community having all kinds of money I was lost I was lost can happen to you today here you can be here this morning listening to me talk listening to God speaking to your heart and you can be lost like that on the car and praise God God is always touch my wife at the same time as as he touched me said honey I said we've got to do something for God this year she said yes she said we do by Greece and was still mayor not the trip well okay and we called up we called up near enough to worry going lower going to area Jaya had not a clue what I was ever going to South America that I know that where that is so lots of okay will go there we got down there were were building on a on a project and only break I never laid brick in my life family brick there was longtime friend now mine who was the at the time he was one of the vice presidents for review and Herald publishing Wayne Brekke said you know he said you realize how many people that were were answered their prayers never thought about that in the just really really have had to turn away tears started coming down thinking I was the answer to somebody else's prayers I haven't felt like this this in years we got back to the camp that night at Janine I would compare notes and was so excited we got so thrilled about what what was happening in our lives and we had to say when felt like this for years and years and years the Holy Spirit was working in our lives again I got a tell you it's such a wonderful feeling when God works in your life but you remember the devil in this pile one tiny thing on your shoulders that it's time just one thing to an manufactory kind of goes like this just today I will read in God 's word I won't take the time to study and pray double sets is one little thing on the shoulders at the next day let you know I've got so much to do today there are so much even the work of God I've got so much to do they are not today I don't have time today devils that's one more thing on your shoulder that day and pretty soon pretty soon your soul drawn away from God you don't even recognize it in the longer you don't even recognize where you work or where you could be aware you could be in your friendship and your relationship with God but it got my my life in Jennings like a dental plan everything got so excited when we went back home and we said we've got a few more that we went down to the offices of American office and we said what can we do we want to lead a team we want only the teams while down in such and such an island were just building a big school and him they were able to finish it and we need it done right away okay sounds good if God can put together a team in the next and was seven weeks we needed at least thirty five people will do it you don't route from around the world around the country at that time and just no time got put together team for us we went down there and we had a tremendous blessing to me and I have a wonderful opportunity to preach again and this time it was so exciting because it was with the Holy Spirit and what there's a big difference and any could see hearts and lives responding well we we just had to do more and more and more and more pretty soon one day we were this was before this is before meetings in India world were a big thing for me that it was before they were ever popular we were in India doing a large series of meetings Sabbath and preaching that on Sabbath and it's the Sabbath sermon telling about telling about what God wants us to do how he wants to get together with us on the very special day just got into the sermon all of a sudden over an aside this woman is wailing and crying and screaming so much so I had to stop she comes over she's got this child draped over her over her arms and back roll back eyes rolled back and looks at no no breath the casino chest is raising anything this child is this lifeless and she just wailing and wailing I have a friend another GM over the side he's a medical doctor I motioned him over to come over the side of the stage she goes over here with Jim she moves around the corner more people are looking and more people begin screaming and hollering and wailing cry I what am I going to do what am I going to do I come up to the pulpit again it said there is a God of heaven who could go can heal this I do not want you to hear about the Sabbath message let us take our petition to God bowed my head begin to pray when I would pray the interpreter would pray and as he was praying I peek out and look to see what was happening would you and is pretty much thumbs down I continue to pray look thumbs down for a look thumbs down finally pray love thumbs up smiles thank you Jesus Christ and the most powerful God of the universe I think you it went through that Billy killed both the city actually went to that whole city that the creator God of the universe to raise this child from the dead that night got in the car that night Jim was a child had his medical doctor said I don't know he said there was there was no balls sometimes for us it's a little difficult to to think what God wants to do it and through us what he did he's really a God who is all powerful I had the wonderful opportunity adjacent to travel the world to to do so many things to to see him go so many places to see how God is transforming hearts and lives everywhere I was a little village up and up in the Paul this fellow had been a Buddhist monk his entire life I'm guessing it's hard to say and some of those places because they're so whether worn bless her heart that I'm guessing no he was maybe in his sixties seventies at this point but even a Buddhist his entire life it took me he took me to his temple this temple was gorgeous I mean it was spectacular off the hold everything in place everything for the items ceasing and all the home amongst it was during their their worship time into getting your the you know that the big had the horns it would stretch from all Wikimedia to go clear down off the floor and hear him him or and just echo and assembles a team team and it just didn't feel it in your your whole body would just almost resonate with some and the smoky incense would rise up and then they began chanting say wow you know everything everything in the senses you say this is amazing what this little month you know he said I had no piece of my life at all there was no peace in my life whatsoever one day turning to the BBC News and he came across Dennis will radio program I listen I heard about Jesus Christ said all of a sudden I had a piece in my life all of a sudden feel something was different something completely changed and I had happiness I had peace in my life you see when God comes into your life you have peace when God comes in your life you have happiness will everything around you may be in shambles everything around you may be in upheaval but in your own life God steals the way God stools your life handles every problem from the inside out and give you a piece so that you can actually walk on the water that's what God wants to do in your life it's amazing it's amazing as I traveled these dear people hearing here in North America sometimes it destroys me crazy we talk about we talk about truth and wheat we try and share with people God 's truth all in a struggling or they don't want to hear it all back and forth and back and forth about truth these people here one program one program and they said this is the truth and alter their entire lives because of it everything they change everything after hearing one message how is it with you how is it with me after one message this fellow we we travel we travel for hours in Madagascar we'd heard about this this area and this fellow and we wanted to find him we stopped at this village always about eleven kilometers what they didn't tell us it was a lemon column under strata and we were in this four-wheel-drive of fellow who did know how to drive a four-wheel drive were going up with him and pretty soon he slipping the clutch is slipping the collection and smoke is begin pouring up around us and everything are you burning the clutch up and were thinking as soon as he was in the clouds were going down the were starting to get very scared and telling Terry Mike my and videographer in front seat I said you need to tell this guy how to get it in four-wheel-drive low range you somehow didn't stop he finally diving stop put it in four-wheel low range the guy lets out the classroom you know he jerks forward while he gets a smile on his face he never added in that year and is alive cool an hour putting up the mountain in getting up there and found them know everything is cooling off in the clutches cooing off in the Smokies finally dissipating out of the cabin I can breathe again and the top and here's a little church there and little Catholic Church actually there and wait until a place to park and just you know it's it's a mountaintop almost will be send a runner to go get our fellow the finding and he comes he begins talking with me and that sweet little guy decision only said I heard your program and he said I knew it was the truth I said what what was the topic he said the Sabbath I went home and read my Bible I began studying he said yes I knew it was the truth and I went to church and I told everybody you should follow that you should be doing this indicate the mother church and he was the leader of that short they kicked him out I said what did you do then he said I went down the mountain I wanted to find more people who believe what God said to get down the mountain he found the Seventh-day Adventist and he began studying with them and he was baptized he came back up the mountain came back up the mountain and is and what you do that he said I built a church I said you did what he said about the church that there is any point in right across the valley in this beautiful little church right near his home he built it with his own hands with his own money in his own time and labor civil how many how many people did you have with you believers nobody knows why no he said but I knew they would come by so how do you have anybody mellow voices yes he says I have thirty people that's the power of God that's the power of God that's what God wants to do in each one of our life today is to transform us and changes in because image and give us a strength give us occurring give us I know so religion he that hath the son has eternal life and him how as we go with God nothing will be tours from our mission member back when I sat in church in the words of the Holy Spirit may be poured up all around you you are never going to recognize it or receive but praise God when I finally woke up and got spoke to my heart by the way I'll give you just a little vignette how did that happen well went to talk with a friend orthopedic surgeon he was having the same trouble my life is not right there something going on here I just have a more hungry there's something missing we got together on Friday night he had a study guide if a friend until her brother told about the study guide twelve twelve weeks you have assigned had to sign and commit to spend time in study and prayer with God each day wipe from the study guide and looking which had to do that meant almost an hour a day I didn't have time to study and pray an hour a day that was impossible I have so many things to do I had so much so much happening in my life I I I you was involved in this involved about doing this and doing that in making all this money to support all the properties I own all these things everybody outside meeting continued meetings almost over the plug-in the plug-in a video that preacher was preaching just to meet Jim you've piled up so much stuff in the front of your glory of God not to knock on your door to gain entrance to have you going do for him you can't even get to the door you can't even get to the door you got so much there you can't even open the door to God tears come anonymizing was just like that horrible experience years before now it's calling you walking toward the door everybody else is almost out the door and I finally signed I finally signed and guess what I found a tiny and I found the time to the first of all I can read all the premium channels on television to get rid of all that fail on TV all the stuff it's talking a four letter words and everything old I really wish Upton that is almost premium channels relist you up I got rid of all the things and all of a sudden I had time to get back in the word of God all of a sudden I began hearing the Holy Spirit again St. John this is the way walked unit in my life has never been the same since it's been exciting it's been thrilling wiser than thrilling because of allow God to work in my life maybe this morning maybe you haven't spent the time you need to spend more maybe you haven't taken that time because there's something else has drawn your way family friends life because you see the devil God gave Ellen White this vision about the speeding train member she saw the train is going heading faster and faster and faster and it seemed like the whole world was on this train and the conductor was the devil and she looked he says Lord what where your people are your people look the angel said in the opposite direction look in the opposite direction God 's people are going in the opposite direction brothers and sisters it is time we all go in the opposite direction of the world what you say God will allow each one of us to have his power and incredible power I'm going to be talking about every day this week it's going to be PowerPoint presentations unlike anything pretty much I was telling the elder Gallimore that the done before but I been so impressed you need to do this in this way using using the Bible and Ellen White in a way that I believe is so powerful but for those you may be listening today I hope you common person because you need to see what's on the screen you need to see what's what's going on here now in this world today I am so privileged to be on the revival Reformation committee of the General conference and I tell you guys preparing a people for his soon coming are you prepared are you prepared the only way the only way you're going to be prepared is through prayer and study there is no other way there is no other vehicle no matter what you say all I can get along with five minutes of prayer and study a day know it's a lie that if you cannot you cannot it might last for a short time but a little money in the bank means drawing a little money later on in a little while little withdrawal is not good to get you through the times and to come I guarantee I guarantee today is the day that you got to commit more than you ever have in your whole life to spend more time in study and prayer I wonder today how many this morning would say yes I want to commit to you by your power by your strength by your nudging by your Holy Spirit to spend more time we raise your hand in there and let's let's have a prayer heavenly father Lord we desperately need you more than ever before father the times are so near your second coming is so very near but more than a father there are so many that need each one of us you have laid out a plan of salvation and we are part of that plan or death if we don't get together LB others that are lost that's that's hard to even imagine more that you told us it's true it may be a spy him a child or family member or relative or a neighbor so father I pray for David you pour your Holy Spirit out on us as your people here those that are listening to father give us a great measure of your spirit make us willing to be made dwelling changes mulled this make us in shape us into your image after you're like us and please give us a journeyman hunger and a desire to discover more of you to taste the sweetness of God thank you in Jesus name e-mail unless you


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