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From Danger to Safety

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio



  • June 19, 2011
    2:30 PM
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from danger to safety that's the message today from danger the safety you see there was a problem in heaven you'll remember that problem but then it moved down to planet Earth and there were two voices for two voices that Vince will look at what is it on the monitor yet seething and monitor yet there they go again unfortunately there got an equipment probably got a shift back and forth a little bit so but there were two voices once that you shall surely die and the other one said you shall not surely die right in the very beginning there was a there was a situation here and of course you know the story adamantly believe the second voice they believe the second voice and right then began all of our problems is Adam thought for sure his name 's holy but through disobedience his powers were perverted and selfishness took the place of love is nature became so weakened through transgression that it was impossible for him in his own strength to resist the power of evil notice how I said in his own strength to resist the power of evil he was made captive by Satan and would've remain so forever and not God specially interposed no I some you came up together this year you go through the so fast that I don't have a chance to write down the references well that's true of a lot of these to go through so basically though if you get the DVD later on and then you can go through a deposit you can write down the right of them right so in Genesis three eight nine in the heard the voice of Jehovah walking in the garden in the cool of the day and Jehovah God called to Adam and said where are you see they had a problem right in the beginning they just believe God they accepted the Devils lies in a begin separating from God at that moment by the way it was like butcher knife carbon gaping whole lot on the and ever since that time man has been searching to fill that void and you see that boy is gone that Bouygues got the only thing that fits a whole is God we tried fellow with alcohol and drugs and sex and an you name it to make us feel better but the only thing for anybody in here in the rest of the world is gone that's the only thing it'll make us feel better that's the only thing that really fits that whole God came calling out he wanted to protect him he wanted to draw them back from the danger that they place themselves in Adam Eve where are you all in your exactly where they were wanted to call them to have them respond where are you where you this morning where are you is God calling out for you you can be sitting in the church you can look nice and be lost you realize that church is not a place that is just totally safety because you're sitting in church no church is a place you're safe because you have a relationship with Jesus Christ but above all remember that no prophecy of Scripture will be found to have come from profits on prompting work never did any prophecy come by human will but men sent by God spoke as they were impelled by the Holy Spirit so God is still calling God is still calling out to the garden he developed a plan whereby he would use profits it would use men and women called by him and told by the Holy Spirit to speak for him to continue to call and draw people from danger God said in the know the end of all flesh is before me I will destroy them with beer I will destroy them he spoke for Noah he spoke to Noah Noah for a hundred and twenty years call people please get into the ark God is going to God is going to create a great storm rained once reigned the scientists of the day you know scientist of the base of it never rains it's not going to rain it can't rain I was listening to television here just a short time ago when they were seen all well all the animals you know that I recently heard about all the these animals here died in this country always died and always will be in Snyder whatever Garrett Garrett here and here and here the scientist got on its own recent you said that there is nothing about this this this is always happening we just have more news now the reports of more rapidly that you can't wonder what it was like I know they probably maybe didn't have television and Noah's day I say maybe because you realized that they were a whole lot more intelligent than we been trained to believe nowadays you know that they were actually far more intelligent than we are they may have had many developments far greater than we have I don't know if you've ever read the René Gerberding 's book secrets of the lost races they call it out of place artifacts who parts lady shoveling coal in the eighteen hundreds into work stove in England all of a sudden a big piece of coal drops outbreaks on the floor and there inside the whole is a gorgeously carved silver necklace how to get there well scientists a lawyer it is you know it some fluky kind of gotten there you know find human footprints in dinosaur tracks of the same era know that that can't be possible find batteries in it and the pyramids of Egypt the that they use citric acid perhaps to do like the insides of the pyramids all that can't be out of place artifacts because it doesn't fit with modern scientists say we have a ball we have not evolved we are actually getting worse were going down with time because of sin him who is dragging us down down down God is calling us back by their obstinate resistance to the reproofs of conscience and the warnings of God 's prophets that generation filled up the measure their iniquity became ripe for destruction speaking of those in Noah's day God sent his prophets the Colvin you remember Methuselah when I die upcoming they didn't know the coming of what Intel Nola came on the scene and said it means coming the floods of water 's coming and when he dies when he dies the floods are going to come can you imagine what a great evangelistic tool that was put on the foods along the state look this man is nine hundred and sixty eight years old nobody's ever live this long and when he dies the coming of the waters the coming of the one hundred nine hundred and sixty nine years old look at this man look at this man how long can he live when he dies a flood is going to come you better get into the ark of safety now God is calling you from danger to safety and of course we know the sad sad story very few except the gods God of New York brothers sisters there's always a remnant of a remnant that are saved biblically not everybody is say God calls everyone he desires that everyone come from danger to safety but it's our own personal choice and very few choose to follow God all the way by their obstinate resistance to the reproofs of conscience and the warnings of God 's prophets it was God 's prophets that he used to call the Lord thy God will raise up under the profit from the midst of the MI brethren like unto me and ended him shall ye hearken Moses speaking turning my warning behold I will pour out my spirit you I will make my words known to you because like Paul and you did what you refused I stretched out my hand and what happened no one paid attention but you have despised all my advice and would have none of my warning God continually sent his prophets to speak to his people to call and they would have nothing to do with you called and you refute I called and you refused to we always look back at those times a single if I had been in those days after God 's prophet had called I certainly would've responded what look at the times they were involved and look at all the situations and had the prophet called me I would've responded would you widget for Samuel eight turn with me this morning to have your Bibles first Samuel eight versus four to seven first Samuel eight versus four to seven then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together and came to Samuel Samuel and suddenly him behold thou are old and the sons walk not in your ways now make a succeeding judges like the other nations but the thing displeased Samuel when they said give us a king to judge us and Samuel prayed him to the Lord and the Lord said in the Samuel hearken and the voice of the people involved they say to you for they have not rejected the but have rejected me Samuel it's okay or not rejecting use God 's prophet they are rejecting me when you reject God 's prophet you reject God and they wanted to be like when what they want to be like all other nations we want to be like everybody else we want to be like the rest of the world we don't want to be different we don't want to be led by some profit we want to be like everybody else give us a king and they rejected God Jeremiah to whom shall I speak God says and give warning that they may hear behold their ears are not circumcised and they cannot listen behold the word of Jehovah so them eight one a reproach they have no delight in your ears are not circumcised in other words their ears are not committed to God they don't want to hear God 's word they don't want to listen to God 's prophet it's a reproach to them God gives the warnings but nobody listens since the day that your fathers came out of the land of Egypt until this day I have even sent to you all my servants the prophets daily rising up early and sending them but you have not listened are bowed down your ear to hear so God throughout history from the garden continually sent his prophets to call his people to draw his people to himself and they did not want to hear but they did not listen more about other ear but walked in there what it with a walk-in in their own plans in the stubbornness of their evil heart and went backward not forward when you listen to God 's prophets what direction you don't forward when you don't listen to God 's prophet you go back go back God desires each one of us to go forward but they went from safety to danger because they would not listen they would have nothing to do in Jesus you remember Jesus there sitting up on the Mount of olives I share this with you the other day my painting in my office of Jesus of the beautiful painting at there for years settled Jerusalem Jerusalem the one killing the prophets and stony notes are sent to her own often what I've gathered you your children together even as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings and you would not behold your house is left to you desolate what's God 's gathering mechanism anybody the profits gods gathering mechanism is the profits if you want to be gathered under God 's wings if you want the drawn to God 's to have his protection in your life then you must follow the prop but up to a man's one party when here in one little weaker over here anybody else all right are you are awake once a while this one but what happens when we don't follow the profits the last line your house is left to you what desolate that's a prophecy in itself you realize that the prophecy you do not follow the profits expect a desolate house expect no blessings expect no real joy expect no protection from God because you have ignored God you've ignored the voice of God when he sends his profit to you and you pay no what is most stiff neck and uncircumcised in heart and ears you always resist the Holy Spirit as your fathers did so you know which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute any killed those who foretold the coming of the just one of whom you have been the betrayers and murderers that we say oh yeah I I certainly man I would been there nailed Jesus to the cross I wonder done these things I would've followed those profits I wouldn't of been found out there whitewashing the sepulchers now we move from Christ's crucifixion to the Christian era the Christian era did anything change did anything change well let's look at Malachi three six four I am Jehovah and what does God say anybody I change not God doesn't change I change not what did Jesus say Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever God 's plan is always ongoing in the same he never changes this plan in midstream he is continually calling he's continually drawing he's continually wants to take us from danger to safety is a heart as he do that beloved believe not every spirit but try the spirits whether they are God because many false prophets are gone out in the world first John four one two three what kind of prophets are gone out in the world false prophets and if there are false prophets that means what there must be sure profits right there must be true profit so in the Christian era God continues the same as he always has he continues to send profits beware of false from seven fifteen sixteen beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep 's clothing but inwardly they are ranging wolves game shall you know them by their fruits so he even gives us a away to tell the fault from the truth by their fruits you shall know them now someone today I love this you know that this is a little bit of an aside that people today you know they they take all this in signal you can't you can't judge you know you've got to take the beam on your right you cannot judge a locate but we can be fruit inspectors realize that we can be fruit inspectors we don't need the judge we can do simply look at the fruits and say a hot gossip beware of false prophets which means there are true prophets in the Christian era today second Chronicles twenty four nineteen says he sent prophets to them to do what bring them again for Jehovah bring them again to Jehovah that's God 's greatest desires to bring it to him and he does that through his and got sent some in the church firstly set some of the church firstly apostles secondly what profits acts thirteen one and in Antioch some among the existing church were what profits some of the church were prophets so it continued on Old Testament and New Testament prophets calling from danger to safety and truly he gave some to be apostles some to be prophets for what what was the reason perfecting of the saints for the edifying of the body you want to be perfect in God follow his profits you want to be edified in Jesus Christ in the body of Christ and follow his profits him us until we all come in the unity of the faith of the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ so that we no longer be infants tossed to and fro and carried about by every wind of doctrine in the dishonesty of men in the coding craftiness to the wiles of deceit wool that that sentence is pregnant with information tossed Kerry wins a doctor dishonesty cunning crafting this Wiles of deceit how do we thought we protect ourselves from all about that's going on in the church follow the path except God 's word listen to God and God calls calls where are you where are you I want to gather you as a mother hen gathers her check 's protect you all of this from all of this while this all of this filth that's going on today now in this world but there is a problem this session of the Roman church to the power mark the beginning of the dark ages will find this a great controversy marked the beginning of the dark ages as her power increased that darkness deepened faith was transferred from Christ the true foundation the Pope in Rome so all of a sudden in a time of great darkness during this time there is no prophetic word from the Lord darkness falls upon the land darkness falls upon the land when there is no profit the summer to the pope felt pious that the six ended during the French Revolution and when a French general birth EA RTA I guess you'd say it came in at seven you need through the often prison where he eventually died in the dark ages rendered the time is at hand what time is that what time is that while eighteen forty four blow the trumpet in science sound the alarm in my holy mountain all the inhabitants of the land tremble for the day of the Lord eighteen forty four judgment now judgment our first history Rick seventeen ninety eight and shortly thereafter Jesus moves from the first department of the second apartment in the sanctuary to minister judgment our time the great day up until and who's going to confirm this message is the I mentioned a little earlier each walk with God God gave him a son Methuselah when I die the coming down here Noah confirmed this prophecy when it was time for that prophecy to be fulfilled and said this is it this is the time this is the hour God is going to wipe out the required flight get into the ark of safety God gives Daniel a prophecy seventy weeks are determined upon your people to put in the San Fernando transgression to anoint the most holy down here God raises up a prophet John the Baptist John the Baptist said there is one among you here today who she was I'm not worthy to untie by the way my way when he says that all the church leaders of the General conference everybody's there there looking around Saint who where where where the Messiah is standing among them and they didn't recognize it you really I must lie it is there and his people do not recognize why this is life eternal they might know the weave got to have a personal friendship and relationship with God or he can be in our midst and we will never recognize God gave Daniel a vision of the two thousand three hundred days then shall the sanctuary to cleanse down here if God is the same as always then something has to happen down here right if he follows the progression that usually does something to happen but let's keep that in mind for secondary as the third Angels message arose in the world which is to reap reveal the log onto the church in its fullness and power the prophetic gift was also on immediately restored let me read that part again as the third Angels message arose in the world what message that Revelation fourteen right you caught the third angel but it's the three messages the three angels their revelation that's all lumped into this message which is to reveal the law of God to the church in its fullness and power read this part would be the prophetic gift was also immediately restored this gift is acted very prominent part in the development carrying forward up this message and the dragon was rocked with a woman with white war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ the devil hates the message the devil hates God 's prophets because it's the prophets who protect them from the demo and that's why his special wrath is against God 's prophet throughout history he stolen beside them in half these he's trying to throw them off a what is trying to choke and strangling to death he's done everything because he hates the profit so much and when he can directly destroy them he goes to the people to tell the people their worthless profits or nothing you don't need a profit unification follow the world not-for-profit that's his life and they fell at his feet to worship him he said under them see thou do it not I am a fellow servant speak the Angel speaking and I'd rather not have the testimony of Jesus worship God for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy is a speaking of course we know as Seventh-day Adventists of gods lastly people have the spirit of prophecy now eighteen forty four I can say we look down here Daniel and the two thousand three hundred days until the sanctuary be cleansed by the way if you ask any good Jew we briefly mentioned the other day and just about the day oh yeah the day is Yom Kippur but consider the sanctuary the great day of atonement onto two thousand three hundred Yom Kippur 's then shall the sanctuary be cleansed I don't even know that we need a day for a year to figure that one out but down here if God does the same as it always does he needs to raise up a prophet here to point to the great judgment are the fulfillment of the prophecy that Daniel said would happen right well there was mainly three people in eighteen forty four there were three profits quote unquote Mary Baker Eddy you member Mary Baker Eddy Church of Christ scientist what did Mary Baker Eddy do well and let's see in eighteen forty four she got married but she didn't say anything about Daniel 's prophecy Joseph Smith Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day Saints Joseph Smith adjust the flight back here to Daniel and our ninja where Jesus was in the sanctuary known actually he was escaping out of jail and a two forty four and was shot and killed Ellen Harmon age seventeen what about Allen Harmon orients Ellen Hartman look back and suggest we are in the judgment now it's time to get ready it's a great day of atonement cleanse yourself make yourselves clean and the righteous blood of Jesus Christ seek to make yourselves right with God and she confirmed the prophecy she confirmed the prophecy Ellen White what about this lady born in eighteen twenty seven died in nineteen fifteen she's the most translated woman writer in the entire history of literature most translated American author of either gender that's pretty amazing just in itself Ellen White had two fouls and visions they vary in length from less than a minute to nearly four hours during this time think about this during this time she would have no breath whatsoever they brought in doctors they brought in people to examine her and they said no there is no breath can you imagine standing upright perhaps and having no breath for four hours only by the grace of God exactly exactly now another interesting thing is during that four hours for eyes would be opened and she never blinked now you go ask a physician what that does to you with your eyes open for four hours and never blinking never allowing moisture to come in your eyes go look it up on the Internet see what see what you find afterwards it's only another miracle another miracle one time here and the white estate if you ever get how many of you been to the white estate to be able to check it out a few of you you need to do that you can get there sometime down in the weight we we kid them down there down the basement right but thanks they get everybody else say that's the killer Asian building amen go down there and that he involved and then there's the Bible by eighteen and a half pounds and they have one that everybody can handle and see how long you can hold that my bladder arm's-length eighteen and a half pound Bible I can do it for either nowhere in seconds fifteen seconds maybe they've got a photo thereof the world 's strongest man and he held it for two and half minutes world 's strongest Man held for two and half minutes at arms length Ellen White in this particular vision she was in this vision for twenty to thirty minutes and held this Bible up and out at arms length this little lady and would point and called the verses and someone got up on a chair and looked out there sure enough she was quoting the verse verbatim running her finger exactly along the text and holding that Bible out all that time never setting it down interesting interesting how God gave some very interesting proof as to who she was but there's so much more than just just these things to to cause the naysayer problems listen to what she says early in my youth I was asked several times are your profit I have ever responded I am the Lord 's messenger I know that many called me a prophet but I have made no claim to this title this is such an interesting quote because these are the people who want to say the profit is not really a profit even even she never called herself a prophet she said she wasn't a profit and therefore she's not a prophet I don't know how many times I've heard that statement over and over and over what she was a prophet she said herself she wasn't brought why am I not going to be a prophet she says because of these days many who boldly claim that they are profits are reap holy closet and because my work includes includes much more than the word prophet signifies all if they only finished reading the sentence but isn't that just the way the devil does remember when he quoted the Jesus there up on the Temple in a cast yourself off being Leber the you know he never finishes the rest of the quote the use of the quotes just to match what he wants and this is exactly what the devil 's doing today he only uses those parts of the sentences that prove useful but when you finish she was much more only included all prophetic work but she said I was much more than profit spiritualism develops and reaches peak growth in membership from eighteen forties to nineteen twenties by eighteen ninety seven it was said that more than eight million followers in the United States and Europe so she looked at the situation by the way why do you think that happen that that the spiritualism just sprung up during around eighteen forty four what you think that happen Satan has a counterfeit right of the other hip he will bring fire from heaven fire always represents the Holy Spirit were going to talk about that tomorrow the fire of the Holy Spirit Holocaust and a cost of fault situation the devil wanted to bring something is absolutely false and so he brought in spiritualism around this time he brought in all kinds of false prophets around this time here's some of the Franz Mesmer being mesmerized it was he was the father of the hypnosis and in hypnotism and all these things chorus very nice looking lady who used her looks to to move many people she was she was a channel or she would channel all of these all of these various spirits she wrote a book apparently while she was channel from another spirit Pascal Randolph all he I he was a medical doctor who took off and get all kinds of weird things which are not even mentioned your today Andrew Davis again spiritualist these are all in and around the same time for the Joseph Smith and Mary Baker Eddy Vladimir at solo solo have your Russian out there that pronounce up properly but to Vladimir and nine years old he had a vision of the beautiful lady incredible vision of this gorgeous lady who was said to be the goddess that the female incarnation of God he searched for her he depleted he searched everywhere for him finally about I don't want thinking is twenty eight another vision and the visions that go to Egypt he traveled to Egypt where he saw her in the desert he met with her in the desert and all it transformed his whole life he wrote many talked about all this in our oneness with the universe with God all of these things and then the Fox sisters Norma Fox sisters the wrapping signal they begin these these wrappings in the home and they talked with the spirit and it turns out the spirit supposedly what was the slain a peddler who'd been killed in the house five years earlier for his five hundred dollars and they buried them in the basement and later on sure enough they found these bones down there in the basement and now that the spiritualists innovate they bought the house they've got the house on display in the gut the bones on display in everything and that proves all these things all of this was happening in and around that time the Ellen White says I'm much more than a prophet and I don't call myself a profit because all these people call themselves prophets and all these things no no I am much more than a prophet you see that the setting you need to look at the setting of some of these things my say Claire me to be his messenger your work instructed me is to bear my word strange things will arise and in your youth I set you apart to bear the message to erring ones to carry the word before unbelievers and with an and voice to reprove from words and actions that are not right God calling us people from danger to safety to reprove for actions that are not right to call the airing ones please come back there the message to call the erring ones back and also many times we find Helen White spoke to people very pointed testimonies that all of a sudden they woke up and brought them for that far journey back to go exhort from the word I will make my word open to you it shall not be a strange language in the true eloquence of simplicity with voice and pen the messages that I give shall be heard from one who has never learned in the schools my spirit God says my power shall be with you that sound like somebody that we wouldn't want to listen to here's here's some of the work that Ellen White did overtime guiding this church through for many many storms are from much turbulence with great with great power from God the edification expectation the comfort to God 's people we could go on for hours and share what she did organizational structure she helped provide the organizational structure that we have today conferences and unions and at the leadership scenario that we have it is unlike any other really in the world that it is proven incredible model publishing work with her husband there said this is will go all around the like saw street like going all around the world and today sixty three publishing houses seventeen literature ministry seminars hundreds of ABC's and forty seven thousand five hundred forty four literature management that's what happened today health system hundred seventy hospital sanitarium three hundred eighty one clinics and dispensaries under fifteen nursing homes retirement centers thirty six orphanages in Mexico health reform by the ladies you list six one years one longer and then nine five years longer we still can't catch up to you but I won't even go there today but the because of following what God said through his prophet about health reform school system seven thousand seven hundred sixty four universities in hundred forty five countries worldwide they tell us if you look at them as a denomination of the world where the sixth largest in the world in two hundred three countries you think I had anything to do with prophetic guidance is or any other denomination that spread so far and wide with so much in such a short period of time I don't think so Salmonella Garcia for Bob Steve via salamander had an interesting vision this was an incredible vision but she had this vision she did as she normally does she began writing things down but she would leave parts parts open in her journal that she knew God would fill in later and she she rode out and then she tried to she got up one day and she was going to speak about it and she got to that point she couldn't say anything that God just like liked her mind and she said well I'll say more about that later a little later she she again attempted to talk about this vision and God just wiped her mind again him understand some plane versus lossy more about that later I believe is about three times she tried to say more about this particular vision at some meetings and again she went blank at the moment she was ready to share it she went blank and it was very frustrating to the brethren General conference session was just coming up and no broccoli was overall semester to do our comment and that you want to share something that morning she says no brothers like I have nothing to share she told all persistence sleep in this morning there is there is nothing to it to do today and bought everyone wiped the sire relief from their morale because they continually worked so hard she she was a lady who is in a up the way before the chickens and you know way late writing continually and sharing these visions of God in all the information but it's about three o'clock in the morning she woke up God she said woke her up her son Willie at five o'clock is walking toward the meeting there's going to be an early morning meeting and what looks over and sees the light of his mother 's house on many think this is strange they go up a knock at the door and says please can anyone recommend I want to go with you this morning I need to speak to the brother and she grabs the ball of her manuscripts and everything should been writing for a couple hours and she has with Lillian someone else to the meeting to get to the meeting in a particular meeting was a meeting about dropping the name Seventh-day Adventist top of one of the publications and she'd been saying you shouldn't do this you shouldn't do this she stands up at that meeting and she lays out before the brethren exactly what God shown her invasion and all of a sudden AFL under who is the editor the American sentinel stands up and says last night last night this very night we met in a closed-door meeting we went into the review we locked the door and some of us met in there and I held up the very magazine is and we've got to get read of his name off of his magazines we've got to do away with the Sabbath and here so it'll be more open for more people and he began crying he said you have said exactly what happened in that meeting and Ellen Ellen said what do you mean last night last night she couldn't imagine it'd just happen because you've been wanting to share this vision was so long and it just happened had she shared that vision at any other time everybody would've thought she was absolutely crazy but God had shot her mind and shut her mouth until that very moment and all of a sudden many brethren came forward many suggest that's absolutely true and all the ministers that were at that meeting realized what God had done in the miracle that happened right there and that meeting that was supposed and within an hour went on for hours and hours and hours in the special time of prayer and God and this is just one tiny example of how God used Ellen White to call his people back from the brink of danger and that that the libraries of full of these kinds of things Ellen White wrote one time from Australia sent a specific message to meet head on what was going on with the Kellogg and his his new book on pantheism the letters arrived at the very moment at the very time certain men were going to speak in favor of it the very moment all away from Australia to how long it took for a letter to get from Australia to the United States in and for the United States the two would turning to where it was supposed to go in the timed perfectly to have the letter from his profit arrive exactly on time to call his people from danger to safety brothers and sisters we're almost home we are encamped at the borders of the promise land and God instructed that same time when it happened to the children of Israel to rehearse rehearse all the dealings that the Lord had done with them in the wilderness and God does the same for us today we must rehearse the instruction that God has given to us as a people the warfare between the forces of light and darkness is going on those who think that the powers of evil are asleep or what very much mistaken very much mistaken the enemy is constantly seeking to bring in things that will unsettle the confidence of God 's people these things may appear very inoffensive but they contain grave errors and dangers which must be met we must take our stand firmly in defense of the truth given us after the passing of time the Holy Spirit gave us an understanding strips Satan 's purpose is through his devices to make up what not affect the testimonies of the Spirit of God if he can lead the minds of the people of God to see things in a perverted light they will do what lose confidence in the message God sends how through his servants then he can no more readily deceived and not be detected while the very last deception which deception the very last deception of Satan will become make of none effect the testimony of the Spirit of God where there is no vision Proverbs says that people do what Parish where there is no vision brothers sisters the people perish where there is no profit to call God 's people back from the brink of danger we perish it is Satan 's special this microphone coming to the people of God who so greatly needed omit the perils of these last days it is Satan 's plan to weaken the faith of God 's people and the testimonies so this analysis progression next follows skepticism in regard to the vital points of our faith the pillars of our position then doubt as to the holy Scriptures and then the march of the downward march to perdition I remove the profit remove the councils remove the one who continually calls to God and skepticism sets in doubt to the holy Scriptures and the downward march to perdition can be made much plaintiff that is not the Lord Jesus and message after message of rebuke of warning of entreaty to those self-satisfied ones have not has counsel been despised and rejected have not has delegated messengers been treated with scorn and their words and received his idle tales when you find men questioning the testimonies finding fault with them and seeking to draw away the people from their influence was in this reassured that God is not at work through them it is another spirit all we should bring Ellen White in the pulpit while we shouldn't have Ellen White in the Sabbath school we should keep that in the home while we shouldn't say this we shouldn't use her in this way always shouldn't do that really let us consider our confidence before God let us heed the counsel of the true witness let none of us be filled with prejudice as were the Jews that light may not come into our hearts let us not be necessary for Christ let it not be necessary for crisis say of us as he did of them ye will not come to be that you might have life the Council the true witness does not represent those or lukewarm as in a hopeless case there is yet a last chance of remedy stay away the sin messages full of encouragement purity of heart purity of motive may yet characterize those who are halfhearted and those are striving to serve God and men there is no matter what your cases no matter what the situation is praise God there is hope when you listen to Jesus Christ when you listen to the profit there is always hope that a lot scrolls Josiah they found the scrolls they read the scrolls is that all men are going to do what we going to do God is so mad at us God is so upset with us in the first thing they did is send their top emissaries to the prophet you want revival you want change for the profit go to the profit abundant life has been given for people in these last days whether or not my life is spared my writings will constantly speak and their work will go forward as long as time shall last my writings are kept on file in the office even though I should not live these words that have been given to me by who by the Lord will still have life and will speak to the people we also have a more sure word of prophecy to which you'd do well to take heed brethren as toll like that shines in a dark place until the day dawns in the day star rises in your hearts how will the day star arise in your heart when you follow God 's prophets and he said and to him that they hear not Moses and the prophets neither will they be persuaded though one rose from the dead God 's prophets God 's prophets are still calling called all through history the calling us today for the Lord Jehovah will do nothing unless he reveals his secrets out the servants the prophets God doesn't do anything without revealing his secrets to his prophet to us that all works receive whomever I send receive me want to receive God receive his profit my wife I got say this will quickly only got a couple minutes lecture but my wife was raised as a Christian scientist wow when we be addressed to the Adventist church she had real troubles with Ellen White but she decided to be baptized two years went by and then God wrote an interesting book the René Norberg and profit of destiny she read that book you can still get it you know some of the various series you can Google it and find it she read that book and all of a sudden she woke up she she began reading things like this and incredible incredible things that God had let his church to do through the prophet she said this is that I believe hallelujah and it changed her life at that moment then make it up scheme after scheme and the enemy will seek to seduce souls in the truth but all who believe that the Lord has spoken my sister right and is given her a message will be safe from the many delusions that are to come in these last days brothers and sister do you want to be safe from the delusions that are happening all around us you want to be safe from everything that's coming upon us the devil will seek to deceive if possible the very elect of God why is it not possible deceive the very elect because they are listening to the profit they are listing the very ones that God sent call from danger to the safety this morning you want to be called from danger to safety let me see your hands you want to follow God at any cost amen and amen let's have a prayer heavenly father thank you so much for your incredible love Lord thank you for your profits thank you for your messengers who always call was from the brink of danger from the brink of disaster Lord please help us to to study more in your word and help us to read more to Lord what your profit is told us for these last days the last moment special counsel for these times thank you father so much ability to person here today bless them in a mighty way put your arms around them and hold them so tightly that they will be able to feel your heartbeat thank you in Jesus name amen


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