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The Spirit of Fire

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio



  • June 20, 2011
    2:30 PM
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what is a good morning but I'd ask you to keep me in prayer today because them I played a little racquetball yesterday afternoon with Elder Jim Mitchell and the buck killed me I got stiff places that I didn't know could actually hurt today than a been a while since I've played in the matter of fact I think the last time I played was when I was here last time so you know when the body doesn't use those muscles it it just isolate is what the Bible is meant you know you are you just need one it takes a little bit to get into a man if you're so good once you really get going after you start exercising those muscles a little more after you keep on going while was more help with Morgan of exercise some other places of our opening slide if we can get that up and opened up currently there been a little trouble debate out of nothing at the new switcher whatever but all yeah he reasonable will get that I've see I forgot I was told in Paris a move that thing around like a remember always things this too much of the early morning it was so dark out this morning I can look at my watch and think I get up at the right time does it really is really right I met him on the lights in the room everything but anyway the God who answers by fire he is God up on Mount caramel remember all the profits avail everything that's going on said the God who answers my father he is God no was look at this god of fire God coincide and Gomorrah by fire gun appeared to Moses as firing the burning bush he guided his role as a pillar of cloud by day and the fire by night God dissented upon Sinai devouring fire remember that the fire the smoke that arose off the top of the mountain scorching the mountain they delivered the ten Commandments the fire of God destroyed made evident by you because they offered false fire they offered their own fire their own devising fire destroyed two hundred and fifteen stood with Cora Nathan Byron the fire that came down this destroy them all Gideon placed an offering to the Angel and Angel consumed by fire got answered Elijah by fire consuming everything went up the water the stones right down to the dirt to the dry dirt and chariots of fire and horses of fire picked up Elijah the serine surrounded ally should also remember that the mountain was full of horses and chariots away fire Jesus baptized were told with the Holy Ghost and with fire Pentecost tons of what fire fell upon the disciples there is a fellow that went out in the Congo he was doing some exploration and make the begin traveling through the jungles of they would come to their camping set up camp when they start their fire and they burn their fire the next morning he noticed every place they traveled than for a wildly noticed all these piles of wood he said the guide what what is this one is going on here only says this is all the monkeys he said they watch as they watch us very carefully they watch us out we start with the tiniest sticks in the smallest things and in which we build are larger and larger and larger he said with the larger wood of the larger chunks of wood he said the only thing they're missing is the fire the only thing they don't have is the fire what about us know what about us HMS Richards one finds that some churches are so cold you can skate down the center-right I K Harrell HMS saying that you know talk about a preachers preacher churches are so-called good skate down the center I colleague of mine went to a church not long ago here is a vice president with general conference season this church there wasn't a single person who greeted him not a single person who greeted him not a person who said anything to him even after the service not one single word and then finally during potluck which he attended someone said finally spoke to someone said oh you know I just don't understand our church it just doesn't grow as the fire the spirit dies out we see in our churches ritualism enthusiastically replaces you realize that when the fire of God dies out in the church ritualism takes over happily takes over wonderfully takes over at loves to take over if the Holy Spirit was removed from your church today or from your life would you or anybody else be able tell the difference what if I is one a pause to give that real special time to soak in the think about that if the Holy Spirit was removed anybody be a little different a study of Pentecost were revealed that there is a startling contrast between the promise of power in the church of today but Jesus wept were told and Bethany Jesus wept overlooking Jerusalem and Jesus wept in the Garden of Gethsemane for us for the world because people weep today we weep today Ezekiel says in the Lord set a name go through the midst of the city through the midst of Jerusalem and set a mark upon the four heads of the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations done thereof are we signing crying today for the things we see him eleven church really sorry inclined we get down her knees and sale of God please help us forgive us Lord please help the situation what's going on do we cry is those the ones most of the people God says a remark upon to save them because they're my people there my children they may become one with me in their desire for salvation of everyone when was the last time you went for souls we need the fire of God in our churches and in our lives immediately immediately the fire of God immediately their life the changes to transform us to get us out of this cold is that we find ourselves locked in so many times in this day and age of brothers and sister the Lord 's coming is so soon it is even at the doors and are we ready are we prepared I think not I think not the Pentecostal gift of the Spirit is a gift of God possessed personality that turns ordinary persons into extraordinary personalities God wants you to be an extraordinary personality not just someone one around here on planet Earth putting in time but he has designs for you to be an extraordinary personality or my father reveal within me what it means less I sin against the by saying it and not living we can say that brothers and sisters but not living we can look like it would not be we can be in the church and not be saved our name on the church books not put us in heaven are united loving friendship with our God and our maker is what gets Jeremiah twenty three twenty nine says it is not my word like a fire sale the Lord like a hammer that break at the Moroccan pieces work of fire Hebrew said for our God is a consuming fire what is me what what is at situation in all who will submit to his power we're told the Spirit of God will consume sin the Holy Spirit comes in the life it's like there's this mighty fire this this either I don't know what you could say how many of many candle power it is but there's this mighty like this billions and billions of candlepower light they come shining in your life and every place it finds in it burns up sin realize righteousness and sin cannot live in the same space that's why God the father had to turn away from his son when Jesus became sin for us he couldn't be in the same area he had to turn away at the shroud himself and you invite God into your life the Holy Spirit the Spirit of fire comes in and as you give God inference to each corner of your life that light shines in their burns out sin it's not you it's God but your will the one that shows us that God please not my will but your will be done as you open your life to God but God comes in and takes care the same as men cling to send they become identified with then the glory of God which destroy sin must destroy them you realize that's a situation that's a situation went at the second coming will later if we cling the sin righteousness simply has to burn up send the fire of God which is a consuming fire must automatically burn up the same and the center thereby so it behooves us to allow body and now so he can eradicate the Cinnabar life so when he comes in same old this is our God we have waited for him and he's going to say Isaiah four four one the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion schedule that purge the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment and by the way spirit of burning spirit of burn that's always going to purchase by the spirit of burning I indeed baptize you with water Jesus said unto repentance but he are mean John the Baptist but he Jesus that cometh after me is mightier than I he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire and with fire the fire the cleanses the fire the purges the fire the transforms and being assembled together with them in acts chapter one verse four Jesus commanded them that they should not depart from Jerusalem but wait for the promise of the father wait for the promise of the father ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you the power of fire and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem and Judea and all Samaria and unto the uttermost parts of the Holy Spirit was and is essential to the life of the church and the completion of its mission without this Holy Spirit we have nothing without the Spirit of God there is nothing we must have the Holy Spirit in our lives we must we must we must there is no getting around it no Holy Spirit no drive no ambition no cleansing no fire there's just nothing without the Holy Spirit indwelling spirit brings the mind of Christ the pleading soul the indwelling spirit provides deliverance from sin and sin from said wakens people to life energizes us through the power of God leads and guides this is the way teachers provides efficiency and service brings affecting us to witnessing this is what the indwelling spirit is there anything anyway you can see how we can do without the spirit that was a weak one know over here in the corner thank you thank you keep it up over your sister in a church that is man managed instead of God govern is doomed to failure a ministry that is college trained but not spiritual works no miracles the church that multiplies committees and neglects prayer may be fussy noisy enterprising but it labors in vain and spends of strength were not it is possible to excel in mechanic but fail in dynamic there is a superabundance of machinery what is needed is power to run an organization needs robot men to supply the energy enterprise enthusiasm for things human no real work of the church depends on the power of the spirit brothers and sisters we need the Holy Spirit more than we ever have that we are going at all so we need the Holy Spirit John fifteen five I am the vine ye are the branches he then applied it to me and I am the same bring it forth much fruit without me ye can do how much him we've got to realize we can do nothing without God in our lives nothing nothing means zero nada sales whatever you want to say however you want to say it we need to understand we can do nothing without God nothing that's productive nothing that is worth while nothing that is everlasting oh sure we can do all the mechanics just like it says we can we can we can play church we can play home we can play family but if we want anything everlasting it cannot happen without the Holy Spirit seeks to abide in each soul is welcomed as an honored guest effort is those who receive it will be made complete in Christ the good work begun will be finished the holy thoughts heavenly affections and Christlike actions will take place it will take the place of impure thoughts perverse sentiments and rebellious acts are you having troubles with a nose and you don't need to raise your hand impure thoughts perverse sentiments rebellious acts the Holy Spirit will take care of those with United there will be a change in your life the plant grows my receiving that which God has provided to sustain life so spiritual growth is attained through cooperation with the mind agencies as the plan takes root in the soil so we are to take root in Christ as the plant receives the sunshine to do in the rain so we are to receive the Holy Spirit Ellen White says it is so important why do we not talk concerning a prayer might preach about the Holy Spirit what's going on why do we not urinate hungered for the Holy Spirit brother and I'll tell you why because the devil is as totally messed this up we've totally bought into this lie you know we can go along with it with the my hand on the doorknob a cuppa coffee him out the door and say take care meeting its ally it's a lie it will not happen and when the day of Pentecost was fully come there appeared than Clomid songs like this fire and it sat upon each of them and as they were all field with the Holy Ghost notice its synonymous towns of fire Holy Ghost fire filling our lives purging is cleansing is clean is getting his power the power of God since this is the means by which we are to receive power why do we not hungry and thirsty for the gift of the Holy Spirit why do we not talk of it pray for and preach concerning what's going on now we talked about that devil is as astute by the cooperation of the divine spirit the apostles did a work that shook the world realizing that short time also as the whole world has heard the gospel why because they'd received the fire of the Holy Spirit to every nation was the gospel carried in a single generation not of their own power the apostles of Congress their mission but in the power of the living God the power of God who is a creator God of the universe who spoke everything into existence that's the power God offers us the Lord is more willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who serve him that parents are to give good gifts to their children for the daily baptism of the Spirit every worker should offer his petition to God or how often should we do that daily daily daily and which means as Paul says hi die daily we've got to die daily we've got to surrender every day in order to allow God to come and live in our lives that day choose you this day whom you will serve the glad the new children of Zion rejoice in the Lord your God for he given you the former rain moderately and he will cause to come down to you the rain the former rain in the latter rain the Holy Spirit I mean the deep disciples of yearly church they received before Marie and I told the whole world the whole world that heard the gospel through the former rain power and we are told we must avail ourselves of the four Marine power before we can receive the latter me and can you imagine what the latter rain is going to do except the former rain but the gospel out to the whole world turned the whole world upside down what is the latter we going to do what can the latter rain do in our lives if the disciples did everything build on miracles I mean we could talk about miracles we could talk about transform lives everything that happened was under the ministration of the formerly and God says receive all of the former rain utilize all the former rain today and we must receive that for we can receive a letter at no point in our experience can we dispense with the assistance of that which enables us to make the first start the blessings received under former rain are needed needful to us to be in yet these alone will not suffice without the latter rain to fill out the ears and wife in the brain and the harvest will not be ready for this you see we've got to have both but we have to have the former rain first in our lives fully and completely and that was a total work of transformation that was a work that remember Jesus told Peter Peter when you're converted go feed my sheep what I told us to want GC was there know when you converted go feed my sheep and then the Holy Spirit came in Peter 's life and then you see a whole transform Peter that's what the former rain and then and then God can trust you and only then can not trust you with the latter rain power Christ as promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to his church and the promise belongs to us as much as to the first disciples there are many who believe and profess to claim the Lord 's promise they talk about Christ and about the Holy Spirit yet received no benefit they do not surrender the soul to be guided and controlled by the divine agencies what are we not do surrender the soul we cannot use the Holy Spirit the Spirit is to use us huge difference big difference we cannot belong in this life the way we been going we cannot stay where we are and go with God you understand that we cannot say what we are and go with God God wants a change in your life he wants a change in my life he wants things totally different we're supposed to be in this world but not on this world we are a different breed we are a different kind of people were people of heaven where people from God and God wants us to begin acting like therefore I say to you all kinds of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men but the blasphemy against the Holy Spirit shall not be forgiven you see why if you don't and might the Holy Spirit and there's nothing I can do for you there nothing God can do for you therefore I say to you what is the down an excellent and grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption you want to be sealed their redemption got to have the Holy Spirit in your life you got to pray for the Holy Spirit urine for Holy Spirit as the deer and apply the water sold my soul long after the Fisher sold today long to become like but you're not in the flesh but in the spirit SLB that the Spirit of God dwell in you not any man have not the Spirit of Christ he is none of it the measure the Holy Spirit we receive will be proportionate to the measure of our desire and the faith exercised for a much older spirit you receive a much of you exercise faith in urine for we can be assured we shall receive the Holy Spirit if we individually try the experiment of testing God 's word God 's promised it if you ask God for a view acted like you want to receive although Christ had begun the promise that had given the promised his disciples that they should receive the Holy Spirit this did not remove the necessity of what prayer the necessity of prayer they prayed all the more earnestly they continued in prayer with one accord even though God has promised it it will not come unless we ask for it and pray for Ernest Bell in eighteen forty forward in a talk about that more in a coming David eighteen forty four God was beginning to pour out the latter rain he was actually beginning to pour the letter when he wanted to finish the work in God 's people would not work toll because of Pharisee -ism in Laodicea and is a he withdrew the A God 's people would not follow along and seek that heart changed she could be totally one hundred percent transformed ninety nine for nine nine percent or whatever it is of the commercial goes does not work for Christians you're either a Christian or you're not you're in a one hundred percent a question or you're not now I will put a little caveat in here God is looking for the direction for life God is looking for direction Billy Graham one time said I'd rather have one foot on a hill heading toward heaven than one foot on a heaven heading for hell God is looking for the direction what direction are you going you may have an occasional misdeed but God is looking for the direction but these dear people did not choose to be converted in changes of God withdrew the Holy Spirit eighteen eighty eight and nineteen oh three again during every one of those general conference sessions God began to pour out his latter rain power the loud cry begin to go but the people the leadership would not be changed in God again withdrew the Holy Spirit two thousand eleven what about now what about today are we going to be bemoaning it all what could have been another five ten years from Alan White saw that you know what could've been in volume I think it's either the testimonies what could've been God 's shoulder this this tremendous revival amongst the leadership and then all of a sudden after after she woke up realizing wasn't real it had not happened it's what could have been everyone was seeking forgiveness of one another they were putting away all of their sins they were asking God to help them frame for the Holy Spirit but it did not happen because the hardness of their hearts and so here we are two thousand eleven what's going to happen in the church today God is waiting for you and for me there is not there is not among us that simplicity that there should be we should come to the Lord just as we are him ourselves before him and wrestling earnestly on tell we receive the Holy Spirit wrestling Ernest wrestling and understand wrestling are are you hungering so much that you will wrestle with God for the blessing that's a prayer that God will answer we cannot all put on Christ not lay him off again but let his spirit stamp your mind and character this I say then walk in the Spirit and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh guaranteed having problems sending here's the solution walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh having trouble at pornography on the Internet make Jesus Christ your passion here is the solution invite the Holy Spirit in your life that only transform you and let your imagination dwell on the thought that you are in the presence of Jesus walking with God your life with Christ in God then you will not glorify Satan by imagining yourself we can help us how do we glorify Satan might imagine ourselves we can help us all I'm sorry I committed the same sin again but with the Holy Spirit in life we can be victorious you will keep yourselves uplifted in the pure and holy atmosphere you will receive the Holy Spirit as a comforter as a sanctifier you will have a calm restful spirit in God you will say Jesus lives and because he lives I live also see that has the son has eternal life present tense not mayhap might have some they going to have Steve that has the son has each carnal life and you say hallelujah we need to have a no so religion but I will try up in his holy name and come off more than conqueror that's the assurance God wants each one of us to have in him asked to seventeen and it shall come to pass in the last days saith the Lord I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh Jesus will walk in our midst we have now the invitations of mercy to become vessels under honor vessels under honor can you imagine vessels and honors and then we need not worry about the A listen listen out all we have to do is keep the vessel clean and prepared and right side up for the reception they have in a rain and keep praying let the latter rain come into my vessel here's a formula for us right there Romans eight twenty six likewise the Spirit also help with our infirmities for we know not what we should pray for as we ought but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered no matter how helpless our prayers are the Holy Spirit takes women fashions and in the absolute most perfect way and we will receive a four F we live after the flesh he shall die but after the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body ye shall live for as many as are what led by the Spirit of God they are the sons and daughters of God and we say hallelujah to that I tell you we serve our wonderful God know ye not that you are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwell in you think you really think about it we as Adventists we talked about it forever were the temple of God but do you really realize it for your own life today right now God 's temple God 's temple your life to receive God himself become living you now God is through his orders perfect light in truth will shine forth according to the desire of the soul should you desire and all that all would hunger and thirst after righteousness that they may be filled when the full long after Christ and seek to become one with him than those who are content with the form of godliness exclaim be careful be careful don't go to extremes here anybody hear that your churches anyplace around him and I'm not careful now we've will want to go overboard and all this stuff all you know we don't want to have this this set this crying after sins in the in the church you know it may be weeping and forgiveness we don't have almost think that those are just affluent too far out here the devil doesn't want us to get carried away all scarcely can the human mind comprehend the spiritual attainments which can be reached by them as they become partakers of the divine nature daily correcting mistakes how often daily correcting mistakes and gaining victories they grow and why strong men and women in Christ you want to gain victory not have daily victories correcting mistakes daily there is we don't do it we can do it this is not a works religion there is no works involved there are only part of this is giving our will to God say God help me help me a sinner have mercy on me and God will answer that prayer the Holy Spirit will come and burn out the sin in your life and transform you and you will become victorious the fruit of the Spirit is an affection up the saga and a backup this is a fellow he wrote this little thing and this is how he said the daily news would actually talk about this experience okay Samuel Chadwick the fruit of the Spirit is an affectionate lovable disposition a radiant spirit in a chill for cheerful temper a tranquil I client manner of forbearing patience and provoking circumstances like driving down the highway in the city where I come from were just talking about that I hate these people manic amount on the small L'Engle all away out over the fast lane there's no traffic in front of them and go forty miles an hour but if I have the spirit in my life every moment of every day on big brass plaques is not generic generic like to run over the top of the sorry it now got that on camera to write the letter but God will God will commune transforms God will relax me you don't feel guilt guilt give me patience of the trying circumstances with people was sympathetic insight tactful helpfulness generous judgment a big sold charity loyalty and reliable this under all circumstances humility that forgets self and the joy of others in all things mastered in self-controlled which is the final mark of perfect God wants to perfect its BDE therefore perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect all that bit there is people in the church of lights was the biggest the biggest lifesaver the worst problems come from within rather the worst attacks come from within the church how we can't we can't be that way we can't change it it's a lie God says we can God living on us can do anything he wants to do and if I give in my life he can do anything whether he wants to do and I believe he wants to transform and change I want you all who wait on the heavenly bridegroom are represented in the parable is slumbering because the Lord the latest coming but the wise rouse themselves at the message of his reproach and responded to the message as they took hold of the grace of Christ the religious experience became what vigorous and abundant they opened their hearts to receive the Holy Spirit by which the love of God was shed abroad in our hearts hallelujah praise God unless listed us now unless we are daily advancing in the exemplification of the active Christian virtues we shall not recognize the manifestation of the Holy Spirit and the latter rain it may be falling on hearts all around us but we shall not discern or receive that should make us take notes that should make us take notice for his brother I see the Holy Spirit be report on around the world in mighty ways God is working on hearts and lives in mind he ways some you may have heard this story but Max Max in the Pacific island just an absolute nasty nasty character I mean vile evil he just as soon shoot you look at you and he did on occasion while the police caught up the max one day they thrown in prison now while Max is in prison he notices that there's a group would be on Sunday there there actually going to church and they don't have to work they don't have to work if they're going to church I don't have to work as a business schools he went to church on Sunday but then he noticed there's another group wonders a group that keep the Sabbath ASAP and and and he noticed that they don't have to work either so Max starts going to church on Sabbath also so Saturday and Sunday's going to church only the problem with Max is he didn't stay there long enough to really have any of its things and he intrigued by her two buddies escape in about three weeks out he knows many goes back up to the mountains he knows and loves that its Isfahan and every vile kind of kind of person you could find up there and Max thinks you know one day the police again to catch up to me again I need some kind of good alibi well he said was if this particular religion reason they won't think that's anything because everybody here is that religion but he said if I become a Seventh-day Adventist everybody hates Seventh-day Adventist descent don't think that's real is that okay MSM Dennis and he builds himself a little church a little chapel he puts up on the top of its Seventh-day Adventist now inside the gate little trap door down there in the double hole all away out and down all the way down the river so this was his escape route definitely should go and was also good place to keep all of his automatic weapons his AK-47 and everything else done for Sabbath for Sabbath Maxis in church and their thing well what we do here well there's three of us okay you do Sabbath school and you do your services at home to church nothing will stop me wrong though so they go out pretty soon they come back and they'd stolen three ties and three Bibles and now they could do church property so they they do church and they do this for a few weeks when Howard filters down to the sound of the city down in the mountains below and the sort there was a big school down there it won't say what school but it wasn't bad that a school but there was quite a few of our students going there because it was the only school the students hear about Max and his buddies up in the mountains that think hey let's go up there to church so the next Sabbath they all talk about their max is what he opens the door and then you're like twenty twenty and people what poor who are you what we come to church with you all all pick money well it's essential to visitors because they didn't have any idea how do you do church okay so the young people church wall like that that wasn't too bad and young people came back for a few weeks and they are doing added once the city where he used to buddies the we shows up the show somewhat what's going on well word finally comes out that the principal of the school down there heard about this he did not want the students going up there so he padlocked them in the end of the school who just got so mad he opens his trap door he goes and gets his AK-47 he will be blown up but in a closet all of a sudden he stopped going back it goes back he takes office stolen type place that by stolen Bible to the figures even want to shoot anybody with a child a gone down the mountain he lacunae comes down to the gate of the school the goal padlock the people of the padlock over the Darjeeling where you where you will where's the principal man he's these I know he's these hiding he just is a scared to death and pretty soon maximal around where are you are you and finally sees the principle he comes up and he sticks the government is just as where's my congregation and then he says and you don't release an alternate take it that it's a point of doctrinal dispute is learning a few things and then he says united on how you believe you said that you believe in hell he said but a military wife that I'm Dennis send you there and him them meet you there shortly thereafter or what you think you think the principal release the students all yeah all yeah so then I'm back to doing church now it's really interesting because after a while that little group of the respond what's the matter is called a hand church the main church in five brand samples then the students come to Max with aces Max let's do an evangelistic meeting okay the what's an evangelistic meeting they explained it joins the sure sure they call up the president of the mission him coming up there is too dangerous nonmelanoma students asserting this and not know it it's okay Max said he will do guard duty for us so finally that the mission president comes up on a great evangelistic series and they began baptizing people every night and finally the final night Max and his buddies were baptized and then someone said Lomax why why did you wait for the very last night Max as well you know he said I I didn't think it was right if I had to shoot somebody to guard the meetings and I've already been baptized brothers and sisters the Holy Spirit makes a difference in lives the Holy Spirit is transformational I've I was in was in India is giving up all in this area the fellow 's name was Shiva Shiva the destroyer God he was a Hindu he did then all these things in his life and he said he had no peace one day he found Jesus Christ and it was so exciting to them but that will hold village it just greatly persecuting so much inside this can take an laundry so I quit I quit but he said I was tuning the BBC news one day I came across your program Edmonds will radio I fell in love with Jesus all over again this time he said it was different because I took the radio programs and I told everybody family and friends come listen listen and pretty soon he said and I was there these felt this whole bamboo house and on the second floor was a whole chapel and every Sabbath now it there so many people become they had to start moving the children downstairs because are so many people would come and worship on the upper level in that Hindu village now that Jimmy Billy said persecuting so much there's a big cross of Jesus Christ on the top of that house the Holy Spirit brothers sisters makes an incredible difference in life lady in a contract I can't mention what she heard our program she ran the bedroom she climbed on the covers turned off the light and listen to the program every night and soon she fell in love with Jesus gave her heart to the Lord the Spirit came in and totally changed then the spirit says tell your father tell your father all that Lord you kill me I can't do that so your father tell your father you see the Holy Spirit will say things we don't like a lot of times because you know you can't stay where you are go with God sometimes you want to argue that Laura was stay right here this is a comfortable spot known until your father okay Lord willing to die for you father father Amir in talking with the father told him the whole story to back up just a little bit but nothing happened father and the father who believe in a little grin his face is funny I too been listening the program and I was too scared to tell you I accepted Jesus into my life there is power in the Holy Spirit brother sister 's power to change everyone in planet Earth power to change you and me unless the members of God 's church today have a living connection with the source of all spiritual growth they will not be ready for the time of reaping unless they keep their lamps trimmed and burning they will fail of receiving the added grace in a special time of need near the clause of verse harvest a special bestowal of spiritual graces promised to prepare the church for the coming of the Son of Man this outpouring of the Spirit is likened to the following of the latter rain and it is for this added power that Christians are to send their petitions to the Lord of the harvest we need not worry about the latter reign all we have to do remember this look what we did earlier date the vessel claim and right sign up prepared for the reception the heavenly rain and keep rain let the latter rain come into my best feeling our helplessness helplessness we are to improve all opportunities grant us to gain a fuller experience as the plant takes rudeness also we are to take deep root in Christ as the plant receives the sunshine the dude with the rain we are to open our hearts the Holy Spirit but who may abide the day of his coming and who shall stand when he appears for he is like a refiner 's fire and like for slope and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver and he shall purify the sons of Levi and urge them as gold and silver and they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness notice the text doesn't say gods are like a forest fire or guys like an incinerator because you know for starters what a forest fire burns in every thing on incinerator there's nothing left but says he's like a refiner 's fire is like a refiner 's fire one lady read this text and Malachi she decided to Senegal to a silversmith she went to the silversmith and begged to know the process of refining silver which he fully described over but Sir she said you sent while the work of refining is going on oh yes Madam replied the silversmith I must sit with my eyes steadily fixed on the furnace for the time necessary for refining will be exceeded in the slightest degree the silver will be injured the lady one saw the beauty and comfort to this expression he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver crises it's needful to put the children into a furnace his eyes steadily in camp on the work of purifying and his wisdom and love are both engaged in the best manner for them their trials do not come at random three here's your header numbers you thought this was this was wonderful all she could see the beauty of this but I let the lady was leaving the shop the silversmith called her back and said please I forgot to mention something that the only way that he knows when the process of purifying his complete is when he sees his own image reflected in the silk pretty easy to get the point of that story is he's a refiner of silver special refiner hit with chair with precision with with joy to see he comes into the furnace of affliction did we not cast three men into the furnace Bill King said looking into that furnace are there not for men yes Jesus comes in with its he's right there with us and not even the smell of smoke were brought out of that furnaces upon us but only the lovely image of Jesus Christ the state of the world is now fast approaching the point when God will say to it as he did anciently my spiritual not always strive with man in the day of his coming the last great trumpet is heard and there is a durable shaking of birth inhabits the whole earth from the loftiest mountains to the deepest mines will hear everything will be penetrated by fire the tainted atmosphere will be cleansed by fire when Jesus comes everything zoomed in every bondman every freeman hidden themselves in the dens in the rocks of the mountains and said the mounds of rock fall on us Titus from the face of him that sit upon the throne and from the wrath of allele for the great day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stay brothers and sisters will you be one able to stay will you be one able to stamp the choices your fire can be your friend God wants to enjoy your company for all eternity in order to do so you must allow him to burn away all the impurities now now you see the reason all these people sign cry for the rocks to fall upon them is because they have him on all the sin in their lives so we don't want you Lord we want to do our own thing but we want to hang onto this little thing the life we want to hang onto this morning I'm having too much fun when God comes God like as a destroyer to send question is we allow God to destroy those impurities in your life now to be a far better process actually can be an enjoyable process as you see yourself growing day by day as you look back from last year and say wow Lord you have let me thus far what an incredible journey can you say that can you look back in your life from last year to today and say by God 's grace I have grow if not if not it's not too late today is the day of salvation if you hear his voice today hard and not your heart God is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance Ascot today right now for his Holy Spirit he will begin the transformation process now in your life the religion of Christianity is a religion of fire it is a religion fire brothers and sisters we are powerless without it but abundantly powerful with abundantly powerful with God wants us to have his fire at this fire burning in our lives to changes to transform Mister to Paris for all eternity to be with him the creator God of the universe to sit in his throne with him to be a co- region manager one F prepared for because he loves us so much do you love him that much this morning that you're willing to give up what Paul says if it's done it's done my former life was dumb here's the Don you willing to give up and down for everything of God I hope it's an easy choicest morning if you're willing to raise your hands of me a man a man let's have a prayer father old Lord what a God you are what a friend you are father I pray today you see every upraised hand here you know people in the audience to maybe another places or listing more suitable will see the DVDs Lord I pray for them as well that your Holy Spirit might come and otherwise were not all the cinnamon dross and perfect understand with you on that great and wonderful day when you come clouds of glory all Lord destroying fire to all those who turn their back on you but a loving wonderful wife a joyful brilliant light of those in look forward to your company Phyllis this day I pray with your Holy Spirit help us to walk with you Lord in Jesus name amen


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