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Revival and Transformation

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio



  • June 21, 2011
    2:30 PM
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good morning good morning to be in residency which clock to follow this morning so if you get out an hour later you'll know that I just follow the right one and no repetition works for days and then tell me when I get up to put that thing down so I haven't been doing any left me a note today so you'll notice it it's it it works when repetition there's a few things that each day I can bring back into the message may be an repetition helps us doesn't remember and today's message I have had the wonderful privilege and I briefly share this with you the other day to be a part of that the general conference revival in Reformation committee and to begin to see what's happening around the world as God speaks to his people God desires desperately have us revive desperately to have reformation among our ranks felt North American division instead of the word Reformation is used transformation which really that's what it's all about beer therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind so today were going to talk about revival and transformation it is our greatest need what you say absolutely our greatest need listen to what God 's servant says we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us and his teaching in our past history eighteen forty four yes he is a forgotten half God wanted to come in and around eighteen forty four he wanted to finish up the work in and around that time I had not realized that until I began studying in more depth of God 's great desire to take his people home at that time we must now set before the people the work which by faith we see our great high priest accomplishing in the heavenly sanctuary no notice that it is morning 's message I tend to highlight the year that a particular statement was made I can't give us a little chronology as were as were going along but the message was the sanctuary our high priest moving from the holy to the most holy place our high priest taking the sins of the saints upon himself as the sins would go before those who would confess them our high priest taking all the sins are mediator taken almost upon himself were to watch our high priest to go from the sanctuary are from that holy to the most holy place by whale God is where in the sanctuary was so great is our God David saw that there was a tremendous blessing my seat watching God in the sanctuary by seeing God by studying the sanctuary service by by integrating that sanctuary service into his own life his teaching but let's look at this teaching for a moment here light was to be given to their minds directing people to the heavenly temple of God and as they should by faith follow their high priest in his ministration light was to be given directing their minds to the Temple of God in heaven and as they should by faith follow their high priest in his ministration their new duties would be revealed see Daniel seven talks about that what God is doing in the sanctuary Daniel eight fourteen of course we know Malachi moving toward the second coming of Christ Matthew twenty two taking on the righteous robe with the King looking forward to the wedding the great wedding time was made in statement in eighteen eighty eight the great awakening commenced among the people this is speaking now back to eighteen forty four this will looking backward toward that time great awakening commenced among the people many drunkards became sober men thieves return stolen property and confess their sins forgiveness was asked for wrongs done a work was accomplished such as no preacher with learning and great talent could have affected you see when God comes in and touch is a hardened such as a life there is a transformation people today many times they are you just you can't you can't be changed you can't be change it it's just impossible I had a friend of so have a friend that was in Pelican Bay prison in California and maximum-security prison I did knowing that that time at that man had a rap sheet at least sixty pages sixty pages of criminal activity you need than a biker gang about two hundred and forty pounds lots of muscle tattoos covered from top to bottom of his body and somehow got reached and that prison cell and spoke to that man's hardly begin doing Bible studies and he had a transformation now he is an elder in the seventh Army a deacon in the Seventh-day Adventist church today why is it people say all but that's it you can change anymore now he was baptized after that dies in the church denies any continuum continues sending until Jesus comes dessert make a whole lot of sense no absolutely not see an end God when God speaks the heart there's a continual change if there is a continual change in your life there is a problem you're not spending time with God and his word getting to know him better because as you get to know him better you don't want to offend him matter what happens even very different than death itself of life you would say no more I don't want to send I'd rather die than knowingly commit a sin against you that's the kind of relationship to God is looking for the kind of transformation God is seeking inner lives Revelation fourteen the three Angels messages the loud cry the latter rain the latter reign of the loud cry art are so closely tied together we accept the former rain our lives are changed our lives are transformed then God gives us the latter rain power so that the loud cry might go to the whole world and then the second coming but they got off track totally got off track for forty years did unbelief Birmingham rebellion shot of ancient Israel from the land of Canaan the same sense of delayed the entrance of modern Israel into the heavenly King think about that children of Israel got right up to the boards the Canaan land on Saturday it's time to go in and possess the land time to go in eligible send in spies spies within check out the land forty days the big C who is as while what I got there what have they got their man they seek to guys carrying a big old hole in one cluster of grapes one cluster grapes it was so big one cluster great man ask incredible in your matters California to heaven say hey come on over and that would split a great but God 's word was true it was the land flowing with milk and I and all the spies came back and said yes absolutely God is true and what is right it is a land flowing with milk and honey but in some of the worst words in all of Scripture nevertheless nevertheless there is Giants in the lane and in our own sight we are like grasshoppers what was wrong with that in our own sight they should have gone to use if you're standing on God shoulders looking down are there any giants no there absolutely are no giants when you're standing on the shoulders of God the King of the universe there are no giant simile but they said in our own site were like grasshoppers that you fast-forward forty years you see they couldn't go in the promised land that's it okay fine you want your desires go ahead stay out here in the wilderness of the forty years later they send spies again into the same LAN this time the despised they are prostitutes I also let you know that bothered me once in a while but then I thought were better would you want to stay because there's people going in and out all the time right couple more couple more spies going in nobody recognizes that no big deal these fellas are are in the top of the building there about ready to go to sleep and Rahab runs up and says hey I want to tell you I want to tell you you know and an cheat sheet recaps the history we know we know about your God we saw when you came out of the land of Egypt what your God did to all of the Egyptian army forty years ago we saw that and said are the are our legs basically smote together our legs in the end the Hebrew word there is liquefied and an army of giants fight at their legs or liquid know it's impossible it's impossible and so there's here this paradigm is telling them how incredible there God is how wonderful their God is in it scared them half to death and there was no strength left in any man and please remember me now go back to chapter one Joshua verse three everywhere the solo by feet shall tread I have given you all you English experts you know everywhere the solo life each shall tread that's what penitents future tense I have given you what penitence is that past tense got it already give them the land it already given it it was already there is all we have to do is go in and take it going to take it and here in eighteen forty four God was ready to take everybody home and there's giant simile there's giants in the land they lost sight they lost sight they quit looking at their God and to begin looking at all the circumstances in all the situations we unfortunately can do the same thing today we can look at all of our all of our situation here on planet Earth the things it does so easily beset us instead of looking at our God set of keeping our eyes focused on our God and he is bigger than every problem on planet Earth in neither case were the promises of God at fault it is the unbelief the worldliness on concentration and strife among the Lords professed people that have kept us in this world of sin and sorrow many more years I'll always the problems unbelief worldliness on consecration strife why have we not gone home here's the problems we pay so much money to go to the doctor for diagnosis on what's wrong with this the doctors given us the diagnosis right here unbelief or Windows an consecration strife and it's kept us here many more years eighteen forty four kept everybody there Revelation three you know this fourteen to twenty two I'm okay you're okay at what message is that the Laodicean message the latest CMS is I am rich and increased with goods and have me of what nothing I have need of nothing I can handle it all now I can take care of it I'm cool I'm sitting in church I'm looking to unfeeling all right I've got a pretty good life things like your things here on earth aren't too bad I've been shown that love for Christ and for God as well nigh died out of our churches what a sad statement God 's professed people love for Christ and for God is well-nigh died out those two rows up with Jesus now they're talking about the sanctuary watching what happened member eighteen forty four time period and hear those two rows of who Jesus would send up a send up their faith to him in the holiest and pray my father give us by spirit then Jesus would breathe upon them the Holy Ghost lesson of this part now and then wrapped with white power and much love joy and peace there's another group felt I turned to look at the company who were still bowed before the throat they're still looking at the first department of the sanctuary they did not know that Jesus had left it this is the scary part Satan appeared to be by the throw trying to carry on the work of God I saw them look to the throne and pray father give us by spirit Satan would breathe upon them an unholy influence in it there was what light and much power but no sweet love joy and peace the devil breathe upon and there was light and much power whose light and whose power the Devils the Devils he has power remember we talked about that the war is real the devil is real he has tremendous power and unless we are continually fixed upon grabbing a hold of God with our heart her eyes are wide we will stumble we will follow at Adventist in eighteen forty four held fast their faith and followed on unitedly in the opening providence of God in the power of the Holy Spirit there's there's the key of how to do it proclaim it to the world the work would have been completed in Christ what would've come in pairs this to receive his people to the reward while now we can say we are unhappy that they actually did happen because now I get an opportunity and right we can be selfish that way but to how much longer do we want to continue how much longer do we want this old world to go on it if we could I'm so convinced if we could CCN and we could see the heartache that's going on in planet Earth like God does everybody every situation we would crawl into a tiny corner and desire to die in that moment because we could not take that's how bad it is filthy and rotten this planet is that's how how terrible sin is gentle sometimes in our corner you know with umbrellas it's not too bad yard got problems but it awaits its kind okay it's my brothers and sisters it's not it's not at all the praise God God said hey time for a second she went for a second chance general conference sessions were held every year in those days looking at the General conference sessions eighteen eighty eight and nineteen oh three God again calls his people got again calls his people the time of test is just before us for the loud cry the third Angel has left already begun and allowed try the third angel is connected with what the latter rain connected with the latter rains of the latter rain was beginning to be poured out because the loud cry was starting during these times of the General conference sessions no has already begun in the revelation of the righteousness of Christ this is so important we've been studying about this this week the sin pardoning Redeemer the righteousness of Christ was the message that everything else hinged upon the people to understand into accept of the brethren said oh yeah I got you in a week we accepted but they accepted one part of it remember there's two parts justification God takes his righteousness and close me go back to Eden and are there any and many below it totally sin God is there with them he calls to little lands over bitter grazing nearby all of a sudden he does something strange apparently takes a knife he cuts their throats they bleed to death the said Adam and Eve this is death this is what you deserve never seen death before this is what you deserve and when he does something else he takes he takes and skims the lambs and gives them the clothing of the lambskin since it out of me this is my righteousness I will come one day in the history of man I will I will earn the right I will die on Calvary 's cross on the right to give you this righteous covering but then he says look I don't want to leave you where your totally totally now filthy and polluted on the inside and they said I'm going to put enmity between you and Satan between your seed and the woman see imitate God living on the inside that sanctification the changing from the inside God wants us clean on the outside and he wants us clean on the inside what you say and who does it all Christ he did it there in the garden he'll do it for you and for me but we've got to work with them we've got to work with the in the brother and the leadership so yeah we we believe in it we believe adjusted Asian sanctification no Romans six to eight and twelve the fifteenth at twelve to fifteen five is the forgotten side of the same coin you see in Romans there's three chapters on justification there six and a half chapters on sanctification twice as many chapters on what God wants to do two changes now in this life amazing stuff be not conformed to this world it's a good beady transform by the renewing of your mind we need new minds can have the same old mine got irrelevant mind God will give us a new in Christ's divinity and humanity this is another problem they had this at all Christ really wasn't human you know there are some other situations here he wasn't quite like we are in Christ divinity and humanity were what combine divinity was not degraded humanity Divinity held its place but humanity by being united to divinity withstood the fiercest temptation in the wilderness how did he do it he withstood the temptation through the power that man may that every one of you here today everyone within the sound of my voice can do it the same way Jesus did through the power of God the Lord Jesus has made a great sacrifice in order to meet man where he is he took not on him the nature of angels he did not come to save angels Christ helps humanity by taking human nature very polite very simple but the resistance of a leadership begin to grow you see Kellogg was about the third most important man in the entire denomination and he wanted control of the denomination he just written his new book the living Temple full and he is full of erroneous things for terrible things and Ellen Winans is pushing against Damon and Ellen White is during that time of these these general conference meeting she's finding herself on an opposite side of much of the leadership so what you do what you do what you get rid of the profit you look on the globin estate mistakes the furthest place away from here is clear that our Australia the opposite side of the globe will send her there and so they sent the profit back Kellogg moves now to to get his book printed with the review and Herald and the review and Herald is going to do going to do it member I talk to you about Jesus and the painting that I have in my office O Jerusalem Jerusalem that kill us the profits and Stalinist amateur sentence of the how often what I gathered you the mother in government projects and you would not you would not the gathering mechanism is the profit lets us send the prophet away we want nothing of this Council with what we don't want to hear this counsel we want control we want the power we wanted all I will ascend to the sides of the north I will be like God where we heard that you same same story over and over and over and so the brethren begin retreating again back toward Egypt why cross into the promised land this land isn't too bad if I can get a little more power here if I can get a little more power there might have a little more money or more control this world will be too bad the light that is to lighten the whole world with its glory was what resisted and by the action of Berlin brethren has been to a great degree kept away from the world O house house the opportunity to work and work and work spoke to his people time after time in general conference sessions run message after message of accepting Jesus of repentance and all these things and the brothers and how my exciting than opposition Satan succeeded in shutting away from our people in a great measure the special power of the Holy Spirit the gone long when parts of them we may have to remain here in this world because of insubordination many more years as did the children of Israel written in nineteen oh one insubordination that's basically ignoring the captain right of the ship mutiny against the captain people were trying for that for insubordination there was still our all that we get all lessons as we should both warning and appeal as they came to us in that seemingly strange and impressive way of the conference of eighteen eighty eight this is the general conference President Daniels now looking back on that time what uncertainty would've been removed what one brings in defeats and losses would have been prevented what light and blessing and try up in progress would've come to us all mile my looking back on that time but we can learn from that can we not we have nothing to fear for the future except shall get forget so read your past history that was lost opportunity eighteen forty four the answer typical day of atonement God wanted us to know that we could be cleansed from sin washed and changed and transformed but there was a failure to grow the fair cynical attitudes of the eighteen seventies the eighteen eighties Katie Barney were at the very very borders of the Canaan land and said no we'd rather wandered the desert second chance eighteen eighty eight to nineteen oh three Romans twelve to be therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind and it was rejected Kellogg's pushing for his new book the living Temple pushing pushing pushing Elimite sign that look at that book been taken up by the entire denomination it would've destroyed the Seventh-day Adventist church as we know it today there virtually would've been no denomination left it was that insidious and she saw she said the Omega was go meet her tremble Albus is incredible here was the Alpha of apostasy it would've destroyed the church as we know it yet when God showed her the Omega it made her tremble and made her tremble there something going on in our day in our time the major tremble and Ellen White sent packing December thirty first nineteen oh two God burns down the review and Herald the Alpha of apostasy it happened at the borders again at the borders again latter rain was beginning to be poured out the latter rain I mean the loud cry was going out in God 's people said no no no no no work were looking for the leaks in the onions of Egypt things are so good there things are so wonderful I'd rather wallow in sin back there then enjoy all the fruits of what God is prepared for its other left to wander in the desert for many more years soon the last great reckoning with man will take place at Eli 's been such that you can then be weighed in the balance of the sanctuary and not be found wanting this is there still hope I didn't put these dates on your two thousand eleven our time two two thousand fifteen the General conference session time we have another opportunity this could be at your realized third times a charm the old saying goes this could be there is no reason this cannot be the time that Jesus finishes the work among his people and he comes and takes us all how may times do we get up to the borders of the promised land and turn our backs upon God and what he said everywhere the soles of your feet shall tread I have given you my feelings are enabling when the will of man cooperates with the will of God it becomes omnipotent God has the power when God is waiting for your wheel just before the end the Advent people will review their past history and see you in a new light we must profit by the mistakes of our fathers especially during the eighteen eighty eight crisis and see to it that we do not repeat them and thus further delay the final triumph of the Advent movement wow in second Kings twenty two thirteen Josias remember that that took the scrolls found in found the scrolls and while you know we've got to get it together here to God God is angry with us because of our father to see our fathers the actions in the directions they took have have affected our lives caused us problems weight we've got the same genes but you know God has never been God is never been one to allow genes that cause them problems you realize that in a week today scientists and doctors give us all these excuses why were alcoholics why were pedophiles while we're this why we're it doesn't matter with God what we are God is a transforming power if we give our lives to God he can change a revival of true godliness among this is the greatest and the most urgent of all of our needs to seek this should be our first work to do what to seek this should be our webwork first work no matter what work you're doing in your life today this should be your first work to get your act together with God because we are we are I state we are at the borders of the Canaan land again revival and reformation are two different things revival signifies a renewal of spiritual life a quickening of the powers of the mind and heart a resurrection from spiritual death God wants to resurrect you from spiritual death Reformation signifies a reorganization a change in ideas theories habits practices or now gone from preaching the meddling of you need to change your ideas your theories your habits your practices Reformation will not bring forth the good fruit of righteousness unless is connected with the revival of the Spirit is the otherwise it's just works and people there are people who just get going and works we can have just works you've got to have the Holy Spirit you've got to have got spirit you've got to fall in love with him so much and I I tell my wife I don't really like taking out the garbage but my wife was new to take out the garbage and I love her slight figure I don't take it out because I want her to love me I take it out because I love her that you see the difference in isolative God is not a works oriented things we just love God so much were willing to do whatever God wants us to do unless is connected with revival of the Spirit reap five oh one Reformation are to do their appointed work in and do it in this work they must do what bland you can't have one without the other second Kings twenty two thirteen and fourteen the next thing he didn't just silently got the scrolls they solve the problems they were in a immediately ran to the profit immediately ran to the profit begin inquiring of the profit you want revival in your life go Inquirer the prophet read your Bibles inquire of God 's prophet he sent a prophet for us for a very specific reason to get us to the Canaan land I hear people say is again to be another profit before the end of time are I guess I wonder why why we we've already got everything we need God has given us everything time after time after time I shared with the event the day about the profit is said or writings will go on until the end everything is here we've got it all everything we need to point us to Jesus Christ we have proverbs twenty nine eighteen where there is no vision what the people perish this is one of those things AI I had my sign appear today but don't open mic after intro and special music this is one of those where there is no vision the people perish you've heard me say it day after day after day we need a vision study the profit read the writings of God 's prophet he wants us to understand these things believe his prophets and so shall you prosper I want to prosper how much you it's a promise of God believe his prophets and you will prosper you will have an incredible spiritual life as you as you read as you absorb as you pray over as you guarantee have a change in life as you hopefully you're into the whole not just sixty three box but standing there when Jesus comes because if you allow God to transform your life now enough people do soon then Jesus will come we can hasten the day of his return we believe that we absolutely can it's its prophetic daughter said it and I believe it and I don't care what they say that is good enough for me I hear all these people now days and you know they just that the doctors they just hate that bumper sticker you know the great theologians God says I believe and that's good enough for me to sell it so simplistic Jan happy to be simplistic I'm happy to be simplistic because of the creator God of the universe we spoke everything into the existence of who keeps me breathing simply by his mind that I want to believe what he says whatever it is this is the way God says walk ye in it don't ask just go just go because I have a great plan for you I see the end from the beginning I stepped in and out of time I check it all out and I got the best plan for your life I want to believe God the very last deception of Satan will do big make of none effect the testimonies of the Spirit of God that's the final attack it is Satan 's plan to weaken the faith of God 's people in the testimonies next follows what skepticism in regard to the vital points of our faith the pillars are for position then what doubt as to the Scriptures and then the downward march to perdition say with me that downward march to perdition so there is an opposite to if we want to be blessed by the prophet everyone a prosper by the prophet there is an opposite to that also this is the opposite this is the office right here the final attacks faith and works the devil would love to have us have a little bit of faith in all just works no no not attached to the power of God transforming the subtle Sabbath there is a huge attack on Sabbath you know let's go water skiing on Samuel Stegall overuse water skiing on Sabbath because they want to yeah yeah it unfortunately and it's so sad you know sanctuary all there really is in the sanctuary one conference president one location somewhere in the world I won't disclose pastor came up to them he thought he had a new call to this church he sat down with the conference president president said you believe in a sanctuary he thought you know the first thing I thought was he's going to ask about my relationship with Christ but he said that was his first question you believe there's a sanctuary similar course I do in Hebrews and he went on and on again many biblical examples in an spirit of prophecy examples then the next thing the president said while what kind of skins were on that sanctuary and have aces I knew right then I have received the call in and on and on and on and on it he got worse and worse and worse from there this disintegrated brother there is an attack of if the devil can do away with the sanctuary he's done away with the advent message six day creation we know that's under attack was certainly utilize an astute individualism as a study learned individual you can't believe in a literal six-day creation yes we can can you say amen absolutely we can revelation fourteen three Angels messages all three Angels messages we discover need to put that aside second coming why it's been forever it's been forever we've heard about the second coming of Christ forever oh yeah you know I've it's under attack brother spiritualism Spiritualism it is incredible what's happening right now in her own church in our own church prayer labyrinth you heard the prayer labyrinth you know they're there making illegal circle concentric circle gets smaller and smaller smaller in the center you walk around this and you prayed each little station in the circle have a little prayer and little prayer and little prayer and if you supposed him to yourself into yourself into yourself seek and become one and centered with the whole universe of God I'm not a medical end all the details but but let me tell you it is frightening Ellen Weitzen which says we should spend a thoughtful hour each day contemplating the life of Christ are thoughtful our not a spotless out keep that in mind we need to fill our minds with Jesus Christ not trying to empty ourselves out to all to be centered in the universe garbage I used to be a martial artist there was a time when I the second degree black belt and kung fu San Su and I have all the thing the key force or talk the talk in our own church there's saw the force this force is centering force spiritualist spiritualism in its worst and the devil is bringing it into our church through Protestantism don't be deceived don't be deceived follow God 's word follow God 's prophet and you will not be deceived experience of the past will be repeated in the future Satan 's superstitions will assume new forms errors will be presented in a pleasing and flattering manner false theories clothes with garments of life remember he's up there and everybody's looking up and think it's it's God any gives them much light and power will be presented to God 's people but Satan will try to deceive if possible the very elect which means everybody else we'll be deceived see Satan therefore transforms himself into an angel of light and works upon the mind to a lower from the only safe and right path on the right panels are there here recording statement one one the sciences of psychology and mesmerism or the channels through which it comes more directly to this generation and works with that power which is to characterize his efforts to win near the close of probation near the close of probation now brothers sisters today it is happening I can tell you on a major scale on a major scale it is frightening most seducing influences will be exerted minds will be what hypnotize corruptions of every type similar to those existing among the answer delusions will be brought into take minds can't the Protestants of the United States I never could figure out until I been seeing this movement within our own denomination and Ben Protestantism around the world I never could figure out this statement so now the Protestants of the United States will be foremost in stretching their hands across the Gulf to grasp the hand of spiritualism and that threefold unity remember and then that threefold union enters in the last moments of verses it is right at our doors it is here brother we need to get our life together with God when he is heavily looks of God 's eyes we will see how many giants no giants we won't see a single giant not one lets him it's time to have taken the seal clocks are right Bob on this before I got on the this young man what needed to travel north that day so he and he was traveling north he just felt this urge you needed to go home we continued north for a while and pretty soon he he turned around got to go back with your stop his mother 's house on this journey on his way back and had lunch or dinner or something he stops at his mother 's house mothers begins fixing things you should know I cannot I cannot he so got to get back doesn't know why just got to get back it continues on and pretty soon he did gets to this village and he sees their people everywhere people crowds of people around us like the one into this little later he gets there and there's a little boy on the bank he shoves his way through the crowd and the looks of this little boy the telling the story that this boy drowned a couple hours ago the doctor had been there examining said he was death this fellow said I know I'm I'm impressed bring me some hot mustard oil and he got down to begin rubbing this boy rubbing the chest of this boy praying and rubbing his chest and praying and praying it continued to do this for two hours finally the doctor came back the doctor re-examine the boys at Billy 's dad what he really needs that you are crazy just leave them alone I talked to he kept rubbing the chest and praying and praying and praying another hour so it bylaws of and the boy sat up with a life in two huge Hindu villages in that area believed on Jesus Christ because of that incredible miracle is a God is a God Americas God can raise the dead God raises the dead brothers sisters yes Ezekiel you see all this this field of dead men's bones can these bones live figures that only you know Lord that was a good answer and then and then he says I shall put my Spirit in you have you shall live that's when God wants to do enough he wants to put his Spirit in us so that we can live that we can not only just begun existed but have a vibrant life in him what you say I will give you he says our new spirit on your spirit replace the old things of life you know we get we get so tied into this life we get such total vision we think or if I change here if I change here it's never caused me these problems and you know that the stomach churns the life goes back and forth in all if we just relax and allow God to work in us we would find it would become so much better member the first morning I shared my testimony with young down near that little toilet bowl and cry my eyes out because it felt so good this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders await I didn't realize I had brothers sisters the devil has piled so much weight on you so slowly over the years you may not recognize that there is even weaker but I guarantee if you have not accepted God with all of your heart one hundred percent there is a wait there that is we need down down down and when that weight disappears it's got to be so incredible in your life I guarantee it I guarantee they'll the Army surrounded Israel remember that time in A.D. seventy the Army surrounded Israel and what it all the worshipers demand they ran to the Temple they figured the Temple is going to save them the Temple will save us but that was not the situation you see they burned down the temple they rants are they toward a part in every body was destroyed within the Temple will not protect you having your name of the church books will not protect you sitting in the church keeping Sabbath will not protect you think I will not protect you it's a relationship with God that's the only thing that will protect you in this life that's the only thing that will fireproof us if you will because God is a consuming fire we study right he will consume everything that as soon you've got to get rid of it now got to allow God to get in your life now and asked as he does as he goes through room by room getting it sent out your life your life will be transformed it will become absolutely exciting guarantee then said he wanted to him Jesus Jesus a disposed of incredible question Lord are there few to be saved they just can imagine the Lord seem like he was narrowing down that the gates and the entrance to heaven took the minuscule thing and he said to them strive to enter in at the strait gate for many I say into you will seek to enter in and shall not be able there is a real difference between striving and seeking to understand that strive to enter in at the strait gate it's a battle in the march were told a battle in a March day by day moment by moment when the devil whispers you don't have time to study today you don't have time to pray today you've got to take your will is a God I want to have a friendship with you help me to spend that time with you today Christ is waiting with longing desire for the what manifestation of himself and his church read this part with me when the character of Christ shall be perfectly reproduced in his people then he will come while can you say may live that Wednesday going to come that's right when his characters reproduced in you we welcome the antimissile world you want to go home here's the answer allow God to transform your heart your life and mine it what it what is all this mean the manifestation of himself it means following known duty here's where I go from preaching the meddling that means following known duty every known duty that God lays out before you means following and never say no to God never saying no to go that's what it really means in living Jesus example not my will but I will be done that's what it means a manifestation of himself give you a moment 's pause now think about them before I take a great give you one more second look at that one following no duty never say no to God living the example not my will but your will be done saccharide service not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord asking the Lord rained in the time of the latter rain speak every man the truth to his neighbor this is a Pentecostal work it is the privilege of how many Christians every Christian not only to look for but to hasten the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ we all who profess his name bearing fruit to his glory how quickly the whole world would be sown with the seed of the gospel you see we allow God to come in and changes and all of a sudden we get so excited about it because there is an excitement when God comes in your life your baseball bowling over you just bubbling over it there's a song like that in bubbling the you and all of a sudden you got to share with someone else you got to share with someone else in this pretty soon swelled a loud cry is everybody in this room everybody in the church begin to share and tell everybody guess what God has done for me and then Jesus will come he will cause to come down for you the rain the former rain and the latter rain peers let's connect the dots real quickly Daniel eight fourteen living in the investigative judgment that's the time in which we live Malachi three were heading for the second coming Matthew twenty two the wedding garment are we prepared for the wedding Revelation three fourteen but sleepy versions you know in the workout of where were rich and increased with goods we don't have need of anything but the book of Romans don't forget to sides of the same coin justification and sanctification God not only wants to clothe us with his beautiful righteous robes he wants to live in us and transform us to jolt to transform an infield by his spirit the latter Ray in Revelation fourteen for the whole world goes the loud cry and then the second coming of Jesus Christ those before us wandering the desert far longer than guided plan let's learn from them and do what go home sometimes I think Ellen White says I can stay here no longer all things of the earth looks the jury I feel so lonely here for I see a better way have you seen a better land this morning and you see a better world the little the little boy on the icon Johnny this morning Johnny Johnny was beginning to learn how to play Monopoly with his grandmother he is a he like the game and the best thing he liked about the gay honey and her play Monopoly it's okay it's a Mobile try differently little monopoly at least in the past before for now the love to play this man he counted out the ones of five the tens and twenties and stick amended at the board and then he loved to roll the dice and go around going to what the after we have played collect two hundred dollars or you love that he liked that and he but but then funny things notice that as as time went on the big grandma begin putting these these houses on these different properties and things and he had to pay rent treated like that because he had to pay his money out and pretty soon all his money thoughts that he gets so upset he gets so excited that grandma think honey honey what grandma Bunny one day you'll understand all grandma will he went off that summer to do wherever he was going with his mother in a state all summer and while he was in this area he found someone who played really good when I any segment you better teach me how to really play well any plate every single day all day long and he got so good by the end of the summer he was doing very well and he couldn't wait to get back to see grandma Maggie Greg Randolph at our grandma grandma grandma got their grandma what honey let's play Monopoly grandma all okay hunting they ran past her ran and grabbed grabbed the board that he counted out the money there there's no playing around with the money now the small business he counts everything out and he's ready to go they roll the dice and they're going back and forth and pretty soon they both got houses and lands and in the railroads everything else things are going back and as you know that gave him some flows for maybe hours and are going on but pretty soon pretty soon he's getting a few more dollars and he's getting a little more and a little more and a little more and he's doing good and pretty soon he's got all day got everything he's the grant money jumps unsubscribe feature Graham I got all he's got it all the money is that I got alike at the railroads I got the land I got our house all grimaces honey honey what what grandma this money one day you'll understand what you mean what you mean grandma what you mean I'll understand I need when the game is over it all goes back and I guess I don't need to tell you what the significance of that is doing I had headed the mirror one time Notre Dame areas is all opposite of the nightmare here's your way and I thought wow there was woke up the resurrection and it's the resurrection I'm out of the grave and there's there's just these stand in front of me and says you know I I resurrected you and we can take that city wrong resurrection wrong resurrection brothers and sisters I don't want to wake up and if for some reason I die before the Lord comes I don't want to wake up in the wrong resurrection about you you there is nothing there is nothing in this world so important as to lose out on eternal life can anybody give me anything that is more important now than I I'm glad to hear everyone is silent because there isn't anything it is that is the case that there isn't anything in what is hindering us from allowing God to totally changes so we can go home it's time you want to go home with him when we see your hands this morning amen amen let's have a prayer father we desperately need you Lord this old world has called us on was we've been up to the borders of the kingdom when we looked across and seen it truly is a land flowing with milk and honey we been so weak please please forgive us Lord help us help our unbelief help our selfishness help our latest CNN attitude father washes cleanses make as white as snow in the Lord changes from the inside give us victory father giveth give us a new transform life of Jesus Christ living within us moment by moment father we want to become like you thank you for your Holy Spirit thank you for caring for us in such an incredible landlord in my own life if I had been you I would've done away with me a long time ago but I thank you that you are the God of second chance each one here Lord give us another chance now help us to follow you completely and fully from this day forward is my prayer in Jesus name amen


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