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He Shall Lift You Up

Jim Ayer
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Jim Ayer

Vice President for Advancement, Adventist World Radio



  • June 24, 2011
    2:30 PM
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this morning my topic is he shall lift you and I I'm a living testimony of what God can do God gives us a second opportunity a second chance and praise God for that what I was struggling and why would I was having problems and in I get home went in and say God please Lord please forgive me please forgive me I've you know I've done the same sin over and over and over and over and over and finally finally God led me into an incredible realization it's all about here it's all about him and him and I ended up writing this particular book and then after some time it was republished I had a little more to it and I continue to study and as I shared with you you know I ended up marking my Bible all the place it talks about the power of God and desire of God to transform us desire of God the changes in a while by the time I get a lot of my Bible was was highlighted then went to the spirit of prophecy and the same thing I found it was so incredible I just couldn't begin to fathom all she talks about about changing our lives in this life in this light not pie-in-the-sky someday in the future now insulted a study is an event that culmination all week we've been working toward that end you will see certain quotes that I shared with you during the week I feel they are so important so important to remember what I told yesterday is like the Army telemarketing to tell them tell him and tell him what you told them so it could begin sinking in I hope for each one of us this sinks in in a tremendous way he Jesus urged upon men the necessity of prayer repentance confession and the what anybody was minus a participatory or the New Zealanders at up all right there little slow this morning early morning okay let's start over then he urged upon in the necessity of prayer repentance confession and the Andaman of sin now Charles Kenny who is no impediments that that the modern revivalists that the persistent sin is not to abandon the persistent sin is not to abandon and Jesus urged us to abandon sin put a blanket wrap because it destroys us it is it tears us apart and he loves us too much to allow that to happen for our God Hebrews says is a consuming fire a consuming fire in all who will submit to his power the Spirit of God will consume say in all who will do what submit various artsy submission to God submission to become a servant of God and all who will submit to his power the Spirit of God will consume cynical burnouts and in every crack and crevice in your life so that when Jesus comes you'll be shining for him and he will not be considered only those who do not allow God to change them now will be consumed it's its it's a natural outcome of the situation unfortunately when the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the spirit of judgment and by the spirit of burning and I will turn my hand upon him purely purge away the dross and take away all my teeth I share this with with a friend he wrote me back to sell you misspelled the word there are a you left out the S and put in a TS that knowest the facts of the text can you know it's not once did it like the founder get rid of all the sureties within us and sin is the majority the lady caught in adultery they bring are there they wonder stone because man she is filthy she's evil and a caster before the feet of Jesus and Jesus begins writing in the same and pretty soon all the all the leadership of the church all wow that's my sense he's right there gone like a like a light and all of a sudden Jesus says the lady nowhere are your accusers she looks around she says will there harden the Lord says neither do I condemn the that's justification that's justification God rest his righteousness around us and takes us exactly where we are at that moment but then like a good parent he doesn't want believers what's the next thing you go and sin no more going sin no more not either that's distance that's just a vile trick on his part to taunt this woman or he really meant it is there any other situation the Bible about our fellow at the pool of Bethesda Pool of Bethesda various paralytic can get get to the water 's edge and Jesus goes up and says take it you're been one of how it invigorates as many jumps up any runs to the Temple anytime you have an encounter with God going to the Temple to praise God is a good thing to do with it good thing to do any stop there praising God and Jesus finds him in the temple and what is he Satan sin no more lest a worse thing come upon sin no more lest a worse thing come upon sanctification the changing of the life not just wrapping the righteousness around you and justification but the sanctification of the Holy Spirit coming in burning out the sin in your life in transforming you into God 's only Christ always separates the contrite soul from sin he came to destroy will he has made provision that the Holy Spirit shall be imparted to every repentant soul to do what all that was we could do what if you come from sending you can put your name in there to keep GM to keep Harold to keep Susan to keep faith what ever your name is you can put and keep you from sinning that's what got desired no conversion is genuine which does not change both the character and the conduct you can have justification without sanctification character and conduct of those who accept the truth the truth works by love and purify the soul truth purifies the soul to him who overcomes I will grant to sit with me in my throne this this statement just still blows my mind every time I read it it is so incredible is going to allow us to sit in his throne can you imagine the creator God of the universe who rules all eternity since I got to sit with me in my trial hard to even imagine us poor sinners but that's what God has in store for each one that he wants to lift this higher and higher and higher it is his purpose that the highest influence of the universe emanating from the source of all our shall be the heirs or hours we are to have power to resist evil power that neither earth nor depth nor health and master power that will enable us to overcome can you say hallelujah to that I hope you believe it this morning with all of your heart because it's true God never lines only the devil lies only the devil is the one who tells us we can't we can't it's impossible it can never happen him a lot this is not true I'll give you power to enable you to overcome to sit with me in my throat that's the power being then made free from sin Romans six eighteen says you become a servant somewhat righteousness you become a servant of righteousness because God set you free from sin not in sin from sin the difference in this I never appreciated Psalms seven arming them that the Shepherd Psalm and tell why I read this and I've been studying this he restores my soul he lead me where house of righteousness and passive righteousness for his namesake he is looking for hold up a people through the universe is a C they love me with all their hearts they will follow the Lamb wherever the Lamb leads that don't go with me and do whatever I have devil you are wrong you life from the beginning and here is the people you are the one he's looking for to vindicate his name before watching there's my favorite quote Christ object lessons page three thirty three as the will of man cooperates with the will of God what happens it becomes omnipotent that a take a lot of thought on each one of our parts the what that really means what that really means in your own personal life will amend will of God equals one omnipotent will while I him Jesus said I am the way I am the Wi-Fi in the truth all this comes in and connects with you to become one one you have truth to power everything that God has whatever how much what ever is to be done at his command may be accomplished how in history all his meetings are enabling hallelujah to that is the will of God to cleanse us from sin to make us his children and to enable us to live a holy life where word we see ourselves in that it is there any works involved in that noise if God is going to cleanse us God is going to make us and God is going to enable it's all about it's all about him it's all about his power the devil continually tries the blindness about the power of God to do in our lives Jesus answered and Nicodemus three times Nicodemus you must be born again you must be born again you must be born again you see there's a problem with the first verse so you must be born again and when you're born again you got a whole new being right it's not the same old when no it's a whole new beat you die in the baptismal tank now unfortunately not everybody is dying nowadays which are supposed to die the baptismal tank the old man is dead you resurrected to the new man in Jesus Christ God is now living in you and begins making changes day by day moment by moment in your life and do not be conformed Romans twelve to says to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind all we have been so conformed to this world would been so sucked in with everything here on planet Earth brothers and sisters realized we've got to change we cannot have business as usual we are in the last moments of verse history am so convinced of that we are an eternity we know we talked about this this week Jesus wanted to come in eighteen forty four ten eighteen eighty eight about nineteen oh three he wanted to come again everything was in place the latter rain was beginning to be poured out the loud cry when starting and we would know here we are again at the borders of the eternally be transformed by the renewing of your mind don't be conformed to this world that takes a dramatic alteration when we're here when were surrounded with it moment by moment billboards and magazines and everything in the stores and everything in life the people around us everything that's happening it takes how worth from God to make it happen it can't happen on our own it's just not going to get think you can do it on your own you're kidding yourself you're kidding yourself you come home just like I was old worn-out sorry I said that this incident oh Lord I'm sorry over and over and over and over them he got sick on we got to realize we've got to have God 's the change transformation the word there be therefore transformed we talked about it the other day the Greek is metamorphosed where we get our word metamorphosis basically I say from a worm to a butterfly and I asked the other day since I has to keep anybody here want to be worms in summary raise their hands back to thought I said war is that it will lead a so few people raised their hands so makes only later that touches and warm I said no I said were so warm is okay we want to be hot for God right but we don't want to be worms rather than sisters we don't want to crawl on down in the dirt the dust eating like the serpent the best of the year we want to fly with Jesus Christ what you say let this mind you which was in Christ Jesus what one line was that a mind that surrendered his own will he says I can do nothing on my own self as I hear your prayer and study I judged in my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but what the will of my father and we are to overcome as Jesus overcame and here we find how he did it he sought only the will of the father we need to seek only the will of our Lord Jesus Christ the mind of Christ he was a man of prayer prayer is the key in the hands of faith on walking the storehouse where treasured stuffed boundless resources of omnipotence you want to be looked into the boundless resources of omnipotence prayer prayer that was the key Jesus spent sometimes all night in prayer and he came forward refreshed and invigorated again to do battle with the devil and every day every day in your life it's a battle with the devil and unless you've got the armor of God unless you've got the power of omnipotence you're going to be beaten plain and simple but you don't have to be because God has it all right there for you the part you need to do is choose and reach out and take the mind of Christ he knew and apply God 's word in everyday situations it is written Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God that's how he defeated the devil right there on the wilderness and word of God and the devil had nothing else to say remember my own personal testimony there was God and the devil dating over me and the Devil say things and that's a settlement that will shut up he had nothing else to say good because meta-analysis this is so beautiful now if some of you are sitting out there some of the sound of my voice I think I just can't do it it's too much for me and I'm too bad I just don't too much against God with this how many men are so while I have fallen so low as to BB on the working of this power hallelujah praise God in all who will submit themselves to the Holy Spirit a new principle of life is to be implanted got implants Holy Spirit in our lives and restore the lost image of God that is just so absolutely amazing just so amazing there were times in my life when I went along with it I'd read Ellen White says will be walking get to heaven walking through the green fields everybody stops and his praises God as a I didn't really feel like that in my life I had I just didn't have that that saying about that kind of joy but as I continued to study and pray it in commit more time to prayer and Bible I shared with somebody yesterday the prayer situation there are times you know that I go to bed it's nighttime and I'm framework thank you so much of anymore please bless my foods and will wait a second this is not dinnertime I'm going to bed you know my mind to wander everywhere and I heard somebody talk about journaling inside of journaling you will get into a book and start writing out my prayers I began to do that I might start out with just praising God and one old preacher one time says decision oasis if you can't think of anything to praise God for hold your breath for five minutes and then start again I begin praising God writing out all these things and then pretty soon I get into Lord forgive me and watch me and cleanse me and make me a new creature and you and him my mind and heart of life for fit then I can start praying for others and interceding for others at that point and that begin making a difference it was so incredible because my mom and dad we pray for them and we worked on them for four years your years and years Monday were driving in the car with them more often Oregon driving the car we go past the yard sale my mom said well this is unsatisfactory within the well I guess were not in a be doing those anymore and she leans forward to my dad in the front seat said should we tell him honey so I guess this is what we decided were going to be baptized and another seven in their seventies in the area and there were in their seventies and I said hallelujah praise vessel maybe you should study them out yet we'd like to do that as we begin sending them various studies and they discussed Blix cited in order with this such a rail all of a sudden went when you get the focus correct when you get it all right God is able to answer prayer in your life you are not only change your life what would you begin changing the lives of others that you remember Jesus went clear across that that seed to get to the other side to meet this old demon possessed guy man I mean he was shackled he would shame we talked about the other day just just need and want anything to do with religion he didn't want anything to do with any kind of restraint but God came there specifically forgets about me that touch the heart of Aslan two thousand at least looks like at least two thousand demons and that may two thousand demons and Jesus told them get out of here get out of here in they could not resist that's what we need to understand they couldn't resist God seemingly because deep down were told in the heart of this man he wanted delivered senior forward he wanted to submit at that point in time finally he gotten the police would submit one Wilke he couldn't even say that God can read his thoughts and new ESA demons leave and so this man very was closed then and in his right mind emboli Church also say hallelujah hallelujah and some basic man you lost your mind kidney suggests that the mind of Christ now hallelujah hallelujah the wheel is the governing power in the nature of man here's where the rubber meets the road bringing all other faculties under its sway the wheel is not the taste of inclination but it is the just siting power which works in the children man unto obedience to God or of the disobedience of the will is the power of decision or choice so here it is this is your part this is your part the will choice decision which way do I go it was from the father the Christ counseling through the power that enabled him to keep his life free from the spot were statements statements sent it was this power that enabled him to resist temptation member Jesus there in the garden father leaving a young man in his early thirties what young man wants to die father if it be possible let this cup pass from me this is where the real battle was fought this is where it all happened yes it was it was tough on the cross but this is where the real battle for you and for me was father I don't want to do this there's got to be some other way Lee's father but not mine will your you and for me again there's the choice our wheel are realistic governing power of the mind our will is what controls everything are you having problems are you sending the same sins in reality because your choosing your choosing choose that day to get to know God study his word study his word fall in love with him in once he becomes your passion you would rather die then knowingly commit a sin because you love them so much he means so much to you that's the situation you need to get into in order to quit the sending every day every moment now what we continually will be new things that come up all the time the devil will try new things God will reveal things in your life that you need to with his power work on but you don't need to keep doing the same old when you can please get on to the next when you yield up your will to Christ your life is here with Christ in God it is allied to the power which is above all principalities and powers you have a strength from God that hold you fast to his strength in a new life even the life of faith is possible to not everyone is says to me Lord Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven but he who what does the will of my father not doing my own will but the will of the father those are the ones who go because those are the ones who studied have a relationship and actually know what the will of the father is to as many as received him to them gave he power to become the sons of God we've got to receive him every moment and tour as the Dominican Republic during a series of meetings I was living with the pastor been there quite a few weeks after says Jimmy said is there any chance you can do a funeral for me today artwork tomorrow why as well as I got so many things going he said and in the fellow died and they need the funeral right away would you mind doing well I've been with you know I been here after quite a while eating his food never Shirley sell all next day next day I asked the pastor I got to thinking about because you move that afternoon as the pastor was CA seven Dennis know was he a Christian no matter of fact he hated Christians but now I realize what a pastor asked me to do we should ask these things before you say yes no well I fell great all great visit but the family you know their their their rent Denniston okay and by that after the walking over there with my Bible and I'm thinking what am I going to say I get I get there the home and there's people spilled out on the street there is people everywhere and they are surely right in the usher me right and stick me right against the wall walls right here and there's the casket right there it's an open casket filming is looking right at and I'm still thing I still don't have a clue what I'm going to speak in Mannheim on their announcing award please help and finally it's my turn and I just preach on the second coming of Jesus Christ I preach a powerful sermon I asked him invite all those people to come to my meeting tonight and in and see for yourself the power of God and what God wants to do and you and you love those people showed up that old man who hated Christians get soggy like the sermon what he had to say about nothing not a thing why it was in it was then we need to die to self every moment Paul says I die how often daily it is a daily situation we've got to die every day and if we don't were going to go it's that simple but if we die daily moment by moment invite God into our lives things will change in the church you know that the bickering and fighting it's it's a sad thing when pastor so you know I'm no longer fishermen but in my keeper of an acquired Brothers is we need to quit bickering and fighting in the church if we would die to ourselves nothing anybody says in a bottoming nothing that happens in the church is in a bother me even if the pastor says get out of here you're bothering us like this are Phoenician woman it isn't going to bother me because then there's too many people in the church of not die brothers and sisters and we need to give it all to Jesus Christ we need the diet itself daily I walk tomatoes downhill man they are there you know the situation these guys Cleo is having a tough day Jesus was crucified all their hopes are gone and it's interesting when Jesus draws alongside of them they don't recognize and buddy begins to share and every Scripture about himself to lift himself up in their eyes to lift Jesus up higher and higher and high and you know that situation that happened on to the vet and they said that none of hearts burn within us when they realize it was you want your heartburn and you get in the word of God boilers converted and that the preacher the preacher one day asking he said son how you feel an old man creature it feels like two dogs her fight inside really preacher says what all which one is when it available I said the one I say second two BC this boy understood the correct use of the web one I say second to which one you say second two which one as long as we're here on planet Earth were going to be subject in temptation but listen to this now temptation is not sand it's only an invitation to set we got to understand that sin only occurs when we accept the invitation Jesus they are out in the desert turn these stones to he had the horsepower under the hood he could turn the stones to bread it was a temptation to him and he chose not to do it he recognize it is a temptation and he chose not to do it driving down driving down the street in the summer I know what it's like here but some of these places driving down the street you're the crosswalk and demand side I'm sorry but some of these ladies have almost nothing on in the summertime now I can choose to first look oh temptation guys maybe ladies he did is juvenile see many guys walking with bikinis or whatever in the street but temptation first look I can choose to keep my eyes focused straight ahead and let that go out of my vision or eye can see although second look it's a sin second look you blown you can only choose to keep your eyes focused on that one because you're married to one who is so wonderful altogether lovely the sweetest roses share that's the only way you can keep your eyes focused where they should be we are in such terrible times I was in one conference and one pastor was sharing about how he'd been hooked on Internet pornography God delivered them but the look in the audience and I could see that there were others you know when we were in terrible times brother sister the devil wants to do everything to divert you away from eternal life he loves misery misery loves company he wants you miserable he wants you to die waiting he wants you to be burned up when Jesus comes we've got to recognize what's going on in the desperate struggle we are in you chose to continue the conversation with the devil and then that was sent and she turned away from the tree at that moment everything would've been fine but now she desired Brown Bill Peter Peter you know he is in the boat out there there there not feeling too good pretty soon they see Jesus walking across the water and were told that he was walking and stepping from white Y care on amazing ways out there and all of a sudden Peterson large artifacts you tell me to get out of the boat now that takes in my opinion some dots to get out of a boat in that kind of weather and you never stepped on the top of the water before and Jesus to go ahead and Peter gets out and he's walking along this is pretty cool now for whatever reason either ways come up between him the Lord he looks back and brags a guys check me out whatever happened he began to sink and immediately met he's like a rock and he yells the shortest prayer Lord save me Lord save me and you know in that instant that very instant God is right there reaches down answers at prayer and graphs that we give Peter a terrible time we get zero horrible time oh you know Peter yet look at the East something that was but I want to ask you questions when and how did Peter get back to the boat he walked on the water arm in arm with Jesus Christ Peter became a water walker he began learning how to how to walk on water with God with God the one who controls everything you can become a water walker today you can be changed you can be transformed God will lift you higher and higher and higher behold I am the Lord the Lord Donna Ball is there anything too hard for me will that's a trick question actually and I heard nothing in the front row and I'm not going to grade you down for that today but God cannot force you to be saved against her will that God cannot do that's one thing in all the universe God cannot do because he's given you free will to the brothers and sisters he emptied all of heaven to convince you to choose him all of heaven to convince you to choose and I mean all of them all of heaven when Jesus on Calvary 's cross when Jesus was there in the garden say not my will he emptied all of heaven to convince you to give your wheel the trust and he says I am trustworthy I am Trustmark knowing this that the old man but what the old man is crucified with him that the body of sin might be destroyed that henceforth we should not serve sin Romans six six three chapters in Romans deal with justification six and a half chapters on sanctification twice as many on what God wants to do in its roasted changes now don't ask God to give your foot to guide your footsteps if you're not willing to move your feet you can stay where you are you currently say this for a whole week you can't stay where you are and go with God I love them I get so silent and hear a pin drop because you think God wants us all to think about it God wants us to have had such a depth and grasp of this because then he can give us victory understand crucified the old man's destroy them we don't serve sin and we live forever we don't by now the old man was now we continue in sin and we die forever that's a two choices we have are you not conscious that you are the servants of him too you give yourselves after sin the ending death or have to do the desire of God the ending righteousness him is unjust let him be unjust still when this has happened Jesus is in the sanctuary he walks out of the sanctuary he's ready to come back he throws the sensor down and this is his proclamation before he comes back to take us home even as unjust let him be unjust still either which is filthy let him be filthy still he that is righteous let him be righteous still and he that is holy let him be holy still our eternal destiny is fixed the moment Jesus stepped out of that sanctuary when he comes back to take his people home it is too late at that time to change anything the traits of character you cherries in life will not be changed by death or by the resurrection you will come up from the grave with the same disposition you manifested in your home and in society oh that's scary for some Jesus does not change the character at his coming the work of transformation must be done when now our daily lives are determining our destiny brothers and sisters that you're going to be a saint in heaven you've got to be a saint now and in this is not again I state for those who may confuse this this has nothing to do with work this has to do with surrendering your will to the one who can do it all in you and behold I come quickly Jesus said and my reward is with me to give every man according to his work shall be it's already decided the judgment has been decided it's all happened and he comes back with the reward for his sheet over the goats it is submission to sin that brings the great unhappiness of soul is not poverty but disobedience that lessons man's hope of gaining eternal life which the Savior came to bring in for riches you program enduring happiness these are found only in what entire surrender to God in perfect reconciliation to his will everyone on me everyone may place is well on the site of the will of God may choose to obey him and by thus linking with divine agencies he makes stand where a much nothing can force them to do evil I didn't have any other statement that is an incredible statement child guidance at two oh nine he may stand where nothing can force the doing or nothing can force you to do evil submit yourselves therefore to God James says resist the devil and he will flee from you draw nigh to God he will draw nigh to you cleanse your hand you sinners and purify your hearts you double minded humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up hallelujah praise God for that no old man at Haiti had a beautiful old home right on the beach every day this young couple would walk by that home and they dated Meyer that house is sold if we can only bind at home to raise our children right here on the ocean oh it would be some and every day and every day they walked on finally one day be thought always we just got to go see him knock on the door fomenting the Dorset please would like to buy your house no it's not for sale is not for sale not going to sell this this one on day after day after day and find the old man finally settle cases all cell one two conditions one he said that I said if I ever want to buy it back I had an opportunity and the other is I get to keep that nail out on the up above the front door all sure how much then okay that man the transaction was made and they paid your men they moved in the family and they were just a had wonderful years enjoying the house it was just so excited and wanting open the door it's the old man wanted by my house back one no I don't want to sell workgroup but the whole family here we're just having so much fun it's just been such a joy no we don't want to sell comes back again new management of the Fox against Lehigh I'd like the White House no and then one day in the figure some foul smell it seems like it's coming in the house and he goes he is trying to figure out where this is going everywhere in the home he can't find a file opens the front door and there is a dead animal hanging at the front door offer that many at what is going on he starts to reach out to take it on the own answers and that's my nail your picture naming male that was our deal and pretty soon the stench was so vile so bad they sold the house brothers sisters one name one male one cherry sin in your life will allow the devil to hang the filthy assistants there is that we'll keep you want to determine submission surrender what you do now choose you this day whom you will serve very interesting situations in the Bible in acts twenty four remember Paul's in prison and he comes before Felix and Priscilla Felix you know what had been a slave he bought himself out of slavery and now he's married a Jewish is been married before but there there there were the real up and comers and and he is he is kind of vicious in his rulership Paul comes before the many reasons with them righteousness temperance and judgment all of a sudden Felix is looking toward the judgment it scares them instead father sending you can see all the vile things he's done and it really and really worries it but he responds the call I'll call you a more convenient time that this this really is an inconvenient time Paul and Paul appears before Agrippa and he lays out the same things before King Agrippa Gruppo thinks about it ponders it goes over and over and over in his mind the whole situation and be responsible almost give almost persuaded me all to be a Christian all months and then we find Paul there you know you're thrown into the Philippian prison and he began singing the jailhouse rock down in the bowels of that prison and pretty soon the whole prison shakes all the rocks come tumbling down in the jailer things that revise escaped I'm going to be killed the runs out and positive in the nominal wink wink wink were still here everybody still here and then the amazing thing this jailer sees the light he says the Paul what must I do to be safe what must I go to be safe three situations three responses about for each one of us I'll call you in a more convenient time this really isn't a convenient time got a new job I've got this this situations going on with the family I really don't have time to study that you know they're there so much demand in my time I this really is a convenient time maybe I'll make this full one hundred percent commitment some other time some other time now we make we may walk out the door we may we may do something else and say no no no not right now or we might might not be like Agrippa so you know I've come this close this close to committee is sitting there this morning and you're this close for gentlemen say what must I do I will do anything praise God heaven is cheap enough he's gotten the vision what's your response today what is your response today I'd like you all if you want to accept Jesus if you want to say Lord what must I do to be saved all doing anything and everything what ever it is I want to surrender my will to you is our final meeting today by Tuesday and I wonder this morning after somebody would say Lord I need I need even more here I I just board I I need special prayer I need this special time I'd like to invite you to come for maybe you've maybe you committed to God a longtime but you want to do it in a new and fresh and vibrant way this day forward I invite you right now where you're move your chair nobody are income for wood but that last line again Jesus Christ will lift us up Jesus will give you a vibrant life life like you've never experienced before he has a plan for you to do things in the things I am doing now I would've never dreamed possible because I don't have the mind of God but God does he's got your life mapped out just waiting for you to say Lord what ever you want to do with me I'm your servant on your clay mold me and make me in shape you are that's what God wants to do for you each one of us here today I've had a wonderful time with all of you not like to our I do this because I gets me so excited thinking about it the first Sabbath in the new Earth is probably to be terribly busy I don't know exactly doing what but I've got a feeling it's going to be pretty exciting as will every Sabbath I like to make a date with all of you on the second Sabbath under the tree of life I like to meet with you like to do that I think this can be an exciting family reunion I want to see all of you there and by God 's power he will get us all their lets out for Shelley Lord and just want to thank you so much today for your incredible love Alana thank you father for this camp meeting for all these dear people fought your children the ones you died for and more the ones you live help us now each one you look at every hard in every life put your arms around his holds tightly Lord give is your power given is your strength help us to walk on the victory with you every moment every day so soon we can look up a signal this is our God we waited for you and I were going home with you forever we look forward to that data that time can be there under the tree of life Fellowship in together insane as we look around praise God heaven is cheap enough thank you in Jesus name amen


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