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If God Is Good: Why Does He Seem So Mean? (Part 1)

Andy Im


Andy Im

Associate Director for the Dept of Public Campus Ministries in the Michigan Conference. Director of the Institute of Adventist Apologetics for C.A.M.P.U.S. 




  • June 16, 2011
    11:00 AM
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my father we thank you so much once again for being with us we also here because we want to make sense of the things that are written in the Old Testament of Scripture of holy Scripture we pray that you would guide us and give us your perspective not ours and lead us to true and I went thank you Lord we assess in your name and really obvious that a portion of it is going to be a dialogue more than anything else I want to make it somewhat more conversational because this is something that I think all of us have thought about and are already very leave have the back of our minds what do we do with this Old Testament God that seemingly contradicts the New Testament Jesus and God of the New Testament and soul this has been this issue here in regards to the Old Testament God has especially been made a point of attack by the new atheists so not only are we attempting or our attempt here will be not only to the extent God and that's one of the primary things will be doing is defending God again see the past but also an end this is my hope that some of the questions that we have in our own minds will also be resolved to an extent but and and having said that will also discover that we don't have all the answers and as a matter of fact the experts Bible believing experts both add venison and otherwise conservative scholars also admit that we don't have all the answers but having said that we do have the not to awesome vision like upon which to base our free and that's good news soul keep that in mind I would be reiterating some of those things and end the point I want to make as we don't want to go to either extreme and end the first extreme extreme being that we don't face up to the fact because runaway from these things we shall then we locked the door we put it behind another vault the door and throw away the Kenya want to do that I because we want to come to some type of a conclusion of who God is in the Old Testament at the same time we don't want to go jump to the other extreme and say well what they're claiming it's all true and honest and jump on there that bandwagon because that's the popular thing to do so we don't want to just go to that extreme either soul of having said that is glad and movable work if God is good why does he seem so me especially in the in the old has been other new AES as Paul Colton he is one of the leading up Bible believing he's not Adventist but he is a Bible believing Christian school is who makes a strong biblical and historical attempt to defend God I just see that happen he says that the new that they the new eighties are the new public popular face of atheism the picture of Richard Dawkins and a notice what one of the things he says Internet a remarkable coincidence almost everyone has the same religion as their parents and it ended always just happens to be the right religion religions run in families England and brought up in ancient graves we would all be worshiping Zeus and Apollo oh and more marketing will be worshiping won't pan out for how does this come about both the childhood indoctrination he says and by the way is there some truth to this statement sadly yes and that's what makes their arguments compelling because Satan would never win a seat anybody that there wasn't some components or components of truth to it and so he is making sadly enough some truthful statements here and more assumptions so we need to make sure that we or Seventh-day Adventist Bible believing Christians not because mom and battle because we also have studied it out and we see that that the God that that the religion or the Christian Seventh-day Adventist denomination that were involved in is actually a biblical Christopher Hitchens how many of you have seen him before on that on television and the media are anything like that he is he suffering from cancer are currently but very very vitriolic against Christians and is not a fact he is data Christians of that religion is evil at it it is called UMass occurs and is just inherently innately evil and and anti-intellectual he says this let me just tell you something quote for hundreds and thousands of years this kind of discussion and meeting the discussion of his Christianity true I don't believe in Christianity and the arguments against Christianity even if discussion is that would've been impossible to half and this is true statement by the way or the like that's what had been having it at the risk of our lives religion outcomes one ingratiating way big others have to give so much ground and because we know so much more what you know right to forget the way you behave when strong Negro breaker that the middle ages in the middle of the religions and when it really did believe that it had gone on its side and so what's happening is because in the name of Christianity a plethora of atrocities have occurred the aliens are using this as ammunition to say Christianity all it leads to it it's killing and murder atrocities in the name of God and and so he sees it as an evil phenomenon a menu have a Sam Harris and when I can read that little of portion there of course he again is one of the leading proponents one of the four horsemen if you will say that the claims of being a if you are a Christian that means your you know you don't have a high view of abusing your of your intellect and a not being honest intellectually honest and then yet Daniels on Danette who completes the four Horsemen and he is a professor at the house and also very vocal and anti- in his anti-Christian stances so some of the claims of the of the new atheists and yell will will will really hear the God of the Old Testament is arguably mightily this quote is a you find it everywhere eats these noted these make been popularized because of this statement but how do you know what is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction bonuses use of words there jealous and proud of it a petty unjust unforgiving control freak of vindictive bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser a misogynistic homophobic racist and genocidal genocidal suicidal pestilential megalomaniacal sadomasochistic capriciously malevolent malevolent bully but you have to know the definitions of all the words to know to get a picture that you are not seeing God as someone brought right does it doesn't take and that the brain of mice I could figure that out that he sees God as an evil being at least what the gone records represented in the Old Testament was the powerful words speaking of the Canaanites in the end the Old Testament and by the way that was speaking of the King knife and the Old Testament one the fourth horseman says it is endlessly driven out of their homes to make a room for the ungrateful when mutinous children of Israel speaking of the Old Testament the warrant for trafficking in humans for ethnic cleansing slavery for right price of pricing more purchasing of a brine as an single women as objects another thing that they claim for indiscriminate massacre Sam Harris not those of the previous I was Christopher engines Center says it is not only of the character now where did anxiety the character of God who the audience is diabolical devilish in other words in the Old Testament but there are explicit and prescriptions for how to live that are not metaphors they are not open to theological judo in other words what he's saying is what the reading that you have in the Old Testament what the Old Testament 's ass you Christians can work any type of judo around it it just painting a picture of God who is vindictive and raffle it and it's in clear language I don't care what you say there's nothing you can do there is no theological judo that you can do to rectify God just comes right out he says SS stole people for a list of offense is so preposterous and all-encompassing that the killing never stops by the way in our history of Christians have you and legitimize their atrocities human being of the Old Testament so there is some truth to their claims and then he says that you have to kill people for working on the flap so are they are they raising some real issues here I mean stuff that that that I idle me and I don't believe we can just shout we need to confront these because because it is it is being hurled at Christians these type of the Paxil charges against God and I wanted the whole gambit of from inferiority of women the Old Testament endorses this a slavery of God was jealous and self-centered the universality of the Mosaic law sin got been arbitrary the judge anybody for a set of laws that were confined to a specific people I sold a of course he sees that as injustice ethnocentrism outright pricing the binding of Isaac Rivest another pack child sacrifice for example favoring one at the error the city of of Jews over over anybody and everyone else genocide and of course arbitrary laws you know and argument might go like this the world you stoned someone possibly picking up sticks on the Sabbath and and by the way as I see those very words I'm very sure as some of you are also thinking now the world do we do with this I know I have have had those thoughts and and and so and those are honest of reflections somewhat related to the question what we to do and and by the way of what I did in this study as also being of the Bible as Austin spare prompt also went for went over to see while one other Bible believing scholars are thinking and how they're responding because currently it happened his up and sad to say that we don't have a voice that is reaching the world of Morgan and I believe that we need and God is blessed you with with intellect and a mind to go into and delve deeper into these things and study some of these things because it is his sorely needed in today's day and age of all open unknown Adventists already says this he says some of us awareness when we read Dawkins and and and other APS when we read there were not just because we find them offensive but because the world as we sometimes find ourselves thinking the same way when we read the Old Testament one with a makeup test testing of God meeting out horrific punishments on whole family like a gimmick or a court God smite the man dead for touching a sacred object over offering the wrong kind of sacrificial fire how are we to understand the language of God 's anger jealousy or vengeance alongside what we have been taught about God 's love mercy and compassion goes on to say the Bible believers should show them under their holy rocks meaning it will estimate the ethical challenges as people of the book Christians should honestly reflect on such matters would you agree what that unfortunately most have given Christian leaders are reluctant to tackle such subjects and the results are fairly predictable and by the way what we need to do is not just have some little oh that we memorize that superficially addresses these issues and we need to go beyond that because the arguments that are being hurled at Christians are much deeper and cannot be resolved from just one little text will need to delve deeper and and and look at these honestly and and squarely went on to someone are one of the results that are fairly predictable one where reluctant to tackle such subjects we goes on to say when uninformed Christians are challenged about these that a meeting rattle rattle in their faith and and I think that's something we need to address I would highly recommend by the way keeping in mind that he is a non- Adventist but nevertheless he has a lot of insightful things in and what scholars do that pastors don't have resources for is that they may tell deeper into the history the vide the culture of the ancient Canaanite world at that time as a leave they are attempting to Russell with with it within the context that be the events took place in and I and I think that's important I think that's very important that we know we do that one big problem for any interpreter is this we're dealing with an Old Testament facts that as we mulled in both time and culture in many cases been doing it is born all that patient right conveyed they kicked out these tax right as liked as a therapist there going through Deuteronomy that going to Joshua the readings are the nervous look in for ammunition right how me you read the Bible in that fashion right on approved I got wrong on the nature of Christ are undeniable that person away on the Sabbath or are or what have you and not the way we should be starting the Bible for any gift or Rosses Christians but so what will their billions are there there superficially reading Scripture and are not Asian in the sense that they're not attempting to understand this complex text Paul open says in their historical context and within the broader biblical canon and and soul soul of their arguments though they seem compelling or also superficial and that they're not providing the whole picture context so with that said some rules of thumb as we delve into this first and foremost number one we must admit as Bible believing Christians we don't have all the answers as one Christian puts it however strongly we believe in divine revelation we must acknowledge both that God has not revealed everything when Joel was suffering at the hands of Satan if you know why all the lines in the house and all the questions no he did not but he was seeking yet remain faithful to his God so God has not revealed everything we need to keep that in mind and much of what he has revealed is not playing now that the whole lot descriptor that is playing on there or something on the flip side of that that are not that are not plain meaning there is no explanation there's no blood no where God qualifies some of his actions so we need to begin reading Scripture and an attempted he's together some of these incidents that and phenomenon that it that it Scripture Christendom were writing who has has wrestled with many of these beings but this way it is impossible to be asked for your athletes can be on being that we do understand or should understand because God has made it clear in the Bible while accepting our lack of understanding about many other things that God has not told into explained to us that it is always a humility and even gratitude and relief we can be our quickly honest about the things we don't understand without threatening our core phase in the truth of the things we can and should understand and so so that the first that the first thing is we have to as a rule of thumb recognize that we won't have all the answers that we may not come to an exhaustive conclusion the author -based conclusion based on all the facts were to we also remember that our thoughts are not God 's thoughts and the fact that spiritual things are spiritually discerned by the way Isaiah fifty five eight and nine is where we find that the passage that states that that our thoughts are not God 's thoughts and if you want to turn in your Bibles there is cannot read the passage quickly Isaiah fifty five versus a tinnitus of this modern thought Scott says are not your thoughts nor are your ways my ways says the Lord for as the heavens are higher than the art so alarming my ways higher than and not necessarily just in a moral sense but in terms of how God approaches and thinks about things is sold hi there we even begin to comprehend how God goes about making a decision you think that the visiting when we make decisions is based on a limited set of facts that we happen to know when God makes decisions at knowing everything right the big difference between God and us in the decision-making process and so solely we keep in mind that his ways are higher than our ways infinitely higher and in his thoughts that our thoughts we don't we already read these the Texan in first Corinthians chapter two eleven to twelve and an verse fourteen how spiritual things are spiritually discerned at the AES will never pass spiritual discernment is true that the Holy Spirit may be working in guiding and and attempting to influence our minds but at the same time they are they don't have the same eyeglasses that you and I have so that's rule of thumb number two to recognize that our thoughts are not God 's thoughts and that spiritual things are spiritually discern as we attempt to understand some of these these difficult issues number three of the rule about you are not going to convince or win all or any close minded alias per se with any arguments why because their pride is at stake I went prior to that state and your pride in that state and it's about not about you but who can win no one 's going to in the heat of passion and pride admit that their fault right that's what we don't convert people but beating them over the head with a stick I guess that's kind of the book the will I sure will bring you out thank you for that so that is only when you keep in mind that the purpose of the meeting is not for you to grab ammunition to go out there people at work I do not know when anybody in such fashion I'm responsible so let's delve into no the sum of philosophical response to some of the issues raised meeting how do we even approach these issues what type of lens do we need to lower or perspectives do we need a half to even began this dialogue in this debate and that's what I mean by a philosophical response that does not go with what Plato and Aristotle today and Abraham you in the context of God going to Sodom and Gomorrah right and and and Abraham knew what that was all about in Genesis eighteen he knew that they were on the verge of extinction right and Abraham raises the question that you and I may have asked of God if we replace in a similar situation will not charge of all the earth do right if there are fifteen or fifty righteous people can you block them out all of you can do that so he's incentive regardless even bargaining with God is bargaining with God at six forty five forty twenty right because he knew that that God was an arbitrary and and he asks a question that you and I may also be asking as we assess these things Elijah also asked question source all why would be statements of the you have Bible biblical problem about being robbed and who also asked similar questions wonder the way of the week giving rise for wireless the happiest to you you'll treacherously with other people sometimes it just is it's a challenge to make sense of these things so were looking at eight a philosophical I'll respond here and before we even attempt to address this issue we need to answer to resolve this question of why God permitted evil in the first place it is in and that a fair question to ask why they even allow all this to go on as far as I let alone the Old Testament and so we had added and if I believe have a great position because we had the great controversy perspective that helps us to interpret this but when Lenny like in this response this this question why God permitted evil in the first place let me explain it in this way when God made the decision to permit or allow evil he was faced with a similar scenario or facing with a similar position as a commander in an army it when he has to make decisions and women come in an army has to make decisions and not the decision of having none of the soldiers die versus all the folders dying right that's not the decision he's making the decision of the soldier is making is how can I reduce twenty thousand dying all or how can I prevent twenty thousand of my folders buying and make it more like penpals write the one dog was looking at oh and on the world he knew there was some several things that that that he was confronted with number one he could save everybody the end that would be no question he could save everybody but in order to do that that would be in the know with no guarantee for everyone foundation unless he took away the will or the freedom of every person 's ability to choose right SL white ones you want to allow for choice and the freedom of choice then is no longer in God 's control so that's and that's one clear thing that that he needed to keep in mind the other thing is the second thing is he said he also had to consider the cost for example to get to this in a second here he could've just said you know what I know in the future if I allow Satan to go on that he's going to cause Adam and Eve all sin and then millions are in the fall or are going to leave the lead to destruction in both things on on the basis of his foreknowledge and so he could have he could have just assume the same fell he could have a just completely like you know I like you do that in a computer you might want to stop and then just select all and he couldn't believe it so that gymnasts split moment that Satan fell into it it just said select all delete and save him just kept on going and none of this would've ever could've done what God is so faithful to his belt his own principles that he stands by that he did not do that when you have been much easier for them to do that but that will Audrey and who he is the VI the philosophy and local law love with the man who requires the voice and soul that was not in that was not an option so now we've confronted with the option of okay you know in and I'm I'm I'm speaking for God herein and I'm just probably yelled this is probably not in the process got goes through right but I'm just kind of a humanizing it if you will and and and putting it in language that we can explain that all or understand so here God is confronted with a decision how to win that supplies right both wore seat versus both wore lost how the why and how I need to look at all the scenarios and what is the very best scenario and repair and reality that and decision that I can make so that that instead of everyone being lost at least the good Chong or portion of humanity will be saved through the blood of Jesus Christ and and him and I I think that in my humble opinion was some portion of the very least a part of all some of all processes that might have gone in through the mind of God we we we know this this is also a biblical principle you know the of the story in lieu of about counting the cost right I give her best sermon how how before we make a decision even to follow Christ we need to count the cost and no what we're getting ourselves into and I believe God did the same thing so we need to approach this whole argument from this person and there are no burn no great options that are only bad options and worse options and God is choosing amongst the best options that he had given free will and free choice that I make sense all right the scope for little or no absolute winners in the sense that everyone would be safe and I would be absolutely victorious in the sense that every individual would obtain salvation soul God in this sense the decision God made was a result of a complete and unlimited deliberation by means of which got considered and weighed every possible circumstance and its ramifications and decided to settle on the particular option key desire hence logically prior if not chronologically prior to God 's creation of of this of this choice a reality while the divine deliberation concerning which Worrell to actualize in one of those decisions was to maintain free will for you and I and I probably wasn't even an option on the table because he would never even disliked that the other thing we need to keep in mind that there were issues involving the great controversy between Christ and Satan that God needed to be resolved as so as we seek to answer this question of why God permitted evil in the first place why did he allow it to go on for so long we have to look at it from the great controversy perspective because there were issues involving the law of God there were issues involving the government of God and also issues involving the character of God all licenses and patriarchs and Prophets page sixty nine from the first the great controversy on the long gone same shot to prove that God was unjust that is law was faulty and that the good of the universe required to be changed in enacting the law he gained to overthrow the authority of its author and the controversy it was to be shown whether the divine statues were defective and subject to change or her and immutable and moving forward why did God permit rebelling to mature well I'll pick up the Prophets page forty one and asked what once that's what this number is here these all these quotes are from Craig a drop in profits page forty one it says that Scott permitted Satan to every four workers were on chill the spirit of this affection arriving into active revolt it was a necessary for his plans to be fully developed that search true nature and tendency might be seen by all because because the angel that I did not have a complete understanding of the aims and purposes of Satan and end and so he got allowed to move forward number two God can employ only such means were consistent with truth and righteousness Satan could use what God could not flattery and to see his salt to falsify the word of God and had misrepresented his plan of government claiming that God was not just imposing laws upon the Angels so sold Satan is making these accusations against God 's law against God government against God 's character and what it can happen at God Gazette was and then just boom out of the sky at on birth order in your first impression or wanted in your thoughts on her number we just step a very good morning the second point is I only get my action gather because if not unending troubles and Ed and I think about this way right God wants only the service that springs forth from love right there with a dog we really want like a ten acre by my families of the dog barking on on our property and this was so annoyed five years ago and this dog was once barking like as in like this I am claiming this area that that where you're at and he was inching closer and closer and we were looking from our our second the second floor this dog was barking at us in our house has sold and by the way I don't recommend doing this but one of my family members happen to have a age twenty two now you can shoot a dog for the word about that it ensures the dog but as his dog was barking and barking very and a law allowing for one of my family members according to shoot the dog he just shot the gun in the air and I we had a bigger bark we had gone right really gone as soon as we saw that that God that go on the running in a never came back ever again right he'll grade rightly obeyed that before anything about the story as is as is done with shot our own dog also to go running anyone gone for like unlike five hours he also got scared and the problem is one of the conundrum that I gone was that he could not he could not need to have a bigger God but he could not use it because that ingenuity would jeopardize civil kingdom and end and not only that he wouldn't even use that as an option because God is a God of love so why why God permitted we going to mature before of part it was there it was therefore necessary a Christian prophet says to demonstrate people inhabiting the heaven and of all the world that God 's government is Joss 's law and the true character of the usurper and Israel object must be understood by all of you can God values understanding he must have time to manifest himself by his wicked work you can die as patients a whole lot of patience in all I've been learning patients because I have another dog and the dog doesn't come on right I just want you know we live in a generation where we need to fix since zero we more Internet is slow but it says that it is like deathly slow annual SSO we live in this fast food generation were we want everything where I'm glad and I'm grateful that God is not like you're not that he allows things to you about the process to go on so that you and I can come to whom Jones at all and at our pace and are kind he doesn't pull out that gun and shoot day right even though that would get that would be a quick fix to the situation does not for God permit is a can demonstrate the nature of his claim that evil that evil is the result of God government outlawed the claims are to show the working out of his proposal of his proposed changes in the divine law is on the war his own work single word must condemn them the whole universe must see the deceiver on next number five infinite wisdom did not destroy Satan since the only service of luck in the acceptable that an example God is the allegiant of his creatures that must rely upon a conviction of his justice and benevolence had he been in neatly blotted out of existence someone absorbed on from here rather than from the six and an end you see why your knowledge of God is so important because your knowledge of God determines what you serve God from per year versus love a mistake the applicant of heaven and of the world being unprepared to comprehend the nature or consequences of sin could not then have seen the justice of God and the destruction of Satan the influence of the deceiver would not have been fully destroy more with the spirit of rebellion have been utterly eradicated and the seventh and final one God had to allow rebellion to mature and permitted it to go on for the good of the entire universe and so it only said this for the good of the entire universe to see for the ages he must more fully developed his principle that his charges against the divine government might be seen in their true light by all human beings and that the justice and mercy of God and the immutability of his law might be forever place beyond all question so when God is making decisions his contacts in the basis of his decision considers the higher cost and higher universe not just humanity and and soul that factored in so just just as a quick review why did God permit rebellion and able to mature number one so that Satan could reveal his true nature is claimed in rebellion because I was not understood at that time the Satan wasn't playing vital roles by God Watts and his family was to be made evident so and why did God permit evil to go on well contacted them as to demonstrate God 's law and government to be Jost and perfect to me at number four if you had to maintain the foundation and motive of God government which is love number five for the full comprehension of all created beings to fully eradicate sin and the spirit of rebellion and and the key word here is for comprehension and for eradication because if he would've just blotted out Satan and everyone is now sensing for me all you know you and they need to same for the Lord out of BR was the spirit of rebellion and a full comprehension have been obtained for Norway as so God in his own wisdom chose the plan that he did and this was of course with a good of the entire universe all right so there's also a a Jesus perspective and were also were still looking at the big picture here as we delve into these these questions about the Old Testament and some of these laws like you to with the fact that in the Old Testament slavery is assumed writing is not necessarily corrected it's just control in some ways to me as well when you read the Old Testament however if you have read the Old Testament and then take drugs and profit pop to know that you didn't realize were actually had multiple lot of you have ever read the Bible and an install this and you just thinking one whole you know the Bible stories never told me back that they had lights and why they were not just talking about David and Solomon there are multiple authors and so how do we make us of the fact that the Old Testament contains or assumes some things are still some things that today we would not assume and I believe Jesus provides some perspective on this issue he provides some perspective as to how we should interpret some of the ceremonial laws they were not an end in the careful how you listen to this this could be misinterpreted but some of the ceremonial laws they were not necessarily being based on an ideal the more the ideal and nor were they necessarily absolute and and so Anna and I'm want to qualify this statement but I do believe in it the ten commandments are our morally absolute and universal laws were talking about some of the ceremonial laws here and not just in front of the Sabbath but but a wide range of laws and energy here are my perspective in Mark chapter ten in reading the Pharisees came and asked Jesus and that lawful for a man to divorce his wife testing him and he answered and said to them what did Moses command you and they said Moses and that a man to write a certificate of divorce and to dismiss her no question the fact that God that that God through Moses allowed or permitted divorce to a car or would you would choose to continue conclude that that was God 's ideal home so he already has Scripture in the Old Testament you see somehow I want to sit that God had to make an entry that explains why Jesus answered and said to them because on the whole are less of your heart he ruled you this precept because of the hardness of your heart is not because that's that's the ideal plan of God for your life to marry and divorce to marry and divorce I'm not ideal even in permitting that is not an absolute ideal in fact to the contrary it was included because of the hardness of your heart that he wrote you this precept but from the beginning of the creation and hear Jesus provides the ideal the absolute ideal but from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female percent and for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and two shall become one flesh therefore what God has joined together let not man Sobran so this is the approach and this is the perspective that we need to view some aspects at the very leave you alone we approach the Old Testament and I believe this is as is vital this is a key point initially another example of this in a little bit how house some of the statements that are made in the Old Testament are to a specific people at a specific time to a specific mindset and culture okay so that that just because the open Old Testament and you really don't pick up sticks on Sabbath for example the silk I can pick up signals that her that God says is absolutely right as God 's word slap apply to my life right now he is absolute truth and we had and it is not yet in danger endanger ourselves we do that and I and and I'll upload like that in the second year so let's move forward we know at one Bible commentary and in and in in in in this context of what you just just stated there we know that the Old Testament law half to strike a balance between the ideals of God 's creation all standards and the realities of human life the clearest illustration of this tension comes from Jesus and the divorce controversy the argument was over the divorce law in Deuteronomy chapters twenty four Chapter twenty four versus one to four which as Jesus pointed out did not did not con man divorce but permitted unregulated it will save all the woman and is widely understood by my most callers that that the reason why God put that clause in there was to protect the woman because it is in the husband we just you know divorce or without any written agreement whatever June with an outcast being a single window during that period of time was not very advantageous to to put it as one way to put it goes on to say that Jesus takes his questioners further back in terms of the accommodating due to human sin and depravity and added and then just take this a questioner was further back and pulling to the creation ideal from Genesis chapter two verses of verse twenty four lifelong monogamous marriage is God 's best will for men and women but in a fallen world gone allow divorce because of your hardness of heart the same Scriptures drawn from the one for all state guys creation ideal and also legislate God 's concession to our sinfulness not the fact that he's condoning sin but he was meeting them where they were at but also with the mindset to take an higher soul is this approach helps us in our dealings with slavery and cling to me in the Old Testament and the same author Christian and Christopher Rice said that it seems probable that energy that had been asked questions involves lamebrain or about polygamy he wouldn't answer similarly meaning divorce is not God 's ideal but given that context unless it was in round numbers around and protect the woman so that there is no limit in a beautiful no one used back in the car and therefore I'm going to implement some concessionary laws to protect the situation when it does occur and and and I believe this is a very insightful comment by Christopher White when he says that it seems probable that she does it he was asked about slavery or if you were asked mostly agreeably to me he wouldn't answer similarly that here again he's trying to move into the abuse is given the context that it was so pervasive at that time with the ultimate goal of eventually eradicating because the principles of slavery slavery and polygamy or anti- scriptural right they are wrong from the beginning these things were not in God 's intention but in a fallen world of hardened hearts they might be accommodated with limiting and mitigating regulations and with a strongly subversive critique that would eventually lead to clearer recognition of their wrongness because this is the bottom line they then this is the issue at stake here you have these new atheists searching out these old testament texts that assume slavery they do not forbid slavery it assumes slavery providing parameters and so they look at these taxes a C Bob you for leaving slavery you see God never says anything about polygamy therefore he is endorsing polygamy and soul as we will rustle with with this question I've wrestled with these being for a long time and as so as we we look at these things to me this statement makes make some sense to me and and I'm not saying that it's been all conclusive answer and as I was mentioning earlier this is really a discussion that that were happy together that at least began as a or initiate a framework or put some thought and your mind so that you have at least a starting point for approaching someone very extremely difficult questions that make sense it's quite out there for wondering everyone sleeping what else they will will start off here because it's this this began the beginning of really looking at at at this issue here in and I hold that it's it's twelve years so we need to end but has some of this dialogue some of these printable principles been helpful in your understanding of approaching an addressee hostility things that you can see it's not easy and and I pray that God will continue to bless us and enlighten us as we as we study and delve into some of these things are the go-ahead and Ann Bauer heads were closing where prayer heavenly father we we come to you and in humility recognizing our limitations I'm not just the knowledge but in terms of infection intellectual capacity and understanding and Lord in spite of these beings were glad were happy that we also held at the same time have a sense of our weakness that we can continue to depend and lean on you for further growth in understanding and more guide us all throughout the rest of the NYC as we come back in and and have some further meetings to address some of these things we pray you direction in every way possible and necessary this media was brought by audio errors in website dedicated to spreading God 's reading sermon audio and much more he would like to know more about our universe is more certain and is www. audio source .org


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