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Don Mackintosh


Don Mackintosh

Chaplain/Pastor - Weimar Institute

Director - Newstart Global/the HEALTH Program (Health, Evangelism, & Leadership Training)



  • April 27, 2006
    12:00 PM
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him here more than talk about relationships I was about have met the Lord to lead today we again are together violent heaven were thankful today and we can come at this new and our permanent woman at the well that you met in the middle day and who came to realize who you were she was what your purpose was what her purpose was the life and as a result he reached the ten cities around here we stay worried about her today we ask that we would go from this place with a sense of power purpose and of your presence only come in your name okay this way to talk about relationships the first day we talk about God why why in the world would we man relationship of God and I got his German personal testimony about how I came to be a believer in God Howell of that journey was below very specific to me and let me know that there was a God he did exist it was interested in my life and he'd not only know me he wanted me to know him and was a real blessing and secondly we talked about on the won't like to write about second those parents yes right here is how how will you love your parents I was for those of you that don't get a lot of your precious love those of you until we were the same take a break and rest and we talked about that we find my bitterness we talked about how sometimes parents who can't get along with them but that doesn't mean we can't have balanced the dismantling limits the bitterness weekend take the initiative and that the end of time God wants to turn the hearts of the sons of the fathers in the Bible to the sons and bring healing to talk about how that happened in my experience as well then yesterday with about it here as well and I will share with you now love how my journey with friendships in the paying of trying to do things my way with friendships than the pleasure of learning how to do things God 's way of startup process and still make mistakes every day felt basically have been able to come here and share about in all my mistakes so healthy blood vicariously from that they don't have to repeat Sullivan today are you normal for his heart filed today Frank I can think of another title of the call the upside is that they would be gripping but I remember was working as a nurse I don't irrelevant people would say to me as I was still as especially a nursing student there was any are you a male nurse and to me that was somewhat offensive because in all looked obvious I thought so I'm a new hotel looked yet I I I believe so will you know what would give you an indication that I'm not you know so we had some interesting discussions and I also they will so that's not normal now so I'd I got used to being abnormal in some ways like it's a lustrous but the problem with some of them but here's the thing I believe that there's different definitions of normal I mean it if I do what normal is you might say something someone else that something else but ultimately if you want to have a definition of normal new data have an absolute you got asked something to look at that can't interview the baseline right this entire university is based on the fact that there are baselines there would be a low millennium there would be no science can last there was something normal there was the norm and there would not be any ability but that normalized there was an absolute Avenue agreement only when not agree with our normal is altogether now here's something interesting he only is philosophical stuff too much but I wouldn't say this to you there would not be science as we happen today unless there was an Judeo-Christian e-mail you are I said because in the cultures where God was seen as capricious and I unpredictable and imprecise and people just do not want to know and sell your mighty God billing bastard that they were always a reaction and they never could reason from cause to backstop on the whole list of these going to my computer but I forgot my core duo sometimes forget very important thing Harvard Cambridge Oxford all these places this eminent historians they say without this understanding of God that came from the Judeo-Christian context there would be no there would have never been this idea of we can discern absolutes and come to know so what you have here at Long Island University had any university is a reflection of the belief that there is a God and that there are precise absolutes under your with it now almost suggest to that you really can't haven't you can't do science without norms and you can have relationships about norms you can have meaningful relationships you can have relationships that just don't make it unless you have a norm however suggest to the same nor that we name of science is the norm that we need in our relationship that we would get back the exciting thing is that God himself according the Bible and the relationship I decide that intriguing glory in one nine five and he has acids is the foundation is interested in Deuteronomy as its hero is real-world Lord our God is one network one of the same as the in the Hebrew as Genesis chapter two verse twenty four words that the two shall become one flesh is not interesting so this relationship with God as idea of God 's if we know if we come to know him you know how says Adam knew his wife read it forms the basis of all the other relationships is our coordinators to come to know God are not the desire in his big desire for my life was when I was out of bounds since how can I get time back to normal at the time is like there is that I remember this patient will die with a given 's psychiatric unit at the unit I worked on had a closed sectional lock section in the open section and I like the lots assessing that I like working with the patients were on that lot unit because they were more likely to week we does just so much in income and then also I always there were somewhere in eleven Wednesday I was playing with this harbor fronting schizophrenic chassis multiply just immediately like you will be everyday I go in a minute this was a great job at that over-the-counter bleach saying an organ ping-pong will present their being knowing out well but that's okay so anyway was there I was an outlet and analyst playing with this guy things a little and slow in the middle of these games and start crying and didn't describe this disc is limbic system of physical graves are mauling but you know it's just as disease amounts of the Angela would always greet me it just only beat them I think once now because I move the space we went to the bathroom anyway that was a brilliant chess player finally I asked him if it is low why is it that you start crying and anything articulate things well you know it is allowed alone in the present isn't because you realize I'm about to what you he was crying about more moves before the end of every game I started to put together it was more than five to ten nose anomie and when he saw that I was about to go the wrong way to go in all when I discovered by looking at Hansa love schizophrenic that he was starting to limit system was overwhelming his frontal lobe the cries of one nonlimiting we always sounds out has allows you to make last a while the reason of blood I start become closer women the Bible is with this picture of God we pray for his children the end of Christ's life he was weeping for his children all Jerusalem Jerusalem I wanted your company but another words I want you to get back to normal but you're not listening you're going to go at the end of time the same thing recently wiping I was talking about today is getting back to normal is not only come to know God is in beta relationship with them which is the foundation of science in a real relationship is not only taking care relationships with our parents is not only taking care of our relationship with our peers but will suggest you coming to know God means to come into relationship with his macro plan for getting back to normal and I was suggesting that macro plan is called the act easy nor the act always he is act means out ailments to call called out as the fancy word for church going to tell you today that I would not be here today this university will not be here today science will not be here today without what we call the church I would say that I love the church I want to tell you that I am now beginning to understand only faintly at age forty three how powerful and wonderful culture as I tell you that I can defend everything the church does quantitative makes mistakes it's stable and effective voluntary that even though it is it is God 's powerful movement that he says the gates of hell will not prevail your resources the gates of hell will not prevail against it at the gates with a place where people make judgments and brought all kinds suspicions and everything all the theories that Gates were right there in the wall the surrounded the city and all of the things that were said about the city and the law is not going to prevail God 's search will go through amen and if were in that search in relationship with him in relationship with our parents and relationship of our prayers tears were going to have optimum happiness after I as I can know God bless and get things right with my parents and my peers I was drawn to the church but I didn't want to go the church my dad would do he was a fourth there are third-generation and as Mister Nama Portland so you know I ultimately got there but I didn't want to go there has understood a question to judge matters to be a Christian all you need and eligibility clause started to go to these different churches I will do one search where everybody spoken tongs and they jumped over the chairs in the pews and different things than this and I was there I will like it always try really get into they were like ran over me like I would get the spare one to beat me with a hint on the head and this other guy jumped over the purely discounted misjudge something a ran right into the wall no you laid down the ground he started speaking without and moaning drama try to minimize this but for some reason I just didn't work for me by a will there want to another church all men want to this one serves that wasn't charged by one and I had my hands in my pockets and the three nuns told me to take my hand up my pockets and an envelope and then they kicked me out so that the work worked too long I went all the searches at the same time I was trying to I was just trying to figure out what this relationship at this drawing power yup sometimes people go shopping for churches on the basis of their desires seven guys are the same time I was struggling with these different things and I want to Grand Rapids to get a job in Michigan I got a job got a job interview can be a flight nurse on their flights he married nine Benicia lesson will stuff a workable bit clogged to be a flight nurse and I got signed up and I got tired that I went to Chicago I was down there my buddies I thought about building a world atheist were still friends and I was down was down there I was losing this cash value tablet my friend last wife and more when you can work with Leslie is to say as I was flipping a cast-iron tub he dropped it and I thought I could catch the cat starts out don't do that and that he will need me to say that I I thought it this new movie levels that also has pain in my back and it was bad painless I lay down next days those there I went back to his letter to the hospital job in Butterworth like that then they set in all the last couple weeks Mister McIntosh with it we put into practice this idea of a preemployment physical that and part of our preplanned event was rather Marty had a visible we wanted no a lumbar spine on each of you one they can x-ray make sure your backs okay I'm going to correct they take the picture the mother called us on low basis aluminum movable and their famous person sees it and then they tell the radiologist is yes that's what it is and I didn't get the job I was like on this is ridiculous I went to the human resources department cleaning with this lower echelon human-resources person and I do like I'm Sergeant Joe Dominguez and as always your exposure later like a little excellent no doubt of the job no paragraph and job so I ended up in a psychiatric hospital working and studying of the psychiatric of ninja and I was working with the pediatric adolescence at night was organized in overall sleep Onset in this job may tell you what after I worked there for like two weeks old like if I had to do this the rest of my Wi-Fi delivery I'm just sitting here eating potato chips and drinking cheap room here talking these people have done this for thirty years this is nothing like interface master to get agitated so this lady was there this euro with their matching would skew she would like me at least at that time I noticed those things I know now because you know my wife so that it is true Lord work on elevator you guys is a whatnot my wife is my wife right there's a value to a closed mind can you say that favor though were they guys and gals do so we went to subtract his first two starts talking and start talking about religion by the way talking about realism some of the sex alone the are you going to get really intimate about the things but anyway so she was getting interested me in the face and then she said once he got settled me on Sunday while the phrases of vandalism Isaiah Brownell so we started the beta badness and then I went back and I'm in August is no device at my dance that we go back and make pretty soon all these people were debating with me about the Sabbath in this place I kind of enjoy this I was like man this is finally asked over the link you want to go to work besides Roberto townships and occasional Thorazine so anyway about the same time I was like Snelling I knew this was relay signals growth not rights I cut that and in the course of hundreds tenths we'll see you so like everybody's upset begins walking silently one work anymore so I just thing I do what am I supposed to do a little go to law school back to medical school maybe and in the applicable programs of interviewing probably different things and I said you know what I have this like idea that I should get involved with looking again at the Adventist church also upon the look of better get I got to ask the questions of people but maybe really know something I decide I go to the seminary not because I was in evidence but because I thought it would have some questions I got to get a job down there but my backs messed up in him in addition to story and write honestly that my friend but I known six but before this hospital down in St. Joseph Michigan call me I've actually been her Michigan she called me up and she said I just found your phone of aware of the event for the last eight months I said man I've been I've been through the ringer and I haven't I didn't talk too much governor wanted to freak out but she goes we love to have you come to work I said not hurt my back to the dull worry about that I'll set your physical GW 's visibility factor the cuts are talking people you do not like to talk your talk to people signed in I get this job at the same time I call my other friend whose dad was a professor at the Andrews University and I said to my friend is an love your daddy I need a recommendation for the seminary and see goes to let him know you I said while he knows you know and you know me suffer somehow amazingly final against any reflection on anybody but I got this recommendation and some others and then I got into the seminar will think less of the seminary because of that but I got it and I was not and nine is the Internet anyways like I listen Sydney was all of a sudden I why am I asking all these questions I'm arguing with his professionalism and .net pretty soon about two weeks I realize that other people were thinking beside me and started showing up and begin to read the thing that really brought it together for me though I was thinking about man what is the different love I start looking every doctrine of the administers it what I found out every Doctor Lisa in my estimation is only grown it is a solid logical consistent driving my library at my church it's organized around AF is Scriptures second coming salvation that stated that spiritual gifts personal standard of a gumball right there with all the ethanol always but I will then rest of the veneer of legality with this doctrine the sanctuary had been at the philosophy and I had this so I made of all the different things the philosophers that about different things along talk about mumbo-jumbo in a misunderstanding about anything but then as I went to the doctor the sanctuary I kind in my mind put along the matrix and every single thing I said or were considering that doctrine of the sanctuary was also considering what was complaining harmonious can play assassin like it says angry letters and grades for twenty three and I began to say that I was like wow this is pretty in this teacher was taken out in the mail class I started to try I don't usually cry but what struck me was here is a complete system of truth I went out because I was crying there is what happened your mom dire the size and notes to Google the sanctuary of the Lord I will knew so some of my friends the mobility discovers that God wants the order that it would people what's happening the absolute in all whatever you know they were all huddling around me I said I know it's developed so I left I went upstairs in the seminary and there was this old newspapers and around and then there was a strange thing there was this newspaper from Grand Rapids member where I got to get a job I open the newspaper and on the front page there was the lead story was about a helicopter the current it was the helicopter service that I had got hired at wall now there were three cents I made out under the one that was there and I looked in my mind I was like I got saved me from that and that was the same time I heard about this I swear that I went below there is something else who I said management will know you after and it was discovered the century message they discover the Sabbath message is that in my relationship illuminates of my wife to be member I told you that she is like she wanted it all arrived better yesterday I said like but the great controversy no longer while studying she told me that she told me that one day she says we should you know I work in hospital I work Darren Hinsdale Hospital and down to Chicago and I don't ever take any money for the time that I work on Sabbath most like what I mean I was part of the sedentary rebellion that works every Sabbath he says it's only because God says you can take care of the section on my bank account was getting pretty back to the post of the ships and hear my girlfriend who wanted always than I don't take any monies he has the seven things you give gifts to other people as a man will that she said to me I think you should do that I would like Laguna the enemies I decided to try it I'm fully committed hereby certain try this out was working in the emergency department in the middle of Benton Harbor very low social and economic Eric lot of people didn't have any insurance of any kind so I started setting up my sampling at my settlement ever going up at the same Zionist argument my money would there is nothing more interesting and giving money away I sidelined his crutches for this guy there is no God pretty soon word got all the way around that city block and every time you they were like is gone there then there songs on there you know and pretty set one back in the work of nice and I got to work know why I got to work and then figured I was come to work and it was this line at the door in the emergency department it went out the door and went right down and started down the city block they were lying that I said what God was realized that I cannot I download what you have will enough of me that was a close as I ever found that they ever came to Billy like to know the holies whole city came out to greet him imminently will so I don't women understand I'm giving money to this woman that when they're coming through there don't you want the hospital started getting a bit concerned about this is the supervisor cousin and her name is Lori 's economy as he says the John only what's happening here and I said well why I felt convicted that the seventh day is the Sabbath and since Jesus never got paid for doing miracles any day and especially on the Sabbath I decided not to take the money and I just given away like what Jesus did or he didn't do that but he went up the money will explain to her and she listened Azusa goes okay on that so that's very interesting okay so I go back about for them is that she doesn't interrupt figures I worked on the schedules for the rest of the year John and I got some good news and bad news good news is you're still working here maybe is bad news to you but once working any Friday night 's or any sabbaths ever hear now I've been knowing when there was emerging from the oldest taught me this taught me a lot of things I've kept I kept that practice up with settlement and I share with some positions in my church were moved journals physician started doing the same thing they put all their money in the Sabbath fun you know what happened know what's happening even today the entire city is being impacted with Sabbath money people to come to our health classes Sabbath money helps them go through people that are in these sampling of the AOL site knows about the positions that did this versus the ones of the physicians that did it their practices have exponentially grow by betting on my churches names Doctor Brian I got there he was administrator of four different facilities like the medical director now he's the medical director of eighteen he had to hire more PAs more staff always different things and I began to learn and have learned over the years that there is a great blessing in the Sabbath the charges was a great blessing formula this is how I met my wife I met my wife with his great controversy thing but I was not sure certainly she was not certainly and her dad was totally uncertainly the only way we can made it all was at church with many eyes what is probably pretty good I do so because well you know what and so I went to this church and I got involved in the church and of was involved in the church bath of the church was very concerned with my presentation style so he put the papers summaries with a whatever it was I would have to that is not funny but it is funny think back with them is not going really is is was in inventory and I are Yasmin to do a certain one downside to this and I decided present in fact that the word says you need to be a saver to life another savor of death so for my illustration for what a savor of life once I have this very nice smelling perfume and every time I say something about us and such of them as I talked about a savor of death I take this other by Lalas was Aqua net hair spray all the worse off smell more like a bitch 's streets around Win32 will always allow an out of print and there were these bands in the row and everybody started to look kind a like Nelson Mandela and delays satellite is all there and there were like the radar for pregnant ladies man the private labeling of management pregnant white balance right by Litton one of the one was drawn up in the bathroom in the past with one I tell you now live it finally got down to my level since I was the number zero nurse I had in my pocket and ammonium inhalants it is and I had the years it was nice how thank the Lord Richardson doesn't take it out when you make mistakes amen but I didn't race for while at less than half of that they vote of ministry in the space everybody remembered with supermarket they didn't some hairspray him whole but then that is within the church is wonderful man and they were so kind of have to than say you in one and not having any of those and I have a special time for language alignment allows you in returning from Myanmar as well as I think you should observe in the drywall department I was with James from upfronts on the train world apart the most important part of the churches the cruel apartment for people start coming back when finding God again he never minimized that I begin to see these moms young moms coming back they didn't have the relationship with her God parents or peers and then finally have a kid they come back to church is the very first time and I sat and I decided to do what they said in the island all the song Jesus makes my heart all black with soon saying that Jesus makes it white when he comes in wider than the snow he has whiter than snow and when Satan tells me I say no no no that is not bad that life summarizes the temptations of Jesus you know now now now my little girls into knowledge I'm sometimes not even when she said I learned that the minute he moved to the kindergarten and finally to the jury room but in the jury room I had one day with I said this make a joyful noise in Velarde and bring trumpets and drums and stopped other like like we had just crossed the Red Sea and were rejoicing over the enemies had been destroyed and will run her own room I will as yet another reason why they are scripting down after back to the kindergarten room the general Internet search business him as I went back to think this was the best possible thing forming the charset become my problem while missing the good of the church at the same time needs of my moonlight this mine Ethan with my wife she was going as well we got to observe each other we got to get involved in we got the word what we deliver situations a sonic and devoted the greater role should come visit me during a pacifier whatever finally as I was there in that church for a few years five years to be exact I moved up to give them both Sabbath school class and it was almost the time to not give me an adult saddle school class for but I've learned my lessons and then this is what the church is for the churches and beautiful a wonderful thing I didn't imagine I was one day want to the subordinate in they had voted about the head elder and they said I hated by the woman sexy being considered to be had elder when I came back in the church of both make me delay associate pastor and I've gotten this ecclesiastical call from the Church of God from the Seventh-day Adventist church and begin have the sense of purpose that came as a result of you see why I'm happy about the church it makes mistakes A one percent on so happy about this I bought a sense of the church look at this message with me when my churches of registered but every administered first because the message of the Adventist churches revelations fourteen sixty seven is the first Angels message was sent and I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven having the everlasting traceability while there you know I like about that there is this an angel raised by an old you think that's cool wise echo because today we need a message that is above everything else we got a noble messages from God amen we got a note high and lifted up the weight we can be talking with one another between ourselves of the organ of figured out a way that all this is a message from God we need to see Jesus do you believe that secondly it's as accountable our voice is loud and so you know it's his voice was able to all three angels message and break it down for you practically many so don't get to do that but when you say this last night and then ministers has its problems like any church you look through all the churches in Revelation two and three male had problems this up to the little churches that were persecuted every single era teachers come from you can focus on the problems the way God cleans his church is by the Allen and Terry Canal 's got a evacuation system your event amputation or elimination heresies as bad teaching the event they lead people of the church they are evacuated to the elementary connect amputation is when they send the leave the church I would be holier than you and purifies the church so I will one last story of the thing to me is assumed power the church I'm given my life to the church not because it's perfect because but because Jesus says it's the supreme object of his regard and that he wants to make it perfectly wants to bring it into unit because he wants us to get back to normal when I start working for the church I had a new love for the God with the voice from above that angel flying in that loud voice reminded me that those two voices come to those two metaphors we see him and we savor him away when we heralded those two things come together with Paul Tracy and I will write soon because it changes people 's lives if I look at your bread from the began awake till I can say you just click and you're my new bench in front of him are Stephen lives I will sort through the less well enclosed here for this week my brother and while sixteen years old his parents got divorced he was thrown into just the right of emotions and have a father figure they were all consumed with the divorce divorce is a terrible thing busted for teenager and his brain was in flux there he got into the call started doing weird things like walk-through cemeteries in started to cut his hands and make blood covenants with people he got all into Dungeons & Dragons we got further and further and further away finally we lost complete track of him I was praying when does so God help me find Richard to get a phone call from this person that I said they saw Richard thought disgusted you so much of it was from an Adventist church layout in California at McDonald's Alisa was adding the Arizona so I called my friend in Arizona who I know I went to the conference directory and I called him and I said he said he was going to Arizona and it did happen in our nine a.m. Arizona diagnosed Arizona is a big place but I have an idea is and he went down this place was writers are decisive what will be the place they are turned twelve miles from this guy 's house Richard had just been there on brother had just been it how how do the other you let go of the guy that gave a phone number to get a phone number to me so I call the phone number is I called the phone number that it was Lance Lance is all I said I look him man amount of stuff says who is this invasive vinyl riches but I I know that he was with so-and-so he gave me this lady 's number four plays number in Chicago said page with your daughter and I think your daughter 's endangered is as later when it's a phone so the chances for twenty meetings in danger I sent a look at a level is going on but I need the got number he was in Colorado iPod iPhone Colorado a colorful Colorado I and a valid number Colorado tour guide and her daughter answered and her daughter was heavily into the call which said I do know in this blessed hand looking for Richard Carstensen is doozy there she goes yeah Richard got on the phone I said hey Richard this is done because time like this is how you get my number I visited the oh I reversed off on the address I called the airline that got attended the go that place I thought I'm going to place before you leave I get a bereavement fare done I'm getting it running on the flight only like twenty five o'clock I'm radicals I see Richard is really in trouble is perhaps going to end his life I don't know but I know what my experience was like on the gold by Michael the past of the church there the church is all over this I called up after the church there is a would you go down in the middle the night I call the Scotty gets up gets in his car he drives down he finds my brother wants cock he parks his car right behind the car so he can't get out I totally think the wheels up but even though so I parked his car right there behind the guarded parts of their exalted back I got the car there and I said okay I'm on the way in the middle the night at three o'clock in the morning Richard called me up because hey man I'm glad you found them really in trouble and I'll know by now you know maggots in the morning and I said Richard among the way I'm on the way on the literature because I just want to get back to normal I just need to come home I flew a still nice that was on the way I flew I have been never return ticket I went out there I got out I drove up to the town I found the car right there the minister picked me up literally drove there we went to the door I go to the door I knocked on the door and there was that lady girls to the width goes we've been expecting you are whole industry of her room is dark black screens covered on one wall she has a picture of Christ crucified on the other wall she has some Sanskrit scriptures and that she has this candle with red pair of been all over it and the other wall dangling with a black light which he turned on for me when I came in as this big strong potatoes BC him he then seasons I said I sent down was that you have some interesting artwork what does it mean time or ask questions of people learn directed by the double bind to know that then I had read Genesis three recently so as I'm sitting she goes actually is is I set out in the gospel of Jesus Christ even in I got up at the level of gene black like tuneup install what I was originally merger goes well I want to know what Mister is that we will witness by leaving us shaking and picked up roentgen sub got another job outside the Dragon is going well boys the double windows only once until you want to dig it up I wanted to know the University of Colorado bookstore new book on the brain wanted then Richard was trying to be the back rows I can even stay there a minute in that city Boulder Colorado minutes were every freaking person in the world built its eight miles surrounded by complete reality like our cars to drive Richard had solely delusions it would save best the tax would come I'd say detectives say that another tax would come the Bible said he cast down imaginations and every high thing that the Dolphins up and I began to visit these types came to my mind I was doing cognitive behavioral therapy and legible weren't in the longer this was writing they happen I just kept talking nine hours later were driving in the candlelit lanterns as I want to get back to normal but at one hi I see you somehow the other I see them somehow landing I wouldn't I couldn't agree more slam the brakes he was born in the same looked at me and I said to say something like I needles right to because please on what to do I will do nicely Richard will we need to do is pray viewing God 's word I took of the Colorado another place this time not the same place in the mountains for three weeks we read minds care from the book ministry of healing we memorized text together and I get into text at the text after tech that was the beginning of the course for Richard course for Richard that he still maintains the day is now memorized over two thousand just this year Dwight Nelson Pioneer Memorial another university out in Michigan asking Richard would you help laid off this in Scripture memory for this charge of thousand people showed up two hundred and fifty have remained consistent they're all memorizing the words Richard now is a person of whom are yet purpose he has a plan he understands the presence of God is the normal Avenue when we get back to I believe the church is a place where you can get back to normal it's in perfect units God 's agency only encourages it to recommence her life to the church maybe through baptism it haven't joined it as someone done this so the resurrection of the walk with Christ maybe three rupee recommitment through to noon and one are originally July ten if you want to if you make a decision about God he made a decision about your parents about your friendships I encourage you to join the church and get enough support with you think about that when you think about recommitting to that of a priority before we and has been a delight to be with you let's pray together father in heaven they were thankful that your definition of normal is filled with fullness of joy in your presence is fullness of joy we want to get back to normal we asked if she would go with this were thankful for this relationship seminar were thankful to you in fact are really a relationship and define all for simply going to this weekend as we think about courtship and marriage we asked what you would continue to lead and we thank you become a price name amen


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