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God's Ideal in Courtship

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • April 28, 2006
    7:30 PM
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I was on cross Christians resources on spouse selection we look to God 's purpose of marriage this morning and tonight we one look at God by revealing portrait tomorrow morning at ten o'clock we're going to look the essentials of happiness and that is the two rules that God lives in the Bible on how you can predict the future and show them you can determine if you're going to have a happy marriage then our closing will be key questions and courtroom he questions up at that time will also make available a free workbook syllabus the revised edition of the syllabus we prepared for a seminar last year the seminars completely different from last year but builds on that in this information here details experience and examination of yourself and in the judicious counsel and in the courtship process we recollected about one topic we didn't get to last year which is questions and we'll see how many questions we can cover in the announcement that will be available to believe a student Association former University has made them available for those who are here for that study men if we have been a time after time for questions before we look at the is make sure I have everything working the pass is working together many people that want shortcuts equipment fixes easy answers to difficult questions just look at the Internet of your fine flourishing scams their vitamin pills again give painless nutrition with the John who died on the party through nursing school to get a ninety nine percentile on the national Council licensure examination the and collects you can lose weight need more fat don't worry about poison ivy are fewer cystic acne or cure cancer you name it there is someone claiming an easy solution for price on Internet and in other books and seminars for how to find a quality made of your dreams the perfect match will this weekend I can offer you any phonemes guaranteed to attract Mister or Ms. right to your doorstep the Bible doesn't contain any cookie cutter instant formulas for happiness and if you look at the courtships of the buyer will find everyone is different from the instant courtship of Adam who is one zero one -day-old two video courtships of the distressed Vegemite who couldn't get lives unless they seized some dancing girls at Shiloh to Danielle had no car trip it was a you look at all of his stories of the Bible and you can you name one that was the same and God has a unique story for you it won't fit somebody else's story because he wants it for you to be able to share interested crowd on various planets and you can tell the story of how God led you different from anyone else's but there are principles in the Bible that he ensure safe guidance for choice of an object occupation in direction and courtship and guidance in life these topics and principles are much bigger in a weekend seminar you can't even teach at me and have treated in a weekend seminar let alone the spouse for your dreams but we can't touch on some important principles in introduce the topic before we do we need to have some divine help and assist bar has again for word of prayer Lord him more than human effort we made the Angels there when it even more than he had been Angelica for winged divine power the Holy Spirit otherwise will say it wrong will get raw and will get it wrong in our time together instead of being valuable will be worse than wasted I pray that you will give no unstinted outpouring of your spirit you said that you're going to be a work Jesus is to be revealed in your word is to be spoken that you be with us until the very end so lower Bavaria and your promise is still in effect granted fulfilling in Christ name we pray and now I'm getting a little worrying are you is or something I need to do a position I need to change or buy back up a little bit let's see the better okay well that was slighted for prayer can you imagine traveling without master compass or even a guy perhaps your bread of John Powell 's classic exploration of the Colorado River in eighteen sixty nine this scientific expedition was forced to survive famine at tax unique in some of the most dangerous rapids known to man all without knowing what was going to be around Warner is now would there be a waterfall within the rapids after many days of constant there are one of the crew members declared that he had had enough he wouldn't continue the journey he wanted to get home alive so he climbed out of the boat and left for safety he was never heard from again meanwhile the exploring party reach their destination safely the next day it's hard to travel without knowledge of what's ahead for many this their life they have no idea where they're going to just drifting along in no particular direction life no check knowledge of the future no insight into the possible hazards facing and no guy in the trackless wilderness of life surrounded by perils net traps landmines and descend by a thousand other perils we need to follow a trustworthy experience God one was traveled trail and knows what is again of all the times of life courtship when more dating when you're making decisions about a future life 's partner should make us feel a great need and cause us to cry out for God exclaiming laid me guide as David did some thirty one three and if we do this we can hear him apply follow me follow and I'm going I is not working again got designs that beginning with our you continuing through manhood age that will never be us that we do not have his guidance as God told Jeremiah will down the cry from this time that is this time forward my father thou art the guide of my not only in this life here but we have the opportunity to follow Christ forever these are they which follow the lab whithersoever he go and that's an eternity life is not principally made up of great leads many small steps and significant but cumulative very large and guidance is not simply for the big decisions the big waves but it must be had in the myriad small decisions Solomon noted that the prudent considers well his steps we don't just consider we must consider well our tiny steps in the direction we're going that is if approved if we're wise where my steps taking what will this take me in ten years is that where I want to be it is the prudently daily ponder their steps during the period of courtship in the Bible tells us that we can receive God 's direction in our courtship Proverbs three six God shall director as the Sopranos but the directions to this promise are given just before this promise let's notice Proverbs three five trust in the Lord with what all your heart in matters that concern the heart what you begin trust in the Lord and then he'll direct our path Warner will have to be likely a hundred and fifty profits and they'll win being around crying out cutting yourself God made me care me where are you you can with Elijah trust that he will be faithful to his promise but we mustn't lean to our own understanding that as we trust him not ourselves Isaac forty years old must've wondered how God is going to provide a wife for him his father Abraham kept shaking his head no for any of the local eligible girls that he would introduce but trusting that God not leaning to his own understanding he continued to be faithful and single in the work there home and he was in his daily pray place of meditation and prayer the day of Rebecca Laura may have been tempted to think she'd never find Mister right on she stated Mesopotamia she was a beautiful girl and many local young men would've loved to gotten better acquainted but she had some tough parents to they didn't say any of it was quite the right but content to trust God instead of leaning on her own understanding content to trust God instead of limiting to her understanding which was based on her vision what she could see she continued to be faithful in her home tasks and got proved interesting there's nothing in her understanding that could've the could where and when Eliezer Sutton appearance and then in a day she would be journaling to me her husband by methods that kill your leaders are long gone brought back couple together Israel was at the Red Sea the rocky cliffs were on either side Red Sea was in front of women behind them the Army of Egypt bent on their destruction is entrusted to their own understanding they had only one landscape and that's to put up white flags of surrender but they didn't lean to their own understanding in the March through dry ground God delights in giving us the opportunity to trust him where there is no solution for our understanding ratio was sixteen years old should just started college my wife and I looked into one of our universities and Rachel and gone there for an interview but they administer university did not really welcome her she was sixteen she was homeschooled and that divorcing close down the street from us of the local state university they offered her scholarship we cleared the danger she would be exposed but after Ernest Berwick center is a missionary to Wichita State University we had people that game and talk to us my wife and I message in Rachel will never be able to she's not going to find a husband this is not the place you should be what we agree I was with her husband was the place where God was sending her the missionary we refuse the Lindo our own understanding and we trusted the Lord with complete confidence we knew that if she was in the right place and she was faithful in the right place with a terrible rest it originated in the war maker happily single it's okay home at the age of sixteen we refuse to worry about it the next year should continue being a missionary therein task force worker from Southern University he came to work with pastor Don McIntosh learned our church 's name was Eric Nelson as a result of Rachel and Eric 's work on campus not as a couple walking torture he would've been sent home it was gorgeous Curtis Florida Curtis there became a member and Seventh-day Adventist church now student here worker no I'm not a bad experience the males in the Nelson family became good friends took vacations together and got to hear Rachel Pritchett Rachel he gave her a better husband and my wife and I could possibly imagine just the man she hated at the time she hated our understanding is so limited there's no reason to lean to our own understanding we can see the future but we can trust him completely for faithful of the task that lies at hand not murmuring not complaining he will direct this he will guide you see it says in all my ways of knowledge and subwoofers we trust in the Lord we don't present ourselves we presently say but the next step is the knowledge in that all the circumstances that we are in every circumstance of life is overruling Providence as a range within rely on his directions and everything we do and knowledge in his wisdom his power never than he directs us we're not trying to him the okay our plans we are seeking to follow his he's the leader we are not when we do this what does it say what what the rest are passed it's not they might director as he will following Jesus in the path of life means following Jesus and the small decisions of life letting them drive in who our friends are letting him drive in how we spend our spare time letting them guide in our daily habits letting him guide and what close we buy letting him guide and how we dress letting him guide and what we eat what we read how much we when we eat letting him drive in our recreation and in any one of these small decisions cumulatively these are large steps and they determine who we are what we like who would like and like us these small decisions that turn on whether Jesus is Lord whether we are possible way and he that is faithful and little is faithful and much but it is unfaithful will is unfaithful and much David pray to order my steps in thy word and let not any iniquity have dominion over me some hundred nineteen one thirty three him small step in life in general as well as portrait in particular will either be directed by God 's word or some sin will direct our path away from God 's word better choices order my steps in thy word if we pray this prayer twice a day we were not daily we should pay four times a day and order my steps in my work and let not any iniquity have dominion over me Jesus gives us direction to go the force and vigorous advises us to follow in his steps Luke nine twenty three says if anyone desires to come after me let him do what follows that desire anyone desires to follow me that desires God driven desire Scots call God implants in every life the desire to follow Jesus I find it listed up to what draw all men London he plants in our hearts the desire for something better and if anyone anyone desires to follow Jesus in dating and courtship don't think it's out of your reach it's not you can follow Jesus during this period of your life don't think that your situation is too far gone for huge apologies wherever you are just now you can begin to follow him where you are you come down where you are seek and follow him from their you may have made some mistakes in your past relationships that you desire to follow Jesus can you may have broken some barriers that should not of been broken but if you desire to come after Jesus you can don't have to find him from your not impossibly hard to follow Jesus is not only possible but is positively pleasant Israel is easy notice how this is possible it doesn't begin with our will but it begins with our desire if anyone desires to come after me how do we desire we look to him hi I be lifted up as we mentioned when our eyes are finally captured by the cross of Christ we are drawn to him as we look to him following him becoming like him becoming more like him becomes our highest desire our strongest motive we would rather follow Jesus and have it in our own way we follow Jesus at the cross were roads of life is going one way and we may want to go another way but we follow him we can never follow them without looking at him meditating on it or you will lose as we see him lifted up the desire to follow him grows greater and overcomes her inclination our selfish desires or habits or passions and where we spending time on this session courtship because it's a courtship is at a crossroads of life when you dating and we want to follow him at the crossroads since this instruction it's as if anyone follows me let's treat this like we would in algebra equation anyway is the set let X be someone dating so we can substitute for access someone dating desires to come after me gently let them follow Jesus do you desire to follow merger doing can left is the word of God uses for creative processes when he created the world the prefaced his executive commands with the word what let's let there be light let there be a firmament let the earth bring forth grass if anyone desires to come after me let him that is the creative word of the creative God the infinite has issued a command that must be obeyed throughout the universe Satan can stop God 's commands nothing can stop God 's command it's a job Joyce did your highest desires to follow Christ wherever he goes your desire to be filled we should plead for this desires Lord put within me a desire to follow you because if anyone desires the phone and we follow Jesus what does this practically means day by day will live nine twenty three goes on if anyone desires to come after me let him what denying himself and follow me many people have a weak desire to follow Jesus they desire to have a courtship that have been approved but they never go beyond the desire phase they never surrendered to that desire they never come to the place with a place of surrender and say Lord what would you have me to do and do it and if anyone desires to follow Christ Rob courtship and marriage let him deny himself that is placing your way well under the will of God the control of God let him the boss not to you can follow Jesus and follow yourself you can't serve two masters if anyone desires to come after me let them get a new boss a Boston won't stop you from following until he has lost I won't be able to deny myself it's impossible it should be easy to deny myself should be the simplest thing in the world but it's not why should I deny myself because I'm the worst enemy I have the biggest problems in my life have never come from somebody else you know whether the I will do everything the plea is this cruel tyrant to sell its stupid precrisis of your desire to come after me I will review from the bondage to yourself I will give you the power to deny yourself deny your own cravings and impulses with Christ as the boss the self-denial that was impossible for me to do self-denial now becomes my delight and my sacrifice pleasure surrendering the decision that no longer will it be my way it's now his way is the first step in following Jesus in denying ourselves as the secret of being like Jesus Jesus gave us the example he said not my will but what designed to prevent if I'll ever be like him what are we going to do not my will but thine be done that was his theme song it wasn't just the closing verse from childhood to adulthood every day of Jesus life you know to send not my will but thine be done and as he got older as he entered adolescence as he reached just one and what is lengthwise and then become independent of his father 's will he continued to deny himself to be in the life of following Jesus or Satan involves feeling that is the desire of any man desire but notice it doesn't stop with feeling it moves from desire to choice if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself we have two choices in courtship we can indulge ourselves or we can deny ourselves to indulge ourselves is what Satan urges us to do that's what the world says will bring you happiness in God 's plan is exactly opposite for happiness he says deny yourself if you unhappy denying yourself before courtship in establishing self-denial as a part of the character early unlike the earlier the better is essential for good core chips and for happy marriages notice what God has designed to prepare us for marriage picture of the profits of one seventy five it is my faithfulness to duty in the parental home that the user to prepare themselves for homes of their own let them here do what practice you what self do you get better at it with practice playing again self-denial is something that must be practiced and it is designed to prepare us for homes of our own lead them in their parental home practice self-denial and that's manifested by kindness courtesy and Christiansen that's luck will be kept warm in the heart and you goes out from such a household the stand at the head of the family of his own will know how to promote the happiness of her whom he has chosen as a companion for life now slender young person about the dollars and the sharing about self-denial as an essential part of courtship and that he rolled his eyes this is an LSM rebuild doesn't sound very romantic for Maoist they feel that maturity is becoming independent so that you can have your own way do your own thing live your own life they want their own way but the problem is the way of a fool is right in his own eyes and so if you choose your own way to school Deuteronomy twelve eight you shall not do after all the things that we do here this day most of us said to the children of Israel your problem is your just doing whatever you want every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes see many think the courtship is about doing their own thing society tells us that a courtship you must while your heart you want to be happy but Proverbs twenty eight twenty six tells us he who trusts in his own heart is a fool with whoever walks wisely will be delivered to walk wisely is to be following Jesus and then brings the liver and if you desire to follow Jesus if you desire to walk wisely you begin by what denying self denying yourself the time of courtship is so important you know the first widespread apostasy among God 's people it was here on the point of refusing to deny themselves and courtship notice Genesis six to the antediluvian who had been on the Royal mile line stop following Christ the above portrait the sons of God took why not is directed by God they refused to deny themselves know they took wives for themselves of all home what's the next word they chose they foolishly followed their own hearts the Spirit of God wrestled with them urging them not to make this mistake urging them in a better path the spirit of God entreated them but they resisted the spirit the spirit tried to put the desire to follow Jesus in their hearts but they would not receive this desire they would not deny themselves in the area of courtship they refused to follow Jesus at that point in the next verse tells us what the result was the spirit of God was withdrawn from them imagine having a courtship dating that resulted in the loss of those the Holy Spirit is given to those who obey him acts five thirty two when we disobey him the Holy Spirit withdraws he will not force his presence of it's not desired from a spirit filled testimony as young people they moved to obtain testimony why they did their own thing the kingdom dating their religion became one of form without power good homes without the spirit God have happiness Genesis six eleven tells us the predictable result the earth was filled with violence disregarded Gosplan in the end dating and courtship and marriage resulted in abusive homes finally parents children grandchildren great-grandchildren all perished at not one needed the call to say there's a way of worship the same of the right and wrong man but in the thereof of the ways of death despite this early and clear record of the results of long courtship practices this path away from God has remain well-traveled judges tells us judge is free verse five the children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites and they took their daughters to be their lives and gave their daughters that their sons and as the inevitable result of long courtship the verse closes with the sorrowful words they serve their God anyone will follow me you deny yourself if you don't deny yourself know follow another guy they left God the path they chose for courtship was the path they chose life they were not willing to deny themselves it were not willing to wait on the Lord and parents and children were united in this apostasy they gave every excuse they used every rationalization each thought their case was an exception they did not deny themselves God 's ability to do that anyway they didn't follow Jesus from this general statement the book of Judges then goes on to give a specific example the story of Samson Judges fourteen birthday so he went up and told his father and mother sank I see a woman until now the daughters of the Philistines now therefore get her for me is a life said wait a minute is this the direction you want your steps today don't you design apologies you really think that your way is better than his do you really think this is the path to happiness you want this woman to be the mother of your children can she raise your children love wishing help you have an word what you are you and your children from worshiping idols with their children visit their parents are they visit your home will they be a godly influence for your children visit her parents or her parents sister what gifts will they give neutral does she understand helping dish that she value modest dressing will should be economical with their needs but generously that Scott's cost was encouraging to support God 's worship in your time and your means will shake out join you in avoiding the sports in the entertainments of Phylicia we should try to bring these in Israel will you be able to pray with her day after day we should love songs or should fill the home not with the Psalms Kansas spiritual tones but with the Philistines hit parade top ten will she help you continue to deny yourself so you can continue to follow him so his father and his mother said to him is there no woman among the daughters of your brethren among all my people Jim is going get away from the uncircumcised Philistines this question was the gentlest of appeals from God Sampson Jennifer God speaking to his parents we need to be alert to God 's call just as we need to be alert for Satan subtle temptations we need to be watchful for God 's cautions that question was Sampson 's opportunity to deny himself to follow Jesus and save himself from all kinds of all failures blindness and finally while there Sampson was unwilling to the volume so he would not have the way of peace he preferred his own way judges fourteen three and Samson said to his father get her for me for she pleases me well my pleasure not God 's pleasure reason judgment conscience all ignore if only we could see that self-denial is a bad thing denial of self is a good thing following self is not a good thing it is pleasing only for the South is our enemy 's office was stands between me and following Jesus in the dream in happiness the Bible is filled with warnings of the long-term damage of improper courtships first Kings eleven Warren tells of King Solomon eleven many foreign women as well as the daughter of Pharaoh woman of them all by famine I think of my Sidonia is a bit tight he was broad-minded Solomon thou shall not commit adultery so is without excuse he had his own father 's example the warning of the path he was taken is older baby brother had died because of David's adultery Solomon should've denied himself but he refused he indulged himself as his father David for this sin ruined his life and payment student who live in good old days I at age fifty eight toll war now use that to you and him neither software encryption reviews the following Jesus those who will not deny themselves have lots of company through the centuries the improper partnership has been a flag of God 's people down through the ages Nehemiah had to deal with it and tells about it the Nehemiah thirteen twenty three they contended with them is that safe you shall not give your daughters is wise to their sons nor take their daughters for your sons and themselves did not Solomon king of Israel sent by the things yet among many nations there was no king like him he was beloved of his God and God made him king over all Israel nevertheless pagan women caused him and him to send was Nehemiah thirteen twenty many people with the nines following Jesus begins a self-denial but there's another important aspect of following Christ Luke nine twenty three if anyone desires to come after me let him deny himself and then what's the next take up his cross daily and follow me is it are two aspects of following Christ let him deny himself throughout his courtship and take up his cross daily the one is negative deny yourself the others positive take up your cross daily the first is what you can't do it and still follow Christ the other is what you must do if you would follow Christ if anyone desires to be a lawyer let them go to law school and pass the State Bar exam if anyone desires to be a nurse let them go to nursing school and pass the influx of anyone desires to be a physician let them go to Loma Linda University pass him a national borders and if anyone desires to follow Christ from torture is not himself pick up his cross and there's no way him and him trying to go another path will work to follow Christ is not to lose anything in my presence as full as your self-denial of all three areas of life the first area of self-denial is the resolutely refuse to indulge in anything that God 's word forbids Joseph and Daniel stand as noble examples of young people choosing the Royal Road of self-denial it came to pass after these things of his master 's wife his eyes upon Joseph and she said lie with me but hey what Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not file himself with a portion of the Kings made no with the wine which adorn this requires that we abandon any wrong habits of life we may have acquired I like how the contemporary English version translates Ephesians four twenty two you were told Paul said that your foolish desires will destroy you and that you must give up your old way of life of all its bad habits we deny self in the Garden of Eden there was a tree with fruit forgot about out of any of the but today there's no treatment God 's commandment thou shall not eat of instead God thou shalt not is found not in a tree but on a rock two tables of stone ten Commandments to refuse to do what God has forbidden wiki that is installed well you know a ten Commandments we refused to do what God has forbidden anyone sounds as though that's works in a twisted concept as of loving obedience to Jesus is bad and selfish disobedience is good as if the goal of the gospel is not to change me with the change God 's law is that the gospel of Jesus that's the gospel site it was first preached for the serpent in the Garden of Eden he said then he says now albeit it is not necessary for eternal life you can disobey God but you know what is the gospel for January Luke says that his Gospel is an action one watch all that Jesus began both to do and engage for loop if the ten Commandments says him to Jesus him to him and his wife said in a row and the new popular him part of a throw in an is is the only one in that tells us how we can be like Jesus in six days he did this him and him and him and him someone points it is hard for him to now refusing anything that God has forbidden also means that we renounce unholy ambition sickness of great things for myself is safe for only a fraction world is worldly recreations love not the world neither the things that are in the world come out from among them and be separate teaching us that denying ungodliness and worldly lest we should live soberly righteously and godly in this present day in James one twenty one in today's English version I like so get rid of every filthy habit and all with submit to God and accept the word that he plants in your heart is able to say but denying self is not only to refuse forbidden pleasure we also avoid excess and what is allowed let your moderation be known all men will live we are tempered and have everyone leaves for the prize is temperate in all things whether we gave her drink whatsoever we do we do all the glory of God we not only deny ourselves for good and worldly pleasure and avoid excess and be allowed to follow Christ's example and willingly sacrifice even our good for others since second Corinthians eight nine for you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the building was rich yet for your sakes he became poor that you through his poverty might become rich disabled person 's life position will be a faithful was willing to be spent and spend our time or money in our strength to say the soul are we willing to deny ourselves is run to follow Christ means that it appears will lose a relationship with someone we think we may well I say send whole person bondage through two things the pleasures of sin and the pains of duty in the painful duty that we have to accept as following as you know that is financial difficulties and desolate work from home there is further renunciation so because were called the instrument is a video in Iraq under Saddam Hussein and he required people to pay for the bullets that he was the new ultimate insult Kerry across we accept the big mobility but even these burdens God only allows because we need them for what's Lucknow the first step what this means in portrait in the marriage the ideal God have reported in the strategist is physically the Lord God took the man and put him to attend and keep it before marriage Adam had a whole evening this training has been completed he had named the animals and he had an occupation the tendency of the Garden of Eden and as marriage preparation now Adam was called the self-denial immediately after that God says to the man of every tree of the garden you really need for the victory of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not be renovated as usual for the city self-denial self-discipline is a far every part of the system of life for him Adam was the first he must deny himself up now for him is that people more or less self-denial is not something that's optional when God system of government it's inclusive regards this self-denial is not an adaptation of the universe because of sin it is part of God 's original plan among the loyal heavenly host self-denial is not for you to enjoy it essay on his face self-denial for safe was unwilling to life itself into letting him and he offers man alive self-denial and courtship free of restrictions he offers a torture plan one thing the office of land mortgages seeking to please himself and he falsely portrays self-exile to be part of are referring to is his voice is not as whatever you call from a time when enough of life is self-denial is not a very efficient assessment life even if you happiness and peace in this life and in heaven so if anyone desires to follow him he says let him decide him and that's the only way to have him outside the atom was not quite ready for marriage but you must validate proportion and so God they are negating the next step of an ideal portrait verse twenty one and the Lord God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam and his left got took one of his ribs and closed up the flesh in its place he must first go to sleep in this case it was a deep sleep in the Bible sign language sleep represents complete trust in God resting in his love some forty eight eight amplified as an piece I will both lie down and sleep for you Lord alone make me dwell in safety and confident trust we trust him without demanding complaining our anxiety we rest in him we know he is aware of our names we trust his time we trust his wife were asleep God has placed is ideal for courtship in this story but this is a pattern of Scripture Boaz was awakened from sleep when he realized he should marry Ruth notice the wording in the New Testament on Joseph Matthew one twenty four then Joseph being raised from sleep did as the angel Lorne had bitten him and took him to him his wife this is a pattern Adam was now ready to be married he had a hall is basic training for his occupation was completed he had an opportunity for self-denial and he went to sleep completely trusting in God for his needs that is God 's ideal pattern while he was asleep God prepared Adam 's wife Genesis two twenty two then the rib which the Lord God had taken from man he made into a woman and he brought her to the man that he wants to do this for us he wants to be introducing quality man to quality woman he created the idea of a family and he loves to seek his ideal rage the same God who brought Isaac and Rebecca together Boaz and Ruth together Joseph and Mary together is bringing people together day he has an ideal plan for you before you are ready for marriage God wants you to have a house to live in basic training completed and occupation practices self-denial if you have these things go to sleep absolutely trust in the Lord to guide your provide for you do not be anxious Philippians four nineteen my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus is a God 's ideal table to support a family self control total trust in God is not like you look at Satan 's ideal and now he leads us how God laid here Satan 's idea brings us to an interesting statement and Adventist on page eighty four many marriages can be productive of what misery and this has many marriages can only be productive Mister perfectly a profit here is addressing dating and courtship she looked with the stress on couples that were dating who could only be miserable if they were married even though they were going to be miserable married their girlfriend or boyfriend was all I could think about why yet the minds of the youth running in this channel why has Satan leads there instead of being guided by Jesus this core chips are guided by the site if same guys then they'll end up like there died miserable this promise of happiness is a lie to be happy you follow Jesus now how do Satan guide a guide to the police this is how Jesus guides this is how Satan guide Jesus Geiser I believe that is why we must know and believe in the truth but Satan guides through a falsehood a belief that they must be married in the lobby all kinds of people around there's a panic guys there well-meaning perhaps they may be sincere whether Satan 's helpers the adult acid gel cushion boyfriend or girlfriend on your zone imagine asking that the job is done all canceled after their child in the finalized partner find quick opportunity was in regard dress attract their attention we may miss the opportunity go to where the opposite sex is just made an activate and activities where they'll be so you can find your man or woman above all things don't ever be an all-night and a repeat and repeat it to yourself you don't have to be married to be happy you have to be married to be fulfilled and happy don't participate in lies don't repeat them double in the Satan is limited to one lie is not only telling people lie about happiness after they die he is telling lies about happiness while they lived it is a life saying that marriage is somehow unnecessary for happiness what is the problem here is a lack of faith the failure to trust God they're not asleep Satan leads us to doubt God 's love Satan laziness is making them believe that they must be married in order to be happy when they have not the ability to control themselves he wants those without self-control will not deny themselves think they are ready for marriage more than that he wants them to be in anxiety on the subject inpatient to get married and of course the problem to begin with is that they can't control themselves and so marriage happened so than the cancer have no breaks imagine a car with the throttle but no breaks except the heartbreaks the company crashing stop it that's why in God system has to be bright soft not this is what happens same reason that they must be married in order to be happy when they have not the ability to control himself or supportive family say is ideally suited the opposites of God 's idea say a belated leads them to believe impossibility they believe that they must be married to be happy but they can't be happy married because they don't have the basic self-discipline self-control self-denial and I can't support a family and the skyscraper the very people who left self-control birth people who don't deny themselves are the very ones who will not deny themselves and control themselves waiting for God was God 's timing I can state with assurance of God if you cannot support a family if you do not have self-denial if you are not asleep that is trusting in God completely to supply your needs you're being led by Satan if you are dating or considering dating your convoluted focus your life and the opportunities he provides state-by-state practice the godlike skill of self-denial gain in knowledge and skills necessary to support family are you willing to trust him implicitly with your future are you willing to go to sleep peacefully moving all in his hands say that they are messages some people find this a fearful thought not to be careful thought we don't live in his hands full not to say God I offer you my cell I don't want to withhold anything from you use me today in your service is called God in your mind if this is your commitment need repaired within twelve by well-meaning friends parents pastors teachers the following Christ way is the way to be an old maid never finding a spouse many people want to be Christians but they will not deny themselves during the courtship they are fearful they are afraid they will lose their boyfriend or lose their girlfriends but in following Christ means I'll be single my desires to follow more easily following Christ means he chooses the destination I don't I simply trust this guidance knowing that he is more concerned about my happiness than I am and that he knows better than I do was for my good others are afraid apologizes for fear they will be considered on her extreme there willing to take up the cross as long as it doesn't have to be carried very far as long as they can carry it where no one sees but few are willing to be disciples of Jesus deny themselves and carry his cross and following Jesus simply means to go to church every week there are thousands of portraits of following Christ the following Jesus simply means make sure your courtship begins in the church wedding there are thousands of courting couples of all but in following Christ in dating means to deny yourself and take up your cross there are many following Christ to let him decide world let him decide how I am going to let him this to decide when I should court to deny myself and follow him his right visit stranger extreme to follow Christ in our days notebook anything else is following Jesus demands a full commitment if your soldier in Iraq is there ever a time when you can the author guy always alert always in danger to be enforcing the law to be doing right and hated because of it to be an alien of the country not a citizen that's the Christian in this world soldier for Christ always in uniform if this is your desire we do same for closing him him six twenty three I will follow the Mike Sager wheresoever my life maybe where thou goest I will follow yes my top holiday will all him I say who or where so I turned my lot in with you about Karzai will follow a yes how will you I thought all the money saved through this and I love to man known as soon as nine days women in to her everyone I will minimize data on she who informed the man known only and should say and they men though I may work for the outlandish so I would than to go I do hire in the bylaws and Hanford enjoys two oh they all name I say go about this blog only and all men shown for say and by night raise will be a cappella vocal about the survey through with your Wolf or standard envelope by the laws the testosterone of later turned and nine goals in the alone in my well hello there my saved room deaths of love for me and all room should say to buy diagram names of pain vote through John Adams were all on their loans the Nunez and Bauhaus cause of our land nice move of God on a high well for minimize save your this dialogue for the man known as soon on booze and Shelley Stanford prayer father in heaven and made solemn commitments we desire to follow him he said if anyone desires to let him deny himself and the cross and follow major invitation that we come volume through a safe path one is a guy that we can trust what has our happiness in mind one who will bring us only that which we need to allow only that which is what for our best good one whose happiness is in our joy oh Lord thank you for God is like our God we want to be like him as we continue our study I pray that you will send your Spirit to move on hearts make make us ready for your plan fortunately marriage in Christ name we pray


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