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The Essentials of Happiness

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • April 29, 2006
    10:00 AM
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I have known yesterday we went to God 's purpose in Marrakesh which is to strengthen us to resist habitation the evil and three produce godly families all over there this is done by biological children and by our evangelistic children you remember Paul called those that he had brought in his children in the Lord God wants us as husbands and wives and even inundating you wants us to be able to do what we couldn't do by ourselves in our study last night we looked at two broad topics the first is how God guides and what it means to follow Christ this goes from desire the choice of anyone Jesus says desires the following let him deny himself and pick up his cross daily and follow me we deny ourselves the pleasure of sin and take up paying a good when the sheriff told that may help us understand this better administered at and after the apostles five sixty five the reason many in this age of the world make no greater advancement in the divine life is because when read with me they interpret the will of God to be just what they will why don't they advance they think that what they want to do is clearly what God wants them to do sometimes if I would tell my children when they were young that they shouldn't do something there's a old mother doesn't care or have mother told them to do so for that all that he doesn't care when in fact they had never bothered to ask neither daddy or mother because they wanted to do it so now that you know certainly I wouldn't dare they wanted to do it certainly mother wouldn't hear now notice the next sentence while following their own desires they flatter themselves that they are conforming to God 's will say in the choice of a life partner community and how we conduct our dating practices there are many many people who think that if they want that person must be gotten over the these have known what is it saying conflicts with self there are others in your grocer others who for a time are successful in the struggle against their selfish desire for pleasure is I remember friends of mine in medical school years ago and they were earnest Christians but today they don't venture for the time they are successful in the struggle against their selfish desire for pleasure and ease they are sincere and earnest but grow weary of protracted daily death of ceaseless toil in the one seems inviting death itself revolt so they discover the gospel race doesn't doesn't take all that is they closed their drowsy eyes and all under the power of temptation instead of what resisting you seen the first throw don't deny themselves even the following right the second girl take up across daily and continue to follow his the last the last point last evening in the broad topic of life God 's ideal in dating this plan was revealed in the before marriage there were three requirements one was to be able to support a family and then the second one was self-control had to be acquired and then the third one was there needed to be a very good sleep peacefully in the face of the family remember that the guy the Bible uses sleeve illustrated complete trust in God that is ideal for torture when where able to sport family we have self-control not only from the Braves and we have total trust in God now we continue our study this morning as we like to look at predictors of success in marriage their father will bless a sufficient for the task we sharing Christ and his desire for us in our dating and courtship and in our marriage and our singleness we wouldn't understand an angel angel and really understand us Jesus alone must speak one we ask that you come here to the bar was there going there's word may live Marie is a new revelation then how we thank you for hearing and answering the question is expensive in two thousand and five CNN reported the average cost of a wedding was nearly thirty thousand dollars that is more than four semesters of private college that's nearly one year of medical school and if the price of gas continues to climb they'll be okay for an SUV before making that kind of investment you want to know how marriage is going to turn out because it it turns out that hatred is even more expensive in two thousand and four John Crouch divorce attorney estimated that a contested divorce and child custody battle cost forty thousand are there any reliable way is for the whether this investment in marriage is going to turn out to be a good investment or a bad thing happy one for a miserable you have to go to the witch of Endor you don't need a crystal ball you don't have to look at astrological tables a regional horoscope in the newspaper every day you don't need a palm reader because the Bible gives us to reliable ways our future the first is found in Galatians six seven whatsoever a man so what that shall he also written that God has made it possible for here into our future we only need to recognize the same way so I'm another problem regarding the rate and if we are starting the life history of the sea we can know how many steps before the crop is harvested if corn is planted in the field the farmer knows with absolute certainty that only garnered will grow from the seeds that he went in the variety in certain conditions if it's a very short vast variety he knows that he'll have a problem born in eighty days it is a long variety he knows that you have a problem for a two hundred and forty days and he can plan his life because you predict the future day by day 's work to the soil cultivating the disease putting on the fertilizer killing the bus watering the roots you can know what the results will be as it weaves well in a knowledgeable farmer as he watches the season unfolded drought perhaps or flood perhaps or infestations of pass can know with certainty the effect these will have on the yield or even if there will be a harvestable but you can know for certain when you plant the corn seed that only foreign oil grill from this if you want to harvest apples in this plan Apple sees you can decide what he wants to harvest and then one twenty one the harvest is never guesswork is completely reliable there's another glimpse of the future is given in the Bible it's similar but it's not either this is found in Ecclesiastes one nine the thing that hath been it is that which Shelby are passed is the best for the about page this is the basic rationale that God has for who is saved and who is lost and what assignments are given to the safe in heaven Luke sixteen ten he that is faithful in that which is what ladies is faithful also in much and he that is unjust in Belize is unjust also emergency God tells you what your future and health heaven what your future is with you if you have not been faithful in that which is another man's verse twelve of sixteen who shall give you that which is your own it is this biblical principle sign in raping and the past tells the future that must form the basis of our decision-making in courtship in dating and marriage without this you have no guidance whatsoever choosing this person or that person is just throwing the guys you're just hoping for the best scary thought how is it in Loma Linda University selects students for dentistry both and or physical there is a new and evaluate the past this is a principle of life you want to hear your future honestly review your past not your case is bad for your case some good but what's the friend of the life you want here and here lovers future carefully investigate his or her this is not a look at the past week or even the past month those of you who have led out in such things as five-day plans are such a program know that a person can make decisions that are good decisions for a month but what will the decisions being in a year we're talking here about an extended look at my UC we can know certain they are future by past and present choices this forms the basis for all proportion and these verses should be solemnizing for us noticed this in mind character and personality volume two page five ninety nine repeated acts in a given course become one half these may be modified by one of the next two words severe straining an afterlife but arbiter the next words so once formed habits become more and more firmly impressed upon your him there may even find video logo for this in their training that God calls for the interim Sprint regarding menu home viewer joins to this while you are the future notice messages to people for fifty one national portrait let the woman who desires a peaceful happy union would escape future misery and sorrow whose as addressing someone who wants a future happy marriage right evidently there is a way for a young lady to look into the future there is a way to know whether there's going to be a peaceful happy marriage is that you can enjoy oral miserable sorrow guilt sorrow hope Bill Union to endure and this is going to be instruction for those who like a happy union this instruction is for the needless thoughtless this is an instruction is for those who need a good fight now I'm in a be happy now these are directions only for those who desire peaceful and happy marriage life anyone else this writer on what are the directions notice the important next word what is it in one Inquirer is the word the Bible uses for judges and in this process your job you're going to have to make a judgment call the Old Testament Tasman helps us understand Christ's instruction on the judge the Bible does not say you are never to be a judge in fact Georgia's were appointed in the Old Testament and they were call for in the New Testament churches the various sacred office with various revenge corruption that judgments and that judges working there in the Old Testament being as evil judges were unsparingly attacked by the broad price uses the evil judges of the Old Testament as an illustration of evil judges in every age and in whom condemn and slander the righteous those are evil judges he reminded his fears that the Old Testament judge himself was judge when we become a judge we then set ourselves off to be judged by a higher judge when the case is neither the Old Testament Christ or the New Testament condemn the legitimate office of judge because we are all judges in certain matters and God has given us a certain jurisdiction Jesus tells us the same words of the Old Testament judges were charged with John seven twenty four he said Judge not according to appearances but what judge righteous judgment also suspended six two do you not know that the saints shall judge the world in the world to be judged by you are you not unworthy to judge the smallest matters knowing that we shall judge angels how much more things that pertain to this line if then you have judgments of things and I sent them the drive who are least esteemed in the church I figure shame this is so that there is not a wise man among you no not one who shall be able to judge between his brother again all the players respect to strengthen the ice because the wife and judge me when I say I think we are very much the meningitis that doesn't mean more to be critical or condemnatory but we are to make a ruling as to whether this person is the right person for us in the Bible very specific instruction is given the judges we need to study this instruction carefully I'm only going to look at one sex for one aspect Deuteronomy thirteen fourteen this from a new English translation you must investigate thoroughly and then wire carefully there are questions that must be asked there is an investigation and must be performed to determine future harmony and happiness in America the wannabes will happen again and then there is a skill you must master you must know how to inquire how to investigate and that means you must know what questions to ask how to ask questions when being around when to be indirect when they asked each question in who to ask how to recognize the marks of a deceitful answer a partial answer the superficial layers and if we are absolutely committed to God he will guide us in all this testing is in saving us from great blenders because after all he is the judge and he wants to help us and then the next phrase is before she yields her affections for Hamas said the judge must rule on the case before the veterans in the there is a time into our inventory is not enough to ask the question he has made everything beautiful to solve a Wiseman said there is a proper sequencing question asking information gathering these questions must be asked before love is involved before manufacturing is yielded before the harvest is one because you pay no attention to the injuries refused to accept or follow dancers if you've already yielded their hearts affected you've already made a judgment call premature David decided the matter before inherent someone and then if you do this investigation after your marriage is a thoughtful knowledgeable person will not just cash rebate for entertainment the game from being lonely Tahoe that he or she will somehow find someone who is not a careful inquiry must proceed any steps toward marriage the inquiry phase must precede any acceptance of tokens of either specialness works this step of inquiry takes more than a moment but they are weak in the best studies to point or years on but however long it takes if we want a happy marriage will make certainly answer before moving on in the next court there are some questions that in this letter to this woman was were run from the past my lover among what was in that investigation is going well so far some questions are easy to answer in an apartment have mothers even if a child cannot recall ever saying his mother the mother 's influence even if we limited to the pre- natal time is very powerful if the answer to that is yes as a follow-up question what is the stamp of your scene is person the Bible says there with childhood is reported in the future and should be considered train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not in the converse is true train up a child in the way he should go in so you'll notice how important this influences on the future of the child the thoughts and feelings of the mother will have a powerful influence upon the legacy she gives her child this is evidenced on two forty one if she allows her mind to dwell upon her own feelings if she indulges in selfishness if she is seated and exactly the disposition of her child will testify that his testimony in court dust many have received as a birthright almost unconquerable will you will have the word almost the enemy of souls understands this matter much better than the major disease he understands that the visits he understands the scene and harvest principle he knows the details of the plan he knows when to plant the seed is only brings this capitation americana mother knowing that if she does not resist them again through her do what job other questions does he recognize its obligations to as a sign his daughter 's mother the absence of his father Mrs. for his mother I read a very profoundly convicting statement made just lastly parents are entitled beloved children's manuscript releases volume eighteen page three parents are entitled to the love of their children and the children were manifest more affectionate words and acts it would be a blessing about Jesus was the bless everyone the is every kind of attention is appreciated by parents as a parent I think that's before a marriage contract is made every young person should look carefully to see how his or her absence from the home of the happiness dropped jaw legitimate obviously wasn't just that the but we are a generation then don't follow any of the programs will him in their feebleness even help you along and give them think here in regard to who has the strongest busy mindful of her wishes and happy if he does not respect and honor his mother will be manifest respect and love kindness and attention for his life is better productivity the thing that has been is that which shall be these questions as they recognize this for the special infection the Bible shows between Isaac and his mother Sarah tells us of the quality of husband Isaac would be in happiness that could be expected the lack of thoughtfulness and respect and kindness and attention Rebecca warns us that the seller make a very warm with education case what you know from this information was sufficient for their entire ladies men's future homes Isaac was he saw was your happy home find out if the man you think you would like below his deferential toward his mother is easy to care for her or does he expect her to care for him if she's able to provide care for her aggressive with his desires his plans his goals over her needs as a plan to care for her in the future which it does become people are busy remember her birthday is the grateful for her care or is critical to call her and let her know his plan him kinds of questions that must be asked before the alien in any affection or you are gambling with your future happiness in the step we can know the roof we will review my policy and the scene with my yesterday and here we give the plans can produce noxious and harmful weeds in the harvest and has a seven romance so I know when they will read the world was essentially flat and a good producing beautiful and valuable crops the legal importantly but bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again with rejoicing bringing issues Luke six thirty eight with the same measure that ye may with all children measured in seeing whether from a is document the bullet regard but it is documentable and courtship and marriage and if there was ever a time that you do not want to sell while those it's very dated in the early church the unfair and long harvest through remotely so we reap more than so we would later you want to be able to determine whether America will be happy you want to be a wise counselor learn to recognize and identify the various seeds then you can harvest policies produce more islands you're already predictors watermelon seeds from watermelon Graber this is gray and assess my moral NPR favorite business moral and your sinfulness is same righteousness produces right one is a way that the other is a way of peace joy contentment eternal life I want to study seed a bit more closely Jesus told parables about six one parable tells a good planted by wines for the other parable tells the bad seed planted by an enemy agent trying to see produce its particular harvest efforts in the parable of the seller Jesus said that the good seed was what God 's word is truth in the parable of the tears this is came from the devil his deceptive words his ideas is when you see words are seeds we plant them every time we do what what am I going insane words they say that others are ceased sowing broadcast like the dandelions in the wind when we speak we are the sores the words we speak the term of the harvest we will when God made the world how to be good he spoke everything God created has speech recognition and response to the voice of God and when God speaks what happens thanks because of the power of his word God is in the very very careful what he says I was on a committee with Mark Finley several weeks ago and one of the members ask the question mark is very and was very very careful in handling it he prefaced his remarks by saying I have learned that what I say is repeated so understanding is what is gone else he will be loaded the only speaks the truth and he does it very very no were made in his image when we speak things have James three four three six three ships as an example although they are so large that are driven by strong words they are scared by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go likewise cognizant small part of the body consider what a rain forest is set on fire by a small spark the tongue also is a flyer for world of evil among the parts of the body it corrupts the whole person since the whole course of his life on fire and is itself set on fire by hell is even recently good thing that we are planting a crop in portrait of an early marriage that we will read in and future no wonder Peter said if anyone speaks to him as one speaking the very words of God for their moral when I say Esfahan was signed by my heavens he became a powerful feature good he started laughing what when the Holy Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost it was the talks what part of the body the tongs of the believers their speech changed the scenes they plan to change in the world was Jane believe me that you see we plan in court trip in early America are perennials that have long term and for a different double consequences rather than before I like implanting a long acting poison dispenser and that the harvesting those over and will words never forgot words we say not only react on others to have an later reaction on this axis fourteen ten through twelve and when Pharaoh drew near the children of Israel lifted up their eyes and behold the Egyptians marched after them so they were very afraid in the children of Israel said to Moses because they were no graves in Egypt have you taken us away to die in the wilderness why have you dealt with us what have you so don't want us to bring us up out of Egypt now notice what the next phrase this is not the word that we told you in Egypt is not this the word is this not a word that we told you in Egypt say let us alone that we may serve the Egyptians for it would have been better for us to serve the Egyptians and that we should buy what you see their own words spoken more than how long before I were now coming right for words and doubt those faceless words were now producing a harvest income they will reconvene when they insult they were going to prove their original words rewrite disagree have that in the word you say not only are perennials and but one day and Mary in your own when I saw this just three weeks ago I think cleanse me from my own words there's ways words that I have spoken lack of faith who are killed at sea rather we just say it's not only words we speak to others but words we think and say to ourselves by Word for Word lycée words we think and say to ourselves the first plan is the second thing is last week Monday most wonderful things ever have in her was doing surgery there is concern in the unlike us the price inside the presence of God was earnestly praying for one protect the patient from my window and said while I was cutting and cauterizing so song for God wanted to the seven hundred and four what have I never had anything like this is what it's like to work crimes that everyone in the health of rep Melissa London with the nurse and the patient all right with me had no idea that his office wider to the these were deleted in my heart you know what the person next to you one thought in my underwear guys holding a meeting Wednesday thoughts of hate reject or accept a wonder David said let the words of my mouth but the meditations of my heart will be observable in my site the Lord my strength he was conscious of his weakness oh Lord my strength and the words we write also RCA's replanting will bring we write on e-mail on our blocks words we hear the words we video words we choose to live by these in fact of the most important sees her life the words that is the seas were Jews determine absolutely it's not some strange mysterious it would be like you'll be exactly what you are we choose our the disciples was brought Jesus wasn't surprised he gave sufficient clues to alert them to the plants growing into his life in spirit a Jonas himself gave all was necessary they should've recognized evil disobedience to God 's long-haul various forms produces a harvest more sin like sin and have the good news is that these producers can also help knowing what we have planned that we can start meeting not just why not but digging up the roof where a minute we confess you are you and what the path doesn't have to be our predictor he can be our monitor helping us not to go back that way you we can say Lord I will take the severe training necessary I want to be a different man in a different woman I don't like my past I want your future Matthew one uses wonderful everyone there only three women mentioned in Jesus genealogy one was a harlot Rahab would you change your past God gave her a wonderful husband and the future hope should be getting one of the mothers of Israel one loves Jesus Windows roof repair drunken incestuous ancestors Joomla! will join herself training Berlin train got home last date is regardless more than five is able to Weiner and give us a new way and new home for harvesting was written twenty years that the Savior was so now the primary twenty years you must know what cities are being planted and cultivated the work for you say hi to the building is critical of a sour are they complaining and mumbling God is the whatsoever naturally Levi had been duly convicted it seems that I don't like that you normally see Livingston states that don't have been a lot of vitamins and harvested by Jesus and taken notes a recesses of war you know what's going on him will soon wireless phone will ring harms all more than one hundred in the harvest could save not permitted and others will say a prayer vigil on your word saw the soil so that you can plan a lot more fiercely crowding out the weaknesses in for too long allowed in all of the energy transformers even now we can say with minimal by the white children will get having been gone producing God is not we thank you for hearing and answering in


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