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When Parents Have Failed

Eugene Prewitt


Eugene Prewitt

Director, The Institute of East Asia Training (IEAT)




  • June 17, 2011
    9:45 AM
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welcome was still prefer my father in heaven I'm asking that you will bless us during this period that you would help us to know what is right we need your spirits we need it every day and especially now so we ask for that gift in the name of Jesus and probably like most of you I grew up in a home with human parents and I think that I can prove that your parents blew it when they raised you without even knowing you by the very fact that they were humans this business of raising children I understand without having an experienced it myself is extremely complicated and with anyone here was raise a child please confess that that's true that the public 's business this business raising children now I have met parents who are just perplexed even raising two or three different children just perplexed about how very different they were and how hard it was to adapts know how to make one turn out right so when I talk about when parents have failed I'm not asking you to evaluate whether or not your parents or parents that into the category of effective efficient good parents are ineffective inefficient bad parents I just want to sort a drop in evaluation of having to start with ideas that you have human parents and therefore in some respect they have blown it can you follow me over what I'm talking about and on paper that's probably fair another thought for get into the mess which is that we live in an age when the church was largely unconverted this is what the Bible teaches in Revelation chapter three the church is largely unconverted today that means in all likelihood that you had parents who however much they were advanced never really knew what it was like to have Jesus living on the inside on my saying this because I know your parents and to see how very bad they are I don't know your parents under speaking statistically based in Revelation three in all likelihood even if you had very religious parents very likely are extremely possible that you didn't have parents that really knew what it was to have a living experience with the Savior and that's that's the AG living arts likely because of the way this sermon is tight told her this lecture is titled people could misunderstand what I was thinking initially when I gave this lecture in kettle Falls a couple years ago it was called disillusioned with your parents and on the I was at a meeting of the thoughts at young people so that they would know what to do now after this comes a point in life I think when I look at the age of those under here for all but four five of you you probably have already come to this point it's to get there maybe age eleven or thirteen are some pills sixteen or nineteen when you suddenly realize your parents are wrong about a lot of things sometimes you get there before you're right about that and when you think the wrong buttons are right about that I mean there does come a point when did the almost unlimited respect or I know you have for your parents is diminished by an awareness of their picking foibles but that's not a good word to use in public and the other humanity out thank you that fits for me this happened around the age of twelve some are right around there so is a listing conjunction with my own conversion and really happened because I began reading the testimonies and when I began to read for example councils and diets and food and you know when you're young teen you have a very black-and-white thinking right so if you read for example something about cheese is not fit for human consumption and then you go to software and there is cheese and did and immediately you have an expressive disillusionment can you follow exactly what I'm talking about in this experience so I went through that writes about their and I didn't handle it well and I'm just hoping in the process of speaking this out some people in the world will handle it better than I did because I handled it poorly in your Bibles to Ezekiel chapter twenty Ezekiel chapter twenty is a chapter the Adventist Jews in Bible studies on the Sabbath and the seal of God but we only use two verses in the chapter we probably have no idea the context of the Rhiannon I'd like you to see the context Ezekiel chapter twenty and were going to start in verse five and say unto them that is the children of Israel thus saith the Lord God in the day when I chose Israel and let not my hand under the seat of the house of Jacob and made myself known unto them in the land of Egypt when I lifted up mine hand unto them saying I am the Lord your God and the day that I lifted up my hand on to them to bring them forth out of the land of Egypt into a land that I had aspired for them flowing with milk and honey which is the glory of all lands Mister stopped there at the end of five and six do you see that God shows for his people the best can you see that it got speaks about almost like he was spying all over the world to try to find the very best land he spied that he found it and then he sang his people into that very place is just a precious picture of what God does those who come in I'm so glad you're here and we are in Ezekiel chapter twenty Ezekiel twenty be just read verses five and six verse seven then I said to them can SG away every man the abominations of his ice and defile not yourselves with the idols of Egypt I am the Lord your God I hope you can see that's quite rational is quite rational that after God had spied the very best land and intended to kick out the idolaters that he said to his people I want to move you they are so a preliminary step would be for you to put away your rights straighten up your life get ready and when you're ready were going to move for those who did came in I really am speaking about this business of parents I really verse eight but they rebelled against me and would not hearken that is listened to me and that not every man cast away the abominations of their eyes neither did they for sake the idols of each yet that I said I will pour out my Spirit upon them to accomplish my anger against them in the midst of the land of Egypt so here they are in Egypt God is found the best land for them he prepared it and now he's asking them to get ready to go and what how do they respond you know they don't respond they don't change their life and so God now says started taking them there he says I'm been a part my theory on them right here in Egypt but if you know your Bible history no he didn't do that he didn't pour out his theory Egypt and the reason is in the next verse but I wrought for my namesake that it should not be polluted before the heathen among whom they were in his site I have made myself known to them and bringing them forth out of the land of Egypt here are the Egyptians and Egyptians associate Jehovah with these people and if God destroys these people for example maybe right they are in on the way to Canaan if he destroys them for their idolatry what are the Egyptians but I think when they get to think you think that Joe Hall but doesn't have the power to do what he wants to do it I think you nice to have a wife is that it is nice to have a life and that unless he sits on the front row so now if I can get my attention back on track and get yours in Ezekiel twenty in the first eight verses were look at how God spared each spared Israel but not because of Israel disparate Israel because of his own reputation because he wanted that he then can know what he was like and so he put off destroying them verse ten wherefore I caused them to go forth out of the land of Egypt and brought them into the wilderness and I gave them my statutes and showed them my judgments which if a man do you shall even live in them moreover I also gave them my sabbaths to recognize verse twelve this is the one of the two verses we use I gave them my status to be a sign between me and them that they might know that I am the Lord that sanctify them but the house of Israel rebelled against me in the wilderness they walks not in my statutes and they despise my judgments which of the men do we shall even live in them and myself as they greatly polluted than I said I would pour out my fury upon them in the wilderness to consume them does that sound familiar he was going to destroy them right here in Egypt but he didn't do it because of the heathen but now he takes the mountain he teaches them how to live and how do they respond to his teachings but they ignore his teachings they ignore his teachings and so he speaking out about destroying them right in the wilderness verse fourteen but I rot for my namesake but it should not be polluted before the heathen and whose site I brought them out yet also I lifted up my hand on to them in the wilderness but I would not bring them into the land which I had given them flowing with milk and honey which is the glory of all lands in other words God doesn't want to take these idolaters into the beautiful land but he's not to destroy them so he puts them on a rotation program and they are going to die in the Wes best way he is able to not lose his reputation for power among the heathen and at the same time not reward the rebellious by taking them between verse seventeen nevertheless my eyes spared them from destroying them and neither did I make an end of them in the wilderness listen carefully but I said unto their children in the wilderness walking not in the statutes of your fathers neither observe their judgments nor defile yourselves with their idols I am the Lord your God walk in my statutes and keep my judgments and do them what God did and this is interesting for people who end up trying to prove that Baptist Church rejected God and turned away from him in eighteen eighty eight during nineteen thirty three in nineteen eighty nine or at some point they might prove this and if they prove that I would remember Ezekiel twenty that here you have that God 's people rejected him outright and God rejected them back but when he rejected them back to switch to a different nation noted in he waited for a different generation and what did he say to the different generation don't do like your don't do like your parents I want to have you and to bless you don't follow the principles and example of your folks is what he said to the next generation so we ended verse nineteen and now regular verse twenty that was pretty what Amy was playing their original was pretty verse twenty and hollow my sadness and they shall be a sign between me and you that you may know that I am the Lord your God you recognize this is the second verse views in the chapter now you know why there's two versus music the chapter the first one was written to the parents the second was written to the children but it was the same idea written the box verse twenty one notwithstanding the children rebelled against me they walked not in my statutes neither Katmai judgments to do them which is a man do he shall even live in them they polluted my sadness then I said I would pour out my fury upon them to accomplish my anger against them in the wilderness nevertheless I withdrew my hand and rot for my namesake but it should not be polluted in the sight of the heathen in whose site I had brought them out I hope that this feels like a déjà vu reading to you what's repeated in Ezekiel twenty eight really almost four times were a stock here could you get the idea is that God cares about the heathen and he knows the way that he then associate his people with his message he knows for example that the human associate the Sabbath was Seventh-day Adventist he knows that they he is an associate art teachings about the second coming with us as a church and if for example God decided to give us as a church we richly deserve and you think we deserve anything better than what those people we destroyed about deserved I think as a church we really aren't much better if any better than they are if you give us we richly deserve even though we deserve it it would be a disaster for the Baptists Catholics new agers and the Buddhist of the world wouldn't be a disaster for them because what they would conclude they want to conclude all of the administrator not doing good enough for their Lord they conclude that we were judged by God because we were the off scouring of the artists that is for his own namesake this is important Bible idea but it's only marginally connected with our message today when I want to draw from Ezekiel twenty is that our parents are not necessarily our example is that clear enough in Ezekiel Twitter parents are not necessarily our example when the fifth member says honor your father and your mother it does not say copy of an fax copy in your father and mother is something that God has said very many places in the Bible not to do your father and your mother may have done well and if they did then copy that but if I did it all don't copy them but an almost certitude they did some things well and sometimes ill and they were not your example I think my dad right now my dad is deceased he's been dead for ten years my dad was not even a Christian but he was assembly Adventist but Hugh but he wasn't a Christian and he did not think that he was on his way to heaven so he was not as delusions as a lot of people are like that expected in new that he was a lost man he was a smoker and non-smoker that's was never disciplined over this issue and smoking killed him he died of lung cancer that was after it took longer to kill Hamlet takes to kill some people my father disciplined me well if I ever have children I would like to discipline them about the way my father disciplined me is my father my example he's not but he did something well but doing something well doesn't make you happy my example and doing something else doesn't make him anyway I shouldn't discount what he did well on the table he did well just so you can do well if you ever have children my father spanked me when I did badly when I disobeyed I was not a child who can get away with disobedience but my father never spanked me in anger he sometimes think anyone he was crying but he would talk to me and then spank me and it would be understood by me that I was being spanked for my benefit and not for his temper that's well he did a good job of that and it probably made it easier for me to be a Christian and it would be for even some children whose parents are consecrated but who do that poorly I mean that's bank in anger or neglect to spank or any of the other options that could happen there so if we take this first point of their parents are not our example I want to build on this just a little bit turn your Bibles to Jeremiah chapter seventeen Jeremiah chapter seventeen and looking at verse five thus saith the Lord Kirsten be the man the trust is then man and maketh flesh his arm and whose heart departed from the Lord shortfall 's parents are flash ready to write the parents are flash so could we say just for the purpose of this talk that would even be true Carson is the man who what is the per se who trusted in man and maketh his parents his arm whose heart departed from the Lord I guess I'm saying is it your parents are not exempt from that from the independent ability of humans parents being human like they are if you make them your dependents in terms of spiritual stability strength and guidance if you make them that way your heart will not be stable with the Lord God you will be part now I have to adhere something for the benefit of Amy Husseini still in this room she gets back there so and if you're listening attention to this parents are is God to us when we are born and there is a real benefit to being a very small child if you have godly parents that is because as a small child you are not capable of putting your faith independence for wisdom and guidance on your father in heaven you can't even visualize something abstract or someone who wasn't there and anyway this just doesn't work for you you can depend on your mom and dad the trick of the devil here is that God never intended I'm not saying with the devil says and sing the truth no-show on the double makes a trick related to it what God is trying to teach is that as you are dependent on your parents as you get older you become less and less dependent on your parents first you need them for everything then then you cannot call the outbound and walk without them and find food in the cupboards without them and write your own name without down and then across the street without them and as of this truth as time goes that you are your less and less dependent on your parents right what God never intended is that it would switch from dependence on parents to dependence on self what he intended is that parents be teaching you all along the way to learn to depend on God instead of them for the things that are not within your own ability to deal with I don't think many parents understand that so not a lot of parents do it and so during the teenage years that special time when more than any other children are to transition from dependence on parents to dependence on God the children end up transition instead from dependence on parents to dependence on nothing in particular and that frustrates the parents to know and because the kids go oddly and the other you done the oddly about that stage of life for now I only saw it to people not to have my wife nodded her head maybe it is not your head to be proceeded gallantly at that stage of life but God 's intention was not that you would ever be independent he does intend for me to be independent he intends that right now that I would feel like I really need help from heaven to give a lecture even if I've given it five times I need help from heaven to even choose my breakfast you know I've done now for my whole life that he really is intending I would feel highly dependent on him and when I get this highly dependent thing down it creates much a feeling of comfort that you haven't experienced since you were three and had a blanking that you understand what I mean it's this feeling that you are not under your not ultimately responsible for what goes on in your life I don't mean that you don't have your destiny in your hand but I mean that if you choose to depend on God all the way whatever happens you take responsibility for it and even if you die a miserable death it doesn't even make a big problem you still get to live forever it's just a beautiful thing to be free from responsibility of trying to handle yourself for talking about what to do when your parents are blown it I hope you've gathered a couple ideas so far one that your parents are not necessarily your example and it to that God wants you to be dependent on him not dependent on yourself as you wean yourself from dependence on your parents it matches the idea for your Bibles to Exodus chapter twenty what I skipped from my notes just now I skipped a lot of passages that hammer home this idea that we should not depend on me and if you ever want a big list of those you can ask me but they'll say similar thoughts to the one we read in Jeremiah seventeen Exodus chapter twenty were looking at the fifth commandment that would be verse twelve honor your father and your mother that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord your God gives the admin a lot of children are very confused about how to apply this verse what does it mean to honor your father and your mother let me tell you my own experience I had when I was eighteen and that what I understand about this verse when I was eighteen I had just finished a preliminary study of old whites councils on education if you are sixteen seventeen or eighteen and if you're twelve or thirteen or fourteen it's not like it's too early to get started I skip age fifteen anyway would fit in there studying what elements were elicited by education you really ought to do it before you get done make in your educational choices I mean it's highly ironic if the first time you really learn as much education as when you graduate from college this make any sense to insane investors there's too much there the irony of that is just overwhelming and I think how often this happens so early is a better time I just finished that I concluded that there were not many schools that were really trying to follow God 's counsel in fact as I search the world over granted I had limited resources for searching by not doing what I could as a teenager I found three schools at that point that it seemed to me were trying to do that this was one of them another one was in the Philippines was Mountainview College I think McIntyre with Illinois that I went to the other and as I was going through this last in trying to figure out the schools I ended up choosing to go to one and I told my parents and my parents were not pleased not pleased at all infect my dad had a pretty good job at the University of Alaska thanks and that's right grew up near the half hour south of Fairbanks and die that University would've let me go there for free and that University has as its focus or as its special thanks science and one of my gifts in life academically was science and the question there back in nineteen ninety was forty thousand a year for the kind of thing I would be doing and I could've gone there for free and my dad thought of course that that would be an ideal opportunity can enter my dad is coming from from secular perspective but more than that I had scored pretty well on some of those exams you take your senior year is resolved I had plenty of scholarships being offered to me and I could've gone to really any school for free aside from that offer plus my parents would pay for me to go to any school if I couldn't have gone for free but the school I chose to go to my scholarships would pay for an University of Alaska would not pay for it and my parents were not about to pay for its if you understand how they felt about this I'd like to understand their perspective is going through my parents were thinking from this perspective how will this man be able to survive what will he do how will you make in the rack race of life that you'll is a lot of competition out there for jobs less difficult than some people that are losing their houses and what we can do and and then their son shows to go to a little unaccredited school and it just felt to them like a disaster when I finished the story excellent look at the verses turn your Bibles to Proverbs I don't know these references by heart so you get out my notes him Robert this chapter ten Proverbs ten verse one a wise sign then makes a glad father but a full assignment is the heaviness of his mother identify parents read this one verse only they would think that I was not honoring them because in their view what I was doing was foolish and was certainly not lots but my parents are not all segments of judges of what is foolish and what is wise and a coupler versus I noticed when this Chapter seventeen verse twenty five chapter seventeen verse twenty five a foolish son is a grief to his father and better nest to her that bare him from having the very same idea the idea is that the way that I honor my mother and father is by living wisely and if I live foolishly it's a dishonor to them but it's even more explicit in Chapter twenty eight Isaiah sees me Isaiah Proverbs twenty eight and verse seven foo so keep us the law is a was a say otherwise are discerning son bikini that is a companion of riotous men shame of his father these are three of maybe a dozen passages in the I will teach this idea that I honor my mother and father by living an honorable life and I shame my father and mother by living a shameful life and that the best way that you are all I can honor our parents is by living in such a way that our life shows that they raised us well even if they didn't go insane it's by Levine honorably that we honor them and not necessarily by doing what they wish Jesus exemplified this in his life earlier than most of us ought to exemplify it probably turn your Bibles to Luke Luke chapter two forty one real Luke two forty one now his parents went to Jerusalem every year at the feast of the Passover and when he was twelve years old they went up to Jerusalem after the custom of the feast and when they had fulfilled the days as they returned the child Jesus Terry behind in Jerusalem so it's just a deaf I once thought if you're twelve years old are you or are you not a child in this verse you are to what if you have a perfect character are you are you nuts are a child your child you know the perfect character at age twelve right the child Jesus turned behind in Jerusalem and Joseph and his mother knew not of it but they supposing him to have been in the company went a day 's journey and they sought him among their kinsfolk and acquaintance since and when they found him not they turned back again to Jerusalem seeking him and it came to pass that after three days they found him in the temple sitting in the midst of the doctors both hearing them and asking them questions and now we talk a little bit about bizarre pages as are some things you can find here that you find there about the story that are helpful to guide you when your parents have not done well and you have to relate to them you know how Jesus taught people much older than him he asked them thought-provoking questions as if he wanted to understand or needed to learn something it's not quite the same as asking leading questions is if you want to drive a point home or make it stick I that looks more like arrogance and it looks like humility but Jesus did this well he was able to spot inconsistencies and incongruities in his elders and asking questions like how to harmonize the idea with this idea and by asking questions they had to think through the things they already knew and they would begin to feel like they have something to learn even from this young man Jesus was asking questions as a way of teaching people who were not and the mentality to be taught your parents are I don't know them speaking generally generically are like the leaders in Jerusalem it is very hard for humans to be taught by their children it doesn't feel right it feels kind of strange plus children try to teach their parents thanking the children don't know what they're talking about it all and if so you are right off the bat when you tried to teach something your parents you are on a bad this is your drop to about foot before you even get started and did you think you can learn something here from the Lord Jesus will be the proper way to teach parents humbly ask thought-provoking questions like you want to understand something in church history to destroy the conversion that was done this way I was the conversion of Lambert in England by building Lambert was a persecuting priest and he was famous for his cornering and catching and dealing with heretics and Billy was a famous heretic Billy wanted to convert Lambert H hard to think how how do you do it you know your delusional life if you do this Ron and Bill me one day and not on Lambert 's rectory door knelt down before him Lambert being a Catholic priest and said please would you hear my confession and he began to confess to the priest how you been a good Catholic and then someone had come and shown him this verse in the Bible and even confused and wondered about it and then they show him disperse and the more he thought about it the more perplexing and he ended up as part of his confession giving a sneaky Bible study to Lambert and it worked it worked this business this means of teaching people who are not in a mode to learn it successful and Jesus didn't I think we ended verse forty six is that right looked down at verse forty nine and Jesus said to his parents how is it that you sought me did you not know that I must be about my father 's business and they understood not the saying which he spake unto them what I learned from Luke two is even godly parents may not understand the things that God is asking me to do even godly parents may have a hard time dealing with the fact that God reserves the right to guide me directly as it clear that Jesus 's parents had a hard time with this they couldn't see that someone that was twelve could be taking directions direct from heaven but I can testify from my own experience also does something that's twelve can take directions direct from heaven they can but did Jesus do it arrogantly or with humility it was with humility that he expressed it was with meekness in fact I think it says right after this he was subject unto them resent right before this note verse fifty one and he went down with them intended Nazareth and was subject unto them by his mother kept all these sayings in her heart we put these verses together you understand the subjection of Jesus that is he was doing what his parents said but he reserved for his father in heaven the right to tell them what to do and if his father had been told him what to do he would do it with humility but he would do it based on something that Sister Nelson shared with me yesterday about concerns she had with side-by-side here I can almost guess what she's thinking soldiers respond to it right now all right response to right now is it possible that some semi- rebellious arrogance young person could use love to as an excuse for just doing whatever they want to do and ignore their parents wishes of course it's possible and if someone does that and then blames it on me I think in the judgment you can blame it on me I think in the judgment that you'll have to blame it on yourself Jesus was subject to his parents and was well and that he was about his father 's business that he wasn't doing it quite exactly what they had in mind my father 's business is not quite the same as whatever I jolly well please to do your my own testimony how was I choosing a college was it based upon just for my friends are going or what I wanted to do or the fact that my chosen occupation we just scanned my audience for a moment I had this morning at breakfast of sitting beside me a young man I'm just checking seekers in the audience and he's not and he told me his life and mission has one of his life ambitions is mission oriented and dumb I like mission oriented ambition I didn't respond at all to what he said but there was a thought in my mind it is easy in choosing your mission option for a life of commission you want to do to do it partially or in some respect based on what you really enjoy doing and what you really enjoy doing may or may not statistically may not does more likely be what you are most useful to do I will use my illustration for this collection say it right well and I imagine my cell sometimes I use word pictures to try to have understand ideas some just shared with you some of my thinking I imagine myself in a fox hole with a bunch of other soldiers and they all have their guns and their grenades and they are there to fight the enemy not imagine myself being a concert pianist I kept the candle this is very silly imagination and I met play on the piano but anyways not like that and I imagine myself being a concert pianist and the same to my buddies it's very dangerous here I'd like you guys protect me with your bodies from the shrapnel but not visit be a real loss to this world if I died I can play the panel really well and this should be a real disaster so would you please protect me and what you think my buddies would say I think that they would despise the idea that I think that my account playing is more you might make my life more useful the nurse don't you think they might despise the idea one turned illustrated by this so far is that in time of war there are some skills more useful than others being able to throw and to aim and to dock might be more useful than being able to play rights now I'm in my real life here my own experience and I was choosing an occupation I think that what I really enjoy doing was now so I really enjoyed doing yes my wife I still do lots of math some difficulty second sold I am one taking a shower math if you want to get an estimate of yourself there's about thirty one million seconds in the year just over thirty one million seconds later and the math is something that comes really easy to me also my senior year of high school I began canvassing and in canvassing unlike me in math I would be in bed top tier of the ninety ninth percentile ranking that is if you put me in a group of about twenty people all in the ninety ninth percentile I might even have an easier time than nineteen of them math was really an easy thing for me put me now call quartering and I'm right smack dab in the middle of the average folk not even near the more successful folk and I would be near the less successful folk except for I wrong while they walk I does this make sense to buy the same in our words I put in my whole drive and energy and force and that saying I can only rarely make it to average and yet when I began to analyze the situation of the world my mediocre talent in canvassing was more useful to the kingdom of God then my very goods are great talent in math so make any sense to him and say and I just think in choosing a life career occupation that I should do it just as if the universe doesn't exist and are just based on my abilities and skills and what I enjoy but really there's a bigger picture and the question is what can I do that would be the most honor to God what can I do to be most useful to his kingdom and that might not turn out to be quite the same sign as if I was trying to choose the thing that young matches what I like the very best I'm off topic kind of noticed that I am off-topic about to do when your parents what but speaking the same age levels I was then in summer come back to what were looking at so in Luke two we learned that not only are parents unnecessarily our example but they may not even understand what God is calling us to do one now we've been looking and look to at least some godly parents what do you do when your parents are demanding your time or attention and God is also asking for your time and attention I seen this so many times and you can find half of verse on this topic but I didn't write the reference down and I don't know what but you've read it yourself the man came to Jesus and he wanted to follow him but he said first let me go and bury my to say father said what made let me go and bury my father and Jesus said to him the most honest thing are interesting thing he said let the dead bury their dead but go thou and if there's time for the man to go work if you want to read interest material look up this phrase very are dead bury in LIC Iran will pull up at stolen statements or she quotes this verse not just tell you what you can find your defined that Saint Daniel wants to derail people from doing God 's work and if for example brother Louis here is doing God 's work and he's having success in his one insoles the double try a number of avenues to get Daniel to leave the work he might try to discourage him the network sometimes discourage people to leave the work or discouragement he might aim at this one discourage him or he might offer him a promotion a better paying job somewhere else that remnant of you are being offered a better paying job with God 's work Austin happened to some I told some people if you want a good paying job just sign-up is a call quarter it doesn't pay well but some will offer you one as soon as you sign up and in my offer them a job but sometimes the devil can't find anything here that will stop Daniel than the devil try something else he finds the weakest family member of brother Louis and he are raster step person who tries to bring the person into a disaster whether it be a threatened divorce or a lawsuit or suicidal depression or something to really focus on this person and the goal of the same as when this person is having their tragedy is to talk and say I called Daniel asked for help I call this the haunted home describes this this this scenario is the closest thing to a real haunted home that exists if brother Luis falls for this trick and abandons the work of God to rush over here it said in this weekly and try to help you know he might go to help this we clean some may be with God 's help you might even really blasphemous weekly but more likely than that is in the sweeping is going to end up being week when this whole process is done also thus the more likely scenario but the worst of it is the devil has just learned something about Mister Louis and never again in Mister Louis be successful in God 's work without the devil attacking his family never again because the devil learns really quick and this is very terrible thing to find in the statements as if instead Daniel will stay in the work out of faithfulness to principal that heaven will commission Angels to go to the home of Miss we clean and say to the demons stand back push them away and accomplish more here than Daniel could've done by his own personal presence and also the devil learns his lesson quickly never again harassed the family of Mister Louis that make a sense to say this idea of you can make an idol out of the precious business of your family and ought not to be can Matthew eight twenty two is where you find the story because some persons who listen to this and audio verse and maybe even some of you there in this room were really hoping that it would be a seminar and parenting say a few things in the book education about parenting it won't take me long and those you are young you might repair Sunday so this is like a waste your time right you know continual censure bewilders the mind of the child after the wreck close of Ellen White Dennis excellent common sense let me try to illustrated by an experience of a lady in my church plant I she's a single mom she has several children home and raising several children even with a husband that is hard work but to do it as a single mom is harder work right she understand this is really difficult she's trying to raise them to a high standard in one day hiking on revisiting her and her boy I guess you missed ten I forget how old he was in this happens she had a bicycle and he was having such fun this is what he was doing he was riding his bicycle and then he would jump off cliffs let it keep going without him and it would go ten or twelve feet twenty twenty if he was going fast enough in the fall over others are just so enjoying it continue mentally in a jungle enjoying the he was enjoined to help I can get it to go without him and that his mother came out and saw it and she let him help it for damaging his bicycle I don't mean she was yelling she was cooked she was collected but she let her words do what her volume wasn't doing and that is make him feel that he was being very unintelligent to act that way with his bicycle now assures you a shirt with her afterwards if your son is nearly perfect and he does that you probably can't afford to correct it it would be better if you don't ruin your bicycle would not be better if you are ruining your bicycle you probably can afford if your son is nearly perfect you probably can but if your signs character because of whatever is been the past if you this making mistakes every hour and doing something wrong maybe even every thirty minutes she can't take review every thirty minutes or an hour he can't he was admitted to be able to handle that kind of it he really needs a lot of commendation maybe even for the fact that he does such a good job of jumping off the bike is pretty special I don't know if I can jump off a bike and have it keep going he needs a lot of commendation and he can only handle the occasional review without becoming what was out let's say she says it's faithful to effort that is what too much censured when people get too much censure the young people instead of fixing everything they just give up and then you cannot get them to do right for anything so if you want to find a good example of how to balance this in the book education the chapter illustration of his methods to find they are how Jesus dealt with Peter James and John especially Peter Peter was like a boy that make mistakes all the time well he was appointed and mistakes all the time and it cheats us dealt with Peter so wisely that Peter didn't rebel in fact stayed close to Jesus and ended up finally being a faithful man it's an amazing thing it ought to read it I think I told you already about how my father disciplined me well to discipline someone while you're angry is useless it's useless you might as well let them get away with it as disciplined them why you're angry the reason is that the anger in your discipline takes the selflessness out of that and makes it seem more like a reaction than that an act of love and children learn better naturally than they do thoughtfully what does that mean I mean it's natural for them to be angry and reactionary and when you discipline them with anger you build into them a bitterness and anger reaction that all their life troubles than it ever met someone who has this internal better reaction and you don't want to curse your child with this kind of internal bitterness so you don't want to put it in the air someone hearing this program will hear and ask what what you do if you have this internal anger probably got it from your parents when they disciplined you in anger probably it's in there from there not even do we have time in the next sixty seconds to answer that question but on U-verse I think you will find that many sermons and how to overcome sin I recommend looking some of them up inconsistent follow-through that is to say to threaten to do something and then not to carry it through your threat so confuses the mind about God but it makes it hard for the human touch submit to God 's discipline because God follows through with his threats I remember you had a teacher I think it you still have a teacher Graham Maxwell down there in Loma Linda 's money might be from the South grand has a book out once some friends and forgot the title of the book sermons or friends has a book and I'm rereading that block out a couple paragraphs were ground next foot is the illustration of inherent who says I'm going to kill you if you blah blah blah blah blah and then Graham asking the children of their parents it said something like that most of them raise their hands very sad part of the story and that is that some of you really thought your mother was going to kill you and of course they didn't think so and this for granted this evidence that God 's threatenings shouldn't be taken seriously let me just say it's evidence of a contrary nature this evidence about how bad parenting confuses how people read the Bible that God is looking that we will have some consistency in what for doing well I really blew it I used up my whole time and only got through half of the material so I recommend to you fundamentals of Christian education page four thirty eight through four forty one there you'll find how Jesus related his parents when they did not understand educational choices correctly that you know that Jesus was the only one of his brothers and sisters that do not go to the schools of his time Mary and Joseph were not homeschooling parents I mean they want the kind of parents and just chose to homeschool their children Jesus chose to be homeschooled and you can find wide when he was dominant that he did not go to the schools and the Pharisees you find for five reasons they are and when you look at those reasons and think them through I think you find that they have more applicability to the day than you ever would have guessed I just recommend that you take a read of them but let's know for our father in heaven I asked that she would find a way to lead our generation into Canaan that you would honor your name by the church that she would do for this generation what our ancestors would not let you do individually prepare us to go the right way when asked for your spirit in the name of incest by a this media was brought by audio players a website dedicated to spreading God 's word through reading audio and much more if you would like to know more about hot humors you like the more certain is www. on universe .org


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