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Character of God - Part 3: The Beast Within

Steve Wohlberg


Steve Wohlberg

Television producer, radio host, and international speaker




  • June 17, 2011
    11:00 AM
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Lord we pray in your name that you will be with us thank you for everything you've done for us before helping in the last meetings that I've had been born I know that you are going to be here again today and we pray for your help pray for the Holy Spirit please talk to us and make this message very plain to us so that we can see the importance of having your character in this battle that worry in Jesus name all right let's go to Genesis chapter one Genesis chapter one start at the beginning of the Bible Genesis one verse twenty six this was on the sixth day of creation week right before God made the Sabbath in verse twenty six the Bible says and God said let us make man in our image after our likeness very clear that God 's purpose forming human beings is so that we would reveal his which really means his character his likeness so that when people look at us God 's plan is that they will see a reflection of him now in order for people to see a reflection of him we need to be like him and we need to especially down here in our fallen state down near the end we need to have a correct understanding of his character so that we can then reflect that character to the world and in the last couple of meanings we talked about the controversy that is going on within the Seventh-day Adventist church dealing with the character of God and what I see as imbalances which are actually perversions and deceptions about the character of God talk about how his character is a blend of mercy and justice rooted in love I said that over and over again and by the way I don't know if I've mentioned that I've written a book on this which is called the character of God controversy and that book is available from Whitehorse media is also available at BBC's and it's it's a very powerful study was co-authored by me and Anna Doctor Loma Linda called Doctor Chris things Doctor Chris Lewis and we work together we have the same burden same passion same concerns about these different things are happening in our church people often misinterpreted God 's character and and they don't see him as a God of love they don't see him as a God of mercy and they see him as just a hard being and then there are other people that misinterpret his justice and they don't see him as a God of justice and really the bottom line is of some of these currents within the church is that for many people they cannot see that God 's justice is really just don't seek God 's justice is being being good they see as being bad but in my mind it's the devil that's bad the devil of the devil is the evil one and God is the good one and if God in his goodness chooses to let justice upon the devil because the devil 's bad is that good or bad when you think it's good if God chooses to actively get rid of sin has its bad and get rid of the evil that is a good act on his part and for some reason these days it's very difficult for some people to see God 's justice as being dressed they have to make God 's justice be something else in order for it to be just in their minds and I just don't I don't accept that I think that God is just and we can look at what the Bible says and whether God allows consequences to run their course as a manifestation of his justice or whether he chooses to actively put down the rebellion and to punish sin whatever he chooses to do he's good in doing it he's good in doing it and as we'll see you tomorrow all of this BC issues about the character of God also affect our understanding of the plan of salvation not Jim we've we not only need to seek God 's justice and his mercy in his character but we need to understand that in Gethsemane and on the cross and how that also helps us to understand righteousness by faith because they all go together the sanctuary service reveals God 's mercy and is just and righteousness by faith it's all there it's all talk more about this tomorrow but anyway here we read in verse twenty six then God 's plan originally was that we would reveal and reflect image character really when you get to the heart of the great controversy it's about the character of God and what is revealed in humanity and when Jesus was here he revealed the character of God in his humanity and it was a wonderful revelation a beautiful revelation and that's the revelation that can't wants as much as possible to duplicate inside of our lives now let's go to the book of Daniel and let's have a Bible study about character let's look at it from the perspective of the symbols that are used in the prophecies and Daniel Chapter two in the sky walk you through these briefly and I I just learned this from my own my own Bible study I've been an evangelist for amazing facts I was one for six years travel around the country and went to went to other countries went to Canada went to New Zealand and Pakistan and Russia the first meeting I ever had with amazing facts overseas was with Jo Cruz tree Jo Cruz judges to be the director of of amazing facts before Doug and the last Crusade that Joe ever had was in Russia he was seventy years old and I was just a new new amazing facts evangelist and and in lieu Torres handed me a little note and let me know that that's where he wanted me to go for my training was to work with Joe Cruz and so I I went for an evangelist of training Doctor Natalie 's been to Russia to pretty sure that he was with me on that trip and Lowell Hargraves and some others we all went and had a wonderful time learning from from Joe and when he came back when we all came back within a short time he was dead as his last serious if you and I learned a lot of what I knew about preaching in an evangelistic context from jokers and righteous I learned an awful lot from him and of course during our meetings his meetings in our meetings we went through Daniel went to revelation we went through the prophecies we explain this to the public like conventional still do today and wanted one day later on after that as I was re- looking at the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation in the context of character something really sent me that I want to share with you i.e. Daniel chapter two and we know the swing of this chapter well at least hopefully it is the this talk about the dream of Nebuchadnezzar Ricky saw this big image and limitless to draw your attention to verse thirty one Daniel is standing before King Nebuchadnezzar he had had the revelation the night before of what the King dreamed and in verse thirty one Daniel now stands before him and says Val O King he saw Andy and behold a great way a great image therefore an image he saw the word image in Genesis God made man in his own image in a Daniel two we have an image standing in front of Nebuchadnezzar in his dream and in this image it says it was a great image says that twice behold thou O King 's son behold a great image this this great image whose brightness was excellent stood before you and its form was terrible and scares me you are grateful that froggy I think my fixed talks so far in the last couple days hopefully my voice will hold out the really work in the here given me a lot to do anyway are right so he saw an image that what was this image of was it an image of a cat was an image of a horse what was the image of it was the image of a man trying to create image standing before I Nebuchadnezzar industry and Daniel goes on and explains about head of gold the breast and arms of silver the belly and thighs of bronze legs of iron feet of iron and clay than the rocking out image and I and I thought about that later and I thought I write here you got an image of a man Dan F of chapter seven Daniel seven is the next major prophecy in the book of Daniel Daniel two got four metals different parts of the man of the image and then in Daniel seven instead of four medals literally have it we have beasts right Daniel seven verse two says Daniel spoke and said I saw in my vision by night and behold the four winds of heaven strove upon the great sea and for grade beasts so we have a great image of a man and now we have four great beasts became from the CD diverse one from another and it describes these different beast one is a less like a lion in verse four and verse five another ones like a bear in verse six another was like a leopard burst seven we have a fourth beast dreadful and terrible and very strong with great iron teeth it has ten horns and then in verse eight I considered the horns and behold there came up among them another little horn before whom three of the first forms were plucked up by the roots and behold the Bible says in this horn were eyes like the eyes of a watch of a man that's right and a mouth speaking great things do I remember this hitting me one day I was just thinking about the prophecies right Daniel to God and God the nations of the world represented by a man and any Daniel seven he got the same nations represented by beasts and men out of the fourth beast comes ten horns and then a little horn and the little horn has eyes like a man and a mouth thanks and I thought this was interesting you got a man in Daniel two got beasts in Daniel seven and when you got a horn with eyes like a man what's happening is God 's pouncing back and forth he's describing the same nations as a man and in those same nations as a beast when you got the horn that looks like a man now and go to Revelation thirteen in Daniel seven the little horn has a mouth speaking great things in Daniel seven the little horn makes war on the Saints in Daniel seven the little horn rules for three and a half times it does things and we find in Revelation thirteen we find the same exact things in verse five it talks about a mouth speaking great things and verse seven it talks about war against the saints in verse fee advocates verse five it talks about ruling for forty two months which is the same as three halftime to three and a half years similar to Daniel chapter seven and yet in Daniel seven this is all described as being the activity of the little horn but in Revelation thirteen if the activity of who is doing this in Revelation thirteen who has a mouth speaking great things who makes war on the Saints who rules for four certain amount of time in Revelation thirteen what it's called beast thirteen when I stood upon the sand of the scene I saw a beast rising up out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns and it describes what the beast beast does which is the same thing as little court so let's just follow the progression in Daniel two with the man in Daniel seven at least and it got a little horn with eyes like a man and in Revelation thirteen that little horn is described as a beast so God is Newington bounced back and forth between a man and beast a man and beast and at the end of chapter thirteen which is the chapter about the beast he comes full circle and chapter thirteen verse eighteen he says here is wisdom let him it has understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of what the man right and his number is six hundred threescore and six which comes to six six six so the pattern continues and utilityman Daniel seven it's a beast they got the little horn would like like a man and in Revelation thirteen that Portis described as a beast and at the end of Revelation thirteen it says the beast has a number of a man in the number six six six so easy to see the pattern back and forth back and forth back and forth mandates mandates and beast man beast why when it hit me I thought to myself why why is this happening wiseguy doing this what's he trying to teach us by this pattern that we know that the prophecies did teach us about the rise and fall of nations we know that it talks about the little horn coming up and how this applies to the papal power and you if you've studied the prophetic timeline you understand these things but still I thought well okay I understand that I understand the history I understand the prophecy understand the rise and fall of nations but why in the midst of all of this is God bouncing back and forth between a man and beast to man and beast communities can you think of any reason why that might be so why does he do this well maybe I should think about that let's go to Revelation chapter twelve let's take a look at the three beasts that are described in chapter twelve oh and thirteen there's three of them Revelation twelve describes a great Dragon in verse one there appeared a great Dragon in heaven on-site there appeared a great wonder in heaven in verse one is a woman clothed with the sun and moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars and she being with child so she cried and she was travailing in birth and she was painted to be delivered in verse three it says there appeared another wonder in heaven behold a great red dragon regarding had a great image it had four great beasts and now we have a great red dragon and he has seven heads and ten horns he's a beast and he does certain things he is nailed to a third of the stars of heaven and cast them down to the earth which represented Satan deceiving a third of the angels and cast them down to the earth the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered to devour her child as soon as it was born a child was Jesus she brought forth a man child who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron the child was caught up to God and to his throne and then the woman flees into the wilderness and the Dragon chases her and does various things first things to her and one day I thought about this prophecy and I thought about looking at it closely and trying to discover if this is the source of the thinking that I went through I thought already got the man in Danielson two beasts in Daniel seven the little horn like a man in Daniel seven and beast in Revelation thirteen and this number is like a man at the end of thirteen and I saw back-and-forth man beast man beast Randy and I thought you why is God doing this and I came to the conclusion that God is describing humanity in the current unit in in the symbolism of beasts because he's trying to teach us character lessons that humanity that was created in the image of God to reveal God 's character to the world is actually because of sin become so degraded that we are really revealing in heaven the eyes characters that are more like beasts instead of God and that's why goes back and forth to teach us this lesson and that what I once I thought about that I start I my mind started thinking all right well what about the freebies that are written in Revelation the Dragon the beast and the false prophet what about the Dragon described in chapter twelve the first beast described in Chapter thirteen and the second beast described in Chapter thirteen do they have characters do they have character attributes and so I went back to these chapters and I thought all right let's start with the Dragon and Revelation twelve we know it's a beast it has seven heads and ten horns and I said looking at the character issues if you let militias take a look at a couple of these was the primary characteristic of the Dragon but one of one of the characteristics in verse nine is that he's a deceiver restraints as the great dragon was cast out that old serpent called the Devil and Satan who deceives the whole world he is a subtle deceiver that's one of the characteristics of the Dragon right now is that is is the devil himself the only one at that that is sometimes a subtle deceiver or has that character come into humanity 's final deception what you think not think so all right here's another care here's another one in verse ten it says I heard a loud voice saying in heaven now is come salvation and strengthen the kingdom of our God and the power of his Christ for the accuser of our brethren is cast down which accused them before our God day and night Satan of the Dragon is also described as an accuser has that character quality using others is that a character that is only character that we see in the devil or have that character become woven into some human beings yet the accuser of the brethren that's right that accusation now has worked its way into humanity okay here's another one it says in verse twelve rejoice you haven't sent you that well in them woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea for the devil is come down to you having great what having great wrath because he knows he has a short time what makes what Israel is basically up to Dragon's wrath is anger right when it says the Dragon has great wrath it means that the Dragon has great anger because he knows he has a short time his anger is a characteristic that we only see in the devil or has it come into humanity definitely think you can see that all right verse seventeen says the Dragon was raw in your Bibles have any other words besides Roth okay enraged I think some Bible safety areas which basically means he's angry he's enraged with the woman and he goes to make war with the remnant of her seed which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ so we have twice in fact after is a is an and angry character so I does not thought about that look at read this chapter I don't have PowerPoint slides to show you for this but never put to put slides together but I thought about this and I see in Revelation twelve a dragon a beast who is deceptive he is an accuser of the brethren and he's angry K got back the lights going on now yeah I could see it right the lights are going on he's a deceiver he's angry and she's he's an accuser and I thought wow those character qualities are qualities that have come into human beings people today have become the theaters people today have become accusers people today have become angry and so I thought about that my thought is if those character qualities are in the if I become deceptive and accuser and angry and if I were to look in in in in the mirror if I were to look in the biblical mirror what I would see looking back at me in the biblical mirror is the face of a dragon if you're angry or an accuser or deceiver then you are like a drag your Dragon like Dragon has worked his character into you so instead of being like the image of God you're not revealing the image of God you're revealing the image of the Dragon make sense I does make sense and anything is is this the reason why God has why God bounces the prophecies back and forth between a man and the beast and the man in the beast and a man is he trying to show us that human character qualities from his perspective have become white white dragons have become like the beast if you think about it in Daniel to the image of the man really is is designed to show the image of nations and nations are made up of people and in Daniel seven when the same nations are described as beasts allying in the barrel leopard and a dragon like beast those beasts represent nations that are made up of people and so God is trying to tell us that the people are becoming why in light bearlike leopard like Dragon their becoming beast like in his site is not remembered from from God 's perspective when he made man he made him to reflect his own image God made man he wanted he wants humanity to reveal his love his mercy is true is justice his kindness his goodness these are the character qualities God wants to see in you and when he sees enemy and when he sees other character qualities from his perspective those character qualities are pretty evil they are very evil that we don't generally realize how evil they are and we think all well and I'm just now and we don't we don't really think too much about it or if we don't really realize it but what when we lie in it were deceiving people are when we excuse people of different things we just they're just part of our care but God wants to open our eyes he wants us to look in the mirror and his law is like a mere and the Bible is like Amir when we look in the Bible we see things about ourselves that we don't normally see and it just hit me one day the divine anger unifies so and if I'm not accuser I can look in the mirror in Revelation chapter twelve and I can see a great Dragon and I can look in the mirror and I can see reflection in God 's sight I'm like now let's go to the beast was good Revelation thirteen the beast 's character is a little bit different than the Dragon they have similarities but there are some distinct characteristics of the Dragon and the first beast and the second beast their distinct so let's look at the first beast in chapter thirteen which is the same as the little horn right verse one says I stood upon the sand of the sea and I saw a beast rising up out of the sea and what is the scene represents in the Bible the multitudes of people right so the beast is rising up out of the people right is rising up out of the people he has seven heads and ten horns upon his horns ten crowns and upon his heads the names of blasphemy blasphemous beast do people blaspheme God today and if you don't and from God 's perspective when people blaspheme him from his perspective who are they acting like directing like finger acting like a beast and when this this beast actually represents it has an application to a certain power to the papal power I believe that on Protestant store assistant Seventh-day Adventist and this beast applies to the papal power but the papal power is made up of people isn't it made up of human beings and how really different how much different are that human be things that make up the papal power from you and me I mean this is the Pope essentially different from you and me how about the average Catholic about the average preached their people just like us right now let's go back to them verse five to me is the key characteristic of this power verse five says there was given to him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemy he has a big mouth that's a primary characteristic of the beats know what word do we use to to describe someone that has a big mouth starts with a P what what word we use five letters starts with a key yet proud that's right pride and when you really look at the beast it's it's for its dominant characteristic is pride and dominant characteristic of the Dragon is anger is angry he has great wrath is angry with the woman he makes war on the remnant the Dragon is but the beast is proud that his dominant characteristic and when you go back to the little horn of Daniel seven it says this little horn comes up out of the head of the beast and he has eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth speaking great things at the dominant characteristic of the little horned beast she got a little worn the command and in Revelation thirteen it's a beast I thought about that my thought is the beast the only one who's proud or do we find a characteristic and other people in the Bible you know what we find next same characteristic length same characteristic thing I'm rich I'm increased with goods and I'm in need of nothing that's prime refinancing characteristic in the woman on Babylon where she says I said is a queen and I see I will see no sorrow it's it's it's pride that's what events and it's not just in the Roman Catholic Church not just in the poll it's not just in Babylon it's a Laodicea as well it's the same spirit and so when we're proud if we haven't it is impossible for you or for far for me to have a mouth speaking great things can we boast about anyone can even do it so suddenly and boast about how many people we baptized and we could be proud we can do it just like to be now not saying we should baptize like people praise God we baptize a lot of people have meetings and baptized like people but if we become proud of that in the wrong way and post you know I baptized a hundred how many did you baptize we can be proud just like the beast we can we can preach in our meetings about the little horn and about the Roman Catholic Church and about how to change the Sabbath and Sunday and then we can call people out of Babylon and really if we baptize a hundred people then we can have a mouth speaking great things right after the baptism post how many people we baptized as compared to somebody else and we can have the exact same spirit as the little horn is there is this heresy her sister it's true itself were proud we can look in the mirror we can open our Bibles and looking Mayor we can retrieve Daniel seven and see the little porn with a big mouth all we can see the need with a big mouth and we can look in the mirror and who do we see we can see a reflection of ourselves thrive because that's the character of the beast all right now let's go to the second beast in Revelation thirteen verse eleven the Revelation thirteen eleven beast which in its historical application applies to the United States of America by Griffin on the Seventh-day Adventist Protestant sources when I'm sharing with you is not in any way the date that historical application of these prophecies they do apply to Babylon Persia Greece Rome they apply to the ten horns reply to the little point which is the papal power they apply to the United States of America I believe all of that but all of these nations and the papacy and America are made up of people and those people are not a whole lot different from you and me and if you look at especially in America anywhere where Americans where we're in the belly of the beast the second beast a look at Revelation thirteen eleven it says John says I saw another beast coming up out of the year and he had two horns like a lamb but then what did he do it says he spoke like a dragon 's event now there is that there is a character quality that is revealed in this verse the dragons dominant character anger the beasts dominant character is pride but what about the second beast which which is also called the false prophet who think about this what what what would you call someone who looks like a lamb in the land in the Bible represents you present Jesus right so this beast looks way am white which means he knows he has to certain character characteristics like land he professes to be like a lamb claims to be Christian or at least to be based on Christian principles and then it says yet he 's like a drag what what what word to use to describe that kind of character who looks one like one thing that really speaks and acts like something you haven't got a hypocrite hypocrite the other second beast is a hypocrite hee hee he claims one thing he has a profession which has been denied by his his words and the words actually are Dragon life expected tried it out when this happens in the final days when the United States of America denies its Protestant principles and speaks like a dragon and uses force and enforces the mark of the beast this is going to be happening in America and America is made up of Americans and it's good to be happening among people is not right hypocrisy in people now decided that characteristic hypocrisy hypocrisy something that we are immune to it as something that only happens in the beast or could it be happening enough is it possible that we could be hypocrites to that we could profess our faith a pure faith pure Protestant principles of pure Seventh-day Adventist faith and yet deny our profession by our actions can can we do that can I Steve Walberg become a hypocrite and you become a hypocrite sure that and if we are hypocrites and if we look in the mirror Revelation thirteen verse eleven what do we see we feed the beast trained we see the beast being reflected in a anger pride and hypocrisy these are the characteristics of the end these are character qualities that are in humans and I believe that's why God has bounced back and forth between the beast and the man and beast and the man and beast from it I mean he could of picked another another simple for the image Daniel two when the little horn popped out of the fourth beast Engadget seven he could've picked a different a different symbol instead of ice like a man in Daniel seven he could've picked a horse instead of you know I want a puppy or a leopard and a dragon like beast he could've picked all kinds of symbols but he didn't he picked beasts and he picked up man I think he did it for reason if he wants to teach us something was to teach us how to help peacefully in his site is anger and deceptiveness and accusing others and private hypocrisy these are character qualities of beasts in his site and he does not want those character qualities in now go to chapter fourteen thank God that be imagery of Revelation doesn't just include beef they are there other symbols there in revelation fourteen verse one it says I looked in low and what kind of an animal did John see he saw a Lamb he thought Lena know what and honestly to the glam represents represented Jesus and when you think of the land what kind of qualities do you think up okay meekness right gentleness humility those are character qualities of of the Lamb and when you look at the character of Jesus and that's what we seem right we don't see anger at least not it was not the same kind of anger as the Dragon dragons anger is not a righteous indignation there are times in the New Testament where Jesus died Jesus did manifest anger he was angry in the Temple and it says that he is not a versa Margaret says that he was he was angry and he was grieved for the hardness of their hearts when Jesus drove out the money changers he was angry but it wasn't the dragons anger was a righteous anger against sin and come into God 's temple was a different kind of Bethea that the character qualities that we see in Jesus truth honesty integrity security meekness humility gentleness spec respect for Joseph and Mary for his parents all of those character qualities that was in Christ are really a reflection of the image of God and Jesus wants those character quality student to be woven inside of us if you look at this verse again in verse one I looked in the lands done on Mount Zion and with him it says a hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written in their warheads Jesus and I and my father are one were of the same character and when it says that they have the father 's name written and therefore has basically what it means is that the character of the father which is the same character as the sun because they're one that that character is Nick has now been written or what woman into the characters of his people it's a character issue this verse is describing people who have the character qualities of the instead of the character qualities of the beast we don't have a mouth speaking great things they are not hypocrites they're not angry they're not proud they're not deceptive they are like Jesus and Jesus does not reveal any characteristics of the beast as he behaviors another one I thought I have been gone gone through this in my mind ensuring the bits with you and hope it's enlightening to you and then I lifted the woman in Revelation seventeen and I thought I wonder if this woman has a has some character qualities the woman of Babylon let's see if we can find one or two Revelation seventeen verse one says there came one of the seven Angels who had the seven vials he talked with me and he said to me come hither I will show okay the judgment of the great whore since upon many waters with whom the kings of the earth have committed fornication so here you got this one verse three says so he carried me away in the Spirit into the wilderness and I saw one in DC a character issues there was this woman do personal account abomination she's a harlot that's right and when you think of harlotry you know what when you think of a prostitute right which really has to do with sexual sin right she's a sexually immoral woman isn't she she's a whore she's a prostitute she's not just she doesn't wait until she gets married notion of them have she doesn't decide to have no sex before marriage she has even get married she just she commits fornication she sleeps around she sleeps around with the kings of the air she commits fornication with them she's the sexually immoral woman who is really a harlot down issue the only hard in this work should only prostitute she the only person that commits fornication she the only woman that is sexually immoral or are there other women that are sexually immoral in this world how bout men are there men that are sexually immoral yet and so sexual immorality is the dominant characteristic of this one and I thought wow you know if I'm I'm thinking right now if I am sexually impure if I am immoral by commit fornication I'm not faithful to my wife if I'm I have uneven attracted to those kind of things I can look in the mirror mirror Revelation seventeen what a wife fee I can see the horrible I can see the prostitute and here's another interesting characteristic notice the way she's dressed in verse four says the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color and she's jacked with gold and precious stones and pearls punishing punishing drafts allocations immodest in her dress and she's loaded with the world jewels but without an vanity vanity pride in the world 's Jules sometimes people wonder whether the standard that we haven't seven cabinets concerning dress and jewelry is the still valid today should we still follow those standards I think we should definitely that's right look at the woman of Revelation she is all decked out with all the world 's jewels and she's not the only one she's not the only one she is the mystery woman Babylon and those are her characteristics she's a modest to sexually immoral and she's a worldly dressing women and God has given us this prophecy not just to point to Babylon out there but to teach us character lesson of the kind of characters that we are supposed supposed ahead as we've been talking about the character of God controversy in our church and it's been going on in the character of God controversy started in heaven when Satan when Lucifer first challenged the character of God that's what he did he challenged God 's character he said that God was on but he was selfish that he was not good that he was essentially he was found was a tyrannical domineering God and he was seen the Angels with this view of God 's character and Lucifer didn't realize that but he was acting like a beast in his own character because he was really the one that was exhibiting those character of she was the selfish one he was the proud one he was becoming that the type it was it was his own character that he was superimposing upon God and it started in heaven and in the battle came down here on the air and God made man in his own name to reflect his character to represent him in this great controversy when adding a new sin they opened their hearts up to Satan and his angels and they came in and began to mold humanity into their own characters and when you look at the prophecies God has given us these beasts in this harlot too needs a graphic descriptions to try to teach us these characterizations and we know these are character issues because Revelation fourteen one describes the people that don't fit there not defiled with Babylon with the women of Babylon and they got the name of God written and therefore it got those the character qualities of Jesus and ultimately veto the character of God controversy that were in his is is working itself out in humanity whose character to are we reflecting in the character of God controversy are we reflecting the character of Jesus or are we reflecting the character of the angry Dragon the proud beast hypocritical beast and the sexually immoral harlot at it now here's a quotation received like to get this up on the screen is one quote I want to show you here that I read as I was pondering this variance that has just it's just nailed it gets put the mail in their one work often but it's put the nail down in my mind that what I've just shared with you is just the truth it doesn't change anything as far as our prophetic interpretation all it does is it at this a character dimension for the battle now look at this this is the statement says it's from the review and Herald April fourteen eighteen ninety six the simplest way to find it is to go to volume seven eight of the Bible commentary set which is the volume that is exclusively the comments of Ellen White and in volume seven a the chapter Revelation chapter twelve has this quote this is the simplest way to find wines seven eight Revelation chapter twelve look at what she says she says through yielding to satanic influences men will be transformed into being and those who were created in the image of God and who were forms to honor and glorify their Creator will become the habitation of dragons and Satan will see in an apostate race is a masterpiece of evil I just gives me I mean I literally have shivers I'm not just saying this I can still go right back to my back in my here on right now my back right now as I just reading this it's giving me shivers Satan will see it are apostate race his masterpiece of evil and what is that masterpiece of evil it says they are it is then I think this applies to women as well men who reflect his own while at is absolutely amazing habitation of each rag didn't mention this but Revelation thirteen also talks about the second be setting up an image of the beast and then he enforces the mark of the beast those who get the Mark of the beast are those who have first yielded to the image of the big then they get the Mark and I think there's a real powerful spiritual lesson in for us that if our characters are reflecting the image of the beast then we are setting ourselves up for getting the market if the character issue primarily that is what's that's what's happening in the character of God controversy and if we if we look at God 's justice and if we should use God of being evil because he's just if we have a hard time believing and accepting the simple fact that God is just and that there are times when he does punish sin into and that he's just been doing it and if we get we can't accept that and if we are essentially excusing God of the unjust because he is just then we are really reflecting character of the devil that's what were doing were reflecting the angry character of Satan in accusing God of the unjust being and that's a character that we don't want to have in our lives we want to care we want to have the character of Jesus Christ the character of the Lamb and by the way one other thought before we wind this up as another characteristic of a lamb not just maintenance and gentleness and kindness but the word land in the Bible is a specific reference not just to Jesus Christ sort of generically but it also applies to Jesus Christ and his sacrifice way hands in the Bible were sacrifice were they not the first land sacrificed Abel offered a lamp and it was sacrificed it so when we think of Jesus character as a land of having the father 's name written out for heads back character also needs to include sacrifice and I think one of the things that we need this be willing to sacrifice his sin we need to sacrifice and give up our anger give up our pride give up our accusing give up our hypocrisy give up our sexually or sexual immorality this these are all things that we need to sacrifice and give up for Jesus if working to have his character written in our four powerful as is very powerful information and exit I've never heard anybody say any of these things exactly like that and I just learned this on my own and I believe Jesus taught me this when I read this quote and buy seven eight single scene an apostate raise his masterpiece of evil men who reflect his own image I knew for sure that the Lord was leading my mind to study these beasts in this harlot woman from the character perspective not just so that will develop think of the papacy out there or will think of Babylon out there and will think of the beast out there but so that we will take a look inside our own hearts and realized that the same character qualities that are out there can easily become part of the remnant they can become part of seventy minutes that can become part of your heart my heart and these are things we need to sacrifice and give up in order to be like Jesus and already lets our heads and let's pray heavenly father what a powerful simple Bible study but how convicting is Lord we want to take this opportunity right now to humble our hearts and to ask you to forgive us please forgive us for the pride the mouth speaking great things please forgive us for the anger and the accusing spirit whether it's accusing you of being unjust when you are just or accusing others falsely forgive us for the hypocrisy of professing to be one thing but living in a different way forgive us for the sexual immorality that is all around this world this is one of the more difficult things for us to overcome to be sure and to be clean to be checked just to be holding in your site not to let the world 's fornication in the world harlotry and prostitution and immorality given to us please help us to look to Jesus to make sacrifices to give these things up so that we can be like you Lord restore in us your own image so that image will be reflected to others I bet it will bring a this media was brought by an audio nurse a website dedicated to spreading God 's word reading sermon audio and much more than he would like to know more about hothouse this is more so than please visit www. .net verse .org


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