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God's Purpose in Marriage

Phil Mills Sr.


Phil Mills Sr.

Dermatologist in Northern Georgia



  • April 28, 2006
    12:00 PM
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I feel right at home in this room back then I started medical school the first day and I actually first Sabbath I was in Loma Linda I wandered in and there was an junior class meeting in the lawyer there and amazingly enough they just asked me to do so I was the junior du jour acquire for nearly a year in Falluja started up here in a car and drove us out so we met down there and then they asked me to jump in the collegiate pillow is the same as it is now accepted in different carpet and it was awful than church and treats set up with about two hundred coming and it was at that time my second year of medical school that very hand actually would've been yes in my second year that I lead out in a series right here on Friday night on Gosplan and courtship and marriage series of four Christians resources on spouse selection cross in the snow brings back a flood of memories it's on this day in this room and where they initially know if somebody a flip off of these senators voted figure them out all this bad this is the worst this is the leather cover of the book visually intensive after one of life young adulthood is quarter numeric majority of Americans hold marriage in high regard and those are single aspire to marriage ninety three percent of all Americans hope to enter into a lasting and happy union with one person that's reported by the US Census Bureau over the last three decades the majority of high schools students seniors have can consistently said in a good marriage and family life is extremely important to the popular topic courtship seminars torture books and Internet sites have been a growth industry in the new millennium for the last five years and dating services have popped up all over nevertheless marriage rates continue to drop and divorce rates remain high unmarried bursts in cohabitation is increasing that's nothing new or secret about how having a happy marriage it's all explained in the only book that contains time tested reliable instruction in Christian young people have often claimed endearing their courtship certain promises promises like Psalm thirty seven four that's on the screen delight thyself also in the Lord and he shall give you the desires of my heart and a flame to rather reluctantly rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him but it's not only promises to complain that the Bible yes it also has instruction to follow so we want to look at this weekend the Bible usage opens in this second chapter with a marriage seen Genesis two and it closed as in the next to the last chapter with another married soon Christ first miracle was at a wedding throughout the Bible there is a theme on courtship and marriage the joyful courtship of Isaac and Rebecca in it that encourages us with the happiness that a good marriage can bring the deceptions practiced on Jacob during his courtship warn us of deceptions that can be perpetrated during this vulnerable and in the pages of the Scriptures or learn of the challenges Jesus stepfather faced during his courtship with Mary the creative courtship of the Vegemite seizing the dancing girls Shiloh there cautions that the disastrous alliances between Solomon and his seven hundred wives the marriage of Ahab and Jezebel and the sorrows of Hosea 's experience although all of the ten Commandments are at least indirectly related to home and marriage and family fully fifty percent are explicitly related to marriage and family issues God wants to give us the joy and spare us the sorrow of marriage how can we have a marriage that doesn't in the romance and courtship how can we have a life 's partner it's a lifelong blessing of him we have God 's best for our life is a great respond going to discuss this important topic with and take you on a journey to them through God 's word since man is to live by every word contained in this precious book our weekend being as Christians resources on spouse selection cross in this noontime were going to look at God 's purpose in marriage tonight at seven thirty we move from here to burden all and will look at God 's ideal link or trip what are the ingredients for a courtship that result in the world impacting life-changing marriage how can we be certain that we are following God 's guidance during courtship relationships then tomorrow morning ten a.m. again at Burton Hall I have change the topic from the advertised one pictures to share some research just finished this week I believe it may prove to be one of the most important lectures on this topic that I've ever given the Bible gives a way to predict the future if King solid of understood this we would not have gone to the witch of Endor if our generation understood this they wouldn't bother with the horse scope pages in the newspaper this information is so powerful that Satan himself uses it to predict the future the Bible gives us two ways we can predict our future and we can use it to determine if we're going to have a happy marriage so that's what I want to share a monologue will now be at the ten o'clock then tomorrow afternoon we're going to look at the questions for courtship at three p.m. again it burn hole a year and a half ago I gave Sarah is on dating and marriage right here actually it was soon Burton Hall at that time and those those lectures are available on the Internet advent hope I you'll know what we're to get it I don't know it's also contained in the workbook syllabus I prepared many of the quotations from the Bible and spirit prophecy home and the Loma Linda University student Association is providing a free copy of his workbook syllabus for those who attend the final lecture in this syllabus contains some very important information on timing of marriage counseling with others regarding our dating plans and none of the lectures that I gave the four lectures that I gave last year in my repeating here this is a further information I'm assuming the others are known before we look at God 's word let's bow our heads by the heaven we need the Holy Spirit here to guide us in our study and protect us from the dangers of our preconceived notions open our hearts and throws the can share that can save us from lasting sorrow and give us eternal happiness I pray that you will guide my lips guide the years and the thoughts as all of us turn our attention what you have us understand about your purpose and marriage in Christ name some people view marriage as a chemistry reaction molecules randomly bounce surrounded by chance determined what is the probability joined together if not this one download the real only song groans of the one you love being with you on the one you but the secular cynical viewpoint is not the biblical Christian view Micah four twelve they do not know the thoughts of God they do not understand his plan and the Lord God has found a better plan eight a way formulated in the mind of God that will best meet our needs and prepare us for increased usefulness both here and hereafter when they follow God 's plan for our lives our joy is full to understand God 's purpose in courtship God 's planning courtship we really need to understand one of God 's major purposes for marriage and I'd encourage you in finding and blocking your way from seeing a move so that you can see the notes on the screen courtship and marriage is a major activity of humans but it sets us apart from Angels Jesus said that in the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are as the angels of God in heaven the angels do not merit and when we go to heaven will join them they do not court after our resurrection in our glorious bodies will not be dating will not marry or be given in marriage because God has something even better in heaven but on this earth God 's plan for most is gorgeous dating marriage why there must be some important reason for marriage understand God 's process for courtship we must understand God 's purpose for marriage and Satan strategy to this date got when American notice the context of the familiar verse in Genesis two eighteen it is not good that man should be alone versus just before us tell us why God saw it wasn't good and the Lord God commanded the man saying of every tree of the garden you may freely eat but of the tree and the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die is if Adam would have been by himself he was beaten of the forbidden tree it would not of been good for Adam to be by himself with this kind of temptation it would have been good for him to be alone with the with the tree one of the great purposes of courtship and marriage is to help strengthen us in the temptation Ecclesiastes four twelve no one may be overpowered by another two can withstand it was God 's design this that the two combined would be stronger to resist temptation and it was Satan 's purpose to frustrate God 's plan and manage it parking slots to make the parties weaker for their marriage in blocks that make us less able to resist temptations through our marriage and he succeeded without any and who was to strengthen Adam to meet the temptation we can we know the story notice how Malachi describes God 's great purpose in marriage verse fifteen of Chapter two did he not make them one and why one needs six godly offspring Gosper the Zen marriage is for parents to be strengthened there is a stable and have a guy like me to offspring God was a missed purpose is to have families work piety reigned at this plan now it's important for us not to misunderstand this passage and make it refers simply the biological children don't miss this point it is referring to the home as a center of support for evangelistic training and solely pendulous the government regardless of whether they have children or not one may not have physical children but we are at least I have spiritual children we can help when other children and adults to Christ and God intends that every husband and wife should have the joy of at least one soul saved in the kingdom because of their marriage and some will have many notice what Isaiah fifty four one says saying no childless woman break forth into loud and joyful song O Jerusalem even though you never gave birth to a child for the woman who could bare no children now has more than all the other women says the Lord notice how the amplified version translates this verse saying O'Beirne one you who do not fear break forth into singing and cry aloud you who did not travail with child for the notice it's spiritual children of the desolate decile one will be more than the children of the married wife says the Lord so let me repeat this point our marriages are to produce godly seed this can be a evangelistic link or biologically God 's Word declares that Ms. is the purpose of marriage and during courtship this goal must be clearly kept in mind God did not design courtship to simply bring two consenting adults together in marriage but to unite to godly people altogether no work that could never be done by either alone a single man a single woman however committed however spiritual however talented can not alone have a child and there are some things that require to and God designed it this way no man limited and so God designed that a marriage would enable a man and a woman to do to gather forgot what they could never do alone for God just as we cannot produce offspring alone if we follow Christ plan for courtship we will not date or marry anyone that would hinder God 's plan we will only date and marry one who can help us have a godly home his plan will not happen with near random unions we are not simply molecules bouncing off wherever and whatever is nearest us at the nest on one of two talking up to Christian young people marriage does not lessen their usefulness but with the next word strengthens it they may make that married life and ministry to do what win souls because God 's thoughts on a topic or not our thoughts on the topic because God 's ways of courtship are not our ways of courtship we need to consider God 's thoughts and ways for the weekend will be looking at quarter but we need to begin by having a clear idea of our goal is for many people courtship and marriage is about their desires their likes their plans their preferences when we understand God 's thought his desires his plans we will see that his thoughts are so much deeper his desire so much horrible that we will gladly exchange our plans for his business could be just the Bible when I would read it most of you know what I'm talking about all the list of who was the father of home recently found them intensely interesting good of a gas I have discovered God is helping us understand what a godly offspring is please turn to the first of the gas Genesis five if you have your Bible I have it on the screen Genesis five one begins this is the book of the generations of that what is another name for generations offspring or family this is the story of a family you see the story of the Bible is the story of one family the family then because the genealogical record has been preserved in the Bible we are able to trace through the effects of the sins of the fathers and their posterity from this one family we are able to see the effects of good choices on family lines as well it is the choice is that courtship they determine the family line and marriage in the day that God created man in the likeness of God made he him verse three and Adam begat a son in his own likeness after his image and called his name Seth no notice verse one again how did God create an Indiana zone like this is image in the legs got now look at verse three what does this verse tell us about our children they are made in our image and this Psalm one seventy two the physical and mental condition of the parents is per pet she waited in the offspring so is the spiritual there are exceptions of course but to fulfill the divine purpose in marriage that is a godly seed we must be godly parents godly people marriage is also something you simply do for yourself it has enough consequences it concerns your offspring if you care about your children you'll be very careful in your choice of alleged to see the inheritance you give your children does not come at the end of your life but at the beginning there's God is calling for young people to be godly and to unite with God happiness homemade or have been the stone page one seventy three fathers and mothers may study their own character and their children those views you are not married yet know this but as a married father I can tell you I have three little mirrors bigger mirrors but one is still little they may often read humiliating lessons as they see their own imperfections reproduced in force sons and daughters while seeking to repress and correcting their children hereditary tendencies the evil pair should call to their aid double patients perseverance in love after all we made them what they are back to the degassing chapter five of Genesis look at verse three again what was the name of Adam son that was Seth Adams first son no it was at least his learned his first two sons genealogy is given in chapter four verses one into chapter four tells us about the first child cane the first brother Abel of course we know the story able was what you were when they married at the time we don't know there is a Jewish tradition that is gave birth to consign when it's twins that can set alternately narrated their twin sisters I don't know if that's true I wonder about the courtship of K public go through girls mind that would lead her to marry King it was violent with those that disagree with them it was a murder he was a liar when a girl be afraid of it would she feel safe with him if he lied that God addressed and dealt with her perhaps his sister felt sorry for him but you can change the common trap or maybe this is a great listen and sympathized she might not have gotten along with able herself and I have found she may have found became less boring word venturesome worksite or perhaps the sister was afraid she wouldn't get there there didn't seem to be much to choose from able was that King is the only game in town there are taught of rationalizations to choose from to justify a poor choice from a life spark but for whatever reason Kane found and interestingly the Bible gives the genealogy of Kerry verse sixteen Cain went out from the presence of the Lord this is the genesis for and dwelt in the land of nod on the east of the Jamison image of his father Adam who fled from the life father like son laying from the presence of God he did not want to be near God he did not want to retain God in his knowledge and his wife followed him in his rebellion imagine living in a home away from the presence Lord came to his wife and she conceived and bare in of course this Enoch was not big enough it was translated later with the passage of time others joined Kane and his rejection of God 's commandments we never sin alone a lot joined in the build of the city and called the name of the city after the name of his son Enoch it's popular to send the father of the sinners of this world his cane is no city whose builder and ruler was God this was a city established in rebellion to God Cain sought to place his children's affections on this world he sought to give them the rewards that God gives his children he made his son a name by building in the city God had promised to give us a city in a name for God 's promises are enduring his other gifts we must seek for our children the evil peanut in his city have long since been forgotten but those parents who cooperate with God to lead their children to the tree of life give them a gift that keeps on giving forever then again I was born I read and I really got the hollow muffler jail in the hotel begotten of the sale and the sail the gap landmark case unlike himself they didn't desire God in their midst they would not have this man reign over them and each generation sank lower than the prior generation distinguishing itself by only greater sin no man is the visitors wax worse and worse deceiving and being to save all describes well and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge God gave them over to a reprobate mind to do those things which are not convenient that is those things which are in proper the world rapidly became corrupt being filled with all unrighteousness fornication wickedness covetousness maliciousness will of envy murder debate deceit malignity whisperers backbiters haters of God the spiteful proud boasters inventors of evil things disobedient of parents without understanding covenant breakers without natural affection implacable unmerciful every kind of evil flourishes in these are not then who lived in darkness they knew of the creation fall they would visit Eden and see the Shekinah glory regarding the way to the tree of life but they like their father Cain did not desire God 's guidance knowing the judgment of God that they which do these things which commit such things are worthy of death not only do the same but have pleasure in them that do them they love the look in fellowship with there was no real proof of evil there was no restraint of evil by parents or children there was nothing to distinguish the children accept greater wickedness and the fathers the company in two lives the name of one was Adam and the other Zola adding Cindy sent Lehmann introduced polygamy his children took advantage of the opportunities of business lines to amass fortunes they are in the cities and boards able to attend the a board family was the father such as dwelling tenseness such as have cattle you develop portable dwellings for sale and from his large cattle herds he could then sell me the citydwellers and his brother 's name was Joey was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ general took advantage of the idleness of the citydwellers to make a fortune entertaining them with music and seller she also bare tubal Cain an instructor of every artist Vassar in brass and iron double came the first half brother developed of brass and iron industries for city construction travel protection warfare in the sister of cocaine was name that wishes a beautiful woman this is suggested by the meaning of her name this wicked family was recognized and honored by the world they were wealthy and influential like his father King Lehman was a murder in a setting was life-saving insulin hear my voice she lives in Plymouth Harkin and my speech for us Lena Manda my wounding any young man am I heard if chain shall be avenged sevenfold truly lame and seventy and seven zero pending now far from you was blasphemous using God 's forbearance toward Kane as a model he boasted that if Cain was protected by God after murdering his brother he would be up for it protected eleven times more McCain 's genealogy is a dead end there is no future there is no hope for those families who leave the presence of God and despise his counsel and have none of his reproof Ecclesiastes eight twelve although wicked man commits a hundred crimes and still is a long time I know that it will go better with the God-fearing men who are reverent before God the history of Cain 's family speaks to us today all the live of a family line we choose what type of class Bernd wishfully we can establish and continue a long line of abandoned centers far from the presence of God we can establish or continue all royal line of loyalty to go how different is the history of Cessna Genesis four twenty five tells us a bit more about the history of the assessed birth god was preserving a godly seed for Adam Abell had been murdered Cain was now gone and at the head of the bull line of sinners but God was not going to allow the light of truth to go completely out he would raise up a godly seed and Adam knew his wife again and she bare a son and called his name Seth God said she had appointed me another seed instead of Abel whom Cain slew now look at verse four of Genesis five what is the history we have Adam after the fall he had sons and daughters I please look at verses three six and seven what do these verses tell us about Seth is a son of Adam who is a chip off the old block need to have children of all the accomplishments and activities assessed nine hundred and twelve years of life one of importance does the Bible record the heaviness and other sons and daughters he had a family he had was the head of the greatest blessings in the deepest sorrows come from those we marry who make up our things Genesis four twenty six add a little detail about the birth of Venus and assassinate him also there was born a son and he called his name in us then again man to call upon the name of the Lord the bird okay this is a peril that the first general worldwide revival God 's spirit was still striving to win and it was from the godly family the godly home of Seth the English would emerge he taught men how to pray and they did great I was going to verse nine industry got came in and beget sons and daughters and so forth what do we know if chain in our know-how allele they were heads of families God considers this so important that he preserved the record of it in the next four versus continue the same story only about Jared of the first thousand years of this her sister that's all we know at all times preserved we know they were married they were given in marriage they cordoned dated Mary Ann and parents begot children in their image for a thousand years using the Bible as the family story of the human race we can prove that God became a man we can trace his ancestors back to Adam goes image was out God 's was adamant good copy yes whose image was Adam 's son Seth Adams was Seth Morland God or less like God bless like a copier or digital and analog tape recorder each generation is less like the original the image of God was fading in my group of faded very rapidly change children were called the sons of men but they demonstrated more slowly incest righteous line and for generations they were called the sons of God the link would still be seen Bible history pauses for a moment Anita it doesn't just have a child is not simply a part of the list of the heads of families in verse twenty two says in a walk with God after the gap was when was that walk when it again after the captains this is the first child and for a time of his edicts only begotten son something happen with enough became a father if it is this something that God desires for every family he wanted before we are married before we have children then he wanted to deepen and ripen as we have a godly offspring in again to walk with God this was God 's purpose you see for marriage but it was not until seven generations from Adam the father finally really got wind of having a child changing he loved his son and begin to comprehend something of God 's love for him and as he daily watched Methuselah 's mature Asian he saw mere penetration which got some new felt the warm of warmth of Methuselah 's hand his love for him is absolute trust for his dad 's ability to protect them and he saw God 's relationship with designers and just as his son would go for walk with him he began to go for walks with God God designs for children to be of great blessing in our homes not something that we would desire to board he desires to teach us something of his love for us and how can we fellowship with him but is this automatic to all parents walk with God after children is this mention of any other parents of the no unfortunately in fact wife and children will make parents worse the further all three unmarried life often comes right after late in pregnancy or right after the birth and often parents will follow evil examples and practices of their children adopt the styles go to be entertainment the music so they won't be old-fashioned but what did you not do any object you what God does God want children in our homes to lead us to walk with him he was so pleased they put this experience of V-neck in the Bible of all advance of the world before the flood of all the experiences that could be mention of all the good things that men did this is the only one problem does this give us insight into what God thinks is important doesn't God give us children to intensify our prayers to bring a single close relation relationship with them what does the expression walk with God me and you go in opposite directions and walks on can you go at different speeds or times and walk somebody it can be walking together unless sharing agreement location high speed direction walking together has something to do with fellowship my wife and I would go for a while but don't just walk quietly were talking we look forward to it now how can we walk with Jesus and families in the world is going in one direction God was going in another tenet had to choose who he was going along with God or the world no water for the wire should be wise but a companion of fools shall be destroyed if you want a happy marriage with a godly seed begin your daily walk with God before you ever begin to think about they win your day gone even longer walked with God walking with him learning how to get his instruction the small details of our lives we are preparing to understand his will in the big decisions of life the FCC did not learn to do evil from the drama surrounding he didn't serve the idols of the wicked world he was not influenced to do evil the walk with God he raised his children away from the defilements of this world is named his time was not consumed with obtaining riches and walk with God the world derided his commitment call the fanaticism that he didn't see the worlds on today we do not even know the name of one of the worlds honored in the next day we don't know the name of even one of their 's great sports hero or famous actors but we do know the name of the God honored him and God 's honors enduringly seek God built in Iraq's house Methuselah got lame I can sons and daughters and then you lay next begot a son notice verse twenty nine guy pauses again in the story of families the talk is something worth remembering Lena called his son 's name Noah saying the same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands because the ground which the Lord hath cursed always resting on the ground this curse was increasingly evident is that since the world increased as families departed more and more from the commands of God but against the curse of God God provided tokens of his favorite Leonard regarding his son such a token comfort arrest all the world around us pressing on an evil godly life found in the son of promise favor divine comfort when his contract was families of the most important part of history it's not just an insignificant event when people marry it is not a significant event when they have children to have children like themselves they are reproducing and multiplying themselves in the world for better when they are critical they produce critical children the sins of the parents become generational as the commandment says visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children of the third and fourth generation I would consider this as a child and it was as restraining bar in my courtship and marriage days that the choices I was making then even eight or nine years old would influence my children it ought to be a restraining God wants this to restrain his God wants our spouse to strengthen history resist temptation he wants her children to lead us to walk with God he wants the staff comfort in the midst of a person he wants us to reject the sins of our parents he wants us to follow holiness without which no one can see the Lord wants us to raise the fallen standard of many generations although he is building us mansions in heaven from our courtship he wants to build a happy home oneness unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build what does it mean to have the Lord build will post this occupation are under is this telling us we need to hire Jesus is the contractor for any house we would build now to build the house was the Hebrew expression to have a family life and I just put on a couple of quotes here and moving on family lines to build a house God wants us to have a house that is a posterity behold children are the heritage from the Lord this is his design for the godly this design is for them God will build and establish their house he will preserve their line disappointments and sorrows they may have an abundance of poverty but they will be happy in the world which derides them will still be benefited by them who did not make them want and why one a sixth godly offspring to have the same goals God for your marriage you say why start partner will strengthen your ability to resist and stand against temptation to seek a life partner who will enhance your ability to win souls you want a godly seed he just wanted or are you willing by God 's help and by his grace to follow Christ and live by every word that proceeds from his mouth God 's word alone will give the secret of a wise courtship that will produce such a marriage and invited Burton Hall at seven thirty will look at how we can follow Christ will baby have such a wonderful goal the Lord it's amazing your instruction in Scripture the plan for us to become like you and multiply you on this earth to have a family full of happiness and joy because the full of Jesus 's life have a family that involved in service in bringing others to Jesus reproducing not simply biological but influential light evangelistic all dear Lord or maybe someone here is not made that commitment but in the quietness of their hearts and in their minds they say to you Lord I would like to have that kind maybe someone here this single would like to save all our our heads around like to say by putting up their hands Lord I want to have on my home with godly seed venture commitment to put up your hand or juicing the hands you heard the thoughts you see all things less essentially continue to study this evening preparing for the Sabbath in Christ's name in


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