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The Faithless Generation

Eric Walsh


Sermon given on Friday, July 29 at Generation For Christ, 2011 at Camp Balandra, Trinidad.


Eric Walsh

Pastor and Physician



  • July 29, 2011
    8:30 PM
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him decide with everyone to bring you greetings from Southern California summer you would know that Curtis Fox on one good friends without our church among Minoan Riverside and sends his greetings as well i.e. energy dollars training in pastoral work initially on the island of Trinidad this is hours late with you right into God 's word tonight will ask you to turn as many Bibles to the book of Mark Mark the ninth chapter to start with verse fourteen Mark chapter nine starting at verse fourteen they were good friend of the Norman McNulty for inviting me down my first relationship that my parents are from the islands and made on those born in the states and by some of you are in France might know from important Walsh 's view got a little less than unity in Kansas I am a you weeks ago our father died and my game the sermon for the eulogy at the funeral so keep me in prayer and many would come to know Jesus Christ as Savior and Mark chapter nine starting in verse fourteen of my favorite Bible stories the Bible says in Mark nine fourteen and when he came to the site he saw a great multitude about them and the scribes questioning with them and straightway all when they beheld him were greatly amazed in the running to him saluted him that he describes what question you would know them on the multitude answered in Zen master I have brought on to you my son and which have themselves and whithersoever he taken him he carried with him and if he fallen and NASA's limousine and hide away and I disciples that they should cast them out and we Jesus answers and set other than old faithless generation how long shall I be with you how long shall I suffer you bring him unto me a message that I is entitled faithful generation faithful generation let us pray father God we thank you for this opportunity to come together on the show is out of date anymore for the backdrop of this beautiful campsite on the beautiful island and Lord of all we thank you for being such a beautiful God has asked right now mortgage you wouldn't feel miserable with your Holy Spirit the father God Eric Watanabe heard tonight but instead would hear a message from the throne of grace this is our prayer in Jesus 's name amen Jesus is separated from the site will you send them down and as I looked down by themselves from the disciples levels on the end is on the Atlanta problem in that the son is like a demon demon as they get over the child and the station of this possession is not only the any cannot hear and the way I described it as in dozens of the problem when it is these adhering to also have what we would call epilepsy as well the father is so concerned voice on that is where Jesus and his disciples miracles are wrought in the room after the father faces on them and bring them brings this on to them actually getting the disciples Jesus is not clear and so because the disciples and word variables early in their ministry becomes that of any expect that the disciples can work apparently he was will will eliminate the point where not an out as an time when God knew for a day so I happen to follow a lot of prisoners we spent time with God and handle our you know even Julie is working miracles so the Bible is a crazy thing but it had become towards it is unexpected levels of income when you solidify political and work the miracle and of course the enemies of Jesus jump on in the five Jesus lies the question really is the men's anniversary season is that of the described and you wouldn't have been as that sounds about right my mind onto them the my son was in the dumps wherever the spirit things to me in tears and many the folds and masses with his team and finds a way and I spoke to your disciple the nations catalog and they could not Jesus abandons him he said all he was generation that will be asked to our question is if you are not going to bring crimes we then describe the Franklin even have one life how do you know what went right possible man has ever delivered a human weaknesses kryptonite the United States is a kryptonite Jesus is the night when it came to working miracles one if he was surrounded by people who didn't believe you're going with with old town again believer the script is that because of their faithlessness cannot work many girls there any thought as to what is he than the Christian him who is what one cart before horse I worry about how things him before they worry about how they believe because you won't get examining other words and then you give a damn about how you believe I believe what landed hard and how you are definitely right without the believe in relationship with God and is not an impossible journey in the event there is in reality when he was very happy when I got in the lab enough is tormentor do you know how long shall I be with you understanding the disease is the love is the one in the manner how long shall I be with you I suffer you might want to be twenty seven they brought him unto him and when he saw him the little boy sees Jesus as straight away in the Spirit character and he fell on the ground and why will following now get this straight the little boy 's got payment and the solution is available to you in a loyalty is what happens is better than being another one as well as you all the time you towards Jesus he is going up in your life and you know hundreds aol.com that a step closer to him that he will solve my problem isn't that thing away it is aggravated to change modify or I like what I learned a little dingy little of my problem I began to know that you than you know the enemy flares up to nothing about the night him I was very afraid of even the week is to Christ is sure that the enemy had one of us will be getting a little while I've how I be moving towards Christ you are applicable for the price will give them one thing that is closer to Christ you realize how important you are in Christ the more you realize you're not right with God as you know you might get veggies a lot I gave up I gave up on again we then will absorb a lot of Ugandans living in Elgin marbles remains unknown as will as he is handling as he is only one I can think is a is more than you'll you'll realize that you label to know what is going on in general gossiping humans are torn apart by Johnson and he is you don't team over the water those things in your life that need to come out so well because if you turn away from Christ is not moving in the other direction it is as you want it was compare ourselves other than as a living thing that happened was little in the morning they are worse than you are in your all right with God based on how bad they are and how good you think you are I guess what would your relationship with Christ or even look at people who they are and I is underutilized inelegantly level is the only person usable to him as a cell phone as they learn to do that I heard the engine of our list is in this because I is and then we might as an outline is only one lap on and in the love of Christ constraint in the unit will live a godly life and not by the power of the love I then unfortunately I only read about it reaching been on a long little reason requirements and is and will and Christ will come when the price that a little house and also ensuring you get will write about will get them out a little differently like all start twenty one he asked his father you know and this came up to him and he said I am adopting the doctrine is a history you know in medicine when when when when on the medical school University of Miami taught me to ninety percent of all diagnosis can be made by the history and physical exam ninety percent deliberate provision in a void of anything begins that question he wants to build a relationship the following is what we see other people 's lives if we don't understand and don't know the relationship first I'll than that I have a lot of the children and that cannot have thousands of another node and he did not want living right in a little I tried to the Bible of the gospel and the first companies with one of his build a relationship he will a lot let you know what there is that none of those I had a problem with the site and what you know you have an agenda you will him him and will is as great as to all the people that we will begin down the level and he is a look at a woman caught in the ground where is the end of the men in the van how long it'll is the name of the mamas and then I is I the Larson problem in the development of little children do not want to read a problem in a white talk about importance of how we raise our children what we feed our children very simple and relatively wanted about violent and sexually graphic material listening to him that identity wasn't why they killed and brought one of you and I have a job and I was at one hundred we can seminar the color submitted to you with some of us have signed our children will learn the enemy will send them in front of the muon to me and all the other stuff and you want this is not an violence and sexual innuendos as a child I will speak to the importance of the family dynamic because of who he was already better than the father is with child I was a menu than the devil will try to destroy the church by destroying the family will talk about an avengers anymore try and get our young people to be enjoy sex when you sexually you're married and I will understand you become sexually active before you're married you get married I must wonder will send Larry is more sexless marriage before your marriage is destroying with more human to destroy America before even find a widely implemented they will release some of the symbols of Christianity but we actually know I was twenty one often confident husband and I and you wanted to destroy him but she was adamant in question is the father leaving father and you can do anything that you want to help us that like all of you know desperation prayer that I can basketball in the mall and what would they not only across the court to hold it and maybe it will hurt of desperation and prayers of faith is not really believe season because of a spot on the planet is he doing now relevant even in prayer we can it is the biggest word in the English language is only two letters in English to learn what is in front of something and you can change reality into fantasy and everything in the reality is that the request is Jesus you know a lot of the person asking the question in the New Testament is himself while the son of God turn result in the bread is not understanding that he and the company was Connecticut Friday is quintessential so what happened is that as you know anything you want to help other than the Western linens if you can do anything happen that even when created the morning personally greeted in Jesus I love to him and he you in all things are possible to him that believes it is all anyone will or will or will you and you and I was in a lot of very weak Christians walking around because they don't actually believe that God can do what they need done it is the story one thing is that her father is on her that anytime is in trouble it will come away from the follows what they want even little question as humans and children believe that what you can you really believe you really believe in God we do not live in Southern California and I'm not speaking for news University of Maryland we've been having about it there are people into more institutions will not believe in a six-day creation is that I can say that we can recognize the microphones on believing in God is not at all in the church as you might think people will start in transition and holds it in the Seventh-day Adventist the lungs him will will is that we all know they don't really believe that he is not someone who will follow with what you believe human life happens and we have a bearing on one's especially my mother and myself I will be somebody in the Notting Hill was getting on them the only easy to believe what everything going right in the new budget level of women diagnosed with terminal fatal cancer you know that is needed to get it all on the insolvent law outlined in the event that a critical mass in the following life sometimes I was not visibly and you tonight do you believe I is an important question becomes being with and whether not believe you in fact righteousness is my one of his relatives and the just shall live by the reason and rational thought had come to Jesus and I the wrong flight was at it again when you come to Jesus by the wrong pipe a rightist from more than one hundred and one one of the more than the more offended by the life of many of our fighting the fight of works instead of fighting the fight of faith and reason of the problem of reason dissecting an example all that I have thought of that I am divorced I love a know why important because you don't have a a you try to fight this and given unlimited time well I was living my life working with our my feet and Linda Swinehart better him alone will lower leave the enemy and send himself I newly molest again went on brigade there are unanimously little no one will the Jason Melvin got to stop you enjoy doing and what all you go okay you write you more as we move away on anything not as when you unveil what he wants from you is what the connection the relationship between you and anyone you have here is the connected to Christ and it is when you walk away from the church one language of the amendment Rob I know when you are going to what you said is easily in the Woodlands is over and became I will think it over the nation and said that one morning presentable when the story and what others ought on the balcony was one and a coffee cup and a little in the bottom right informed that it will at least forty seven got him up as best I can do that I believe you you know better now the last cigarette he had a better life favorite alcoholic drink caffeine demands and money as you know you are really what I can do better not individually and I all of life is what it was like the part of England by the bite of a study word refrain fellowship walking into serving his time with God is the time is when you do that and you and I is you build a relationship with God and allow another one as strange seven verse twenty four Nottingham wasn't worth what it is an infinitely long as possible to him that only twenty more the answer is as I would share the following is the price is as is will I believe I can't believe I believe I believe I like his father we believe you don't believe in the same time he was admitted to you I was very probably the critical prayer is that if you pray this prayer is very difficult if not impossible to be lost in the pictures and just as fun when we take the measure of human dignity is the evildoing that will help you to would Jesus offer twenty five when Jesus saw the people came running together reviewing the mouse saying something about dominant death I saw the couple out of him and enter no more than thirty one euros twenty six and the spirit cried and ran the voice or can you and more than one in the Bible says so what is the most is that he will deliver twenty seven when Jesus told him by the hand and Linda them up and he rooms is when you have an experience with Christ something often die your selfishness you will find your American bod die they had been in the one hundred and ten as that of self and deliveries on hand when you the twenty one eighty one twenty twenty five twenty eight and when he was not within the house disciples asked him privately why would we not cast them out some of our women while we could gather one another we've got about what we made love Mary Lou while Allawi can we do this where Jesus is merciful something that I will leave you would like to want to be a faithful generation of this kind can come forth by nothing but by prayer and fasting the visibility of the business up to the original will the solution to the problem the cells the problem is those areas of the solution 's prayer and fasting to qualify for homebound are you trying to catch up Lulu Lehman sees little religion of prayer is praying that it is very problems of that is in these the skin around me is a warning in the time he spent on his knees I submit to you tonight to fight the good fight of faith and use the weapons of prayer and fasting what a transforming Levine transform yourself by spending more time in your wind right and in his life he knows enough about exactly mingled possibly some of your was with the secular music and films of the television programming you want to does not giving the devil and direct conduit in your life and in your mind because some things come only by prayer and fasting father God we thank you Lord that you given us this opportunity Lukens award winners at the 911 and you would can was wondering only when the minor struggle struggle and when many things I want they are more like that father came to you only have to believe in full desperation tonight we understand that if we can believe all things are possible to him that these this weekend will let us our faith be strengthened that we would build a relationship with Jesus Christ this prayer Jesus is precious and holy name amen


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