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David Kulakov
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David Kulakov

Businessman and consultant in Moscow




  • August 4, 2011
    9:00 AM
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good morning children of God I'm so happy to be here with you today and so let us bow our heads and pray the Lord you understand how much and badly we need your presence today because we want to glorify your name and who want all the glory to be attributed only to you and may your Holy Spirit guide us through this presentation and may my words be yours in Jesus name I pray amen while some of your Mike Lee is still wondering what's this guy from Russia date of the stage and quite frankly it's exactly the same questions that still disturbs me saw the very first thing I went to do a writeup of that presentation I'm going to step down and come up though Doctor writes the present of five five and asked him what anecdotal God has miraculously led me through my life and I want to share this story with you I'm a fourth-generation Adventists and that's quite uncommon for Russia from my father site but the deadlock to share my story my mom story because she was eleven she had never been inhabited before she actually became on why she was twenty three years old she was one of the most successful accountants and an auditor and her regions vulnerable that's an Russia former Soviet Union as she was also rising communist party leader she was also rising Star political saw how they called her and one day her landlady invited her to come fall Sabbath evening worship as she started visiting and she had actually known about it is because of the village where she grew she had a distant relatives of hers that wasn't evident as so as she became another does not baptize and that she had took on the boss and tell him that she cannot work on Sabbath the boss really loved her because she was one of his best work is oh actually the best and he tried to talk about all the living United is a and in all she never gave up she told him that she well-being and additive he told her that he will have to fire her as soon as the government knows and she still remained that it is an author while as soon as the government and the KGB and you about that they got fewer errors and told her Boston forehead immediately and that's what he did then since she was a youth Communist Party leader for brunch of that same she was summoned the Communist Party meeting and this she went through hours of humiliation dozens and dozens of people would stand up shout insults at her they'd told her that she was a disgrace to the Communist Party that she betrayed their trust and find the lame often hours of these process Mister Gorbachev stood up Nico Gorbachev euro I believe not one who is here less than ahead of the US Communist Party for the region is the dog was presiding over that gathering and his said Pierre Vara I know that you have always been the best in our plotting and I believe that you done so much good to improve while plotting and I believe that one day you would attend and I will keep your member caught onto the glass on my dance because one day he will return and I will gladly give it back to you but she never needs price since she lost her job she had to look for one again but she couldn't find one she would go at the different places to find a job and whenever I bought some affirm which is that you knew that it had job and so all her resume as an everything all the papers they were very glad and said they would gladly send her but after a few days when she would come back George Hobart there they would see that with ahead had about as they yelled by the I would don't need right now because of this position is felt because of KGB was attracting her and would not allow an effeminate child to hire her soul finally she decided to look for a job another job she was I told you the best accountant and auditor at her age in the area as she decided to look for a job as a housekeeper find a left at professors font family hide her as you was able to work for them for almost a year but after year this professor came home with his head bowed and said dinner I love you so much and you know that but you know to Cajun agents paid a visit to me today and I said that if I don't find you immediately I will lose my position as well as OC lost you have that job by the latter very much and so they pastor onto another professors finally but she was able to work for them even less about video four months before being found out again by KGB agents as she lost the love that humble position of a housekeeper then one of while ladies should have a son-in-law was a KGB agent here Bastogne some information from his mother-in-law and said Talavera KGB is going to put her to present as though the best way to escape if if she lived in the city immediately and so that's what she did she have found at place where issue would collect hay and put it with beach for idyllic beach for on its rock social often a bad job shipped under the stated try to find job for several months and often rain for several months he decided to go back to the mother and village had wet the shoot would find food the reason I started this story with entries are cited with with my mom story is based from I traveled I was called a story over and over again and this was a paramount example for me and has always been of a person who really literally gave everything he had to be with Jesus praise God for my dam on you know the interesting thing is that she has outlived all the persecutors to anything all shoots and seventy eight and among all her relatives and among all her relatives where she is the eldest daughter and her family she is the healthiest one God letterhead letter with five children seven grandchildren and all of whom are in charge working for the church and helping to promote the thoughts cause praise God and you know what she also really enjoys that love and admiration that she is surrounded with and I'm quite sure there are very few people that has surrounded with that love that she is surrounded now and then next-door I would like to share with these also one from my childhood when I was seven years all I could visit a friend of mine who was also a seventy -year-old boy and we were playing in this room and suddenly I noticed that there was a book at five written copy and on the books so I think the top looked at it and I saw that it was Patrick's and profits the batteries and profits boost by Ellen G White astonished I thunder that my friend Matthew are you reading this book you said yes why is an interesting book usually at my age I consider that all live books by author Maxwell of the best books for children as all being ashamed with either Denholm M&A and immediately asked my parents to provide me with the copies of all the sites and started reading immediately my father as soon as you realize that was the season of migrating also gave me a nice and very expensive notebooks so I went so I could write on my excerpts that I like the most from the writings of knowledge like and is during the evening warships he would ask me questions why I have chosen those excerpts so these are the events that had profound influence upon my life and you know what advantage of seven off the reading the great controversy I learned that at the end times then would be only one superpower and that is the United States of America and I shed sometimes my believes with my classmates during this all the time whenever they would boast all the Soviet Union how I'll was I would tell them you know nice Bible has nothing to say about the time existing and then time you know that was a quite lighter is nothing to say but it all I'm so proud by the game is that drew at the age of seven thirty years ago because in my short lifetime not get you all you can probably see that only thirty seven and God has granted me this opportunity to see the ultimate fulfillment of this prophecy Lakota say thirty years ago that Doctor yours supervised the summit given was at the time would just vanish and it all we have so all minimal processes in the Bible that are going to be fulfilled and the same certain way and moreover I'm so happy that I was on the winning side and then thirty years ago you know back then unit demo lasted me a ready guilt for my believes but you know now they realize that their abilities they believed in communism it doesn't exist now and God help me to see that he is worth is always certain and always fulfills so I am so grateful that God has blessed me with not only my mother to be a paramount example for me to be example of so that example what this means to give you a bath followed running low on I would visit another seller with your antigenic damages sought in exiles in Adventist University and there I was introduced this story on water and much praise God for this man you know this man supported that University he would invest hundreds of thousands in all dollars into that University I lived in the dormitory that was built with his money I went to classrooms that will build with his money and now Russia prospers Russian Adventism prospers in Russia because we have hundreds and hundreds of pastors that you are educated at that university and all is that I I do not even want to talk in easy times I didn't know how would Russia look today if it were not for this man and for his generosity praise God for people like him would give their best ball loving Lord there is there was some events that are not so probably excited exciting but at my early twenties and I headed for this I realized that you do some bad influences in my teenage years my mind what's dropped my character was dropped and actually wanted to somehow cleanup my mind to make if you are a fully resemble Christ's character and so since I had started psychology for many years I knew that it would require a miracle to change the pathways between the brain sales because the film undisciplined thinking of tomorrow thinking had destroyed my personality so after considering all the ways and searching for different ways that I could use I believe I have I have found the best one and that was I decided to copy of the whole Bible by hand and this is the Bible that God has helped me through copying by my own hand it took me eight hundred hours tool and a half years if you do it one hour day you'll be able to also do finish it in two years and have you know when I come up with a site when I came up with this idea also even my believing friends would laugh at me and asked you don't have a copy of a Bible would like us to present it to your I said you know guys I have at least a couple of dozens of them and most of them I'll let amount so what I need I need not have Bible on my shelves I need a Bible in my mind and praise God God has helped me to achieve the goal you against it and after the presentation began followed and if you'd like the project I'll allow you gladly by Dell news busted to be careful again and you know I have received some of the changes that God would in my character if I do this but in all I was absolutely wrong I correctly predicted on the three percent of all the good changes may attract those changes that God had brought into my character need to my mind my calculus is formed and gone handheld name your belt new mind knew exactly new personality but the most amazing thing Bob had also helped me to improve my scholar skills scholarship still the article of Scottsdale scholarship skills thank you God gave me a unique ability whenever I read books written by secular writers on business I can clearly see whether they resemble the teachings of Christ God and if they can find support and eligible and writings and feasibility has helped me a lot because you know that ninety percent of all the books that you can find in bookstores I just trash I can honestly say that nine percent of them are of little value and or really good ones are really few and so when I was taking my third year I started my own business in the nearby town as I was at you during agency and immediately after that I was under severe pressure from my relatives and especially my dear mom because they said David your Frank you call David Drive fourth-generation advent is David noncall is the bit faster and that you know I was in severe pain myself because I couldn't make up my mind and I didn't really know what to do when and which my Colin really was stalled I had to pray a lot but I still continued with my business and developed it and not happy to develop it and so we had between four hundred to seven hundred students at a time but in the Eutelsat is on the two thousand I met with Doctor Bill Shea probably some of you had and have an opportunity to meet this person and asked him full to my concerns told him about that severe pressure from my relatives that they did not think that being a businessman was a good idea because you see in Russia we go get education during this audit so there were two options for Adventist you should BAM you could only be a pastor or like any woodworker or a conference or something like that we could not load bargains in sonnet organizations actually did not do much more than and so that's way everybody is and all my relatives and all the people that had known me since my childhood they said that I was wrong as it so then I shared all this concerns with Doctor Bill Shea and said that I wanted to fully fulfill that box calling in my life and also to fully and show what Arab good businessman can do as for the charge and will for promoting thoughts caused and so this manner than asking a question is that David how many preachers do you know near division I said well I know all the hundreds he said no I'm in really excellent bridges I said well I know of at least a dozen he said well then that was ten years ago while how many good businessmen do know that flitting about the principles open for us in the Bible and in the spirit of prophecy how many business that all of its kind in no I was astonished confused didn't know what the answer my jaw dropped and looked at me and said that it that Spencer you know that the greatest need in your division is of God Lynn business people look at remote thoughts cause with that means I didn't listen to Bill Shea 's advice I thought I'd once it took me some time to realize how right you want so after trying I went to lose out Steve Adventist University actually do that fast so the central judge and told him that I had developed seminars based on Bible of the Bible and spirit of prophecy on how to become successful how to improve a personality how to become highly effective and the heat was so happy he told me I give you all give you older Friday evenings often best first so you can use them for seminars as I saw the conduct of my seminars and after you I was teaching as students mostly students from the University of how God had improved my life through my copy of the Bible by hand and that by starting the Bible by the way did all that most most of them most successful people in this world on those who knew of I locked the Bible by heart to know this information you can find this information by Bill Gates he was the guy who knew your the most part I given you more than anyone in his class the Bible by heart it was on for that he in his job including you the whole sermon on the mount of blessings all three chapters you can find that Opera Winfrey she also knew more than anyone else in the class bots from the Bible by heart and soul of the same with me it's the same with many other prominent people some of the richest people in the world of those who learned the Bible by heart a lot in that child would all continue learning Bible by heart or even the weather adults already so I would teach that to the students that would also teach them that starting this spirit of prophecy especially the testimonies for the judge helps you to really improve your character has the best things in my successful the Bible of course that has the best and advised on how to make your willpower strong the best advice and leadership skills but after year the same passive participants that inundated some people are concerned that your eye using these time after Friday last first and you don't allow other prominent speakers views that I so could you please stop with the all lectures for a moment as all I stop my lecturers and that time has never been used for an electors of seminars later island from my friends that there was a discussion and basement there were concerns that David was teaching some odd DJs as you're speaking how to become successful using Bible the Bible and spirit of prophecy and views Beijing's sounded cool ultraconservative and to save there is to say the youthful minds from such an influence they decided to stop my lectures so after that I started praying a lot and asked whether God was related guiding me and know what I need I rearranged those same seminars into secular ones I just took away all the religious terms and since I had read a lot of books on leadership scales on management on success I know you are Bible teachings and fugitives from the spirit of prophecy with secular terms as studies started selling this seminars at a humble price the first eight years ago any know what since then some of them must prominent people in my country some of the wealthiest people in my country some of the most powerful people in the comment of my country have heard of my seminars and I have added tool year list of the about one hundred year dollars seminars wanted to hear the cigarettes on how to become a good strong leader how to become successful how to develop your character and by the way that ready to pay six euros dollars for a single minute present God is really going our church enjoys the best material that investment zero uncounted improvement God has granted our church with the best teachings on leadership skills it are sometimes wonder when I hear people amazed with Doctor Connie I like this man he's really good man you're probably you also read a couple of his books on leadership it all here developed the principle inside out and use all praise for opening and developing this principle that principles tells you that everything starts from your character never tried to improve just your adherence just your image you have to start with a character who told at one hundred and fifty years ago who told that more than three thousand years ago false God has blessed us with the best teachings on every possible subject and is where good and diligent students of you smart and all the wisdom God has guided us through the spirit of prophecy you can not imagine how far up you can dull in glorifying God 's name in being useful for the judge you really will have a country in a lot of some friends of mine when they learn as some business people are people in the God when they learned that I pay taxes rational and pays taxes and comment also almost just have to go with the remote lesson thanks taxes out of people I'm in the love that they are amazed and say why did that and I tell them you know I love my homeland and I want to support my homeland Russia with my taxes because I J.P. is there and I lie of the police or text me from terrorists and so on and I'm a kind with one of their eyes you know for being faithful with my type I with my taxes but in him by the way I've already is that what I'm about to say this as you know we all hear belonged to heavenly country and it's so sad to hear sometimes that fifty to sixty percent of all the church members and seven Adventist church on the faithful with that type is an offerings itself that actually the figures are much worse and one of the miracles that God created in my life was to make me willing to pay all the tithes that I would read about in the Bible and I found out that there is a question between whether we Richard Plato ties on three ties one is our regular types that we put into envelopes and given on Sabbath that goes through the bar our charge but I decided that I will not since there is no certainty I bet I'd better do my best for the launch so I decided I died gave to monetize so once I both as offerings to watch God 's charge by source families all whatever activities that is promoting bus cause and the results that they tried by the way I was asked to mention that I pay my tithe from my crossing them and if you'd like to know how I did it please unplugged and optimism and I'll tell you onto the resignation and you know what that has so original and abundantly blessed me since the year two thousand and eight was a crisis audit and at these prices simulation of Russia praise God my income has gone up five times and I was able to go and I have been able to open your business businesses in the same that am successful and give a profit now Christ God always blesses us if we are faithful and about the certified by the way in him sometimes we get annoyed when people thoughts and asked for money when perceive it as a threat to our own wallet and we don't really like people asking for money but it a lot if you will from the very beginning to set aside these five as also not belong you bought the lot a lot then you have a different side of my then you are looking for an opportunity to start this with this money that God has given you then you are looking for whether recipients is on my third try I used for charity and God has blessed so many people around me with this the type that has never belonged to me as soon as I get money I always set aside the type and annoyed so joyful you just cannot imagine that you know I had a teacher of English who taught me English exactly twenty years ago by the finales in the America in New York as our two years ago he had some very very severe health problems as God help me to support him by the way with my third type greatly I actually hired a housekeeper for you in so she could look at food advances freedom fluid in either this and that his health considerably improved and it all after a time here once asked that question then it if God really exists is in a phase by the by the way if God really exists and he sees how generous you are and he sees that you will have to work very hard to this morning and I know that you're always wearing yourself down what you just drop down money from heaven for you says he knows that you I trust was a steward of his millions know that the name and I knew that there was a good answer for that question since men are beginning I just wanted to find one and I have decided that that was not supposed to drop money from heaven to anyone and a dog after weeks because I was really concerned because I really wanted to know the answer to that question there wakes up diligent trendsetting God has blessed you had blessed me with one of them most amazing answers for this question and here they gifts that cost us nothing have no value you know folks tribes offerings and charity will always require sacrifice on our hot high marriage week on that will always require sacrifice in order to destroy some backcross showed that absolute ultimate example for us that God never accept partial service not accept partial sacrifice the fact that this didn't left find it when we are not doing our best doll loving law if that did on Calvary he has given all heaven is just that one get and he expects from us nothing less so May God bless each one of us so that we can share this message with those who haven't been able to hear it today that our church needs your business to have all the managers to promote thoughts cause as no one else you've been blessed with a special special probably most special talent of leadership and management and visibility can make it from all dots called him out at and made this example of the God of the people that have nation in my presentation today and made that example that was shown thoughts and costs stay with us always and make must make us more generous and give us more sacrificial spirit let us pray the Lord you know how much we need a Holy Spirit to soften our hearts so that we can be more generous so that we can really our best for all loving Lord Gerlach we need your power today to make our hearts receptive to the influence so that we can fully resemble your Christlike and negative feeling and him a name for that you might not ever as poorly and not having to maintenance services and industry learn more and I find them in Anaheim is the word this is a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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