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  • August 4, 2011
    6:45 PM
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good evening as I I am at ASI are die we try that one more time good evening as I sounds a little bit better I'm very happy to be here this evening with my good friend Bill not bill is the editor and executive publisher for the Adventist review and the Adventist world and some of you may have noticed this evening when you came in on your chairs that there was a special issue of the Atlas review we do this every year we have a partnership with the survey were they doing ASI theme edition of the Avenue 's review and I just wanted to ask a couple questions about that I noticed on the cover of this issue but you're dealing with a top topic I want to ask you two questions the first one is how do you and your editorial team taken approach to a top topic and try to plan your editorial approach and then second the topic that you covered which is spiritual formations I'd like to have you tell me little bit about in doing your research what you found and how that is affecting mainline Protestant Christianity and also our own church questions become to our decisions about the topics that we think are most important partly out of our history this review has had a history for a hundred and sixty two years of tackling difficult topics in the day we start shying away from those is a day where we stopped serving God 's people so it becomes an important part of our planning to say not doing how do we buy it safe but how do we bring in front of God 's people the information they need to make good godly decisions week by week this particular topic spiritual formation is being discussed everywhere I go and so it was in many ways a natural topic for us to address and as I informed myself and others in my staff have taken the opportunity learn about the kinds that are moving through the rest of the Christian world it seemed important to bring in front of this group and in front of the rest of the world church good solid information about what is happening in our centers of education and what we are doing as well I also noticed in reading your editorial that you took on a very very interesting topic there as well and you are talking about this divide that is often talked about in our own church and that divide has to deal with that when you actually are paid by the church or whether you're a lay person like myself and and when I want to ask you was this doesn't make a difference if you have type dollars in your wallet when you're working for the Lord not to lord it doesn't and increasingly it shouldn't to God 's people wherever they are employment is not the test of whether were serving the Lord in fact when he's get to the end of time there's only one employer and it won't be organized church it will be the Lord who says well done good and faithful servant and that should apply to every individual who's been discipled every individual who's got a connection to Jesus Christ in a vital mission in the world and so I wrote about the fact that I've grown up as a person and an employee family understanding how much this distinction is alienating to so many in the church I'm grateful that the time is coming over talking about how are you serving Jesus Christ and his church not where you get your income another question for you I know that you travel a lot factor probably more familiar with transoceanic flights that a lot of the rest of us but I also noticed that you are here every year at the ASI convention why is that that's easy ASI has as its members the kind of people who historically other readers and appreciate her is of the magazine I published Adventist review speaks to the central concern Seventh-day Adventists it speaks to what is true and what is classroom and where God 's people are going as a prophetic movement this is our kind of audience we hope this is your kind of magazine because each year we come here to say pick up his journal if you have a point it was it for a while look at it again the nephew this question you're giving out this review here to every church member of a lot of subscribers in our audience as well you want ASI members to do with the honest review if you're a subscriber give that as a gift thirty six times a year it will go into the home of someone you care about with a witness you may not be able to have come by our booth at five twenty eight talk with our team there learn how you can use this as a witnessing tool is a tool to nurture faith and those you care about is thank you so much any evening of the day and come into the program today you know that God has been doing amazing things this evening I have a testimony under the house answers to convert her leaders of the testimony for those of you have read the book beyond the veil of darkness by Anthony Brownell in that book she talks about her two boys who were abducted along with her family to Saudi Arabia and these other two boys all grown up and is sold at Andrews University Army had a prayer room and Anthony Santos a prayer request and could you tell us a bit about your mom 's very she was praying for the deliverance of our souls with both bound by alcohol and drugs for years she's praying for ourselves amen and so in October among the sins of prayer request to the Army prayer room and these two men were the ones that she whispering foretells what happened since then Lorna just taken us out of darkness and into his marvelous light as a matter he saved our lives and so today while we were in the prior room on these two young men showed up while I was a bit about back at them what led you to the perfect world this morning my brother and I were scheduled to speak for the Argentines give my testimony with the Lord has done for us and my mother text me as we got here early to Hammond building some looking for my mother walked downstairs and somehow I see a sign a separate room I was drawn to that role ever since we do not like the Lord can't get enough of praising God for what he's done marvelous things which had time to tell it I ended up in the verbal phrase in the Lord will tell you that when these two young men walked into the room we sense the spirit of God just descended upon the room when they praised it seemed like something had happen in the Holy Spirit had taken up residence in the room sometimes a bit about your experience in the prayer room Fairmont was just a wonderful experience the spirit of God was definitely in that place as we were praising the Lord I remember it toward the end I was praising God for leading me into the prayer room as I was looking for mother said not thank you for making me think I was up with my mother and bring them into the prayer room and as I got done playing the next voice I heard was my mother 's voice Lord let her into the prayer room to praise God amen I saw a mother 's prayer was answered for my son and then a son his prayer was answered for a fifth month in the prayer believing a sigh good we have a good news from from your eye salve every year we come here and we report about what is going on and down I hope we have our hours to live so we can show you little bit of what was our convention just a few weeks ago we we had our convention in the beautiful town of columns Don's probably those here that read the great controversy appeared about this town so this display that you can see in the screen now the previous one was the Conseil of Constance that is where we met on the place has a very very interesting story Ruben that as they say very important to us site because John host was judge at this place yes that's right that was around fourteen sixteen but it was exactly in the same place where we met and use all in the first picture and the second picture was there there inside the conflict so it was really at exciting as you can imagine to be the same place where one of the faith heroes was come then to add to the dire mistake on the stake so that was a really impressive for us to be there in that specific place preaching the Lord 's message for this time Nevada and Europe we are as yellow mowing prophecy clay and iron it said big challenge that same time that a person give culture makes also the continents and the brothers and rich in the relationship and then we had also delegation from US and we are very thankful from that we also had a very important officers and people we've always has I like it and saw a Desmond Hill is in your president also number rights though very thankful for your presence and as a guest speakers we had John Bradshaw from it is within and very special speaker on Sabbath as you can see in the screen guess L the Wilson and came to into the two share Sabbath with us and it was a great blessing for all the people at present there so when you are in jars filled double mental growth of ASA Europe so can you give us some information about what is happening was going on yes so we are very sided with the growth that God has blessed us in such a way that we are now present in nineteen countries seventeen chapters and about nine hundred and eleven members there are four chapters in this process of becoming you have your territories like Serbia Bulgaria all the Balkans are developing a lot of interest in ASI so we are really thankful you can see and the map of the printed numbers of members that we haven't different countries and again a diversity makes it is also very interesting in terms of relationship with our brothers that's right and during the last three years that we have been officers and nasi Europe little things have happened so we are we want to share with you a few of those figures because there are a lot of projects that have been enabled during this time and hopefully we can see that in the next in the next slide that's right silly as you see we have been working in thirteen countries in Europe and also five countries overseas and people of their seventeen countries in Europe have been involved in all these projects basically we are focused on youth would Jesus and programs as you bite was no year also as an mission trips and that we specially promote for young people and also you don't preaching the road and different evangelistic campaigns and also the word and narrative education and with young people but I do see is a lot of youth room and what can you say about that while we have asked of those mentioning a similar use four and Jesus and and just last week of Portugal in its first year for Jesus and their three people have been baptized in that process so we're really thankful and the blessing of having usually involve evangelism is probably in some territories the first time they have this experience so please pray for Europe and for the development of evangelism with the youth also and then as a result of oldies and youth programs we have really large number of youth you know that these encourage around more than seven hundred youth have been emboldened these in these programs and eyes you can see on the screen we also have some results we would like more but felt about Europe that the figures that you see for us we we are happy with them because we had thought about as one hundred twenty people in Europe forty seven baptized already blessed seventy four that are preventing now for baptism and that oversees seven hundred and sixty five people baptized plus another six feet apart being prepared for baptism so praise the Lord because although we had been living in a difficult area as Europe is that the Lord is bringing results so praise the Lord for ever evening I have the privilege of interviewing are presenting to you three different ministries this evening the first one is presented by Doctor Tuma she's a fan this physician and where's your precious docudrama in Southern California out at the opposite can be outgoing and bringing back I practiced me out of contact our office we were talking them back there I was already becoming enthused about witnessing because of your enthusiasm adding I like to ask you to tell people your review always been enthusiastic about witnessing for the Lord now that was more united and family matters it wasn't until about six to seven years ago when I attended to by the studies given his cool and that our beloved got caught on him and he brought home to me in my life has never been the same against the peace and enjoy the security of the largest but in my heart you cannot find it in this world I never thought it with her supple body so I didn't go from the parents of the child it went from the children to the Perez era I used I only sent to introduce me I knew you on the day and so why do you like to to witness to your patient and you were telling me that there's other venues is not just your patients if you like it Wednesday when I have other and other ways to back your good and we have enough time I'll let you tell that I was otherwise hotel is now in your practice what are you doing to witness for patients through your pressures he asked me why I wanted me actually because of the big thing that had overwhelmed my life since I really know him and I developed an action for his children all around me not only my practice is over all around me wherever I felt like I needed to get to open for me I take it just tell me what to do and not do it at work and I witnessed out only to doctors employees into my patients I pray that every patient notices that come because special interest in dermatology unlike doctors are told not to is referred patients to need so many of them are overweight many metabolic syndrome and if any diseases accidents and a lot of things that are placed on related size hacked with lifestyle and leads me to the origin of the life health of the health message reducing Genesis time of creation and then it goes into what I did later after seen in the plan of salvation it just might end up getting the patient that's another thing Leticia Van Jones and I have our books all over my exam offices I am continually order to avail them read my patient to me about an incident with a Baptist pastor who is impatient here's the rub yes beginning again from another doctor or dentist in problem from foreign to him I pray we can never know he was a Baptist pastor was talking about crisis have any kidneys had at the last time you see you insurance this night I lost my job and down to myself whatever you need to do doing today is okay soul what we do when we begin to before and he told me and what it into and out of the deal I'm an Xbox just stick and supposedly can now be succumbing to go back to ministry he laid the table and I started working on him I said so pastor me know if he is sound to me twice I think that young sailor Daniel seven eight nine and Revelation Sabbath list is designed in the marketing and call him when I is that I mean I talked for white while the picture no issue is even again everlasting fire what ever you at the very and I finished and turned around with the Melinda on the biopsy on the bottle he said he will use your sleeping so when I paid with him I think the Lord for this privilege as it meets present government rather we want I don't appear to be obliged to receive your truths clearly spend eternity with my brother and his family don't inherently joining a fraternity and when they finish repairs six years following his ministers I wonder we haven't gave him great controversy is in Christ yet I think of them hugged them and the whole shooting match that's a really in your weapons are being particular books or literature did you recommend her life is good maybe the last mother house and the spirit of prophecy in both English and Spanish and are available to be body and use doctrine about me at all I got to the end for SSM sure around the young man in everlasting fire how is written on a person and as soon as I will have to check them I think he everything wonderful we have one minute lenses are one more experience you like to share with his finger in one sure I keep myself to bring his brother 's children are not only make on their own around me I'm talking Egan stories and ideas you might both dealing to the homeless if you bless you you know when you might believe the Bible for you and you and enemies of the response I liked medical students to bring home for dinner with vitamins and how I interacted my patients in my patients is is is is a great blessing for overseas duty managers think series of many companies and I don't just delete on justification and follow the church wanted to make sure there's a revival in our church I think every major possible to make sure that that happens I even think this am I referring her CS weapons and God bless you in advance time is short please do your bad the Lord what do you want me to do he will tell you and do it don't wait time is too short sleep and hope to see you all God willing ever returning making thank you some of life our next interview is with pastor Terry Peter Nehring and Christina Sanford and pastor since I was your hamster what are you doing with an ASI project here has my eye he received the need to Black Mountain he wanted to show me the antenna where the downlink for three ABN is we bring three abandon the entire Valley Las Vegas and I turned around and I looked and here's what I saw from Black Mountain a beautiful view of the entire Valley and by the way this photograph is lacking much of the it goes way to the right and way to the left and so I thought this a great place I need to come here and I need to pray and I remember that HMS Richards used to pray number Los Angeles I thought it was a good idea so I started going up on the mountain to pray I want you to know every time I went to them home to pray my love for that city and desire to see something good happened who it was only a gift from God I really felt this heavy burden in so I would ask the Lord out there Lord when you want me to do it of course is a minister 's original evangelism which is actually happening but something very unique place and had his eyes suddenly Hatteberg force human sex trafficking which I've never had before and I knew very little about in his burden grew and grew inside of me and and so I try to figure out Lord when you want me to do and I was led through my my wife's work she has a job there in Las Vegas there's a gentleman and he heard me talking and in a social occasion and he came up to me and he just whispered if you can find a legitimate project I will find and so I went back to the mound mentioned Lord you got to help and so I wrote some letters and e-mails I made some calls I could get nowhere and then all of a sudden I got a letter in the mail I looked at that letter and was announcing the fact that this organization wanted want to help sex trafficked victims but I do know who they were so I threw the letter away and then I go back on the mountain and I pray Lord I can't get anywhere what will I do and all of a sudden at K back to my mind and so sure enough I went home I went back to the office I looked in the garbage can it wasn't there but I remember living waters so I got in the Internet I called that number and they said yes where the organization and stewing in a civil nice talk to your supervisor and I made an appointment and I sat down with her and I'm talking to her and finally after a half hour I said to her you keep talking about your church and you keep talking about your pastor what is your church abundant life when we have an abundant life Church in Las Vegas and I went your pastors Doctor Calvin and she said yes I said your Seventh-day Adventist and she said yes and here is Christine Christine I think you were not Las Vegas all your life why did you go there to Las Vegas well my family and I had a situation where it was almost like an Abraham experience the Lord revealed my husband and I thought we needed to leave Detroit and we didn't know where we were going and felt that called us to Las Vegas and through a series of providential workings and in this time let us to Las Vegas success to the place that he shall act which happened to be Las Vegas everyone thought we were crazy every one of my family my friends everyone thought we are crazy from moving from the place that we what was the millionaire to something X just very much unfamiliar over the course of a couple of years the Lord place in my heart even stronger that living waters needed to open recovery home for an electing girl we send out letters and I felt my fifteenth you know what to send out letters to everyone and I just want to let you know that probably won't hear anything from the administration would get offended anyway okay and I think that the economic state of the Valley was in that room wins and the economic fate in general nationally and internationally I didn't expect this year from the avenues to areas that have a sense of humor a few days after we sent out letters I was on my weight on vacation and my visiting call me instead there is a pastor who was written mainly in Egypt you think you know someone who can help us open the home and he have to speak with you now that would be determined going out of town next e-mail on Tuesday she said yes but he insists he Monday morning we meet and the minute that I stare with after nearly that I am accented he just breaks down crying and the youth pastor that he brought with him looking like what is going on here so then I'm getting Syriac because wink wink that gives you a vision he always gives you the means by which security about and what we are here today for his sincere with you about the mission and the vision that dad is given to open Las Vegas it are ever recovery home for less sex trafficking victims this will be a groundbreaking effort we are scheduled to open in November of this year we have the signature donor that I that great and I was connected with Captain you're either with connecting with afternoon wife of the funding to purchase the home and we just want to share with the world that is the real problem in our nation and our world this is an international conference year and I think it's important that we all are aware that extracting is real it it happens every day in your children in our even our children yes at Denny's children are able to view Lord into sex trafficking the average age for a child to be lured into sex trafficking is between the ages of twelve and fourteen for those of you have children who are twelve to fourteen that is your child and then home not only do we educate the community about the dangers involved in the next trafficking trade but we have something that can help them this home in the holistic we use Christian biblical principles to help bring girl from brokenness to rest a racing and some was interested in helping their answers but the bigger the helper outer three ways you can help the first way is my time hearing you can balance here if you live in the Las Vegas area where you're coming you can always call last to let us know you're coming and we will set you up with something that you can do to make a difference in the lives of the girl the second thing you can do is refer anyone that you know who may need help I am a licensed psychotherapist and I provide along with my staff we provide intensive psychotherapy using a biblically -based approach to treatment I specialized in sexual trauma the third and most important thing that you can do right now after building the house if you build that outfield build your at what I believe the third thing you can do is to give law going to our website at living Waters family that work living Waters family data work and there will be a way that you can come out of your pocket to give you a broken family and a girl that's been affected by the sex trafficking thank you so much for your witness and God bless you and your project thank you and our next one is the Scott Richards evening and you want a ministry or her institution you represent and was your work there will would value Academy and the idea president did most of the bus driver and the at least woman here is a recent graduate and she is the has been in all of our video productions as well okay now this is the school planner Santa has made those nice videos of the young people singing in different beautiful nature settings and as surely as those been developed and sent out every season responses can you tell us what response you receiving as people view these right will be relieved and thrilled with the response that we been getting because we started filming needs with the idea that we wanted people to use them to give to their friends and neighbors so that they can be introduced to Christ and so we've been getting e-mails back for the last few years and have at least share a couple of those e-mails that I think really describe the kind of impact that's been happy happening out there I is from Daniel and he was in DC Canada hi Daniel and sixteen years old I've been greatly Romanian Pentecostal Christian family all my life but never open my heart to God just recently my family receive a DVD from a pastor hearing merit he didn't desecrate his own I rather watch the movie over and over again when I thought of teenagers praising God and devoting their lives for him I was very impressed and liked what I saw a lot when I saw changed my life and truly opened my heart to God it made me a better person in every aspect there is I didn't I gave my favorite sport which is a hard thing to do to bring God I also started helping poor people and talking to others about God in his salvation now on April seventeenth I'm getting baptized with my two older brothers I'm a very happy person now I think God for everything you've done for me to help leaving Mister Lemmon and the students are working so hard on weekly DVDs please continue to make more concrete for all of you and God bless all of you students and teachers of family Academy I think you all so much Daniel and the other particular experiences or feedback from what you like to share the Alabama unit and he tells that at the e-mail tells how it's been impacting people who haven't heard the message before that you know it's it's interesting to see that this is even impacting people who have heard the message and in fact people who are giving the message I want rallied since he did to share one more and more e-mail I think is really interesting the American Democrat corner let you know what a blessing your music and dance our family we live in the Amazon region of Brazil four years ago to do mission work while they're here showed what he and we were greatly moved by the beautiful music and to see the dedication of young people our Lord was not only one state in our mind they could need it's hard to come by here not only went to the U S we purchased three DVD wishing it were all about our children aged ten evidence to have been greatly affected to go around the house cleaner thong by setting cellos and violating that connect only to prevent the plate on it earnestly trying to learn to play the guitar my daughter play this song to year the immediate bite year on her keyboard had two -year-old Martin around the house see how late allies the oldest two children have never been any thought we but only the Lord knows how that might be possible twice a week we all cuddle together and family the children leading to watch go tell a mountain or coming again on a laptop please let us definitely know what a blessing to me if you think that might elimination of the sick right after one of the students sang his eyes on their PC wondering if you really made a difference we heard that song I want to let you know that the hard work and dedication that he and all the staff and students at fountain you have impacted and bless his family and Amazon we bring the three angels message to build an arsenal small corner of the world the Lord bless you all and he carry out the work environment before you think you and your family beautiful nor as I have listened these beautiful DVDs I wish that there was one of us have a summary of them little shorter make a little easier to share with somebody else has nothing like that while you don't interesting as recently as we heard the stories of people saying hunted and blessed we thought you would really like to be having a larger impact and so what we did was we decided we would make a shorter version of processing prices on you is a great production but at six and a half hours long and handed it to has a lot of songs in it and it is not it's not inexpensive to reproduce so what we did was we we we just finished up filming another video series similar to discuss the crisis in song called helping daily living based on the book God help in daily living which is less fortunate his ministry dealing but what we did is we become the long version dislikes that's the price of the six and a half hours long but we also felt the shorter version a special outreach version and that we were really really excited as we filmed this because we realize that that this was going to be able to reach a lot more people because will be able to sell it much more inexpensively and so people can hand out a lot more copies we had a very interesting experience the one we're filming the very last part of it and I want one and Ally to to share a story that set that goes along with that while there are something like that a lot admit that help an erring and the last part of the DVD series is from the salon and get his final appeal to the audience and knowledge leaders understand filming the only relevant invisible there together and one thing I found I found I was not to do is never ever ever touches you in that you might be located he suggests on the mic and it distorts the audio is not something that you would never do unfortunately development domain or not an object because he was so engrossed in getting his appeal and he was just preaching on his heart out any month of the normally real I found I I went back on again but here them when they know letting up he looked around looking like a video segment I year anything are you may or may be looking at around the age of letting go you let the running he going to increase the appeal told afterwards that it will happen in this appeal with most appeal you never heard in his entire life so means he really is having impact on the people receiving these DVDs thank you so much for your work we thank God that he is inspired your group your school to really make DVDs like this it can be shared by fifty one euros no more zero you have a good here number six twenty two okay thank you so much God bless good evening this evening were going to hear from several anti- members who are doing big things for God I believe that their testimony to inspire and encourage him a bath and help us define our mission more clearly I know that's it I think a lot of it must have grown up hearing drilling reports about Leo Hallowell and the Lucero riverboats how many of you never those reports was a amazing well it was heartbreaking when this work until I was I am so delighted to introduce to you Brad nails with Amazon Lifesavers ministry Brad what is your mission on Amazon well Jenna and we were not self-supporting ministry that works to continue the work of the lucida program on the Amazon River we have three launches that we hear you volunteer Doctor nurses then this is in people from all different kind of health professions including Bible workers teachers pastors and we go up and down the Amazon taken into the unreached areas to continue doing the work that was entered used to do in fact the first administered in the state of the Amazon which is the North area Brazil was started because of the presence of those in a the boat that came with little hollow he came with his wife he came with his group and down we've been able to visit the church we've been able to visit other churches and work in areas of both never went to penetrate and going and using the medical branch the still open and evangelism in that exciting chalice and get started yet well and not two thousand and seven the Lord was calling many people together the Lord for my wife and I from Tennessee on the family nurse practitioner my wife registered nurse in week we felt the Lord calling us to go down and help with this we didn't know how to make the first step in and getting in touch with the church we found out that it was a group of local Brazilian professionals of the Lord had also been impelling to step forward and restart those in a program and we got there we we work together the Lord Providence really opened up so many avenues so that the program could get started in two thousand and seventy seven by faith we had no focus and within three years we have three votes working full-time we have over two hundred volunteers on local Brazilian professionals that that come together they take their holidays among the homework for a weekend year a week year and we keep the boat stopped with those healthcare professionals going up and down the fabulous so tell us then what on the Amazon Lifesavers what kind of impact it made physically on the people along the Amazon well the places that we get to it's amazing we traveled three days sometimes for days to get to some isolated villages in the this will sometimes get you may haven't seen any healthcare provider in over three years and sometimes will come in the defendant never seen a dentist out on their village and we come in and we seen so many you don't even know where to start was so while we come in our votes we bring all of our volunteers on the boats we set up a new dental work in and out wooden hives are on the on the schools that they provide sometimes we do medical clinics we bring in the group of people and we have seen so many things as far as the medical aspect to helping the people there if there is a more complex medical needs will bring them out we've than some people assault result four for cardiac surgery that we found in some of the infant send him sing the health really change your life then in fact we see as everyone knows that AFI the health message still being the right arm of the Gospel and in one area that we went a little village in the jungle where there was no Adventist presence we did two days a medical clinic and the president of the village she was also the director of the Catholic Church came in asses and what church are you from message were seven fantasies that we would like to see a church from from your church here in our village except it was absolutely so we got when we got our vote we went back to families and will be back we got a group we came back with a local pastor was for the whole month immediately a few days later did evangelism we had twenty seven people baptized in that very first month and we were able to build a church there and that's part of what we do is the church planting and building churches and seeing that happening in exciting part was obvious in the Catholic Church continued and so the director who is invited as feedback to be set which you come and preach in my church and I said sure so anyway then rephrase the Lord and shared a message in the Catholic Church MSN elegant if you like but they have no idea of inviting the seventh avenues have him him out of fabulous tell us what do you hope to accomplish in the future well as I said sometimes the troubled three days to get to one village in all during the three days were passing village after village after village and you know why we come in so far to get the visibility of these villages the Amazon is so huge steel in we see the need to have something more votes so many more volunteers so many more Bible workers Lord willing here will be starting a Bible school of full-time Bible score will have a six month course training the local people to become Bible workers health workers to go in and continue the Bible evangelism enough the unreached areas we also hope Lord willing to start an aviation program that we can get in with our volunteers more quickly where we have let's say healthcare professional from analysis and my take three days to get to the village look at the week that they can give the vote to spare if the goods there we can fly somebody in my pastor and part-time worker in the more effective with our time will tell me I know that you're getting your project is getting some anti- offerings so what if the little guy were actually getting a donation from the outside this year prison or twenty thousand dollars which we will be using to help build a faster and bigger boat that we can get in and continue bringing groups and we have three votes working right now as I said we could use over twenty four sure points on to reach in that area store hoping you some money to get another vocal and while I know you've got lots more stories Ms. Summers might tell us the how can we get in touch with you and find out more about your project we have a website if you visit us we have a booth here at one eleven Amazon Lifesavers ministry we have a life website is Amazon Lifesavers .org I would have a DVD-R that was just put out you can get to solo the more information we invite you to come by ask questions and come and visit us in the Amazon project thank you so much for sharing with us I have a feeling I think anything much more from this project in the coming years and maybe even fifty or hundred hundreds of fun now and then about a ministry where so much is going on that it's hard to take it in and that you felt when I spoke with doctrine Nikolay Dan is right you had a video headed alien Institute in Romania joining him is Stephen Grabner the new President-elect of OCI I'm typically just a little bit about had been the and you can correct me if I'm wrong right okay thank you it's really amazing they have a lifestyle center and I want to figure this they have about fifty patients per session and twenty two sessions per year now that a lot of people going to that program they also have a one-year medical missionary training school to have a monthly help help application health publication life and health ranks there's a there's another think that's not all bad I just want to ask you with all this going on what is your impact on the community only had over thirteen thousand patients for updater will begin it again I guess unselfish love is the best marketing tool and that's why I think my colleagues are supposing that the video is kind of luck and then we had to sell magazine which goes cornice of the content actually is a joint venture we do church at which we have 50-50 and goes every month Alvin Felsenthal Kuala Rohrbach that I'd like to speak about Newport to meet the reach us the last September I been invited to teach the local medical school this is amazing and the use of the same again I want to make sure everyone got back in the local medicals lewdly have the shonen that exist are among this is a state college at state universities as they can believe has been has and the stock BBC new new program about that because I been involved in designing their record above and never hurt them back fifty years ago and now easy been orbiting colony and he sent for the third year I would like you to impeach Richard in addition we try the and it's amazing to see how the minds of the young people change during six months off by this enough between the secular young people yes yes that the second semester I thought briefly about the Nasional I wanted to teach introduction to the patient which is the first year of learning and another course so I have to prepare every every week the relaxers and the thirties I don't involve these because I see a lot of potential when you work with the first after signing the comfy having back on many people when I share with Doctor one one has been involving these ions that they are held in the seventies has a back booth to raise the life expenses you may never than here's another thought BTW now suite two who designed that week we will inform the master degrees August this is so amazing and undefeated I like that class he's designing the Masters program dietitian Helen was approved by the state even go on these following is already another relievers before rooming house for for an opening that that's great until so this is on your schedule to receive ten thousand dollars in the hands I guess they are transmitted I've is not a safety at the school doesn't have allowed for forbearers and motivation goofy glasses on the support then the essay happy something doesn't approximately need another twenty thousand that I featured in our city center and the CD okay what this is and all I understand Bazemore and nine prison service account were told that the Lord will give to our sanitarium whose work is already established an opportunity to cooperate with him in assisting newly established plan now have you had any such opportunities yes I know I can talk about with a water pumping area but let's talk about these on so I will use multiple not his legal I was asked to go they are in the finance field but says the release of the oblation and that we have a training thousand nine between about thirty five people and out of those developed a nice theme of the professionals I wish we had to settle for another countries and are ready to go they betray people may now much I was involving that and that they are ready to go baby run a session actually lost the whole grain Ezio meets innovation and now we held the property of like Stevens who also is not about the past nickname here to the and others again working in Israel and Israel's Ministry knee country we've been looking for a property to start a lifestyle center but it's very difficult ninety percent of all the land is owned by the government but just recently chose Cleveland miniature knitting recently made a trip we found a piece of property that's privately owned ten percent of the land is like that beautiful property it's already guest house has room for a team gas has a son with sauna drawing on a truly it's almost a turnkey operation to start a lifestyle center as we have no medical value is nearly the Galilee near the Jordan River as well so we were solicit prayers and help finance five three Lord 's property items special interest in it being from a Jewish family was really exciting to see ministries working together we believe that next year this time will be health center in the country of Israel find that somehow finally find out more about Hermione mission especially to Israel rather I was six under Web and operate the lease of life after they did so much how many of you will pray for this project thank you so much another area that is very close to my heart if the continent of Africa my son Ted was born in African after we returned to the state religion Bakersfield where I became good friends with a talented dynamic lady Celeste Lee and tonight it's my privilege to introduce the list you as well as to another friend I just met Glenn at Edwards and they're not going to be telling you about Bakersfield instead they are going to be sharing with us what's happening within the five development projects in Kenya Africa so Glenn in a sentence what is the Masai development project doing in Kenya we are changing lives in Kenya one person at a time like that so how did it all gets started well in the eighty or ninety nineteen ninety when he and a friend of ours can carry actually started making friends with some of the Messiah lady that lives behind win they just went and did build womanly thing you know help the babies talk about the children and eventually brought water when they needed water and took their children to the doctor the kind of thing from math princess developed in confidence with wine where they were able to do more than I have the opportunity of going over in nineteen ninety eight we decided to start building up a little bit more in the filthy idea from ministry of healing page one forty three worklife method alone will get to success of the figure mingled as one who desired others that I just sent me and then minister today needs winning their confidence and meant to follow me that in the basement the power itself targeting how we continue to work on I found very interesting so what's happening today we have multiple program part of even one main thrust of the program our mission trips that we organize three times a year in March July and October and I think of a story that happened on one of our mission to the year ago really exemplifies what UDP is about in changing lives one person at a time a year ago we ran missions trip on our last planning in Kenya all of this happens in Kenya and we were at a school holding our clinics is our last day and it was an American man on the trip through talk about an organization that he had been fund-raising as his professions to fundraising he had just been with a group of women that live the lives of youth lives and are in actual hiding situations they would live in an organized and institutional place and he told us that the women said if there was anyone that he met during the trip in Kenya that exemplify what they had gone for what they now were living and stood for the they would like to support someone laughs aplenty there was a young girl brought to life by the headmaster of the school and she would have a picture of her when I saw mercy looked very very old and she had just gone through your situation her thirteen -year-old sister had gone through circumcision and preparing her to be married as of the father and that could collect the gallery that ten -year-old girl the easy picture of right now watched her sister go through circumcision and they died because she's like again they couldn't stop the bleeding so the chief of the area had investigated ration and have the father and the woman who performed the circumcision into jail and continue to investigate and found out a little bit later in the uncle was intending to have the ten -year-old circumcised in order she's getting married to the person that her thirteen -year-old sister was getting married to and then he could collect the gallery and the father out of prison so the headmaster of the school after we help in this situation is an exact match he was a young girl who needed help who needed a change life and the R Lancaster stepped in and then was able to help connect the two people together and now she is in our rescue center to let Celeste telecom Accuracy Center we had a messy business I'm taking a case when we house girl there what we call high with and we want to train anti- fun that they are going to give us this year because Apple bill of the education center that will be used by the entire community for literacy classes or on tailoring master all kinds of things that will benefit the community so we want to thank you okay now that sounds just unbelievable what's happening over there I noticed one of many stories that truly is all this works impacts and the people spiritually once you all will that I felt about at the beginning of mingling with the people in winning their confidence then they want hear what you have to say about Christ then we have these girls we get the opportunity to witness within that were supposed with Dan on many of them are baptized last March and we also make an impact in the adults in the community in the same way and we had many many baptisms over the years as a result of how many at risk growth you have in your home right now in hospital and we sponsor close to one hundred and hostile we have about all right to tell us how can ASI members become involved in your mission dynamics and become involved in a lightweight from the simple is donating a bottle of children's vitamin is sponsoring a girl unclean alike after going on a mission thread inviting more fun or other building or well think of things that are needed at how you can get involved and how can they connected you we live here in at one twenty eight one three six one twenty day rain here and also our website is www. then number four in D P development project or are vacated another way that is if I get is that what you have to do is order the homicide development project he'll find something at unclear thank you so much for being instrument in God 's hand to change life one person at a time and grazing rights you know truly as sure as the Lord has a place for us in heaven he has to work for us on this earth and these two ladies have a very special work in mission in their life the mission field which is in their home right here we had if Patty got three and you have an incredible testimony about here at cooking school could you share some of that witness over many I've been cooking classes in arts and our local church and never the time we develop them mailing list announcement e-mail mailing list of people who are interested and then over time some people asked if they could and get a little bit more information the researcher okay we have been really trying to track one of your students down tell about the lady got lost like fifty five Cal they like three or four months I in fact we invited her and her family to convey assign there here this evening so were just thrilled for that that she was interested in and learning about that Avenue lifestyle and vegetarian plant -based diet and she tried most of her life to maintain her weight and has always had a challenge doing all different kinds of diets and so she came over to my home along with a few other ladies with us for special interests have special interest in that so we would make things in and cook together and then try things and that she thinks she just she went home one time and she clean our hole covered to be back and she said were just doing it all okay what is always busy do anything she got written she had I don't know how many freezers full of frozen on the frozen me that she may be they loved me and some people do it gradually she decided she wanted to do it all away and fell as she cleaned out everything you tell me all about image visitor to meat substitutes because if you just drop it we don't have anything to replace my learning recipes that she let age of progress and that anyway she told me for the first time in her life is not hungry but she is losing an average of a couple pounds a week and she's just thrilled and he told me at office minister mind is clearer and that is really the main reason we teach the health message because we could die in a car accident tomorrow so we wouldn't have lived our ninety years or whatever so what was the point of living healthily so we can have a clear mind everyday demands of the work and there are seven to half how did you come to a point where you bringing people into your home to do this the mother one lady in particular that has come for years are classes that the church and she does it every time CC is my husband she said what did your wife fix you for lunch today and she admits she's even eyed lizard help with registration of the minor when we have art class so I invited her to come home and she is a diabetic and that we doesn't looking in that one night she went on that morning she checked her blood sugar thirty points lower after one meal at my house than it has ever been conceived in the diabetic is excited and so I will know this is been a true ministry for you and I understand that in a one of you guess they're not even Adventists but you brought them here in due to soak in all of this out right and I tell you truly may have been a blessing to live we just praise God for them and there are people out there all over the place and I hope message is something that we are constantly thinking out were not trying to get you to be a part of our church because God intends for the whole world to be blessed with health whether you ever choose to love or serve him he loves you and he wants you to be healthy it is just as life is very freeing for us to share but inevitably people think of the wind when you have church would like to come to your church and they do truly back is our skin swing latch to the gospel the right arm of the gospel which is our health message and this young lady okay first I want you to know it she doesn't mind telling you she is eighty one years and John Miller Ms. Vivian Yarmouth to let my fifth evening this felt like a Phil old but how do you start with your ministry none was sixteen months ago in Dalton Georgia church revived small program and the Lord impressed me to have a health oriented one so the word spreads quickly and my condominium can accommodate twelve people and so half of them are friends from the community we meet each Tuesday evening at six costs and people come on time because ever drawing for a loaf of homemade bread is this your homepage RSS category any not bad breath and my roommates eating all will talk later okay sufficient and maybe brings them we needed six shortly after that point we always had when they arrived like family now we have a printer enhancement of career and with the antigen only serves something as a light supper something is going to be demonstrated on the DVD that evening they watch about a thirty minute DVD and then said have a discussion is generally over by about eight o'clock which is been one of the most profound miracles that using for your home ministry ran to the newspaper but of drying young couple that that is engaged she is pregnant he got in trouble with the law and so were helping him go to them from his five days a week not lifestyle rehab classes and they really want to get very filler helping them get to marriage premarital counseling and helping them buy a marriage license and this is a new start in his life he's really determined to eleven was their turning their entire lifestyle around yes that's right we have to have people from all walks of life to nurses just join we have two ladies who teach special ed in the county schools so it is quite a mix of people in the become very close so this is like the entire community coming to your condo it is negative wealth coming so what else is WDL you just found out that my fan I graduated a music major from us zero six fifty last year college fifty nine years ago and one of my favorite authors Ellen says she recommends that every church member should be a medical missionary so we can do that they can be trained we have materials by experts I is the eight natural remedy approach and there's a reason why we can't all do that I have some excellent resources if anybody's interested in contacting me by e-mail of my addresses rates are eight ICC at Linden stream is all one word W I N G S d'Arc EAM .net or if you haven't written in time you can stop that ship exhibit list number seven twenty seven and they can give it to you yell the loudest blessing amen one less thing for you what really motivated you to do wallet if you were talking about you measure your past husband has been the past round husband was a family practice physician and twenty some years ago people were just begging for registering cooking schools a smoking cessation classes her weight management so I started into training we can all be trained with and go to our lifestyle centers it can get DVDs CDs just learn learn learn I'm still learning just a trained layman and that we can object I encourage all of you to try something like this thank you very much we really have a job to do thank you ladies and the next German best coming out he's a businessman he actually came all the way from while and he has a serious testimony and one of the things he said is that it's better to obey them to sacrifice even Casper Bauer wrote it down with Pharaoh 's religious share with us I mean first of all where he raised Adventist Seventh-day Adventist well no I wasn't raised Adventists nor my wife but I'm on we have a strong Seventh-day Adventist presence through the quantum and images clinic that has a lot of medical missionaries who come out to help the people hence all a little bit of how he became Adventist in the senses in two thousand and two a physician and his wife from the Guam seven-day Adventist clinic through the urging of my cousin and our reluctance over about a year we accept the Bible study with them he was about eighty years old and was using with what religion really before I wear raised Catholic but I had a very good Catholic growing up experience as an altar boy yes and we went to church all the time my parents go to church all the time is very very loving good relationship in the small village where each village had a church to heart on well our hearts turn first by the people the characters of the people they were so kind and are just so pleasant you just could not turn white and then the message that it brought with their character was just so special you know and we fell in love with the Bible studies that we had and we just can get enough we soon were attending church and before you know it my wife is baptized that same year okay so your wife was baptized you're still running an extremely successful business correct and restarted my wife and I have a tourism business in long it do caters to Japanese and Taiwanese customers mainly for ocean related activities parasailing jet skiing and often watching etc. like that and so we were running this business and I my wife was baptized but I couldn't follow I felt guilty because I was still running a business on Sabbath and so that held me back from being baptized so you didn't have to have you right okay I'm not ready to make the decision one can await well when I had reason was simply this is that in two thousand and eleven September two thousand one September eleven the war on terror started and that scared our customers from traveling to Guam we have several military bases where US territory and our business just went down overnight in two thousand and two after we had met those nice folks from the clinic we had a two hundred mount our typhoon hit the island with fifteen or twenty foot waves that destroyed all of the assets we had no customers coming in our assets world destroyed and we went into debt into the millions as a result of that is while you're still in the Valley of decision when to correct okay for the Lord is well at least he allowed me to tread water I fire my wife Carmen for making the decision to go for but I had rationalized that if I was to close on Sabbath we would go bankrupt and therefore we would never be able to pay our bills back and that would be stealing so now you're almost bankrupt anyway what happens next well what happens is as I'm floating down the river I attend my first evangelistic series ever in my life as a two-week evangelistic series but it was held by Pastor Luis Torres came to Guam and as that series unveiled itself I felt that somebody had been it's about my life to that evangelist at your business yes he was singing myself so the reality was that you have decision card that is evangelistic series and I was never aware that cycle them out yes I I I grew the Sabbath and all the other Bible promises but I don't reject baptism I didn't know you read those cards and six fours and call me he came and found my office knocked on the door and I was cornered me ask you about my my decision to not be baptized while accepting the other truths and I simply tell them I said if I was to close on Sabbath do not pay all these people back I would be stealing which sin is worse of a permit one you want and he felt he told me a very kind and loving races with more important your salvation on the business and we know your decision my decision as well as he says even if you're waiting to get perfect or fix things and then get baptized it'll never happen you know baptism in the Holy Spirit will give you the strength and the resources you need to figure things out as always baptize at Internet as a series we close a business shortly after first time in eighteen years and I'm ever getting ready to close a business praying to God same God and I was raised in a way that you you take care of your own problems you handle your own bills but in this case it's impossible and was hard but I put all that burden off my shoulders and onto God so Stephen at this point you're surrendering I was totally surrendering I've seen every go bankrupt we go bankrupt whatever the decision of all the when surrendering what miracles did you witness what we close a business in the dry season is not rainy and that Friday we went home and my and you have all of these competitors technologies risk companies correct sure we have all these competitors and before we close I have been writing and allows witnessing I did not write letters and talk to the vendors and tell him that were closing because we want to honor the Sabbath and they didn't understand all Christian Sabbath we have a lot of so the materials of America was when we closed on Friday evening before sunset and I went to bed I woke up and I thought it's not only to the next evening as it was still dark outside I didn't realize it was happening but it was raining so hard it was raining sideways not regular it rained hard all into the late afternoon and nobody went anywhere I want Dale not even your competitors they can work on the Sabbath they were but they didn't have any say in how long is this the one while we were blessed Sunday with double and a half the customers and that reining in some extent way more than the normal even in the disease every snap every Sabbath for six months or a bad bill defeated where are we now well today all the bills that I had floated for decades as you might work on innovative payments mortgage payments and the negative cash is positive cash and were able to commit and do work for the church and be involved in the church activities but I'm just so thankful for one medical missionaries a man to evangelism entry I found out later on in my wife and I were on the premise on somebody before we ever met any of those people so thank God for prayer the same as last please visit him in for all of our business owners know that are successful and they are confronted even just regular workers that are not given the option word because seven thirty five what would you write what is your admonishment well the reality is when I realize I didn't own the business okay once I turned over Wi-Fi own which was wrong to the rightful owner God and took my place as his worker then I knew God would take care of it and it's much better to be under the working order of God who commands you have a day off I never gave myself a day off density the sleepless owner supposedly a million problems you know that you can't solve so he has all the solutions and whatever is distrust and and he'll take you there whether it's clothing art but really it's just honoring and worshiping him especially on the Sabbath day making it a holy day and set up a holiday man every of them whatever you give up the Christ he will give you double fold in this life and in the world to come eternal life amen you folks been well fed this is more like a feast and a buffet and we hope you have a overeating because at the end of every mail what you have some of us when we have yes we have some dessert this is my new friend and just met rather back to being a Jew Daniel where you from I'm from La Paz in the highest in Southern California and what you do in Southern California and the cardiologists and have a solo practice and I'm a graduate of Loma Linda University class of nineteen ninety only the University and his elbow here to talk about part of it learned that I think Loma Linda for giving giving me the medical training I spent three and half years in China serving as physicians medical missionary position in the sir lunch a hospital and therefore ibogaine some understanding of the needs of our church in China China all you folks ensure no or China is what is the current population accident I think it's about one six billion one six billion people and how many Seventh-day Adventists of Daniel according to our church estimation we have approximately four hundred thousand members haven't his members in China one six billion people four hundred thousand members is just old work of spreading the gospel to do their absolutely now you told me that in nineteen forty nine something happen well in nineteen twenty nine our church function of researchers functioned basically sees and China schools and churches and publishing houses some of the returns are closed since that time there's been no formal opportunity for educating pastors are young people to spread the gospel that's right now you're working with an organization called Chinese Ministry international exactly know we used to see some folks here from there I think you have a picture of Sanyo oh seven along is a student from China and he was an atheist read some of the evidences of writing books given to him via missionary back in the nineties and he became an Adventist I came to the US study in southern University and he started Chinese Ministry international disorganization about ten years ago ten years ago not it was a little snapshot of what's been going on for ten years weathering this ten years center has worked very hard to translational work translating many of the spirit of prophecy writings and h


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