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Finishing Strong by Remembering the Past

Fred Bischoff
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Fred Bischoff

Physician and former faculty member at Loma Linda University's School of Medicine and School of Public Health, and cofounder of Adventist Pioneer Library




  • August 4, 2011
    10:45 AM
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okay the second time I think we should go in the race those people coming in lesser cells begin to work for others thank you for this opportunity to spin this time reviewing the history especially from the viewpoint of soul winning how to win people 's hearts and souls for your kingdom givest wisdom as we look as we ponder the records of the past may recede the sacredness that there is an history because you are there even guiding and directing teachers how to follow to do someone to just better hope to duplicate your methods of reaching hearts by our study today Christ hanging our title today is finishing strong by remembering the past what I'm doing today is just sharing if you thought stories ideas for my own personal look at the past in the opportunity I've had to look at Adam 's history history is amazingly detailed it's amazingly complex no one sees it all over the books of heaven recording all someday will be able to open those books and we will have all the pieces of the puzzle and I will see things probably that will amaze us but we do have amazing amount of history and we do have the privilege of especially in our day of having pieces of the puzzle to put together did you just of the organization I represent is Evan 's finer library website I given you on their own screen API might be .org we do not exhibit as well in the exhibit hall is one only how early seventy was the first to valuable lesson for soul winning today honestly the past that were looking at is the early part of our Sundance history for us we have to go back some one hundred and seventy years interestingly enough about a hundred and twenty years ago Ellen White was doing something similar because at that point they have already been into the work for some fifty years here's one of the statements that you can find in her writings during the past fifty years of my life I have had precious opportunities to obtain an experience for me interject we all lead and experience you cannot give what you do not have soul winning is getting the living is getting people I testimony of witness and so she continues I have had experience in the first second and third Angels messages the Angels are represented as flying in the midst of heaven proclaiming to the world a message of warning and having a direct bearing upon the people living in the last phase of this registry minute when enlightened by the Spirit of God and sanctified through the truth were little bit about that in the early morning devotional and this morning importance of that witness say goodbye to the truth she says they proclaim the three messages in their order I have an active part in the solemn work is getting her own testimony I have acted apart nearly all like Christian experience is interwoven with there are those now living who have had an experience similar to my own they have recognized the truth unfolding for this time they have cast in step with the great leader the captain of the Lord 's house of course this is Jesus Christ and we follow him when you cooperate with us from seconds left in messages phase three seven zero eleven eighteen ninety eighteen ninety fifteen years nineteen ninety one nineteen forty she was attending her family were millwrights they were looking forward to Christ on studying the message is studying prophecies she had not even thought about the Sabbath is not even thought about the sanctuary she was struggling to stay with her own Christian experience a very basic level the same couple years later in reviewing our past history having traveled over every step of advanced to our present standing I can say praise God as I see the Lord 's rot I am filled with astonishing and with confidence in Christ as leader we have nothing to fear for the future except as we shall forget the way the Lord has less in his teaching in our past history my sketches with ninety six written eighteen ninety two the first time so before you actually dive into some of the concepts and stories we just need to really emphasize the fact that we did have today amazing resources that she did not have in the eighteen nineties here's what she says about her writings about the light has been given to our people in the last days whether or not my life is spared and obviously after nineteen fifty the answer is clear she was not an emergency Chrysler whether or not my life is spared my writings will constantly speak and their work will move forward as long as time shall my writings are kept on file meanwhile Chris and I was when they paper right and we still have paper files in the office of her writings but now what else we she says even though I should not live in these words that have been given to me by the Lordship will still have life and will speak to the people what it was like the messages page fifty five sure that in nineteen oh seven some eight years before she died she also stated in this appears before the we are to repeat the words of the pioneers in our work who knew what it costs the search for truth of the truth as for hidden treasure and who labored to lay the foundation of our work they moved forward step-by-step under the influence of the Spirit of God let that which these men have written in the past be reprinted let the truths that are the foundation of our faith the cat before the trailers that have made us as a people what we are leading us on step-by-step review and Herald May twenty five nineteen oh five so what are these resources lot of say this CD-ROM which came out in early part of nineteen two thousand nine theology white writings cover is a research addition is probably the first time those two statements and actually been put together literally because on the CD-ROM are what you call my writings and also what you call words the pioneers there is a one collection amazing library of every word in the next can search for words you can search for phrases and the Pioneer section action research for dates what they write this year and of course otherwise it is not yet a stamp on their paragraphs but eventually that will be so what are we also available this is a things like this maybe you don't even know along ingenuity writings .org the website development writings and I would encourage you to go there there's too much there to describe right now but the engine of your writings of GW 's new procedure done in writing sixty jobs and ensure both of them using their .org there are entire contents of the major collections on a CD-ROM on online and searched you can browse you can read and that's a little below there that looks like the world with it GW is not the one right below that such as the global the book open their individual books and even individual books it will tell you is that available in audio someone generally it is you can download it free is available in PDF if it is a thriving download free is available in each of which works on the iPad was available in Kindle and certain elementary since amazing research resources you need to be aware of what amounts this is a mountainous EG LNG is complete for the iPad and iPhone would pick only iOS application free downloadable off the iTunes Store have you saw this one and your registration packet for SI it's a it says share this CD as of this release there wanted to is loaded on everybody's has any interest in the writings of my copyrighted share of the city okay so that's there as well and then astray are offering the online ones and will be reviewing here the CD-ROM conference was a tradition I voted for gaseous phase and brought life to the cities that an extensive game ABCs we haven't exhibit is available also another retailers as well so as we look at these resources that we have got to be able to say at some point will spend I've made it very easy to use it's their available resources looking finding the spaces of the puzzle to put together to make sense out of our history to learn from the past both the successes of the failures I said failures not because we want to focus only on the failure to abide by all means but has restrictions ten says these things were written for our admonition that we should not do this and do this industry first against ten because a list of the failures of people biblical history why not to focus on that but to let us know that human nature hasn't changed in the North Greenland the fact they were still here tells that we must learn not only look good lessons from the past for most mistakes and passes will the paradigm that under the operating from him I'm presenting today is a paradigm that I call the complete framework for the reality that we're in based on Scripture and that unless we take the word of God we do not really understand the world we live in what life is about and what was in the past with the future the Bible uses the framework and that's really the framers I'm operating from obviously I'm that it gives us a brief summary of my picture of that then I want to focus to based on your history on what I call the dynamic how God has designed things to function and how his restoring things to that is in other words there's been a big interruption in his plan it's called the great controversy and there's been a lot of a lot of consequences that the government but he actually is going to turn that something was well regarded the evidence is that in some individual stories hopefully from our past that will show that dynamic of how God 's design things to function our definition as a movement I believe it is distilled with this phrase the Bible calls the truth the great controversy is the setting and we look at it in any the truth of God the truth of God himself hasn't been attacked by what Jesus himself called the law that we know the devil father John eight forty four truth about God but the father law of life for the universe is only described the desire of ages page twenty one and she elsewhere describes as the principal the principal singular of God 's kingdom education page one fifty four also mentioned in education page one ninety one about something that we often hear about Friday the present truth I believe that is the truth applied to our location in salvation history not parallel to Christ's own disciples because this phrase the present you as a phrase that Peter used in his second epistle Cingular one verse twelve is one old wife describes hundreds of times until the CD-ROM over and over and over in the phrase the truth for this untruthfulness is still the truth which is a something singular we can distill it down to something very similar I believe it is the law of life in the universe this principle that they were told and self-sacrificing love is but what is a look-alike Friday what does it look like as we understand its implication application to where we are the great controversy evangelism to twenty nine she is a phrase as she does many many other places what's the prophetic setting of where we are the perfect setting as Adventists undoubtedly should be fairly familiar with these were under the fourth kingdom of Daniel seven you are calling Daniel seven there is no fifteen of this error the kingdom after the fourth is God 's everlasting Slovenes were still under the fourteenth were in the final phase of the fourteen Revelation tells us very clearly that in the phase of the fourteen developing threefold union revelations Lamb was the Dragon the beast we have to unwrap those at some point understand what was preventing me as someone who has our job here but were also in the time of transition between fourteen and God 's everlasting kingdom NetBeans got has begun process space of the prophetic timetable of transitioning from the earth 's kingdoms to gusty it's not a point it's a process it began based on the time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation the judgment is start and got his radius of the Advent movement in a miraculous way to be involved the first part of the transition besides raising is basically as we heard and also her and our devotional early this morning besides restarting shows the running of the typical downtown that Christ has moved his focus of ministry into the most holy place and all that symbolism on a crash course in the Jewish type what is the most holy Place phase of his ministry study began to search the writings for SCI facility by faith to follow Christ there we find a special application of the blood of Christ from the courtyard are the symbols from the courtyard Calvary sacrifice we find it now in the context of the law of God which is where the tables were there in our but it's underneath the solid gold they had which they call the mercies saw the Golden Scriptures faith in one who's the source available for us where the sinners in need of salvation it's not safe the goal mercy seat there and we find the picture of final intercession and since it's going up there and what was at me across the working crisis doing so again Manitoba was recklessly right that was sent by God on the timetable of the prophecies to do work with him in this first phase of the transition mostly play space of the century and perhaps offer webcasts one of the best records of how this was racism is the book of the racing and Jan Lamoureux wrote it the only pioneer the history of the LMI basically told you need to tell what you have seen the first of the way he wrote it was entitled the rise and progress of the that book burning will review and Herald publishing house and the placement and when you burn notice is the place you can print any marks so you revise the goal of raising the network is available to address what you said about his account over Loughborough 's book should receive attention our leading man should see what can be done for the circulation is countless writers and editors page one forty five it's again the only eyewitness account of Sundance talking about the raising of in the eighteen forties in those early years there were many parallels that we need to see as well as looking at the other movement since the advent movement its focus on what Christ I believe it's similar to the role that Jeremiah and Joshua address I had just before the fall of Jerusalem read the chapters in second Chronicles with the book of Jeremiah amazing account what you do just before the fall of something obligatory on it's like the role of Daniel and down just before that one's all after all the falling in battle and revelation words is historical roots of that phrase phone is in chapter five the culinary treasures face notice will inform about what Daniel did our role is similar to Daniel 's role in some of the role of John the Baptist who just before Messiah came he prepared his way and advanced movement of one man and those who came to hear him the first but then there was another fall that was the fall of Jerusalem the second time and amazingly enough we can learn lessons from Jesus and his disciples who were working there in the New Testament times just prior to the fall of Jerusalem the second again those are parallels and less to to just as to our role as a standard movement because we are now just before the fall as revelations is about but here's just limiting from fourteen is the will the still developing that all the world is banking on in all the world was his thinking will succeed and are actually raise ethical people have called people to assist you to build on this on the rock balancing and God help us to understand how to do it properly what I have found useful to summarize evidence history is to describe history interwoven threads and other civilities briefly I don't have time to develop and there is a publication that does that for the first threat as well I called the landmarks and visit of the statements for these her from her documented in the reference and give you but I see seven in London that you let us and she doesn't number but mostly the seven second coming sanctuary three angels messages parents and on the faith of Jesus Sabbath and lonely mortality of the wicked there is another thread are these messages which we can cease overflowing out of that one landmark all the three messages in the messages are first Angels message second Angels message midnight cry to follow the history data dozens of the order in which they came for central segmental midnight cry then came the passing of the time October and was asked about the third Angels message than the latest in message the next decade and then some thirty years later the angel told her this the beginning of the other thread I say what it was woven into makeup eleven thousand souls about all about his ministries again that God has led us to raise out for what purpose to carry messages to teach the landmark is the only purpose is to choose these are not businesses as such they must be run on the principles of business otherwise thank you Brian things are both sexy but lower purposely have as many messages additionally markers and to start out with icy meetings they were to involve all types of meetings of publishing a vision organized and then they got involved with health as it was the second work on having strokes and all other types of things and get started where notification of nontrivial metrics tools how do we train our children to carry the messages in the unsuccessful personals Leslie forget the periodical it would publish my eleven number one I cover these three threads an article you can find sources from regardless this is what the periodical looks like a second look at the engines pioneers what's will be looking at today is what we listed here is his minute meetings no meetings are not typically what we think about simply as more heaven today or even the big venues we get hundreds of thousands of people together for evangelism I believe meetings are public evangelism plus private Angels small groups one-to-one encounters whether planned or unplanned those are meetings meetings that God arranges your meeting people and this is exactly how God wants messages to these meetings will consider some stories that illustrate that we will also look at publishing I don't think you appreciate how much they published in the years Nora there are periodicals all over North America after all he had to telephone and telegraph in radio and television how you communicate a message that you're studying that your hearing about they started publishing periodicals and challenges mailing a child had to get the word out if they did him itself publishing publishing and but little by little the publisher ventures stop printing anything that had to do with the Sabbath the sanctuary so their voices were cut off so that's what LMI had a vision tell your husband to start printing his own eighteen forty eight Univision eighteen forty nine James White's James White starts publishing is reporting a significant year not just in the goal should have been here a few miles away in California but the goal that certain flowing through the printed product page eleven of course an organization on the things is to keep things going and they ended up organizing will look a little bit of storage and organization interestingly enough found how that can be used solely in the event on the physician to jump over the next mystery murder down to education is a lie we could say about medical mission work and that is indeed the right arm of message but that's on today we're talking about the principles I will focus on an education consulting well the rest of the paradigm veterans history but the dynamic that I want to just shine a bright light on for you today which may be as new use of it as it was to me when I first stumbled onto the is one of these landmarks the landmark that Elimite actually said had been neglected it's the landmark that's their at the climax of the provincial it is the crescendo of the brittleness Johnson is a people who endure they endure to the end and instead but they said because they keep two things that you two things both of which are gifts of God within the commands of God what else the faith of Jesus closely what we can learn about that it's a topic that we don't have time to look at Atlanta that perhaps women and his fellow whites or experiences some a report force public evangelism is an entire section of how she has only if you haven't read that sometime routed through pages one forty seven four fifty five how Ellen White there's only look at some of her counsels others as well this is a summary will relook at known stories and the principles number one those that were under conviction seeking God 's approval as a songwriter herself as a teenage girl what did she find out how how was personal one can never do those with no religious interest or merely curious ones these were Ellen White's friends that she describes the retrieve those who rendered kindness and this is a stranger that she providentially was led to insulin for troubles were for those who has slipped away from her son as number five thousand five positions but unconverted general conference when I look at our history teaches number six those struggling with growing up in a play like that students and people in schools that are still trying to find themselves regardless of about had it with them number seven those who are resisting the light of present truth Leviticus a man named John had anybody ever heard of John Radley on interesting story from her past a startled wife in her teen years this is how she describes her experience I believe that Christ was fear that he would find me unprepared to me words of condemnation rang in my ears day and night in my constant cry to God was what shall I did the same as a license is twenty nine phone whether there is a is stories on me slides will be developing simple pattern here the identities of highlighting what you list as needs of the souls that she's talking about names either that need to be resolved and removes or needs that need to be answered in some social aspect of a highlight as well what she watches that specifies in the passage itself as the solution vessel what what one vessel in that situation so here she obviously need herniated was what she feared this combination in the sense of convection change your early teens just under this deep sense of condemnation Jesus the justice of God the list is mercy and love mental anguish I passed through at Iowa at this time was very great I had been taught to believe in eternally burning hell as I thought of the wretched state of the center without God without hope I was in deep despair I feared that I should be lost and that I should live throughout eternity suffering a living death so again was the need for justice only I is there justice of God of course God 's kingdom would be threatened his government would be in jeopardy is not justice she had this mental anguish as you is going to misdeeds to spare and August going to send the justices there without one she's been viewed as the ones in the past protest of us looking back to see what was missing our heavenly father was presented before my mind is a tyrant who delighted in the agonies of the committee lot as the tender testing friend of sinners who loves his creatures with a loud past all understanding and desires them to be safe in his kingdom during meeting was this was what was this horrendous picture of God and God 's attire and he was not seen as the underpinning for a lot of the auto understanding that deserves people be saved I would suggest we need to be highlighting the things that she is listening here as the solutions to our own problems how to work out with her I frequently remain bowed in prayer nearly all night worrying and trembling with inexpressible language you know change is as is a unique listening experience God was preparing her for something that is preparing perhaps our teenagers could be more in tune with this if situations were different she says she also had a hopelessness that passes all description more have mercy was likely unlike the poor public I dare not let my eyes to heaven but down my face on the floor I became very much reduced in flash and strength was at me she lost weight she probably wasn't using her angels it was so terrible that she was having physical consequences and that she said I kept my suffering and despair to myself so here we see an English hopelessness suffering and despair with it no answer but then just as God gave her two impressive dreams this was before her birthday continues throughout G-7 dreams in the last dream she is all reportedly agreed both brings amazing dreams dream Muslims on this part of my guy handed me a green cord coiled up closely as he directed me to place it next to my heart and when I wish to see James take it from my bosom and stretch it to the Atlas he cautioned me not to let it remain closed for any length of time left as you become more difficult to strengthen district history and help the green cord represented in Jemima and the beauty and simplicity of trusting in God began to dawn upon myself to beautiful picture obviously she's sitting there something that is beginning to answer any of them face and trust in what what this is all about and she says the simplicity doesn't have to become winning souls become what meets the needs of souls is simple simple I now confided all my sorrows and perplexities to my mother she can newly synthesized with my wit and encourage me advising me to go for counsel to Elder Scott who then preach the end of doctrine important for me I have great confidence in him for he was a devoted servant of Christ were continuing a life sketches were not nailed down page thirty six and her counter obviously I see hear a statement where she has someone else that she is confident confidence is just another word for faith how importance is that how important it is for someone to be able to have faith in you will at times for this event during the few minutes which I receive instruction from overstock I need more knowledge on the subject of God 's love and pity and tenderness then from all the sermons and exultation as to which I have ever I would've loved to have heard exactly when she describes it to some degree but I say would be an amazing story of Sony knowing what under the guise of Holy Spirit this young heart needs to understand to me that time and so they got to just to know how to describe to others God 's love and pity tenderness my heart is is was so thankful to God for the blessing he given me that I long to have others participate in the sacred joy my heart was deeply interested for those you might be suffering under a sense of the Lords displeasure in the burden of sin are relating my experience I felt that no one could resist the evidence of God 's parking lot and wants a wonderful change in me this is our wife owns holdings being one to go and so this displeasure that she consisting of lords and that is the burden of sin juice found management and sacred joy God 's parking lot that the singer definitely frequently needs to hear about the church will let herself to her friends because as soon as you have something from God is more than your heart is argued that it's genuine with you want to keep Jesus I arranged meetings with my friends really talk about the ministry meetings is an example of the meetings were talking about the collaborative and what do you know she's telling her friends going to wait to arrange meetings with my young friend some of whom were considerably older than myself and she were even married as a teenage girl saved her marriage friends family or talk to a number of them were and violence she's not just picking up the religiously inclined my experience sounded to them like an idol what was she talking nights of mental anguish now praying for the Lord is feeling and never even thought of as a watcher she says my experience sounds and what can I tell them they did not meet my entreaties but I determine that my efforts should never cease to leave this town needs their souls for whom I had so great an interest in sufficient working with the fatherless those who thought Kirchner is vital to the she sharing experience what I said about her things they haven't had but she shared in such a way that they knew that she had she called him their souls in her efforts she said never cease several terabytes was spent by me in earnest prayer for those who might whom I have sought out and brought together for the purpose of labor the recent nights praying consoles are not as they lost souls as Christ loves unsavory and more about than we would understand better how Wenzel some of these she said had met with us from curiosity to hear what I have to say others softly beside myself to be so persistent in my efforts especially when they manifested no concern on their own part but every one of these our little meeting it wasn't just one Shields Avenue times and she said I continue to exhort and pray for each one separately until every one had healed Jesus but amazing story and knowledge in the merits of his pardoning love is everyone was for a persistence of a teenage girl who has been a share and share in a way that was persistent kind since then personal everyone is he really thought she was beside herself had no concern her persistence in her picture enough problem well obviously one chooses those older and experienced than myself endeavored to hold me back hereunder that the older people try to hold the young people back on because whatever is to cool the ardor of my faith but with the smiles of Jesus writing my life the love of God in my heart I went on my way with a joyful 's whistle even though she was encountering this is holding back this cabling a cooler order her face did not give up the love of God was in her heart Jenna joins his head for souls were one amazing picture was turn next to the story probably some fifteen years later so she's now married woman she and James are traveling to rip the Michigan in her own words she says the rather way to hold meetings in versions Michigan we were fifteen miles our destination our driver again in these days and roads they were crawling around my horse and buggy unimagined or wagon our driver had passed over the road repeat well according with the button was compelled to knowledge that he lost away no road signs no paved roads you imagine Michigan eighteen fifty four we traveled forty miles how far was their destination we started fifty miles they travel forty miles that day to the woods over lots of all entries where there was scarcely a trace I was feeling faded twice in the way we had no food my husband pray for me that I might be sustained on that jury hearing we could not understand why we should be left to the singular wondering what we were never more pleased than when we came to us in the inside of a little clearing on which was a log cabin where we found a lady who kindly welcome and provided us with refreshing which we which were gratefully received as we rested I talked with the family of Jesus and the beauties have I left with them a little book experience news but it's time to publishing work has been going on for some five years and this was one of the things they published an elegant of publishing is right how this comes into the whole picture in this book is called a sketch of the Christian experience and use of Ellen G White 's analysis is not telling it in person she has her testimony and experiences written out it's a sixty four page booklet published by James White in eighteen fifty one and the beginning of the booklet this is what Illinois says it's honestly rounding look by the request of dear friends I have consented to give a brief sketch of my experience interviews with the hope that it will cheer and strengthen the humble trustee shall so your testimony I publishing is not always somebody else's testimony and were watching the publisher owned anyway that's what she did and she left them with that will think that something is vital to talk to about one Jesus is here some degree and they're on their way to write fiction try to find your way for forty miles to the tracklist Michigan was interesting while it lost the driver in your way I find little log cabin number twenty two years later Ellen White met this lady of initiation the lady said she had never forgotten words spoken with such fervor that she was she stated that she and Linda Little book of her neighbors as new families have settled around her since that time Lawrence and ministers to preach the truth of them and now there was quite a company observing this now annoyed I got lost God realize there was a heart over there that will have needed some encouragement pictures and have him toward pictures and some written pictures the story signs of the Times October nineteen eighty eighteen seventy six he published that story so can you genuineness like that speak with such a fervor that twenty two years later somebody remembers his story now turn to another soul winning stories men's he was the second oldest of four sons it wasn't too survived the majority he was named James after his father although he went by his nickname he was an excellent writer taking more after his mother 's namesake in love had his father 's executive abilities are clearly from his history is James is right track record of poor financial decisions and chronic death notably like that Hardcastle friends relatives acquaintances could fit that bill when he was manager visiting press in Oakland just across the valley here twenty four it almost went bankrupt his mother wrote to him in eighteen eighty two had failed utterly failed you will never again have as good a chance to become a man dressed in honor he wants to be here well utterly failed and you lost your best chance at making making some good and avoid them think that's the need and sometimes we need to have our need in a written address some people are in denial your mother Gina writing this to discourage sheathing to break through I think some denial letter and will see this as we look at Jesus it is time he resigned opposition there for your course has proved to others your unfitness to be there wind River biography page one thirty three he resigned in response to her counsel in return for time developing his mother encouraged him to get out of debt to develop more harsh in economy think there's a Council you need unfitness but at the same time we recall what accountability Council she says your failures in the past ring consequence of indulging your own ideas and plan just as you are doing now without moving safely and surely sometimes we think we know what's best for us while I do my own plans and sometimes we bear the consequences of continuing the same biographical law reference there at some point he left Battle Creek England Chicago got a job in the present pretty business after all it was father had been sunk and was quite involved in debt he wrote to his mother in one letter these sad heartbreaking words I am not at all religiously inclined so again is the is on ideas and plans the following regardless of when I'm in his lack of English his mother now in Australia had a vivid dream as me she wrote him a facet independent stubborn will of your own which has reached even against God you have not reserved a surrender and generation Y gender to surrender to Jesus but she said Junior not freezer in the independent set stubborn was there she's as I cannot save you God alone can save you but work while Jesus invites you in harmony with God mother to his knee again as many of his struggle with was a stubborn in the preserve is enhanced she held out possibilities God and Jesus invites you within two months he wrote his mother these words are surrendered fully and completely and never enjoyed life before as I'm enjoying it I have no desire for the amusements and pleasures of the made up some of my enjoyments before but had enjoyment in the meetings with the people of God such as I have never need conversion experience in mother 's heart that not only letter variety is little churches praying day and night for this way words he began to dream of trying the other message of the blacks in the South just a few decades after the Civil War response to his mother 's repeated calls to the church to do this he was successful messenger working in that ministry from eighteen ninety four nineteen twelve he was almost less by white people more than once South of working blacks even though in that convert estate she often prayed and wrote to guide him through his continuing difficulties author with leaders the church leaders would have in their own experience this man was the son of the messenger his father was leaving the church in its early years yet his track record has been at best mixed in spotting how much do we entrust no how much do we do we actually hold him at arms length and the refractories and South American rivers and blacks is I don't know exactly what the dynamics were at the General conference election judges that field but it was in a field and his mother call for so what does writing went out and did I still in the strategies of the leaders were in their struggle with Sony comes the next story leaders boundary two years after his reconversion as was in Battle Creek at the church headquarters and the gel conference present was Wales until administrators the headquarters were included to me name AR Henry and Harmon Lindsay they were in positions that we would call today CFO of various church organizations that is to me airing on Wednesday was less little Ellen White's soul winning ads as she instructs to give you that's what's holding smell after all you can put you right but you know how to get it to meet the needs of those that you're working with is what you if you can do so in an unobtrusive way try to help Brother Olson DC president and study up as you some of the words of hopefulness encourage your earlier claim that more than we realize their human beings to me but please do not she says doesn't do not cast reflection upon them in who have lost a living connection with God so here we have a general conference of course a man she just doesn't level of connection just telling as do not do what you cast reflection you could do it again and said things about them that would be true if they are not a living connection with God you concisely about their lack of connection I just don't cast reflection she says this if you are considerate you may do good to hear Henry Harmon Lindsay show by your attitude that you hold no bitterness toward them whatever their attitudes when you begin to read and that there must've been something going on there she says let it not discourage you or indentured your experience holdfast to Jesus has helped to and he will help you every hour and vision is to help them and here's what she says they were residential and you know the wilderness we can so easily become bitter electrical treatise you knowingly deserve okay people not religious right is this self wises up here's what she says of the date of the Ostergaard from one moment do not indulge in hasty speech if possible we want to do what to say to these general conference leaders who knows so little of the Spirit of God in order to do this in order to do what is why we should not depend upon the gods becoming incorrectness treat them as respectfully as will they have been your best friends a.k.a. materials page fourteen sixty three see what amazing picture and I believe that as we understand this principle of soul winning as we deal with people who know so little spirit of God we will learn as Jesus himself to be kind and courteous to treat them as noted in our restaurants and I believe that that little phrase there as though is something that we need gravel and Mountains Explorer in this dynamic I believe is what we need to understand that is the dynamic of seeing people not as entry not as they are those that can be as they are missing the enticement to you that this is the creation dynamics of faith that works by love which alone has power Galatians five or six this is it and this is how I think Illinois describes it elsewhere let's assume Al Leiter focused on the General conference Micro Focus atlases and that in turn recovers in Seattle she describes this as a passage reference which will give you the Christ the heavenly lives all right title Christ family merchantman seeking goodly pearls saw him lost humanity the Perl price in man defiled and ruined my sin saw the possibilities of redemption hearts and in the battleground of the conflict with Satan and then rescued by the power of love or more precious to the Redeemer than those who have never fought amazing statement meetings as well as highlighting the dynamic God looked upon humanity not as vile and worthless he looked upon it in Christ saw you as his mind becomes redeeming love you collected all the riches of the universe and lay them down in order to bind Perl Christ Douglas is visually interesting numbers that I highlighted the birds of seeing vision of looking and you're not seeing what is your seeing what can be in godliness the whole human race incisiveness can we believe the word and spirit pharmacy with Nazis and then save that vision to others another was we look at someone and we see what they can be the failings himself under God 's guidance we learned conveyed I believe this is what the Bible is talking about the dynamics of faith well I called VI of faith and this is what would've remains at the core essence of what it means to share your faith is not just a doctrine that you are sharing of course that's their but it's also a vision of what someone can be the doctors may help explain is how she describes elsewhere I believe it is I took the title this is the faith of Jesus and I mentioned that we have yet to fully grasp the statement hears faith in God and faith in Christ would never have given his life for the human race if he had not faith muscles for a guy ever invested before your price had faith muscles of the sea near the large number would respond to the lobby and express for humanity is not every heartfelt response very heartening in Canada will respond that love is not parallel ever if everyone may think God looks at every heart as though it had any guilt will we to make that possible in the puzzle looked at page two twenty one I see this as a learning faith is something that is manifested to all but is not course as you just said that America but unless every heart has the vision of the possibility will even want to leave it vague as possible an alternate of the possibility and maybe new movement that possibility given the opportunity I believe this is what the Bible describes against the figure Jesus and just some segments quickly before you want another story here the third Angels message the proclamation the commands of God and the faith of Jesus Christ the Commandments of God have been proclaimed the faith of Jesus Christ has not been proclaimed by Cindy Adams as a equal importance the law and the gospel going out hand-in-hand and and she said I cannot find language to express the subject in school is meeting materials page two seventeen at that point women preaching what the Commandments of God the faith of Jesus we had not really grasped as we should that's what we need to understand better she repeatedly talks about the Commandments of God are clearly the law the faith of Jesus she equates with what the gospel rippling along the gospel we hand-in-hand his theology was an evangelist was about the words of the angel guide to Illinois there is much like to shine forth in the law of God the gospel of righteousness this message understood industry character in proclaiming the spirit will white the earth what message is that revelation we last message below message of the law of God and the gospel writers not only the understanding of the in teaching the understanding of new containment people Jesus this is the worst delivery guy the closing work in the third Angels message will be at the power that will send the raises in the righteousness into all my life living for people are really a few journals page one sixty six the statement along the same line the message that was given to the people in these meetings this is a message that was growing our devotions morning presenting finalize not alone the commands of God as part of the third Angels message but the faith of Jesus which comprehends more than is generally supposed it would be well for the third Angels message to be proclaimed in all its parts people need every job that if we proclaim the commands of God and leave the other half scarcely touched the message is more easy materials pastries he said so again is that it is merely a change or is this dynamic I see people honestly arms like me that I treat them in a way that conveys to them plus possibilities for noticing the soulless soul saving message again is focused on their meetings today was the methods of solving missiles and message the third Angels message is the message to be given to the world the commands of God in the face of use are both important and immensely important but must and must begin with equal force and power the first part of the message has been brought on mostly the last part casually the faith of Jesus is not replaying right is not comprehend his ruthless about that when she says the shows you how practical it is time in Florida was praying and educate the people to bring this part of the message into their but that's the closest test of your doctor it's not the preaching of the country people all three online looking to find with his lining unit is in Christ Jesus Cecchini regional speech for three we need more books on faith in Jesus as the commands of God namely the book on both of them hand-in-hand however go hand-in-hand what is an voice present not the faith of Jesus this will promote true real heart party as nothing else can intimate journals page seven twenty is the sampling of what's missing is years as the lower crimes beginning in the juniors will turn next to another group we eventually those that are struggling to grow up students in a chapter entitled the suspension students were given an educational illustration teaching trying to figure out what students think it will not keep the suspensions that zero is a letter to Debbie Deborah Prescott when in nineteen ninety three he was a president about precollege fellow white addresses the same dynamic unconvincing the salvation of souls now the context of our educational work with the principals extend even more broadly Mrs. O O speaker a few sentences what is there in mind that we are dealing with souls to Christ is purchased with infinite cost to himself old town the airing of large God died for you people over them pray with them shed tears over them but do not get angry their Christ purchase possession let everyone see a character that will express love in all his actions it were better luckily into existing like they devoid of that well which Christ has revealed in his character and has enjoined upon his children said Christ love one another as I have loved you we live in a hard unfeeling uncharitable world Satan and his Confederacy are applying every artist 's souls for Christ is getting his precious life everyone who loves God of sincerity and truth will love the souls for Christ as if we wish to do good questions this is the sentence this is the punchline if you wish to do good results our success with a decent souls will be in proportion to their belief in our belief and appreciation of there's a faith and souls they are sharing your faith in the Jesus your success will be in proportion right to proportion to their respect shown to the struggling install is the show means through Christ for the restoration of the self-respect demands lost wages as are advancing ideas of what you may become is a help that we cannot ourselves fully appreciate that I believe again is the eye of faith as your ideas in advance of what a person can become in Christ and in the treatment whether students lawyer named Berger on child or your other relatives your advancing ideas of helping you cannot fully appreciate buying these souls who need all the help of his possible free to give them close to loving supplies including heart overflowing with Christlike love and you will save his soul from death and had a multitude of sins had we not better try the love process fundamentals of Christian education page to read the chapter on read the whole chapter or chapter and then finally the story of a man who is a single item present through the right life no pleasant experience occasion John Radley a farmer in Australia and Brazil and why we have felt great anxiety for him his wife embrace the truth first he came along more slowly he was very cautious in regard to committee itself his heart was not inclined to fully accept the thing but I talked with him which is as the he was fully with us presenting before him his responsibilities for singers I said you have the light of truth here for today's enlightened others three study them for timely fraternity the time which enables has to work a short we must act our part of the service of God I told him when he convicted as the knowledge of the truth he is sentenced to it all by them here response to see if they are in she's conveying what it can be stated to as the executor she's conveying a picture that evening half for himself at that point brother fellow worker supposed with me after we left he said I'm surprised to hear you talk to him as though he was fully with us if yet he himself does not work on the Sabbath his hired help works I answered I have talked to him in just the right way I presented to him as high obligations to God in point of influence laying the matter before him as one who should stand in the gap she's defending her way of talking to against the man whose question is a solely he felt himself by the rapidly far from deserving the confidence I placed a civilian this is the faith of Jesus so yeah I always talked with him as one who love the truth always laying out plans with him providing my view labor together with God one night the Lord gave me a message for him I rose at midnight and wrote up a your page is the messenger and reread him he said why does she write such a communication to me I am not a believer I do not want to separate from my neighbors like kindness please those with whom I've lived for twenty years his case was again urged upon the advice of what more can I do more and will not receive a lie what kind of I was directed to do one act the publishing and to place my books in his hands is a gift first the order in which the board told her to get these books and maybe significant to least of this case it was first steps to Christ then a direction profits then recovers I did this and he met HR 's progress through three times neither is true that many times as I have been shown to this I've been shown that we became too easily discouraged in the soul did not seem to take hold of one's of those who minister was not failed to be discouraged Christian notice demand us to act the sacredness and undying interest in ever increasing importunity that means you for the souls for whom Satan seeking to strike notice appointment nor our appearance in Chile Earnest yearning energy for the salvation of others the faith of Jesus works by law does not give up the Holy Spirit efficacy she continues will cooperate with human effort in that wild flows forth upon the soul for whom crisis died with an and inexhaustible source of which did you'll find you don't have you are wanting to give up you've got to get married you have the inexhaustible source and you must say God 's reach using that's always using changed me what you have in mind for that person I can't say that I don't have it in my heart where my energy to do that she says it would be difficult to remind continuing resistance to always oh how happy I understand that Brother Radley has come out decided firm and true and she says in this letter is writing the Kellogg's she says I have placed this case before you and full in order you may now manner which I have worked this weekend and in many cases with the best results volume one major releases were pages one forty six so enclosing last year the question is a solar and you learn to see after the statement the ISAF deceive the Holy Spirit ugliness is what sycophants five sixteen means for a long time I never knew what this text is in the middle of this passage racism not the love of Christ constrains me and says God was in Christ reconciling the world appears this Texas as wherefore henceforth know we that burden always actually translated see also this guy thing though we know man after the flesh you know we will have known Christ after the flesh yet his fourth know we him no more Jesus Paul into this amazing transformation in how you look at Jesus Christ some of your transformation I looked at every every one after the flash that Mister Holy Spirit gave him and what would happen I say what would happen if we all learned to see all persons after the spirit was a license from her past I believe we can learn from and hopefully be able to catch a glimpse of this dynamic heaven operates on this goal try to fire this faith that works fine the only hang your helpless old God but receiving from him his view of others conveying that the angiographic from time to time and that of the experience following thank you for your history how much there is therefore still how much he still wanted to just more of the work were told finishing long ago perhaps relating to see what we've been lacking me be the just the simple doctrines may be the dynamic of how to see others as you see the impetus the motivation to treat others not as they are missing the that will save our own souls and save others as well your faith will save us your faith may be expressed through us will save or guide us and so I is a is a a a search here is my audio twenty yeah maintenance like to learn more and I find out and I is him and more I will certainly please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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