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Eliminating the "C" Word

Allen Lloyd
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  • August 4, 2011
    10:45 AM
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so I will begin eliminating the C word and you might wonder why we call it the C word well one of my areas of medicine is in regards to endoscopic procedures one of the things I learned through the years when were describing for people we get a lot of fifty -year-olds that are referred by other physicians to do a colonoscopy on one of the screening test is recommended by the American Cancer Society and sometimes I don't even know either their natives know that the doctor center for their procedure and Saul say so why are you here well my doctor sent me are you having any problems no no problem my doctor says I just is and saw explained to them or what were looking for today are growths or polyps that can turn you into the sea were and if we remove them in the polyp stage then you don't have to worry about see where as far as the seconds in those patients know right away what I'm talking about when I talk about the C word and for whatever reason in our area in the country they prefer it to be mentioned that way if you actually say the word itself and there's almost you know a a fear that saying the word might actually bring it about and so I get it is kind of one of those four letter words of medicine even of more than four letter words where we tend to do the abbreviations instead of actually saying it because it is a very severe disease for good reason many people and courses recognize their their relatives go down significantly change their appearance have all sorts of pain and discomfort can die a pretty gruesome death and it is a common desk and one that in many cases can be prevented a look at the rising a desk desk call cancer has now surpassed heart disease the number one cause of death in the US for people under the age of eighty five and so I cancer cells younger people heart disease biomarkers kills older individuals more UAs the greater the chance of atherosclerosis and heart disease cancer of course is the second leading cause of death in children and of course it can strike at any age and it is now the number one killer in younger people the impact of cancer in America is pretty significant one out of every two men will get it at some point in their life are one out of every three women will get it and currently one out of every four deaths in this country is due to cancer so when you go to your local funeral home one out of four individuals that are there are there due to cancer and of course this is one of the reasons why it is such a major problem in our society is due to its common allocators to standard approaches to prevent cancer complications and death that are talked about in the medical literature extensively the first one is knowing and acting on the seven cancer warning signs and the second is knowing and undergoing the appropriate screening tests first the cancer warning signs these are the the classic seven of their call I cancer warning signs but depending on the particular type of cancer there obviously can be some others as well but these are the ones that are advertised and marketed to the lay public that they need to be aware of a change in bowel or bladder habits that change occurs where you used to having a bowel movement every day and now you're having it four times a day and that persists for more than a week or two may need to be checked out or constipation 's ugly start or the same can be true for bladder are either way a sort of it doesn't heal a source video if they're not dealing they really need to be checked out unusual bleeding or discharge you might be surprised how many individuals taking another fields of colonoscopy that come to me that it would offer rectal bleeding intermittently for quite some just because I thought it was a normal part of their existence are they attributed hemorrhoids or whatever and when it gets out of control where all of a sudden treating blood transfusions etc. then they show up to finally find out why they're having bleeding and of course our very own late in the process enlightened and if it is cancer that is causing them leaving it couldn't have a much more likely chances for survival or course unusual bleeding or discharge from other areas may also be abnormal you need to be checked out thickening of a lump in the breast or elsewhere is obviously have normal indigestion or difficulty in swallowing many people don't get checked out for this and one of the things it's important to realize is this really underscores the most rapidly rising cancer in our society today is anyone know what the most rapidly rising malignancy is in America cancer is not oral cancer is esophageal cancer you esophageal cancer is a very deadly cancer it's dramatically increasing in our society and studies show that if you have reflux symptoms for more than five years you're a marked increase risk of getting esophageal cancer and that's because the first to get reflux then as it says that because it you know what color their esophagus and then Barrett esophagus can then change and go into malignancy and so is important that you don't just take no over-the-counter pravastatin or over-the-counter Prilosec nor get prescriptions for these type of drivers over the course of years and think that just because your reflux or you need to do that you need to really get it checked out to make sure that you don't have various esophagus because of course at that point intervention can be taken place to bring you getting the actual malignancy and of course once the latency of the esophagus occurs it's a very rapid death normally within a year in most cases despite what therapeutic measures are being utilized at leased of traditional therapeutic measures a difficulty in swallowing food gets hung up before it goes down that's abnormal needs to be checked out obvious change in award or mall changing color change in the these shade or the thickness etc. needs to be checked out and this is underscoring and other malignancies is on the rise in America today what's the name of this malignancy is melanoma that the deadly type of skin cancer nagging cough or hoarseness of that process after several weeks of having a cold and you still have it needs to be checked out because it could be a malignancy now people would actually know what this is recommends that people with these symptoms would have them check out promptly what percent of cancer deaths could be spared in America today you know anyone make a guess about that fifty percent a month is ninety percent to seventy percent it turns out about five percent of cancer deaths could be spared that's quite a few when you're now considering over five hundred thousand deaths cancer that's over twenty five thousand individuals and be saved every year if people would pay attention to this but it's also good to keep this in perspective I saw my site and maybe as much as ten percent so some where between twenty five and fifty thousand people could be spared if they paid attention to those less they got the symptoms I checked out rather probably but because cancer is often asymptomatic disease in other words people can feel healthy they can look healthy they're very active but cancer is growing and is multiplying in their system may have no clue about it the American Cancer Society recommends that people on a regular basis undergo screening tests now screening test means that you have no symptoms whatsoever which are undergoing tests to see whether you might have a cancer in early stage to have an intervention done to prevent it from actually causing death or spread a physical exam is recommended when they caregiver with attention to thyroid lymph nodes oral cavity skin testicles and over normally this is recommended that an every three-year basis but depending on the age and the individual sometimes it might be recommended on a lesser intervals and that's a stool slide text is now recommended for microscopic blood and everyone on a yearly basis starting at about age forty in fact it won't hurt it's a very simple test is started earlier and of course this is a try to detect the second-leading cause of cancer death in this country which is cancer and course cancer doesn't always start out with microscopic bleeding but at that stage and not us what were trying to the taxpayer cancer course and occurring in any a just a few months ago I diagnosed an eighteen -year-old with colon cancer is not extremely uncommon to have younger individuals is not just a cancer of the elderly but and of course it is one can be very deadly colonoscopy is now recommended it what age by the American Cancer Society fifty this is an entire exam of the column and in some individuals it's recommended age forty five African-Americans is now recommended across the board of your African-American because you increase risk of this disease that you have your first colonoscopy at age forty five that first colonoscopy is indeed a very important one because as mentioned these polyps can be growing at a much earlier age and so we recommend even though you come from a good health background to make sure and get this side of a screening tests blood PSA test is recommended format this is becoming a little more controversial IQ than it used to be I still think it's a very good test to again because there's so many other things that can cause the PSA to go up besides cancers on causes a lot of on maybe unnecessary test biopsy prostate gland etc. often a very good test again before you get a prostate biopsy of your PSA inside is just an ultrasound of the prostate which can be done through the rectum and actively a good clue without necessarily by announcing everyone with a high PSA across the board but it can to a cancer at an earlier age where intervention can be done prostate cancer is now clear one we mention one out of every two men will get cancer at some point in their life one out of every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer before they die so it's a very common cancer in men and of course it does tend to occur in the older you got the higher the likelihood that you are going to get it we could spend a whole lecture just on prostate cancer and some of the new research in regards to it on the screen and task ways of preventing alternative ways of treating it etc. but sometimes prostate cancer I should mention is overtreated when we detect in the earlier stage people are recommending radical prostatectomy 's and the things of this nature where sometimes all that needs to be done is followed in changing your lifestyle significantly in an earlier stage and so that's important to recognize vitamin D is something I recommend an hour on a regular basis as a test to see how your immune system is going studies are pretty clear that if you have a low vitamin D level you are at an increased risk of a number of cancers and in fact if there is a one vitamin that is probably the most important we discovered that helps prevention and probably even helps in the treatment of cancer although we don't know for sure yet with no studies on undergoing it is vitamin D and of course a lot of studies were done on other vitamins where the rather dismal results or minimal results in regards to prevention of cancer but some vitamin D seems to be a far greater in importance and right now is kind of interesting looking at this vitamin D topic in regards to cancer and health in general I remember a few years go we marvelous criticized for the mass in new start because dermatologists and medical evil across the country were telling people to get less son son causes skin cancer etc. and it can cause premature wrinkling and so this remedy of sunlight is clearly in error and why do you have that as part of the we mark the start program well I don't think there is anyone really criticizing met today because of the research that's come out regards the vitamin D as well as other sunlight benefits but saw Doctor Giovanni Bellamy from mom Harvard University are recently mentioned that the Sun revamps all hundred times more cancers than what it causes and so I signed as sunlight is still of course one of the best ways of getting a vitamin D the American Cancer Society recommends additional screening test for women pelvic exam and Pap smear by the way back I met sunlight topic IL-1 lights you cannot find it in the CD-ROM and was quoted on that but she was asked in regards to help thanks for herself and she said as I try to get as much sunlight as I possibly can and that was something that she was convinced of is well additional screening test for women pelvic exam and Pap smear one is that recommended and women what age forty it's actually recommended twenties eighteen it's actually recommended when sexual activity and the reason for that is the Pap smear is trying to detect cervical cancer which is actually a sexually transmitted as a cervical cancer ninety three percent of the time is caused by the papilloma virus which is sexually transmitted in seven percent of the time it's caused by the Chlamydia bacteria which is also a sexually transmitted disease and cervical cancer kills young women as a result of this and in fact the American Society of OB/GYN oncology recently mentioned that there are only two groups of women who are not at risk for cervical cancer one of their the groups is a woman who has never had sexual activity is not at risk for cervical cancer and the other is a woman who has had a monogamous relationship for life with a man who is also had a monogamous relationship for life that is the the other a group of women veterans zero risk for developing the disease but of course in our society today very few women by the time they're twenty years older eighteen fit into that category and so by and large most some medical practitioners are telling everyone to get the Pap smear and of course it's better to air on the side of too much screen maybe than too little but in reality there are two groups of women who don't need to get that that exam done a self breast exam is important as far as a screening test this is recommended around the same time every month breast physical exam is recommended on a annual or biannual basis until your age forty mammography is still recommended some studies are showing every year after forty some are saying every other year certainly after fifty it's recommended on a yearly basis to detect what type of cancer in women breast cancer breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women and one out of every when we talk about one of every six men getting prostate cancer in this country one out of every eight women will get breast cancer and thus we need to be aggressively trying to pick it up at the early stage not having mentioned as regards the screening if everyone would undergo the screening tests appropriately and at the right age what percent of cancer deaths could be spared by present time presented on a little better on this one when either one last question either through another five percent no more than ten percent of cancer deaths could be spared the twenty five to fifty thousand lives could be saved still very important undergoing but that leads us to the next question and that is this is knowing and following the cancer warning signs in undergoing screening the best way to prevent cancer no actually those things don't prevent cancer there preventing cancer deaths to some extent but they're not really preventing cancer most cancer deaths are actually prevented before cancer ever forms to begin with interest two primary methods in which we can prevent cancer deaths and one is knowing and avoiding carcinogens these are things that can get into your cell in chains that sell into a cell that multiplies out of control and is an abnormal solids with cancer risk and so knowing avoiding those carcinogens and then boosting in maintaining the immune system also an important role because we live in a sinful world can't avoid all carcinogens all the time and if we do have a cell that goes into an abnormal cell hopefully our immune system will be able to recognize and destroy it the fourth has a chance to grow and multiply the first one that will go into is carcinogens what's the number one carcinogen in America it is tobacco smoke still the number one carcinogen and it increases the risk of a number of cancers including cancer of the long letter mouth throat voicebox trachea esophagus stomach cancer twice as likely liver cancer twice as likely pancreatic cancer twice as likely bladder and kidney cancer forty eight times as likely lot of people not recognize they recognize the Association when one cancer and smoking but don't recognize all of the other cancers it can come about and of course ask because those toxins those carcinogens can concentrate in the bladder and kidney many of them are eliminated in the body through these organs cancer the cervix actually now imagine serving cervical cancer being a sexually transmitted disease this one is questionable appointed on its last but what studies show as if you're a smoker and you get the papilloma virus is much more likely to be an aggressive disease so it's probably smoking anything and its inhibition of the immune system that makes a cervical cancer a lot more likely to grow and multiply leukemia out we now also more likely in smokers cancer is slightly more likely Kansans and is more likely and even cancer submit now if we were to take a look at all of the cancer that could be eliminated by eliminating tobacco what percent of cancer deaths in this country could be spared thirty percent is the value so this is even more important as far as numbers and that's our concern and even screening tests in the signs and symptoms and so I really it has a toxin that would be best buried deep beneath the earth and unable to eliminate the way we eliminate some nuclear waste size etc. in order to get peoples attention in regards to the problems that is causing in the now this one is not his well-known in the media as being a carcinogen but clearly it increases the risk of cancer or had a number of ways if the length is seventy five percent of all esophageal cancer is fifty percent of all mouth cancers fifty percent of all lands cancers thirty percent of all liver cancer and it also been shown to increase the risk of colon and rectal cancer even in moderate amounts now most of these cancers are caused by those that drank a regular amount of alcohol I rather heavy way these are linked to what we call alcoholism which is a very common problem in our country today but this occurs not only in alcoholics with people who are not classified as alcoholics who use alcohol just on a moderate basis and also this cancer is significantly increased and those that just consume out the hall moderately and that is breast cancer a lot of people are unaware that their been well over a hundred studies now almost two hundred studies done internationally that show that alcohol even moderations effectively increases the risk of breast cancer now when those studies come forward in their published in prestigious journals like the generally American cancer society or the Journal of the New England Journal of Medicine these when these studies come out unfortunately there is a media blackout in regards to having your evening news person telling you about this on television now on a study comes out showing that alcohol might decrease the risk of heart disease that shows up on the media and that's something that is so well advertise in it is true that if you drink enough alcohol to get cirrhosis of the lever only have a twenty percent chance of dying of a heart attack compared to some of the general population and so did it we need that kind of put this in perspective I can understand why people are advocating what the centers of disease control states very clearly is the third leading cause of death in this country that is alcohol why people would advocate the third leading cause of death in this country to try to prevent another cause and black-tie that's exactly what is occurring in the media is extremely biased when it comes to this in the scientific literature and they just report one side of the equation and it's not unfortunate event because many people think that alcohol is actually a health drink and something that that might actually prolong their life but it's clear that it increases the risk of a number of cancers in the American Cancer Society as well as the world World Health Organization both agree the arrow alcohol is the smartest longevity and health is concerned and so you're going some pretty good organizations like WHO said it turns out eleven percent of all cancer deaths are up to sixty thousand deaths per year are related to alcohol in his risk of cancer only now who take a look at alcohol and other types of debts of course is way above that sixty thousand number but that's a huge number of people dying prematurely from alcohol now I can't be used has also been linked to cancer particularly the drug is present in coffee and that is caffeine this study was the original address health studies showing those that drank two cups more per day of coffee significantly increase the risk of bladder cancer in men number of other studies of shoulderlength it turns out caffeine is a little confusing because it doesn't seem to be a carcinogen in and of itself but it seems to be a co- carcinogen means there's other carcinogens around it's a lot easier for that carcinogen get into the cell in the presence of caffeine caffeine has been linked to cancer the kidney rest pancreas ovaries even the prostate has more on the lesson we could go through that have been a length in some way shape or form to caffeine but primarily as a code carcinogen and one that we need to be aware of of course meat has been like that a lot of people are unaware of the studies in regards to how we cook our faith the charcoal boiled steak which is very commonly done increasing and are in many different cultures in America I just cooking a kilogram of charcoal broiled steak or two pounds equal the amount of men's of highway in six hundred cigarette smoke and not significantly increases the risk of stomach cancers and see me as well and one of the reasons why you're going need need need probably on a charcoal broiler our studies are also showing the increased risk of certain digestive cancers and its link to hot spicy types of foods particularly chili peppers on this study was done in Chile itself where the rate of gallbladder cancer another very deadly cancer that normally causes death within a year is significantly increased as a result of the hot chili pepper consumption gallbladder cancer incidence is grown fourfold higher chili pepper consumption increased risk of gallbladder cancer by two hundred in this particular study and one of the reasons why we may have been counseled among several reasons to avoid the hot spicy foods prostate cancer has been linked to fat intake in particular particular animal fat intake this is interesting to look at the Japanese data after World War II the Japanese began to sell us their automobiles and in revenge we gave them our diet and are increased fat intake is significantly raise their prostate cancer SLR for the level it is in this country but is very much blank to animal fat intake the study done a few years ago at Harvard University shows that meat is also related to colon cancer and to those who needed a daily basis increase their risk of colon cancer hundred and forty nine percent five to six times a week eighty four percent to four times a week fifty percent one time per month even increase the risk over the control group which in this study were those who were the vegetarians now definition be said that there is a zero rest this was an comparison with this is why it shows up to zero because vegetarians can get colon cancer as well but you just need to add a thirty nine percent increased risk for those of you need once a month now this was primarily taking a look at red meat Doctor Weller the study 's author at Harvard University I stated very clearly that there is no safe level he says this study demonstrates there is no safe level of meat intake in regards to cancer but he also stated it demonstrates the more frequently you consume it the greater the risk and something to keep in mind I asked for this study was published Loma Linda University took a look at their data in regards to white me and it showed that white me also increase the risk you like me less than once a week is what they look at increase the risk fifty five percent over those who did not consume white needed all so even even even I check in once every two weeks increases the risk of the side cancer compared with those who don't consume it all in more than once a week it increases the risks over two hundred percent sellout like me also significantly increases the risk meat has been linked to a number of other cancers besides colon and rectal cancer it's also been linked to breast cancer prostate cancer and numerous studies pancreatic cancer and numerous studies ovarian cancer stomach cancer I saw in jail cancer and also lymphoma has been now linked to meat intake and a number of different ways now I fear something besides me there also seems to be coming on the horizon is also something that can your cancer maybe not a carcinogen and of itself but can certainly fuel cancer this study was done by UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center and published on just a few months ago these findings show that cancer cells can readily metabolize like fructose to increase proliferation what they shout is different because dramatically increases proliferation of pancreatic cancer cells glucose does not glucose has a different metabolic pathways now were talking taking a look at sugar sugar is glucose plus fruit jokes organic fruit tells with sugar and it is one that can have major significance for cancer patients given dietary fiber fructose consumption indicate that efforts to reduce refine fructose intake or inhibit fruitcakes mediated actions may disrupt cancer growth one of the concerns as fructose consumption has increased over a thousand percent in the last twenty years in America the fructose corn syrup and many the other fructose related refine products are something that is thought to be a health food visit clothes doesn't have the sugar in it it just has quotes fructose but we know of course that isn't on the case and maybe one of the reasons why sugar consumption has been linked to a number of cancers that it had been looked after many years colorectal cancer also show up here as well as breast cancer ovarian cancer uterine cancer prostate cancer kidney cancer and even chances of the nervous system one of the cancers of the bowel that's also been shown the increase is a result of sugar consumption is a rare type of how I was a call small allow high cancer also a link to a sugar consumption and this may be why a lot of the new research in regards to cancer is taking a look at metabolic syndrome and cancer we know those that have the metabolic syndrome or prediabetic patients or overweight etc. increase the risk of a number of different cancers and sugar consumption certainly seem to be related also many times we forget what Ellen White said in regards to sugar she said sugar when largely used is more injurious than me pretty solemn statement for many vegetarians who replace the meat with actually high sugar content boy take a look at a summary list of cancer-causing agents they can be rather expensive tobacco alcohol high salt intake has been linked to a number of cancers particularly a stomach cancer and other cancers on me do it saturated fats that corrosive means excessive iron in meat maybe also one of the reasons that are oxidant are many toxins are then linked to a number of cancers in fact we could have gone through just that alone is actually nineteen different toxins of them link them to your ways two different than cancer these are just a few of them here our radiation of course one of the concerns of the medical literature is the increase radiation from indiscriminate CT scan out what's happening in emergency rooms throughout the country as if someone comes in for abdominal pain is almost automatic and some emergency room zither and up with an abdominal CT scan and a CT scan is worth about four hundred x-rays in regards to radiation and as a result of significantly increases their risk of malignancy twenty or thirty years later now you have a seventy eight -year-old coming out with abdominal pain your threshold for ordering that would be last because their chance of living and ninety eight to get the cancer from it this far last and so we might be able to do it is more indiscriminately in that age group but for twenty and twenty five -year-olds to be just coming in with abdominal pain and this is an automatic test is ordered the NSA as a cause of concern and often there looking heads just amazing we've had problems even in our own emergency room where I'm working and trying to educate these positions but now the list coming with typical ulcer pain and then there ordering a CT scan is a lightweight amount is a whole lot about what we can drive diagnosis and CT scan of the very poor way to diagnose things in the bowel anyways and so for thinking about we really shouldn't be ordering CT scans eggs milk cheese and then laying eggs of course the prostate cancer notes McFadden sees saturated fat other toxins with some infections and know what it viruses it's very clear that viruses can cause a number of different cancers in the family of viruses that is most on length with that as far as broad-spectrum cancer the coursers leukemia virus hepatitis viruses that can do it as well but were now taking a look at the whole herpes group of virus the Epstein-Barr virus it's very clear that is linked to a certain type of breast cancer in some very deadly type of cancer the estrogen receptor negative progesterone receptor negative AGR negative cancers are thrilling and Epstein-Barr viral cancer course we don't have any drugs that can combat the Epstein-Barr virus but that's where the research needs to be gone and a lot of these cancers as far as treatment is to look at the actual cause and then try to come up with something that treats the actual cause we mentioned caffeine excess sun exposure interestingly executives that live indoors all day long have higher rates of melanoma and construction workers who work outdoors all day long and of course the difference is when your executives and you happen to get son you tend to get sunburned that's what you want to avoid work you do it slowly and get handed sides much healthier asbestos is still a problem with mesothelioma and lung cancers with us I can cause nasal cancers access your room and I would mention general powder in general deodorant sprays linked a lot of different female cancers this is a one that has recently surfaced in the medical literature is a cancer-causing problem shift work and it's actually length has a underlying cause of cancer and a lot of the cancer of a literature that is where you change shifts every month and so you're working days in your working midnights etc. and you may not have a job like that but if you're not on a regular schedule and actually dies adversely affect the immune system in a number of ways well that we talked about avoiding carcinogens we also need to talk about boosting the immune system but some people when I get to this portion of the presentation tend to get pretty discouraged as I look at this list and they say how on the world are we going to avoid all of these things a hundred percent of the and you know there's no way that you can necessarily avoid all those things you may not smoke but you can go down the streets of Sacramento and breathe and secondhand smoke and that can cause cancer and you I saw a cartoon a few years ago that demonstrated out with a horse lying on its back on a bed in a hospital environment and it's a chemotherapy going into the horse and the caption said all those years with the Marlboro man and so passive cigarette smoke can cause cancer and what is it is something to do there's a couple things we need to keep in mind although we can't avoid all carcinogens we can limit our integument is clearly demonstrated that the less frequent we have carcinogens coming in and the less the carcinogen load it does decrease the risk but also it's important to recognize because we can't eliminate all carcinogens that we really need to pay attention to the other arm and cream cancer prevention and that is immune system the second step to preventing cancer before never formed to begin with beta-carotene vitamin A and other carotenoids are an important part of this we know not necessarily in supplementation so much by and getting it in the fruits and vegetables is been shown to reduce the risk of lung cancer significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer reduce the risk of pancreatic cancer those with the highest levels of lycopene in their bloodstream and get a natural way not by taking the lycopene supplements by eating foods like tomatoes and strawberries is read part that has lycopene and those people have the lowest rates of pancreatic cancer and diocese requite preventive reduces the risk of breast cancer as well and may reduce the risk of other tissue lining cancer these are some of the foods that are high naturally in the carotenoids are carotene expressible cantaloupe eighty six percent of the RDA sweet red bell peppers is one hundred and thirty five percent sweet potato two hundred forty nine percent on ten is loaded carrots are loaded as well with raw carrots one cup three oh nine put carrots have even more three eighty three or GM's field after making four thirty six and so it is pretty easy to get this if you're on a plant -based vegetarian diet particularly taking meals yellow fruits and vegetables in vitamin C is also important it reduces nitrosamines it is an antioxidant and as such can actually be helpful in prevention our studies of Shalit not only can protect you finally can protect your offspring cancer if you're a male I've just two hundred fifty milligrams of vitamin C will actually prefab a the sperm from being genetically damaged a lot of pediatric cancers are linked to faulty sperm and the father and these are cancers of the kidney brain leukemia and offspring are those when the curse of mother and father were healthy and eating a healthy diet and so I getting enough vitamin C is also important in preventing pediatric cancers is high in vitamin C broccoli is high and if it's raw now unlike vitamin A vitamin C about half of it is destroyed by cooking so you better withdraw here sweet green bell peppers sixty six milligrams or seventy Kiwi seventy five strawberries one eighty two grapefruit ninety four brussels sprouts are so loaded that even if you boil them they have ninety eight milligrams of vitamin C are orange juice that's fresh a hundred and twenty four milligrams sweet red bell peppers a hundred and one milligrams and I'm not a something in regards to fruits and that's both in prostate cancer eating lagoons three times a week reduces risk of prostate cancer by forty seven percent tomatoes frequently decreases the risk so I'm not in excess of a glass a day in one study reduce the risk by seventy percent so I don't seem to have some very preventive qualities in regards to prostate cancer this study was just published a few months ago Black women's health study tracked the diet and health of more than fifty thousand African-American women from across the US are twelve years thirteen hundred allows women develop new case of breast cancer during that period thirty five percent of them where they are very aggressive in ER negative I typed that I mentioned earlier and other researchers found that women who ate at least two servings of vegetables a day at a three percent lower risk of ER negative breast cancer compared lemon to a fewer than four servings of vegetables each week now how many servings of vegetables is it recommended that we eat everyday actually recommend minimum of five so they're not enough to the five level but notice the importance of even getting into right and identify certain types of vegetables appear to reduce the risk of all types of breast cancer including Hockley collard greens cabbage carrots and this was published October eleven twenty ten and this underscores the power of whole plant foods whole plant foods actually exceed that of their component parts in power for instance a couple of cocktail has fifty milligrams of vitamin C and thirteen units of vitamin E but the antioxidant potential of one cup of kale is equal to eight hundred milligrams of vitamin C eleven hundred units of vitamin D and this is why we recommend fruits and vegetables and vitamin intake per se in regards to cancer prevention and even as a add-on in regards to cancer treatments now this is a new study actually we I just should mention that it we mark this summer the Weimar amazing facts convocation we filmed new start that will be utilized the global way for you to utilize in your local church as we did the nine part series within an overview and then one of each of the natural remedies and then we also did a spiritual new start Mark family and John Bradshaw and on Macintosh to the spiritual new start on each segment was twenty seven minutes each and so you can utilize this in your own local churches but this is taking a look at the antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables and this is the new data from the human nutrition laboratory in and Marilyn the top works were I know they otherwise and I'm just noticed David am trying to access for my lecturer Weimer my ceiling backwards and so I hear getting how is normally my Nintendo wine and see you at gas that you can see these were in regards and so is to read David's not here to see this but a number of times ten was grapefruit number nine Kiwi eight Sherry seven Redgrave six oranges spied plums for raspberries three strawberries to blackberries and one blueberry blueberries on top the the less blackberries are actually number two in the list as far as antioxidant fruits strawberries is what the University of California Berkeley mentioned as number one but they didn't test blueberries and blackberries that were there and so it's good to keep these in mind berries in particular this is a very humble fruit but one that's very important and hopefully I this the same thing can happen with vegetables but I'm fearful that this and let's see if it did we got this one right number ten is eggplant anti- oxidant rich number nine is corn number eight is onion number seven red bell pepper number six beats number five broccoli anyone want to guess within the top forest far as the antioxidant rich vegetables number four Brussels sprout Cialis very good number three number three is spinach spinach is very helpful because I is omega-3 content which is that that's not what it's looking here's looking at antioxidant vitamins finished as an additional badge because omega-3 content number to someone already guessed it as kale and number one I heard a number line you'll kick yourself for not getting that garlic and the number one antioxidants on vegetable one of the advantages of being married to Romanian every entrée starts out with four clothes of one of the things antioxidants are rich spices some of these vices are also loaded as well I assume act cloud Star gum oregano rosemary fine to break Sage a Kia offered Paul our skin powder they even rank these as far as antioxidant potential rosehips was number ten in the antioxidant rich spices and I want to show you this will have to actually get the Weimar new starts out one to be able to get the whole comprehensive list that we did this summer but the number it also took a look at lagoons and ranks them in regards to fruits and vegetables and nuts that came in and in many of the lagoons are very high in antioxidant potential higher than virtually any of the fruits that are out there and and so lagoons are very important part in regards to total antioxidant well here I guess we do have it I didn't think I added this is a very actual Weimar list and you can see it's not quite in the right place but you can see how the many of the fruits come out on top of Pennsylvanians are out there number four red kidney beans a number three and the small red bean of the early adzuki very high in antioxidants Alyssa one half cup of far greater than what you would get in a whole cup of blueberries vitamin D we mentioned this earlier reduce the risk of prostate cancer breast cancer colon cancer also reduce the risk of one cancer recurrence after surgery and so many studies are indicating its benefit particularly when obtained from the sun were not as clear in regards to how the supplements are going to pan out in this but there is evidence that I think that the supplements are going to do a fairly well as well maybe not quite as good as the obesity and increased risk of death from cancer we know obesity suppresses the immune system in several ways studies show whether you're a man or woman the more overweight you are greater the risk of a number of cancers and this is been looked at in many ways increases the risk breast endometrial prostate pancreatic and esophageal cancer most definitively also of course increases the risk of high blood pressure increases the risk of diabetes and also increases the risk of heart disease now how can you know whether you're overweight or while you can step up step on a scale now and that might give you a clue you can also see here few contents and its website about one way of finding out why Doctor Sharf Rembert says you can lay down on this floor here and if you put your chin down and you can't see your feet you know that you are obese but there actually is a new scientific way whether you can find out whether your reason and it's actually taking a look at the waist hip ratio you measure your waist and we used to say you measure above where your bouncer but actually where you put the measuring tape yes is above your bones here which you have to put your umbilicus and your navel in the measurement and some people 's enables the way down here you still need to get it in the measure the second measurement is the how would area and then this is where you measure it on your bonds and you take the waste is the numerator that happens is the denominator and if you're greater than zero eight and you're a woman you have an increased risk of all of those diseases if you're greater than zero nine five and your man you have an increased risk of all the diseases and die this is one of the reasons why exercise can help first exercise can lower that waistline before you actually lower your weight itself a large waistline more than doubles the risk that people in their forties will develop precancerous cells in the colon according to Korean researchers recently this was just published last year chance of finding abnormal cells during screening test were just as good in younger men with too much belly fat as an slimmer men over fifty and not these people are recommending that if you fall under this category don't wait till fifteen until your earlier and is one of the reasons why we have to maybe individualize some of the screening tests cancer is also been shown to be linked as far as probably suppression of the immune system to meal frequency this says studies show that eating four times or more per day increases risk of colon cancer one-point ninety percent increase three times increases the risk of rectal cancer by seventy percent forty percent in colon cancer over the lowest risk were those of a two times per day and so there seems to be an immune system advantage at least if you can maintain your way of eating twice a day versus more often exercise also of course helps the immune system errors been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by thirty to sixty percent reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancer reduces the risk of prostate cancer that reduce the risk of colon cancer in both genders we know it increases natural interferon and are looking one interleukin two now for killer cells and so regular aerobic exercise is a good cancer prevention as well as a heart disease prevention lifestyle elements on a cancer protective lifestyle as far as the immune system proper diet is important in summary fruits vegetables whole grains nuts and moderation maintaining proper weight the white man obesity and of course part of that is recognizing that one out of three people are overweight in this country not due to weather eating his meals but what there is due to what they're eating in between meals bigger snacks bigger slacks and we recommend no snacks as far as the best way to go and sell that's an important element particularly regards the immune system is too as well regular aerobic exercise sunlight in moderation clearly part of a cancer protective lifestyle adequate water intake it shows that if you have adequate water intake you have less risk of kidney bladder cancer stress control is also very important immune system control and also that circadian rhythm thing that we mentioned also helpful for a lot of people are unaware of how much benefit you could have if you gone on a program such as I'm talking about in regards to reduction of peanuts on Harvard recently said that up to eighty percent that they mentioned ninety percent they said eighty to ninety percent I like to be more conservative that up to eighty percent of cancers could actually be prevented if people at here I regular basis to the lifestyle we just talk about the American Cancer Society likes to boil it down so people can remember it now and five items or less their recommendations are no smoking avoid obesity eat more fiber eat more fruits and vegetables and less me and exercise regularly interesting the American Heart Association also boiled its recommendations down the five no smoking avoid obesity need more fiber in each more fruits and vegetables and less meat and exercise regularly so if you're on a very good program for cancer prevention you also help prevent atherosclerosis and heart disease as well well I also wanted to talk about the treatment of cancer I will I believe some time I see we do have some time to talk about the treatment of cancer what we talk about primarily for cancer prevention but studies are clear that if you are diagnosed with cancer and you get on a better diet and lifestyle you reduce your risk of dying of that cancer having a recurrence if you are cured from it from other treatments are comprehensive lifestyle is important in the treatment of cancer and there is other natural remedies that can be utilized that we are not getting that studies are being published in major medical journals about this for instance what he ate Manhattan surgery radiation for prostate cancer pomegranate juice slows the doubling time in prostate cancer by almost two years it decreases the rising PSA and contains a number of antioxidants thought to have anticancer effects it also contains estrogen like plan something vital estrogens that one maybe one of the soy advantages it can be useful in combating prostate cancer this was published by the American urological Association Alan and type UCLA May two thousand and five other studies are showing that if we had cancer getting on a program to lower your cholesterol and decrease the fuel for that cancer and not increase your risk of survival and surviving a longer period of time this was the Journal of clinical investigation high blood cholesterol makes prostate tumors grow faster tested not suggest that high cholesterol actually causes cancer but did show that higher levels what bascule prostate cancer growth in fact this is been so important that the pharmaceutical companies has I just saw and are putting cancer patients on statins and are together cholesterol down and showing increased longevity as a result of that now the problem is as statins have actually been implicated in causing certain cancers it certainly high doses and so is much better to get the the cholesterol down through lifestyle on measures such as a we marred new start program when cholesterol was lowered prostate cancer growth stopped in that study then were also showing that a calm combination approach utilizing judicious chemotherapy with certain aggressive cancers in conjunction with with certain plant substances can be helpful on this was a study showed that high omega-3 EPA and DHA protected against advanced prostate cancer even in man more at risk of the disease this was a study particularly looking at DHA DHA effects solid tumors in mice and how well it interacted with the chemotherapy drug since Latin and our results suggest a new fruitful drug regimen in the management of solid tumors based on combining cisplatin and possibly other chemotherapeutic season flattened base human therapeutics with DHA DHA Doxsee excellent audacity sorry docosahexaenoic acid is what type of molecule does anyone know what category levels into the omega-3 acids omega-3 that's found particularly in plants of the waters now fish of course have DHA but they'll make it sells and there is a interesting reports we use this in the mental health literature as well if you're getting age-related cognitive decline studies it shall omit not this base DHA but plant -based DHA significantly improve your memory in just a six month period of time and so it's helpful in a number the disease processes on but it's better to get the DHA from plant -based sources of course they remember coming to try to capitalize on the many benefits of omega-3 one one drug company recently was able to get a pass on omega-3 substance and went their patent process was was on the mercury removal process for fish and other toxin removal called Lopez as very expensive as DHA EPA other omega-3 's with less toxins now if you look at the fine print and if you write the researchers as I did and they will tell you there is no way that I can get all the Mercury and there's no way may get all the toxins out and so is much better to get the EPA and DHA from plant -based sources that are far cheaper far less expensive if you need to get supplemental sources said and necessarily getting it within DHA elicited prominent chemopreventive effect size on an appreciably augmented those of the chemotherapy drug DHA reduces the accumulation of white blood cell systemic inflammation harmful condition marked by decrease antioxidant levels all of which have been linked to tumor growth DHA reduced toxicity and injuring the kidney tissue caused by the chemotherapy drug cisplatin them as well and so I we can have less side effects and the chemo needs far less when utilized in conjunction with some land-based substances this was an interesting study from Mayo Clinic a chemical found in green tea shrinks lymph nodes and reduces white blood cell counts in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia this was the Journal of clinical oncology there is no cure for CLL about half of patients with the disease have an aggressive fatal form progresses said these studies researcher present there is no therapy available that can prevent early-stage CLL from progressing and that's why they utilize this study researchers tested poly fat he calls with content about two hundred milligrams of these ECG and thirty three patients that early-stage CLL and no symptoms the past thousands landed four hundred two hundred milligrams taken twice daily highest does seem to be most effective with seventy six percent of patients taking twelve hundred two thousand milligrams of e.g. ECG showing a biologic response or white blood cell counts drop they did get a significant biological response and this was published in the Journal of clinical oncology if you have CLL that your doctors try with you on anything unless you know it really starts to progress because the therapy risks outweigh the advantages this would be one obviously where the advantages would outweigh the risks that even more aggressive chemo like acute myeloid leukemia parts satellite chemical derived from the feverfew plant destroys acute myeloid leukemia cells leaving normal bone marrow cells relatively unscathed the compound may get at the root of the disease because also kill stem cells that give rise to AML as well as CML this agent was found to be much more specific to leukemia cells in the standard chemotherapy drug heresy published in the prestigious Journal live University of Rochester school of medicine and you know interestingly although these studies are being published and are being put forward if you go University of Rochester and you get and you have a MLPs Internet to be given to penalize now and if you go to you now even the other universities of DHA you probably aren't going to get the SNS is one of the reasons why I think today and Adventism there is a there is a particular need of comprehensive Cancer treatment centers where we can utilize things like judicious chemo along with some natural therapies that people can't get anywhere else we got a lot of people coming to Weimar with cancer but often they feel a little conflicted because they feel that they either have to go the traditional route or they have to go the health wrap and in reality often it's a combined approach that is best for them but there is no place really offering that combined approach amounts in a puts them in a situation that may not be the most ideal consumer records may have been well studied now my MD Anderson in Houston has been shown to be helpful delays in the laboratory and melanoma a very deadly cancer multiple myeloma pancreatic cancer prostate cancer breast cancer as well as colon cancer this study 's authors said no drug companies likely develop a natural product that cannot be patented that's his problem can get funding for his Kubrick studies guys that can't be patented very cheap there are no companies behind us our only source of funding is either the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense and we actually got my from the Department of Defense the first is study and is a those results are still allowed ongoing on this of course is a a meal that you can receive at Weimar you get the tumor is well and you get a lot of other very healthy antioxidants that can be tasty as well this was one of the studies he did human breast cancer was allowed to grow this was the actual human breast cancer variety that a mastectomy was done in mice aggressive breast cancer spread Alonzo ninety five percent of mice now once breast cancer spread salons and universally fail to survive and so this was the aggressive form ninety five percent of them going to the lungs when Taxol was given of course Taxol is a chemotherapy drug that comes actually it's root chemical comes from a tree bark seventy five percent of mice had their breast cancer spread a lot so what percent of mice were help with Taxol about twenty percent I saw plus tumor it was given only twenty two percent of mice had breast cancer spread to the lungs so again a powerful add-on agent and one that can be helpful also and other cancers like esophageal cancer this study was done by the court cancer research center in Ireland published in the British Met Journal of Cancer researchers at the core Cancer research Center and Island trees on video cancer cells with church human of course that's the actual compound into Rick and found it started to kill cancer cells within twenty four hour the cells also began to digest themselves using an unexpected system of cell messages is what they mention it's not the typical way cancer cells are destroyed throughout a pop ptosis which is almost seems to be all like suicide is actually unexpected system of cell messages that gets rid of it in a new study researchers and numeracy Rochester medical Center in New York treated human pancreatic cancer cells with resveratrol that wears resveratrol come from comes from grace but also as President blackberries its present raspberries present actually peanuts as well I neither alone or in combination with radiation they found that resveratrol disrupted the activity cancer cells mitochondria energy producing banners needed for cells to function resveratrol also impaired certain cancer cell proteins and for chemotherapy by pumping drugs out of the cell cancer cells through the combination were much more likely to self-destruct this is a pop has this method while additional studies are needed this research indicates that resveratrol is a promising future as a part of the treatment of eye cancer said the study 's author and this was published in advances in experimental medicine and biology in April two thousand and eight now another vitamin to gain some publicity recently may end up becoming the new vitamin D you know vitamin D in summary studies done in regards to helping the immune system etc. but vitamin K also seems to be pretty important vitamin K enhances the effects of the cancer treatment hell Nexavar in the treatment of kidney pancreatic cancer requiring lower less toxic doses with vitamin K the team could use half the normal thousands fill slow cancer cell growth allow the lower dollars of Nexavar was actually ineffective but with vitamin K it was effective vitamin K also enhance the effects of Nexavar in hepatocellular carcinoma that's liver cancer and other primary liver cancers then in regards to breast cancer women deficient in May vitamin D when they were diagnosed with breast cancer ninety four percent more likely to have their cancer spread seventy three percent more likely to die than women with adequate vitamin D level after ten years cancer did not spread her comeback and eighty three percent of women with normal levels and eighty five percent of these women were still alive this is why for breast cancer patients we recommend that they get their vitamin D levels we need to know if there were in Iraq and how the risk stratified only twenty four percent of patients had adequate levels of vitamin D however when they were diagnosed with cancer and this was University of Chicago study American clinical oncology selling the treatment of cancer we recommend a comprehensive treatment of it might include things like tumor in her turkey man or a cholesterol-lowering etc. surgery of course can be helpful for a number of cancers particularly been caught early on even if it's not caught early on it might be helpful in the germinal cancers such as testicular or ovarian cancer and sometimes I've had to remind people some people believe that cancer surgery is to cause it to spread there is actually no evidence for that and I've had to tell people that are on first having surgery he has always came first salmon or surgery not hearing the book of Genesis surgery camphor and and all patients were satisfied with the results they wanted that you know Alan Wyatt also talked about the Lord by the hand of the surgeon talked about fighting Kellogg's hand etc. a large and works through surgery and if it can be utilized as a treatment I should reason we use indiscriminately however a lot of people are unaware that Alan Weiner got cancer gene indictment from the cancer but you know what type of treatment she underwent radiation treatment you can look up on the CD-ROM it's called x-ray treatment radiation can help certain types of cancer we know can help particularly prostate cancer is caught early enough on depending of course is some radiation is more preferred than others were getting were perfecting the technique more so damaging and we do as much damage to the surrounding area etc. but radiation is something that could be a look at as high as an add-on as we mentioned chemotherapy can be helpful in certain types of cancer sugar and lymphoma testicular cancer etc. can be very accurate and particularly when used with a comprehensive lifestyle natural means it can be very potent and then another treatment that we should mention it's actually been studied the medical literature is see if I get to go out there the treatment of prayer interestingly and assist others in studies done on SRC the spontaneous regression of cancer over hundred forty cases been described in the medical literature all of them involve prayer but it wasn't a prayer or the Lord to wipe out the cancer it was a prayer slicing the patient under the will of God none of these individual thought baby care that all have stage four metastatic cancer or death scene preeminent and nine by Weinstein and it were actually feeling better and I had to go back to their doctors say what's happening I thought of the deadline and their cancer I was gone but that are really is something that we really need a utilizes a comprehensive treatment placing the patient into the will of the Lord and having the patient is a really desired to fulfill the boards will on their life and in some cases certainly not all but in some cases and a combined approach cures can now all I says that natural means use in accordance with God 's will brings about what supernatural results we asked for a miracle in the Lord directs the mind to what some simple remedy we has to be kept in the pestilence that walked in darkness is talking with such power we are then cooperate with God and I think we need to actually utilize this was selected messages one other quote that I like to mention is high-quality to mention regards the sanitarium a lot of times people equate sanitarium with lifestyle centers which they are never much related to lifestyle centers but notice what the idea was that she mentioned here sanitarium 's are needed in which successful medical and what else surgical work can be done it wasn't her desire to have acute care hospitals googling what goes on at we Martin Eden Valley in Wildwood in places like this it wasn't her idea that Eden Valley in Weimar in Wildwood would actually criticize and in the mean what goes on in surgery centers and medical facilities it was actually her desire to see that here is a comprehensive hallway she says these institutions conducted in accordance with the will of God would remove prejudice and call our work in the favorable notice but she said the highest aim of the workers in these institutions is to be the white health of the patients spiritual house this is something that's also coming forward and medical literature studies I wish we had time to go into it but it's clear that what ever enhances frontal love function also enhances longevity now in a number of studies and this is why the spiritual health is so important to talk about the heavenly influence in our institutions successfully manage a list of work can be done in connection with medical missionary work he says it is as these lines of work are what United so these lines of work reunited that we may expect to gather the most precious fruit for the war well you know I've been involved in Weimar in a leadership capacity in one of our goals that Weimar is to resurrect the surgical suites that were there and we did have a small acute care hospital I was building Loma Linda or anything like that during her huge hospital that have a a small hospital where we can have excellent surgeons excellence cancer specialists excellent even radiation specialists etc. where people can have a one-stop place where they don't have to worry about it I go here go there but a one-stop place where they can maybe undergo the radiation treatments go through the new start program get on me that the right program is going to be best for them to give them the highest cancer cure and during that time they may be introduced to the great physician and have that opportunity to have that spiritual health dealt with one thing is clear with patients with cancer of their cancer cells are not destroy the cancer is going to destroy them and thy thoughts when that diagnosis of SC word comes about we really need to offer these patients they are real comprehensive treatment that also addresses the spiritual swell while you met a very attentive group and I also like to imagine we do have more material for some of this can be found in proof positive I have some one recently say this is the best book that I've written and but I don't know that they were in our last book the lost art of thinking that just came out that they were comparing it to depression the layout of the course of events in which era which are actual background is but we do have more materials and with two twenty four and also even though it is a new I might give the opportunity for a couple of questions before we close is that possible or Oregon his is moderating this today is it possible for us to take a couple questions good yes question him okay the best source of DHA actually is seaweed plants of the waters are the highest now here's some things about VHS burial plant -based omega-3 to present in all men since President spares present flaxseed and LA gets transferred in your body it can be actually made into EPA and made the DHS Doctor Fraser LeMoyne University mentioned that the vegetarian confe


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