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Common Sense Health Ministry for Such a Time as This

Barbara Watson
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Barbara Watson

Creator/ Director of the StepFast Lifestyle DVD Series




  • August 4, 2011
    3:30 PM
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beautiful here in California are ready we are planning case now now a part of the now national Park and I will let you mind passing Virginia now is not the beautiful and wonderful to be here with you and I thank you for joining us my name is Barbara Watson high density ninety if you know me at all as Barbara Watson five years ago I became Barbara I but most people don't know me then will they know how to pronounce it if they thought I married René I had it wrong with this guy rich heritage and so that's why it will not like what it is kind of producer director the staff at lifestyle theory many of you are familiar with that fast at all okay little bit all right but you learn a little bit more about that today and here's my contact information but I'll be sharing then again at the end of the theory of the seminar today all right before we began to have a word of prayer our head father in heaven we thank you so much for the opportunity to come together this afternoon and two look to you for inspiration regarding marvelous plan of health that you have given entrusted to us and we ask Lord that you would speak to it now give us wisdom as to how we might share these wonderful principle that Manning would be drawn to you through the fading health message we pray in Jesus name and I hope this seminar common sense him three or that they ever there was a time when people are ready to hear this message it now it's amazing what has happened and continues that happening continues to get worse the healthcare crisis in individual lives and in the nation and dramatic and it's in the forefront all the time as you well know as well as the financial crisis knowing not only make common sense that we need to take care of our health is good financial sense as well when we think of personal finance of the Senate and the financial crisis that the country is in right now in the world for that matter as you well know and God has entrusted it to us and asked without important for us to realize his light United yesterday and the fear magazine in the pocket of the document to read this and there is a very interesting interview Alice Waters and energy she is the person there was one person in this country can I neared the organic phase movement beginning some thirty years ago forty years ago the forty year anniversary of shape honey the restaurant that she started in LA and most recently she has inherited a movement called or program called edible schoolyard where they have garden than many schools now in California and the school lunch program so they're really trying to teach the children at a young age because the obesity crisis of my children it's epidemic some thirty percent of children are either overweight or obese him there I think the neon is that the wine in a common think that the fast food that is what they're trying to do here then we know that if children are to be and are beginning to manifest health issues we know as adult their vicinity problem and so is the time to educate we know that adults sometimes are harder to educate their children because habits are so ingrained and as I defended epidemic is that the obesity epidemic is incredible and the issue of Vanity Fair magazine is that it was there first annual food issue but it was full of average time for a medical clinic two of which were obesity treatment center so it's big business to but it just amazing what it is out there today and while there's lots of good food available there's so much other food available to that we now it's what killing of the nation the problems are that it tastes good convenience in many cases it's cheap and so that the food of choice for most people of course is also what we call a screening which I called gourmet junk food and that look like to you making all hot yeah that's exactly what it is and it's very appealing it's very fashionable and entertaining and if people can afford it this is what they want to do and so we need to intervene where the problem has many many people are beginning to the end even readouts waters quite specific electronic and excessive and they are because this is what's happening there and salting but then they feel lousy they're having their gaining weight and they have all sorts of lifestyle related diseases and incumbent of the brain thought that you wake up with that eating a big meal in the evening they kill the feelings of failure guardsmen and depression and onto God so evil are ready to listen to the nineteen oh five education and health principles was never more needed than now and then a little while ago because it is so fragmented today and yet it has been for years that evermore spent today notwithstanding the wonderful progress in so many lines relating to the comforts and conveniences of life even to the treatment of disease the decline and physical vigor and power vendor is alarming it demands the attention of all who had that heart the well-being of their fellow men I want to tell you that a man I met yesterday I invited them to come to the seminar but is not available he was running the same shuttle that I was from the airport there's a little confusion there there is the Brazilian lady to speak English with some demand-side seminar and sees them are not even adamantly got that far out of the Portuguese and done and then she asked the gentleman if he was an out and he said no but that he would be addressed and that dining study with breath of life and with the pastor up in Seattle and so on and so him chatting he was the personable guy he was found well-dressed well spoken but it had me black man and is enjoyed chatting with him and as it turned out that we were in the same van and down in the afternoon but he said that he had with dialysis appointments this afternoon and it just made me realize evermore than we see someone when I think about whether having all sorts of health issues necessarily but indeed he was and we talked a little bad about health and how he might get on the road to recovery now tell them about we mourn he was coming home he's from Sacramento and so he was very very interested and job it's so easy when we mingle with people to understand the concept concept or having and we have the answers many transgressed the laws of help ignorant and they need instruction this man needs instruction but the greater number no better than they did then help message is different from any other message it addresses this issue we all can relate to learn about new but it got done not what I knew Linda and if the universal problem really conquering the appetite and making the best and sensible choices and we know that that takes self-control it would be entering latch because the answer is not just information about physical health it's about knowing Jesus meaning that how are you know what we know to do there are programs out there and you've probably heard lots of the is good information that we're getting from the China study and from Doctor Appleton work in that collaborated now you've probably heard of force overnight giving it a good number of you haven't seen it yet I'm looking forward to it we need a place south of the thing that are available but this is not our message make sure you understand that I was and recently I consult with a lot of the leaders of step that seminar and one was telling me that she had a lady come to the lab for club to have a supper club at the follow-up to their step FMR and she has written a book reversing the because that's what has happened in her experience she is not a complete recovery something like that recovering from that that something like that and she's accidentally more and she has a lot of information and she said that she agreed to be at the next soccer club by financing is not as if I know that remarkable it is remarkable with more remarkable is that we would have received children and I are using is not our program general information about how to recover physical health and we need to be honing our awards to know how to make that connection and how to present the complete message the Daniel fast I picked up a couple copy of that the other day very interesting when the most only programs I never read that incorporate physical health and dietary habits and lifestyle leading to the spiritual and however it does air in this book because the person doesn't have the life that we and and this is a twenty one day program history much of that and then you can resume your normal lifestyle and that that that the approach I'm sorry now that they would like Daniel eight which is hopefully what we do everyday advocates fasting with a vegan diet these days and then returning to meeting a normal diet I there are many ways of practicing the healing art but there is only one way that have been approved and we need to be mindful of that pure air and water cleanliness of proper diet field lies in the firm trust in God our remedies for the want of which thousands are dying yet these remedies are going on a date because their skillful use requires work that people do not appreciate or effort that people are not willing to engage fresh air exercise care water and clean sweep premises are within the reach of all but with little expense but derived our expenses other than outlay of mean and the effect produced upon the system and I wanted to you about an affected system then drive today have everything on our drive back and Al Qaeda drug harem of the facts upon the system and we know that every drive today has tremendous side effects another effect that dawned on me and a new way recently I've been hit very close to home and my brother lets a hot little yesterday after twenty one days day he had hoped to be in hospital three of four days that's what he was told for simple colon resection colonoscopy showed they had a malignancy with laparoscopic that sounds simple and yet things didn't go so well he had a leakage and he still has drainage from the incision right now he did the home and they put in a drain and he's at home I know they don't want to do surgery yet because he had mirth and so he then he's had a PIC line and he's been on IV antibiotic of all sorts including the vancomycin used to address the Martha and it's on me the reason my brother has cancer I believe is that while he had borderline diabetes hypertension high cholesterol problems urinating actual problem he was medicated for Olivarez and went merrily along the way but he didn't know the medication for cancer prevention at the one they're looking for a cure for cancer and and now I finally know that the effect of the drug had on him he was been having a horrendous side effects he distant had a warning than sending a B L him even in their trouble and I thought what is that double slanted bed and Medicaid all of our morning so that we can get really the house to our benefit and many many way and that's just another one with our best resource is among the best I believe because of the compilation that naturally talked about this is that we year we are focusing more on that in any of the other lots of help today in an elegant touch on on the others but undying food has not only all the specific councils that are just as valuable today as they were when they were written by the chapters in the beginning of this book if you're not very familiar with it I urge you to the concept the reason for reform and the second chapter diet and spirituality correlations between what we and how we even when we eat the combination in which we have so much to do with our spirituality and because I think that we need to be studying a very familiar with in addition to the specific counsel as does Manny Manny other areas of this book that I urge you to become familiar with there are others of course counseled on how medical ministry and throughout the spirit property in these books full full information from throughout the writing is an important thing that we understand is that this is a saving health message from five sixty seven God be merciful to us and what the men of thy way may be known upon earth by saving health among all nations now of course there are many ways to conduct health ministry and how it might be taking a look right next door or just visiting a friend and giving them a neck massage but we're talking about today is conducting an and beyond that but to understand what I'm saying there many ways to practice health ministry that what we talked about today is conducting a seminar in your church or community and naturally I'm the most familiar with the fact that program and said that what I'll be sharing but the mechanics of this program translate into other programs as well when you might design yourself or when you might choose yourself of what another program I want to just give you a few testimonies of the people that I met recently it's really came into the veggie fast in Richmond Virginia and they are seen at this step Epstein they had a booth there and they were promoting their upcoming step theft seminar she attended that seminar and the vegetarian supper club meeting that they would have month after month and I met her at one of those supper club recently in two thousand ten she attended an amazing fact evangelistic theories that she is the one telling me all of this because she just really ready to be baptized outside and see that now she's coming to church and seeing if watching evidence programming on television she continues to come in the supper club and she's just really really excited not only about the benefits that she's receiving from you they are now but also about her newfound faith and learning about the present truth and the other search that this is the hand she so attended a steadfast seminar that she heard of the latest or that's caring society enrichment they work very closely together and and right after that she studied with the panther with Pastor Bob Bank and was baptized and and this was right after step that came out I was still in the area and then she just came to accept that the North Atlantic is the new that doesn't like that well I think the Lord gave me sycophantic encouraging because it doesn't always happen like that as you well know she's gone on to assist with depth and seminar station is dear to my heart because she was my mail lady for six years and that I was at home and working out of my home I got to interact it for a lot and so I invited her to a Bible study that we were having that afternoon and she came down and then she watched net ninety nine video theory and seemed so excited she she recorded all the videotapes on cassette tape and rip into my car over and over and start giving out the post office and she was just on fire and now she's been baptized into the head deacon at the array Virginia Masters said that tremendous blessing Callie is just an amazing person he came to accept that seminar and he does bring people with them the first night of steadfast even before I'm not sure of it anyway he knew it was a program that has been being several my several week and well hey I can print the comments of the now with me tonight and management are okay in fact this person had already engaged in the vegan diet with recovering from cancer and has been cancer free for some time and when they got there she and two friends and number three link while okay I think they are fifty nine dollars for one and yet the data making every night throughout the seminar but he continues that the supper club where I'm at now he brought six or a just and then the next never clothing a friend and so he just had this contagious enthusiasm about health and he is not an answer but he just keeps bringing people to the meeting this is the lady that I was talking about his friend who attended that program she was told that her prognosis was grim that's what the doctor told her and she went on on the program and she's been cancer free to the Christian and she does give God all the glory and so busy and if it happened different ways different time she is one that already a Christian interested in how and you know she's just having a dwelling experience some people will have no spiritual experience that all when they come to a seminar but we are to seek help from a biblical perspective and then and still confident in God 's program that this is the program that the Creator has in mind for you because he put the laws of health in your body and this is what people need to understand that we need to encourage and renewing of the mind as well not exist call help them to study the Bible and then break for the Holy Spirit entering them to surrender but I'm sometimes people come to Christ first and then they are able to surrender their health and easier that way for people to engage in the program obviously because they've got the Lords held all along the way I'm sure you're all very familiar with with this quote but I think it bears repeating that alone will give true think that with the people he mingled among men one is not there good he ministered to their needs and wondered confident then he bade them followed me now I know that you all have some knowledge of health but as you continue to study for the two can present be sure that you are engaging in prayer about this matter and that you're interacting with the people in our business amount of four where it they were so busy doing in getting that people threading in an attempt ready and that there was little time to engage with the people who become and we need to be sure that we get a team together so that there are plenty of people to interact with them and show them compassion educate them and then invite them to study and said to get to know Ward I look at some of the mechanics here I want to mention that the program of the video program that I will show you the presenters are just in a moment a little bit more about it but there is a seminar died on a CD-ROM as well as the DVDs with the video program the video presentation I see it all over here you have a lot of what you share here the seminar died until she had a plan and executing your seminar all the handouts for all the work is done for you with this program will keep them in our hobby we need to the topic and you may want to choose something seasonal publicity you're not using somebody else's program it is the living room program and a lot to think that you can do it a great seminar and common sense queasy out a lot less expensive to eat natural foods and it's going to be the best thing for your help they give or in the table are just a weight loss and hundreds of lots and lots of themes that you could choose considering that your audience the data timing here that the holiday season thing and yet you may also than want to just choose a program of lots of programs that you can choose from you probably familiar with Doctor Natalie depression recovery program you the chip program the program the little bit easier to conduct then the chip program is not quite as intense had done a little bit more affordable for the church and for the presenters that the jet program has acknowledged that in endorse the setup program from the beginning you're a good program for a smaller church that doesn't have as many people and in okay and execute a seminar this way some people who have done ship had been done step at the follow-up seminar though there are different ways that you can do it on ways to choose a cookbook that the my cookbook with you to choose any cookbook and the after-tax stock that hearing I then have been written I have and have a lot of health information and then add you could cook your way through a seminar using a cookbook that's another possibility then you want to form a team now I don't know if you're from the churches and you know what the people who are ready to go to work or not but will assume that you have some people think that it would be it's tough to get by yourself identify myself with you in this video theory P I didn't have to keep doing it over and over by myself although I would always have a few helpers that I was traveling and and pretty much working on myself okay you know you need a word Nader you need people who are doing the marketing and getting the word out there their job descriptions by the way on the steadfast CD-ROM for all of the physician a registrar registrar summoned to court held a hand down a facilitator or indeed is going to actually be down in seminar I then attempt to more Nader is going to the third smiling face in the middle there on the blonde Antigone and helpers and it needs to be decided is the new demonstration than that kind of thing you need someone to set up the room you need someone to demand that the table and natural foods if you're going to sell those and then someone to do cleanup which may or may not be the same person is better so basically you need to get better all other things and not go into it to think that happened needs to be well organized that one of the most important thing if the markets or seminar well I unfortunately has been a part of too many seminars that will well I well executed and their worth three people there and a lot of effort going on a lot of people were so busy preparing for the seminar that we don't do the marketing and here is the thing that I know work and there is a walkathon recently for diabetes and their affinity a wellness built a village there actually is coming up in September and didn't have cable face that anybody could set up and that would be a great place to set up the mortgagor coming seminar that's what I'm talking about all of the health Expo the veggies that vegetarian supper club could be a prelude to a seminar or follow-up vegetarian tasting extravaganza that's a lot of fun and I know a church that would happen every year and would that that's all they would do everything in the community come important in the afternoon and take the leap in New Delhi direct beam of light is the great window blinds is that theft seminar in some kind of felt seminar all day that said County fair health it stores church bulletins nothing is more effective important and personal invitation this is what brings people invite them go pick them up and bring them to the seminar public service announcements and press releases have their place to buy I can remember of relying on those in the path thinking a look at everything but that's what they don't exist that doesn't work well at all it may remind somebody that you got to do a lot more marketing than that okay so what is steadfast interestingly enough it also is an acronym for the eight lots of help as you can see and they are the sons on temperament exercise I fabulous water with trouble with that one person had fluid intake the David arose and came up with that one really got but the money is tasted to fabulous water air care in France we write and read creation and trust in divine power that those with new start trust in divine power is the foundation of it all and that it covers the log of health are covered in the DVD theory and the topics are types upon as well heart disease hypertension healthy brain weight control there is a menu victim stress management diabetes fitness vegetarian quinine basic and we go over all that they think of preparing healthy breakfasts and using whole grains and all that kind of thing but we also tried something different ethnically being Asian fannish African-American we have a look segment on kids and distant overall cooking segment on ten of the twelve video programs each of which by the way is about a half hour long and there are faced with in a different segment is not as one person talking the whole time and one of them they run a cooking segment we have a hydrotherapy that and and then forget the other one I think there is that that's the one where we just have like everybody brings something and there's not cooking thing they actually do demonstration okay there's also a segment on using simple errors and him that there is a fragment on the mapping your devotional life how have your morning devotions at the very practical segment you know that outside drinking water in the morning and how to start and how to have description of a devotional prayer he called it and and an encouragement to have a quiet time in the morning some of the presenters Doctor David Rose the count and we mark the start of the college health and education on the occasion from Weimar Institute anyway Doctor Peter Charles myself from monorail is Don McIntosh is actually that commentator throughout introduces each segment which ties it all together Fred Harding you can find him at positive choices .com felt that one is started by the Linda .com Doctor Neil Nestlé from Lee Morris and deadly health solutions them are not to live not too far from here as well I elect with a light Sultan of America John Sharp convert was also part of this program and get McLarty who authored the program beyond coping is a pastor who learned the most eventful outreach program for stress management programs they had a very universal appeal that he shares that program with a Winston Craig from Andrew also share the valve phytochemical that the segment on earth I lead out in the cooking segment but the I have different people Jody now she does in the system at that time I heard Kathleen Meehan rebuilt from different types of remain and being a gusto on so that we do the cooking segment so there is demonstrated on many but we really encourage that you do some additional cooking demonstrations people live to see the live demonstration and we have a recipe hand out for every program and instruct you exactly make that the head demonstrate this thing out because they figured out what works and down but it can be altered in any way Harold minor league done that and then you and the shop near the stock in your Petri segment Erica Natalie configured to consolidate your bro down the elements or how that is and admit that she existed with the cooking and I heard as well okay Diane also came to one of the Richmond supper club certainly that was not a significant presence at that seminar there now on this seminar died you will have had the bad overview of all the things including even the order of events discounted how to lay it out and you have a registration form not of an evaluation form all the things that are really important in addition to demonstrating a recipe many go over that Justin you have all of these can down and more I didn't even list them all but these are just ready for you to print out the PDF file and you will not see the hand and print them out and copy them actually what a lot of people do for that happened I built a binder they do give them a binder and with dividers and they did but there Harry Nina they walk away with a really nice binder I'm not a way to do it however rather than printing the recipes for every seminar is to actually include a book as part of the seminar a cookbook and all the step that's recipes are in this book so that way I have a really nice cookbook in sideways coming out in hardback with Hannah and issues with this particular cover and they will be available in just a couple of weeks but there doing presales for this and you may think that this amazing fact of the publisher of cookbook and distributor of step down on now so that you can acquire them okay so you have all the rest of the handout of recap of the fitness focus that was presented in each segment we even talked about dining out there's a little segmented on the video is that the couple going out to eat and how to order a healthy meal leave him if it's not on the menu is likely a handout about the exercise segments that science is not even better than you thought several Bible studies actually are a part of the program to the one getting our money 's worth of the Bible study from a failed sixty six ugly this got back perspective on dessert is another one and done there a number of Bible study that God already done that sort make good handouts as well fasting we cover a little bit we do with using the segment and you should discuss that further about different I think you are familiar with that but we have of the handout regarding that as well as one menu there's been a company hand out for these stress management segments and a healthy lifestyle schedule on the suggesting to people how they can work a healthy lifestyle into their day okay let's talk just a little bit about demonstrating a recipe and people think actively quickly had it with what would I really do I hear that and for the people that come naturally you did you know how to do it and you just get up and talk about how to do it but let's is briefly this is all on the DVD-ROM briefly however that but one thing it really works well if you have a genuine effect that program have that best paper and and when you buy the step program and the cookbook you get a free apron or you can order the apron from where you are where guard to order them to the way they are and that we've never mark them up at all you can just order them and it's actually that easiest way to get them and everybody had them his on the team if it really just looks like a more cohesive program the way to set up for a demonstration is to have a tray and have everything on that trade if you're going to need and be real careful to go through the staff it's easy to get up there and I don't have been an insipid sort of disruptive if you have to continually ask for something done a lot I know how disruptive it to double check and make sure you have everything that you need on your tray it's nice to use a glass bowl people can see what you're doing and this little glass condiment cups you can use little plastic cup and more more think available today so that I usually see much of a challenge be sure that you have the cookie sheet there are the casserole dish and go ahead and put it in there and help I very effective if you have it cooked prepared version of what you're making or if it's something you'd is whipping up like a cheap doctrine to go ahead and put it over the broccoli or the baked potato in service so that they can really be rather than just and you'll get a sample of this later because the sample tray usually a Platonist may not look all that great globular this little sample and it's not as usually you can do a full serving much more tastefully so if you think that's a really good idea serve it with several serving suggestions if you can be sure that you're talking about the nutritional value as well as given in the location the name and the location of the recipe in their hand out so that they can follow along and I think that there is an obvious thing for the fifty day simple today just for special occasions or that kind of thing and I think more and more we need to resist recipe with things that are easy to obtain another thing you can do is to have things for sale that are a little unusual for instance if you have a recipe that is that contains nutritional yeast flakes while that is not something that most people are familiar with or without any idea where to get if you have some of those available-for-sale knowledge make money on those but if they're just there then people are very much more likely to make that recipe so that among a number of things that you might want to have on hand fell again any unusual in radiant must important it is to explain the nutritional advantage of different ingredients why we would use brown rice instead of white rice and why he would use extra virgin olive oil rather than Cornwell in the time to think that the time to teach nutritional principle as well as yet and now we can add this and this and that but talk about each ingredient as you go along there is a quick cooking and cleanup it can now that time about everything from this throw a piece of lemon rind and married another great that women run into the blender recipe and add out the recipes were you great this limited and they can put it in the blender I dwell on something he needed it at and that's again a vitamin that in a blended up and then thanked and quickly since we all know about the last bit of water in a blender and then putting that in the in the recipe to clean out the blender though there is some little tips like that that you can add my when a point out of the recipe freezes well what other recipes that can be incorporated into and and then serving suggestions than to be happy and make it fun that's the most important thing and I often will bring the money especially a simple recipe put anything on them and yeah what get involved okay what searing pain that are not in the very property in a new light we would say well no there's nothing new under the sun while that is true but I think it's very interesting how workers should use their knowledge of the laws of life and health faces and from cause to effect should teach others to do the same thing reason that the authors on the subject and open a religious leave that with your reason tells you history out that doesn't mean that we are going to be increasing our knowledge yet to the Bible is very profitably to be sure that if it is in accordance with the principle that we know to be true and then only make sense to share those they sure are that terror information is well founded you can think of something that might fall into this category but I'm saying something that I'm sorry that China's daddy right exactly and new findings about the way the things that are there you know not when people ate lots of tofu friends and soy products that are not refined that they are experiencing great health benefits would be a wonderful thing to share the particulars of which he would not find in account of fun trying to yet right right yeah they can be tricky there is some information out there that sometimes people will challenge you with in Princeton and it's an example that comes to mind as I had someone that will then I've learned is it's really really good for diabetes and you know what it is a key to managing diabetes this person and I could tell he wasn't particularly on it weight management program in you know and so we just have to encourage to the principle that we know to be true when someone brings something like that up okay now you may want to include some extra segment that just happen to be happening in your life you know that gardening season I just love to share about gardening maintenance I love to garden but hey it's cold season when it is doing actual ten minute segment on how to prevent the common cold and feel a cold coming on you know the hot and cold showers at the nation will of oregano whatever you know works for you then again it is based on sound principles or maybe some healthy convenient to the rich people not to eat the things that are convenient John let's face it everybody not been immediately start cooking everything from scratch from whole food so we need to share something that aren't readily available and for that would be a good thing to shares well on the field promoting is that each of the sometimes we need to show people they can grab something that is prepared personal favorites is what I love to Sarah probably actually do news and they that have program and they are just my favorite fast food because they can be hydrated unflavored running on the recipes you can make it invalid because we do now Matthew migrate inland and makeup barbecue sauce and roasted in a little better manager though that in fact my brother he was home for two days during an twenty one days date actually came home and went back to the hospital he was all about he made me go get the crockpot and the network believes that eating and ethics and orchids like rope and he thought they were fabulous so knowing how to hear that people like them tofu of course most people don't have a clue how to appear and that the mere vestige of free recipes are always a good thing to share I did a seminar on this very topic is realizing that there is the issue that most people didn't know better than they do but they can't overcome overeating and when I look back twenty years ago when I was ever eating all the time and I look at how God helped me with that principle all the principle of a healthy lifestyle in particular think of not eating between meals drinking water between meals and focus on the things that we can tell people will dominate Battie Batson stop reading and very difficult they need something that affects him as well as the power of God to overcome this and said that this is another topic that you might consider these things are incorporated in the step program but you may have others that you wanted to share I love to help you well I think by leaving and I do that by baking granola in the oven overnight and the lowest temperature I always the defendant then you need to know to for a seminar here to make Ranalli really taken plastic glove that the people do that without really not very appetizing and any avoid that if this is really a good good thing to invest in their very available today and he gave people how to cook overnight with the crockpot whether being the rain very valuable and decided to do advance preparation whether the salary that you prepare it but in that several where our planning of the pineapple at one time and having it ready on valid exchange that kind of thing advanced preparation is really key green smoothies is something that I love to share I make a lot with fresh pineapple and big handful parsley and it just another quick way and you can put a little protein powder protein power the other day and another thoroughly share this a lot because some people think while the world is always during breakfast but this is all kinds of sprouted our organic sprouted grain and then approaching patterns of nonevent thing to throw into a drink movie especially on a day when you're just flying out the door another topic is eating whole foods as ground and what is this GM our business and how did it all come about there's a lot to learn about that why is organic better what is certified naturally grown this is actually certification a lot of people I get back is close to being organic but it doesn't have all the relations of being organically grown quite difficult actually I received after the organic and down with no spray to preserve them so there there is actually some difficulties there but some this is another topic with good information you don't have a picture of his book here but I think the discussion is a good book that you can read about that this is another a wonderful resource Bob Gregory has done a lot of work in this area that we had garden center in West Virginia he has training program they're people actually come provided program thirteen weeks and really learn how to fit it in gardening and learn a lot about the whole business of the CMO and organically grown so forth that estimates are in my backyard and I wanted to you anybody can grow a garden I'm married builder and went moved a lot five years and we've had a garden in a different place every year and most recently we moved back to Virginia Handley had a dear friend who just plowed up to grip the ground for it between any brought into loads of topsoil with them aged maneuver force in the newer and we defendant beautiful tomatoes we've ever had and worked with the last week in I you can have is will the bottom of that in Virginia water humidity and the fungus backpack should conduct you from the soil or you might have blocked the men brought or you might have tomato worms and when you are until recently right before I left that we can anyone without leaving on here and they were real tall they can begin full though they were reaching for the guy because there was a window shade there and yet the Lord bless us and we grind some really wonderful tomatoes bell I encourage you to encourage others to do that we also did some winter gardening I love to share about this visit are close and this is the way it is assembled and energy can see there too broad they are the fiberglass rod we cover it with plastic and another rod and John that way you could go to find event and lift the plastic up and in and pick what you want and put it right next to hand you the hear the whole thing off in a and as noted at the convention and we were able to does uncover that and there is our little pedigree and we had all kinds of well that was one strip at another place but it was very similar to that and we did the same thing there now manages extensor growing season and back in Virginia they you can grow green all year through throughout the winter of with a close like that because it's so low to the ground and and and and just heat setting up incredibly and the ground there just never gets cold so even we single digit temperatures and is still survived so it's really a blessing and I love to share them with people okay that whatever your personal experiences that additionally you can share your roster seminar and had her keep in mind that the goal hand teaching health principle key before the mind great I think I reform that is the purpose is to secure the highest development of body and mind and soul so that a lot of the nature being the laws of God are designed for our good and that obedience to them promote happiness in this life and aid in the preparation for the life to come that is so important and naturally we do that gradually it is an entering wedge itself message that we want to be sure that that's where we're leading people to we need to let them know that I said before you want something death blessing and cursing therefore choose life and we focus on their physical health but we want them to understand that Jesus is the life giver promise from Jack Jeremiah and I bruise is incurable and are willing to agree that we are all in big trouble every individual would need about problems is in terrible trouble but the promises I will restore health unto me and I will heal the other night when sayeth the Lord and we need it now that then is the greatest when we have and that God has promised to redeem and restore a restorative image in us you may not know that the title that fans actually comes from the Spirit probably this was written in eighteen fifty four neither embrace the truth now I have to step back though that the origin of that title in their again is my contact information I love to hear from you have a toll-free number you can call and I'm Baird said support you in whatever help ministry you doing okay are there any other questions or death and the information is basically now have presentation sale hypertension micron that and and how to address it through health through diet and life style I say that proof positive had more of an influence on the development of steadfast than anything I was working with Doctor Nathalie at the time just previous to that and that the Lord did sort of gave me this vision to do a program in fact at first with wanting to gather people together that we could do seminars that led to fourteen hours by myself at the time and another we should videotape the event we had them rather than constantly in our people and enable travel all over the place and then I realized that the videotape of a presentation like today was a videotape is not usually the best so we did it just as a video production and that cannot happen so if you think roof positive is still up-to-date then that they have to fill out today is very similar Vivian and her will break the Lord praise the Lord okay peculiar which he said that okay any other anything else you understand that you're doing network remember okay well my understanding is that two things that we need to be concerned about with toy one is that you want to avoid genetically modified soy and most soy grown in this country is genetically modified and as long as it is not genetically modified that that's when the main issues and is on something as organic it's not good to be GML okay the second thing is that you want to avoid soy protein isolate you want to eat the whole food and said that soybeans or soy curls for instance are processed food obviously but it includes the whole toy it's not just the protein extracted from a friend of being and tofu is not completely of whole foods some of the fiber is removed but other than that it is holding that the whole if not for a protein isolate that that's what you want to avoid soy milk is if it's organic it's not can be genetically modified possible possible soymilk right right but it's not isolated protein right if it doesn't say is not genetically modified it may very well be it this is in an you arrive writing that made the whole line team Limited and rejected as exactly and there is nothing in the criminal code that are on fruit and vegetable to know if you know that what is the code for genetically modified can't remember again okay organic and find numbers and start the nine writing is conventionally grown Alan the little sticker on every fruit or vegetable it does seem odd I personally think it has more to do with a hybridization of weeks and how it then and views in this country and that overuse is the better word I really done now I just stay away from it kind of person I had infantile eczema and I thought that it was just dairy product and yes I actually if I stay away from gluten I'm totally free of the symptoms so and I then asked an attendant on my life before they were genetically weak is not something we typically worry that being Gmail I think and more the hybridization of it and its overuse that have developed allergies I was entering that I don't think they care gene and is helpful and from what I understand it has been linked to colon cancer and yet occasional use I don't think would be horrible I just noticed I brought with me the little heat and the way individual cartons of milk and and ignorant blue which I guess is different from carrageenan avoid it but it was a type of seaweed as well can't come with me we could hear Gina at all finally one down I easily translated sent to read the label and then you carry in either now I assume that it is that some kind of leave the residue and in the end particular will soon be no help is hard to write in it at that but there is no more help less of an soy lecithin and that's a helpful product authority I know now and as soon as well yeah the money just interviewed a look also at his plant estrogens in and then asked again we should meeting estrogens and in way that I understand that and they have to do there I know that I know after just in in the graph there are estrogen receptors and the delay is actually an acid missile is actually protective because it will the receptor will receive that estrogen but it doesn't stimulate estrogen receptor and then when another type of estrogen trying to enter that respect there is like that of long with the key already and Nikita met and stimulate estrogen receptor but no other key can get in for that now they protect it actually rather than stimulating and that is what I had many at this health professionals on an island certain that when thing Craig would verify that you are in the event that said that going that's a good point the better thing is to take care away in a fight when people have flocked to water should I drink just drink some water and have them in a horrified since I've been here I'm not picky about take that now I've narrowed my diet though easily not that I don't eat food that's good but I drink water that doesn't take perfect and on and on and I want and not being another two nine five four bottle of water in the city and so I fill up in my room and whatever is in that water is not immediately or merit me over three day out we really focused I think that we can suggest one thing that I wanted to drink but exactly if they can water be better than no water ride they got into the overwhelming when we talk about all these different things and then I think we need to have a knowledge of them questions will arise you'll have some money in the group and in likely say they're reading and other literature and pavement got the minute information and not a very good point you can't do that talk about estrogen right exactly exactly the main thing that we want to accomplish is to encourage people to eat fruit grain nut and vegetable in its claws of data that was the natural as possible and prepared simply so that our job is to and in the area of food and particularly wanted also exercise and drinking water in all on very often now because the ventilation of these nutrients doesn't happen well we're not doing observing all the laws of health but it is the major areas to and not simply be talking about the ills of animal products I mentioned them and that we don't want to do things the weaknesses don't need that we want to prepare whole plan to that God created that we now are best for our body yet you know Doctor on you I be needing to live in three months my longer arteries in the loop and houses and what is your key on the orange is an high and thirty nine I reminded her he ate away the land on and on that kind of thing that had busy I did not want to be rather than in writing writing and salaried in adding calcium from the day natural plant food we will assimilate more of the counseling evenhanded than smaller amounts if it with the whole food and doctrine at least one event in the event that theory when we we talk about supplemental event and that theory okay I think it's time for us to wrap up thinking that reminds me remember to leave your prepayment if you have any other morning on Wednesday and in your media was using my audio is working on evidently been to learn more and I find a number on a assignment is not a word is a free online service please visit www. maneuver is not


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