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Triumph in Trial: Responding to Life's Difficulties God's Way

Dan Gabbert
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Dan Gabbert

Mental/ Spiritual Wellness coach at Black Hills Health & Education Center




  • August 4, 2011
    3:30 PM
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father this is your time I will you will also support the new center work with you deliver us from instructions were so delighted to be your children have these moments together where asking for your blessing upon this time for angels to fill this room in your spirit to labor with our hearts including my family my continued to grow in grace and in the victorious knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord in his name we pray I hear is where God wants us to be people into about into my chambers and shut your doors about you hide yourself as a word for the moment until the indignation be over pass this is where God wants to take us this is where he wants to keep us here is where the balance that I want to understand this before I actually get into the house to use but everything in this experience here on earth is centered around knowing God as he really is John seventeen three of this is life eternal that they might notably the only true God and Jesus Christ whom thou was set personally experiencing eternal life is based upon that there are two also estimate the destiny designing nursing I was given us he's given us the power of choice the freedom to choose and decide in the power of faith the gift of faith our choice of course Joshua communicating to the Israelites choose you this day whom you will serve incredible new everybody has total freedom to exercise power of choice each human being is given the freedom of choice it is used to design women will stand in the black banner rebellion or a letting their resume well to make choices every human being possessed of reason has power to choose the right in every experience of life how many experiences every experience of life God 's word to us is choose you this day whom you will serve everyone a place as well on the side of the will of God may choose to obey him and by us thinking himself with divine agencies newsstand where nothing can force him to do evil in your faith faith is actually the ability the ability to trust someone or something that you can verify with your senses have touched to see the visibility God has given every man and woman is your faithfulness twelve or three tells us that atheists have a measure of faith otherwise I could never believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved are you following by what people choose to do with their faith is their choice notice this faith is a gift of God with power to exercise it is just like a motorized vehicle I I uses illustration you know you have the most beautiful car but if you don't put the right to William the car since dad you got half he will it is exactly the same thing for Faith and power which ones to work they've got to have few will this is so final centered around the window eternal life is based upon knowing God to feel for power choice of faith to function in the spiritual realm is information information about God 's character who is what is written remember John seventeen three it's all about knowing God is not recommended the enemy Satan and his angels are working twenty four seven offer humanity false information about God 's ways God 's character he's a liar and murderer from the very beginning and then of course we got Jesus that's the reason Jesus came so many people are focused on the cross praise God for the crossing but that's just part his entire life before the cross was a picture that's what it came to reveal to us and across was in enemy of God 's character are you following this is my remember what Jesus told him Philip Philip was wondering about the father Jesus is believed for so long you even seen me has seen the father this is so important everyone here we go freedom of choice everyone was assigned to decide what information about God 's character they're actually going to put their faith in that they're going to trust our privilege and call his price ministers and I think this is what ESI was such an awesome and exciting faith is simply because I call Jesus prayer just before he was crucified praying for his disciples as always sent me into the world even so I also sent them into the world another one our privilege after five sixteen let your light so shine by the way the light in your life not only your words but your responses to life in your light so shine before men that they may like to see her good works and glorify your father which is in heaven is our call last raise a merciful last message of mercy given and the world 's revelation of his character laugh children of God are manifest his glory in their own life Inc. in character they are to reveal what the grace of God is done by saying yes this is worth where being question meeting now into triumphant trial witness a loving and powerful character of Christ shine the brightest vision journaling on tonight however it has beauty and luster people don't until they see a Christian trial and they see that the response of the living Christian is different that it is Isaiah sixty arise and shine for thy light is come in the glory of the character the Lord is risen upon you for behold darkness shall cover your gross darkness the people I think one hundred and don't you think the Lord shall arise upon who you are one awesome thing it is to be in a position where he can actually arise on you this glorious character shall be seen upon you and the Gentiles shall come to your life and kings to the brightness of the kind of dark conditions the Christians have the privilege of reviewing us care to look at this I think this is why Paul wrote it particularly as we move closer to Christ's return tribulation and distress persecution or famine or nakedness peril sword Kildall in a longer congregation for this mother used to bother me a lot but it's talking about the wicked were counted as sheep for the slaughter is all for whose glory for God 's sake and in all these things were more than conquerors through him that loved us here is when auditory shots and affects mostly Gentiles is what refreezing Jeremiah thirty Jacobs trouble is great so that none like it is even the time of Jacob 's trouble when he shall be saved not eventually great tribulation such as not since the beginning of the world this time or even nor ever shall be and except those they should be short there should no flesh be saved but for the elect 's sake those days shall be short Daniel twelve and actually a time of trouble such as never was since I was a nation even in the same time and I time thy people shall be doing something very is great controversy six twenty two the time of trouble such as never was single upon us in resolving the case of trouble is greater in anticipation and in reality but this is not true of the crises before symbols in the presentation cannot reach the magnitude of the ordeal in time of trial every solo must stand for who himself is good news those who are prepared will come out on the winning side God will make sure and second of all it's the last trial people of God will ever have to experience for the rest of the University and I will be ready for that in this is building a case you understand how important is his preparation for this time those who delay in preparation for the day of God cannot obtain it in the time of trouble or any subsequent time the case of all such is hopeless it is extremely vital for God 's people to be preparing the closer we come in these difficult times the greater the trouble people will face twenty one men's hearts failing them for fear and looking after those things which are coming earlier for the powers of heaven shall be shaken by the way when we call that was the time we call it when someone is looking after those things which are coming when they're looking into the future enter sheer anticipation are anticipating when sellers anticipate in a never negative way we call it what were anxiety and worry at the Black Hills health education Center I should just mention this when I have to I first started working there about eight years ago people just coming was kind of indication order to notify but we just seeing a steady increase in mental and spiritual struggles people worrying anxious and are getting physically sent over here one's understanding goal that the closer we get to Christ's return is not going to get better is getting worse or excuse the English and we are in the fourth ahead and not the tail end actually ministering to people in all three dimensions of their nature leading them into an exciting feeling rejoicing experience with the master were there no longer are affected by what's happening even though there it was our example and here is what God is calling us to even with this challenging scenario you everything you want to swear this is what God in Christ Jesus concerning although this entry shall not loss another shall be in vines labor the all in the ring here I'm just trying to find the spot where it does rain to show you don't need the five survey and the folder should be no herd in the stalls and Walmart will be shut down yet I will rejoice in the Lord I will joy in my selfish ungrateful I love this heavenly places one twenty three the children of God they rejoice in how many things how may times when troubles and difficulties leaving a wise providence of God you may want you need not wait for a happy flight of feeling but I think you may want lay hold of the promises and list thanks committed guy even in the midst of pure water tight from racial experience must the followers of Christ have in order to rejoicing we remain under the protecting care of God in triumph in trial one can now I built the case now is great controversy the season of distress and anguish before us were required to face that can endure weariness delete and hunger a faith that will not faint though severely try Jesus spoke of it when the Son of Man comes showing fine thing that's will be the people who actually allow him to instill his face in their lives Lord is calling us to earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered to the saints we must meet you are your coworkers with Christ and each must have an which will lay hold upon omnipotent power a fate that cannot be repulsed or baffled by the obstacles of Satan type of victorious faith experience the triumph and tragedy triumph and trial calls for personally learning to walk you invisible this is the call of the day to actually experience living in the invisible no longer focusing attention on outside circumstances of an enemy appearance of things that are happening in your life Christ triumphant we shall be brought industry places but we do not want to wait until then before we learn to trust and obey now just now is our opportunity and privilege when the light of truth is shining upon us we are to learn the lesson house the time was involved in learning to live in the invisible well here we go the mind must be wiped in mind must be training through daily tests to habits of fidelity as to his sense of the claims of right and duty about the inclination about inclination pleasure mind is the highest training do not waver between right and wrong but as soon as matters coming for them they discern once that principle is involved and they instinctively choose the right did you get that instinctively choose the right known as natural without bearbaiting long debating the matter they are loyal because they have what they have trained themselves to have its own faithfulness and truth this is the holiday living in the invisible means learning to habitually trust God 's word when circumstances is impossible to do so it's easy to trust God 's word when everything is going your way but what happens when the trial hits and it looks like Tim's address password and obeying God 's word means you're going to lose something valuable to negative eleven hundred dollars you lose out on your goose interhemispheric I love this nine years old nine -year-old female hundred -year-old male it shows even though that each of us Abraham Steger not the prompt but strong in faith giving glory to God and being what fully persuaded that what God had promised to visit Nelson for I live in invisible means learning to this we trust God regardless of what our senses are communicating Syrian Army of Tennessee as long because every time we went to attack Israeli welfare any documents and visors asked what the deal was whom Lavinia trader wasn't happy about this is no greater than is whether this kind of a knowledge and he's telling the plans are so Syrian king Google after lunch Catchings catches about dose of surrounds Syrian army surrounding a large insurer service working shoes or boots were sandals women's wearing licenses this fear not for they that be with us are more than they that be with them and Elisha prayed and said Lord I pray you will criticize NBC will open my eyes to open the eyes of young man and he saw behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire watch passing eventually I say all that is visible means learning to him as we walked by faith in God 's love and mercy in repentance and reformation even when you made terrible mistakes like this statement you gave information terrible mistake and get David's prayer particles on fifty one have mercy on me O God according to the lovingkindness according to the multitude tender mercies blot out my transgressions wash me thoroughly from mine iniquity and cleanse me from my sin restore and we've enjoy thy salvation wholly when I first benefit is that I will teach transgressors within it as long as learning to initially remain faithful to God 's will even when he allows us to experience physical infirmity shall we slaying of our trusted I've never been covered with sores and four plus United in such misery that only produces the hope of ever jeweled was the slightly that will I trust you possible that God three times please take this where is my grace is sufficient for you for my strength is made perfect in weakness most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon me therefore I take pleasure in infirmities in reproaches in necessities in persecutions in distresses for Christ's sake for one and we demonstrate this is life in all it's so interesting at the Black Hills how many people that has to visit with who don't think I was working for him unless they get better physically and they are basing their walk with Christ on how well they are feeling is that dangerous words everything is just dangerous living in a invisible learning to live in the invisible awareness to actually trust God even in your physical weakness that doesn't mean you're not doing everything you can take care of yourself as a means leaving the results in whose hands God 's hands under the faithful regardless of the outcome they visible I hope this is the same can live anything invisible means learning to eventually choose my faith remain true to God went to all outward appearances are faithfulness will bring undesirable and even get the results fiery furnace generation Internet bingo Daniel in the Lions den faithfulness we will not we will not serve your gods going through the invisible quite often means may seem as if we must live in the impossible but had his reality speaks our Lord God behold you have made the heaven of your life by great power and stretched out arm and there's nothing too hard for you issue is not with are you growing and developing a faith relationship with Christ Orwell trusted even when it appears that all is lost that is reality speaks again I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me the apostle Paul when everything appears impossible our mighty God promises I love this promise I hope these is in the prayer room and I will bring by way of opinion I believe that it has not alone in darkness light before then encrypting straight piece is going to invent and what not present at your prompts that your paths active phase and developing Christian growth must know and had upon the outward appearance of circumstances but upon the unseen realities revealed you guys weren't asked why it's called living in the invisible second previews four eighteen while we look not at the things which are seen but the things which are not seen for the things which are seen at Kmart Walmart down the interstate in the hospital or temporary things of Nazi eternal realities of God 's word they are so here we go we've got to be willing to learn to him which we walk by faith not by sight that's what were talking about here no longer trusting our senses but rather trusting the mighty God what he says about the situation facing what is developing realities must someone come to understand and eventually trust in order to live in the invisible in grasping the hand around remaining triumphantly returned to the Lords well into the heaven reading posted during faith development reality number one this has got to be solidified in our lives regardless of circumstances the truth as it promises of God 's word are infallibly reliable guide in meeting my specific needs in any life situation I think there is all Scripture is given by inspiration of God profitable for doctrine reproof correction instruction in righteousness by the way doctrine doctor is important to us as a journalist based upon going to doctrine about death when Jesus came to teaching about God when God really is from reproof to the Bible tells me what's wrong for correction the Bible tells me once why for instruction in righteousness and Bible teaches me how to get right and stay right with God that the man of God may be perfect thoroughly furnished without even worse friends already works every single one word is truth and they did in every one of my righteous judgments God 's way of seeing things God 's call everyone enjoying for Christ teaching education page eighty one Christ's teaching like his sympathies embrace the world never can be a circumstance of life a crisis in human experiments which is not been intense disappointment in his teaching and for which its principals have monotonous the Prince of teachers in his words will be found in God 's coworkers the time you say the reason I put this here is because the counseling world is an multibillion-dollar business there are some five hundred different modes of there being taught salt of the nose is healing the broken line is broken heart with over ten thousand different techniques that are being used to communicate his concepts ideas people are spending megabucks to get from a human being what they can get from God to his there is whatsoever things were written aforetime God 's word written for our learning that weaves through patients and comfort from where the Scriptures might have one home that's a great word is linked when someone has got hold it's amazing what they can and want in all cups from Cox for free of charge if a person is willing to connect through eleventh in Jesus Christ in a reality number two regardless of circumstances no matter what I'm experiencing my value in God 's sight is everlasting unchangeable this is so incredibly important many I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore with loving kindness by drawing Jeremiah thirty one three Aiken I tested I think that's a good agree with me I would say that over ninety five percent of the individuals that we work with at the Black Hills health education Center the passing I have the privilege of communicating with and working with ninety five percent or better and never accepted the fact I think where they own it that they are as you listen close as valuable as the life 's John three sixteen for God so loved the world viewing me that he was gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life as you requested when you go to Walmart or any of those marks and you're looking for a pair shoes are you willing to pay for a pair of shoes and you don't think is at least as valuable as the amounts are exchanging for them absolutely not and all of our parents use and I will pay fifty bucks or twenty bucks and went online and out unless I believe in my heart that parishes is at least as soluble as a box of exchanging for the following John three sixteen says in human IR is valuable to know as I was very likely this summer listen Jesus in China as it was in think about eternity so that you can have life are you following organization was doing when he said my mama said on a somewhat like my guy while her second one is to say that because it was actually an experience where you can not since the father 's presence he wasn't aware of anything and he had the lowest risk that he would come out at the cloth on the other side is about the spirit proxy statements to prove how valuable you are this is so sorry for rolling on that so crucial separateness from Christ I'm persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor principalities nor powers or things present nor things to come I didn't radio creature shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord he relies on a foundation that is we spend so much of our energy horizontally trying to get our value from human relationships when this one here the strongest economies the more we can use our energies to actually communicate the character of God to others rather than trying to get them to like this boss another blessing the blessed Savior longs the class car has absolutely invincible faith permitting and regardless his heart is open to our graves our sorrows are trials it has left us with an everlasting love with loving kindness passed us about when it came to our State Department noted on his lovingkindness all and he will lift the soul of other dailies are with perplexity and will face in that I may know him study the United Church of Christ it has it was his tender compassion he was inexpressible and parallel love your soul that led him to endure the shame to revise and use the misapprehensions of the nose was now I hope you on the ruling is to go through before the window every pain of rejection sorrow was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief and all for who you need you then developing reality number three regardless of circumstances no matter what God allows me to experience is nothing in prison you remember him on a remote final thoughts I think toward you saith the Lord foster peace and unable to give you an expected end what a solid foundation this is one summer grasses and you no matter what no matter how difficult things look your thoughts towards the authentication people in Basra not a blessing we also need to learn the trials we want when God brings us in the trolley is a purpose to college for a while but when we really believe that God loves us there is again a means to do is good we shall cease to worry about the future we shall trust God as a child trust his loving there are troubles and torments will disappear for a wheel is following up and will I not saw the developing reality number for absolutely nothing can touch me except when that was work permits much Jesus standing before Pilate just before he is committed to be crucified piloting his face like a drill sergeant don't want our increase in volume about power and set you free Jesus response if you are except that which is good and you and as it was with Jesus so it is with us this is a reality that must be just senior online he was ended with the spirit of Christ abides in Christ the Lord that he is and is involved upon the Savior who surround him with his presence whatever conversation comes from Christ he has no need to resist evil for Christ is his defense nothing can present except via Laura's permission all our sufferings and sorrows our temptations and trials of our sadness agrees all representations and vibrations in short all things work together for our good all experiences and circumstances are not working where my group is going to let me ask you how much can bother a person if they believe this individual you understand I'm growing to I have not arrived but I am thinking staff found that a dilemma standing before the bedside of the lady dying of cancer excruciating pain faithful followers Lord Jesus Christ and she dies suffering excruciating pain and her children comes a pastor how can you say my mother his mother we many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers an optimal pastor my mother wasn't delivered from her cancer for pain she wants she wants paradigm shift was the deliverance I got always opportunities there is no temptation taken you but such as is common Amanda God is faithful who will not allow you suffer you to be tempted above that you are able but will with the temptation make a way of escape that you may give the notice landscape the ability to what parents and that is developing reality number five when God allows me to experience something that threatens my sense of well-being that the liberating minds is often no deliverance from the trial but this raise a necessary means remains available to as well as proven trial everybody following not deliverance from the father God will not deliver us from the trial by faithfulness of deliverance is the ability of the race to remain faithful and will through the time regardless of the outcome those are surrender their lives to his guidance into a service will never be placed in a position for which is not made provision whenever our situation if we are doers of his word we have a guy indirect way whatever our complexity we had a short comes whatever our sorrow will remain her loneliness we have a sympathizing I'm so grateful for the regardless of what you and I are experiencing by the way home again is an experienced files before Jesus raise your hand and just want to make sure you are still awake with your eyes closed the door outward man perish yet the inward man is renewed day by day our light affliction which is but for a moment works for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory by the way this Internet schooling you think while we look not testing were not focusing our attention outward appearances were focusing on Wisconsin's situation the things that are Nazi things which are seen are temporary things which are not seen or eternal with this mindset seven rate or spiritually only the poor economic with this Christlike mindset a person is able to see clearly spiritually even though he might be boring this is Christlike mindset a person is empowered to be extremely strong spiritual leader donated we physically to live in the invisible is a learned experience everybody got so far encountered is not something you think near disaster you is learn the cost of practicing my new situations to place my faith in what God says in his word not the situation facing and by faith only what he says even though my senses may be sending the contrary messages this is learning to live in visible by the way in order for me to actually know what God says about the situation facing what must be paramount in my life I got to work Man shall not live by bread alone I walked the proceeds from the mouth of God I just highly recommend if you haven't started for you to start the wording I heard is that the precious sister playing after the meeting and she quoted Psalms one nineteen eleven artwork by hitting my heart and I'm so these guys that were on the downward stretch when I got to practice actually practice to learn dominions by faith nobody can do is remember feeling proud choice method that biphasic shoes and seeing every circumstances that will frame this as an opportunity look at the circumstances that you are freezing your personal experience as opportunities not destroying experiences there opportunities opportunity to actually practice thinking Christ thoughts regardless of our appearances and an uneasy network for these devices but this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus not cellular market pastor hear something you like to read I learned something interesting owners and that in the English nursery tenses past present future integrate nursing expenses was interesting about the present tense is and you are one of those of you who are doing morphology or whatever with them with the word the present tense meetings this is a continual experience let this mind be in you continue one know why because when I'm practicing something over and over one of my foreign forming a half and that's what God wants he wants me to be forming conventional mindset of Christ were to practice responding the way Christ in similar situations he practiced thinking is thought to practice responding his ways where you find his ways his thoughts in the word of God by who so whoever keeps his word in him verily is the love of God by the way what's the one word that describes God 's character first John four this is talking about God 's character be being developed in my life but whoso keep his word in him earlier in preventing hereby this is the way we know that women him that were Kiva says he abides in him ought himself also so even if you are the only places in the Bible and praying without ceasing your best on this point about being down on your knees and talking a lot less talking about conversing with them a nine hundred and praying for you practice talking to God at all times one of the situation of using going practice developed a half the careful being anxious for nothing but in how many things everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus if you hear nothing else this is it Isaiah twenty six three thou wilt keep him in perfect peace in Lord will keep him or her in perfect peace whose one highlighting my mind and thinking himself talking to them about what is so profoundly simple sometimes just watch is extremely valuable when the trial hits when the overwhelming surprise hits losing this in just a minute when you were wondering surprised since I can my favorite signs on to use the brain I know there's other doctors on you personally more people is no some business in your brain in the lower rates than is switching mechanism called a reticular activating system the RAS and what does this which is often thinking brain switches on the animals bringing one emotional brain switches back and forth so unique about this RAS is this where a surprise when someone is surprised something he senses something is threatening their sense of well-being immediately the RAS switches off the blood flow the major portion of the blood flow to the fungal and click send we call it the stress reaction when you have your frontal lobes shall you know how you respond to my habits that you have formed previous to the trial habits that will control your response to the items you're right about using the unit here is probably thinking six twenty six Christians should be preparing for one assumed right upon the world is overwhelming support his preparation as an and diligently studying the word of God is striving for their lives to its precepts this is a fascinating thing that it made sense to wish to be much in secret prayer Christ is the vine you are the branches and if we would grow and flourish we must continually draw sap and nourishment from the living by four separated from the light we have no strength was talking about what were doing or thinking my friends there is no time or place in which it is inappropriate to offer up a petition to God we may close every door to impure imaginings are not only lost by doing this all in the presence of God through sincere prayer when did you catch that you can lift your soul into the very presence of God through sincere prayer we maintain solidarity .net in every unexpected trial our thoughts will turn to them as naturally as a file returns to the sun since I cannot want cannot overcome on the human whose heart is thus stated one is that the wonderful thing to develop the habit of prayer in class one secondary 's early byways validating this in everything give thanks for this as will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you and result of this type of practice areas for ministries using four ninety one I love this result the only security in the final scenes of Earth 's history for a civil is writing as a man thinks in his heart so is he the power of self-restraint strengthens my exercise that which at first seems difficult I liked constant repetition practice practice practice training the mind practice practice practice thinking conscious thoughts responding personally according to Wayne shows you from the word practice practice practice that which it proceeds difficult like constant repetition grows easy to write files and actions become habitual and once the habit is formed that part of moonlight is because the moment the stimulation triggered you don't have to register as he's lost his head putting all the protection that your brain I hidden with Christ in God Colossians chapter three one two three the apostle Paul had to learn how to live invisible not that I speak in respect of want to write learned in whatsoever state I am down with the content I know how to move the reason why new it because he learned just like you I know I will be abused not allowing everywhere in all things I've instructed both to be hungry both to abound and suffer I can do all things in Christ so can you guess what even Jesus had to learn Hebrews five eight nine one 's is honoring this dynamic five questions for the Dolby were assigned yet learned he obedience by the things which he saw and being made perfect he became the author of eternal salvation of all Pennsylvania court noted that closely here's my question for question I thought Jesus was always a meeting I thought he was always perfect so what's is talking about I think Sarah character and desire images but Christ come in the near of as a man with a holy life and what a perfect character seriously offers as a free gift to all who receive the same way everybody following throughout his life and in his darkest hours Gethsemane and Calvary our Savior live in the invisible trusting and obeying his father 's will regardless of outward appearances regardless of what he was doing regardless of the outcome was personal well-being Christ's call for us King says he abides in him ought himself also want just as well I scoffer us twenty one MR two thirty is by learning the habits I asked his name is loneliness that self becomes transformed and wore himself out as greater freedom greater and greater freedom greater freedom from anger and healthy law who definitely anger efforts on the people decide yourself what you to actually communicate God 's character love to others without any fear Christ call beloved now we are children of God is not yet been revealed what we shall be about we know that when he is revealed we shall be one how come why doesn't the organization as use because we walked in his moccasins are his sandals we walk in his footsteps while we're here learning everyone who has this hope in him purifies himself just as sure because I came to the visible and living in the invisible is a learned experience in cooperation with the workings of the Spirit two things are absolutely necessary to things this is absolutely necessary anybody want to be running to meet a master piece I've got two things to do Damon exercised upon choice time study the enemy is working overtime keeping everyone is inside too busy you are is no reason for me how much started to show yourself approved of God a workman that means not to be machined right understanding and communicating the word of truth second Timothy two fifteen started to God 's word to knowingly intelligently watches also this transforms one motivation for opening his word second Corinthians three eighteen says I'm holding me become changed but we always face beholding as in a glass the glory character having changed into the same image from glory to glory from the old would you knew you Christlike spirit changes your motivation I can role in a revoked various by beholding Christman become changed into the same image from glory to glory from character to character I've ever put this in a single by doing true motivations there was a world in the responsibility and by when will the majority of Christian two motivations desire to gain happiness and pleasure desire to avoid pain and discomfort and just think about what motivates you and some of the decisions you made all of this is the painful and Mark Warhol and so once that happened down at the pharmacy and diverse history when the market at least when we are confronted with the side holding God or else no other values to motivations and I don't do in the leadership position denied God 's truth viewer suffers extreme pain every loan but ask you once the third motivation of major motivation account is trying to lead us into that will keep us faithful to the laugh the love of Christ constrains us separated by fourteen to sixty for the love of Christ constrains us for we thus judge if one guy that one died for all and all will do and if one died for all that we which live should no longer live and were subsequently taken to address the motivation of love that is slow but powerful thing that will hold us actually when the whole world the majority of Seventh-day Adventist Christians reject us mouth last is a second one willing to practice guys working on the experience you got a knowing intellectually generally experientially to transform my responses to life as I practice God 's word I'm actually learning to know God experientially his wife the apostle Paul at the end of his journey had this testimony notices here's my question was this was his intellectual experiential or wasn't just factual long-term lockdown for which cause I also suffer these things nevertheless I am not ashamed for I want I know in whom I believe in unpersuaded that he's able to do that which I committed and when why when she enabled because he knew experientially intellectual there is again how we practice God 's word in every situation we face regardless of outward appearances regardless of what we are feeling regardless of what we perceive the outcome to be we must consistently practice thinking Christ thoughts responding price way there is in a nutshell I think you know I'm rereading one one if we would live in true Christian life the conscience must be quickened by what unaccustomed contact with word of God carrying my father I like this with my you I was also great for the coupons right now live on you know before Christ comes in and I'm trying to visualize what you does he only way I can stick with all precious things which independent cost God has provided for us will do us no good they cannot strengthen us and produce spiritual growth and left wing appropriate we must did the word of God make it a part of ourselves and various hyperlinking six twenty six there is a quarterly reporting abilities Christians should be preparing for the soon to break upon the world is an overwhelming surprise this preparation they should make by diligently studying the word of God and striving to conform the last which presents God calls for revival and reclamation dragline I don't know where each one you are right now your experience some of you may be experiencing pain bodily pain that does not mean that God is punishing you in the news trying to experiment with giving you the opportunity to tie up in trial practice living in the invisible some of you may have recently experienced incredible loss with your process will experience incredible that doesn't mean God is not what you got and doesn't care from it means you have the opportunity to enter a more intimate experience with examine your thoughts and responses in the light of his thoughts and ways and practice living invisible triumphing industry you may be experiencing human rejection right now maybe from your own church no Jesus explains that the left doesn't mean God has rejected you it means you have the opportunity to check out your thinking with his making sure that your thoughts are in harmony with his thoughts a man like Jesus Mirren in the invisible China at all along your journey of practicing in every situation your friends remember the heavenly reality Paul conveyed to the Crimson mark this one gearbox market every person the passage I have visited with I can see this has been something that has been just a beautiful encouraging revelation Paul talking to the Corinthian believers about doing what they said they were going to do for the saints in Jerusalem this is what he told now therefore perform the doing do what is your better service or readiness to where you are ready and willing to do it so maybe a performance also on what performance on what I should have is not help off your is not how gorgeous you are physically is not how many children you are currently stationed about you is not how it means you are in are you responding to the wind of the Spirit of God and responding to life situations with what you have and look what's important to God for if there refers away is accepted according to the Manhattan than in Manhattan accordingly don't compare yourself to anyone else settling your minor children take time to know the master time anymore and respond what changes you would start practicing city has lost whatever situation he faced during practice responding his voice and know that what God is looking for is that when you are limited to the mistaken in his estate my lack of interest is an innocent heart to you when efforts are put forth his Jesus accepts this disposition effort as man's wife your best source and he makes up for the efficiency was what you have a performance just like a little child is the Lord I haven't been taking time and should I start you will I don't know much I trust your spirit and do the best I can will practice what you boys were not moving in the failure is probably first time living with he seems to pull himself up on the edge of each class is that it will sell you on Goodchild and so is awfully in performance on what you for the first viewing my success is according to enhance start saving those baby steps just understand God 's provision for the laws for child to and when you plot immediately confessedly going to start practicing with you and I will continue to practice practice then the wind practice practice you'll happens is when the new new new breakdown is doing during this scroll is until finally because you haven't been using the old one very much and good practice in the New London was getting stronger you'll was getting weaker than he thinking when this maneuvering that this new habit pattern is somewhat stronger than the old one is natural for you and he would have to give Charlie did I choose to go back to the old way in order for this to happen you know so in following this is so exciting praise God is in time for us and we rejoice in the incredible represses often take time and one regionalists and asking starting the light of Christ and the Holy Spirit of God is doing something for you that no human being and I will know psychologist psychiatrist Doctor Bennett is leading you into living in the invisible life everlasting revenues on closing and open floor for questions I know that I went through a whole bunch of materials or their continuing but the understanding of the testing are open will be at the booth of my conclusions and if you have questions you ask us about anything to pregnant women having questions right now any questions at all again I came on in the entertainment business when my dad died when I was nineteen is result of my death is a horse trainer and within the train horses really traveled revealed and when diagnosed in nineteen I got in the wrong group I've been playing guitar and is clearly losing her for very long as I spent years traveling and enough in LA to work my way into the film industry and while I was there hope that my parents gave me as a young child was in my suitcase and I'm getting to the answer and when evening came home from collectors workshop I was actually being screen tested things left to go very well understanding when I was I was in Hollywood there were about five hundred thousand people with their screen actor Guild highest number there was recall those union cards and only about two to three thousand people working regularly at industry everybody else was kicking to try and survive for that one big part I came home from film actors workshop one evening and just as empty inside and you said I was not Christian at all in fact I make a living making fun of Christians I said I identify was sitting on the table and I look at it and pick it up opened up in open up somewhere in the Gospels and I talked to CVS and got if you really really for the plan from you anyone remember that Jesus Moore convicted again and I read and read and when it came to him hanging on the cross and so those words were father forgive them for they know not what they do the light I knew that he was doing it for me he was dying for me at several inches of his fans and I felt my face no lights revenues fell on her face and just weavings a guy to have me back is one of following and I was beginning my journey I understand that I was living in Hollywood I had a filthy filthy filthy mouth and I was in love with Jesus forgive me wish for you and I started going to nature which could have possibly wanted to know each of his home city controlling the people I was crazy here's his blog I was going to say just leaving his heart out you know people and talking your way I know I'm just embarrassed to talk to people in church as I was using explicit used to describe my relationship with Jesus as I have a following somewhere down the road after several months just meeting people prayers I went and changed chapter three times before and less interesting seeing as one hundred and that moment the Spirit of God was speaking to me and calling to repentance my favorite was stronger at that point where I could actually respond to surrender put off the old input on MS went on a journey of development now it has to question you suppose I had a picture of that is later quickly monthly yearly and because I was on my voice and request the case with this course there were times I thought I get up as a will is what please forgive me I started apologizing to people as I was using just practicing I announced that cursing other questions budget on continuing with us when Jesus was talking about it John eight thirty one thirty two waste time of the Jews in the meantime if you continue in my one family my disciples indeed you shall know the truth and usual one maybe you free and that such of you asking other questions forever is univariate time thank you so much and I can remember back to me and questions I is privileged to spend time with you remember this when it is in the heart tool to when efforts are put forth his Jesus except this is an effort has man's wife the service and he links up with an efficiency with his own children thank you father for whose precious moments we had together I cannot do anything for anybody else's heart including my own but I'm asking that you would just labor with the hearts of my dear and beloved if your children your precious treasures labor with my heart was with hope and determination to actually practice and living in the invisible just like the apostle Paul just like Jesus and trust that you're doing this transforming our lives and preparing us to stand faithful and true like our Master thank you please do brothers and sisters giving encouragement given hope I am as I am not as a lesson here is my hot anthrax maintenance if you would like to learn more and I find that he will not and I is him and more our online service please visit www. nonbelievers .org


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