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Conna Bond
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Conna Bond

Marketing & Business Ethics Teacher at Walla Walla University School of Business




  • August 4, 2011
    3:30 PM
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I think my friend Tommy Bailey the seminar will probably mean and median view and we correctly is the way and people get is what I really like to see you here somebody tell Nevada posted by on a topic that is really near and dear to their hearts and so I have invited you to help me and sharing what they are they believe in our communication best advice on how to do it well from their point is from their experience I is a shame he didn't exit maybe know he is a storyteller that is actually his official title with near not and you spin a communicator well-known and in the church for many many years probably since almost before I was born yeah right and I knew that I have an gray-haired man now these are the men who seem to be sharing with us today is Kerry Benedict and I have known just for a few years and my first review when I saw that he produced the conscientious objector by on about Desmond Toscanini he's hiding you haven't seen it all in fighting atheist and it was a wonderful town by now you have depth of character and I came anything is good in telling a story and add information he shared some more about that as I had an begin with it gets you share from me I hopelessly see that statement is that I'll wrap things up at the end mirror not the builds buildings all around the world and we do it as a responsive ministry which means I love all schools in Bali and Tora Bora that's my desire but you never asked and so were busy building schools and in other places far away from Bora Bora because we're responsive ministry we only do what the church basis to do and they call and say we got this huge need well a few months ago the division and nothing is probably off a few months ago the division in that includes Honduras gave us a list making us and they said here's all the countries Ecuador Honduras Columbia we got some huge needs and one of our biggest needs is in Honduras talk to the union and so we sent our people down we talked to the union we went to all of the places where they need churches all the places within the schools we went a little town of Åland sheepdog in Honduras when we arrive these church said we want you to renovate our school our school has sixty students we think it could have eighty but it's dirty but paints peeling the roof is falling and there are bats in the belfry and it we need your help and so we looked at it and said boy that's for sure and they had six classrooms we figured we might be able to relieve XO six that same time we got a phone call from the Camelback church in Phoenix Arizona and the pastor Charlie White said we want a new mission trip we want to go to Central America because the cost of air flights and we want to build school or help with the school is a place we can go all right now we have three other school campuses that were building around Honduras there were just a way to start in northern Colombia we got twelve campuses that we need to start in Nicaragua just huge needs but for some reason all want to go collect and so we said we wanted to send a couple guys from Camelback come down and meet their authority who is the mayor not the man on the ground in the lunch ego and let's talk about the school will send you some pictures here's what needs to be done in renovation and so they went reason I tell you the story is what happened next the guys from Camelback went to Poland Chico with plans in their pockets for what they were going to do they had sat down with us they had talk with Joe Hardy and country they had talked with the pastor they had figured out how much money they can raise and so they were ready to go they figure they have sixty volunteers and fourteen days they could completely renovate the school and the upper run when they arrived they left the plans in their backpack that's the message I want you to hear they knew what they were meant to do they plan to carefully and then they chose to listen first there is nothing more important in communication than listening not the words not the pictures not your plans the most important thing you can do is listen in listening you get to know your audience if you know your audience and I say something to make some sense you to do something that doesn't fit the needs you to miss the target completely because you won't know whether targeted by mail college teachers used to say how do you know what you're going to end up somewhere else I never figured out what that meant but it made a lot of sense because every once in a while in my life I get all excited about doing something in a rush off to do it without figuring out if it makes any sense to anybody and one time I produced a ninety three but nobody ever ran in accepting your monster figured out that that was stupid thrown away and start over and go the direction that really made sense to people and make that happen when they listened around the table and the one sheepdog the school principal the pastor the conference education Director the principle of the closest school unless they the pastor said what is your dream for the school the principal answered Mrs. Chesterton in consequence of the presently and Charlie said during an English what we need most is a football field so the kids can play soccer because if we had a football field all the kids in town would be where we are and we would be able to do miracles in this community can you build us a football field when we talked about a football field and where nothing is not an expert football field builder that's not high on our list we do other stuff we do vertical things not horizontal thing but the guys from Camelback listen they spent an hour talking about football England Chico and even talked about the school and then when they had figured out the football field where it could be there wasn't room for it on the current school grounds would have to be somewhere else but somebody had a friend who owns land and they talked about that land and then the principal said and when the football field is ready could you build us a school around that would hold two hundred children because if we have a good football field we will need room for two hundred students now that was what happened completely upside down flipped of everything they have planned so they would look at the land they scratch their heads they went back and looked at their budget and I came back to us and said this is just while we hope my window Hardy was with the mermen of the representative number subdural and Charlie called we got a better idea because this is what they really need and so once they had explored the audience they had to adjust the products so we help end this is part of the story from the own lunch ego trip they did they built ten buildings two hundred students will go to school there starting is this August I got to run starting on December two hundred kids will have a brand-new school that's finished the concept the playing field the grass is being planets will grow and hopefully by December it'll been so they can actually play it right now to plated it's a mud bath that are really bad we did that once just to prove it could be a football field everybody looked so bad we moved to this spot for the leveler it will better harder they built it a clinic and treated nine hundred people they did vacation Bible school and served more than thirteen hundred children they held evangelistic series and baptized sixty new members face stirred the village of all and she told up so much that everybody came to the dedication of the school and the concept the new football field including the mayor who said I have to support all the schools but this is the one that will get most of my energy I love this place and every afternoon twelve teenagers from Phoenix Arizona ran what they called soccer ministry reminded me of the days above surfer ministry when I was in San Diego to get but this was soccer ministry what happened was that the kids taught the Camelback young men and women how to play soccer barefoot and I love the picture with his toes that's one of the lunch Eagle which I keep us with developmental and he says he's gifted in the dude behind them is one of the Camelback special and what they did was they built a whole new set of relationships already may know two hundred student school is can be too small yes so think about the communication process here we are not from an office manager point we listen to the knee people who have needs we listen to the people who want to give our job is to connect them if we connect the wrong people with the wrong product we get really bad experiences and we can tell you a couple if we build something they don't need or stupid we have to listen first if we drop in and say when it is really cool school we need to build for you these can look at you with the guys I have been part of that experience not really all the reasons why it happened but one nine up a bill to school for four hundred children were nobody wants to rally an interesting experience and we did it because the conference the Union the pastors told us that's what they needed we listen deep enough when you listen deeper you get a whole different set so we always listen to the level that we talk to union division and go down to visit we go to conference we go down to the pastor and then we sit around town and listen the people in town all of that has to be coherent according to some foolish but then we balance we have to listen to the people who want to go do stuff we have people who say we wanted to a clinic in I got everything ready to go and we have to say well you know that's really cool but in our last conversations with the Minister of health who is a Seventh-day Adventist in the country of Zimbabwe you may not be clinics if you want to make two clinics let's find another country for you because that's not been working as we have all kinds of interesting realities successful communication and product delivery requires ears before it requires lips or computers money in a sense so many times I read stuff that was printed for an audience that didn't exist or that was not the audience it was sent to and when you when you get a mailing that obviously didn't go to me able on somebody else I look at Brandon we look when we sit around a table and we laugh and remember times we've done things like that and we cry and say this got so good to be able to listen and transform in the process first thing listens so you know your audience second think listen so you know your product know everything there is to know about who you are what you're doing and why of the play you just heart of a little MP4 and you haven't met any Moto you need to write it down someplace to go find any motive it's a fun place to create slideshows and I don't have the second and him and for an all seeing and what a mission trip in the van Mena goes so many different places this was fun to see where we go next awareness of her Confederate show is called Christmas family project we have about a hundred and twenty people with us and there is a young couple I don't know them none of us know when we have no interaction or knowledge of them before they drop in on the meeting the program when it starts of there not living together Levine guys going men and liberals are out there are obviously a couple so rather than ask a bunch of uncomfortable questions I just listen made friends we pounded nails together of Brendan and Joanna became good friends working on medical and after three days under and Joanna came to me and said would you be willing to marry us in the church on this Sunday after our big Sabbath celebration at the end of the project how you responded that what you do anywhere foreign country I love anything about these people except that who they are and they're asking me to be the pastor who marries and luckily there was another pastor he is the guy who was running the project members and so the two of us sat down with him we laugh we talked we listened and suddenly we had a wonderful party and it was the Andrea and join a party everybody in the town of anything do we have to go out and input-output announcements to know all we did was talk about it with our group and then other people started listening mix and you know every person in the town phonetic which is probably fifteen hundred people show up for this crazy windings that the new church it was the best thing that could happen him to advertise the new church of anything we could rent up was so awesome and so I love making videos that will go from here there are quickly an end really just have energy this is Andre and run his favorite song I made a video that matches a man may fall over the video if all about us they have been on to more Christmas family projects with their kids because both of them have teenage children and so now we get this blended family that is committed to serving around the world because couple of us listened and helped to make their lives deeper and richer that's all part of the communication process and you match others not just your own interests and desires to make a sense of smell my favorite video to slow our show you parts of another one of launches Internet resources and set our resources old-school as Louisa I will plan ahead RSS is not immediately grandparents paid money for the school and his styles in Verizon finance is now not as when we were beginning to give us money to build a school in Zimbabwe we had availability lots of South America and middle schools for the same reason we want Jesus know your audience know your product and the consumer so be sure that the words you use match the audience if I use slang and talking on the television the if I use of current connections grandparents turned me off it was targeting a program to teenagers use a whole different set of words and we use them purposely in the school that I was standing at the beginning of this and I'll take it back register you can see the that the location that's the big church in a brand-new school that we have just built in January of this year in Victoria Falls in public when we got there everything came in the containers from God Center Minnesota all the steel walls windows roofs everything except the concrete and so aware we got everything there we open the containers this can be a thousand students in the school 's three preschools giant primary school little hole four hundred kids off five hundred kids in sorry and a secondary school the whole four hundred mark all right here on the ground were busy building it and as we open the containers sell the steel upright piles to get all organized like a bunch of Tinker toys we realized that this problem every window requires two bolts and two nuts on each book the bolts are there there's no nuts couple phone calls the nuts are in Minnesota this month on a counter we do about that when the Home Depot right we could not find a thousand volts we find are both two thousand knots we cannot find those in Zimbabwe and Zambia and Mozambique or South Africa and we were in big trouble and so we went to one of our guys and we said would you please go over the hardware store which is about the size of half the size this room over the hardware is store and we want you to buy two knots for five hundred volts a thousand knots for Mexican what is the problem he knew there were no nuts and if it will never find anybody when the store and here's what he did he went to counter his want to talk the oldest man here in old dude came shuffling out now what are they talking the belly to each other because we couldn't make that's why we sent him rather than one of us anytime with this group of Seventh-day Adventists were building a new school LaGuardia Airport we are five hundred volts we need to nest on every one of them can you sell us a thousand knots for these goals and the old man looked at it and said their choice I'm just totally bonkers he said you know the problem of these are standard everything in this part of the world 's metric on weekends and extend electric light and you have to do standard just taking tried on the drive on the city gets his big lecture and finally calms down guys would you just look and see potential in a thousand met a standard not the visible somewhere in your store and the guys that you leave the shuffled point is later he comes back he's got a bolt and he says I have a story to tell as he slips and not honorable and she put metrics on handle never for these lives one on the new slips to on and he says sixty years ago the Rhodesian farmer walked in here and ordered a thousand standard bolts we all tried arguing out of the was a stupid idea but he was determined ninety when you support and so we ordered a thousand standard bolts of America in London at cellular with bolts the guys in America refused to cells both Muslim whatnots and botnets the guy paid for me came one day pick phone women sitting on a shelf in the back room for sixty years waiting for you to come and ask for and he sold us a thousand knots for a Windows by three questions why didn't the Angels Minnesota winter book my second question is the time Zimbabwe want bolts that were standard my third question is one of the guys in the United States refused to sell balls and dynamic so much to dismiss any sense right but six years ago somewhere in supply and heaven of a group of angel sat around and said I just got this memo six years from now we're going to forget it so we need to make sure we got not ready for them and they said that's all I startled coincidences God plans all these easily and when I get to heaven as the Angels and supply when we first has always worked why does all this work I have no idea but one or reason at all and then morphing when the nuts are put on the shelf or when the Angels if I'm telling this story to a group of grandparents I talk about the angel who guarded the nuts for sixty years because that's the way grandparents think the mentality from the country the generation that within you got to have an angel standing guarding boxes if I'm telling it to teenagers today I talk about the invisibility cloak the angel dropped over it and went off to go thanks because the kids today don't understand anybody taking that much time and invisibility cloak that's a very common Harry Potter world and the teenagers I live with no Harry Potter you know what an invisibility cloak servant so you can change your language to match the audience but the product is the same when I tell the story I want you to say in the amazing God plans sixty years ahead I wonder how far ahead he is planning in my life for the things I'm worried about today that's the three things I wanted to listen so you can match your audience listen so you know your product match the two in ways that will get your job done connect people directly Jesus Terry run okay for those of you don't know my background come from LA in the film business since I got on the school that the Pepperdine so one of the first things to be at all touristic minded young man at the time I thought the truth matter you think this statement is true the truth doesn't matter some insane depends with all be brave now how many believe the truth doesn't matter in marketing I all okay so Ms. visits the illusion how many of you believe that presentation is more important than the truth and I lamented 's what happens if you tell the truth and it's like the tree falling in the forest and nobody is around does the truth matter then what happens if you have you tell the truth in marketing and some of the lessons does it matter how many ever have buyers remorse you bought something because it was marketed to you with a story or fax or whatever indecision God is like whoa wait a minute this is what I thought I was getting Zune was a no so when it comes to truth doesn't matter in and in this is in the context of even how we deliver the gospel because is that is it actually possible to deal and market absolute truth is that possible is it what about who we are and who are voices do we ever put you know our spin on it is that even possible not to put your spin on greenies are pretty core questions that we have to ask yourselves especially when were dealing with spiritual matters I think okay so I propose to you how and why it matters how we tell the truth matters you know Dick was still a couple stories there is no also the will get to know my grandfather could not tell a really good story at least when my grandfather 's mother grandfather told great stories you know not every person tells stories and in one thousand with facts you know we tell just the facts or so we'll add some color to those facts weddings I wanted to wear the points I want to get across to me of your width headroom outreaches or NGOs are ministries anybody okay yeah okay good I effective branding okay this old sketchier yelp much of the time we try to just scream out our message about what we think you know what we need to get across to people who wanted things and accept this you know what this is about listening and thus the slow character here she's thinking why do I care not a very specific example about a year and a half ago Nvidia is seeing the series that I critical hope in motion provision AIDS organization and Helen Eager is a cofounder that organization was talking to me about getting involved with them in ice and I was very upfront with her I say give me one good reason why secure about an orphan in India when we don't even take care of our own in this country so give me one good reason why secure she just got a smiled and she said well Terry I don't think country borders should have anything to do with it a child in need as a child in the end so just are simply saying that convinced me that you know it will be enough that I felt like you know what I really need to consider whether I should get involved with this organization why I should care and there's lots of good ideas and there's lots of good reasons to get involved with causes as it were but we have to figure out ways to actually communicate to other people wisely good idea to get involved here are three things that are fast whether we want to agree with them are not there just there there plans that number one everyone has a great story to tell every single person in this room and part of my job as a filmmaker storyteller there are no such thing as boring people are boring stories this is bad storytellers know storytellers who just don't get it they don't see and read in between the lines there are everyone has a great story sometimes the storytellers we just have to dig a little deeper to figure out what the what the right angle is second thing is how well you tell your story is more important than your story Issac L Desmond Doss one time we were sitting in I was very frustrated with them he told this story first sixty plus years and he told it brought me to love my route you can I can literally ask them on any given day to tell his story and I could intercut word by word his story and you would never know the difference so one that I got really frustrated you are the worst person to tell your story and he kind of smiled a simple will why is that nicer because you leave out all the good parts he left out all the colors you told for so long tedious it he was very humble man and he just heroes don't tell their own story well so who tells your story is really important it really is important there's something that some Ivan and pearlescent routers or started doing this is under my shady foundation is doing message marketing there is this a culture that has permeated and what we call the one-man band and it's got to be quite rampant and it causes bad storytelling part of Shays philosophy of the foundation that was started is that we believe that every single baby coming out of the womb is gifted there is no such thing as a small group of children anywhere in this world that is gifted every child from another woman stepped in if you believe in Psalms that every child has been gifted by God and has a special purpose in life and so there are plenty of people young middle-aged and old that are gifted to tell stories and this little sketchier you know and I've I've been I've been guilty as were people thinking you do everything and try to do it and things fall through the cracks and in it shows up in the final story I maybe know Gary Burns that blinking and communication director Gary was just telling me the other day he wed to do an interview at this amazing interview that he was doing and he was happy to work as a one-man bands and somehow the mute button push on the camera from so there was no sound for this great interview adding out a soundman that would never happen this stuff happens way way way too much so what to do how many of you have heard about the little problem the big amount of fish Nivea for the day it's a beneficial thing up for a lifetime in it doesn't matter whether it's the nonprofit world or the corporate world marketing is changing today it was probably came for quite some time but adeptly as King today if this man if we just got to think for a second here this is picture there is an orphan sitting areas Hungary and I got a box to go find something now most of us always start a cause it's not just because of one individual there's because there's some group that were wanting to help so finally have one dollar and I go into the VM okay I got no other income at this point I've got no other way to further my outreach now if I took that dollar in yes that Oracle might have to be hungry for a little while longer and I actually use that dollar to go and communicate to you people in this room do you think I could get back more than one dollar if I can't something 's wrong with the way I'm telling the story but I've not ever had that happen with any of the organizations of a rewards whether anything that I've done marketing wise if you tell the story right you're going to get that dollar in a whole lot more back so I can only not only do this orphan right here I can see a lot more and so one of the things we need to consider is the fact that as we receive our funding marketing doesn't need to be at the bottom it needs to be up at the top twenty five only familiar with the talents storing what about landlord how much were they supposed to invest all of the other date invested all in feeding somebody or did they invent work with what is the best maiden name something what is it me to put it someplace where it's going to what multiply right visa this is this is not just some man-made principle we need to think about that Matthew twenty five is a growth strategy Jesus was pretty clear about it and about are our responsibility as human beings walk in the face face of the earth it was so important that he said hey you know what when I come back I went to separate you all so we have some accountability towards his right there's something else that happens with this principle if I go to you all in this room and tell the story well here's the reason why it multiplies because if you become inspired what happens if you tell other people you know there's a bear dialogue going on in this church right now another churches about social media and all the stuff in my question of them what you have to talk about if you don't have anything to talk about you've got no social media social media is unmet driven a you got to be feeling something to have something to say for anybody they care about it one of the things that of an end index in this related related field because when he goes down to a place business really know what's can happen you know when I went halfway around the world India to meet my dream was to really document more than being dropped off no less not really been done before and you go through the process and it was it changed my life and so do happen to watch that episode there are two or three of those episodes that the revenue meter just starts climbing because it touches a universal theme in one of the things that is so important you have to type a universal the love is certainly one of those compassion everybody has lots and everybody has lost always most of us and we have to look at these universal themes no Dick was talking about angling at her grandparent market you know there there are certain things that are important to that that audience and he's right you have to know your audience and not only do you have to know your audience you have to speak their language and there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all and I'll tell you the DOS felt when I did that vacuum about the closest the universal language kids as young as six or seven watch that film and as old as dirt whereas by everybody but the interesting thing about that language thing is is that people when they watch the film they take away different things from and when were talking about those of you have an outreach where's my hate Mark can you get me back up that I think I blew by that list thing telling her story with that force life back thanks to our over the back here to this for a second this great story to tell thing let's say your outreaches orphans okay that's not your story we help orphans that's not your story it's like why you help orphans why should anybody care that you help orphans what's motivating you know when I look at Helen and the way she lives her life I color Mother Teresa part two because she has described the life of poverty literally and in so when I saw you got to know her I told the agent a focus of lesson we got a tell Helen story and I think this is a good episode or something that that you know we tried to show a little smooth bit of what Helen's life is like in in that touches people we go back to does the truth matter the reason why the only reason why the truth matters is because in how you present it is because what you said people will go and share with others true doesn't resonate or come through is being transparent people will not go and share article so you know what our buyers more sense are ever got involved with the organization you won't see Matthew twenty five growth and we fast-forward to Matthew twenty five if you're going to claim that you're a faith-based organization you better be walking that talk and if you think well I can't really spend his dollar right now for marketing as I don't have a woman maybe you ought not be in the business if you're going to be a faith-based organization you've got to walk that talk and people will see it big big they will sense it all our regard however familiar with the devotion my utmost for his highest stripe turn my back on your richer hands again almost it again this is this is really important to me and the reason is important any of you you know are when you think God is giving you a vision on here and sell you from personal experience urinal walk alone for at least a little while of it to did you know this book it's one of my favorite days it's July for the notes for July sixth scope vision and reality God gives us the vision than he takes us down to the Valley to batter us into the shape of the vision and it is in the valley that so many of us think and give way every vegan will be made real if you have patience of a messenger done over ever since we had the vision of God had the vision God gave us and it's been he's been at work and getting us in the shape of the ideal and over and over again we escape from his hand and try to batter ourselves into our own shape so let him put you on his wheel and worldview as the lights and assure his God is God and you are you you will turn out exactly in accordance with his vision don't lose heart in the process because if you ever had a vision of God you may try as you like to be satisfied on the lower level but God will never let you you can be like Jonah and run away from that vision and he's got a call you back in as best he can and the things that I've tried to communicate with you here including doing a one-man band don't be tempted to go down that path is talking to a doctor or dermatologist just the other day as you say Terry she said everybody thinks their doctor the same as for the eye nose and probably everybody brings their photographer and is strode the digital world has given everybody almost access everything in the information world has done the same thing for doctors we can all presoak free subscribe everything we wanted it we got an arsenal drug we want because the marketing exactly so I agree with these parting words the response in a very divisive passion about all this stuff is because I believe in a first-class guy and I believe that heat of the expects of us to deliver his at first class way and that we have to have faith that is going to deliver in the way that he wants to see it delivered but if or not to follow biblical principles will then were just these can Apple keep battering on as a way and so we sort of try to get it figured out and I can tell you that we are given a vision if you can just submit submit submit you will get just like Oswald Chambers is saying God will deliver he will not deny with his vision it's this vision he'll deliver just have to submit in one of those principles is Matthew twenty five is a marketing principle is a growth strategy you got a think about thanks him and him and I been listening to need to communicate us for long time I watch how people tell stories I watch how people communicate I get your newsletters and I get the stories that you send me the news stories and it's my job to make sure that companies actually hearing them and that somebody's actually reading them and so I share I can't listen to your stores of how you begun your ministries and how the Lord is called to them I feel a personal burden to make sure that people know what is in your heart and why you're doing what you do and I hope that today which I do learn some practical advice on how to re-examine why you are doing what you do because if you don't know then you're not going to be effective and just like you need to learn to listen to others you also need to examine your motivations example of why you are in ministry in the first place him now I personally believe I write to communicate her for twenty years I was not originally communications I went to law school and that's what I intended to do communications marketing all of that was not that important and I I I really been that way at least the first ten years of our marriage and I say the Lord would have ended up putting me where I answer that I would learn the importance of education I know that many of us think I have computers I have cameras I know how to communicate it's really not that simple and I have learned that by experience why is communication so important because it only will go policy letters or words of your actions we are called to communicate how it died during the world into existence with his voice he communicated us into existence words our communication we either build up with how we communicate or we destroy and I would like to make you every time you communicate however whatever means are using every time you communicate it has eternal consequences so this is not a small matter it's also the way we share with people hope for the future and if we can't give them hope they are not going to be interested in what we have to share in our ministry so I think it's going to ask some of the first questions first what is the point why am I doing what I'm doing what is my mission to go back to the original burning hauling like traces of something that the Lord called YouTube you need to know what that is your measurement mission and vision statements cannot just be something that you will offer that you talk about them it's always on all your annual report in your board meeting notes you need to understand what that mission is what God is I continue a specific job is also giving you the specific talents with which to accomplish that now once you identify that purpose and that calling then everything else that you do will be shaped by that now and give you an example I speak as a writer because I I would rather be in front of a hundred keys in front of a hundred will personally I do so I think of everything in terms of how it plays out on a page now if you gotten the most recent is ISI magazine is a story in there it's called he must increase it is my favorite stories in the magazine this time is now most of the stories I hear almost twice as long as what you see in the magazine many of them come to me without purpose or theme in a few black I get blogs I get things that just kind of Manitoba we went on a mission trip and I'm saying thinking why why did this make a difference because even affect you you know for being there while my friend Christine I had sent me this story and she says I act as I have been interested in this family that had gone out and it was during this mission I said you were just barely went to visit family related to them send your story and she's as our cabin I cannot take whatever you have to give me the while material I'll find something in there I'll find a story and so she sent me her it would instantly it was a long meandering stories it was kind of blog children she went down there saw everybody and you know that that he must increase the was not there at all but I know the young man who said that and I can imagine him in a dream and it brought tears to my eyes when I would read what she had to call her back to sixteen I see the story in which you sent me and I told her to tell the story you know we did this the whole reason you went down there to hear your nephew say these for instance you must increase tell the whole story of the reading there there is a magazine everywhere I said you have to tell the story with this focus on with your finger drifting is not talking he was a writer and had a linear photographer with your filmmaker when you're just a note other actions of the Lord gives you to do it communicate what you do and how you communicate has to be focused around that theme I got rid of everything else in that story that she sent me that was not connected to the purpose for telling that story when I saw the purpose of league and they had taken Delwin the same thing at Christie's in a lengthy whole and other purposes there is another theme the story would be just as rich and just as good anatomy of a story that I didn't tell but got he given me this purpose and definition of what this story match and that's how that came out tired he read that story and found for an example now sometimes it's hard to be edited it's hard how somebody was sensational it's importantly you can save us a little better save us a little shorter but this is not on my authorities at Isle of Wight has some interesting quotes about this she was a very prolific author he wrote a lot and yet she counseled writers are publications in the most sacred work to do in making clear simple and plain a spiritual basis of our faith is nothing to be long or short she sang it one way or another it needs to be clear simple and plain she wrote to one message would be greatly for the interest of brevity to cultivate simplicity and ease in his writings he needs to avoid dwelling at length upon any point that is not of vital importance and even the most essential manifest truths those which are those themselves clear and plain to be so covered up so that you has to be less cloudy and indistinct she also says brevity should be studied being short on words in order to interest the reader long reading articles or injury to the truth which the writer and print and I wanted Tyler has been his aggressive designer is the value of whitespace now it's hard for me when I get articles in your longest in a wing is when you have a story you're married everything happened in that story you just love every word and every you know it means a lot to you Tyler has been the importance of white space you I get a lot of newsletters that are packed in help from there the margins are filled everything is there I don't have time to read all of that so you've got actually and I'm interested in a eye on your best friend when it comes to you telling me stories I want your stories to be told valid if you can't catch me in the first paragraph or sometimes identity and if I can't see the purpose or meaning in that story I can't use it and I have to talk this is this making sense to you so if you want someone like me to help you tell your stories then you need to have a clear sense of what the purpose of your actions and your stories are so that when you bring it to someone like me who is going to help me do that I can find those details now this requires focus applied everything you do a history of three voices quickly remember you identify your main point to it from start to finish is generally to tell one story leave out anything that doesn't relate to that point and making them hard work it's much easier to kind of Ramallah story meeting the conversation everyday etc. topic on the go on and on this one am I doing this meet is in an and so I had it myself I'm laughing at myself up about Koran story and how Coke go back and edit it will be half as long as better now this is the only sure this is in the dark sort of related but not the own not completely related point the best advice that I have received from just listening to it communicators and in recent months his seminar that attended her things I've listen to books I read I I listen to some of my fellow cook is another filmmaker in the branding expert he says he personally thinks what Kerry does and he really urged the audience that recently you have to be transparent if anything you know you just have to be transparent you are transparent this is what Kerry was you cannot attend anymore to be something that you're not gone are the days where you can have your movie for sonnet ten into eleven different life at home people can Google you people are seeing you at pharmacist people know who you really are and they will talk about you on Facebook and talk about you at the dimensions are not enough people know and so it is very important like you said you still want to talk to live consistent life so when you identify what your purpose is you identify what you want to communicate you'd better be prepared to live it new through in your own life you cannot be inconsistent and get away with it this applies to the people who work with you this applies to the people who answer your phones they are as important to your marketing your your organization and your ministry as your great vision somebody can call you and you may be the kindest most compassionate most generous person on earth if the person who answers the phone at your ministry and that's the first communication that somebody has with your ministry is unkind uncaring uncompassionate doesn't have the time and they know for that person is what you will be remembered for that is what you won't even know why people aren't giving you money anymore you don't even know that has nothing to do with you because you have other people who are representing so you have to be able not only to fit to communicate your vision you are with your employees and with your work for us any non-American objects on the Haitian people why they are here and what they're doing how they should communicate how they should view their and their purpose another point is important to be teachable you know what you think when I was first story I had published was it got edited by that knife was really my feelings were hurt I appreciate editors a lot admit this is my favorite story about this I think that we are writable column passing those colonies for somebody for it the religion column for a little newspaper in town recently and I know the editors of the paper well and add self I was downright a column about either the rapid inherent enlightenment different personalities and how the Lord uses every personality including the people who are maybe slow them in the rabbit and typing what I started I greatly I start out with my husband and I are in every way like rabbit and that's when I started it okay and I said there is not here and I know why we have four children so she that was the first thing she was erratic you may reproduce very fast and that was not the point that I was trying to make but I couldn't looking so she will practice you sure that's how you want to start your story I had this man been the most please understand ever had of how valuable it is to be edited to be willing to be taught how to say this point of view let somebody else read what you write practice what you're going to share in front of somebody you know somebody read your bullet points before you get off at either get up in front of somebody you speak it's really important I permanently test magazine has an article on my media in the latest inside a aside if you've got any relevant today and it's very easy for us to say I think you know what I was able back to the world raise my kids in a world where there were all these video games and all these distractions and Facebook and social interactions I can't even keep up with you is now communication did this all over the world now but the reality is when I went back there is no going back to where the world was before and this is where people are communicating Facebook is fair enough we got videos that are coming in via fast-paced videos on YouTube people are communicating certainly we can ignore those those avenues so what we need to do is embrace them we know and when you know what your purposes and you identify what story wanted tell then you are better prepared to actually use all of these avenues now one thing I'm noticing is a website most people in Angola related try looking on Facebook first because then all I have to look for is your name from Facebook connect and find your website your contact numbers and has your e-mail is a very good way to remain visible to two people out there and how to find your website but a lot of times people have a website right story is a great new something that would move people to support his ministry but nobody knows it's there because nobody has been alerted to the fact that there is a site verify that it had been starting their silly you actually use those avenues and let them talk to each other so what I had increasingly new for ASI is make sure that the website is talking about the magazine in the magazine is giving you links to the web to the website that they knew because I can't put everything in one place and so if I use the announcement slides and in the welfare programs let you know that you can check the website for certain information that you can check your convention guide for certain information I knew you have to use all of the atoms in length and speak to each other to category summaries plaintiff you're making a list of the places I think I share identify your purpose focus year the efforts of your communication be transparent and honest because you cannot get away with being somebody that you're not be teachable and humble learning to communicate well is like the sanctification process is all about art you learn so much about your salvation by learning how to communicate well and be relevant now this lasts until that has nothing to do with medication I believe it has everything to do with communication what do one simple little phrase let it go every one of us has been wrong in this life we all have stories to tell we have the bad things that people have truly done to us and we did not deserve they told lies about us media about our ministries they sure that some money and everybody has a story to tell about how they have been harmed or wrong yet the Bible tells us to dwell on things that are of a good report there is a reason for that people and ministries that are motivated by business eventually turning the poison I cannot emphasize that enough if your purpose and your ministry is motivated or maybe something happened to you you used to have a great testimony for a great burden with your organization at some point somebody wrongs you and now half of every sermon that you give her half of every story that you get has to do with in a car of letting people know that you've been wronged or that something 's not right him not only reflect on you and on your ministry and peaceful will drift away and that no it shows how did the interconnectedness of our understanding of who God is and how we communicate and this is what really hits me out I read this will Jewish Congress is every employee should know that every act is a marketing act of his religious policies don't open a stuff shop unless you know how to smile as so important and I think that Robert is talking about in a faint smile of a martyr we all know how to do that is talking about the genuine compassionate smile of one who knows God and who knows that God is in control I agree I do not believe there are any coincidences and the like the older I get the more convinced I am that there are no coincidences when you have knowledge you have hope hope gives you the ability to forgive those who have wronged you to walk away from it let the Lord deal with it and get on with the business of doing the ministry it's a worthless cause you to do when you will forgive then you are able to I go back now and identifying your purpose you could let go of all these burdens you can better identify your purpose find your focus be transparent be teachable and stay relevant that makes sense these burdens go it's all connected silver has really good communication begins with self-examination with submission I love you have to submit submit submit humility and much prayer these are keys not only to learning how to be a good communicator but learning how to be effective in your ministry and I think you every one of us in Scripture certain goals the only one for when you really will bring when they look at our pictures when they were watch our films to say I'm glad that I took the time to read this this changed my life this made a difference to me in fact I want to tell somebody out how this made a difference to me even more important I know and understand God better than I did before because what's the point of all of the money is to know God more that is the point of all communication is the point of all of our ministry and that is the essence of communication and I can't think of anything more important than that of our head if you have gifted each one of us with different skills in communication and is asked to help us identify our strengths and weaknesses to be willing to learn and to improve those skills and be able to trust others sometimes when you're asking us to rely on the talents of mothers not try to do everything ourselves help us to have a better vision for what you call this issue and how to accomplish it is to support each other to make to each other to work together and meeting new rain and numbering is is an is the medium was using my audio is only in one hand and his maintenance if you would like to learn more nice inside and he and he is not a assignment is a word as a online user is www. nonbelievers


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