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  • August 5, 2011
    7:00 AM
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from the father we bow before you you are God we know that a man has nothing except it's given him from heaven we also know that through your son you've given us all things and so it's with great gratitude that we come before you for blessing upon blessing has been heaped upon us and sometimes we are not very grateful we don't see we don't understand we don't grasp all that is that you've done for us all that it is that you do every day but sometimes we grasp the middle and were just filled with gratitude because you are God bless us this morning as we turn our attention to thy holy Word and the subject which wishes that the most important to us I think as as a people and we we thank you for it we thank you for touching our hearts today in Jesus name amen I've you turn to Revelation chapter fourteen read Revelation chapter fourteen we started out with a question yesterday and now I assume some of you are not here yesterday perhaps most of URI don't know but we could review this just a little ape was a question that came from my vice president as we were as I was walking through a cafeteria one day and she was there cutting watermelon she arrested me and asked this question Alan White says that the third Angels message is righteousness by faith justification by faith in Verity but she says when I hear our preachers preach on the topic of righteousness or the three Angels messages I always hear them preaching on the Mark of the beast then the resultant wrath of God where use of the righteousness by faith in all of that and my impromptu answer at the time was the righteousness is there not expressed not explicit in the text but it is there by imputation or by a hot what's the word here it's implication that sort am looking for that's its implied it's there in the facts it's thereby contrast and without of course started out with old string of happenings which landed us here together this morning that's what we began to look at yesterday while we develop this thing to the point where we found out that from the spirit of prophecy we hear that's since the message was given in eighteen eighty eight especially to us as a people the message has been marred in our hands it's not very flattering is it it was that way back then and I assume that it is still that way to this day otherwise why would we still be here if we have not if we had done what was right in the sight of God with the messages that God has sent us if we had received it if we had incorporated it if we had experienced the message of righteousness by faith as it is found in the three Angels messages then I believe that the Lord would have come long ere this so there remains something for us to learn you and I we need to begin by admitting admitting that getting on her knees asking the Lord to open up to unfold to us of what is contained in these in these messages now as a people we've developed the messages are of the three Angels messages at first second and third Angels message as we develop the things that are in there on the surface of things we pretty well developed as a people B investigative judge let me tell you something there's nothing wrong with that message it's an amazing message it is great to understand what's going there and other people we've managed to be able to see the positive side of the investigative judgments at least some of us have been able to see that and it's a wonderful thing but that's not all that's there and in the second Angels message we would been able to develop out what it means that Babylon is fallen what God intended by sending us this message well how we ought to relate to all of that and that's who is wonderful so that we do not have to be deceived by the things that are going on in the world are in other churches the Lord has been specific with us it's wonderful he's kept us from a lot of danger through that but there is more to the message then just that Babylon the great is fallen is fallen were going to going to see a lot more of what that means I think is time developed in the third Angels message we managed to focus on the Mark of the beast I believe that what we learn through the steer prophecy through the Bible as our church has been preaching for many years what we have been preaching is true about the Mark of the beast and the wrath of God about the history of the beast the prophecy that will follow the beast and all of that than the political implications of all of that but we found out yesterday that if we fail to include the righteousness of Christ you we fail to intermingle it with the law and the Commandments and the prophecies in the histories that we are failing of land called on the power that has been made a more available to God 's people and I wish I wish and I guess this is the thing that I promised yesterday that we would try this morning to demonstrate the power of righteousness the power that is in righteousness this is what we need to see of the people and let me tell you what I I wish I had some degree of confidence here that I could do that I would like to be able to communicate the amount of power that is found in the righteousness of Christ I guess it's an infinite subject and I don't suppose I have that kind of communication ability but I'd like to try this morning this is what I said I would try to do but I did turn with me to Revelation chapter fourteen now Revelation chapter fourteen this is all by way of introduction this morning and were going to get to the subject in a minute Revelation fourteen I suppose you know is divided into three parts the first part which is really the second part in in what is written in here the first part of verses six to twelve that's the three angels messages that's the first part as far as I'm concerned if we could understand what is found in the three Angels messages if we could grasp what he found there if we can experience what is found there then in experiencing we would be developing perfection as far as I can tell by studying the effects of the profane the perfection of the hundred and forty four thousand which is the second part of course the revelation fourteen versus one two five points out how shall I say reveals to us the perfection of the hundred and forty four thousand were going to read that in a minute when daughter and forty four thousand are perfected it when the hundred and forty four thousand are sealed with the seal of the living God that God is able to pour out upon his people the Holy Spirit in the latter rain power and then as it says in Revelation chapter eighteen verse one the whole world will be lightened with the glory of God 's character because God 's character will be in these people and God will see to it that the people are dispersed all over the world so that there is light strategically placed all over the world and the whole were will will be enlightened with the glory of God 's character in the whole world eyes will be opened by Scott and they want to think we've never seen God in this life before this is amazing and there's going to be such a drawing because of the lighted if you read Isaiah chapter sixty seven arising sign gabbing low because the light has come upon thee and this is what's going to happen in the world going to see it and seeing if there's going to be an infusion is going to be at AAA and ingathering of soul such as we've never seen in the world before it's going to be amazing going to be amazing all then of course the third part of Revelation fourteen is versus thirteen to twenty which is simply the harvest the Lord puts sickles in the hands of his angels and he goes out and he says go out there and read and sold the tears are reaped in the week is read and the whole thing is over that's what this is all about so let's look now in verses one to five I just would like to read that just so we can get a picture of the hundred forty four thousand one the Bible says about them and keep in mind that it is the three Angels messages that form these people we need to understand the three Angels messages and I wish I had time I was saying yesterday I began to study this thing it's been a year studying I've prepared twenty seven sermons on the subject we developed the thing to some degree but I only have three mornings to be with you I can't possibly unfold all of that which we been learning over the last year with you all that I can do I think his wet your appetite I think that's all that I can do an end goal or I think is most important to go for the little time we have together somewhere in Revelation chapter fourteen looking at verse one and I looked and Lola Lamb stood on Mount Zion with him a hundred and forty four thousand having his father 's name written new in therefore heads and so here we have the character of God is in the hundred and forty four thousand are sealed with the seal of the living God it's wonderful and the Lamb stands with them they stand with the lamb what a picture this is what God is expecting of his people the land is with us we are with the lamb 's characters is developed in us what a closeness what a blessing you have that experience you hunger and thirst for that experience does the Bible say blessed are the righteous for theirs is the kingdom of God the Bible say that now now why doesn't the Bible say that because there aren't any now that's the truth there are no righteous people in this world but the Bible does say blessed are they who hunger and thirst after this righteousness for they shall be filled but will they be filled with and are to be filled with the righteousness of God the only righteousness that has any power the only righteousness that has any loving it the only righteousness that avails anything is the righteousness of God install of course as we study righteousness by faith we need to lose confidence in ourselves in our own righteousness we need to lay hold on the righteousness of God for the power is there that's what we're going to look at verse two and I heard a voice from heaven as a voice of many waters and as the voice of a great thunder and I heard the voice of a harpers harping with their hearts and they sung as it were a new song before the throne it's going to be an useful because I believe with all my heart that God is truly out of people by which he can do we make a demonstration such as has never been made in this world before were going to have an experience that no one 's ever had before it's an experience in righteousness fully not our righteousness but were going to receiving his righteousness soulfully we ever going to reflect Jesus Christ no one has in this world maybe Enoch and Elijah and Moses I suppose a Daniel Joseph bade had a similitude of that experience but corporately hundred and forty five thousand whether they be literal or symbolic I don't care I'd like to be part of that number and I like to have this experience and I'd like to learn to sing that song would you yell well they're going to sing it new song before the throne before the four beasts and the elders and no man could learn that song but the hundred and forty four thousand which were redeemed from the earth these are they which are not defiled with women not corrupted with false doctrine for they are virgins these are they which follow the land whithersoever he goes these were redeemed from among men before being the firstfruits unto God and to the Lamb and then of course the crowning burrs in their mouth was in their mouth was found no guile and they were without fault before the throne of God there's power in the three Angels messages rightly understood this power and the three Angels messages if the messages are communicated in their fullness this is what we saw yesterday we have a tendency to preach only half of the message we have a tendency to stay with the history and to stay with the prophecy and to say to stay with what is shallow on the surface of the page the Lord Lycos the mine out go deeper and deeper you go the richer the mine is the understand and so this is what God wants us to do in desire of ages page six hundred and seventy one it says the honor of God the honor of Christ is involved in the perfection of the character of is are we perfect yet him and this word perfection you know I almost hate to preach on the subject is the run a lot of confusion among us we never were not always known how to relate to the word perfection is not a fact in the Hebrew language and in the Greek language the one word perfection is translated in English and a whole host of words others give you a sampling here it's translated entire mature without blemish complete full consummate sincerely sound hole undefiled upright pious plane just feasible quiet ready fulfilled and on and on and on that's just a sampling and hardly any of these words mean as far as translation is concerned mean the same thing as we understand when we talk about perfection and so it's engendered some confusion and when studying the topic of righteousness by faith that we really get confused because we can see in the Bible looking at the hundred forty four thousand we see a degree of perfection that we gone we look in the mirror and does not compute it's just not the same thing there's something wrong with our perfection for sure when we look at God we think of perfection in the absolute now you think that God had an advantage being perfect over sinful human beings while yes of course if I was gone and ever I do have an advantage over you don't tell me he doesn't have an advantage he thought and I'm brought my UC great great advantage to be God and to be perfect like God is he's never had a carnal nature he's never been tempted these never send his nature whether whatever his nature is whether his physical or mental or spiritual assertion of social or emotional is nature is undefiled besides that he doesn't live in our environment and on the other hand we have carnal natures we are corrupted by sin we are tempted but when we are tempted and worse around our surroundings are getting pardon my saying our surroundings suck what it is and yet watch what Jesus says in Matthew chapter five verse forty eight if you go with me naturally Matthew chapter five were looking at verse forty eight I know you you know where I'm going verse forty eight Matthew five you know what it says and we've talked about this a lot of the people being he therefore perfect even as your father which is in heaven is perfect and how perfect his God well he's perfect in the absolute can we be as perfect as God is why know well now if we can be why in the world that Jesus say that can you see why some people might be confused I mean especially for very young Christians that we come to the Bible and we want to stop sinning and we want to be perfect and we look at God 's perfection and we see what God says that we should be as perfect as God it appears to say in numbers and you're just like whoa how far short I fall from this thing I'd like to I like to praise God this morning for the spirit of prophecy if we didn't have this fear prophecy this would really be confusing if we didn't have this fear prophecy we would have to do is other churches have to do we have to denigrate God 's word to make it fit our experience because our experience is also old limited so limited so we would have to organize our theology the understand and sometimes Seventh-day Adventist do the same thing they organize their theology to fit their experience this is not what God intended you understand God has a golf what did we read yesterday third selected messages based note one sanctification is God 's object in all his dealings with us how many of his dealings whatever God dies in your life whatever has God has done in the crucifixion of his son and his resurrection in his ministry Nevin in his providence is in your life whatever God does is object is sanctification to make you just like Jesus and we can keep that in mind because we are Seventh-day Adventist because we know what Jesus is doing in the most holy place of the things right we're living in the attic of the gold and atonement we understand what that means and because we understand what that means we can cooperate with God in his purposes sanctification of God 's object in all his dealings with and we have this fear prophecy to tell us the and all what we would be like if we didn't have this fear privacy you know there's a movement afoot to denigrate the spear prophecy I don't know if you've noticed but that you want it is that way and in many churches and were not allowed to use the spear privacy because unlike did say a time or two that we shouldn't use a spear Praveen preaching so much young now but it's gone the other way it really has it gone to the place where you don't hear the spare prophecy people don't read this fair prophecy the books are gathering dust and in this the Bible and the Bible only and I and I can appreciate that I really really can the Bible holds everything but who would we be without the spirit prophecy you know who is in the while all you have to do is look at the churches outside Protestantism in America today look at what it is and that's who we would be you know why they are the way are because they don't have the spirit of prophecy that's the only reason it's a huge blessing to have the spirit of prophecy it really really is now on the topic of perfection in my mankind astray on the topcoat of perfection the spear prophecy balances out the spear prophecy tells us what to think and how they think it's not a blessing page seventy seven mount a blessing page seventy seven he that is Jesus tells us to be perfect as he is that is in the same manner in other words we need to be perfect in the same way by friends not to the same extent can I illustrate that somehow does the Bible say that the Bible command as Jesus commanded us to love him even as he loved us is that true how did Jesus love us with all his strength with all his mind with all that he is his natural as in God given us absolutely everything that he is what has he denied himself all things in order to save us it's true of friends can I compare my strength with God 's strength if I was comparing my strength with God strength what would I look like I'd be a mess but that does not stop me from using all my strength even though I have so much less your father may be big and strong and have a little son but the two of them can use all the strength they have a just that one but a little while more the other and that's the way it is with God God is infinite and strength and I am limited in strength but I can use all the strength that I have and this is what perfection is all about it says so also in a medical ministry page one hundred and twelve one hundred and thirteen as God is perfect in his ear still manages to be perfect in his fear obviously we do not live in the same sphere there is difference is their God lives involve that as being in the entire universe and my real spirits around my villa home in my little office in my old hometown and now I have a limited new with OCI and Africa because my wife works there and that's my seer it's terribly limit limited and God lives in the inventions unimaginable I wounded in the file lived in the world of sin and degradation can we even begin to think that my perfection is going to equal his why no no volume two of the testimonies one seventeen zero you cannot equal the copy but you can resemble it and according to your ability to like what and that's what it is and I'm about to show you now as precisely as I possibly can what's expected of us when it comes to this topic of perfection is perfection possible that's look at a couple of verses Hebrews chapter six Hebrews chapter six have a look at verse one one a look at three verses in the Bible to reach passages Hebrews chapter six verse one therefore leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ let us go on to perfection it's interesting to me how this is that leaving the principles of the doctrine of Christ you know Christ as everything in what Jesus did at the cross is everything but everything that Christ has done is a platform it's a platform with a purpose and so Jesus has taken our sins upon himself is gone to the cross regards to these made the whole penalty for our sins he makes that the foundation and he says use this as a springboard to perfection therefore leaving the principle of the doctrine of Christ let's go on to perfection not laying again the foundation of repentance from dead works and of faith toward God again the book of Hebrews chapter thirteen and we looking at verses twenty and twenty one now the God of peace that brought again from the dead our Lord Jesus that great shepherd of the sheep through the blood of the everlasting covenant make you perfect in every good work to do his will working in you that which is well pleasing in his sight through Jesus Christ to whom be glory for ever and ever John chapter seventeen John chapter seventeen you recognize this says Jesus is the last corporate prayer John Chapter seventeen verse twenty three on I in them and thou in me that they may be made perfect in one and that the world may know that thou has sent me and has loved them as now has loved me how will the world know if it isn't in God 's ability to perfect them to insert himself a people ask what says right here in the verse God has a purpose God wants to make a demonstration God would like to have the whole worlds eyes open he would like it the whole world to see his character for what it really is and he is going to do that through his people by the perfection of his people amazing it's an amazing thing as I understand this is not a popular a popular teaching we been wrestling with this for too long but forgive me for speaking something that's not popular it just happens to be the truth what are we only do where letting out a time when Jesus is wanting to come relieving at a time when Jesus wants to use his people were living at a time when Jesus will will choose the weakest of the week and he will show the rest of the world he will he will he will destroy the wisdom of the wise by using the fully you know that's us by the way he wants to do this I don't I'm sorry it's unpopular here's a definition from great controversy page four hundred and seventy seven and this one tells us exactly I mean we've gotten very precise now the large requires perfection from his reading family he expects us up from us the perfection which Christ revealed in his humanity Jesus came down to this world took humanity upon himself set aside his divinity lived life as we have diluted limited with the same equipment we have an succeeded in a perfect character at the end of his life before the fullness of his life and he says you can do to an work that I do the father do it in me and greater works out you do that I do because I go to the father so I said we can do this and he is the templates he is the standard and he presents himself and he says because I have lived this life you can do so to that is the standard now we need to stop arguing as to whether perfection is possible or not possible the Bible says that it is the spirit prophecy says that it is the question is not his perfection possible that a much deeper question that we need to ask ourselves this morning now all of this was introduction to the sermon begins right here right now now here's the question if we were perfect would we be safe the ring then what haven't you think you're if we were perfect today I need to hear your answer no thank you for answering yes you played into it I wish it was so easy the problem is we think it has solved if only we would be perfectly pretty safe to say while friends that's been the problem from the beginning we have in all you remember Martin Luther obsessed with salvation it was just a little boy wanted to go to heaven when you grow up in a church that was very logical in its theology and the problem with the theology was this sin is the problem and all I have to do is quit sending and then I can go to heaven that through while it's the logical that it seems to be true the problem is we have sinful nature that we can't quit sending a letter frustration he experienced in his life because he was thinking like I think we think also but let me share with you something that ought to blow your socks off I think a lot of this is five BC eleven thirty two and this is five watch what it says here human perfection failed in Eden the paradise of list what was it that failed any of you that's what it was human perfection failed in the paradise of blessed they were perfect coming from the hands of God they were living in a perfect environment they had never sin and besides that they had communion with God they had communion with the holy angels and yet they watch for now take your perfection in comparison to the perfection of adamant need coming from the hand of God perfect hobbies that then you might like to deepen this thing just a little bit of the quotation goes on to forget and to him to say this but let me suggest this at this moment we are going to need a perfection that exceeds the perfection anatomy need before they fail because there's failed listen to this fangled nation angelic perfection failed in heaven what is it that failed in heaven perfection failed in heaven is not amazing perfect environment sinless angel superior to perfect human beings in the very presence of God and they walked while I would like to compare your perfection to their this morning and think to secure heaven there's no way and so I'm trying to tell you this morning that perfection is not the key to securing heaven perfection is not the key to getting into heaven we need to come to grips with this thing you know there's only one thing that will get us to heaven you know what it is you know there's only one thing that will secure heaven you know that if I tell you what it is it'll fall flat on his face it's terrible that it should be that way let me read it to you or let's look at it fall flat states against the same quotation that which alone what is alone mean mean if nothing else there is only one thing is modified the word one is in the word alone is all alone one thing that which alone can effectually restrained from sin in this world of darkness will prevent sin in heaven there is one thing that will prevent skin from ever happening again in heaven or in earth one thing and if there is nothing else than his and that the thing we should I told mom that's what it is through the biggest field across all that we've heard it so often that it doesn't mean very much to us our hearts are hardened if we could see what the apostle Paul found the cross we would glory and nothing else the whole world would become repugnant to us we would be repulsive to the world is that what happened to fall and in it is through the advocacy of the cross that the angels of heaven regarded from apostasy without the cross they would be no more secure against evil and where the Angels before the fall of Satan angelic perfection failed in heaven human perfection failed in even the paradise of bliss all who wish for security in heaven or earth must look to the Lamb of God must look to the cross while now the understand that I don't all Lord help me how am I going to explain what I don't understand this is the situation I'm in this morning we need to understand what did Paul see when he saw the cross and if we recap this a little bit the perfect righteousness of sinless Angels was insufficient now I don't know if I have the right to use the word righteousness with angels because if you read this paragraph in the Bobby never find the word righteous angels but I use it because in communication we need to understand what were saying to each other not I believe you understand what I'm saying the perfect righteousness of sinless Angels was insufficient the perfect righteousness of sin this adamantly and even was insufficient and Jesus said that unless your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of scribes and Pharisees you shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven our righteousness must exceed all-black the Angels perfect human beings imperfect human beings whatever so with righteousness cuts all through all of that there's only one righteousness left and that is the righteousness of God no other righteousness can I show you what this righteousness is like why can't bind want to try turn with me to Mark chapter fourteen Mark chapter fourteen think of it this way if you can how long war Jesus and the father together before the fall of man yeah eternally if how much love did the father and the son have for each other is indescribable Islam grows with the passing of time and they were together until ten years than a trillion years then forever beyond ten trillion years than ever and ever and ever what kind of love that they had for each other while it take to break that bond what kind of wedge could you drive between them is that what power in the University of think areas that could come to the place where it could divide the father and the son you think there's any power power it's in a and I maybe I can't think in those terms we can't think of the love growing with God because God is perfect he doesn't have to grow he starts out perfect but the word start doesn't play well in this because these eternal so when I was at its zenith in the very beginning and carried on through eons of time in eons of time and it on the idea fraction they felt one for another beyond description for ever and ever and ever and ever what would it take to break that bond is impossible so then we go to history and there was war in heaven and then of course add an anime fell and Jesus and his father had covenanted that if there was going to be a father anywhere in the universe that Jesus would go to redeem that fall and so here we are in Mark chapter fourteen Jesus is walking into the Garden of Gethsemane here and we're looking at verse thirty three any case and he takes with him Peter and James and John and began to beasts are amazed and to be very heavy soul Jesus is walking into the Garden of Gethsemane the Sandoval world is beginning to come upon him and its crushing him it's crushing him he did and he says he was amazed as if Jesus could ever be amazed when he was amazed even though he had covenanted to take the sins of the world had never tasted the sins of the world before he made a decision to do it but when it came upon him it was more than he had understood to be for its destructive power even unto death it says in verse thirty four and says unto them that is John Peter and James my soul is exceeding sorrowful unto death very year and watch and so he goes forward a little fell on the ground and prayed that if it were possible the hour might pass from him and listen to his prayers try to grasp the Pecos that's in there and he said I have a dad father all things are possible to the DC where he applies his prayer is it true that all things are possible with God now it's true God can do anything I mean how can you answer if you are not how can you answer this prayer he comes on his knees and he's being crushed the life 's crushing out of him and he says you can do it you can do anything you can remove this thing is there no other way is there be another way you are God you can do this where we thirty six and he said Bob father all things are possible onto the take away this cup from me nevertheless not what I will but with what thou will what's happening here in my character and personality book one page two hundred and six very paragraph one lob is a decision of the sanctified wheel Jesus had covenanted with heaven to take the sin of the world upon himself he enters into this experience it's crushing the life out of him and what is happening here he has put in a position where he has to make a decision he's put in the position where he has to decide between an eternity of affection that he has received from his father and absurdity of affection that he has invested in his father for ever and ever and ever and ever and invested this eternity of affection he's being asked to decide between that and not something equal not something as enticing not something as attractive not something that you call the temptation he is being asked to decide between new and eternal love and eternal separation from that love torture but what kind of decision is that I mean if you had to decide between drinking a glass of mother drinking a glass of cold water on a hot day it is no decision you know we always felt towards that which is more comfortable and more of a blessing to us and so here he's being torn asunder love is in the battle with love that's what it is love for the father love for the human race but he's bestowed an eternity of affection in that direction that's what's happening can you imagine what's being asked of him there I like illustrated this way I don't know illustrations that very well in the garden of Eden he has received the fruit from a talking serpent she takes a bite out of it and then Adam comes along and she offers in different Adam sees with his eyes he sees with his heart he understands what's going on she's been deceived he understands what going on she has in the fruit and atom is placed in a position where he has to choose between the love the one he's loved with an all-consuming passion and God doing right now put yourself in Adams perfection and position what would you've chosen is there that I'm sorry for thinking in human terms and I think of God I love God I love the word of God I love the concepts and and a theology that comes with all of that but you know God is always there somewhere in my lumber is here in my arms maybe what without them I don't know but my mind says that God was apparent both figure in Adam 's mind but his lumbar was coming out and when he was brought to a decision why did he choose either instead of God because I think it is i.e. I understand I'm speculating but I can see it because I'm human he had this though the yet invested far more affection than this lovely lady then he had upon God was not that he didn't love God has a lot to love God for but he did have got it his arms and maybe he should have you know what would you have done on it I think humanly speaking we can understand why Adam went the way you did what are you and I going to do when like Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when like Adam and Eve and he didn't looking into each size what are we going to do and were asked to decide between God and want our hearts of our best hearts affection has been bestowed upon our lovers our children our grandchildren the wealth Levaquin cumulate in the properties we have and all of that the remember Lot 's wife you remember the Angels dragging wanted his wife outside of the city and the instruction that the angel came to life and his wife do not look back that's not hard instruction to follow you can understand that with your brain is that the Angels had followed back it on the back why did Mrs. a lot look back on its easy to understand she had invested all her affections on her children on her grandchildren on her property on her wealth on her garden not heard on the hobbies under everything was back there and she had failed to dispel her affections upon God and so when there was a decision to make it was bigger than her not friends that's the syndrome we have that nature it isn't wrong to misspell your affections on your lover praise the Lord God what have you missed our affections on your children on your grandchildren he wants of you have passion he wants us to love with real love but the Bible also says that your affections on things above and not on the things of this world in other words that were affected in God and in the things of this world because one day you will be asked to make a decision you will be brought to the point where he your affections will decide for you I hope not because love is a decision of the sanctified heart where will we get the power that we need in that day when were called upon to make a decision can you see if there is only one power in the universe I could succeed in that context and that's the righteousness of God himself the righteous myth of perfect angels failed in the heaven of living in the heavenly universe the righteousness of the righteous is a perfect human beings failed in the garden of bliss certainly fallen human beings will not have enough righteousness to succeed in this contest but there was enough right so there is no power in the righteousness of God to make Jesus D Nye himself an eternity of affection both ways he could deny himself something that we'll never experience I is we can't be eternal there is no other power like this in the universe any Jews torture because he had the power to deny himself this think why would we ever think Pharisee like that we could ever produce that kind of power why would we ever think that we could ever produce that kind of righteousness one is living human beings especially really just human beings pharisaical human beings who can think to go around and say I am going to perfect the characters I can go to heaven and I can receive the favor of God it is a insanity agrees we don't understand but that's what we do and this is not what God is calling for God says you don't have it you can't have it the only way you can have it is a righteousness outside of yourself and when Jesus went to the cross and paid the full penalty for all of our sins he turned around and said here is my righteousness and my righteousness is so powerful it could control my heart in love to deny myself everything so as to save you there is no other righteousness that can save us we've got to have that righteousness is the only righteousness there is set your affections on things above and not on the things of this world and by the righteousness of God you will make a decision someday friends listen how is it with you this morning are you safe to save are you safe to bring to have and would have in the sink your if you were there no know not until you receive the righteousness of Jesus Christ that's the only thing and the cross of Calvary is the only thing if we set our eyes there to see what God has done in one of you has cost him then we will want what he had and he wants to give it to us O Lord help us in this matter what you say that we stand heavenly father we don't often feel are how weak we are how small we are both sinful we are and we we we need is we need to see if we need to feel it more than we do we need to have a grasp of this thing but more than feeling our weaknesses which would tend to discourage us we need to get a sense of who you are the power in your righteousness the power in your love of power in the cross to convert the heart into secure heaven in our souls Lord we don't know how exactly to approach this thing except to ask you in Jesus name to work it out enough that we may be your people that we may have perfection of your character and you not only do we submit ourselves to a torrent and array will will will my autograph for you are having like to learn more and I live a and I is the more are online and learn www. outmaneuver our


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