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Why Should You Believe in You

Matt Parra
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Matt Parra

Speaker at Light Bearers Ministry




  • August 5, 2011
    9:00 AM
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morning everyone is scared to be with you study the Bible and to learn God 's will for our lives the message that we have to consider this morning is entitled why should you believe in you father in heaven we thank you that you've brought us here together to worship to learn to grow I asked you would anoint this message you give it your spirit help it to be an encouragement and inspiration to someone here father we thank you for your loss and for your mercy for your grace to this given us an opportunity to be a part of your family a part of your kingdom what a heaven help us to see in Jesus name we pray amen as I said the message is entitled this morning why should you believe in you and we began by turning to the book of first Timothy first Timothy chapter two beginning in verse one will begin reading together this morning first Timothy chapter two and beginning in verse one first Timothy chapter two beginning in verse one we read together therefore I exhort first of all the supplications prayers intercessions and the giving of thanks be made for all men for kings and all who are in authority that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence for the this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior who desires how many men to be saved my Bible says to desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth for there is one God and one mediator between God and men the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as a ransom for home and for all to be testified in due time the Bible says that God desires every body to be saved now to desire something and to desire to do what it takes to get something are two very different things God can want everyone to be saved but if God is not willing to do what it takes to offer everyone's salvation and even God 's infinite desire for all to be saved will amount to nothing you can determine how bad someone wants something but what they're willing to do for it to follow that yes or no God has a desire he has a passion his passion is for the salvation of the lost for the restoration of the hurting and the broken the blind in the king 's desire that this passion but just like any person a passion to attain something is not enough rather it takes a desire to get what you have a passion to obtain or to a pad would you have a passion to get God doesn't just according to Scripture want all men to be saved but he does what it takes to offer all men salvation Michael communicates to us in Revelation chapter twenty two and verse seventeen it says the Spirit and the bride say come let him who hears say come and whoever thirsts let him come and take the water of life freely so in Scripture we see that God has a desire for all to be saved that God does what it takes in order to offer salvation to all he gives a ransom for all and more than that furthermore he actually sends an invitation to all to everyone black white red yellow poor rich American non-American Democrat Republican Muslim Hindu CEP as a ransom for every single one and he sends an invitation to every single one just communicates that God values every single one you don't pay a ransom for all if you do not value all that makes sense now it's interesting because God it seems has a different way of valuing people that I do if people are of no best benefit to me or of no service to me or of no use to me I don't value them it just makes common sense if you can do nothing for me but why would I value you because you need to be of service to me if I'm going to value I don't pay ransom for people if I don't think the Durban and be of use to me are very few human beings who are of use in a practical sense to God and a practical physical sense very few people are of use to God God doesn't value people obviously the way that I value people because it therapies a ransom for all and I wouldn't pay a ransom for all if I if a fun not benefited by all that makes sense him to Scripture we see that God must value all because he pays a ransom for all I wouldn't thereafter for all because not everybody is of use to me not everybody is a benefit to me I'm a selfish individual person if I assess other people and I can come to the logical conclusion of their selfish too and they're looking out for number one if I want to be of service to meet or benefit me but I'm not going to value them God has a different way of valuing people than you and I obviously and that's exhibited by the fact that he's willing to do what it takes in order to offer everyone's salvation as I said before you can determine how much someone really want something but what they're willing to do in order to get what they say that they want how much does God want your salvation how much does God want the salvation of all well he wants it more than he wants to exist God wants you more than he wants to exist and it's demonstrated by what he was willing to give for you he has a different value system then you and he has a different value system than me because he paid a ransom for all even though not everybody is of use or of service to him he's not selfish like you are he's not selfish like me he has a different standard of determining value than URI he must because he paid a ransom for all now I just want to make a point here that I think will be practical and beneficial for you personally and in your ministry as a servant of Christ as God desires all to be saved and if God pays a ransom for all and if also invitations off obviously God values all why does he value all if all are not used to him it must be that he God our heavenly father our Creator doesn't just see us as a race as we are he sees us as we can be he sees us in Christ we see what people are that's why we only value people if they're of use to us they're selfish their twisted their cover just the greedy they're just looking out for number one and that's what we see and that's why we don't value every body that God doesn't see us the way we see others amen he sees people for what they can leave that's why he values all and that's why it is a ransom for all I am was baptized on about thirteen years ago on at an ASI convention in Orlando Florida and you don't several months before I was baptized I couldn't actually leave that I would've been baptized for this thing is superheavy Plaza Senegal over and get a little stool but this thing is excessive oh seven get purchase good stools three heavy so almost been figured out while I was baptized twelve thirteen years ago something like that but in this I convention in Orlando Florida and John I was only after used for Jesus meetings that Pastor Ashford was preaching at because I had received an invitation from my mom my mom is a very determined person that's the kindest way to describe her when it came to him approach to sharing the gospel with their children determine some people with a stubborn hardheaded aggressive I'll say she was determined and she invited me to come and hear the messages being preached by the team the evangelistic team ASI funded to preach in Orlando Florida and when she asked me to come I considered in my mind I want to golf no I don't want to go bot if I say to mom am not going all assistant incumbents have a few weeks of conflict and headaches and arguments in also say yes and so I said to my mom yelled go in listen to this preaching and I thought to myself that she forget and that's why suggests because the chances of her forgetting if I say yes although were better than the chances of her leaving me alone if I said no I won't go so I said yes I'll go and draw when the meetings came on much to my chagrin at the time she hadn't forgotten and she said to me she said hey you know these meetings are happening this great young preachers preaching he's a lot like you into a similar hobbies and likes and dislikes and so you might want to come and listen to him preach I wasn't all that impressed and I didn't want to go but I went anyways and I remember him through the course of those meetings my mom I ended up going one night two nights three nights I appreciated the messages I pursue the passion and conviction it wasn't something that I was going to avail myself of or give myself to do I just thought it was illegal to the motions and sit through these meetings and viewed you know a person who avoided the conflict with my mom and I through the course of the meetings my mom decided that she was given be baptized in that series of meetings rebaptized actually and some and so every night since she was my ride I would sit in the dismal classes that they had there in the ten at that evangelistic series and so my mom 's year the group of people are behind us and I'm sitting here and the one of these evenings as I'm sitting there listening onto the re- baptism of class a pastor came up to me he used to work with ASI as an evangelism coordinator 's name was Louis Torres and ought he's very unique individual and in many different ways you know he wears like old-fashioned like tight pantsuits and yes like the slick you don't cut of nineteen fifties like you don't know if it's plastic hair hairdo and everything and done it all he's very distinguished men very self-possessed confident looking manual and far from the perspective of a non- Adventist you know worldly minded crazy guy he's very unique character the knock on and I remember him sitting there just going through the motions listen to these classes thinking whatever was thinking and some pastor Louis Doris came walking up to me with his calm casual swagger and you know who I was as a kid and he recognized me sitting in the rebound dismal class and the irony looked at me and he said son I'm so happy to see I'm so happy to see that you were going to be rebaptized and I thought to myself for this is little guys crazy houses sitting minerals like whatever crazy old guy in oldest trees east of the slots shiny suit mislead when you arrive like Shearer on Amiri about the as your son I'm so happy to see that you are going to be rebaptized in the analysis is very unusual to me and I looked at him I subserve you know with all due respects are not in cut a single on this year with our noses and literally ASI he looked to me totally unfazed as if I hadn't even spoken and he said son I'm so happy to see that you are going to be rebaptized in us either I'm literally I was like for easy old man's okay God values all because he doesn't just see all as they are he sees us as we can become the pastor Torres he didn't just see me for what I was he saw me for what I could become an insane me for what I could become key helped me to see how God sees me and he empowered me to be more than I was chosen if you would to Matthew chapter nine Matthew chapter nine beginning in verse nine Matthew chapter nine in verse nine the Bible says there in Matthew nine in verse nine as Jesus passed on from there he saw noted that word in your mind he saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office most likely he's looking at a man who was a next-door at law firm money was greater than his love for principles and unscrupulous man uncompromised relationships and righteous principles for green sake that's what he saw a depraved pervert or little center name Matthew the tax collector use on extortion that's physically what Matthew was that's what Matthew was sitting there Jesus saw a man named Matthew sitting at the tax office and lo and behold he says to him follow me so Matthew arose and followed him if Jesus is saying follow me to Matthew he is obviously communicating to Matthew that he has confidence that Matthew can follow him and he's communicating to Matthew I don't just see you as you are I see you as you can be I see you for what you can become a don't just see an extortion I see a profit I don't just see a coverage is greedy little man I see an apostle I don't just see a selfish person who was so narrow right so narrow and myopic that his his his his ability to concern himself with the better good of others is is is basically nonexistent I see an unselfish person who can reflect perfectly the glory of God it was your themes you can be absolutely towards it for me and us with Jesus did for Matthew and Russell were called to do for others see them as they can be you understand that Louis Taras was taking arrests he was to press wasn't easy was acting in faith I ridiculed him I mocked him for his faith I thought he was ridiculous did you see what I was any understand reality is a delusional all God companies treating me as if I'm going to be baptized companies communicating this confidence in me I'm not what he thinks I'm not what he knows interestingly enough he knew more about me than I know about me you know what I could be divided gave me a great gift help me to see myself as God sees me so I could become more than once Jesus did that for Matthew cc Matthew and he doesn't just see what is follow me Matthew I can decide for you I can train you can work with you and from work with you can it be something that you can imagine it any more than you ever dreamed the desire of ages on a review just a quote here on about the disciples and Jesus 's perspective of the disciples desired data says and page two fifty in the common walks of life there is many a man patiently treading the round of daily toil unconscious that he possesses powers which is called into action would raise him to an equality with the worlds most honored men the touch of a skillful hand is needed to arouse those dormant faculties it was such men that Jesus called to be his co- laborers he gave them the advantage of association with himself never had the world 's great men such a teacher when the disciples came forth from the Savior 's training they were no longer ignorant and uncultured they become like him mind and character and then took knowledge of them but they had been Jesus many people don't understand the power that they possess many people don't understand that if called into action the powers that they possess would raise them to an equality with the world 's most honored men but God knows that he knows it about you and he knows about other people know I just want to make a point here that will kind of turn our direction and help us turn the corner in this Bible study although all men and women have been ransomed not all will be saved eternally that you yes or no of course did God know this before hand Jesus says strive to enter into the strait gate because broad is the path and wide is the gate that enters into destruction and many there are find it straight is the gate and narrow is the way that leads to life and few there be that find it obviously Jesus knows and new that most would be lost Isaiah forty six verses nine and ten I am the Lord and there is no other I'm gone and there is none like me knowing the end from the beginning and declaring what will happen in the future from the former times surely Scripture communicates the God knows the end from the beginning and God knew from the beginning that in the end most would be lost so then why pay a ransom for all when all will not be saved coming try to convince an investor to give all of his resources invest them all into a corporation that he knows is going to fail cease six see how that strategy works it's not going to work people make investments because they want a return will Smith is actually yes or no Islamic business people here are not a business person on the minister most ministers shouldn't be business people off because they're too optimistic often but the fact of the matter is is is there's lots of business people here and in you business people know that you don't make investments when you're not going to to make a return or even especially if you don't even have a hold of vertebrate return but here we see God in Scripture paying a ransom for all what he knows very well that all will not be saved knowing very well that he will not in many cases receive a return on his investment why why why make such a monumental investment and get no return value to turn with me to first Corinthians chapter thirteen of the message is entitled why should you be leaving you you're beginning to see the answer you should believe in you number one because God doesn't see you as you are you see is you is you can be as you can be secondary to that notice what the Bible says in first Corinthians chapter thirteen will begin reading inverse for familiar passage for most of us on first ratings chapter thirteen in verse four the Bible says speaking of godly love and in our minds we understand that Scripture teaches that God is love the Bible says love suffers long and his kind love does not envy love does not parade itself is not puffed up does not behave rudely does not seek its own is not provoked thinks no evil does not rejoice him when she rejoices in the truth bears all things believes how many things love does what everyone laws believes all things and love hopes all things love and years of things okay God pays a ransom for all because he values all he's not going to get a return every case for his investment will then why pay for all because love beliefs to follow this love believes all things love hopes all things this means not follow the logic here this means that what God knows okay with God knows doesn't change who God is who is God what is God God is love love believes all things love hopes all things God will not stop believing in what you can become whether or not you become that or not because what he knows doesn't change who he is as a person to pay the ransom for all because the father loves his children he loves every single one of us with a depth and breadth that we can't even begin to comprehend and whether or not you accept salvation and whether or not you become what God has destined you to become whether or not anybody becomes what God has destined for them to become skilled panel ransom for all because love believes all things love hopes all things God is love and what he knows and what you choose is again a change who he is using the believe in you until the end is in the belief and usually ends in a hoping you till the end he's not going to choose to see you as you are is him a chance to see you as you can become these villages to see you in Christ and you have the opportunity and the prevalence him I just see yourself as God sees you you have the privilege you have the blessing to say God I'll decide I'll choose not to see myself as I am I'll choose to see myself the way that you see me I'll believe about myself what you believe about me were lost were lost we just choose not to believe what God believes about us he believes all things and he hopes all things why should you believe in you because God listened to see who is your he sees he was you can be why should you believe in you because God does I believe if you would believe about yourself what God believes in you wouldn't be what you are today I would be more than I am today are actually believed about myself what God believes help pay others and to see covetous people greedy luxurious living Americans Canadians he sees sacrificial servants God doesn't just see people who love their TVs more than they love the reading of the word of God God doesn't just see people who are legalistic reminded of who don't understand the gospel God is not to see antinomian store angry at the church because their grandma was mean to them God does not just see people I love position like Judas more than they love the service of Christ he doesn't see those things even though that's what in so many instances we are he doesn't just see people who sit on boards and play the holy role but yet don't even have a devotional life she sees you as you can become any treat you that way on in Matthew chapter twenty three we see a picture that could seem confusing a picture of Jesus is at the end of his public Berkeley ministry and he's lamenting over this circumstances in Jerusalem honoring with you versus thirty seven through versus thirty nine verse thirty nine in Matthew chapter twenty seven and just point out something to you that could same a little unusual could seem a little bit awkward or out of place really Matthew twenty three dozen twenty seven on the twenty three on Matthew chapter twenty three beginning in verse thirty seven notice for the Bible says here this is Jesus lamenting the situation in Jerusalem or Jerusalem Jerusalem the one who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her how often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you were not willing see your house is left to you desolate try say to you you will not see me again until you say Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord no when Jesus you are speaking we ought not picture a man who was speaking in a casual or relaxed phone Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Eucharist on the profits and check those were sent to her old man how often I wanted to gather you together under my wings called with the check gathers the other subjects I don't see that when I read this text of Scripture I see a man who's being torn apart emotionally who's conflicted between what he knows and what he is Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem Jerusalem you loose stone the profits you will kill those who are sent to her why wouldn't you allow me to protect you and to guide you and to lead you with your destiny to become a light to the nations an example would demonstrate the glory of God to the nations what a high holy privilege you have but you rejected the profits because of your proud and stubborn and obstinate Hartson and because of because of the fact that you became in too much in your own eyes I wanted to meet you I want to guide you but you reject me it left yourself you see a man in conflict hurting person the first time I read this passage the first time I thought to myself why is he so seemingly upset didn't he know that they were going to reject him for a long time I mean even on his way to Jerusalem here Matthew chapter sixteen Matthew chapter seventeen Matthew chapter twenty Jesus communicates to his disciples I'm going to Jerusalem are going to reject me for going to spit in my face the going to pull out my beard and I'm going to be crucified but I'll be raised as of the third day he know what he was getting into when he went to Jerusalem the last time it was when he was twelve years old but he understood that he was the savior of the world there are no chapter two you can see the way that he figured it out was like watching the serum real services in the rights the rituals that were being practiced their temple in Jerusalem he saw himself as the Lamb of God he knew that he was going to come to his own and that he knew that his own would not except in that he would be written rejected so he's twelve years old when he begins to understand this here he's post thirty years old so for eighteen years the guy knows that he's going to be rejected but yet when he is rejected he's really really bomb is falling to pieces he almost can contain the emotion that's pouring forth from a broken heart because of that the Jonah telecom upon a people that would allow him to be their Savior to be their God why is someone Jesus you have eighteen years to prepare for this letdown may I prepare for these things I know that someone's going to disappoint me or let me down or reject me I emotionally prepare myself for the sole beat up once it happens you see what I know changes who I am because I'm selfish will follow what Jesus knew about Jerusalem didn't change Italy was and it didn't change his desire to see them as they could be it didn't stop him from hoping all things believing all things and that's what we see human conflict that's what we see him hurting pain so recap one minute God wants all to be saved we should all say amen even though he wants people to be saved we don't like it's always easy to hear all got to say my cousin got something say my mom can't save me no matter how bad we get that's a great feeling when it's appropriate would you like for the appropriate of you which you don't like all why would he want to save off and you only think that because you don't realize that your sins are just as repugnant as there so we should all say a man that God wants to save all because all the evil that is in the world rests within the confines of your own sinful heart and so when you see Scriptures say God is a ransom for all uses alleluia even if it's those that dog and those that you find repugnant because you're just as repugnant as they are you just don't realize God is arousing for all praise Jesus is not just the kind of person who desires and hopes he's the kind of person who puts his his his blitzes his hopes into action and pays a ransom for all he sends an invitation to all because he values all what is the value all because he doesn't just see us as we are excuses as we can be he believes in you he believes in you because he knows what you can become and even if you chose to be lost if you believe in Utopia he chooses to his what he knows doesn't change who he is and what is lastly I discovered a quote here and just share with you a story unveiled crazy today and print one minute overtime is on councils to teachers page two sixty seven Allawi says we are living in a hard unfeeling uncharitable world Satan and his angels are using every means in their power to destroy souls the good that a teacher will do to his students or for his students will be proportionate to his belief in them you want to do good for the world believe in people because God does want to do good for yourself believe about yourself of God believes in you my cousin Michael Ruby Kiara was a coach the baseball coach I was a little kid who was far to play baseball I would tryouts and I was informed by Michael Ruby my cousin that I didn't have to try out and the enormous team became one of the best players on this team home run champ Bill bows important to me as a kid of course lots of home runs always made the All-Star teams and made Michael Ruby look like a great coach Bob later in life when I was older I asked Michael Ruby as a neighbor all wanted to him make a trial wanted to just accept me on on your team all why did you believe in me why did you believe in me did you know like did you know that I would become a good baseball player and make you look good as a coach and he said I didn't know but I believed in you not because of what I saw but because of what I saw you could be if I believed in you you were my cousin you're my cup you're my cousin and because I'm your cousin I chose to believe in you because of who I am and my friends I became an All-Star because he saw me as I could become let's give that gifted people let's accept that gift let's say to God yes I'll believe about myself what you believe about me father in heaven we thank you for the time for the chance to consider some new thoughts from your word I wish that Jesus could've just been here in person so he could preach the way that printing the length of the message will only will you know what I want to honor a light learn more and I find a young and not a assignment is the word this is a free online newsroom in please visit www. on my neighbor is not


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