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Why I Belive in God: An Apologetic on the Christian Faith

Clifford Goldstein
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Clifford Goldstein

Editor of the Adult Sabbath School Ministries Quarterly




  • August 5, 2011
    10:45 AM
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I suppose one since I put this together is kind of a whole I don't know a defense against spiritual remaining intellectual complacency we don't want to take our police for granted and we don't want to take our faith for granted we don't want to take our relationship with God for granted we need to think about what we believe about why we believe it is not only for our own good and I think of the verse in Scripture where Peter where he says but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts and the always ready to give an answer to every man that asked you for a reason that the hope that is in you meekness and fear and that's what I want to do with this talk this is in our simply help in our convened does anyone who would like to give some answers to somebody that asked about what we believe and why we believe it now notice the title is not while I believe in Jesus or waddle I believe in the second coming in getting much more basic than that much more foundational than that these are things that you really need faith for these are things that you need revelation for an overhaul not denying that you need faith to believe in God I would argue that there are very powerful rational and logical reasons to believe in God and in fact I would say the arguments in favor of the logical rational arguments for God the existence of God I believe are much stronger than the arguments of logic and reason that's used for atheism for disbelief in God I truly believe that the logic and reason is much more on cars hi there is on the side of those who don't believe in it maybe this will help you see it when were done anyway I want to start out with the story told by CS Lewis really big CS Lewis fan what is good is very good and what is there any dreadful black L Lewis does have some guys have some very good insights at times when he told his story when he was an agnostic about how he think he was sitting in the teachers lounge at Oxford or something sitting around with some other professors and probably smoking in having their morning coffee and in the lounge and he talked about somebody we called the heart of the most hard-boiled of all atheists I ever knew and they were sitting there in the lounge just chatting and then out of the blue this hard-nosed atheist is he said the hard-boiled list of all atheist I never knew sat there in the midst of the conversation recently it also could be effectively in OCS old chap took been like that the evidence for that historicity of the Gospels is really surprisingly good and then he just stopped the conversation and only one of them Mike if somebody were to see them sitting there saying ten in OCS I was sitting there a flying saucer came down in my backyard was through my dog and took him away please pass the salt just drop the conversation like that CS Lewis for about a minute and he thought about well the evidence for the historicity of the Gospels is good original the Gospels for the other day I was doing from one morning worship I was reading the book of Matthew him just aren't sound this is the generation of so-and-so begat so-and-so begat so-and-so I mean about a birth weight of the human and natural things you can do adding other people one after another and then all of a sudden out of the blue interest drops in the Virgin birth and militant feminists really try to strain credulity here I'm really trying to get out and really reach out in faith just who drops in something friendly miraculous in the point is the Gospels are filled with miracles from beginning to end they just do it justice so was supernatural this view of existence and Europe including especially the that the resurrection of Jesus there's a lot how I have a whole sermon I get on evidence for the resurrection of Jesus and we really get into it it's amazing it's amazing how powerful that it but anyway Lewis was more Lewis was floored because if the Gospels were to store the accurate than the bend and miracles really and if miracles really happened then his atheistic materialistic view of the world which said miracles don't happen would have to be wrong and if you have a world view which says that divine miracles cannot occur but that you're getting some strong evidence that divine miracles of miracles have occurred than what happens to your worldview your world you were talking about fundamental worldview here or not shockingly changing political parties or something are talking about something fundamental changes and I cannot really started to get CS Lewis on West and that wound up becoming a believer now I was this awesome what is an introduction to a some kind of gospel apologetic but as an introduction to what has represented from antiquity but to overarching views of the world there's two basic views it go back back into antiquity first there's the atheistic materialistic view held by many in ancient Greece right through to today you don't switch which is a field that's proudly proclaimed a lot while they call themselves the new atheists maybe you've read Richard Dawkins Daniel Dennett Sam Harris of all and I heard all their book I read all the books I've read most of them did not they're basically just promoting the same old on view no job no creator were purely trans- creations of what one ancient Greek centuries before Christ was called atoms in the waiting is all that exists Adamson the boy which is pretty amazing think about twenty three hundred twenty four hundred years of twenty five hundred years before Christ they basically gave some of the atomic theory atoms in the Boyd K now in contrast to that view there is the belief in some kind of supernatural being or beings from Zoroaster Zakharov Mosteller the full tears Deism goes full term is not an atheist pulpit once every watch needs watchmaker you've got back to Calvinist predestination and on and on and on and everything else as well don't you worldview or any version of them Lewis Newman deleted the gate is an either/or situation are either there is a God or gods were there isn't a God or God take I mean there's no middle ground they are either knew he knew will him be honor and not only want us truly are is false if your God a God or gods exist or they don't and as my talk is subtly suggests I believe it God exists I guess the question is why do I believe in God what would be the sum of the reasons that I would believe along to start out with a philosopher asked the question and in many ways it's about the most basic question I think anybody could ask I say why do I believe in God why do I believe in anything why is there anything at all to believe in person or even a subjective consciousness such as myself that can believe it or to get his basic philosopher at the most basic questions I think you can ask why is there something instead of nothing they think about that I mean that's pretty much you know how much further can you get why is there something instead of nothing I thought about this I tried to argue with you could ask the question why is there nothing instead of something but I guess the best self refuting because you can even ask the question there has to be something there to ask the question that doesn't really make any sense so why is there something instead of nothing getting it right down of the basics well I think the answer must be found in some version of one of those two worldviews that we just talked about why is there something instead of nothing beats it is easier in the University here originated through naturally or through supernatural origins if the latter him from supernatural origins in the universe was made by being poor means greater than our prior to it otherwise creation have to occur naturally out of itself which leaves the question how did it first get there in order to arise out of itself out that it created itself as a kind of absurd if you think about it how does anything create itself how can something create itself you can't create itself because in order to create itself it have to be there but it's already apparent anything created set status is not a lot doesn't make sense so with the reverse how did the universe but wasn't always there how did it get there could to create itself published there's one out from this it's a belief that existed for a long long time and that is that the universe is that the universe always existed Aristotle taught that and it was free once you believe I feel the twentieth century with the Big Bang will come to that in a little while but if the universe always existed and always was therefore maternity they even question how did it arise is what is illogical it is illogical because of the always existed then you don't have to ask the question where it came from now there is some hobbles with the whole idea of eternal existing universe would touch on one out in Google if I rebuke is its excuse is not simple utterly convinced I think there's something to their something to Woodward 's all medieval Moslem arguments Kayla KAL a.m. Caleb cosmological argument and there's a Christian philosopher named William Lane Craig who was just brilliant brilliant he's a genius on you on this guy and William Lane Craig 's kind we finalized in the twentieth and the twenty first century the old medieval argument this cabling cosmological argument and it's a bit tricky and I don't want to belabor it but think about it for a minute the argument states that an infinitely a universe is it possible it's impossible because it would imply that it is now time must have been passed when the must of been forced over it all and in order to have reached the moments that were in now or at any moment that working out that existed eternally you have to almost like from infinity to wherever you are at this moment right now but how do you know what that amount of time from an Angel infinity up to the present moment okay so another words if the universe existed infinitely in the past been an infinite number of mold this must've been traversed in order to get to where we are now but any account in our heads to infinity how can in reality an infinite number of moments ever been passed by as I said think about think about it if not there's there's something to it there's something for what it is subtle and and and William Lane Craig really is never that name doesn't very good job in trying to resurrect this argument but anyway whatever the validity or weakness of the K-1 cosmological argument the Big Bang theory has all but mooted in any way camping you believe in the big banks and the weight of the big banks it's probably wrong day but I don't have a problem with the Big Bang to a big guys didn't even think you know what I wanted for the Big Bang it doesn't allow doesn't get rid of the need for God so I have no problem in fact the Big Bang does solve this question of the cable cosmological argument okay according to this theory the universe once not existing paint into existence okay and it's very interesting I can remember over twenty years ago I read a book debate between theists and atheists on the existence of God I'm awaiting this one atheist and that he was could mean this guy is a sharp and his arguments were being just accordingly the best argument I've ever seen for a season-ending I didn't care about that's whining come to God through the stops I don't care about reading that stuff I am way past that K but I've been reading this guy and he was good and his name was Anthony flew woman about one oh eight nine years ago I picked up a book called there is a God and it was the way they had designed it there is no God and they cost out there no one put a above there is a God how the world 's most notorious atheist changed his mind and the author was Anthony's day he had become a believer in God and what God him to change his mind was at the Big Bang a lot of artists alike the Big Bang the dogmatic about it but it has caused a number of people believe in God when it first came out the Soviets had conniption fits over they did want to believe in the Big Bang because they understood some of the implications of the flu and if you think about it he believed in the universe as it will improve okay just you know the universe it just was the universe just was able to get behind in her seat anything for it it was just there to really think about it that's not that rational of a position visit does it strike you is that rational running the universe seems to be awfully complicated and involves state of affairs to did not really have any explanation for it to be just there okay that that was the position that he took the blue said he instantly taken the universe and its fundamental features as the alternate fact okay Honeywell stops somewhere can we all have to stop somewhere he's stopping with the assistance of the universe that was that was as far back as she was going to go the universe it didn't need an explanation of the Ouija bottom when you get the point we don't get behind something doesn't have an explanation it doesn't have a car there's no reason it just is and that's what he used as his starting point not to think it's a copout but that's another issue but anyway after the Big Bang theory which teaches that the universe had a beginning how to start that it didn't always exist abandon his previous position the universe always existed for the Big Bang thought had a beginning and thus will have to abandon one of his most fundamental beliefs and morals fundamental beliefs because the implications of her own flow found the arguments and automotive recently rounded to get us there some of them were arguing now that the universe was created out of nothing you heard that out nothing will come back to that in the process really is about the most logical argument that God will come back to that individual cultures is one of his book Bill Bryson a short history of nearly everything is just arranging something listen to this quote this was a best-selling book and me talk about assuming what you're trying to prove this internal logic and reason here in this game Bill Bryson a short history of nearly everything it seems impossible for quote it seems impossible that you can get something from nothing but the fact that once there was nothing but now there is the universe is evident proof that you can take the minutes when their weirdness of this thing about this it seems impossible that you can get something from nothing but the fact that there once was nothing but now there is a universe is evident proof that you can okay well I is set the premise that there was once nothing and now there's something that is to put it kindly I think as ludicrous as it sounds you know nothing fool just click Bonnie and he could buy into that I mean when nothing went nothing which might what does not exist as positive instead of God as the creative force behind cosmic origins one has to wonder about the logic logic of those who look for something anything even if they as opposed to God as the source of our existence of God the foundation of all existence is replaced by nothing the negation of all existence which is interesting to follow her to Stephen Hawking to consider the greatest scientists since Einstein section the content Sharon at Cambridge which was the chairman Isaac Newton had a number couple years ago I went to Cambridge University Avenue and God 's son he wanted to Cambridge White House in secret Karen was there was the word Isaac Newton is where Isaac Newton 's office was you walk around the corner opus bar they discovered the DNA of the double helix for DNA to come to allow voters when he discovered the money that was pretty cool pretty cool stop anyway Hawkins Hawkins teaches there but in his latest book Hawking 's the grand design listen to this list life synthesis I don't think this assignment I think this is more metaphysics it's he begins he has this line because there is a loss such as gravity the universe can and will create itself out of nothing okay lets you see it coming away the strip is and will be in order when I turned my neurons to avoid the strip try to work my way through the logic of this because there is a law such as Rob the universe can and will create itself out nothing now I'm not a physicist and are looking to flow chemistry in high school okay I cheated and I still flunked chemistry and life and even saving LifeLock 's online and and and and my math it really can understand physics without doing math and outside of the flying violations for special relativity which I think anybody could do I can't do the math or physics it on the map in Google search on the double monastery challenge Stephen Hawking 's on his physics but I think I will sign a statement like this is just physics it's metaphysics it's philosophical it's it's it's that beyond the realm of meaning begins with these words notice notice how the language betrays you Detroit argue began out of nothing we starts with these words because there is something missing the point like Aristotle there is that in and of itself then their kind which raised the whole point that he makes immediate implies that there is one there is something not nothing so right off the bat the first part of the sentence which points to something contradicts the last part which points to nothing whatever there is might be fleeting might be in a perceptible inaccessible incomprehensible principle but it's not nothing talking then tells us what there is exist because there is any sense he said because there is a legal law such as gravity gay again I have no doubt that the physics is heavy I have no doubt that I'm missing a lot here but what I'm not missing in the sentence or two nouns long as they are law is not nothing gravity is not nothing in this case is talking about along the shore along nature is something special gravity might be willing to lay Savior three four fundamental forces in all the universe strong nuclear force weak nuclear force electromagnetism and gravity gravity is very weak I mean look at this you got the whole gravity is just the VR the mass of the earth after his kind of complicated is after the massacre bending space and time pulling it now but I have a whole are beneath me look at that I could lift my hand that's how we grabbed his universal mass of earth beneath the all holy and I can lift my okay this week but it's not nothing it's something gravity Israel okay gravity is real anyone are these people getting plastic surgery for for nothing is a function of the hair is okay Israel is not nothing so how does one argue again I said yeah understand this because there is a loss such as gravity the universe can and will create itself out of nothing a law of gravity is not effective if you don't want to speculate going on our understanding of gravity now it just hit me I don't know how gravity can exist if there is a massive matter maybe there's it in order to it if Einstein 's General relativity is correctness all gravity is is matter bending space and time how can there be grabbed if there was no matter but anyway but I can looking at is people are looking for something anything Apollo even nothing as opposed to God as the creative force behind for swine origin for some foundation of all existence God is replaced by nothing the negation of all existence but you know in many ways the argument that nothing created the universe is really the most logical place they could go to some ontological argument that you have to still think about it for a minute ago scientists are all looking for all looking for what they call the theory of everything it's this idea of where they get this from because I think of its foundation in in physics it is that the universe can be explained ideally by one course and unifying principle anything that they may find that only sent one of you could put on a T-shirt K and they're going on the assumption this thing call Occam 's razor which both of which the guy William of Occam a phrase he never games of the ideas and everything should be made as simple as it could be nothing universe ultimately is going to be made one simple formula not sure what I'm wondering why they think that what were the philosophical presuppositions behind but let's say out of the blue they suddenly discovered the theory of everything asked was why we'll see that explains everything this is foundational living there at the lining of the world to say nice foundational history the know we could go see the question is why isn't X why is it long why is it see why not she tries to equals all are or else where is the square root of the East Jay Leno with what he will sign whatever you want whatever that is there are some of the interior would have to explain why that is better not why it's not something else you see what I'm saying I don't care how are you go there with regard to both constituent matter of the universe are atoms or strains string theory I think this spring is the size of a proton is a proton is the size of that they the solar system gay and necessary theoretically sending you an atom smasher the size of the galaxy in order to be able to bring matter down to get to be strangely supposedly but even if they found the strings K historians somewhat ever come to whatever you find ultimately you it's going to need an explanation what though is the one thing that you don't need an explanation what I jump anatomy picture anatomy whatever even talk quietly moderately arguing universities from photoplay see nothing doesn't need an explanation again yes I question why is there nothing instead of something it's logically self-contradictory so many ways to argue that the universe came from nothing is really the most logical argument that they had okay because anything else is going to need it all of these of these is going to need an explanation the only thing that doesn't mean an explanation is nothing okay now so you've got nothing to steal the other thing the only other thing that doesn't need an explanation is that Charlie existing God a God who only as was never a time when he wasn't there so that where he came from just as nonsensical question so really in many ways the argument from their first really this is where it got rejected an internal existing God and reject the God of Scripture job with God as we understand him then really logically nothing is the best place for them to go to and I don't know folks and mean not the universe came out of nothing or change the currently existing on is it unreasonable is it unreasonable to believe that a hung that God is a little more of a reasonable argument than out of nothing consumers and clients I believe that the logic and reason behind belief in God works a whole lot better than the logic that people use don't believe in God so take your pick as I said because these are nothing nothing doesn't need an explanation of the total existing God will be suggested doesn't need an explanation everything else pretty much does and not that I think in some ways as part of the legacy of the Big Bang whether as I said I have no problem with the Big Bang I do believe it's probably not true I'm warmly in all defining things with Hubble where finding some things that are calling into question I don't have a problem with the terms of the Christian faith anyway so that's one argument that's why they go to nothing because it's the most logical thing you can go to you don't want to believe in God how logical is it well you leave that for you to decide then you've got they often call in Celia logical argument that's a fast fancy term for the argument from design argument from nature in from design and some people try to argue that way back in the seventeen hundreds the philosopher David Hume had demolished the argument from design if you read I've read his book fairly carefully called dialogues concerning natural religion he's got a dialogue between people talking and it will shoot and destroy the argument from design you destroy and how can anybody use the argument from design after David Hume well you know it's sorry I read you I read the book I don't think Dean destroy the argument Cary was an argument let's see what happens is how do you quantify this you could happen on it that's a ninety nine percent valid to try to quantify something ninety nine percent valid is down one percent one percent where there's a question and you go in and you have a hammer and hammer and hammer away at the one percent you see what I'm saying the argument from dime isn't foolproof it was fulfilled everybody would believe I would be standing up to your militants K but it's powerful okay so heal hearts and hearts and harps on about one percent and it's very interesting in the book and the book Humes says something he says something and again this was written human died seventeen seventy six paisley wrote this long before we had any idea of the complexity of what's out there he said she will have to would make quality he wrote funny back then but was are you meaning to know to really matter may contain the source for spring of order originally within itself that the several elements from the intern will unknown cause may fall into the most exquisite arrangement to any saying that matter people may have something originally and in and of itself from an internal unknown cause okay this will conform to the most exquisite arrangement and again exclusive wearable long before electron microscopes and long before they had any idea of the complex if I can be convinced of Charles Darwin were alive in the new the complexity of things I wouldn't be surprised if he would adjust his NMI theory can't possibly be right but anyway here soon saying that matter has something inside in and of itself the main thing so exquisitely arranged but might I ask I think all it does is push the argument that because I asked where did matter in the information and the ability to organize itself into this exquisite arrangements again it was a time where I don't think surgeons know that and maybe it's a good idea to wash my hands before I go take out somebody's appendix to think of that back then emulating the fact that they didn't know what we know me this I guess it's easier to imagine papering a something from it it's like saying something inherent in paperwork the allowed the form field pull stories were written lease or something like that into then to think of carbon and water in proteins more icing cells will sell his single cell much less something like Howard Einstein 's mind and of course science claims a heavy answer is that how they can do that they say they can do with this because it's from random mutation and natural selection though I don't want to get the whole thing here I can go off a long time about evolution believe me you know it saw I think though the question of our own design though has become true wins award with the sharpest edge cutting against atheism think about it for a minute think about the sharpest edge cutting against atheistic evolution think about this for a minute while the science about how or even if random mutation and natural selection could have created the current complexity of life while back is really hot we contested and hotly debated what is being contested when using the baby is the complexity of life itself they know you argue against that okay no one can argue that everything is no letter everything is not very complicated and and and so on and so forth now think of the irony here so I find this very ironic because on the more complexity think about this the more complexity science phone lines in life my goodness they say a single cell wall just the wall of the sale is filled with complex cities and mysteries that we don't have a clue about much less everything else the more complexity science finds in line the less likely the mean science claims for its origins become missing the point where this are finding all this lifestyle yes of course it all arose by chance and all arose my kids back in the twentieth creek of crick and Watson fading cream was a hard-nosed atheists just he was a new atheist before there were new atheists were around but even realizing I be modified ten fifteen years ago he realized that life was way too complex to have form by pushing its in the number of even the billions of years they give for evolution it is a macro that happened by chance so he came up with what he calls the panspermia theory and here is the Nobel Prize winning scientists probably want to consider one of the greatest scientists of the twentieth century and he comes up with the idea that aliens from another universe came to the earth with rockets and conceded a life here on earth okay enough of us whenever an article in the secular magazine and the guy was promoting this he was ballooning out of deliberate design of the twentieth century thinks that aliens came and spaceships and seated lifelong but again I think creek looked at this complexity and just said that idea to come in my chance you know it's just too fantastic for it to come by chance we got space aliens don't solve the problem they just push the problem back a little further anyway but anyway the point is Anthony flew it was the creation of the universe plus what was the complexity of life that helped get a instantly flew Anthony flew to ultimately believe that there was a God is really a fascinating book if you read the book he's almost there is almost at Christianity not there yet but because this is an attempt to Christianity but it's gotten to believe in God Anthony flew there is a God in fact and one point in the book he quoted another scientist is saying we choose to believe the impossible that life arose spontaneously by chance that he's quoting somebody else and there shall let you know the impossible well it's impossible the sentence is self refuting is not impossible because that's what they're saying happened was that happened by chance okay now there's a new argument out there now that the hitter saying okay license to copy the formula universe by chance filling a whole new theory now you might have heard this you might have heard this is that we are universe is only one of an infinite are many many perhaps even an infinite number of other universes so you see what they're trying to do here okay the odds are of one universe creating life on earth light coming by chance you haven't it that's kind of far-fetched so they can come up with an infinite number of universes is that what you have been in the number what is the chance than suddenly Iran's are much greater one out of these infinite number of human versus creating life is like saying that if you flip a coin ten times where the odds are you flipping and getting fly in a row you know hence going to flip it ten times are getting in a row head but if you flip those coins all hundred million to get a hundred million coins and flip them what are the odds of somewhere in there getting ten in a row I think if you do an infinite number of times inevitably you're going to come up with ten in a row of course the fact is they never seen one another one of these universes is quite a bit of speculation about there's a new book out called the hidden reality by Brian Greene are the hidden half to remember any probably does as good a job as any I've ever read try to show the logic and reason behind all these infinite number of universes okay but even even if filed if they call except we don't live in the UNE verse they call it a faulty verse ceiling applies Walker sign-on on others an infinite number out there of course even if you bought into that argument are not alone maybe there are more universes out there are parallel universes I tend to think there's got to be because you according to his the best physics we know information can't travel faster than the speed of light hundred eighty six thousand miles per second vacation the moon and back to sentence you know that seven times in one second the sun and six minutes burning prayer and prayer was limited by the speed aligning our prayers still never would've gotten ahead and so I think there's a whole other level of reality out there that you know we're totally inaccessible you know inaccessible to immediate parallel universes I can somehow interact I don't know what is the worst in infinite number of universes out there it only makes the question of their origin infinitely more pressing than does the existence of one day if you want universal reply person if you've got an infinite number of universes more to come where they come from your right back again to what we got one of two options either they rose out of nothing or God created them to look at the extreme skier they argue life arose from nothing or they go to the other extremes and they posit an infinite number of universes which in the end doesn't get rid of the question of God anyway I think only makes it infinitely more pressing once a supernatural creator in many ways be a little more logical and reasonable not apply here with sciences like the Occam 's razor wire used ten explanations for something to take and three K the sprocket 's razor here always infinite number of universes that there's speculating about that doesn't solve their problem anyway menu if you've ever read which everybody's heard of Richard Dawkins and on these whether he came to Maryland a while back the later the lady was to speak at the University of Maryland my license you better go to bed check and get tickets early will I wait until a bunch of Muslim as an adult with some of my buddies at the biblical research Institute and but as it was we could get their Christmas too late and always already sold out because Dawkins is good to get a big crowd but if you really ready to welcome book the God delusion and I in reality it was very funny book very entertaining there is a very compelling writer he's much better than any of the other atheists but really a man it was nothing the there was no new argument against the existence the same old stuff very funny and very creatively and you know they all do the same thing let's face it if you have some really why religious people K earnings face in a religious people do some really stupid things believe in some really stupid things so they focus on that and I'm anybody believe a guy look like an idiot it also led to a lot of who will be doing the block that some of the arm 's length no argument that something 's goddess argument against the silliness of some of the people who believe it but the essence of this argument in the book that he repeats over and over it comes down to this it's who created God state that the bottom line to get through to cut through everything else that's his bottom line argument who created God he says quote a designer God cannot be used to explain organized complexity because any God capable of designing anything but have to be complex enough to demand the same kind of explanation in his own right okay now I want that's logical Gillespie Fehr were saying complexity something that soap design in complex demand something to explain the complexity that that's our argument okay we disable anything that's can could create something is as his design in complex as the world itself that would have to be very very complex amount of self needs explanation as well but again he saw lot in to his naturalistic worldview he's missing the point but do not tenant Colonel God by Captain doesn't have a creator is not created it doesn't need an explanation it doesn't mean there's nothing to explain and he was always there from the beginning that since so confined by naturalism Dawkins can't understand the difference the difference between an older kernel insisting been made and the maker he tries to apply something that just doesn't like that's the whole point of an eternally existing God now and then home and happy in the end everything from cell membrane physiology two great units to grapefruit to human sexuality make God so much more likely explanation for the functionality their beauty and purpose and as any explanation predicated on chance confluence of particles and forces that in and of themselves require something a sufficient cause outside of them greater than than an interior and who might that be what might that be but again you come back to a God community and what is more likely to have been taken to what is more likely to have been uncaused anyway the universe or God think we will does you no cause it seems logically the God Colonel God as opposed to the universe then you know you've got a whole argument you got a whole argument for the moral the moral argument for the existence of God think about this this is nothing new think about this for a minute though let's say let's say hi I'm a writer and editor preaching is like pulling teeth and let's say the Nazis won the war okay Piscataway remembering the Nazis and family okay that was funny there was there was out on some guy in DC some people at the laundry lost his pants and he sued them for fifty four million dollars and made international news and visiting from Germany came over to get all the covering and uncovering it somehow somebody brought in the Nazis in this one reporters and I know they would drag us into this somehow drew blessing and won the war and let's say under Joseph Goebbels propaganda machine say they convinced every body in the world anybody was a lot that anybody with one Jewish grandparent that's what the Nazis did if you have one Jewish grandparent you are considered Jewish and they said anybody with one Jewish grandparent needed to be executed now there's two grand overarching theories about O'Reilly K some say morality is surely human construct it's like taking a more jazz locator impressionist art humans we created thing we created okay it's something that we make and so they say morality is surely human construct same way our needs or there is the idea that there is morale a transcendent morality morality greater than us a blah loss that isn't how you wish for lack of a better word on office can do basic views of where morality comes from my can't really think of birth K now let's go back to our Nazi thing if let's say the first view was correct the Sigma rally is purely a human construct same way democracy is gay if the Nazis won the war and they convinced every human being every human being that anybody with one Jewish grandparent deserved to die without the morally wrong and will if the fifty one seconds first if you set the first few that surely made by humans that are morality is a human invention and a family unit is that every human being or even a decidedly wanted to democracy majority we now majority make the books it is now after epidural how can it be wrong if morality comes purely from them from from humans if you're not comfortable with that and I think a lot of people aren't comfortable with that then why why it wouldn't fly it's not absolute for many people the reason they're not comfortable with that is because they feel like there's certain things that are just wrong no matter what well will will have her wear without deleting long well not a lot and for many peoples and well it's because morale and training sessions everything human rather something greater than humans and if it's a moral one from just the own atoms and quarks and protons and neutrons eventually created this war will universe I guess it's not all equally impossible it's not a contradiction but it's awfully hard to understand how inanimate amoral matter everything is made up of basically what we known up quarks and color force out of Clarkson color forcing him at themselves and Adams into molecules and chemicals it all into life into a conscious beings that have moral qualities I guess it's not absolutely impossible but it sure seems very very improbable very very improbable so again many people would would say that that's a powerful argument for the existence of God this concept of morality and then you go on there's a whole being of why some meaninglessness in the face of death I can't tell you how many books I read how much I read about people 's struggle with the ultimate meaninglessness of life in order to get it this is it this is it there's nothing else it all seems so meaningless purposeless and if you think about it you think about it the phone has a purpose the nose has a purpose the air has purpose the that the sun has a purpose in antenatal class alumni has a purpose of someone in a cell I forgot what it was about I mean everywhere we look we see now as we see and for something on your purposes for things getting into humans here here on earth take us to take all these purposes we seen and you put them all together and here we are human beings and are all common stock in the purposelessness and meaninglessness it just you know it just doesn't make sense if I could get a bunch of positive integers taking a budget and adding up a bunch of positive integers and coming with getting a number less than see your missing the point it just doesn't make any sense you can read and I'm not going to be a Christian to see this on a while back I read a book called confessions of a philosopher by adding Brian Magee and it was the most beautiful eloquent expression of this was the long he said he had included why is everything in my life Lisa was going on while he was a music critic he was a drama critic it was an MP the reason in relation a lot of great relationships with women is that everything in my life was going everything you can imagine and then he said it hit him and him in his mid- thirties that one day he was going to die that anybody will ever know him was going to die and that any race that was rough and was currently on the field if you take the atheistic view dose-related I think the universe is collapsing on itself about the size of a fist full big crunch or they say this expanding is everything going in the error of light is the old order of the way before the sun is supposed to blow up or something what is the point as he realized at some point in this worldview anything you've ever done anybody elaborate new win any influence you cannot possibly have any money at any time that we one baby for at her and ever and it made no difference having been born having died would make no difference whether you where you have what he accomplished when Danny was roughly powerfully elegant bride and the confessions of a philosopher and I think it was riding in the car the sad thing is decided he was going to was his intellectual to try to study art and literature and science and all this stuff the client answers and off he comes back to the end of the book comes back at the end of the book he says I know all this stuff like Erica 's house and he says I'm no closer to anything before that I was when I began he said if anything the problems are infinitely more complex than what the link is in a meeting only to hear Shakespeare's Merry wives of Windsor are listening to father himself over the meaning of life form because in the candidacy here's the thing here's the thing the world of Cameron and I like to be broken for a few minutes for questions the world this world in and of itself is not the answer what is it's the question it's not the Fellowship is the problem if the problem okay and social financing in an out of this world in and of itself if you're looking for where the problem is that begin with ultimately there's got to be something I believe I doesn't have to if it is ultimately used to want to believe that life has to meeting of all these things what purpose don't all in all including conduct and purposelessness I guess you could argue that okay I don't think it's logical I think the logic works in favor he only sings our purpose always only things we see a purpose and they all add up to humans and polishing it were all ultimately purposeless and meaningless is not a logical impossibility but it doesn't seem to make most sense ultimately it would seem that you have to find something transcend me this world something greater than this one I read a lot of philosophers and just hope on the stuff I can't help it but you know in the and I realized that in the end I read all these guys in it so much as expected there's nothing so stupid that someone philosophers have been written about proportion I spent hours reading some of his nonsense going but in the air if you don't solve condition you don't solve the question that you have an answer the fundamental question of life you don't solve the question of deck you have an answer the fundamental question what shall I like this this line my poet on he said nothing can save us status possible we who must die demand America interesting we must demand a miracle because he sees the world is a bad answer answer and numerical demands and easy which leads us back to the dilemma with CS Lewis that I first talked about is his atheist friends said powerful evidence exists for the historicity of the gospel in the him till with miracles it's a little White House plan to try to just wipe it just goes on the assumption of miracles okay now you know it it's just as this discovery there's something for your scientists use their philosophers used to talk about the Black Swan because they all swans are white okay there was was a philosophic all swans are white the Gazette for you to try to make a point about components and some absolute truth they all swans are white well what happened was simply went on Australia one day when they discover a black swan okay I don't wipe it out so in the same way just as the existence of even one miracle this is just one black swan wipes away the idea that all swans are white the existence of even one miracle destroys any worldview which argues that these miracles cannot happen and it's a simple as that is now in the miracle is another matter truly and that's another matter but for those of us who believe in them or experience then to a certain degree evidence for God 's existence becomes lodged in places where where logic doesn't policing in the end of the Meo cause I have a little more I can get into some other things when running out of time one of these questions a few minutes but in all the ice I said in the end I think all these arguments the wording everything come from design morality I think all these work in our favor you know to its denial of absolute best I said absolute I will be here but I think I was powerfully powerfully works in identity when they were forced to resort to nothing nothing as the source of all exist inside a spending on a logical when the bill is as good as all this stuff is to a certain degree I do I she she and what one means what you think I mean by saying she am I referring I will guess I will referring to when I say I she joins used logic and reason here pure logic if your reason and will move along trying to make everything flow logically from the other but when I say I see what that means stepping down of the realm of logic and reason what am I stepping into faith accepted into experience I'm stepping into something that goes beyond where logic and reason could pay you see all these arguments are good in and of themselves they're going to put them together ultimately in the and I'm not ultimately convinced this is going what might this might get you to believe in God or something to get it across think about it for a minute and then I'm an ominous stop this summer I'm mentally little more time what is the most important thing you know of all the chores we can know what's most important thing I said most important what one thing I know is that Jesus died for my sins and that through faith in his righteousness I can my sins be covered I could be the promise of eternal life now all the logic and reason in the world all the natural philosophy natural science all that is really needed across the Internet neither will you get me one intelligent designer if you get me go get a of some kind creator and on and on and on with her employment teaching the most thing I need to know and how do I learn the most important thing I need to know how to feel to me it had to be spoon fed to me interesting dribbles in the word of God and when that hit me I was a mind blowing talk to me because of the most important truth we know when your high school whenever you get up to get an answer to a math problem and there is the answer all I could on the second multiplied that by this undivided that I cannot do it for taking the square root of that I cannot do it and of course there's the answer to find all the ways you can get to it here's the answer across all the logical although reasonable and natural philosophy all those things are never going to get you to so I guess in the end the bottom line is all these things are important and they have their role but that rule is flying to a point and then it stops and then you ultimately have to reach out on faith it is not just in anything religious it's in anything as well however not enough time for questions do no one wanted to experiment market and because it shows ultimately it shows ultimately the limits of all human knowledge and while ultimately immuno matter what we believe a eventually we got go on and my computer I will create a file on your desktop call it whatever you want call it whatever you want want to call it self referential by self-referential so you got your file on your desktop you got your icon will speak I'm assuming it among that person when I drive by I put PCs out of my mind I don't think about them anymore but thinking about a PC as well so you got your file on the desktop self-referential and click on the icon to your self-referential file and what's can happen the folders will okay you'll see a folder there now only take your mouse take your cursor and go over that icon self-referential files and drag it in to the open folder K do that and you'll see something there to try and that is indicative watch what happens and that is just a little metaphor a little symbol of all ultimately what all knowledge secular thing anything we can know you ultimately reach a point where it justification stops and you have to reach out on faith that God our all and because I have a whole sermon I have cold math problem and freely use some of the Solana philosophers were mathematicians because the idea was you can get absolute certainty and numbers take two plus two equals four K the shortest distance between two once his straight-line nonanonymous considered absolutely will by the middle of the twentieth century the entire foundation of all that is kicked out you can't ultimately know absolutely for sure two plus two week left except certain things on centers and violate both the shortest distance between two points is not a straight line Jake is not a straight line to research it yourself but the point is in the and everybody thought mathematics was absolute but now we know that at that mathematics is not absolutely certain that there are certain things you got taken on faith so in the end folks if you take things like math font face how much more so the things of internal and eternal God Sonoma not all the reasons we have and I think we got very good reasons for belief very good reasons they're not absolutely which point were ultimately you have to step out and is kind of funny when any other field when you say you got to take it on faith they can't will fail and isn't it interesting that Christianity faith is guilty right from the start site is not ultimately knew the limits of where our fallen minds would take us anyway let's pray the father thank you for the opportunity to talk about these things thank you for all the reasons we have for our beliefs thank you that we don't have blind faith the same time to Lord help us to realize that no matter what we know what we believe there are aspects and elements that go beyond what we can fully understand help us to claim fervently do what we do understand and reach out on faith claims and promises more like the name of Jesus I pray for you might not ever a poorly and not having to maintenance services and industry learn more and I find a young and not an assignment as a word is a free online service please visit www. nonbelievers


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