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Beyond the Righteousness of Angels

Frank Fournier


Frank Fournier

Executive VP of OCI




  • August 6, 2011
    7:00 AM
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heavenly father Lord we know you are there we know you are alone we know that all your promises are exactly what they are in that you will not fail not for one moment we know that your honor is the one you weren't being true in all how much we need the power that is therein thank you for being our God thank you for guiding us moment by moment guiding us through thy holy Word bless us this morning that we may be a blessing to everyone with whom we have anything to do today this is what we ask and we thank you for your Holy Spirit in Jesus name and I did turn in your Bibles to Colossians chapter three a recited visitors yesterday and which is going to look at it to get started or in Colossians Chapter three were looking at verse two set your affections actually it's in the singular set your affection set your mind the margin says on things above and not on the things on earth you probably notice that this is a direct command and it's very very practical yesterday we saw it you are here and I suppose we ought to review this just a little bit we saw in Bible commentary eleven thirty two five human perfection failed in the garden of lists and why do you suppose human perfection failed in the garden of bliss these of all that Adam knew God my gas at a new blog is archived the Bible says this is I turn all to know him that Adam know him yes any had life eternal atmosphere promises to know him is to love him and there's no doubt in my mind that Adam love God but did add them also know even how much did he know even while I was in that he knew about you I bet she was beautiful now she was created to be just what he needed she was created to be his lover that's what he did in so then there came of course the fact that he had to make a decision between his God and between his lover and how do we know that Adam has invested more affection and even then he did in his God we know yes of course of course he found more favor than God is in his site and friends the point was yesterday that he was perfect at that point up until that point in any case now may I ask you something are you affectionate while I hope your affection we ought to be affectionate don't you think it's wonderful I have a plan of the lease and she's here but she's not here this morning and she has a little girl two years old and that little girl maybe stay two weeks at my house in Edinburgh would walk up to me and say up and when I would pick her up she would just cuddle she is all the affection is so wonderful it it is wonderful it is are you affectionate I hope your affection how much of infection you have from God or have you reserved your affections for the things of this world is possible you don't a lot easier to do so your affections on the things that are nearby it is we saw yesterday also that angelic perfection failed in heaven the angels were also brought to the point of making a decision already in heaven there was a great controversy between Christ and Satan or Lucifer probably at that time and we know that Christ deserved all the loyalty and the honor and the love in the affection of the creation but his creation at that point at least the Angels in heaven were brought to the point where the some of them at least one almost fully one third had invested more affection on the side of Lucifer and his cause that on this item God 's cause and when they were what brought to the point of making a decision that had a hard they had a hard time they fail they failed being perfect is not amazing but to me it's amazing and later on yesterday as we were talking we saw that an angel Dragnet log and Mrs. Lot out of the city and he said to them by way of instruction the dog look back and why did she look back is becoming evident right now is becoming anything to say right she had bestowed all her affections on the things of this world and not on the things above and when she was brought to make a visit she had no power to deny herself that upon which she had bestowed her affections she had no power it was bigger than she was she looked back how much affection you think she had forgotten we know through the spirit prophecy that day she actually was not a very spiritual in visual Lot 's wife that is the thing than this world is that which had gripped her heart when she was brought to make a decision oh how hard it was a friend is going to be every week is hard for us don't you think I mean I'm bringing this up because I'm going to ask you this morning to look at your own heart and to judge where do you dispel your affection on a little dubious though your affection the Lord is not asking us not to be affectionate but he's asking us to put our best affections upon him and this takes place because we can't see him we can't hold him we can hug him not in the literal sense in any case that's what's happening and so we continue to see that there is only one power in the whole universe that will give us the ability to deny ourselves that upon which we bestowed our affections and that's the righteousness of Jesus Christ there was not enough power in the righteousness of angelic Angels or Angel to keep to two give them the power to deny themselves there was not enough power in the righteousness of perfect human beings so that they could deny themselves that upon which they had dispelled their affections how in the world than our fallen human beings going to do this thing unless we have that same power now and so Jesus says except your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of scribes and Pharisees except there righteously is a nod like to add this except your righteousness exceeds the righteous method of perfect angels in the righteousness of perfect adenine except your righteousness exceeds that you cannot in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven by thirty one Fisher raises the bar really high does it but we can have this thing in the course that's what it's leading up to that's what I want to talk about and so we saw that Jesus came down to this world wildlife as we happily did with the same equipment that we had and he met at the station doesn't even ever had to need in our lives he had spent eternity dispelling his affection up on his father and he had spent an eternity receiving affection from his father and yet he comes to the point in this world we has to make a decision between all the affection that he invested in that he's received against what not something tempting not something as attractive not something as enticing but in the matter-of-fact is worse than that total separation from the one upon whom these distorted his affection for ever total separation but not just formal separation but he had to endure the wrath of God against him and he didn't he didn't and there's only one way that he could do it there is only one power in the universe available to him so that he could do it and that's the righteousness of God that righteousness is the only thing that can keep us from sinning while we must have that righteous now there's a problem hen I hinted at it I think yesterday my notes are two loci have to keep looking them as a problem and I give it added yesterday it isn't that God 's righteousness is hard to find it isn't that God 's righteousness is hard to get as a matter fact after Jesus went to the cross and paid the penalty for all of our sins he turns around and he offers to the whole human race every single individual he offers all of that righteousness and eighty yours whether receiving SSI Temple it's just that simple I don't know somebody walked up to you and gave you a hundred dollars all we would have to do is take a hundred dollars and say thank you and you have the hundred dollars and it isn't anywise anyone harder to receive the righteousness of God it's just that way is a free gift from God we may have it right now it's not hard we all have to go looking for it offered its hours what's wrong except that we don't want to all we want some righteousness we want and of righteousness could be in the kingdom of heaven we don't want to suffer the penalty for sin but we don't want so much righteousness that is going to interfere with our lifestyle we don't want so much righteousness and I have to be told what to eat and what not beat and how to dress in what to do what to say what to think and what you want to want to read and all the rest we don't want that much righteousness we just want enough righteousness to be in the kingdom of heaven until because this is so vital says we are lukewarm because this is so we are not honoring God the way God needs to be on the way God deserves to be honored although God is the logo you are in comparison it's amazing that we think in those terms that we are here now here in this world below if we would stand beside God we would we would melt into the floor there's no doubt in my mind if we could see who he is and how wise and all loving and all the rest we would get in everything there is nothing we would deny God that's what he's asking of us the light of Jesus say blessed are they who hunger and thirst after righteousness why didn't you say Blessed are the righteous because there aren't any that's why I think this point you sound very few people who's wanted that much righteousness this is what I would like to inspire us with this thing we've got to have his right last night I was walking back to my room after the meetings after the booths where close than two ladies young ladies were walking beside me and one said your messages are very good very inspiring but now she says I'm hanging up here and how do we do this and I said welcome come to the meeting in the morning and I'll show you how to do this and so that's the quest this morning you know you if you're going to pray she got a be practical not be able to show the people how this thing is done this morning we want to have God 's righteousness we got a picture now for the last couple of days on how powerful that righteousness is the righteousness is so powerful that Jesus Christ could deny himself the pleasures of eternity the bliss that is endured or are enjoyed for eternity he denied himself all that affectionate he was able to say an old standard ground and it's no all his affections upon us at the cost of everything this is powerful this is more powerful than anything else in the whole universe now but how do we do it that's the question and this is what I'd like to share with you this morning the good title for this morning is simply just a thought now and I turned to a little place called Gospel workers page one hundred and sixty one paragraph one and the first two words in the very first paragraph this is the beginning of a chapter the first two words are the thought I never had a thought yeah if not please have a new date is it hard to have a thought if I have to do hold that thought visible you can hold on if I gave you a thought well there's no doubt in my mind no doubt in my mind has my back I thought of this sometime like fifteen years ago I was in that regard the time I was reading in a little charge in Africa the congregation thirty people or so when I had this thought as well as the congregation if I gave you a thought could you hold that thought how long can you hold that thought if I give you a call I said supposing I told you that in a month from today you I'm not today obvious six two September six you come to my house in one month and I will give you a brand-new set of clothing as many of you has come out many of the people you think would show up at my house a month later in apricot you know there's quite a bit of poverty especially where we were at that time in Zambia and I can imagine that if I would say something like this if I made an offer like that that there would be more than the thirty people that were in the charge should be a thousand people at my door ready to because they could hold that thought they could hold that thought for a month friendly at all that thought forever they would be there on the date that I said my wife and I had that experience one time in Africa this is not part of this but it just comes to my mind is called the chocolate right you remember there were one massacres and all of that but my wife became had the director there in the mogul to a refugee camp in Goma Zaire and I went to visit her at Christmas well there was then an NGO I think tears pain or something like that and they were leaving the camp and they had seven they had seven they had ten thousand chocolate bars that they were leaving behind and they were going around asking you guys want this candy and my wife and I said watch arguments as daddy and on the block department is lots of children here they'll enjoy and that the worst job with everything your life they didn't know that you're in Africa and then the people were really suffering and that point and so my wife and sixty six community health workers and she got all these community health workers involved through the calf is a million people there to go through the cabin just tell the children to meet up in a certain place and I we would give them a candy bar that's always that community health workers went through the cabin said that but when we got to the blaze there was handed out naturally literally there was an thousand people gathered but they want all children on no and when I look at this thing I said no no this angle map and because we didn't bring the ten thousand ten to bind we brought about seven thousand and I said there's too many people here is going to be trouble by non- knowledge of the all right at it it were hard to control we were in the back of the pickup and said so she had her community health workers and his group down here so she divided them by I don't know if they were tribes or what but she derided by something and she had them sit down and she had a community health worker that the head of this anywhere sat down like this and then we distributed the boxes of candy you know an iPod now this nonwork is not going to work and saw as soon as she gave the signal to open the box all the people got up and they all rushed forward and they all started grabbing and they came to the pickup where we where they started grabbing and they were little children there they were getting trampled and I would jump out of the pickup and I think these kids up and put them in the pickup I jump back in there is another one of being trampled and that it was everywhere and I said to my wife I said grab candy and throw up behind the throne as far as it can and we were thinking handled the just throwing it and the way the people would go that way and it would divide and I would throw morally with Walmart and then finally we had a driver in the pickup a nice sentiment and drive out here on the here and that's what we did we drove out and we went out and then we came back and we parked the pickup in the United Nations compound and we walked back to where we were and it was total chaos they had started throwing rocks they had in our community health workers shows were missing watches were missing they were beat up and it was just like a never say what you think I motor running brow alive now so it ought to tell people that you're going to be given some specially when the people are very very poor they're not going to lose that thought that that's what I'm supposed to be bridging about right I thought now watch what God can do with the wearing gospel workers one hundred and sixty one one the thought that the righteousness of Christ is imputed to us that is given to us not because of any merit on our part not because of anything we can do but as a free gift from God is a precious thought is it a precious thought how precious is it what was written here it tells us how fresh it is it is watch watch the enemy of God and man is not willing that this truth that is this box should be clearly presented why for he knows that if the people receive it that is this thought for we his powers will be broken if you hear that what would happen if you receive this thoughtfully you could break the power of the enemy fully is what you've been waiting for in your life would you like to have the enemy 's power to broken off for you would you like that all the power of the universe so that you can stand up that Satan and all of the gold somewhere the place is already created for him we can do this and how what does it take one thought is that what it says that's what it says now and do you suppose that God has only one thought on the subject so now that now that you know this what you going to do about it may I suggest you this morning that you memorize this thought it's not very long may I suggest to you this morning that you get on your knees every day and I do beg God to unwrap for you that which is contained in this lot friends I can I can give you up I can read it to you but there's no doubt in my mind that your mind is not able to wrap itself around I thought that quickly there is more in that thought that you can conceive of this morning I believe with all my heart that you and I are going to get on her knees and ask God to say to reveal to us to unfold more of what is contained in there so that we can get inspired somehow to lay hold on that thought fully that's what it is I would like to suggest to you this morning that you need to carry that thought in your pocket that you need to meditate on that thought all day long every day as much as you can until you fully receive it because when you fully received it his power will be broken now if you are the devil what would you do about that that's the other half of the equation and we all have to we don't have to guess I wonder then all is going to do about it it's written for us in the very same in the very same page watch if he can control minds control what it he can control what you are thinking as a man thinks so easy if he can control minds so that doubt and unbelief and darkness shall compose the experience of those who claim to be the children of God he can overcome them with temptations do you see where the battle is spot now and what is it that you'd like to instill in your mind doubt and darkness and unduly that's what it says and he ever complain you ever criticize are you ever long phase are you ever discouraged what is all of that doubt and unbelief and darkness Luke chapter ten verse nineteen says nothing shall by any means hurt you how much nothing how much nothing if nothing can hurt you the Bible says no evil shall come nigh thy dwelling even during a time when the last delays are falling out of the shop all a dirt side and technology right hand or vice versa not being shall come nigh the is what it says if you make God your habitation all things work together for good she visited the order of all our experiences heavenly places page two hundred and sixty five Mister Ely is editing the order that which is prominent season that I love the thoughts to the point that is in full control of that every moment of our lives and nothing comes to us but through him that if he allows it to come through again and then it is more his cause than it is for our good nothing shall by any means hurt us why in the world did we ever meet unbelieving why in the world should we ever mean doubting why should we ever want to earn Linden darkness not understanding that our chemical reactions in our systems and sometimes depression is not because of the doubt their unbelief I'm not talking to people who are suffering clinical depression here I'm talking to Christian walk around like they are not Christians there's no reason for if we could see who God is and what he's done for us if we could see what he's attempting to do with us we would be filled with joy all the time every day all day long and what power there would be unit and what health or tell you the joy of the Lord is our strength is net Ya it is our strength what a blessing it would be the battle is spot for the mind and you and I can receive God 's righteousness it's a gift is freely offered and there is no strings attached he's gone to the cross he paid the penalty I don't care who you are today I don't care what you've done in the past if you come to your senses about your relationship with God if you're gone dear God who alone can save you if you confess your sins then he is faithful and just to forgive you your sins and to give you the gift of his own righteousness you've got it in all the power of the universe is right there you wanted that's the question how much of it do you want maybe that's a big request that's what it is the three Angels messages of course are full of warning the first Angels message is that the hour of his judgment is come the investigative judgment is going on right now the Lord is judging us to see where sincere with our faith it were actually living up to our privileges when Jesus entered into the most holy place of the St. George it was to a purpose we are living in the individual limit on the team does want to replicate himself in our lives he's going to do this the powers of their and sometimes we just focus on the investigative judgment in that there is a warning in this and the warning is at the end the hour of judgment is come the end is near it's almost all over we need to get our act together and so the solution is preached the everlasting gospel the everlasting good news is hard when using what we've been hearing is there more good news than that in all of this power that we see in Christ righteousness offered to us as a free gift that can't possibly be better news than that in Holland the cost of Calvary cross Jesus did it so that we could have it amazing and so that's the solution preached the everlasting gospel dear God giving him the glory worship him in the second Angels message we are warned of course that Babylon is fallen is fallen that great harlot has made all nations drink of the wine of her fornication and all of the nations and all of the churches are filled with with with with this nonsense am I false doctrine and falsehood and lies and people are running with it as if it's truth and so were appointed by God to bring this warning to the world but the solution is the everlasting gospel fear God not man give glory to him and don't think the glory to yourself worship him friends he deserves to be worshiped the third Angels message warns us against the mark of the needs of enemies than the wrath of God and the battle is for the mind God wants to seal us with the character of God with the seal of the living God in our forehand but the devil on the other hand wants to mark us he wants to scar us through the principles that operate in the beast of course you to counter all of that Jesus went to the cross Jesus be no hiding himself all the affection that he'd had this built upon him for eternity and all the affection that he dispelled on his father for eternity all of that love all of that list that he enjoyed for all time he denied himself all of that suffered the penalty of the cross is crushed him separation broke his heart and he was sold to stress that he could no longer after a while even conceive that he could see through the portals of the tomb he was going down eternally and yet friends he was willing to do all of that because he said his affections on us amazing it doesn't make sense he's had a love affair with his father you know however gods do that for eternity and then there is a race that has done very little but insult him and denied him him betray him and his affections for us overrules all the rest that some amazing love it really really is and now he is asking that we would set our affections on him and not on the things of this world that's all talk you know you you can preach a sermon you can bring out a concept inspiration comes from it but were still human and we've got to leave this place and we got to go and walk the walk we got it going live and we got them going experience this in there maybe somebody here this morning that will say well you know I've heard stuff like this before and how hard it is to bring my life into subjection submission ever had that he had problem I mean can I talk about stuff like this is anybody had an experience like this is anyone ever demonstrated this by friends we have a human demonstration of it in the Bible it's in their human demonstration turn with me to Genesis chapter twenty two Genesis chapter twenty two and you probably know already where I'm going I'm hope Genesis twenty two I'm going to the story of Abraham were going to start reading with verse two in Genesis twenty two and he said and this is God speaking to Abraham take now thy son thine only son Isaac whom thou love us and get the end of the land of maria and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell me of that what's amazing to me looking at this verse is gods as a guy son thine only son the doctor had to tell Abraham that he had an only son now it's true it ran out of not a son his name was Ishmael but he was from a bondwoman this was not the son of promise so God is speaking to Abraham about the son of promise and gone says the invaders on your own is a big God had to say you have to think Abraham you only have one son of promise you can say that God have to say in the text that appears on your list on your sodomy I got had to have it announced to him that he loved his son now why in the world is God speaking like that if it isn't maybe for us me this morning or to impress something up on Abraham 's mind about what he is about to do God is pointing Abraham to the affection that Abraham has for his son and he says I'm going to ask you right now more than any manner never been tested and are they in the world and is on course is a test similar to what God had to experience himself I want you to take the thing that you love the lowest and I want you to sacrifice him while I don't know in them volume three of the testimonies three hundred and sixty nine paragraph one to Abraham Knoll mental torture could be equal to that which he endured in obeying the divine command to sacrifice his son no mental torture could've been worse I bet it was worth for God until we have a human demonstration of it firsthand and Abraham stretched forth his hand and took the knife to slay his son could I have done that I only have one son no upon whom I this is all my affection you think I could I could you have done that I mean people who are not parents maybe don't understand this I I don't know I don't think you could get a grasp of it somehow it would be the worst thing ever ever to do to think of doing Genesis twenty two versus fifteen and he angel of the Lord called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time and said by myself I have sworn saith the Lord for because thou has done this thing a friend he didn't do it but he was going to do it and if the angel had not stopped Abraham he would have done it he would have done it he would have denied himself that upon which he had bestowed his best affection can you see this now watch what God says because you would have done it but he says you that you didn't you know he didn't carry through within the mind of God it was done Abraham did he suffered as much as if he had done up in any case the angel of the Lord call of Abraham and said by myself I have sworn saith the Lord for because you have done this thing and you have not withheld your son your only son that in blessing I will bless you and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven and as the sandwiches upon the seashore and thy seed shall possess the gates of his enemies and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed why because thou has obeyed my voice would you like to be blessed use the standard tried their this is what's being asked of you this is what's being asked of me I have a quotation in my Bible and I think I can find it I have it in the margin of Luke chapter six verse thirty eight you know it says give and it shall be given to you volume three three sixty nine paragraph three God requires all that it is possible for man to get a much does he require those that include that upon which you bestow your best affections now that's what he called Abraham to do was Abraham blessed afterwards friends God will never hurt us and never heard nothing shall by any means hurt you nothing nothing especially if we come to the point where he is everything to us especially when we come to the point where we distill upon him our best affections when we can sacrifice our weekend the not ourselves anything and everything that this world has to offer including that upon which we missed our best affections when we can come to that point in time but we can't come to that point in time by ourselves we've been preaching for three days now that unless we have the righteousness of God there is no way we are going to deny ourselves that upon which we've bestowed are affected no way none there is only one power new universe that can give us that experience and that's the righteousness of Christ don't think you can do this on your own we've got a job to do we can have it one thought that the righteousness of Christ is imputed unto us not because of any merit on our hard it's a gift from God since precious thought vaguely will receive that thoughtfully his power will be broken certainly need to Romans chapter four Romans chapter four verse one what shall we say then that Abraham our father as pertaining to the flesh has found the last time I heard someone treats adverse wasn't very long ago I was an audio birds or something like that listening to to a sermon by someone and I don't remember who it was what is it that Abraham pertaining to the flesh has found and Bridges said he found righteous that and I said no not with the versus asking versus asking whether grandchild findings pertaining to the flash and the answer is not paying when Abraham looked in a long flashlight miniblinds to find anything if a man thinks he has something when he is nothing he deceives himself that's what he found Jesus said without me you can do a lot nothing first Corinthians of ours chapter eight verse two is that we know nothing as we opted not John the Baptist as we advance and received nothing except inhibit him from heaven and Abraham pertaining to the flash found nothing and you and I are going to find nothing if we look to ourselves or if we look to mankind God says Carson 's banana trust in that blessed is the man that trust in the Lord and so the text goes on for you if Abraham were justified by I work anything that he knew he hath whereof to glory but it is another way so it is in that way before God verse thirty four what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God Abraham trusted God Abraham love God to the point that he could deny himself that upon which he bestowed his best affection for God hath Abraham believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness now to him that works is a reward not reckoned of grace and metadata but to him that works not let the liaison him that justifies the ungodly he is a is counted for righteousness you want righteousness Truscott put your whole life in the hands of God nothing shall by any means hurt you we finish we have a couple minutes more staying Romans chapter four starting with verse eighteen now this is going back to receiving Isaac his son verse eighteen who against hope believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken so shall thy seed be verse nineteen and being not weak in faith verse twenty he staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief but was strong in faith giving glory to God and being fully persuaded that what he had promised that is what God had promised he was able to perform and therefore it was imputed unto him for righteousness we may have this righteousness even as Abraham had we may have Abraham received the thought fully God spoke communicated up onto the mind of Abraham Abraham received the plot so hopefully that he could deny himself totally based on the promise of God God had promised a Masonic plot is asking for his honesty will give Amazon believing that God will return his son how because God had promised while you have that much faith that's the thinking that's the faith of this people must have ASI is who we are now well too I am not yell and so I I'm looking I'm looking in I'm seeing this is my family this is when people and now we've got to be inspired somehow to believe in God believe in him who he's called us to be and to do what he's called us to do and there'd be a try to imagine the power that there would be in ASI were in any organization that matter however be however small try to imagine the power there would be if everyone in this room received Christ's righteousness fully paid in workspace twenty seven his righteousness accomplishes what everything is what it says Weldon that's what we've been studying there is no other power is the only bidders only that our when we receive it we can do anything out of life as we achieve little because we attempt little we attempt little because we expect little if we are satisfied with little success he said we did we had the power of the universe could do anything and so I like to challenge you with this however for versus bring the righteousness of God in your character unless you honor God you cannot be honored of God it goes corporately as well unless Isaac Corporation what we do is an honor to God there can be no honor bestowed upon us that's the challenge and that's the promise can we knew we wanted how many of you would like to say this morning that's what you want how many of you would like to tell God this morning that's the experience I want when you stand up pray with me heavenly father it's been a blessed blessed time that we've had together the inspiration is not lacking the vision of the power and of the possibility is our own overwhelming the potential is amazing and yet believe we've fallen short all of our lives of realizing the potential and is becoming a shame to us we also realize how clearly close we've become to be out of time and I just feel me that people might wish to make a demonstration the Namibian as a people somewhere else but we don't want there to be a people somewhere else where asking you to make us that people were asking for your righteousness received fully so that we may be empowered not to glorify ourselves but to glorify you not because we want honored that because we want to honor in our lives and in our ministries and we thank you we thank you for what our thoughts are this morning but we want more earlier we asked to develop this thing in each one of us are everyone in here for you when you are well in hand with my audio only and not having to maintenance services and industry if you would like to learn more and I find a shot is a worry our free online user please visit www. nonbelievers


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