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The Patience of the Saints

Chester Clark III
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Chester Clark III

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  • August 6, 2011
    8:00 PM
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good evening and I have even misfired to finish strong this weekend when I think of finishing strong I think of stuff on Ingalls who when he was a boy he had bad as mine he was told that he would never be able to run and play like the other boys but he persevered in his and his exercise and ended up setting a Guinness world book of records by running competing in twenty Ironman triathlons in a year but just recently he said another Guinness book of records record by completing three hundred and sixty five marathons in three hundred and sixty five insensitive days when I think of finishing strong I think of in Doran 's in fact Jesus said if you have your Bibles here you can turn it between your Bibles in Matthew chapter twenty four were going to be talking about endurance this evening in the few minutes that we have together Matthew chapter twenty four and verse thirteen Jesus is speaking to those of us living in the last days and he says if we want to finish strong we must endure Matthew twenty four in verse thirteen it says that he that shall endure under the and the same shall be what the same shall be saved no endurance means different things to different people I think when I was a twelve -year-old boy endurance to me meant waiting fifteen more minutes until mom had lunch ready I think with a little earlier this year and I'm an unmentioned number of years older endurance for my wedding day when I would Mary Jane the love of my life endurance means different things to different people but tonight when I want you to see is that in what is not allowed since leaving the last one standing is not about simply being there when everything is over in fact we now looking at and the will of the Bibles prophecies that there will be two groups of people in the last days right those were saved and those were lots and they both named in the enjoying does not just mean being there in the last days there's something more to endurance usually endurance is associated with hardship and that we find it in Matthew chapter ten verse twenty two Jesus said and you shall be hated of all men for my namesake but he that in Dortmund in shall be saved again in Mark chapter thirteen in verse thirteen Jesus said you shall be hated of all men for my namesake but he that shall undo her in the end the same shall be saved easy endurance is an indoor ice until there is some sort of a challenge or hardship that fair when it when things are going well when things are easy you can't really say that you have endurance and endurance is associated with hardship that is associated with trials but in fact a endurance is more than that endurance is associated with a choice of the human mind with a what a choice a decision and I want to just take you a little bit into the Greek here it's not because I'm a Greek expert anyone with a strong organ scam can verify what I'm sharing with you here but here the agreed word which Jesus uses when he says units shall endure to the end that the word is a mono I think it's a it's a combination of two words one of the proposition apologist simply means to remain under an hour to be under the position of under beneath or through an mono which is a verb that means to stay to remain to my continue to dwell busy endurance is not something that comes just because we happen to be there endurance only comes we make a conscious choice to remain in the will of God to remain right where God has placed us no matter what circumstances may come our way that's what endurance is all about we want to look at that a little more here tonight as we unpacked this concept of endurance endurance is what Moses manifested when the Bible says in Hebrews Chapter 11 verse twenty five he chose rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy this the pleasures of sin for a season Jesus when he 's talking about the spirit we can have when we're enduring trials he says in Luke chapter six verse twenty three rejoice Ian that day and will be for joy to behold great is your reward in heaven endurance is not just about gritting your teeth and burying it endurance is not about complaining and murmuring yes that the children of Israel they endured many things throughout their wilderness wanderings right but in fact they didn't have the endurance that Jesus was talking about because that they were not submitted to the will of God they were not surrendered to the experiences that he was allowing that come into their pathways and so they began murmuring and complaining they blame everyone but themselves when the unhappiness which they felt they failed to truly endure as the word would indicate in fact if we want to finish strong were going to have to understand and experience the endurance which Jesus says those who are saved what have I believe Paul the apostle he understood what endurance was all about he says in second Timothy chapter two and verse three now therefore endure hard news Indian descended into her hardness as a good soldier of Jesus Christ in fact I think that if were going to be facing strong were going to have to endure hardship were going to have to intuitively and perhaps no one could speak with more authority than the apostle Paul you know the story right he was shipwrecked he was beaten he was hated by his enemies by those who weren't of the Jewish nation he was hated by his brethren those who were of the Jewish nation even among the Christian church it was often ill spoken of he said I may not assess the apostles for the last where the ones that are better than are hated by all people leadership carries a price and Paul learned what it meant to indoor hardness and that's what he tells Timothy to do as well I you have your Bibles lead in turn with me to Philippians the book of Philippians chapter three we find what Paul says about this endurance and he uses the language which I mean uses this year Libyans chapter three beginning with verses but with verse thirteen he says brethren I count not myself to have apprehended but this one thing I do forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forth under those things which are before I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus Paul had given them an example of endurance of choosing to remain in the will of God no matter what the circumstances might be known those days they can send e-mails they didn't send them by satellite television these messages to the churches so Paul's letter would've arrived by the hand of a courier or have to travel to Philippi and the church would've been gathered then they would've been listening to Paul B Madden I can just imagine the enthusiasm that they listen to what Paul is saying because they knew what I was saying was not mere idle words Paul lived what he talked in Philippi as he had been there among them you remember the story of how a woman possessed by a spirit had been following them around and finally because he was causing disgrace to the cause of God the truth of God Paul Paul commanded this fear to come out of her and as a result her owners or handlers lost the income that they had been getting and they started a rumor and mom grew and Paul in size were thrown into prison and you can even read this story in acts chapter sixteen if you have your Bibles turn agreed acts chapter sixteen we find you the story of what took place Paul is has has been falsely accused he has been only trying to help people he is only been doing God 's will God 's word and what convenient for its persecution is misunderstanding by and an acceptor sixteen the Bible says that Madison verse twenty two the multitude rose up together against them in the magistrate Robert closed and commanded to beat them and when Diane Lane many stripes upon them they cast them in the prison charging the jailed even safely you and I I suppose this is one of those times when Paul received thirty nine stripes forty stripes was commonly believed to be that which would kill a man and so they gave thirty nine skin would be lacerated from the back of Paul and Silas by these as five is beating they read the Bible says in verse twenty four that the jailer receiving them trust limited in a prison animate their feet fast in the stocks I don't know if you've ever been to a Third World country and seeing the condition of jails but is not a very pretty sight and here in this dark dank prison an inner dungeon polish taken that his back is bleeding and bruised the skin is gone and he's made as I understand it with under feeding the dogs they didn't just put you in a comfortable La-Z-Boy recliner and clamp your feelings and stocks know they would put your feet on Bob your head it would elevate your feet so that the only needed to rely on your back now back which is bleeding and has no skin left on was against that danger and dirty floor and here in pain and agony probably one of the most miserable circumstances a human being can find himself in Paul had to endure that right and how did he endure in drug by complaining right injured by murmuring no in fact the Bible says that at midnight Paul and sizes prayed and sang praises and the God and the prisoners heard them you see how unlike falls back to the apostles page two hundred thirteen this extreme torture with the apostles experienced and even though they were left in his painful position they did not murmur they encourage than to each other by words of prayer and thing praises to God because they are found worthy to suffer shame for his safe never before had prisoners hurt these kind of things ascending from his prison cell I want to tell you my friends but not only is it in hardship that endurance shines forth that's only it's only hardship and you can have endurance it also in hardship but the character of Christ can be revealed in a powerful way and because of their sphere because of their indoors because they chose to remain in the will of God the neighbor where God had been they knew they were doing God 's will they've been doing what do you call them to do and they would not now remove themselves from his will they would not now murmur when it was a circumstances which God had brought them into they chose to instead pray and sing and praise the Lord and found it says in an accident fossils page two hundred and seventeen sanctifying in to diffuse itself among the inmates of the prison and the minds of all were opened to listen to the trends spoken by the apostles May I submit to you that before there is an influence of the Holy Spirit that brings about an openness in people 's minds sometimes we talk about it and the latter rain there will be an experience of suffering coming to the speed the people of God it is then when the character of God is revealed to those who are watching in fact you know the story how an earthquake came to that Philip Philippian prison you may remember ask apostle states to fifteen that footprint was caused by the footsteps of the approaching Angels is a God loves you help those who want to remain under the will of God to endure whatever hardship whatever difficulty might come as a result was sold saved on that night the jailer was baptized as well as I'm sure many of those who also listen it was not only fall who was gives us an example of endurance you see my friends in the Old Testament we can find examples of his well turn with me to first same in chapter twenty one percent of chapter twenty one and were going to eat see here briefly the story of David at one of his darkest hours and one of his most difficult experiences Damon was called a man after God 's own heart especially as a young person as a youth and here he is going through an experience which he doesn't seem to think he deserves I'm sure that David simply was doing his job and your needs finding himself persecuted the Bible says in of chapter twenty one and that as the unit is running from saw afraid for his life he came usually the tabernacle the tabernacle was that which had been yelled built in the wilderness and then is still being taken care of by the Levites and hearings running from Saul he's a fugitive for his life he doesn't know where to go he doesn't know where to turn and he comes to the tabernacle and there the tabernacle he needs the high priest that the hemorrhoid the priest and a heavily new something was wrong immediately he was there alone and David said listen I need help in the make a long story short Damon after you have any bread and day and not my present only only holy bread no common thread only the showbread David said I can take that no de minimis can have a lot of influence in his robust time it he was respected he was the son-in-law of the King he had killed Goliath right he was they beat enemy number one of the Philistines but the hero number one of Israelites and so Dana here convinces Amalek to give him the showbread and also gas is there any weapons by this time the priest is becoming rather suspicious that Dana actually resorted to see in not selling a similar collapse exactly what he was it was one that was going on you can read in an Prophets and Kings only tells us that if Damon it simply been truthful and what would've known the right course to pursue I would've spared his life as later as David takes off with the showbread and with the Goliath sword donated Edomite went and told King Saul with the priests given David and even though I him I said what I didn't know these your son-in-law is easy now how was I supposed to know you is running from you solve even command to kill the priests of the Lord not a single one of his soldiers would obey the command renew the priests office was sacred and holy is a go and read of my Bible says fell upon the precinct killed eighty five he imagine how David must've felt he has nowhere to go in his men run thinking he won't be thinking he won't be recognized they run to the Philistines but now getting to the city and the Philistines David is recognized and now where is he going to turn your back house he can get away in order to get away David pretended that he gone insane and therefore would be no further threat to the Philistine nation picking kicked him out of the city like a mad man David went and hid in a cave you see the picture now David is at the bottom of the bottle the lowest experiences life heretofore is there a thought simply because he's been following God but instead he has been responsible for the killing of the priests he's hiding in a key is a refugee from his own countrymen hated by the neighboring countries David sat down and he wrote a song turn with me to Psalm thirty four Damon didn't just write a song he thought of every letter of the Hebrew alphabet all twenty two of them any road and across stick a psalm of praise and thanksgiving to God each verse beginning with the success of letter of the Hebrew alphabet the twenty two characters of the ground that he writes a song in Psalm thirty four a song that does not reflect a man who is simply enduring or mumbling or murmuring or complaining but a man who is triumphantly keeping himself in the will of God Psalm thirty four I will bless the Lord at all times his praise shall continually be in my mouth my soul shall make your boast in the Lord the humble shall hear that revenue glad all magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together I sought the Lord and he heard me and delivered me from all my fears this is not the Psalm of the fees of a man hiding in a cave hated by his father-in-law rejected by by by many this is a song of a man who believes is coming from the Lord of lords victory is coming from the King of Kings he says in verse six this poor man cried and the Lord heard him and seeing him out of all his troubles being the Lord in camps around about the book them that fear him and delivers them of taste and see that the Lord is good blessed is the man that trusts in him or seventeen the righteous cry and the Lord hear it and deliver them out of all their troubles the Lord is not independent of a broken heart and safe such as the of a contrite spirit many audio frictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all verse twenty two the Lord regains the soul of his servants and none of them that trust in him shall be desolate you see my friends David had learned to endure not simply trying to hunker down and grid is even better you learn to praying the Lord still be enjoyed as Jesus said even when he was suffering for righteousness sake even when he was going to circumstances he could not explain even when things were going well in his life that even then he was willing to keep himself in the will of God not to murmur and not to have not to complain you see my friends I'm concerned because I think we're living in a time when we try to avoid all discomfort we try to avoid all this is all hardship and we really need to be prepared for a time in which we're going to have to endure if we want to finish strong we need to adore now Jeremiah chapter twelve verse five says if you have run with the footmen and they have wearied even how can thou contend with horses and a land of peace were not trust this they wearied the how will thou do in the swelling of the Jordan is now having trouble with the little trials that come our way how are we going to do in the time of the end God allows small trials today in our homes and in our workplaces in our local churches and our and are in our circumstance to prepare us for the joy filled endurance to come prepare us to finish strong you see the greatest example of endurance is Jesus member I told you about that word of the Mono astern with a turn of me getting Hebrews chapter twelve you know the context here Hebrews Chapter 11 is called what is called the faith chapter Hebrews Chapter 11 is the faith chapter and here we find stories of people who enjoy art people who cast themselves in the will of God Hebrews chapter twelve verses one through three use of this word three times in three versus Hebrews twelve wherefore seeing we also can pass about with so great a cloud of witnesses let us lay aside every weight and the sin which does so easily beset us and let us run with patience there is the word of the Mono let us run with actually the the the noun form of a Google Monet the race that is set before us looking unto Jesus looking where looking under Jesus the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him and Joe are narratives again enjoy the cross where called in verse one to win door and he gives as an example of birth to a Brewers want to look to Jesus endured for the joy that was set before him he enjoyed the cross despising the shame and is set down the right hand of the throne of God verse three for consider him that endured once again that's a contradiction of sinners against himself lest he be weary and faint in your mind tonight I want us to consider Jesus Jesus is a change in the Garden of Gethsemane he prayed that prayer father if it be possible let this cup what pass from me nevertheless nevertheless not my will but thine be done using Jesus would enjoy by keeping himself in the father 's will no matter what came to him over the next few days he knew it was allowed by the father 's hand and he would himself not rebel but submit to the will of the father he would and that way he would be able to endure in that way you would be able to finish strong you see my friends in the most comfortable age of Earth 's history and the most pampered portion of this planet 's population we are just called to learn the lesson of joy filled surrendered submission to that which God allows to come into our lives I believe the last raise a merciful life the last message of mercy can be given to the world is a revelation of his character of love and I believe God is calling us to be that revelation the children of God are to manifest his glory and their own life and character they are to reveal the grace of God has done what then price on the lessons page four hundred fifteen you see my friends God 's people in the last phase argument you're not just vice buildings standing all the chips of fallen but by reflecting the character of God that character of God 's drive in first Corinthians thirteen that charity that indoors all the you see my friends that character is a character that you and I need today that is the love that we need in our hearts and lives our last versus Revelation chapter fourteen verse twelve is the theme from which I draw the title from my message tonight it's the same word we found Jesus using the Mono movable name Revelation chapter fourteen in verse twelve here is the patience of the sentence here are they that keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus you see my friends this influence were speaking of tonight is a characteristic it describes God lastly people too often we focus primarily on the doctrinal that ideological characteristics of the rent but there is a character characteristic there is a there is there is a those that ate a character of love that the remnants have allowed themselves to reflect the character of God the endorphins of Jesus Christ so looking at it Jesus the author and finisher of our faith we can be transformed to endure as he endured to finish strong we need the endurance that regardless of circumstances will keep our hearts thankful and surrendered to him the endurance of David the endurance of Paul the endurance of Jesus one day as a result of the three Angels messages there will be a group of people demonstrating the character of God of this world God will point the attention of the world and yes even of the University of them and say here is the patience of the sentence here is the endurance of the saints here are they that keep the memos of God and the baby Jesus I want to will to hear my audio only and are having maintenance you like to learn more and I live a healthy and is a word this is our online service is www. nonbelievers .org


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