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The Babble About the Bible: Versions, Diversions, or Perversions

Ron du Preez



  • June 3, 2006
    10:00 AM
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holy father on one more time person you will sell Jesus Christ was guaranteed us eternal life and for your holy Word that can show us the way Jesus Christ bless us as we talk about your word may we draw closer to you as a result of our time together here Jesus precious name on a wiki open your Bibles please that letter the letter of Peter specifically second epistle of Peter the second epistle of Peter and I'm sure you're acquainted with this verse because the study of the Holy Spirit 's work definitely includes the inspiration of the word of God your great second Peter chapter one verse twenty and verse twenty one seconds view to one verse twenty and twenty one I've got by the four different Bible five different Bible translations here would like to talk about that the battle about the Bible notice it says ball or ball versions divergence or perversions so I'm going to read from the new King James version right now knowing verse twenty this first that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation for prophecy never came by the will of man but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit 's and my goal my will my prayer today is that as we spend time on what sometimes is an issue that generates more heat than light that will keep in mind that is very very important factor that the Bible was inspired by whom by God Holy Spirit no question about when we know that then we have to simply come together and say how can we best understand this because we know that going to second Timothy chapter three verse fifteen sixteen and seventeen all speaks of Philippians as you know that the Holy Spirit of the holy Scriptures will talk to you when you attend they really did Jesus Christ of any thoughts of an ostensibly inspired by God for sixteen and seventeen and the purpose of Scripture so this is a very contentious documents last night I would feel you here last life this is a quick review of last night we started with a question I ask you the day that changed the world what you think about and in a nutshell the conclusion was from a prophetic perspective the day that changed the world was the twenty three hundredth day of apocalyptic prophecy what is that eighteen forty four for Adventists think about that the day that changed the world was eighteen forty four incidentally I just came across this in the second of May twenty nine so you know this is off of the press I can listen to this now I'm not your promoting Dan Brown's movie please don't misunderstand but it's something that was dealing with it I read the news it says a line from Dan Brown's the da Vinci code tells you why it's easily the most disputed religious novel of all time is not a line from a quote almost everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false ethanol will will going to nominate no further their interesting bar and religion share at the University of North Carolina that it religiously no University North Carolina was the market part in religion chair of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill like in the phenomenon surrounding the da Vinci code was that was the excitement of the nineteenth century when according to airmen deluded masses thought Jesus would return he walked eight and forty four Mark Ehrman speaks about everybody knows and forty four this is a problem of the public knows wow what is on Yahoo! News but if you don't do it and forty four where you been I found it very interesting this is this week so apparently it's supposed to be a well-known fact that eighteen forty four was a major event in this world history wasn't endless religion chair at the University of North Carolina speaks thus so and he says that this whole issue of the da Vinci code is quite unlike anything we've experienced in our lifetime in other words eight forty four is simply understood to be a globally recognized phenomenon of religious excitement but you know what ever didn't tell you while there was religious excitement on the other hand as I mentioned last night I am convinced that there was another force the former covering cherub one who knows about Bible prophecy enough to use the veteran is that the is the Bible and at the same time while God was raising up of people to read chapter forgot or lost important biblical tools on the one hand on the other hand this other power the devil himself I have no question in my mind was trying to counter with major global movements so last night I shared with you just very brief him global movement that arose in a forty four many are aware that the forty four was a critical time for the rising of the Communist at a group of people ready to talk about that last night and often face no heaven you don't need to wait for Jesus we can provide heaven on earth was what they claim different of religion because religion is the opiate of the people and of course communism began a hell on earth for many the same time between eight and forty three and forty five at the best window in which they can nail down dispensation was theologians say John Nelson Darby created a theory that right now more than fifty percent of all Americans in general believe in the rapture of rapture theory arose went right there between eight forty three and forty five at the close of the commitment down nuclear weapon and the rest of you says don't worry if your question you won't have to suffer tribulation opinion number one Second Life you have a second chance if you don't go to heaven during the raptor you can repent and thirst the problem with the rest of the average if you don't make it by the time Jesus comes back don't worry if you have a third chance you know that that is in the book by the well-known office in the book of prophecy America's best-known sellers I will mention a name for this book called are we living in the enzymes published in nineteen ninety nine and they say you have a third chance during the first one hundred years of the millennium you can still repent that the rest of the women did arrive between eight forty three and forty five now and go to live with third major issue I mentioned these to us that the two of them rose to counter that seemed out of the second coming of Jesus again the third issue of the third major movement was the issue concerning the Biblesoft unable to visit some of these pictures rapidly I want to open our Bibles here brought the Bible the Bible Bible study but the first is the quick mention of abuse issues here and it is going as you well know the Bible writers second sorry I forgot something important I day I mentioned already arriving for inspiration they listen to what the Lord gave them and as they rose we know that this the original manuscripts in the Old Testament when what language Hebrew primarily and secondarily in what Aramaic yes then the New Testament was written in Greek yes you know that as well incidentally of the via Old Testament was translated into the Greek language around the third century before Christ was the first translation and then week was translated the New Testament etc. was translated into Syriac and then later intellect and then by the mid- fifteenth century the Bible was available in only thirty three different languages okay translation of skeptical long time in fact for the first twenty centuries the Bible was translated into us only something like seventy one languages but here's the picture of John Wickliffe a little closer up on John McNulty was one of the translators of the Bible into English by day and then of course the picture also on John William Tyndale another one of our Bible translators here William Tyndale and then they began to transfer the Bible now what's interesting is this during the first twenty centuries the Bible strengthening to seventy one languages but from eighteen hundred and forty four within forty four years the Bible was one hundred and twelve additional languages incredible speeding up of the translation of the Bible both in the first twenty centuries when the Bible a part thereof this one was a picture of the first Gutenberg press as you can see here every man in his own language the word of God grew and multiplied incredible because it was a time when the British and foreign Society and the American Bible Society 's catalogue they began to translate the Bible is an incredible thing began to think quickly what and with whom one of the best-known well-respected cabinets historians said this it wasn't all clearly part of the infinite and plan and purpose of God preparatory to the great final proclamation in all the world of the everlasting Gospel to every kindred nation kindred tongue and people the Bible became available to more and more people in their own language at the right time when it was needed however folks not everybody was happy that is very interesting this is historical detail I am not you went into a cask aspersion upon anybody because I praise God that are wonderful believing Christians in many churches around the world you believe that we people were getting with issues year and I just praise God for that I'm glad you're here so we can look deeper into the music and not everyone was happy that these Bibles will be translated into different and making of made available in different language to all different kinds of people so that they could read it for themselves this is a picture of Pope Gregory the sixteenth and in eighteen forty four Pope Gregory made this statement said he sent this as a letter is published in the newspaper in New York those Bible societies only care audaciously to stimulate all the way private interpretation on the divine oracles to inspire contempt for life traditions which the Catholic Church reserves upon the authority of the holy fathers the reading of the Bible translated into the common tongue cleave the wood boulder in old English should not be permitted and that they they were not happy that the Bible was not available to everybody and finally at the end of posted as we confirm and renewed the degrees they did the publication distribution reading and possession all of holy Scripture translated into the folder or common so there was no joy that this was being made available at this time eight forty four direct attack upon the Bible societies and upon making the Bible readily available because now the common people could lead an effort interesting are the same time Ellen White was making statements about this whole issue effect talk about what happened to the Bibles in the past she said this focus and priests resumed to take an exalted position and thought people to do then to Barton their ascendance to the price for themselves the Bible was to from them from the common people in order to conceal the truth which we condemn them the people called for the Bible but please considered it dangerous to let them have the word of God to be for themselves lest they become enlightened and she in the same but I thought that God had a special care for his word he protected and in the last days copies of the Bible were to be so multiplied that every family should possess it's very interesting like saying let's have everybody have a copy of the Bible St. John's is promoting that happy laptop is we have hope everything don't pass out the Bible I would have to fast for me forty four move way it had quickly to hundred sixty years ago when you intentionally under this view sorry forty fourth was here mathematicians two thousand and four we go my wife Linda and I were invited to go the General conference Bible symposium on the island of the Dominican Republic wonderful opportunity especially since it was all-expenses-paid hotel accommodation for husband-and-wife and flew free food as well so I said yes I was glad to go there I had a paper to present this was pulling together the scholars of the church to talk about important issues how should we how doing this epidermis approach the Bible I presented a paper on biblical authority for lifestyle issues in life of my mind when I might studies in mice and migrated what was ethics when it was finished with my first presentation on ethics one professor raised his hand and said wrong I'm sorry I disagree with you I was telling you about being faithful unto death trusting in the Lord is my disability as a wise sex Asian because because Jesus told lines I think what has sure enough he opened his Bible another study where this is I don't get to open your Bible okay they open is viable as you read this I'll tell you the minutes of patients again and hold your horses that they say just go those places anything less than pleasant you're wrong about your your presentation on ethics I went on with the professor is these I think some of you know me personally when of the personalities here is a friend of mine by the way is good that I love it my friends telling me as I know they're not out to harm the they want to make sure I stay on the straight and narrow is not true about friends at right that's the friends of airports to help us be faithful and facility originate and he was reading I believe the revised and version he said listen to this Jesus did this okay his brothers asked him is going to go off Jerusalem so Jesus said okay listen carefully go to the festival of your cell I am not going to this festival for my time is not difficult to come after saying this he remained in Galilee but after his brothers had gone to the Festival committee also went as Jesus was clever to his brothers open your Bibles to John chapter seven figures that of course naturally raised an interesting discussion John chapter seven fortunately as you know fortunately I been studying this in this area as you put your models letting costly new folks if you have a real American genocide it is easy I didn't even know it was a appendix I think the identity of the right side fortunately thanks there's something if you have serious appendicitis day and about I know medical expenses are pretty high but knew very good friends with the mailman you go to him to have been thinking of this anybody want to the mailman for no unit owns don't go to the mailman to have them take care of your appendix okay the reason I'm saying this is because there has been a lot of confusion about a lot of issues with you and seventh avenues and and and I praise God without many enthusiastic debug in the mailman might be enthusiastic but he does not think you have on your appendix you want to go to an internist or whatever one of the people would think of another general surgery busy I don't know okay I limit my sealer you guys know I don't believe you have appendicitis in the human drama but what I'm trying to say is yes God gives every one of us important spiritual gifts you believe that let's use them to God 's glory nobody has a heads on any gift it's the Holy Spirit gives us the gift him when I try to keep in mind the other danger is when I don't use the gift that are mine we must be as I get another reason I'm sharing with the on many many convicted people to find other areas that are spreading a lot of confusion about Bible translations and so that's all I'm saying is that unfortunately and this is not be quite clearly at least wasn't this is not what we as Seventh-day Adventists officially believe I publisher with you what admin doesn't and what the evidence from the interval is I know this enthusiasm out that this is not this confusion on either extreme on the show Bible translations not that connected the passage open out I threw that in is as an aside I will talk about that more inside blizzard you could hear on radio Senate version let's not go to the King James version chapter seven verse eight go ye out to the states I go not what is that word is that three letter word I go not up yet what does that imply I'm going to do later on you know it's interesting this progressive raise his hand and said my Bible says Jesus said I am not going up to the feast if you look at the NASD new American Standard Bible is at here is an agreement correct if they are not going up to the feast the right new American Standard Bible new revised standard version it's not there what's going on yet that's what another example I wanted to go not very interesting ones and that is Revelation chapter twenty two seven famine this is one of well-known favorite pics when we use the King James version Revelation twenty two we use this one in our evangelism for a long time Revelation twenty two words for human images a few quick examples you and then we asked the question what's happening then we will begin to look at what I believe is a balance him with a request here if anybody is when you don't believe please if you leave now you might thought with the wrong message so please don't believe I I is one of costing other series if the price is that I haven't said I just said hello okay I am unable to introduce myself I said you know my name is a gay and I don't believe now I got a fetish and I'd cannot be done here today about eleven oh two laptop at the moment is mostly a closing unit will be identified minority and we know that so please don't leave at all it actually before that and get a copy of the whatever seeding update please make you a doctor because when I did hope it gets really supported to verse fourteen a well-known favorite text of seventh Avenue from within days one of the Blessed are they that do his commandments that they may have right to the tree of life may enter into the patent of the site obviously doing his commandments is only through his power working through us correct is not salvation by works okay I this is if you love me what is it is a correct if the loan that drives us to that response of obedience is not salvation by works is now the other translations you have the NIV TV and RSVP NASD any other translation other than the King James or the new King James notice what it says is essentially what it says new international version blessed are those who walked washed their robes what happened to doing instruction interesting I saw everyone said is it the law or is a laundry but another example both of you one more year the visa cost nothing but the well-known before the features are going to well-known passages that even across each of twenty three when available to the obscure him very interesting ones who as of twenty three was forty three divisions on this this morning I was looking at one that might surprise you are you aware that the that the keeping of the Sabbath is also undermined at the forty first thirty to forty two you find that the Gentiles keeping the Sabbath is not bad integration is that the Jews on the Sabbath one of our strong argument as many movie health is fascinating what is happening here that's the big question out on twenty three was forty two that's even across hanging next to Jesus what did you say to Jesus as he hung on the cross regulars again the King James what verses that forty forty three okay what is a site twenty three verse forty and Jesus said to him whether his words verse forty two and he said to Jesus Lord remember me when you went up into thy kingdom come up with the new revised standard version or the new international version and what is it saying many say Jesus remember me the term the name recognition of divinity is not there the word Lord is not fascinating one more example people we save how do we resolve this way to be gone the first Timothy not second in the first committee chapter three verse sixteen four seventy three sixty is the one more example of methods developed are several others that we can look at here but we have limited time and I don't want to just outline what we say is the problem today by God 's grace I hope to provide with you a solid divinely inspired as not me God 's servant methodology to resolve these issues reading out from the King James version or even the new King James version the same basic thing for some of the on the Narita maneuvering things were just leaving the virtually the same the content of the site a few different words but they get across essentially the same thing first on the beach with me or sixteen and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness and over the next way God was manifested in the flesh justified this was seen by angels preached by the dental believed on in the world world we see the needle when I get back who is the Bible speaking about here Jesus and what does the Bible called Jesus God that is what God was manifested that none of the other translations when they beat the new international version the new revised standard version what is a site I'm reading from the new international version right here beyond all question the Mister godliness is great he appeared in a body is Jesus referred to as God no is not referred so easy there's been a major debate on all of these issues again major debates of the day I'm not good to try to resolve all the questions and issues under the suggest you a solid balance biblical way to approach these issues what is going on here let's take a few moments to back up now again we went for done in sixty years let's take a quick trip back another hundred and sixty years okay I made a little faster that in time now Simon and the big Microsoft here his name was Constantine vision door is a big sort victim and he has a much longer name but in brief constantly in addition to losing in a sense a treasure hunter he went hunting for ancient manuscripts and one of these tips can do this very site my wife and either the permits of going here this is not the judicial Mount Sinai and the Saint Catherine's monastery and while he was there he discovered some manuscripts they what are the monks would not release these men's lives to him in this manuscript by the way it was eventually called I had exists is another example of an adult code I had is the more correct either this comes from the traditional month sign up to get on the condition of kindness out this was not awake what year eighteen what you think and what will everything that everything is this manuscript together with another one that was discovered in the Vatican I day that had been sitting there for centuries they put these two together and please manuscripts that a canvas for the call the ad is finite if this formed the basis of basically the New Testament all of these modern translations I don't get confused but remember this is no debate on the old Testaments at the first in the know some who are not aware of this will save look at the Old Testament the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and that is one Hebrew text one Hebrew manuscript the Masoretic text when it comes to the New Testament however when it comes the New Testament they are two different sets of Greek manuscripts manuscripts that are behind the King James Bible essentially the new King James and the manuscripts that are the basis of all other one translations two different streams endless new Stream arose from the discovery essentially up on competing vision door and says that now before then there was no confusion really about these issues there was only one time but since April forty four these things began to cause quite a bit of consternation when they arose in the arose when additional discovered this at us that Mount Sinai so now the question is what do we do with it what is wrong with my movement are the best ones views how do we know the argument fighter lots of arguments on both sides some argue this with some argue that some say the older manuscripts on a better one therefore the new international version the new revised standard version these the better others argued all these all just when Bibles these are all etc. I'm not worried about focusing on just what I would like us to focus on the genuine because sometimes we can get distracted so how do we solve all of these and I have the seven habits are very grateful that God has blessed our church in many ways and you know what I found that the more time I spend in the news of the word and I take seriously the additional help we've been given I found an additional help shows us to get back to the word of God when it is outgoing talking about Ellen White yes right fascinating and you lose more evidence how do I know the kind of the Republic just that when I first talked about this I was finished I stepped of the platform had a camp meeting and down the aisle came a PhD in Old Testament and I'll be honest I began to quicken my boots and all is in a common set the strength and he walked up to me I shouldn't of been concerned because he was the pastor that they don't marriage counseling twentysomething years ago he performed on various is a friend thank God for the friends we have the welcome music by the rerun with you just presented there is more evidence for what you just presented because the ancient so-called church fathers used the manuscripts that are behind guess what the King James version they are the older manuscripts given over the so-called old ones that support the new international version I didn't know that Simon further checking on that resource and sure enough so but as I went to this I began to look about you will note that unlike Bible translations you know that I some people unaware that the one thing that bothers me is that when they did when the people of Bible translations I listened I've read what DVDs and videos and everybody talks about it as evidence on Bible translations and law protein things they never talk about Ellen White House never never talk about it why is she is a problem okay you see unlike use something like ten different marginal readings of Bible translations one-year deals with other like if she was a prophet of the Lord and God not sure that these which has wood Bibles hold on folks okay very interesting interesting enough I was studying I'm not saying I know everything I would like to open this up which is one reason you cannot ask questions of the end I would like to challenge you to do for the study when I was studying how was teaching at Southern where Tim was one of my students I got interested in this issue I began to look and what did you know that she quoted ten thousand passages from the Bible in the writings ten thousand now obviously during the first thirty years number seven humanistic the only English Bible but newly available one of his unit was the King James version no question about that but all of these ten thousand Bible translations she Bible quotations change from the reversions as I pointed out something like five hundred times so I have begun something that I have begun to do a study to be done because I'm still in the process I've done I've studied and I found very interesting everyone in morning about unit forty different books that are currently available for the different books according twenty two old books of the Old Testament ways of the books in the Old Testament twenty two books in the New Testament she is either translations one what not to do things on how we do with that very interesting my use different Bible however however the big question is not and she how did she and that's what I want to share with you today in the next five minutes because as you look at how she did it here are some guidelines I would like to meet with you how did you use these Bible translation she was a student of the Bible so that's why sin don't need today is not the Bible ball Mobile MVP of the Bible ball BA LL project but for those for problematic verses quickly I will show you what why does the Bible with his problem pics with Oprah speak to Revelation twenty two I was one of the first one no John the president was appointed with looking Revelation twenty two Bruce Morton you already okay and and the reason we have to go to this is to say well how to canvass the development was included over forty even though Ellen White had available to for thirty years although I like other Bible translations she never ever quoted the translations that said Blessed are they who wash their robes she always went back blessed are they who do his commandments for faithfulness to those commandments that reflect his character what about the issue of this chapter twenty three verse forty two the issue of gender thief called Jesus Lord or did you just call him Jesus I wanted to listen out the desire of ages you believe the vibrators was inspired now okay she wrote this one published in seventy nine eighteen ninety eight listen to what she says but even across this on the side of eighth hope is mingled with anguish in his voice as the helpless dying soul casts himself up on a dying Savior Lord remember me he cries when comes into thy kingdom how might move into the site it was the parental faith and love from the Brian Baldwin to deny him even the disciples doubted the fourth leave upon the brink of going to call Jesus Lord many were ready to call him Lord when he walked medical then after you had risen from the grave but not acknowledging that he hung up on a rock face in the penitent thief who was saved at the eleventh hour the bystanders caught the words of the beef as a thief called Jesus the Lord addressing the King James from the extras we set the says equally low or four times white fifty Golden Lord the new translation Eddie and I cannot say he didn't call him Lord interesting CSS itself wait a minute who is telling us the truth year would look at that one will be his first Timothy Weaver sixteen greatest list of godliness and again in Australia seventy ninety eight when Ellen White was using other Bible translations she never went to these translations that did not include the evidence that Jesus is God she always use that one in fact she said our Bible teachers must teach the divinity of Jesus from the Bible texts that you go to the other translations you cannot teach the divinity of Jesus as I stated as I said what is happening here and these are the three things I have included so far in my study very interesting I proceeded to verse twenty one clears up the issue and Jesus was a liar in which on seven verse seven eight I go not up yet first Peter two twenty one twenty two said he never received at the answer to the other question what did I find so for everyone to use Bible translation in the following three ways and here are the three keys I would like to suggest it I think don't thought other translations use them how did you use them and I found that she did this consistently okay she speaks and she says this she use them when they said in a clearer way what was already in the King James Van Zandt has some words that mean different things if I think with that what I mean hey I'm doing that nonliving things went bad news the overlook at all of what it means that when I wink at you it's those I am looking at something notice of you will get in the four hundred years ago meant to look at will when NetBeans and says we where I live will not reinvent those from going to the Philippines and prevent that comes on when we can then reinvent needs to go ahead of so we will not reinvent those nowadays present needs to stop back in agreement and to go ahead of occasions that certain words that have changed meaning passions passions means emotions now it means a little different okay happily that's perhaps the sum of the woods had change in meaning some of the woods nobody knows what it means what the pork onion okay what is I have written and on average in his mouth okay actually think I I get what is so nebulous that is what these words that we understand finally the moment and model what is a warmonger he said I don't know either but anyways that the song was we just don't understand the reasons of what you listen to the Ellen White use the new translation is number one what when they said more clearly what was already making things clear on she did use them but she always went back now what's interesting is number two she even uses new translations when they said more correctly by the way you are aware that every now and then the King James has wanted to mistakes in the translation everybody's aware that musical human beings are translated but Ellen White led by the spirit went with a cook correctly translated things because they are at the translational problem up you but she was led when it was clear error number one and number two more arrests and then number three seems the Dean James for concepts major doctrinal concepts like the divinity of Jesus Luke twenty three forty two first of the three sixty she is the King James because then these results more correctly more clearly some major con concept I am not suggesting you should thought to volatile places over the years my wife and I have taken the opportunity the Lord give us a sense to read the Bible through I don't ask a subject but I really know the facts almost everywhere I go if I ask how many of you as seven and I have read God 's love letter cover to cover all the dismal view again you know what I mean is God 's love letter to us how important task is to spend time reading his love letter to us because if we do will get to know the author of the love letter so what if I suggest I suggest reading the Bible through every year the time needed to cover to cover but use as your your check always go back to the King James version as your basis my wife and I have been a different Bible translations over time we even read paraphrases not please note I tell people about their phrases you got a paraphrase marketing of Boston at home and at the development of a line paraphrase of our sometimes way off no matter what the paraphrase most eminent author it's not for children to get a hold of okay because they can get confused by what the author thinks the Bible says but there are many good translations formal translations they are dynamic translation but you need to have some basis on which to operate I suggest that the King James fixes receptors from all the evidence from the way God meant Ellen White in fact one mostly from our food was this one will surprise you wow there's what you said is one of the rising she said this talking about the Bibles the manuscripts with window for the manuscript of the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures have been preserved through the ages by a miracle of God what was he talking about the mathematics of the Old Testament and the Texas receptors of the Greek again which is the foundation of the King James version don't the other Bibles use them when they say what is in the King James Moore correctly and efficiently store we commented on it at the last time that the Bible is so important thirty second story I was in any University and was trying to register the three days I was so angry as I walked out of that administration building I said to myself under my breath if I had some dynamite I like this building decided and that is what I said that he needed this into my brain flooded the words that the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return unto the Lord he will have mercy upon you and to our God for he will abundantly pardon the words of Isaiah 's fifty five and you know what folks the Bible says the high word have I walked hidden in my heart that I might not and guess what the ad building is still there I gave it the first filter Anderson day and night the point I'm making is he you and I must then find in the word of God use different translations but make sure you go back to the Keynesians as you study Bible hide it in your heart and when the devil tempts you when it be a big thing like blowing up the ad building at Andrews or a small thing like taking a second look when you know you shouldn't die him that I might not sin against the people we pray this reminder if you want to write their questions on DoCoMo the table in the back there was a coming affront to stop most of the piano year and remember with you continue talking about the forty four the whole confusion on Bible is also the forty fourth at the same time that God was raising up the people to emphasize the Bible as the foundation of all beliefs fascinating forty four all these major movements were arising out of an appeal here before we pray if you want to say nothing for me but God Lord help me to spend more time more faithfully in your holy Word so I get to know Jesus Christ the living Word regular handling of bravery thank you father for your word namely spend time you see Lord of the handsprings as a desire to spend more time in your written work so we can get to know Jesus Christ our Savior the living Word of life in his name we pray amen God bless you of seeing at three clock that


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