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  • August 6, 2011
    4:00 PM
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dear heavenly father you children are here to raise you because you are out of the Creator Redeemer to praise you because you gave at the support needed to be in a fight convention ceiling so many stories that go about your backyard golf crest be inspired to finish strong in fact with your pressing enough for me in Jesus name and your Majesty will a you a you are a fan will and will and is in a so is this will go as will is is is is is a is is is a is a him in the name is in his is a way I had a a a you is is is is on in a and in and in and around a I do and will and I will beautiful and very thank you good afternoon everyone have we not been blessed with a mighty name any thousands of our program all the comments I've have been positive and we may rejoice what the Lord is doing through a combination of laypeople and the Seventh-day Adventist denomination here are all part of the church some of his get paid by the denominations that was repaid and otherwise by the Lord I have with me on the platform day Elder Jim Patterson who is president of the local conference president of the Northern California conference I think we have about forty thousand members only in northern and our theme this afternoon which were going to highlight by the way I have elder Mike Ryan was Vice President of the General conference to represent different levels of the church parking today this afternoon the next two hours is how our supporting ministries are involved actively in supporting the support word the church we have a perspective of our conference with our conference president who can tell you is experienced in perspective and advice if you have and then we'll get it from the world my experience as a layman is that were all part of the same church we have a heart that beats the same way we have the same objectives and we have a little different job description other than his share of us over swallow me welcome you to the beautiful northern California conference it is a joy to extend greetings on behalf of almost forty thousand Seventh-day Adventists in this territory is good to welcome ASI back to Sacramento and it's a pleasure to have the current president for the next few hours anyway also as a member of the Northern California conference we have a number of ASI ministries here in our territory and it is a joy to work with each and every one we have partnered with a number of them through the years I currently serve as the board chair for amazing facts and we marvel and we've also had the opportunity to partner with Marinol the volunteers international just a few years ago we set a goal of sponsoring twenty five churches that needed to be built in the country of Mozambique is a conference we took that on as a goal and it's such a pleasure and it was such a joy to work with them and to see that happen to see things come to fruition and were working with them again to see what our next project is going to be the focus of working together of cooperation really to me comes out of the experience of Jesus prayer during the Garden of Gethsemane where he prayed his father that you and I you why and that unity of the spirit and unity of believers is seen in so many ways and is what Jesus is calling us to a cooperation of communication of working together for the kingdom of God and the soon return of Jesus thank you very much for your person might you have a broad perspective however is that a lot of things would you share with us from an international perspective what you believe about these the supporting ministries working together in the future thank you thank you very much yesterday here in unhappy to be a member of the church that has a theology that believes in the priesthood of believers what does that mean what that means is is that every person who claims to be a Seventh-day Adventist becomes a disciple and an ambassador of the gospel and there's responsibility there it I've had the privilege of traveling many many places in the world and what a thrill it is to go there and you find that there are supporting ministries who are partnering with the church but you know when you're in North America you have a lot of things taking place but when you are in countries like Mongolia you are just happy when people come I remember at when I first came to the General conference in nineteen ninety and they gave me this list of unanswered countries and Iran were looking at the list and we were trying to decide how the world arena go about this in a what a what a joy it was to realize that there were supporting ministries or partnering with us I remember getting off of the airplane and being met by a supporting ministry in Mongolia and I think probably most of you know that story and they're the ones who started the church there they developed the literature they did the Bible studies they organize the church and out what a thrill it was to partner with them I know that as you walk through the booth area you can look at all of the supporting ministries I want to assure you that the Seventh-day Adventist church values the resource of ASI and the ministries that are partners in this initiative I also want to thank you on behalf of the church you know I believe it commonly we believe that Jesus is coming again thank you for your commitment thank you for your support and your whispers and writer we are a part of the church we sure willingly we discovered a check or paycheck comes from the Lord in some other way stay tuned this afternoon we have some more good interviews some more good music wonderful inspiration follow Joan Joyce Myers chosen as a family to serve in the Navajo nation Monument Valley where our denomination used to operate a hospital but isn't it prepared you folks to be able to serve in this unique nation for the Navajo people we spent seven years in the country of Nepal planting the church there among the Nepali people of what kind of work in a wounded you do that was similar to what you're doing now among the Navajo we were doing health and medical missionary work out in the mountains and also training in agriculture and development in in that area now what are the particular needs of the Navajo people injured you're working with now there are so huge need in the area of health two thirds of adult Navajos have type two diabetes two thirds and there are also there is a high rate of addictions to alcohol and other substances that and also the that needs in their families to understand how to raise their children it is also a huge need will listen that rest your family to come serve in the we in Nepal we had worked where there were Mongolian tribes and the Navajos have their roots in Mongolia making the process of Marion Street and so we saw many similarities and after we come back and take in some training in easy times our children I just felt a immediate bond with the Navajo people as we travel through a nominal country so you really will allow this family service zero complete family unit you mean you didn't just make the decisions they make kids were going here that's right we actually were praying together and actually when I is when we visited the desolate area of southern Utah I'm really at a gardener and agriculturalist of heart it was so barren all I decide on I don't think I could possibly come here that my girls they were just convinced that this is where God wanted us to be and then of course I didn't discover this you can grow things real well there also a year for year or two from now how would you picture what your ministry is going look like I like my wife to be able to share a little bit about that while Satan is really starting to happen now really excited out that we had things they are done health and development it links the opening shortly and so will have that with me treatments for the diabetes and various diseases there we found that it really is helpful in reaching the traditional type people and we also are planning a greenhouse and Garden and were also going to be doing some things to life building on various things that can be sold there that will help with industry and also this rule is really progressing their anymore student for having more programs without you say your health Center is an octagon yes that's the same as the alternate healing places on the Navajo nation are either of after I got and so when we build every decisive with the octagon shapes become head-to-head community involvement that is held as we had one our local gentlemen this is really good with stucco he came around just around the time that we needed to do the stucco and I was not familiar with doing so because I learned back in the East and he said when you do that stuff I said well we really need to get it done but I set all of the work has been done with volunteers and he left then a few days later he came back he said I really want help you with that I may be here on Monday for the anti- help us for three weeks for the end of that time he yet I asked Carl why are you doing this he said why can see that you are here to help my community and I just want to be a part of it of your children unable to take an active part they've been able to help you landed here on the left has been teaching cello and she also works with the help programming camp program Marcus Van working with the hand ministry in the people there just love them they say he really respond that they desperately enjoy that and then as well as lengthy weeding out in our in our help Center and I wanted to share a story real quick about the red Sian one of our friends here she came into the hand and we when we were doing health programs we have a lot of mission trips coming up wineskin close to the people actually for something different I think it brings out at their home and let them get acquainted with the people and help them on the home level and so we created seminars to do that when we had a focus on hydrotherapy of these long health education and sharing spiritual things with them Karen was one of the homes we went out there and when we are doing a treatment that she was nontraditional and then if they follow the traditional Navajo has been and they're not really favorable to Christianity so when they get in the hot baths he said well it's just like the medicine men young thinking about when the sandwich is needed in the hot half wrap your on your head when you sweat when we get implementations they said anything you're just like a medicine man and it has been a real bonding experience and even the traditional people in the community now they hear about this they will even send our kids to your school because you're like one of the health message is the opening way to enter that opened their hearts and they may have lots of stories on how they've been impacting lives the Navajo people so take him aside if you see them walking all incidentally could you use anymore musical instruments in your music program it would be a real blessing we don't have enough for everyone to have fun right now and if you haven't had someone you'd like to share especially tell us and by land then perhaps with the lighting thank you very much my friend Doctor John Prado is a Loma Linda graduating class of nineteen ninety eight and he's board-certified in family medicine by the patient slot is planning of Haiti made by an Idaho most importantly and they come to learn about better health but the unique way that they've been sharing Christ in the marketplace is something you want to know from these joined today by pastor Doug band was his pattern partner in this operation Doctor John please tell me how you determined to become a medical missionary in this country was in high school in any Bible studies in addition and he is in my home Germany him one day while you are using the person that contributed to convergence program is in Christ and I was a man named my father-in-law years later I think you're faster fitted using the remix earlier run becomes the well and have had a indication of community I think your readers are male you know I have come to light after the for instance that after one day sitting idly like to cancel you need some of the fraternities at the white State University campus and to have hardly been there sometimes and they don't like this is the creature do they at times and SL I called when the fraternities with you guys likely have an HIV lecture from a local daily practice position naked with a caustic that it's free a sad when you make it okay I'm within my past or his day job as a pastor but at nighttime he does my audiovisual stop the points involved I went over and I sent pastor Doug to this fraternity had a chance to set up the equipment spent some time with the fraternity guys that were hanging around and I get an HIV lecture that was just the hard-hitting graphic lecture these guys have like a deer in the headlights look in your face and afterwards I started taking questions and of course eventually came around questions on relationship could you I happen to have somebody here who is an expert on relationships within the family money haphazard and then come and talk you about his his perspective on this end us after that was able to take over right and it was so exciting to see how this health message was able to open the doors and we were able to minister practically to these practically no partying hard hitting on young adults thereof Washington State University and University of Idaho I found that people do business with people they like and when magnetic ride with a pastor that would be completely outside their social spare its unique opportunity to try and we even had a chance to I got to her that our relationship there was one young adult couple I got into counseling with and then we packed the church with a whole bunch of reasons and that was an awesome time to preach the gospel of their wedding what kinds of organizations quickly have you had a chance to minister to the community well after talking about attorneys when he was just using my feelings onto some of the people in the community working the leaders psychologist City Hall and the County commissioners office and I said would you guys like to have a corporate level wellness program in his voice you're with me but what the cost it was pretty and he said well you have come on over XML before I come over and fire my pastor goes with you wherever I go to my A/V guy and doesn't even account set up for me redo health and wellness program for you it all came are not sure but okay so we went over to the county commissioners office the sheriffs office and we spent some time teaching him about the enough revenues about the things we know to do in evidence medicine we used on all material use November 's material in a month it was tremendous and after doing the three of four different times Mercury to be here Wendy I got a phone call they said Doctor Cano on we would like to have a meeting of all the county commissioners in the state of Idaho and we would like to invite you to come and do a presentation to them and their staff of the social workers most counties and I said well that's fine that you know the deal is a guideline I don't your pastor always knows where you go in site visit fine we know him we like him we know what he's like we know what your life come and spend some time teaching us it's over yet I do happen our presentation to all the county commissioners in the state of Idaho and pastor Doug Bender the ad that his version of the seven habits of highly successful people and one of those habits was time with your maker and we're finished one of the ladies that within the group came forward as you know I've been working with my county commissioner for the last five years and in that time they don't know that I'm an Adventist and he said the closet grandmaster are vulnerable to keyboard he said I I feel that you've done more in the hour that you spent with my staff that I have in the five years I feel called to do something for them in the bathroom to feel like partnering with the position well it is through this partnership that we had gone there in Moscow and Bob Holman area was so exciting to see how the doors as were blowing open to give us access to our ministering to serve the community and practical ways whether it's with the young people or with the thought leaders in our public civil servants which is so exciting to see how Dion working together with health evangelism or this American missionary work opened those stores it also was an exciting to see then one of my church members your doctor to require no as a physician helping him to focus on the gospel ministry and evangelism just give me a sense of excitement for you to have each other balance that that's right outside as impacting I have found that sometimes the bastard really don't know how to recruit the positioning of a look at them as somebody who's going to help with their budget right and a history of that is that many times out of the house the role of the pastor 's ideology you and all of the physicians outweigh but were told in their writings of Ellen White that deposition and we as pastors are to partner together because Jesus Christ when he ministerial here on earth he had a blanket ministry combined medical work and healing with the gospel work as a .wav weekend model that together as we work together so that with all the unexampled you have an example of something significant moves come out of your practice that there were you could see God 's hand involvement vision certainly one episode where the pastoral influence was seen from front to the end was a young patient who came in and essentially costing me in the Council consultation room a University of Idaho professor angry because his wife who had advanced disease had a venture and especially avoiding the scientific medicine because of her fear of the way she was going to be treated and he basically put his finger in my notes accosted me and it was the spirit of God through the opportunity in the morning we have to worship together do that soft answer in return and then when I went back and the page was preparing for their examiner went back I was complaining to my my coworker I think you know normally like me and they don't like doctors and and and unattributed if you have less than and my partner said to me your interview with that woman when she dies is that he is an issue that is what you think she's going to be that it just a while in your minute there is your job in the past oral concept of accountability and ministry came forward and then when I saw the patient anything and she has such terrible disfigurement and terrible disease and humiliating for a woman at it was a terribly and when I was talking to her and in and working with her on recognizing how difficult it whether segmenting to see you multiple times in order to keep kind of count on you and so I started seeing her frequenting bursary two weeks and then every month or so no one nation images and I'm having a problem with that is having a discharge is divided into an exam nine oh two exam you're in charge you're looking for you got cancer just know you have your exam next month to come back she said I'm having a little blood in my urine well a good example United Way exam to find your chart you are looking for and finally a third type scheme instead I'm having obtained downloading the classroom exam is at knowing her her husband would basically cost and in the beginning said for goodness sake please let in the exam so when did the exam if she had a mass in her pelvis cytosol talk to her doctor and writing across the state to Seattle once a week in order to be able to get care in a cancer center that allowed massive housing and an end I called the oncologist visit hate they're having a problem in the survey found visit history and she's naked all the she has a second primary interactive tomorrow and I'll take care of her I got back in the reminiscent man your doctor the oncologist again a second primary and he let others wailing cry this is terrible Christ is bowed down and it tears after about two or three minutes I just reached out and send them I wish there was something something I can do for you between her wales she said I wish there were some way you can convince me that it's not because I'm evil that always happens to me somebody to talk her to live we have a vengeful God and she deserve that kind of pain so what was their final reaction I told her not to go to Seattle to come back when you come back in order to view when you come back you need to have family and you need to be with mine is that you need to come to my home she went to Seattle he found she did not have a second primary she had a walled off access to get surgeries with your Julie's latest news in my home beginning to start up a five year relationship with people who became my best friend and then became godfather to my children who initially had accosted me because the Holy Spirit had given us desire to serve in ministry positions partner with your pastors and you can see the same kind result Doctor Coronado seeing up in Idaho God bless you man thank you moved mover rules or is he will be I is he thereon I I me and Mama Nadine is she and I used EE a will ye will I is mad at God and that a key guy in as bad in Japan it he will be wrong mean I am saying the landing as an you and he will and bad and I had my way in a him a is that being a is the land stands you and he will ruin your life there is dynamically much fun for you this is Doug and Debbie Baker from heritage Academy and I don't notice to not claiming to know the middle who are the driving course to their lawyer they were going to all kinds of them I said you don't want to do that find no way you can look in future from heritage Academy but you're representing an organization called at twelve what is actually how did you get involved with representing them when you're from different organization in question but at an organization that stands for active Christian but sorrow and actually is a worldwide organization founded at ACG FW art of war and they are a disaster response organization that mobilizes volunteers from all over the world to respond to disasters and treatment video or something leader in the fight for what it really him him him in the first devastated Alabama in Birmingham in your life will run your interface one hundred percent and quickly to help with one hundred and you and you will you and you and another in what I think is that are here serving the needs of people in my being in on the Sony is having and will you and is as you make the meals come in your name is together so he will is nothing going on he is on you you know an international that he is angry at them from a team from the rest and have a length leaking down here and out and in maximizing contact with the zone right now there is no one of the most good for now I'm going him I him have and will the fire department working on the heels in love in other words and therefore you are not meeting my name and number and you know what will you make me never want to me right and well dog who did you get involved with this organization I don't think that is itself begins in two thousand four there is a series of four hurricanes that went to Florida and so acts began as a local church response to the need and it has grown over the years this kind of started out like a local community service activity locally heard exactly right and often with his infant well than two thousand five Katrina and there was a relationship that developed between the schools and the Southern Union and acts and so agreements all the academies in the southern union or responding to Katrina and going down to mass Academy and to wave in Mississippi in response since that time heritage Academy has been involved in about fifteen sixteen deployments with acts over those years and of course you know during these years the intensity of natural disasters has increased and therefore I see you it whether an organization is very involved with facts the growing at all or well you know it ask his son asked partners together with the schools North American division office of education is partnered with act so universities as it is universities and schools doctors at in Haiti I think six thousand volunteers well from that it is that is really micromanaging as natural disasters have skyrocketed more the last several years and ask God to grow more more more people want to have you been involved with any like local disasters that have happened recently and actually unfortunately that is now many of us experience says that horrific evening of the tornadoes and ghastly day that respond to both local leaves a local LAN at mountain community and also to Alabama I said I just want to Birmingham to pleasant revenues on the video you are just looking on the website and I noticed that if you look at natural disasters out of increase the last five juniors you go back in the nineteen nineties going three natural disasters analysand to the point where four two thousand ten the list is like this long of all these different ager disaster that happened worldwide so these guys hear your shirts a little dirty event that you are doing some kind of relief or something like that where the factory like it is sure Jordan and Alan is now a senior on the beginning and randomly appear was just graduated and is now online read it have you been involved with some of the acts of outreach that yes that's enough for employment myself to a Mississippi Alabama and sliding in Nashville now worked with extensively isolate some of the things that you are doing I personally hour time distribution line I'll take care of people that lost everything in a human food clothing on my rented chainsaw cutting people in all kind trees off from their homes off the vehicle and how it affected you personally I mean is this media can impact on your life you know while on cutting people would also live in a degenerative behind the curtain I have to have maybe mistakes no more outworking of making mistakes is not an option but the greatest part about working with other people is the fact that when you come to them and they lost everything it doesn't matter their Hindu does not Baptist Presbyterian matter who they are when you come to them and you give them something when they lost everything that means something to them you want to know why you want to do that for them it Debbie when you are there did you have a chance to like me with people and besides just giving them really for that loss is that they visited you have like a spiritual encounters of a guy I think for all of our students I think there's a lot of on that staff and students or anyone is volunteer that doesn't have the opportunity reach out to someone in prayer when some understanding of affording is lost everything them looking and searching for answers and you don't even have to ask playback and please and you pray for me and young really is a blessing to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus in that moment them there when people are the greatest need I suggest we could really help meet their spiritual needs do not want thank you so much and God bless you thank you expert and a half was in your well is one on your nonbillable and Jason Fournier and I said that right I do think I was modestly for the error is the French word sense of rightness fresh right right okay the done here with the mayor and also volunteers and they've been involved with the quite a while with the L1 daytrip project now how many of you here are little and a church project almost everybody here has been further viewing audience and those that haven't why should tell us really quickly little bit about the one pictured by the American office connection with that formerly glad to see so many hands go up letter familiar or the one-day church project in over one day church started a few years ago there was a direct response to a huge huge number of root class come in churches and schools around the world the Macedonian call if you will from around the world the church is grown so much in areas where the folks just cannot afford to provide the church and the school for their children for their communities a place that you know God can come and be there with them and if the shows were the creator God is an what happens is the church grows proud of their church and that's why we get so excited about when the church because God 's kingdom grows as a result of it and we started building where I was in garlands living room actually when we started talking about this so we do what we do hundred thousand requests for churches fifty thousand requests for schools and some had begun to be built faster more economically and otherwise reduce no not not meet the needs and that's that's how it came about we've involve a lot of partners here's one of Jason Fortier is with tubular has been helping with one date George we've been working with other ASI ministries under law living Waters is working in Kenya courts Ellen Knowles Riverside Farms Gary Robertson Chad was sure in Congo a lot of people that were working with lot of volunteers churches schools your North American getting involved in this program at six lighting to see nicely this morning address getting involved think other people that have been involved in the partnering on this because it's really takes everybody it's not just American off of thing such as in ASI things are discharged and that's what started we need everybody's involvement to spawned this tremendous need real world it's really important to understand that when we do evangelism in these different remote areas that unless we establish a building there oftentimes what we do can fall apart the church is that astonishing factor to make the whole thing continue to grow and continue to happen there is extremely important to document and just the one of the partner lives the some of you may have heard that there was a partnership was unusual of the previous Denny Shelton Roma saw about the one-day church and put together a whole CD to promote the one day Churchill earlier today they played a song that was when a church that was an initial single and there are no non- was Bette singing but he did write the song is all along okay with other partners of course so I think that God sends a lot of which MacCallum logistics Angels to be involved in this project because when you're working in the areas of these projects go until you need a lot of help from above so we need the logistics Angels go ahead of us and work out the details when the Jason fried better talk about that inefficiency or urine Africa and is a Tanzania visit that's correct I live in Tanzania and I'm director of a small mission station called QB to a farm we have a school of agriculture school of evangelism a primary school we have a publishing ministry we send out global pioneers early missionaries into unanswered areas to spread the gospel where the gospel has never been preached and most recently we've had the privilege of working together with man off and ASI on this project I think it's a wonderful project of the one-day Churchill you have the pictures here ridiculous little bit about these pictures okay but you can just see that the picture thereby moving on to the next Swan the need for the charges this is the church that was hit by a storm and you can see this is the grass and reeds and stick structure it was completely destroyed and that's it we meet all over the place and so we replace that church we've also had the privilege of going into my silence where the gospel the Masai have been slow to accept the gospel but in recent years they've been opening up and it's been a tremendous privilege to go into Maasai land where they don't actually have permanent buildings and we built these churches for them and an they are made and they are failing them moving onto the next figure of him one back I've been using my pickup to begin with to build these churches and the the pickup was being overloaded in the frame started to crack a part in last year ASI paid for parsley for a new truck and that's the picture of when I first the delivery of the new truck and now he can load ten churches on the truck and we can leave Sunday morning and come back but before Friday having finished ten church that I do you write in churches on it with potentials is on the journey imagine that and as there is the first church was built from that truck third nine still sitting on the truck in that picture and the Lord has greatly blessed I'm specially privileged to be part of this project in in a wide way in Tanzania prescribe the done you will you have a video or something water show at the closer but will remain say about this video you have some garlic preamble or submit your network on just to say that the this program isn't just about buildings this program is muscles for the kingdom of God is the point it's you know we don't need more buildings need of more people for Jesus and not asking them and a project was done in January of this year that included a lot of the partners that I talked about a few minutes ago it was over and Vic Falls says Zimbabwe now if you don't already much about Zimbabwe it has an unemployment rate of ninety five percent so the people don't have very much for this rebuilt with so many partners ISI give a dual Riverside a lot of volunteers are from North America built to lovely campuses there are pitfalls in a just opened here about two months ago it opened in the middle school years that some of the students had to quit their other school and I come there but a lot of these kids didn't know anything about Jesus two weeks ago there was a couple people including my wife was there unacceptable video that show these young children just as some of the children and their singing a song that tells you that there start to learn about what matters children learning about Jesus so go to Zimbabwe here and watch a couple children are a group of children sing at the brand-new one-day school a man half her and will him me and him he is him and he and him and him and he and goes to this will him and I just like to reiterate these buildings hold the community together when you have a building to go to wireless I was traveling and in India and they told finally said is your church so we can regards the week that you can't build a Temple dear God and when we can establish structures like this it shows also in the community that that we do have a God that can roll the Temple and dedication to the God we serve and people can assemble their unequal closing five Voyager not just want to thank this group and an abundance watching the Emperor site so often hear people were praying because these projects take more than simply money and take money with any prayers and encouraging appraisers guys up in the field you know some of the troubles of education is people running into some very very difficult situation in some countries the world the regard even imagine we still need to take God 's message there so please pray for the project was supported when again it's making a difference preventing thank you one argument on noble give money to we appreciate your prayers it ran off and they are marvelously helpful but every once in a while just take a minute and think about that dollar figure that it takes to build a school campus somewhere in the world and when you save a dollar here or a dollar there added in those campuses will exist only if your generosity makes it possible to people I want to meet whose generosity and excitement for the gospel really made a difference on a Smith Brandon Schroeder Wright .edu true I wanted you to work with you I see and CYC works with teenagers to connect them with God but what's your role which he was you know I am blessed enough to have a behind-the-scenes job in CYC and work with the convention and so nobody ever does deceive a month I hear outside what do you do I work with the other hotel and convention center staff seeking housing meal registration on but after you make the right so year before any convention you are visiting the town correct like a year ago you went to Baltimore right now you're visiting Houston that's right and when you walk into the Hilton hotel and you go to their convention management staff what do you say to them well it's actually very interesting because I tell them that there is five thousand youth coming to this city that economy during their Christmas break and that they are all vegetarian and so those items and when you start immediately refinancing is a vegetarian in their mouths up nothing they had many interesting questions the what equipment is there well recently I was in Houston this is happened in May and we were meeting over lunch talking about them the just excited and that manager looked at our group and said can you tell me why should I be a Seventh-day Adventist what makes your church any difference then any of the other Christian denominations and that's the question you are getting from someone who is trying to figure out how to do thousands of vegetarian meals exactly in the forget about the vegetarianism is a women these people are different why should I'd like to think that's exactly right and we spent the next ten days I talking to her about how what the seven families churches church believes in you and the difference that is an examination of his overly practical question when when you actually come down in your dealings the people were running the escalators in all the right S Dooley G Y C kids have an impact on the people at the hotels yes another very good question N/A answer is yes there is an story is starting yet other one security officer who live in the exhibit hall and very limited time there but the end when I finally started talking to him each day this is absolutely amazing I have never seen anything like that I was there was something like this when I was young and come to find out he had been raised in a Seventh-day Adventist home and I was no longer practicing Seventh-day Adventist and had planned and admitted that the legal start going back to church while you never know exactly the exclusive story got something as light as a lady a security officer that you know monitors the escalators going up and asked off running you know running on the oscillator that you and I see I was always depraved that the funds you like the attendee at any given time the conspiracy was to have talked to make them feel like defending NFC and she was all by myself in some person came to her and instead do what Congress and Navy and she said I have never seen anything like this in my entire life I have never seen people from different nationalities and races interacting like this and I have a friend through the Seventh-day Adventists and I intend to ask if I can go to church with her yes Ranjit what impact did you like the attendees have on Baltimore or any city with ago you don't get me knocked on thirty over thirty thousand dollars there's no way from the something learned eight thousand north of Baltimore land and it does represent over a hundred thousand you know it is no way that you can do something like that in a city and not have an impact to me one specific moment that reminds us out there were there a couple of people going door-to-door in autism these are the guys get ready to leave I don't have time to speak the least pray with you before you leave okay okay you can pray with me so they pray with him he gets his truck me driving down the street he sees other people knocking on more doors I wonder if this is the same group so he stops his truck he gets out he goes to them he says listen you with the synchronicity I said you have no idea I was having a horrible day and so many does not permit Gornick prayed for me and it totally turned my day around that's a specific events with one guy at one point how that France is moreover cellular work how is that transfer to an eternal transformation you know you can see it not even just in the community that we were in but in the world and we had somebody that came from Scotland and she comes to to Baltimore city one going out with her friend convinced her to go on outreach and so she had an amazing time and now she's back his company what she does every Sabbath she goes with her church members knocking on doors she said I'm the only person I'm probably the only person in Scotland it does this but just because of that one afternoon in one city in one country there are people that have been times in their lives are being changed and in some cases it was just a prayer in other cases it was somebody who's paradigm shifted to its an extent that they now go back home and are going out sharing the gospel with those people that are around it has a huge impact there is no way it can be anything but a huge you got fifteen seconds invite everybody to send their grandkids picture if you know somebody you know somebody your thinking manual that young person I have a burden for them you can sponsor then you can help them up for more information you can give me to just googled you life your checkout UIC web board registration opens later this month and all the information that you need is there so encourage the young people support them get them to you I see it will change their lives and yours thank you both Greg and Jeff Solana and Brennan okay got another crowd one of the things that is a freak me as I have been a sum that is fast enough for a couple months ago lifetime is the number of acronyms we have to have great meanings and so you're in the Army now as I have this right okay so passage tell us what it means to be in the Army of first law right of the left is an acronym of thought and action of them avoid it all it is as far as the NIST revival movements of the end times and we believe that saw children my is based upon the study of the word of God and our returns a deep crater and saw Army Bible camp is basically a five-day camp I played also stands for arms needs its own axis felt they are empty army with the word of God Army with the tools I need to go on to the world and to share my faith so what we do it on a Bible camp is we have a five-day Bible camera we invite different speakers that come and share their secrets to Bible study how they open the word of God and how they may break down Scriptures how they put together their sermons and basically the layperson can learn this and take it back and make it applicable in his or her own mind Melia dreamy and update on that tell me how that works and where you been doing and have him either mentioning arming is all about revival in the dispensing revival to the power of the word Bible studying revival for the power of prayer the United prayer and revival clinician and ministry they had her first Army Bible Camp in two thousand and nine of the California we had over three hundred and fifty people and God bless the facilities were maxed out and we continue to see God 's blessing we just had our six Army Bible camp at upper Columbia Academy just last week seven hundred people and out of it you know most of you for dismissals last two pictures that I was looking at a lot of people praying what role does rare way in the Army Bible United prayer praise and play the foundational role in Army Bible camp if we believe that that is the key to what God has been bringing the revival of the cam again to more pictures yes take me on a trip of the stipend like I thank you now we have a testimony here you see a young man bypass arrests are there in the middle and his name is Lauren Lawrence actually came into apparently had a SoCal car many cannot even year ago and he wasn't meaning to come in the prayer room in trying to uphold instead but when he was very really felt the power of God and he was genuinely single-game back a second time you later change your mind looking up the next month and he was convicted he gave his life to Christ I forgot to mention that he was a drug dealer gang leader fresh out of jail when he came into the into the program initially the entire Bible Camp David like the Christ how dare you have long hair before the camp was even over we didn't even say anything about cutting off your hair we believe that if we have heart reform the other reforms will follow that we are teaching heart reform first and foremost will learn from home and he started a ministry called Christ frontline operation which is a prayer ministry in CNN the other night that shares that are continuing on right front line operation powerful prayer Bible study ministry that defined the generous donors that came in the Army we were able to sponsor Lawrence a good outcome along with a number of other students Lawrence graduated from ask him about a month and a half ago now it's doing Bible work for army and he also leaving forever and so gauntlets is taken in the world is just one of hundreds of testimony of revival that we get in the life that people only to become the Army Army and for all agents is not described but it's not just children people and from around here only to you Pastor Paul the first time I listened to you preach in Madagascar was immense V-8 Stadium and you are pouring your heart out in your local language to the people have you taught them how to preach like that an army well may be we help each other have that they have been coming to your division at your request well you got started this way you know last year and during the ongoing console all the general conference in Washington Maryland the General conference invited to it on the Bible tool we as the United prayer on David Freya room on it was soul unenthusiastic about it and I attended and I went to the prayer room many times on there was less unassisted myself this is important idea that means like them to our division those wealthy sovereign of regarding demos and division that means like them so they can find they followed us with you get United radio on to pray it will I tell you all we well bless the impact of prayer doing away executive committee we spent more time writing and less time doing business items I want to say that you because it's really crucial I think for all of us to hear that army prayer ministries is impacting the way the church does business so that's altogether but when I continued to your union or division committee under the praying more than doing business we spend more time frame on impact is just incredible object time is short in undisputed these sweet and yet the outcome is tremendous immunizations without communications conversations on those stations of their nuclear revival meeting melody you actually got together and you went with folks from the division all the way up but four thousand kilometers down within a month and a few that spring traveling about four thousand six hundred miles in Africa reading United prayer and you were doing the kinds of things that Doctor Paul's talking about really work yesterday on dancing Portadown and you watch business sessions compress and prayer sessions expand out of Queen God is blessing us driver how valuable is this a ministry we seen and made an incredible impact all when people come and they have ministries of their running they go back we see people we hear testimonies all the time how people on their ministries have changed the weight of the abuses and leaving ministry revolutionize all of the last question for you it's young people leading armies what about the impact that's having on the young people of your division in fact I I just wanted to say that I attended a Reiki and wife's iPhone leave the on the Bible one in Georgia and one in Washington state that was less to onset your question the young people just some amazing to see how number racist and loss plan and got life 's been changed and we would praise the pieces away this is the way and when young people are praying the church has a good future thank you just wanted all I want to fight them off for the next damn I'm sorry Malcolm because I invite ceiling on a online Xanax a community of the next number July fourth through eight two thousand and twelve thousand eight at eight hours and have an army of fellow that right here in central California the Independence Day army camp next year see you there thanks isn't it amazing to see how God is leading to these various ministries that we've been hearing about this afternoon and not just this afternoon throughout this entire convention you been listening to testimonies of individuals have been sharing about their ministries and how God is working in using these ministries around the world to spread the good news you know every single one of these ministries that have been talked about here this afternoon and in the previous sessions that we have held each one of those ministries has specific needs and you know God has empowered every person that is here this afternoon with specific gifts and talents is that right how many of you this afternoon have been pondering I wonder how I might get involved in helping one of these ministries as anybody been pondering that have you been wondering what could I do to advance God 's work through helping one of these ministries well ASI is working on a concept of the database that will be able to help match the needs of the ministry with your gifts of this kind of techie thing and so it's taking us a while to get it off the ground we call it volunteer seven it's a database where the ministries can input the people they need or the resources that they need and you as an individual will be able to go there and post your personal profile so if you're a carpenter one electrician or an evangelist or whatever gifts and talents God has given you you can post those their and the computer will be a baton and match those two things up a little bit and send out some e-mails and hopefully connect you with where God has in mind for you to serve now right now you can do this you can leave here this evening and go over to the exhibit hall and there are three hundred and thirty six booths there a man well maybe even of more than three hundred and thirty six maybe a few more than that and so you can go through an entire exhibit hall and visit with each ministry and find out where you might plug-in the basket to take you a while in fact the detained that's all you did you would spend your entire time here just going through the booths in finding out what the needs of those ministries were and how you might be able to best plug-ins or hoping and praying that God will continue to lead in the development of this volunteer seven .org is the website you can go there now it's a really have a test version is not really functional like it out of the Wii has some volunteer programmers that are working on this were inviting you to pray with us as we continue to develop this project were also inviting you this afternoon to continue to listen and to look for how God is leading you to get involved because that's what ASI is all about if you come to an ASI convention and you don't get involved and you go home and you just sit on what you've learned well I think that God had had a different plan in mind don't you demand so this afternoon keep looking for how God wants you to get involved and praying that God will test you on the shoulder and show you just where he wants you to get involved in helping his movement go forward around the world thank you him him everybody can pay close attention to what were to talk about this is really cool how had I am I got your attention time I've seen some shootaround and it says that you yeah weird words it's aware if it is that I'm a big and augmenting items statement as in the day the day yes tell me about updated and has a great word occurs one time the New Testament is up to you to find a magnetite where it is and it needs to reveal something in the form of a pattern or an example more about that later but did not .com is a powerful new communication device for sharing the gospel with the masses of people that are circulating on the Internet as we all know this is a very very current growing medium of communication people are watching videos continually on YouTube and on Facebook and people are sharing videos back and forth with one another through the Internet will figment .com is a growing library on the Internet on a website of short five to seven minute videos on various messages ranging and subject matter from if God exists and if God is love wiser suffering and suffering in the world it's a good question people are wondering about to what happens when you die short five to seven minute videos that you cannot only view at the website but you can just click on any one of the subjects and a field will open you type in a personal message to carry the other day you and I were talking about whether or not God exists I think you guys and here's a short video that I like you a lot see what you think about it let me know click personal message comes into the e-mail inbox and right there with the click of their mouse there watching a five to seven minute video on plausible reasons why they should consider the existence of God so you can witness to your friends your friends that don't believe in God you can pick ten friends click the video and two minutes you've witnessed attending your friends is that easy phasing can anybody do it anybody you have at your chef everybody it are almost everybody got a computer this is what you can do this is how we can reach the unreached here in our country even around the world but the school right here in the North American division if I can actually feel tracks door-to-door but it's handing out truth filled with videos computer to computer and we need to mention this part freight there offering there are free and we have a video that would like to share with you that gives clips from some of these videos and a little bit more of an explanation and also you can see ties go to ties booths she exhibited if you want to see more you can see them all thank you and him truly a life and love cannot exist without freedom is not lost yes there is a reality everything is there is more to reality what I'm suggesting is that the answer lies somewhere else in life love cannot control his households for our way contact Gibson welcomed indignant .com so excited about this website because you're about to discover a powerful new way to share a life transforming messages and videos with your family friends and anybody else on the planet who has access to a computer dignity is a Greek word it basically means to show or to reveal something by means of a pattern or an example of some kind if the second half of the word paradigm from which we get the English word paradigm as in paradigm shift so what you're going to find you .com is a growing library of short videos and transcripts dealing with paradigms and fundamental questions what's the meaning of life what is our origin and destiny as human beings what happens when we die does God exist or are we alone in this vast universe why is there so much evil and suffering in our world will also explore the main worldviews that people back in nineteen ninety five the Internet had sixteen million users that may sound a lot but it's not now there are nearly two billion users and get gas about sixty billion e-mails are sent in error free day of the week an estimated seventy percent of Americans have a computer right in their home and stay in touch with family and friends by e-mail and more than four hundred million people are active on five million new users are signing up their three week we are literally in the midst of the communications revolution massive this is granting the gospel direct and easy access to millions upon millions of homes and hearts and Basso pigment .com is all about and it's a tool for leaving our families and friends on an exciting paradigm shift by reviewing the truth of God 's creative power in these incredibly beautiful character and in contrast to our world 's hot dealer is set about who God is him him and I will and all were in an and I will I him a mom you now have a enough for me and him and him and him and him him to him him saying him and him to him I do some things in this vegan does not want to have to follow that one of them which is a man out there thank you so very much good afternoon everyone my name is John Bradshaw I'm from it is written and we are about to tell you something citing something exciting about something exciting some time ago that will give you all of the background and and and and sorrowful to this as we go along sometime ago a project was born in Las Vegas for Las Vegas and the will and exciting project that meant many people recently year who had said that hypnotism Las Vegas project in recent times when it's all about that over these next few minutes but no women and before we do I would like to ask a friend of mine to come for because leave for revelation today takes place in Las Vegas Nevada we start January twenty we go for for five weeks from Las Vegas to Las Vegas and go well but beef fall that takes place there is another very very exciting event we can not fail to mention to you Elder on to say was I supposed to stand they tell me I don't know the low figure looks as good a place as any elder wrong to say about it save this by way of introduction very briefly it was just a few years ago that I was of the Southern Union ministerial or a minister 's counsel or something and here was this fellow with a strain accident and I know how difficult it is to listen to people who have an accent and it was wrong to say he's it who said we are raising tomatoes would be to say tomatoes roasted tomatoes what he shifts it was where raising tomatoes when we could be raising Lasser 's and I never forgot that anyway coming up soon prophecies decoded led by El Dorado was a tele- something about this prophecy Sukkot it will begin September thirtieth in a spin that even for the North American division this year and that we have about six hundred and forty churches that have signed up with a hope that we get another three hundred or four hundred more magnificent this is taking place in Madison Madison is a historic place for instance Madison Tennessee just saw outside of the Nashville Tennessee is already been walked along already with with the series of yes our approach has been to try to get those churches really ready to a lot of sewing in the community so we've would produce a four and a four hour training DVD for evangelism we produce a hundred and ten page manual we've done work for youth and personal evangelism libel studies in the creation evolution broadcasts etc. magnificent note Noel the clues I have a using symbol for love right now these with net even North American division evangelism Institute he was a professor at Southern Adventist University until very recently he was the ministerial directive for the NAD this is not a man who does nothing he does something and this is fascinating is this the first time that a seminary professor has held a series of this nature I believe so Lisa yeah so there is hope for summary professor still I'm glad you student at but that's a big deal is and if you know the I've been out of the seminary professors get up from out behind the dismount of the classroom and out into the field and an end models although will what can be done when somebody filled with the Holy Spirit takes the Bible and such preaching the would of got what we expected your prophecies decoded within a few which have a lot of fun very well explained Bible teaching that's where the organ happened in a deal with within major teachings of the Bible is that in the context of prophecy we're looking forward to this end God is going to bless I know writing a book right now on how to interpret Bible boxing we get that away and the first night we made a deal with the Andrews study Bible so that we will have a the Bible available to everybody for all the churches to have for only eleven dollars and that's the entire Bible just as you know just as it is when when it's very expensive so a a lot a lot of good things happening what people want to knows how they can participate in prophecies because Gant on the website prophecies the coated .com in various the websites that the public website the church website is host prophecies decoded .com and start them have this on the screen but remember that prophecies the cutter .com you can sign up as a prayer warrior there you can get your church to get signed up in bed and get some of the resources that we've talked about and get ready you can sign up for the archaeology series that ministers were doing at September fourteen right Doctor Michael Haas on either this interactively beginning at deal with questions every night is a fascinating we've been doing this for years is a fascinating Reno trip into getting a established credibility in the word of God right so the net series coming up prophecies decoded stop date is September thirty and it goes for the whole month of October until October twenty nine five nights a week and him every night except for Sunday in and get on board processes decoded .com and get the other one host Don prophecies decoded .com this is Mrs. another wonderful opportunity for churches all across the fruited plain to participate in sharing the gospel the three Angels messages that can be proclaimed powerfully and one run please I am an optimist I thank you thank you God bless your thoughts and prayers are with you and God 's people said amen I think it's a very much in what's terrific about this is that the prophecies decoded I comes in October the unit in January then in January we get to do it again January twenty is this out of a revelation today it is written is conducting this a seminar in Las Vegas Nevada sin city added edit is sin city of Las Vegas is a wonderful place full of people are searching for Christ it's an easy place and the way this project got started was really rather interesting billion this year we began with a fortnight series called Babylon rising and it went so well with you how well in just a moment I think it might be good to get some background to get some background now to prove that I have more than one friend in this world again alas another friend of mine to come out here just now he happens to be a friend of yours and I am very very glad to us Sean Boonstra to be here with me today then you gave said it's very good to be here yes it is very good Sean was right they when the wind that the whole Las Vegas project was conceived of it's a good like that he was right there at that time can you give some background on how this thing together the goal what does the Las Vegas project is in women's cycling visiting revelation today it's a massive collaborative effort if it is written there is the Nevada Utah conference and a visionary support and been a whole house of ASI ministries would tell you about most of those in just a moment take us back there I think John that this was born Las Vegas was born why not Las Vegas is born it was gambling and drugs act out of as far as the project goes it was really born out of the philosophy that Peter 's written team as that life is just too short to do the ordinary forgot it's just too short were running out of time it's pretty evident that were up against the very last events in so we were thinking what could we do I mean here we are were living in this terrible broken world life 's not that good here and yet God hangs in front of his people this opportunity to do exciting and great things in my own philosophy has been at widely of life boring and if you're going to do something to arrive into it big and personally I'd like to cross the Lord doesn't come like a cross ally 's finish line with my hair on fire and my shoes worn out just doing great things for God a half within your my shoes are already gone just as forever and I have a warning for you God dares us to do the unimaginable year he gives it to us as a gift and I want to do it's boring and so we look across and at what could we do that would really raise a monument to the glory of God 's payment could you do that would really inspire the hearts of everybody and that's an important key to because what we really want to do John unite our hearts speak the same on this we want to give courage back to our church members to get out there and preach what we been given as a distinct remnant people to God and have the courage to share it so often we hear these exciting stories only about all of the this meeting overseas and they baptized twenty thousand people and wow that was exciting and we kind of wistfully so I wouldn't it be great if if we could do that here and I happen to know and I'm still pretty young I but after a few years on the road I happen to know it can be done I am pretty young I'm thirty twelve how old are you John the only thing yet we want to want to get a permit first level of young unto you I spent some time on the road and I know there is no place on earth it can't be done that's the truth there is no place


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