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Types In The Exodus

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • April 7, 2011
    10:30 AM
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I certainly didn't mean here we had a real busy schedule to get here this finish the three-week event of the meeting and two weeks ago on a Saturday night on midnight that night at the clock that morning and went to thank the Academy for wicked prayer they said that California and on a revival there and then got home at four o'clock o'clock this past Monday morning was home one day and we came here and listen truly truly evident movement so I like this invited to biomedical that think there's a lot to cover and Ottawa waste any time with Google father in heaven thanks so much for the opportunity to be here thank you for the safe travel of all the mild and traveled many times during the care of each of us to bring us to this point Lord as we now get into this study here on what to look for as were studying your word traitor you open our eyes Lord we may have our eyes to see in Jesus name here to hear a man he also encouraged one another in my Bible about allows reasonably even non-Christian nothing at all right and I graduated high school with with note not much better I went was able read much better maybe a third grade education as part of reading may not unconditionally read it was so bad when I was dating my my then girlfriend is now my wife Susan Adnan is not how is going to church with their own personal one without a prayer meeting neither was sitting around the table reading a book and it was a desire may do something with them I tried reading I read the next effort after he left out there that they are just have been dating this girl for a short time she says listen to you confirming next weekly basket retail them know Kelly don't feel like it it was unfair reading and covering it soon everything was so poor and not like the Lord changed all that and and I don't have time infallible testimony right now this point but them what's changed my ability green like in school I would think it zero would probably get anybody adorable report it was it was really bad and you same interfaces suck so what's changed all that was actually studying the word of God and end looking an end preparing very hungry one time I was in thing separate out one in verse five and one five is it any lack wisdom ask of God and you get a list on the labeling of right and right lung development liberally and ASAP if you estimate shall be given to them I like okay Lord am asking like I am totally ignorant about this I want to study the Bible better I will know how to build it I just got so intimidating because you guys pretend like you find all that all you know you don't want about right like last night is a message either and it's like man is so deep and then the Lord started on things the things to me through e-mail and I think you know the Bible says that God is no respecter of persons filled in after anybody that no one is going to be looking for now the issue by the way as far as understanding the Bible and finding things in the Bible is not a intellectual issue on the Bible says so actually initially one example in Matthew chapter thirteen and were discounted getting into this a little bit so you get an idea many people become discouraged they become discouraged and others like Ms. Nowak and CDD things in the Bible and its end and I know how you feel because I felt that way in the past often myself but if you think persistent and knocking and seeking God to open it to you but I want to notice something here Matthew chapter thirteen bodily Matthew thirteen is like seven parables and that but was immersed in disciples came and asked Jesus why do you speak to them in parables and stories allegory for you doing this and he answered under them because it is given unto you to know the mysteries looking not happen with them it is not given I find that very interesting because several times and in more of the time relaxing in Matthew thirteen Jesus would tell a parable and the disciple to be like I don't get it you know well they do all the dividend to the parable that asked right the reason the others did not get the parables is because they wouldn't not humbled and sounds they go ask in faith and that they're not getting it and anything that you have given to know the mysteries looking that God either ignorant fishermen okay and you're another mystery thinking of God and then it says in verse twelve is ever happens to be given and enjoy more abundance but as ever does not happen him it shall be taken away even that which he has therefore I speak to them in parables because they seem to not say hearing they do not near neither do they understand and indivisibility prophecy in Isaiah which says my hearing they shall by hearing you shall hear and shall not understanding things just seem to not perceive what you get you don't get it you see any you still don't quite understand why the reason why the verse fifteen of these people 's heart is my heart waxed gross editing things that they got a hard heart and her ears are dull of hearing their eyes and close list at any time they should see whether I can hear the ears and should understand with their head and should be converted I should heal them what is I understand with you so what what what the what the issue of understanding the Bible managed that it is not intellectual issue but I is a hard issue in Daniel chapter twelve it says the righteous will understand that none of the wicked will understand the issue with understanding what God wants us to see in the Bible is not a intellectual had issue that is a hard issue as it is maybe less like like like organizational heart on how much you can do my intellect and I bet he can simply change our hearts and he gives a very elective course but they are the hardest of the got to work with a mold very very well now one of the things that I learned as I was studying the Bible and I hope that this little gem not that it's a catalyst and a whole forty five minutes that I have appear to share with you that the one main thrust I love to find in the Bible that I look for because it just takes a very short time to do so when going to do is to share with you the idea and an show you an example of a played out there now assisted I will do this as well let less than a birthrate against Chapter ten first printing chapter ten and will reimburse a lemon the lack of the verse one first printing standards eleven mileage of Israel has speaking out and they were on their way to the promised land the Old Testament space without the children of Israel try to get the promised land the New Testament is about the children of Israel try to get to the promised land I will try to get to the promised land right and now I know that some a moment that know me I think the promised land is Kentucky enough was raised the number of the relevant heaven yet when the Lord make the earth new Islamic Eric knew when they write exorbitantly in having this error does not write it on the site Lord where was Kentucky the geographical locations this should still be there he's always right over there I get him live in Kentucky and don't want rental site all you should recognize that an animal adrenaline I know and we'll get that paid us again okay anyway look at Jonah 's numbers eleven now all these things happen to them for what examples and are written for our admonition Russell learned from abundantly in the Arab world are come and it's interesting that the things or written error written for us to learn from a point in the InfoWorld .com no genitals a very interesting story that will look at because they started often have the bondage of Egypt bondage of sin that we like we cannot have it right think then parallel their and their marching their way through the wilderness going on this journey and heading to where the promised land and I were working in the same journey and Paul writing in first grade instead now the journey that jerk that they took is an example for us to learn from the recent endeavors to do certain things you know what you get when you know I just opened up by the way in in in your home Bible study we reading the Old Testament one were looking for things that we can learn from how we can one day be in the promised land right before looking fidelity Regina 's malaise in the Muslim commitment it made at the something if you live a full life and you say all deliberate deliberate is with me but you don't get to see him one-day face-to-face with your life worth it now not applicable I was about you know that they need to see Jesus face-to-face and and and and or and in Reverend twenty one the CD is face-to-face again matter fact I wasn't thank you for they shall see his face like will get to see him face-to-face on enough the purpose of it and so are learning from in the Bible is how to actually get a replica chapter twenty one twenty two dinosaur looking for the new group and the children of Israel are whole story of my life among them to go into the long sermon and and and first produced in the immediate have to preach regularly or give model studies there's like six sermons in the eleven versus the config from a commercial month eleven in you you'll see that is let's look at verse one verse one all writings as moreover brethren I was not that he would be ignorant out at all of our fathers how many of the fathers all of them noticed the keywords in these first few phrases all of our fathers were under or under the cloud and all passed through the sea they were all in the cloudy raw after the seat and were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and the state and did all eat the same spiritual meat and it all drink the same spiritual drink for they drank of that spiritual rock which followed them and that rock was Christ basically here we released Percy versus very interesting he says everybody had the same opportunity ever one of them left Egypt ever wanted and were baptized everywhere they were given the spirit everybody had the same opportunity and by the way they all headed out on the same with the same goal the same journey and nine Annette is to get to the promised land right within a verse five it says that with many of them God was not well pleased when they were overthrown in the wilderness as you read that text there you have asked yourself the question why why is in the middle did not get to go why do some people God was not well pleased with with many of them actually know about well please they all had the same opportunity they were all baptized there on the right of life they all had the same opportunity opportunities to be say we get some work that's kind of everything in us and let appointments and nutshell we all have the same opportunities we are the same I would have the same Jesus Christ we had the same that the same spirit of God guiding us just like the children of Israel had built with many of them he said they do not make it be seasoned your starting okay that makes perfect sense is that all of us on this journey right now whenever six these things were our examples to the intent we should not lust after evil things they also lusted so the ones that did not make it an example for us to not be like them right but whatever seven neither be idolaters as some of them as it is written the people sat down to eat drink and rows of the play that phrase strike that strike a chord anybody's mind is what I'm referring to our again I yeah yeah got it with X Exodus chapter thirty two when medical gap right thing they sat down to eat drink they rose up and lie at what exact it says right there can you not go there and find out that there was something taking place right there and I will not have us doing in order for us to make it to the promised land guiding others that immolate the whole sermon they are going to take time for July goats in time not accident disenrollment shall the Bible says that they said tomorrow were going to have a feast unto Jehovah they in their mind they were worshiping the Lord that's what the e-reader Exodus chapter thirty two the Golden calf saying they said tomorrow will worship the Lord Jehovah and making it is that the word translated Lord worshiping the true God and then they had a wow church service with singing and dancing as a matter fact when Moses and Joshua were coming down the mountain by coming about that Josh was that the warranty can Allison if I don't like object on Sabbath morning in El Salvador in the campus probably not appropriate worship isn't that powerful as I thought and in and in and at that new mothers is not allowing how exotic is not working here and I have a party that Lisa has been having an singing dancing was got up worked with did not approve that worship service they look like non- eigenvalue modeling platform that in our something let their mouth is also they were naked I keep them we don't remap and our churches today now listen I see naked women and men in our church is always not all especially women think of yourselves up especially in a short path and you know what my own way out I cut yourself upright but the lessons we do know that only these easy something and letting them in the Bible there now here's the thing when Moses came down this message into mammoth ligamentous messaging to manage their Internet parting agent jumped over the people can you imagine being an entire nation he so judgmental is busy like we are worshiping at these hours it is wrong to those signs might not be appropriate for the first time you go to church on Adriano I have an excellent verse eight needs let us commit fornication as some of them committed and fell one day twenty three thousand people that's referring to okay and in numbers chapter twenty five the children of Israel were worshiping idols and they were worshiping out with them all like this like all the while looking to worship start services that haven't less worship like them that's what that's what you learned that my later region and is a must worship like Eminem with it was a great planes are you people had us bring this remedy in this prayer meeting one of the children of Israel brings in a Moabite woman right and in any honest with his elbows and punches both of them I will recommend your spear through anybody like that is a lesson to be learned there for us there worshiping like them the rest of the world asleep this elicited another example neither let us tempt crisis some of them also tempted and were destroyed of the serpents number seven twenty one but it would destroy the severance lessons we learned there and move on you see the Thurmond United preach a sermon on each one of those you can actually have a Bible study spent weeks on each one of us I send like what can I learn from this so that I don't make the same mistake that they made this the Bible says it was written by example but I would always find in the example think I know what I mean as well as example of what to do or not the now at last when your personal and verse eleven I think of the numbers live in now these are examples of now all these things happen than for example that they are written for our admonition upon whom the ends of the earth accounts of his withholding is talking of the children of Israel leaving Egypt going on the way to the promised land now I want to be some figures Private Pyle December the one ability to so that is canvas sermon and a class of St. John's alum will help yesterday helping out a little bit we had to make a list of the people that will be lost not individuals nothing like my aunt the modern unlike that affect the types of people like that I categorize like number one above and it's a lot of going to be lost we would say would be a warmonger right I will thought about that when it were to put number one murder is murder one of them liars outright outliers idolaters idolaters adulterers idolaters like you have a whole list of all the things going in there okay out of that list would you put people at meetings like afraid vertebrae like me number eight nine and then like it it is pure dynamite not sure it is Delta normally one for debate when women when we look at those people with what am a sympathetic I don't think the only look at people that are idolaters adulterers I look at them didn't want anybody to there and I get right mean we don't want to be that way but in our hearts for the wrestler that sometimes I with that in mind though with me now to Exodus chapter fourteen of this look at the beginning of the journey Exodus chapter fourteen the beginning of the journey of the children of Israel out of Egypt out of bondage this is an interesting way of a study not only just look in the Old Testament and you find things as they happen I apply that to the church today finally one of things I want to do it when I read children of Israel I put Seventh-day Adventist but in every that conservatives are looking at the charts available right that was the remnant there and got a veranda in the New Testament that honor went to the promised land so you want to come he keep that in mind is going to because of it there are examples prior admonition the Bible says it for us we were young or old widely to develop into the world and everybody and I think I can have some fun but it will frustrate would like all enemies to get what all people will help to meet everybody greets everybody right that the Bible is written for everybody everybody okay now the children of Israel here and in going getting leading into this ongoing go to they had just been a bonding select the four hundred years impossible situation was very interesting appoint one up noticed time and again there are situations are brought to is impossible the reading study your Bible at the situations are impossible to the all-time art don't know if I'm in impossible situations are lines like all in the Lord takes care of us coming of the next night of impossible situation will all know that's where life is lived one time another as a boy files if I was living until that day the children 's roster would be that way I donate there that they are in Egypt embodies impossible situation they can't get out of like nothing they can do this themselves but the problem they have their God comes down and he performed his miracles now alleged as a matter per minute he saw the water turned the blood you think you would start to believe like now unless our trustee .pl step one right anything alive to see the brawl see the health dog this one another you see look over it your negotiating authority Egyptians and their land and it's all black is black dark and yet here you have like like the dividing line was right but could you imagine what would happen when your life and incitement this is only God you see this miracle after miracle adopted that God doesn't embody the tenth miracle he destroys all the children of those that do not threaten the blood of their doors and he said okay on God he learned me doing this from now on I'm a commence that the speech that would have every year all these things that place right there aren't any a Casino template inspecting them livers of an impossible situation how many give you think you would never doubt God again doesn't like a lot of my own I found I can write that unlike thing out look at verse ten of chapter fourteen accident when Pharaoh drew nine of the children of Israel come to the point of no return impossible situation mounts on both sides like in front of him Egyptians behind them all now what are we going to do they organize the children of Israel lifted up their eyes and behold the Egyptians marched after them and they were sore afraid and the children of Israel cried into the Lord and he said to Moses because there were no graves in Egypt Moses in their pastor because there were no graves in Egypt has now taken us away to die in the wilderness wherefore hast thou dealt with us carry us to carry us forth out of Egypt is is not aware that we told you in Egypt saying leave us alone that we may serve the injections they were in the bodies out my late agent it is them allowed in the New Testament also easy to assemble out Santa Monica Santa Monica have you ever noticed you might call you make of the meetings or whatever right and the people come to the meetings billiard truth out of all this truth in life come into the bathroom of their regular route at one point a turn ideas and implement them I live in is that if you left me alone and on the brink of her domestic and other people say that again told me that I wouldn't have any troubles so I can see that there we would much rather stated repeatedly said that we do have the dynamism of the federal people do not give rights then you see the salvation of Lord with USA Today not listen God brings into an impossible situation in her life and what prescriptions that were made learning from the things these are examples for us right they bring something impossible situation and an impossible situation God says okay I am away personally my committee if the point was so angry this upset is upgraded finally turn to God personally complained their pastor Pastor turns the God God is mercy can benefit a Celtic care of things behold the vintage of the parts the Red Sea helping about this used anger and a CNBC the seat part after the template right now is a sporting coming people think human trust God Mellon like now and Mark Kimmitt the thumbnail right never again so that when we crossed the prophecy and return around all know the Egyptian army coming after us run and so what happens when the degenerate is available water all destroyed the vigil ever doubt whether or not it was God review aware there was Moses what you want your answer was that it was God by the way if not surpass the Sager so if not eventful to you come in under if the fact the word of God was preaching to change your life easier to find in the Bible so the Lord bought for them by the lab love this because the next distemper fourteen people assume thereby the situation it was difficult what the first thing I did complain the master out your fault God miraculously delivers them after all these things you think it ever don't not again know like now I'm trusting him right at that you'd think I'm going out the Exodus we connect this chapter fourteen was an excess chapter fifteen kilobits over twenty three at Bali as you read the Bible you look for these things like what can I learn from their experience that at the point is that in my dissent in which we all know what else do I have the whole study on showing you that you need to be looking for in the Bible of the new thinking to be examples of deliberate things in the Bible Iraq again am writing to the people have a pattern is our pattern of the complaining audio levers twenty three axis fifteen twenty three when they came tomorrow I cannot drink the water some artwork that they were better therefore they called the name Mark and the people murmured against their pastor saying what shall we drink night you would think like just a chapter ago in the legs parting water drowning intentions there was a you know you're only as in kill us you would think that would be the case with you download this people were pointing at them again were really going at when ourselves you know the reason you're here to the point you are right now because Donna delivered this point and when you lose your job although God must hate me now I know that maybe you don't think like that economic times as pastors you do run into people that this mindset as long as my life is going good then God is with me but as soon as I run into impossible situation God must've left me I got left them know he was deathly filler one of them was in the even letting be tested this implement custom Internet there in another impossible situation they can't make one of themselves one of my drinkers twenty five they cried and the Lord the most describe the Lord nor showed imagery which we cast in the water the water from a sleep he made this statue there an ordinance to prove them and he said it you'll diligently listen to the voice of the Lord thy God and do what is right in his site and will give your fitness commandments and keep his statutes out but none the disease upon you with open upon the Egyptians Ron Lord knows you about your Catholic tree in the water you know the water of McSweeney Rodriguez that when that's what happened I comes to build that I guess that's what the place right now using the templates using the water for using the waters close you've got a place with no water to drink and emirate miracle takes place the truck poetry and announced breakable you think you're right about now again like that come the placement I have one of the note when it got and bring you up to spark to kill me before they carry me write that kind of evening on River these are examples for us I know worldly chapter fourteen the complaints and fifteen a complain Deborah sixteen verse one they took their journey from Elam and all the carnage of the children of Israel came to the wilderness of sandwich between Elam and Sinai that means they waved from the area between even finite on the fifteen day the second month after the reporting of land of Egypt and the whole congregation of the children of Israel murmured against Moses and Aaron in the letters complaining mounted after there had been there past Garnet elder like one alumni on what are they complaining about the state the children of Israel send them what God was God that we had died by the hand of the Lord in Egypt when we set by the flesh pots and we got to keep the breadth of the pool were you brought us forth in this wilderness to kill us and its assembly with hunger now I'm out of the running out of things like all of me were all going to die not realizing that God had done all these miracles and is about the care of them when you read about this commentary and divine commentary they were out of food there is running low on food then said Lord and you're not out of money it is running low on money then said the Lord unto Moses behold I will rain bread from heaven for you for the second time what happened here like are they able to feed themselves or getting the point of going into the right to get a point where getting himself in an impossible situation in the desert is open around it just doesn't get many the desert house in Moab last couple weeks ago it's not terrible there's nothing there like what you going to write anything of our sphere in this individuation the sand desert impossible situation and often a provider food safety causes well MM remember and any give them manna in Miller Desert writing bread for millions of people do you think we saw this when he left Egypt with a template waterpark the water closer to the ground you have the water that have water now you have water and effluent running out of the night have food what else is there like this point or as the children of Israel journeyed on our way to the promised land God has brought us out so far they get the promised land have nothing here anymore right and children of Israel you're just gotten on the other miracle he's done to get to this point you never want to complain again right so the complaining is an issue right with chapters even-tempered fourteen complained that the complaints and complaints and seventeen seven seventeen yeah now Chapter seventeen verse one all the cognition of the children of Israel journeyed in the wilderness of sin during the course of the men of the Lord make this rep at him when there was no water for the people drank up I don't have to regress that now I don't like there's no water what is the house muttering at I think I let Don worry look what God has done in our past we have nothing to fear for the future exhibit forget God 's leading in our fast-track the implant Limited the part in Watertown and Egyptians member because I want to get his water member we covered here is that now I want again why must the bargain you and I don't recognize what you like I can't like the printing out here if you message and perform this miracle alright birthday wherefore the people did chide with Moses and said it was water to drink and Moses said to them why inside with me why do you tempt the Lord and the people person for water the people murmured against their pastor and said why'd he run us out of the land of Egypt to kill us and our children our calipers the pastor of the fatal pastor should do cry to the Lord saying what shall I do to this people there ready to stone me now no one is talking the other carnations you have to explain that doesn't mean they were doing drugs and undergoing rocks at him right they were ready to stone him the Lord said to Moses go before the people take elders Israel and Iran instead he smote the river and take it in your hand and go and gotten all stand before you want to God they would Moses struck the rock water comes out in Miller Desert and nowhere enough water for everybody to drink we ever doubt God again yes you will like these are examples aren't they knowledge and placement of this it is ever reading the Bible is worth that kind of the study writer and were going through the Bible studies are written for our examples upon them in I have not brought into this boy Melanie Levi me off are not ready to go on presentations at the Bible and in the devil does something in your lab is like a London better office than the world I love the part there was that it would drop one of my spots because you know how the hell the people are how we are like a usability Maryland he knew everyone and indoor one ago but now limit economic or shockingly do that anymore of much better off other less thoughts on people to go there with that right admittedly that is what they think the thing about the call that good old days finding out a loud and Asia now you heard that we learn anything from the miles of our young out right of this moving along because of time once again let us know in the book of numbers chapter eleven fax x-ray hadn't yet eleven Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers while on our way to number fourteen the numbers after limited for minute from from reverse on her way to number seven fourteen and eleven first one is our memory verse thank your body together ready upset person yet is that with me and when the people complain it displeased the Lord every night wasn't that interesting that says and the Lord heard in his anger was kindled in Firebird among them and can send them and was partly cancel our way to number seven fourteen we learned you complain you're going to burn them with one numbers chapter fourteen got here brings them to the border of the promised land where we heading that young out now you read the Bible and easy to work promised land in the Old Testament are arguing am going to get rid of the promised land what you think you were going to Marlene so what can we learn here whether good or bad that we can either do what they did or not be what they did in order to rapidly get to the promised land the guidelines in the promised land forty years in the minority once again the promised land now is it possible less than the length jar of mercy is possible to spend Lehman estimate so why the delay well it is listed to find out God brings into the border the promise land Chapter thirteen and he sends them out and I got the check of the promised land go check it out if you think so that dwells by the valley checkup promised land well you memorable it was like there is eighties standards melons and nurse things that you will not believe what it's like there began to outline what we can go there for the two-part yacht just like parting the Red Sea coming out of Egypt they appears any as the water it was too hard you can do it God particularly like the relevant got it taken out of those places all through their journey to their Christian walk impossible situation of impossible situation problem after problem so that they can learn that God was there taking care of them everybody is ready to take them into the new Jerusalem than the promised land but I think the greatest try all right before entering into the promised land the greatest trial the Giants can possibly know about that that's right you can't on your own you have to have me in the New Testament the genome I'll says right before getting on the promised land of a time of trouble such another was inflammation in the same time you can you make it through that kind of trouble if you've found a complain and whine a bit and I got all along all on your journey will best way teaching them out so limitless figure out this way looking at the gym of Israel what we learn from them if we apply this to our life when trials come if I trust God when the big trial comes up trust admin in that beautiful like the getaway government me know what they didn't do what we were talking on the student and I was assigned by limited to twenty five Matthew chapter twenty five but as Mark 's emergency room some things just verse one seven fourteen all the cognition of the other children of Israel but another voice and wept all that not gold is too great I cannot think if God is somehow miraculously take us right now and this makes all the Spirit cigarette writer and down heaven we go and format how many would you say there's no way would never make it to what he could really see the glory the power of God the glory of God the beauty of heaven in one fell like how many of us of the doctor transported there right now lettuce it would be like a couple more like a moment the world I would never make it there if you like it they cannot be the case right it's similar what happened in the Old Testament they got to see episode of the way we can think of course you can't take it enough chapter chapter fourteen verse two all parties and that of the children of Israel murmured but I don't know what they're getting right is not slander the border charts now we're at the order what do you want the province the light will is modeling of the Bible so we only got more time at this point Rusty you don't know where there arrived at the border and insurance regulators alike this is a hard candlelight and a complain and whine and moan about how terrible things are charged and forth on the bed majors as things are terrible I don't deny that but part of it you can find them on complaining like what was going on and people complain there wanting to know some people into the desert Moses and Aaron the complaining is a pastor and elder again the whole carnations said them will go with the item the land is going Godwin died in the wilderness I think I got the promise land of what it died before they become trouble and wherefore hath the Lord brought us into this land to fall by the sword that are wise in our children's ship right were not better for us to return to Egypt first greatest chapter ten says that these things are an example that we should learn from have you noticed in our church is at times people wanting to return to Egypt I say for that to them go but here's the problem you're nowhere near that wasn't happening about himself but he did they wanted to take the church with them what happens they set one another let's make it happen let us all return to Egypt this was going on there is not going to go to hell by itself nor that he will like how I got on about how one of the always unsolicited will he not only about myself so let's take the church with us and so they start incorporating the Egyptian things in the church right in the mortal promised land for Moses and Aaron fell or faces make woman of God before the wholesaling entirety since individually having an sperm eating bidding care what people thought of them they knew you were doing was getting ready to wrap around them and Joshua the son of nun and Caleb the son of Jephthah which worth of compounding or search the land out they rip her clothes and they spoke to the targets of the vessel sank let's add that this was in charge how often the land which we passed through circuit as the man in the Lord delights in us that he'll bring his plan in the Lord delights in us we'll be in that land will see Jesus face to face limits loaded milk and honey they just don't rebel against the Lord where are our fate of creatures and elders crying out entire days and I think lays down definitely to blame don't rebound against Florida bar almost home there are you one ability means the people by the way it wasn't condemning the people what they want me condescending like organized almost home still listening on they even encourage the people they don't condemn the church encouraged church that in verse nine dollar delegates awarded nearly the people of the land where they are bred for us their defense is departed from them but the Lord is with us do not be afraid of them in the last days God has led you in your life to where you're at now he is still with you when you're standing on the edge of the promised land in the world really is being turned upside down all around you were dying death sorrow destruction in the greatest time of trouble right if we cross a promised land God is still with you I whenever leading over secular telephony says right now not even to the end of the world on their so I'm the title passed from earth and all the carnage and since Tony's tones the glory the Lord appeared in the tabernacle entire nation I love this dog at this point a silent with anything but when ever God 's faithful were getting ready to be destroyed then the glory of the Lord appeared prior that he was silent with their but he wasn't saying anything that he can now he's going to intervene for his people right or the promise went the Lord said to Moses how long light overwhelming how long will it and I believe they don't believe they believe may rather for all the signs sound among them so that the miracle after miracle in their life was not referring to the things I'm done in the past all the things about her past I brought them they could not be interrupted hotly debated across the Red Sea at the Democrats read the Egyptian army coming epidemic intelligence and army I killed it it's an army we can have one I didn't want it enough that I didn't read it am wondering I didn't want again you can go all through by the way it has been all year of sermons going to the Old Testament Zion Arizona God brings them into an impossible situation he brings is there to teach us something and was not in our Bible overlooked in our Bible what we looking for God is trying to teach us something ask the question if I were there while I do in any site why would complain and say what they were I was located with the complaint and like many guys got it so easy to the complaining and I know what happened and give you the promised land that they had made their big equipment to make it so it would apply this to the New Testament why is it that some of us may not enter the promised land that long as they start off with let's look at Hebrews is for a minute Hebrews third chapter and a interesting another items upon a time to hear that you hear it several phrases while the appraisal yes I would not have you ignorant interesting study read but Paul said about I don't have you ignorant is the word ignorant like I want to be eager to people about how they what's what's wrong what where and when her dad out of ten Internet about what the children of Israel mineralized don't you get a greater ignorance of it he said he doesn't want to be that was within the finality is in the big runabout or many are not ignorant again without look at Hebrews chapter three here is a little little turn on things there's a whole basically Outlook section the chapter about the children of Israel coming out of Egypt on the way the promised land what a summary and on the numbers sixteen fifteen hundred while the said date here is with hard knock your heart swell and as in the provocation that talking always thought that by the way it never entered border behind the promise that was the publication for some when they get here when they heard to provoke how Benton not all that came out of Egypt by Moses but with whom was agreed for forty years wasn't not them that sand is carcasses fell in the wilderness and to whom he swear that they should not enter into his rest can I meet dissemble the site who did not get to go in the promised land after them but what monopoly not what they're complaining about the promised land no what was it their unbelief it was lesson are complaining as I resolve about not trusting God what we learn it all in the last things that are going to the promised land yet you hear the guilty Lord forgive me I'm not like I'm unlike condemning myself here to blessing things that are not right or bad wrong with the charges and that and instead of like standing for what is right I complain about what is wrong like docket the care of things now we don't revolve around things that disband but sitting in my house wanting plain doesn't fix it so we see that they cannot enter in because of unbelief a member that long this man along with government to Revelation chapter twenty one by limitless and twenty one as we were back in the promise limit has a list of people that aren't there will reverse seven birth one seventeen overcomes shall inherit all things that need for severity that you continues on like Caleb and Joshua and Moses and Aaron they think they persevered even they had mistakes again going right either overcomes shall inherit all things in obvious guides me my son but a look at this with but the fearful and unbelieving abominable murderers and warmongers and sorcerers idolaters and why are all liars will have a board like a fire balance in our last weekend we had the list of the people that unbelieving therefore like for the bottom right what is abuzz goblets out of the top of his last lesson if the people that were airborne unbelieving they kept on believing one from entering in the promised land whatever the like Caleb and Joshua Moses and Aaron were they ready to go to the promised land like I want to write but the ones are fearful and unbelieving caused the delay so God we think is best up there yeah like I was on the warmonger at the least amount of knowledge or at least I'm not a sorcerer and liars at least we don't do these things right not to vote with a something upside down because the fearful and unbelieving that the top of his list because of your phone I'm leaving is called in God not to be a Lisbon time is people like you would like Jesus 's face-to-face and resetting our Bibles were looking at who's going to go into the promised land as we study our biological death always I get ahead like never before our hearing and say more study stories like we can find right there children of Israel put your name there were the churches in their insight look this is why they did not get to go to the promised land this is what they did right this is what they did wrong what can we learn from this and we don't make the same mistakes with it if you're not have a number how did you study your Bible it I want to the level of positive numbers represent the things that I think it in this life only I hope in Christ Jesus I'm on of all men most miserable and executive development resurrection like if you don't see Jesus face-to-face Monday repairs defendant Bible camps Bible schools whatever if you don't see Jesus face-to-face your life is a waste of the most discouraging sawmill the Bible the point are not one of the last verse the Microsoft being with you Bryant was the last verse and I will dwell in the house Lord forever I got to work forever was the point and so as we read our Bibles and is better Bibles when we looking for looking for how we can get to heaven how can I get to see Jesus how come it shall be the same mistakes of these people are opinions of my life to say only close with a opened off workers page ninety two when welding we keep the soul committed to God as a faithful Creator the light will shine up our pathway it will go brighter and brighter the perfect day but it must be in well doing we may profess Christ and denied him in our lives if our words and acts are not in accordance with his character if we manifest selfishness if we have a complaining spirit if we indulge in life and trifling conversation if we love worldly amusements more than we love God if we take no pleasure in self-denial for Christ sake can we suppose that God is our God our counselor there must be have higher because the God that our hearts will be in harmony with this spirit the seven and benevolence and brotherly love will be an active exercise desire it was not out of complaining and doubting and fearful spirit desire for us as we study our Bibles as we live our daily lives and to have the same spirit that pervades heaven with thankfulness and greatness and trust in him can you imagine what all the people get frustrated with this yet have a things like what if they would just like were here you know but what we do complain listen I'm tired of the way come tired of waiting and I love what were still at the border like arguing about whether or not what I had that Egypt were right there what is going to the promised land God give us workspace and I'm one of pray that he will not only can you give us the work that you give us the courage to do it assess the UAE is a last question here family income in additional the classroom setting on outreach that this is my nature but OSU display didn't at least encourage you want to study Bibles they caught up I'm beside myself right like there's something there to learn from that's our hope and inspire you to do is share with the world I quickly close the Lord President thank you Lord so much for the blessings that we have from your word that we can learn we can learn what you would have us to do product radial teach us to be more like Jesus printed we read the stories in the Bible that tells us about the things that went wrong things went right that we will read these things and learn from them Lord help us never doubt the same God that brought the children of Israel to the template the water fed them and give them water is saying God is still lied on the throne today they want to take care of us if we were to step out and trust him gives the courage and faith to be that way Lord finished the work you give us to do that we can one day be home with you soon see you face-to-face cleavage in Jesus name to inspire each one of us


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