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Adventist 101

Isaac Olatunji


Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



  • April 7, 2011
    11:30 AM
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what was your body a good morning and we give God praise for all blessings flow amen and make these the back to the first line and is one of my Outlook talk about Adventism one one before we do that before we had prayer lights on introduce a very good friend of mine had two good friends almost all edges of the month and night but offers good friend he am very encouraged when he called me and told me he is going to Army bottlecap is a conference of Bishop from the South Central conference of seventy and then his man of God and I would truly say one of the few minutes as I know not giving the Lord God not without truly say the standardbearer a man who had too many of those is obvious the prayer ministries coordinator and Ms. ministries coordinator of the South Central conference pass the word runs even with the front on the acid is to send greetings from South Central conference of Seventh-day Adventist act they are I will reckon I strongly recommend of inmates on about half a man a man a lead on prayer ministry was blessed to minister the use of microphone is working morning everyone I bring you greetings the great South Central conference which covers five states Alabama Mississippi Kentucky Tennessee in the northwest part of Florida and we are happy to be here with you I am really encouraged and impressed with the number of IC here to worship the Lord you don't find too many people who want to come to a situation like this I was scheduled to go to Orlando Florida on this weekend were having a huge of a United youth Congress were all of the regional conference is coming together converging together had already made plans to come but thought to go rather but I heard about Army and then I heard about prayer and then I heard about Pastor Martin Kimmel Martin is here but one of our press on this guy that got inspired to find up and then just started going ablaze with Jesus Christ and I am I am impressed with your lonely desire to have a closer walk with God I know the Lord is please I would just encourage you to take advantage of the various opportunities that I get not only with the seminars and and the other things that are going on but the prayer room that the power is in prayer I'm telling you the powers of prayer number two have an opportunity to go out in nature is a beautiful year and it is beautiful you just just looking at the lake looking at the mountains as everything is so serene and God wants to speak to you I declare it to you that the Lord has a special blessing in store for you ought this weekend and don't don't visit in the last week I was really impressed with the number of young people that I see ahead and let me tell you what to tell you what Ellen White says she says with an army of young people rightly train hospital decision of the work to be as bad as let's pressed together let's pray together and let that sink got together gone for the buses and you have a good manager Doctor Alec and you would go back a long way yet I have come to my church abridges an excellent job he's done stuff that would university if you never heard of before this is there's a special treat in store for you what I want to have what are primitive before we hits not by might nor by power but by your spirit saith the Lord was so thankful for that which we've heard today no one would draw final segment and sometimes get a little we review and energize us we pray and operate your healing hand upon my brother here energized him as well give them the words even though he has prepared text you know what we need less as we pray it will be careful to give you all the praise honor and glory in Jesus name that everyone say in the as a man think the brave woman amen I living in the last days a man living in a time of almost universal skepticism and apostasy when it comes the doctors of the Bible Elm I say is at the very optional rules that we believe will be attacked that's as fun without the possible within and is very imperative that we understand what a staple of our sales and matches what those salable but how to obtain apostate local art sales are you give me is one thing to be spokesman but how I feed myself this is what the Golden Army Bible camp is about and what I want to talk about the Bay of Adventism one oh one and tonight will be having to the one oh one part to me that the three averages in school one so I'll change that tonight this is added to the one oh one and ten and tonight we'll see you tomorrow will be added to them tool one okay to knife him out of prison tonight at seven o'clock of that but at times would be this evening we were on given inspirational message of why we need to be rooted and grounded because it is a shaking and everything that can be shaken will be shaken but thank God the problem José the things that cannot be said will remain second Timothy chapter two inverse fifteen this is Army Bible camp amen as where we are to review with the word of God or how to use that word as a shock to a just war and why you turn in the actual Bibles I have a small pocket Bible televised if you have a pocket by a man to his adults preaching in New York City Aspen Mars and our no wait don't you know killing someone the dilemma reading my Bible I left it in the pouch by accident and I was I was of the view your bottom line thank God she was among them indicating black pigment with the amen I hope it Monday's invisible audio Facebook and second Bible but if not that's okay about little talk about Walmart bought ten dollars and I got my big others I was a little bit that I was a man may I add that I fight nobodies like the big letter Bibles but only after this it is this writer 's area we have a Bible with us all the time we have with us as you never know we need to use in a manner and the Bible says the word is sharper the image widget what is one of us what was the weapon of choice back then today we'll talk about AK-47s it would board is not like that so our outlook because of the unusually mobile I miss him up I was like what's what's what everybody got distract a man a man because you never know when you take a mighty with the power you with I see a rhythmic series and now I'm done with technology 3G of Boise phones now you have to get all Bibles in a manner so as knowledge skills not have the word of God because the day is going to come where Ella Wiesenthal Bob will be taken away but we allowed were not to be written on minds and our hearts know make it taken away the Bible says studies like this better study the greedy means that the soapbox is any old studying his face studying where you are digging started to show myself what approval until the massive general a man because as a songwriter says we are soldiers and the Army so what happened to this writer a soldier must know how to use their guns and invisible O'Connor to its objectives would you say out there so that it is all possible worlds a workman that needed to be what I divided the word away imitators right here sad to say allowing our people do not know what the legal you buy things what does this in a moment about the real seven and the real morning as I laid with Richard should have a good general and systematic knowledge of the Bible you give me the diagonal talk about the general knowledge of the Bible general lack of knowledge at the molecules of systematic knowledge of the Bible to put the two together and say something is as if you got two guns are you with me now watch this right here and within the law no one must rate LOI seven education phase one eighty nine the study of the Bible demands are most diligent work effort and persevering what Solaris is Wednesday in the Bible and Abhisit has to have whatsoever diligent energy can be lazy reading about I was younger and it was at first very wet thought now what happens is while persevering thought because we were made in the image of God i.e. with me and if those Sam soon as they generated our minds off Boston where utility radio is easy for less of my thankful if you have an awesome thing for us the longest by the Bible we must take earnest persevering for it would help strengthen a thought patterns are thought muscles the web are the Bible claims to be attentive thinkers as a matter acolyte says that the remedy anybody to have a retentive memory is the study of the word so there's been written in all his men as they get the ADD then read the Bible amen as downline as a Muslim I was a monitor based on my being them around so that might have tools okay so out of the Avalon of days for the golden treasure and Eric saw earnestly and persistently must be seen for the treasure what gods were so therefore the Lord God is the earth with all the jams are therefore must happen to a big deep are you with me now on no long real online images D on the surface Ogilvie Dallas in the matter how long it takes to go to give BYU with so about a what is what you want from the Bible as a middle of the mic and then as it was that you want from the Scriptures show that Obama so I have is that if you want your older one guy didn't need at the feet of Jesus a relational stamp who must've just to be safe Jesus but if this is the word song of Solomon chapter one verses seven and kissed me with the kisses of his Mac so why was this writer when we are opening the word about the kissing Jesus are you listening volcanism by immediate opening he's opening his arms ready to embrace you with his love his boss and his feelings and went tubing which is an American in a marriage relationship feelings they say Semeraro in Europe was over displays to do therefore your his character becomes your prayer so after spending the word God we are seeking only true but the character are you with illustrated and will call the staff apart a cloth and apply basic IL and Y says now this is the right ear the Bible is who was speaking at the less now I'm on the why you know when you read the Bible sometimes you get jealous of Abraham Isaac and Sigel God is spoken directly you know we just wish sometimes about the speed with directly in this talk was the middleman of the landlord to speak to me directly but that doesn't work like that to date with he will at times but we are told that the Bible is God 's voice speaking to us just as she asked him to give you years so before we talk about half of the Bible we don't know what you studied your studying and trying get a word from Google I miss and if you seek God 's word he says seek me and find me when you searching me with all of your heart if we realize this with what all all what to bring God 's word that means that every time you open that word is as if you have an audience chamber or Facebook chat talking some to what earnestness he was search is presets the first thing you should do before you study the Bible is to do what you pray for a elimination of God will bring his Holy Spirit into your chamber NY says and gossip represent the very attitude but which we commented where God will determine the person in the place studying with us so we come up as a bowler with a desire to know God they are God will come to us as we open the word as he served as precepts the reigning at the contemplation of the Scriptures would be regarded market regarding initially treated as an audience with the infinite one is no wonderful enemies at every time we open that word we should expect God to speak to us amen and sometimes when I speak to you while away as you search for them to do this right here as any Xiao we see that here at the bottle has the answer for every question you may ever had and what happens is sometimes you may find the answer the Scriptures is talking to Terry sometimes they say with me and Willie embody before God as gimmicky as well as your own personal life and when you do that within the Bible becomes the most exciting thing on this earth now this objectives this study today and tomorrow number one we will talk about how to understand the message of what we talk about understand the Bible we understand that the overall message what it is they talk about now we've all watched a movie or two before my matter where you do remember there was a simple movie when it was both of Christian baby though this progress will go whenever the divine mind and what will be installed is all apply to him around wrong maybe say this right here the Bible is the greatest movie if you've ever read a man to wear we have to look for the plot understanding the message of the Bible to break this down now limits Elliott how to systematically understand the doctrines of the what is very important people talk about this now talk about Dodge in this talk about Jesus Holden 's I am the way I handle what let's look at his word is what slow by ubiquitous the lapses we just separate documents easily with now RSS management understand the dock of the Bible on the seven-day and that is what worldview lastly America about this world neatly with you have a apostate Protestant worldview right with you have a Roman Catholic worldview which believes diversity the market to be cited with a peanut care white with the dissemination as well it would be believed in the ring world you will go wrong and ran it one of you which willingness of the most holy place in heaven sanctuary with everything that you think that but here's a GeForce understand number one the correct worldview must be understood when reading the what matters are mainly meant to add that his glasses maybe not saying that but what happens if we get a come with an open mind understand what God has to say about something he was watching television tirelessly which way is right the correct world it must be understood when reading the Bible number one number two unanimously that the Bible is over it can really explain this post own self memories was tempted in a lot another Scripture gives and Israel now what happens is a lot of things of instead traditionally been allowing that they were provided with now Satan through mommy how many of angels of heaven one how do you know that where the site and decide I passed my mobile no but those who may not know what you many got their front right bank of the air by removing that mobilizes after twelve and the Bible says that Dragon will value the money and they hit the bottom of the Dragon's tale of the details about the who in ivory and nine this is a tale about the Dragon's tale romance lovers walk through but there are all the what stars aware any revelation once thought equal angels soothsaying of why drew up one we get it right they are human what happened is the Bible I'll ox what it means to be just up with that one of those who get lost I did with name unless you scheduled with my sketch abuse and is ready now number three we got to the cinema will is the foundation and offensively quacks everything we study about of the Skiba radio is he is one where the withholding agent back to Christ amen so after that will be studied our bathrooms I was leaning to Christ amen was that an overall message of the Bible how does it lead me to cries for God so loved the holstered his weapon is off resisting you with me but docile level what that he gave his only begotten that whosoever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting what so hot is what you read related job recently interviewed salvation see when you look at it when you look at the Bible like that the Bible comes to life it becomes a personal book is a theological book right with his Getty IV is insulting how deep you are even now must read lastly a determination that although will level is important when studying the what because the devil the problem left and right but you know it is not determined to be bottled oddly are you doing so after the assembly of this gap he went to his knees and theology who are atheists I even literal in S Lebanon still there maybe it's a bit and got some best bet in the Bible does this so I'll be beyond an impressively calm and pleasant like a fight with me so I haven't is that when this writer is not about antibody of the much celebrated with me because studying the Bible because God is speaking to you personally Jesus and not everyone is able to need lower noise and entertainment animated but that was doable what am I problem is where and happened so out of this right here that the Bible is a will map the gloriously out there beyond the alley you know by basic instructions before leaving planner treatment that eliminates me in the Bible I got your knowledge you look at a GPS is the mighty with me and when you invent it we got breakfast and make a U-turn lane with me you have all tracking with me so when absolutely really I will unveil a little out of the level we all try one and make a U-turn old when we get them if there's your answer desperation at the pearly gates desolation a man so keep these things in my the Bible say three things to read the weekly feminist artist commission in your life is going to be affected the Bible says a lot of your body is your and what happened whatever comes your mind I will affect you spiritually with your Bible steps will save your belief about God and about the self and your neighbors plaintiff number two the Bible say our initial of how TVA has pointed out people knocking the Bible because they want to win and to be married of the same-sex argument as I began the baby with animal strain it will save our what it would tell us when the worse if I didn't know how to worsen and went to worshiping with me so when I happen to be confused on it we will I have no possibility it was a probably is our behavior and not least out what and because vision I wasn't will be a grand little baby in the last day the Murano where it was now at least should we not be separate remember about the other perceives that market Marano now wants his way now love is my education raise one eighty nine that the students take how many glasses one verse and concentrate the mind all I start hanging at the thought that God has put in for that one method is limited by language aware that at one part Gautama chat some now before you chop your reversible O massive that one version going on in a study of the Bible eighteen eighteen only the eighteen thirties the one Scripture that everywhere in the ordinary Disney MS related moving Australia let the students and one person and concentrate on my part ascertaining the thought that God has put into that what form will help you parse that means that when you read the Bible view Reagan's future is something in the perspective the management of the Bhagat favorite even if that's what you like about important in all important one is that what you and well want to ought on tail end becomes what so what happens this week in the Bible trying to be a true thinker and not reflective of the minstrels noon so what happens is when average order teacher whoever is paramount the word about our outdoors anything with I will passage the study of that is significant is is of more value than the rule of many chapters with no definite purpose in view and no positive instruction in the whale study chapters if the galvanic bonus written word are you what happens in the winter it was magic in the morning I asked what they did about the outdoor living he discovers that its operatives as we didn't approximately solve thirty six and verse eight three four months ago was read the book of our high calling that anybody's ever read of a book by a life that is the moment that it got out the book they held with the tribal jubilation at the powerful book God Amy of Scripture and that book that they can be already in because sometimes the devil wants you to think that God of the killjoy you can't do this you can't do that and trusting the way as well as the Muses love me between the laymen we don't want to do a riveting because you love the Lord would be separated from you adopting a description and God salvation in this accident I didn't you hang on to me I guarantee when I got ignored that what you see on television in which you see in the world that's about all God gave to me about it I never thought of talking to let the Scripture says and what they may limit it is worth it starts off thirty six verse eight date hours as they are you are you one of the remember she says that all that God put in the birth you and I I shall be abundantly satisfied with what I was at a spot in line motive will actually abundantly satisfied with the fact missiles work that is a black as plus a lot of stuff so is integrated in each word meditating authorities were had ever eaten if they were willing to give time to put energy into every June a name e.g. that it is worried she will act as an prescription every word of the Scripture SS for they shall be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of our as they got referred to what do whatever my fathers house are many wet and ultimate sin is where God is a bit of bubble is satisfied that the God of the wood is it I've been to the IFA what is it is more enjoyable than what was with that Reverend William Walker base of the above is satisfied that that was a bathhouse and pass out make them to rank at the river up by what plans yourself people pursue pleasure Marrero wanted by the government human behavior is the pursuit of pleasure people do a lot pleasurable things it is great with this important matter how a God baby up on here saying that you can hang on the need I will be designing better than the most plausible thing to ever experience was the most pleasant thing every spiritual communities and course out Basil means that salvation them understand that activity but luck activities whenever simple and not that's very pleasant God has intense our baptism into the more pleasant looking for a bit so that's what it means to take that one bars and gospel to the birth and the very cash at the compound on the first netbook didn't really mention that the present about the last verse of the Lord members thank you Jesus amen and Ellis is one word in Scripture is worth more than a thousand men argued that the so what happens is that with this lady yes the display chapters in books let's start with the foundation that one verse amen illustrate LMA supply now I was asked to talk about how to study the Bible and when preparing this employer the Lord led to one page in the spirit of rocks to break this one page death the next forty minutes to show you how to study the Bible can we do this and talk about how to understand the general message of the Bible is notable as one might even read the whole page he says the spoon show learned the viewable word Avila Old Testament and let us New Testament they are all interconnected together with Eunice and his regime just after one is interconnected to the Internet the word of God is the biblical Internet are you listening unit that is right the matter went to know everything is interconnected spaces single word I have a whole and free and I realized other like parts of the Boulevard pocket and parse them out and see what happened is that business layer gone there is systematic where it divides material into pieces and put them again against that is made so that the one about the whole but got cut a piece of a path infinitely the word God is the whole pie but has sixty six please visit apart I am when it we both rested in the book you're chewing each bite I went for each piece of the Republic of the model as well can you talk about appointment given to all eight of the Bible one oh one I was rated in the first on the Bible as a holder of the first piece is called upon people look out which is the foundation of bullets ostriches theologians and scientists have rejected the first eleven thousand five they had and that tells of the origin of matter where we come from how that was created when the world was created and want guidance on the whereabouts not want people seeing him on tropical animals think underneath I am not well somewhat out of the primeval as well as the first one thousand six at first fifteen hundred years of history I so out of this sentimental and in the crash the grantors a crash was in the world history in the Bible slows them if those that would not you have probably dropped the eleven chapters Democrat sports and then just as well okay what all the time of Jesus covers the next fifty years what is my apartment ceiling in human history is coming with a Mensa is the engine as well all of the time between the current lease fifteen hundred or two about music their bodies floated down to give the DTI with me so when you're reading the Bible departmental chapters missing a class forth own model mapping is the one where they were and how they got will react with I got an chapter of six full eleven destroy the world math class over again mangled for policy which will almost obliterate them about their chapter twelve aldermanic aide normally when me the ninth of April family had a bearlike man what God chosen out of the earth thou need to bring them out to bring a people have I mentioned our representative in the government and Chapter 11 of orchestrated by the religion of Nimrod called him and he with me so that you almost got obliterated to limit liability but God will bring joy back to a grant writing with me all of the Jewish and when I was paid Yahoo bought paid Yahoo because it worked a job means father governor which means that the man was mutable of the house but what happens is docile necessarily become major copyright with white egalitarian I did with me and one knockout God 's real intention on my life-threatening so they are only reading the Bible God is the immediately gotten out one night with me and we need when I I them and I'm not minimum number the lab is Atlanta's my living in a day women are running the show white with me at all of the you are always there to try Armenian in the women they said that so happened that the Bible was more strong manhood is just a lot judges where is called up in a panic what what happened was the whole world that's okay they had a human will is called in my thinking bad things always look at the seller out of it but not assignees and countries that no higher than the King of which control their country I mean like the king of the homosexuals that was on the more became homosexual he regions a chapter fourteen it will not burn it Solomon the more agitated to be read by the rat to get the town was corrupt up with because the teams will correctly with talking about it someone left if not you should know are rather signaled no added leadership so when you see is inapplicable that so far as this instead of God says Barrick is not the gate the King was a how bad I am a litany ten play which is a really good look at carefully shut the gives every daughter of aegis I and where God brought about my strawman and led into the red what is forth bell and his army editing if that was all a theocracy we just block is the governor which means that you want to prosperity and success that even the joy and here's a video out of it everything are tentative out making a hair and not know what they show the world that you follow God 's principles were more successful than those who don't follow God 's principles are you with me which means that it's the wealthy being a path to our door but everything not available after their door Australia next thing is this writer the monarch of penises with the drama begins with the fact that the most dramatic while the Bible is the part about with all my reading but we got a really because guess what from a psychological snap what becomes babbling analyze this in mind character and personality at the true prison of psychology up in the holy Scriptures are you with me so out of this one if modern psychology for it is not like that of the devil but the psychology of it was just like our brother am brought her before Caleb a Sizemore brought up the need everything one of deliberately get human mages through the stress of God 's amount I'm about in the get go on back cylinders who we are by nature if we don't have a firm reliance on the word we will murmur and complained to views that will be saying set all that did you come to another thingy hello where are you we got remember by Strayer from first Samuel second Chronicles is where they decided to change their system of governance are you with they wanted like every body of Verona Marano that's often the MI problem is substituted Dot's plan for the own man mainland still why would be God why are you with annual raises Sanyo 's Chronicles that's when they really went into apostasy and knowledge they get what they wanted they did what everybody else the island with ice i.e. where you with me now what happens instantly is this how this relates us of God 's people the seven amateurs is Philip Jacob Semeraro is what is happening and some things leave allowing with me us to be like other nations they did if you really read the Scripture carefully got sent even though he learned the own thing you'll been lowered still be blessed by with so even though the church may have a lower issues in it that could never thought having probably will die still in the midst of the search and if we obey his commandments I even still bless us now want to find out from first and second Chronicles the major and minor prophets of the book of Malachi as they had to Malachi were written during this period so by human standards chronicles Isaiah all in about written during this period are you so when you reading I may have to now time the Bible you must understand it was written during the time of Santa Clara which will help you to understand the issues that will be dealt with during that time I even they want their artistry which also come in this area and Babylonian captivity is usually that because the apostle they got into tapenade I as a part of the Kursk Deuteronomy chapter twenty eight going too fast of asthma so yes please forgive me I have only had a couple of minutes illustrated that during now analyze these of the books written during the captivity 's but after the captivity she had the books of Ezra Nehemiah and best of which were written after the what and this allows that loud truth in there that once you will find out at the Bible as a whole had a plan in the beginning of narrow that in mind illustrated the course until the solace on what the poetic books old my only telling the story what's happening the issue is adopted as the Hebrew poetry gives encouragement amen so that God loves us that this goal and of course the New Testament Gospels of Matthew the John about someone he called what Jesus because of this from the beginning of time all rights in it leading up to this writer here if the meat of the matter Matthew Mark Luke and John for a Council by one man Carlo season and I can to save your human and then the book is a history of the Christian what start to the leaves they have any come back in the form of the Holy Spirit payment the weather turned become a theocracy again I and then you have the Pauline epistles wrong with the Hebrews he built up is the Christian church was a matter of fact by Pauline epistles on the General epistle of James and you were written during the Christians are the best half million because I live them out written during the historical part of the Old Testament so that all these once a wrong is that he rose in the general epistles of James and general written during the history of the Christian what so when you register the window reading these epistles to these different charges keep in mind it was written during the time of the book of acts are you bit me so what happens if these epistles and the life which is in the historical section of the book of acts so you see the word of God as a whole and of course my favorite book of prophecy which is called the what revelation of Jesus Christ even a man but his rate now Mugabe as it is in the second educational devices at this business again a knowledge of the Bible 's grand schedule payment as it is relevant a little of I bet someone will be covered in the old and New Testament would think the grand central theme and when you read in Genesis when the primeval the time of the monocular to the vitamin testing would think the general Grand Central baby Sikorsky 's of course is the biblical microphone in one man can't do it if we don't have man to do it amen matchup with the economy right and management of the economy right now matter how solvable war in Libya SUVs in Iraq are all right I'm around man Islamists all the worlds problems by El Dorado led the first sin man Thomas all of the so-called potential problem by himself the problem was I resented that God notice when you have no asset that you study what knowing good and what and because on a problem with him the right man the wrongly man is not episodic there only by eating the right equipment talk with somebody transgressing the law of God are you with me so after this we see in society problem is deciding when we idle you saying that they cannot do it by himself he needs somebody to do with William which is the bottom line eighteen pleaded with them to what I think if it were trusting Jesus I even in the beginning God made Adam and Eva Marano and with the Queensland animals than what Ellen 's wife says that Adam was the king and modernity what happened was is that I was the vice chair of .org the vice president of the plan energy with purposes of planner therefore what he received from God he was gifted with posterity or humidity this was to be his kingdom five ten an way on Outlook and it was where and after so but two of the Bible as they came through to establish a kingdom and righteousness that's where the tree am not on knowledge and an evil wasn't starting with me talking to somebody so and Madeleine Albright in God therefore the prosperity would have been a similar image ever growing in the glory of God amen so what does writing but man's sin that Lysander 's again amount of the Grand Central being of God all original purpose for what is original purpose in the world is a heck rate being event will love him outsource limited beer in talking to somebody who worked prosperity and what ever grow in their love and knowledge of God a faculty original purpose but what happened this is that but also arrived on the right what began where were sending data in a created being called on Muslims became the devil or Satan and run out any caricature of guidance Amanda Amanda claims that are there of all human life of the argument SLR opposite of great controversy between Christ and will and our hearts I did but in Genesis three fifteen if the output image inventory PMO what that means it will be admitted between policy and her life sleep there was limited Satan was a doozy because these are the right controverted between through what they have a boatload of what the work of redemption was saying the number one seed and down the number two seed companies about the work of redemption to classic Muslim across will determine who will be the legacy of the losing scenery with talking to somebody so out of the work ridiculous other watching the Panthers are intent at our substitute an example amen he came at the last Adam the Bible to the second when he represents all of humanity or even and if we accept his sacrifice and Lordship will be on the winning side event talking to somebody so when you read the Bible together get it when I found one as well to let the level you should understand the last outputs there are contented with a lot supply missing out last week in on that important if it was called honorable parenchyma in the final two the only one winner and runner-up it's a disgrace controversy there is no probable if the final two is always Christ and Satan what was seen in the servicing what happens is that with this writer when you read the Bible using two things you see love and revere you see what and what with all the two principles that are critical to what love is the most strongest force in the University noted because God is a disease the most always was and what an actual BDS can come only out of what love the beach to the love of God within the next choice is rebellion which is the root of all samurai will turn around right now is seeking to exhaust itself was rewritten to exalt you are still above God 's wisdom and love you know when we sin against God we are questioning and going against his level of one noon at the principal writer anything is based on the enemy upon us can eliminate in love and I thought I was in London without any of that we were going to be long and it was mighty Nittany and if you question the wisdom of any lady when you want to talk with somebody and you question the level of any later when I finally am I demanding your not be alone again you won't already blessed with companies about it Solomon read the Bible got a solid love America in the rebellion all the while as the native white foaming at the stories I shown you that we have to guess I really will I have a valid when his wife you know but if we choose and read that we may have only one here but a little guitar like that lastly with the last rate actually earned its raise their market one working the two persons opportunities for furlough the records of his during Old Testament is an investment of three and one out or asleep holding out in prophecy in Daniel and Revelation is the Google image tomorrow receive the image of gold silver brass iron and the feet of iron and part of what Clay these are worldly kingdoms China's secret stabs themselves without God 's love hello but what destroys the image was stolen in a model which is the spell of love as God is is there any ask NFL last time I managed to allow the land I am right now it will eventually be destroyed sometimes hotels with twenty one populism that demonstrates their work for the record of history and prophecy to lead my life consummation of songwriter says a great day coming limits in the room is privileged all BFF but what's the best powerful prayer ministry at begin of every service everyone is the same assault is a great day a great the combined by when the Saints and sinners shall be parted right leg are you ready for that the great consummation when Dot devised a seat belts heaven or hell I even is only must we hear only the result although plausible that have been wildly in Iraq in every human being is everything so in the judgment of Revelation chapter twenty and imagine what I would read those parables are you seeing about doing is justly separating those who love him and those that revealed against him is that clear we always trace it back to the first-time man rebelled against God love eating that provided Adam in the days of arrive at minute within the best value with Iraq just as you desire then Asia see how this one at that I know I will and I will help every phase of human experience is either outworking of God 's love in us without working of and how in some parts of life every of what he himself you yourself reveals the one or the elbow of the two antagonistic motives denoted everything we do is revealing wireless remote was both always back to the gardening was both my primeval the page your uncle are you using the two principles of luck by wide so when you read the Bible could you not only save you to read about it every year and when you do that can keep these things in mind what happened to stop by selling yourself amen as showing you what to do and what not to be connected with God amen and how whether he went on will a lot he is even now deciding upon which side of the controversy he will be found in the Bible when you say the Bible it will review all these things to you if you search I did with me and every truth in every story and every parable in every line every word in every verse either no wonder Christ amen Leslie Ingram Lindsay was taken about it was an issue of the great controversy with an open of the Murano lovebirds were they he was hungry for how many days and nights and he 's in the words and Satan if thou be the man and I thought beginning of time may even doubt what God said because before he states that had the chapter report says this is my beloved what about John tell us about hotel is even though we won't forget a link to Galilee on any life in a new and I can anyone has anything so I want to live this way when you read the word undergone no you are losing our eye a child of the game I will not feel like my past but I respect that but because I was thinking into my life King James I am a child of the gate in the double-blind challenge that shouts it I with one half of this update of this right here Jesus man cannot live by what amount because they break in but you must let up what everyone that proceeded out of the mouth of what remember how life is the one about of God was speaking to look as good as we do what usually did the instruction on being on the white side of the battle amen now we know where he made me some hope loss of money on both Super Bowl dysuria Mitnick some of those money on the injured ship 's addition to the mobile network in the because you will win the battle but some will then analyze you will not only will those but neglected to go on the ninety five and that's why this is if you grab white with talking to somebody else was overvalued on the side of the valley no I mean you all a riveting seller ravenously this writer a middle ground that's why the Bible to the loop what is it you and what happens in the charge later when you read the value you can be of Australians call conservative all to consider a liberal mineral that is a new one called moderate now I'm at my parents and were lukewarm means in these monetary benefits they live in a liberal Benedictine the conservative against what they'll be spewed out to grab the low God telling us what's I went to the episodic e-mail right now with the controversy you will be and that we get the participant and it's not the Marvin of these only Laurie Neil was some diversity will be outlined in the house of rebellion leads the mark of the beast alike will be in use of the righteous is that these believe that you are the living God and when you read about in Revelation is as strong and you or how to be a part of that number amen and was rated so let's will review a couple minutes left on the amount of economic development of the photo of the sky like that but again okay we should be with you what about the holiday because all the reasonableness of its parts we learn these parts right here to read Ms. Marcie herself in these parts are you mentioning the advantage of good thank you that I see us up in these parts the instruction police parts and as you read Matthew Mark Luke and John asked at all the spacing is up in his part however makes to you in the EMS is right here notice that the eighteen sake of establishing what kingdom Jesus saith you just advocate about it here or there but the cable incident in you are you the holdings Mary I think and when you understand that they're all when you read I bought a Bible on the presence of God and Margaret and those will be will be in the kingdom right now of the upgrades preparatory for the kingdom of glory and you see all these things in here and when I was it simply is this right here every life we reveal ourselves on the right side we have the pinkies and arts how we do it Revelation fourteen twelve that brings to a close now tomorrow morning this will be adamant isn't two oh one begin to answer the one oh one okay Eminem we're going to exit below show you how really write down but not only the prophecies will show you how to break down the docket of the Bible because by this assist is imitated his right year until muffins at Oakwood that I'm training you as lawyers doctors wouldn't even be to reach those market reach so everything I say please write down and memorize it for yourself the greatest comment ever gotten students is students have told me on Facebook weekly deductible three four years ago and he was in a user praise God so it will find our one-time students in October marble twenty fifth of the path signal class amount is blessed unlike hallelujah amen yes I know it's good for people to graduate summa cum laude in stuff like that but what happens if you read some of my mechanics play on our message if you had a two five passim I know this message with all your heart out like hallelujah when you call your name amen was the way it revelation fourteen verse twelve this represents the people of God in these last days would take presently learned in this class today will be on the right side of the controversy personal since here is the patients although the word of God to make you holy men here are basically a command is what because install all about the Bible of rebellion that is not worth disobeying document of a man the other they keep the commands of God but thank God they have the faith of and Paul saith I am crucified with who nevertheless this is a powerful partly I have yet not I but he says that Christ's diseases live in the perfect obedience so these living inside you please keep the commandments you is giving you credit the if Christ delivered annually at all I was now live in Boston last event I leave it up Bob of a amen about exporting works well with a of as exciting amen so when we read the Bible and had that were not part Jesus is able to take the principles of his word he spoke to you and bring his word to pass in your life rather than systematically time they are not okay so what when you open the Bible keep these principles in mind we will see you tonight and talk about how you survived the sinking that is new will become a good time with a lower were not satisfied the more of you you said this are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness for they shall be field of villas right now with your righteousness to the way they made the principles that we talk about today as he read the bioethics that the general message of the Bible and may we choose right now I choose we choose what really on the right side of the controversy the way every act of my life even with the presence of the word may have take the lessons that I've learned from the word may we take these lessons and put it in practice to she was the evil and avoid the good left us as we go to our next phase in Jesus name anybody say anything found this


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