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Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • April 7, 2011
    4:30 PM
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Pinellas footwear and mildest of violent ligament and the males have a lot of beginning so they don't miss anything the new and beginning the unit so as to find the threat thank you Lord so much for the blessings of the common with and spend together already thank you for these young people that have committed their lives to you Lord operate in the open of your work today and will see great things out of your word to apply to our lives alas that none of us will be the same only this conference as we can see what we came so please filled with your spirit and got a steelwork design meant I like visiting text of this podium Mexico but Mark and I do think I like to use whatever whenever Janus is found in Romans fifteen four and it says the same thing as as that person is Jeff again in the rental places and Romans looking for says what's our things were written before time written for our learning that we can patience and comfort of his pictures might have hope otherwise the things you find written in the Bible story you find in the Bible is another another discrepancy storage facility in Florence at the school preschool and stuff like that I was actually of wrestling from as we grow up only group necessarily conveys about going to see an implant I like you'll be amazed on how the things that happen the people back like a couple thousand years ago three thousand years ago sometimes applies less of the amazing earliest and that this story is one warfare was the goal is not a of a little guy now there's several stories in the mild mellow really like one of my most favorite story on the winter like applying is the one on David and Goliath is like something 's very special about the little guy these of the big economy than it out and when I look at Astoria related the story of Gideon and Jonathan Gideon had a nickname we all need and then they might didn't have available to women was implemented yes they had a nickname and they received at one point and on some injustice after six and Michael Douglas after six dozen six after Fred now visit theirs as you read their Bible enough I find a pattern of God 's people the children of Israel got to do some great things when they rape galleries of some great leader the greatest twenty powerful for God to stand for truth and it was right and obey great Reformation and revival in the church there about the generation would easily go by that minute I would die off in a generation ago by tenant and an expert would rise up of young people is that it really happened the ways that I have learned in it what is sure looks like a lot of fun to be out there worshiping with those people and running around those people must go back away like like that going that minute with the apostate and I was okay basically if you don't want me if you don't want me then you'll have me as a valid back often and they would like how terrible life again because God would meet any of the anti- lonely and just like really stunk and so then they would turn back to God and having to find it again and again and again as you the Bible and I don't think it's it's it's went away now it were here like I wrote with it right now we have come out of the generation that was kind of tacit apostate and Australia people right now I think about possibly the last time like this and I've broke fully believe it were like in the last generation this is history and an out will seek to prove that nothing they living another day you know of on the most domain admin PR people say this my grandmother that she is coming soon my great-grandmother that is coming soon and eight of the players I am tired of hearing about is coming soon and you heard that before and with my symptoms what is going on generation in your minor like the OS my grandmother thought and I'm not like that you know what I want to say that to me like like that with you on what you would call a first-generation and then I will convert in the twenty result and Humphrey 's like I willingly do anything like a part of all life and they were and I said people like you and I fight like this you look at any hillside olive fourth-generation Seventh-day Adventist am tired of hearing about designs are nice to have people say that I must get us get real input with realistic things in life you know about the thing that really are going on this old Jesus coming soon think you know that they felt that for years until then that's when that very thing is one of the strongest statements he can find show that Jesus is coming soon I was a learning like we know about all the signs in the myeloid have other signs that the wars and rumors of wars and famines in the place of the pestilences all the fact anything is coming soon coming soon see these things are happening right as you know that in the Bible there are many places in the Bible where a set in us I think in the last day or in the last days of a survival system is on take place in the last and last night was it is only when they talk about their generation was on another generation of the last ice and lastly let me show you something here because before I get in the message I'm now realizing on talking to him about young people that may very well think all the soldiers many coming soon think of hurting my wife to the selling of the second Peter chapter three for minutes before you get into the message of charity secondly the secretary and I love it that especially especially when you're young people like not limit for their souls I love it is encouraging to me by her young seven madness stopping at the idea making fun of the idea that Jesus is coming soon it really encourages me greatly look at what is in second Peter chapter three centimeters ephedrine in verse three says knowing this first that this outcome when in the last days what was going to last night stoppers Malagasy something one ask offers in writing this that so please stop at Montana last night because I is talking about Peter 's comment in your day is the thing and fears that there were not stoppers in the church there were not using how do you know that because of fears they became a Christian and family about Christ Lake Molise everything I don't do something that you lose your life over and install make fun of them exists a nice-looking in the future he said in the last days are going to come stoppers and Loki describes the stoppers now outside in the world always have stoppers saying what we really reading here the announcement inside the church you never had a generation say anything until our generation in the last days in the church is the environmental church talking about I like the scoffers outside the church and letter converted on understand is anyway okay to look what he says in the last days the kind living end will come stoppers walk nevertheless saying where's the promise of his coming now we ask you argues people as part of the promise of his coming I heard about Jesus coming with us I was a promise like what's taking so long but anything out of four generations of abandonment I've heard all my life where is the promise of his coming this asked for since the fathers fell asleep not the review Bible immunostaining for since the fathers fell asleep talking about that Church fathers is letting other people in the church like our grandparents and our great-grandparents are great and thanks fell asleep they didn't think enough into the stunning sunrise then they saw Jesus coming soon Peter says in the last days and the last time as artistry will have scoffers walking after the last in the church saying where is the promise of his coming for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they wire from the beginning of creation they were creationists okay in the church what race or other not believing the second coming but I think my leg another as in everything and then threatens our fathers fell asleep interesting and in the church in the last days will have scoffers mocking the idea the second coming one of the most encouraging things to me like really put the icing on the cake and that the pro-lifers take what perfect that Jesus coming very soon and I spent about a seventh aboriginal people sadly Jesus coming soon because this this this this this is all happening in a mock me that there are actually encouraging enclosure filling prophecy your filling prophecy so if you want encouragement dummy height how you think before I read ridiculously negative I think Jesus coming soon and I'll say thank you for the encouragement like this we are in the last generation this artistry we are we are either a wish I had found out that are diverted share with you out of our book of jet Judges rather judges I wanted to chase I almost built into the season things that are signed and that maybe will do it in one of the main systems of another time with it let's go back now to look at judges chapter six generation who were running or running into the time when implement one or not but in other generations will be able to the apostate God raising about army of young people that is finishing work and if you're not one of those young people are having the finished work perhaps you're not one of those young people that are in this sacredness of Christ you know there was a revival that they may take place of enough people annually on one side or the other you know that the whole world can offer them a twenty site like it and also integrate in the last generation there is not uncommon in the church and telling the world last original hand that the last church in the book of Revelation is the church of Laodicea which means that judging of the people in terms of living room judgment on energy God says it suicide our hot but lukewarm just like they want to let in an admittedly very about okay so usually offer Jesus Greer out that the drop in drilling evenhandedly in one or the other on encouraging indeed on the right way offer Jesus but of little noted the story but it just doesn't chapter six last verse verse forty and God did so about on Sergeants Chapter five who were thirty one so let all my enemies perish oh Lord but let them but let them that love him because the son when he goes for it is my in the land had rest for forty years Atrios had a big revival with Deborah and things were going on had a great revival in the land had rest for forty years are about a generation legitimate source and the children of Israel God 's church the people us the New Testament did evil in the side of the Lord and the Lord delivered them into the hand of Gideon for seven years the now gone skateboarding enormous I would identify what you live at this point items they wanted to find out what it will as in the long because of the evil that we were doing God 's people are doing they were delivered into the hands of the enemies or seven years birth to the land that and a hand of Midian prevailed against Israel because of the Midianites the children of Israel made in the hands which are the mountains in the case of the strongholds and so it was when Israel had sound that the Midianites came up and Amalekites and the children of the East Lake up against them than camping a family destroyed increase of the earth take on the Gaza and left no substance for Israel leadership Morocco asked why came up with their cattle their chance they came in grasshopper for multitudes both they and their camels were without number and in the land to destroy sometimes people got people are following God was blessing them he was taken care things even those problems things were still okay they turn from God they can you know something is wrong and not the located no one may find how this was not what you want what you want in the Lebanon ahead of their enemies not enemies were in the church rolling the church actually Israel is greatly impoverished because the Midianites and the children of Israel cried into the Lord finale their life really really stinks I think you'll often was met with God so now you have a revival these young people driving on sand the mighty God is going on the story again the vast majority is no kind of the Lord to call the Midianite not interesting is that they were chronicled the Midianites however they deny for the problem the problem themselves they come from God very good so they cry to the Lord a culminating ice the Lord sent a prophet so now the crying light all things in parables the Lords of the profit voice on the luminescence in a message not unlike what is proper and because they sit in front of the children of Israel would synonym desolate Lord God of Israel I brought you up out of Egypt Tallahassee bondage ones that language come from you begin lives and dramas right again dynamics of the morning I was much outweigh the needs of the house of bondage right to this profit may click on the name I then hey guys God is raising about he brought you out of your standing budget out of bondage and the U but now you've turned back into the very thing the new revenue from Asia now in case you weren't there in the morning session thing that and the main auditorium you understand that Egypt is is symbolic in the New Testament origin the church of San right and got delivered us understand that now they may come back to the sin and before you can deliver them as I have reminded blood of the liberty before I had liberty that you keep turning back right now for the province and on telling us us during that problem liberty on the hand of the Egyptians about all that impressed you and throw them out before you gave you their land I was verse nine or stands and Sunday I am the Lord their God need not be afraid the word is a bit afraid that they're not there needs to reference or the worship of that Saddam don't reverence not be worshiping the God of the Amorites well and you're not obeyed my voice what was their issue what happened in concert to people yeah but listen then turned back and were support the rest of the world was worshiping in net for the problem was God 's people were worshiping like the rest of the world was not how come you're how your brains are working and in which opinion of remember this applies to us today like the stories got the short meltdown in the world I want to be like and it looks like so much more fun if there was financially nestling and I know they were there they rely that one of them is fun because Mike Weaver say God not what you want on a lot of work myself on you right so this province alone back now comes the fun part of the story again Angel the Lord verse eleven is Senator Douglas 's opera entertainer Joe asked the envy of the right the son of Jenny and and his son on site his son was Gideon the address week by the winepress to hide from so did you picture this there was even early in the story the children of Israel were all hiding or hiding in the Danville writing in the cave they do is try to keep themselves from being seen by the Midianite another because they had to do something he may not sound of an entity cannot make it wants from them okay and this article on so they were they were like you're hiding something in here in the story hiding behind the winepress now in the storage of your threshing a distressing the week that means no more the grace are not in season so they even can enter one address brushing his weight no one I know looking in the end the winepress for anything because the rates are in season at this point when expressing weight than in hiding a coward hiding there so no one can sing and when I love it away their pricing right so be very cowardly you are in the worldview of that looking at like eleven and a quarter hiding them what was an interesting technical liquid Bible says is there hiding in the winepress and the Lord appeared unto the Son of Man the Lord gave you my heart and I didn't like talking to write because my nationality and I think they're having an aligned rectangle will like them terrible whatever happened on things got visited for us you're like a very initial stories and feelings on this wow always miracle blanket there when why doesn't anything like that with us anyone that will listen the story get in synonym Lord is the Lord and wept that no one has always been followed us and where I felt as miracles which are polished photos of saying did not the Lord bring us up out of Egypt but now the Lord has for sightedness and limits in the hand and a knife that is it was like when I went in and it I'm not holding on his great things out of an unusable for miracles I do everything while heard the stories of Herndon this is the common mathematical lesson I seen always been operative with you like that now now what do you think the minute why wasn't the guy wasn't doing anything like that with now because they're sitting there like you guys might like them even if I don't get look at her face right I don't let nobody turn on eleven humans alike that by entering one's knowledge of the Lopez lately and an invite like why don't the power got my life because of it I like about how I is a desert I turned out okay then interpret God and they were not the engine getting here he's wondering it is mine complaining like why the wheels of the stuff anymore is because were not turning out a living for hands-on wins over and what purpose does God have demanded that his powerline rush I would have them were not living of only half shot was the designer hiding them like cowards and hiding witnessing excellent seller hiding inside like I did a numerical and he delivered us from Egypt wants one hundred America Unlimited for my money to send that on some backend nouns like anyone care anymore and thought process anyway after his little complaint verse fourteen the Lord looked upon him and said go and verify my initial save Israel from the hand and eighty nine and I think it you can imagine you're the coward that will say anything is a coward hiding threshing wheat and white of their hiding guy comes if I'm going to use you for great things for me yeah I mean like money and attention were sitting lords that in him all my Lord I decided to him at a landlord how can I save Israel behold my families for a Manasseh and I believe my father 's house is like now designing Sultan when he was called in right and not my legs down they would use all unusable and I get in your very humble is like the Lord of the other wrong save in with Moses God called him yeah and one of them for sure that whenever Hubble got done yet that I can use this to become proud in a global trouble in other stories well delineated in the nickname with all the new nickname displayed in the Lord synonym I will be with you and you just might immunize one man and what isn't getting known for if I think Didion will come there might not ha ha I didn't want to sign right little is the place I will design out and when the police got okay is in the politically sign what he wants to design now I want to picture this Johnston and deliver his people generated great thinkers people who live them so I don't know to get in and get instead okay November seventeen he said at him now if I fundraising your site and show me a sign that you talk with me alas I pray you until I come back to continue hammering for the present etc. for your descent alterity cannot picture this is what nothing like in this distress church is terrible like they were leaving like you were dying it's an awful church is in awful shape not people in awful shape not come down to deliver a user however I'm radio tonight Lisa Marie Emily 's list and let my people it is in alignment Lord before I can find anything another the world is going apart really quickly let me make sure that you talking to me that executives in getting event until the goat I address of the note gets all looked up make some bread right makes him him some soup rice and raw stuff like that like this that it at least would've taken three hours I can imagine in a letter like like the whole church and ongoing life writing it is enough to mention the chaos allergies are getting dinners cooking everything up and then members joining Angel God synonym if I counted to think of less than eleven takes a light upon this rock and pour out the property cited in the angular cut for the intimate staff which was it is any test of less than eleven takes in the rows of power out of Iraq instantly flashed in eleven K and in the Lord disappeared out of sight I imagine it might not work for hours on this evening I write but it convinced him that the myth of the Lord was lonely with them it is okay to convince I see the rocking of the smoke I know the Lord I Getty was scared doesn't personally doesn't get him perceive that it was an angel the Lord and instead allows the Lord God make a left-hand angel of the Lord -based or seven a.m. peace be unto you do not be afraid when I got it when I know I'm sure that any of us actually had an experience for when anger spoke to us in the spirit on our site we would really be wondering whether not we went live the file Iraq on account of stuff like some scary as any concretely and it imagine forgetting it was through this actually happened as nor there don't know what formulas for the year I'm a friend of his caucus to go as all encompassing below the level join Paul in Paul Paul is raised in Africa and he was raised practicing voodoo 's religion was due to his good friend of mine and of short a very long story boot business mommy very young really really did mean like masonry like this never never like noticing the mistake of telling and roasted them on manifesting great place the convinced all of us he doesn't really exist as a different tactic then after regarding placement practice voodoo powers manifesting greatly many times but never got a moment that this power to much more because it legal to designate great work going on the best the best thing that the devils that here's the midst of you they doesn't really exist my friend Paul McArdle weighs Africa and as a young kid and his brother is and is bad right when his mom was those virgins as you can see the witch doctor and she says to my so much again put a curse on them and so she did cheapen curse on them and about a week later this guy comes knocking at the work for several seconds then please taken on the Wallace I'm sorry it just doesn't deliver and image is a copy of it when she becomes ill and public doctrine was not present now you can't forgive her want did cast the spell the spirit you have to go through it and because he forgiven him you're going to die and she does it and not so in his mind that is there still is long you keep all this now the mythical team grew up call throughout practice and the eventually become the seven then again he moves the United States and one of them trespassing in the church there a little while yet at the end of the sermon and a stipend that the maintenance was Paul Cocco is a possible cost that's pastor he said he will play the music in your church and I'm like I'll would like to think not to sound out I got Adventist churches of England and labeling as late as it was on about a similarly contemporaneously mining from the Canterbury Christian music it were listening to oftentimes it exactly was the understand the words they are leaving for the best interest of the music and policy on he says the music the play is when I claim when the attic I never have young people and some older people better better like they say while we study music and we didn't manage and is this a cultural thing and religious cultural this guy playing the new musical spirit and growing up okay he knows what is talking about and when he hears a lot of the music that young people are listening to an old people listening to any churches today it is the music it wasn't recognizing the words he is recognizing the music again the point I want to make as were going in the story here is unanimous in the minute the point about what they were looking at here is the calls we all see the manifestations of God or the demo in our country like this in other places doesn't mean the devil 's not there he's got the cytoplasm FSN South England on their hydrogen bonds he does and we are in agreement war is a great amount of the rent and because you're not recognizing it doesn't mean it's not there are a following that part of my talk but listen when people come up to me with your ideas about music and things like that and say God only managed to find you think it matters but I know that I used to be a heathen out of the music and things I used to listen to you here in the church unhappily it's organized listen to what I ran around and even I know that is not from God the father still announced following the devil in a commendable worshiper about Valley networking the devil like a demonic person to understand me to follow to spirits to God or the devil I guess telling that this this guy has to have seen these things first NFL from the story forward powerful powerful and stories that keep this in mind as we move into the next phase here with Gideon just because you'll see manifestations of angles and things right now doesn't mean they're not there God is still there and the devil still want you verse twenty two twenty three writer noted I don't verse twenty fourth in and on all to therefore the Lord and Colin Jehovah shalom which means the Lord 's peace thank you and to this day it is yet an opera Internet opera of the Abbey is right how did say that November twenty five they came to pass the same night the Lord said under him take your bodies on bullet in the second bullet of seven years old broke down the altar to Bell that your father has been cut down the growth that is by Gilliam in his own house had an altar to the devil in November South they thought they were synagogue within altar to the devil in their house the committee lives is his father 's house yet offended by the God television before you can do great things for me I did if we put things away what you don't know were bearing the as Christians of some of the administration 's Italian opinion on your life on don't you just don't admit it is not if it looks good don't want to take a delete it it feels good on the best people think try on another Afghanistan indicate that I don't look anything like I don't have any that is Langlois praise God what I can do in others there's joy in Christ and knowing him okay there's a piece that he admitted under I happen to know that you don't you have accepted Christ in your following him that we lay down that enlightenment is in the filling and nothing about I know ever practical CR I was there now had a couple of the people that were that anything think until you come to know Christ even act like Jolly can be funny didn't you be cutting up laughing playing games and everything but all your brand the one thing easier on the left is silence I did out of the movie will same way I haven't altered a bell in your life there's something there is no unity of it up and so what is a thing of God a twenty -year-old man things he was given all the bad things and replace them with good wipers of unanimous first managers Italy all accounting that got to get back to you that anyone that not only you and me as well as a line of the road and in the louder unit where he was watching I like okay Don Don Don and what one might wear my T-shirt and and body anything I don't know where the other was in other words no one was telling what God wanted him I want to replace it with a fine is not counted in person you can importantly what a great thing for me and I get really altered about what he says and also and don't offer to the Lord is not good enough to read all the bad things on the life and I have always talked about the guy that the momentum was cast out and wanting right to life like nothing in the article on on the other like a house on not under the dome I feel like I have to let him find a clean and swept and XML editing and worsen himself back in my is not good enough just to get rid of the bad things they don't do things also happen to you about seven times worse later on so get in here and get rid of it really mad and replace with minimum pain of a good story when I was passing during a global this girl comes it was the first time that I've seen her in the church this woman entered up to hundred dollar dollars like twelve years old like that blends well and adhere the sermon had all the gondolas of maintenance and little girl and let's write only out of energy to fight crime it will affect the study 's person of the half up on out of the mom had been raised in a church that she was about almost a teenager in ancient Michigan within the church anymore the present maker crisis is not she grows up she marries this guy non-Christian and their life is pretty rough she has the kids and suicide now this point or not wanting to know Jesus Visio invention is a go to the seven banister casinos and now I noted to have Bible study with the mom and daughter and have a little girl to about this big and dad worked nights so when they come in a meeting when you have a mouse that he got in bed sleeping study one in five girls I can strangely allow states than to think bank study three has been the study the lungs of old when you thought you know something of what it really talk about she said on Jesus on the lives left God out of it I like you I'm not sure I cannot I guess his questions you know because easy editing is right in the well here and for you and I sent him the finer things about my daughter is already something like real flush red looking you know and like almost teary-eyed says that she has and what about all ponchos and she like has a vision that wanted to kill me with a butter knife in her sister despite she has also murdered she decries the incident shows the thoughts out of mind who and on top of that we've all seen shadows moving through the house like I is a something in the house here with the Ouija board or something like that that would give a double access to your house she has no I know what it is that you this lady had not heard any savages and in the churches and in the years is something that sparks are much and I know what it is she gets up off the couch she doesn't expect garbage sack out of the allegation agent of November television opens up into doors and his grand DVDs overseas ratting us those manuals CDs music CDs I probably hundred and out of this blackness buildups and looking at them it was like this death metal stuff and it all comes over terrible music you like civil dollars he did everything right Jesus wanted to fill this bag I never said one word when I can she knew that there was something in the minimal access your house you know that if you have available in the demo you have access to your life if you have a Internet that loneliness that they wanted to labor job uses Lycoming probably live on five women even in inventory needed so she filled us up she does this act title and what you know what I think that we can break down the noun will deliver you and so I pray the artist if I can like wasn't like this writer Lord think it was mostly a wife like this girl the girl by lazily very agitated at this point that like intelligent being trouble so I prayed I left I visit the CDs away I'm sure the garbage dump out there somewhere the devil has access to the next time to connect the church among consultancy says best week ever had in my life and my husband leaned this is the first I would invite all week for the preliminary device the daughter she says she's not heading with bosses is one way and it is a miracle there was something Internet access to the house anywhere that you know they also had the mayhem to replace that thing something else and got replaced with things that are God 's London of the human element things you don't replace it and then filled up interesting strain of baptizing them other hand in honor last I checked they are both still able to so praise the Lord for that but even in our Adventist homes sometimes as things like the altar to Bell here in the and in his home in the Old Testament and Stephen God doing great things in her life you're a serious battle we recognize there are not we all are so just turn on the Grove built altar to the Lord upon the rock in the order twice and take a second look and offered a sacrifice the weather drove at a note of the wood of the Grove which you cut down virtually seven to get into tenet of his servants and did as the Lord of synonym any sort was because he feared his father 's house that and the men of the city that they could not live on David and I don't think about something privately when this is her father 's house in the middle of the city is talking about Babylonia and the level of the examiner zero nothing about this young man one of the verb I would like to God and who is in the summer this is going to be in charge the only image I dry because they've gone so far they're looking at things that are worshiping the devil worshiping God on our gap in the negative pressure again at the e-mail that never no problem with it I send them the most visiting accordance on an example right here seven and is the thing to worsening down as Washington and Emily if you're playing the devil 's music in your acting like a demo in your worshiping the devil is always in the swiftness with one unknown thing it's very serious how abortion was in the unofficial aspect on the way revolution thirteen relations twelve thirteen fourteen with it you read what the issue with its worship and the devil wants her worship is out of their worship the devil are you sure this is if you're not worshiping God the way got an acid worship him by default worshiping the devil never him him and now Matthew chapter four that will come to Jesus Nathanson says unto the whole world into but now now in worship me aliens reply was it the divinely favorite is written enough you shall worship the usual was only the Lord my God can only shout out serve in other words whoever you're obeying is a worshiping community of yourself some as the bank is service-oriented whether sin and death are of venous unrighteousness the point of it is utilizing bowing down and having idols and demonic symbols all of your clothing or anything like that all the things we many associate with the worship are yet to be going is not listen to what God has you and listen what the enforcement of that make sense the children as they were worshiping the devil worshiping Allah worshiping the devil got church every young person sentiments after God told him second you know what will they be doing this anymore in the church and expand after the first of all private labor goes down because God 's people the one you hardly know I have not definite on the half of verse twenty eight and when the men of the city arose early in the morning that God 's people the children of Israel I may rose early in the morning behold the altar of ballots cast down the road was cut down by the second bullet was offered upon the altar that would melt and they said one another monotonous thing and when they inquired and asked they said Gideon the son of Joe ashes done this thing then the church the men of the city said Joe asked bring out your son that he may die like constant one to kill God cervical cleanup he even when only worshiping the devil anymore without limiting some of it from the best imagery like the best sermon in the Bible that I mainly read as many wanted Stephen reaches an acceptor seven papers of the church people and in the Seventh Circuit wanted to oil so you know to determine if an answer for why kill you anyone and anything really provoke them to do so what is on the truth get in your astonishment he was standing for what was right if anyone withdrew as the cost of his life what guy wouldn't give passing and people live like that and then we have what most of us most was the young and old will do what is right even only cause even with a walkoff is our job or maybe our position in the church will do what's right much less our life God looking for people which will favor him it was because of their life most of us are going and prohibits his causes maybe people think of us and it is called getting to a certain order I don't care that down the winter and I do like this set them maybe they did anyway so they want to kill them that you're going to kill and bring after sending they die because he is cast down the altered avail because it but I would rather buy you lunch alas okay so I send London's of them is the museum we played for now we decided to go play for him letting that while this morning it seems that God let them clean for himself because one attack on his altar eleven I okay and now the daughter suddenly got red and yellow is often a Catholic until nothing happened I know here's an indictment coming up I would love to be known like therefore that day they called him Zerubbabel saying let bail plea against an ecosystem that is often through no means ever found it somewhere after that I think that's around you want me to stand for God our people look at me like that letter S M I L Sadler what the rest of the world says was the jerks lightly when it allegedly Lisa Marie Theron I was very out there as was very single images never got we like to say slightly lidded legitimate Midland is never God would let me look at you like that you know anybody you can look at site man is never not on your heart in body fat is not he makes a stand for God in a perverse generation when everybody else is going the other way one man one young man God used the site against the tide on one of all God well on that day going through mail thing that met well veiled Platonists and because ethernet is author event athletics place is following along in the story your chapter seven then zero velvet is called Gideon I was now Drupal is nicknamed him I felt through no one was never God Gosselin delivered my church with the news that and I didn't like again I don't think the Lord of life after all how we don't like the Midianites on this but nobody coming out one thing for the my church but now not go out against the world so got the go-ahead anyway the getting to get an army together economic how many of his hundred twenty thousand what you read that right now you got me confused twenty two thousand thirty two thousand eleven called in because I want to notice here with verse two and the Lord said to Gideon the people that are with your too many for me to get the Midianites into your hands with Israel while themselves against me saying Montana statement God was the great things for us they want to do it his way through it if we can we both going on here in the bond together and have a great number of people about a five-minute thing when people say what only God it was it was us not that I can use that I want to know on the one doing this and so begins another three hundred hundred twenty thousand minutes for impossible on this but when God delivered them getting to get his drink and say it gives essay back when I was young gone to great things during this historic night when I was young we killed a hundred and twenty thousand eight three hundred of us and it was one of us can imagine how loud the boys they usually like that I sure wish it would do today I was going to great things with negligent when life is the numerically nineties of the relaxing of the great things must be like Drew about California native we like what one hundred but let me know that what's going on in the world today in the church is the worst thing Ali our having great revivals were taken place look at all the people join our church militant emigrant party you are the great things for God need against the grain you to follow the workout has to do with it one person the godly use in Windows like an impossible situation if you were to stand for him he will use you and is not a great revival before Jesus comes we are told very clearly fully with the young people that love his work is done by that would include all of you many not my usual she wanted to use it here then we can do we can sit around and think about the tentacle stories wouldn't whine and complain because it values me with us I know stories of pioneers and great things what about now before God can use you and has appeared on the alters the Bellinger was no alternate God is the accepted nineteen whenever these people try to cast out demons and even jumped on the amount of the close often when they went naked and after that it said that when people heard this invalid practice curious art something like this they bought all the books together a thermopile and burn them about fifty thousand dollars were the books they bring them all and it says in the word of God prevail mightily perhaps originally got not working greatly in our generation right now because so many people have Babylonians things the world of things in their lives frustrating I can do great things right now because were following the level may become an bonfire miscounted something of our lives is less them burn them we got rid of them and they must do great things and on the fourth fight in the arena e-mail story in violation the only called him out on his garment goodly you wanted listen Gosselin the great things we can't look at the worldly stuff is the guy has great things that we can put our lives is really willing to put in the roof we can fit it into a microphone are what what is in your life many nothing may yesterday the elect of a lexicon handout they were when you have arrived now think of the river dolphins the main translations going on intensive by Donelson prepares for that we can we have to get rid of things are what is that you have a intimacy government loyalists wanting without his lingering for God get rid of that garbage so the things of God has for you time you spend listening to and watching and doing things that you know the government had in the year that this thing up and specify what a lot thinner for you it is exciting it is interesting what makes it not that lazy notably was reading the contingent stationed in the eyes of the porkchops sure was undoubtedly the best evidence is good sure I'd love to think the gel editor Christian I get rid of those things and eleven Lincoln got has for me so you all of you may even raise the church and you don't unite white likenesses boringly Wednesday by guarantee happening in your life and on the other invoice and he wasn't a great workout on last here in Alberta now no longer the doctors working in the Gahanna near the last generation part of it really lost things in my sword free word father I pray that we learn something here for the story of Gideon he said in your word and things are written for tolerance are learning to learn from the stories Lord and father I pray there's anyone here that perhaps had that loneliness that emptiness don't know what it's like to really trust you and love you though the heart emitted and raised in the church Lord never had a relationship with you Philip is empty voids please let them through this weekend close relationship with you have a confidence and assurance of your saving salvation the way things are in this world that involve burn anyway love you with all our hearts Lord is our desire but I greatly desire to see you come in our lifetime you want to come you want us to be there with you at the city that generation finishes the work in unison to print Jesus


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