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How To Survive the Shaking

Isaac Olatunji


Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



  • April 7, 2011
    7:30 PM
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what was your body a good evening in which your body good evening again in degrees and the Lord Jesus Christ who was the hidden savior of our lives and before we get into the word of God 's will talk about how to survive the shaking him him to thank God for the truth as it is in Jesus all before we own the degrees of as is it was as you know one on the Professor open University teaching Adventist theology Elimite of the courses dedicated to establish in our young people not only patrolled with a sense of probably are seventy minutes a man because one day on the village and wife says in testimony submitted to to seven but the whole world will be spirit in which you get Seventh-day Adventist and so what happens is we want on people who will stamp part of the troop of the heavens fall out my fifth graders want in the world is the one amend me and cannot be bought or sold midmorning in most souls are true and honest men cannot be a costly and five write me man's causes is a true duty as in the lives of old guy is preparing young people and army of workers as are you and know that the argument goes that you fully heart to be furnished with a pop quiz privilege of giving the loud cry of the third Angels message and so that Jesus can come back on the boat of unfamiliar but about he's not here same in all of them haven't come up on at Oakwood we just finished was called Wheaties omnia dentist with notable call for these the Bolshevik repair for the second coming of Christ and on by the bond sale program introduce himself tomorrow I'll bled out in this initiative with a forty days select the students at Oakwood those who volunteered came together to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit amen and as a test in my classes in one of my classes to helping young people how to receive the Holy Spirit have their personal relationship with Jesus and we haven't needed because everything they can be shaken will be shaken us about his record of where bothered him we pray for Goupil Holy Spirit in the early and latter rain we thank you look forward manifesto was the beginning of the grace and glory in Jesus name amen the Bible says in Revelation chapter fourteen Revelation the fourteenth chapter will look at the first verse revelation of the fourteen chapter starting at verse one immediately knew me say that it shouldn't take you long to get revelations the lap of the Bible Revelation chapter fourteen and will let you know that after optimize meeting him I do have some books and DVDs and CDs available right where the catch here is that the one on making investment for eternity we have a booth ready for those who like to get on the matures we have the Bible says in revelation fourteen verse one hello hello eight I highly leave with a layer of a man a land still at all them out Diane and with him then his use of the map won't be alone amen you have somebody that will be away until that's done as an element of their mind and no matter what the world about the weather charts going to outlaw spam be woodsy laymen and the reason while there am outside with him there is because they went hand in heart a man because it connected themselves William will personal relationship with Christ and through reading of his work and putting that were in the process and their life and because of that the Bible is not the only that it would've about my evening whether literal or symbolic displays are you up on a membrane then having his father 's name him out of their way and their boy in the Bible says that God made this probably there what about that will be okay with me and have all said the dog while it's only been allotted one thousand one I was made the character 's holiness or the law see you later for a agreement and Isaiah and the Bible says buy up the testimony as sealed by law among my disciples out the Army Bible camp where what we are learners and I serve as laymen there the word disciple means a learner so therefore the law is being sealed among no longer requires learning a Maoist obvious word with me and and others while you have a sealed envelope of the Sabbath amen went to an analog talk about it in the spirit of profit as the settling into lunchroom so what we don't talk about honest about the coming safety is going to solidify everything we've all learned our revival camp as we prepare for the clothes of probation Jesus gave rated from the clouds of glory amen I will watch is not a fictitious event is short event is going to come pretty so in the last eight and we must prepare what went to the application of the word of truth the LI says in the book testimonies the minister hundred and twelve when the second tones the introduction of work on it false theory is not in the world in the church analyzed as a minimalist back in our pulpits with the fourth of all property in their hands kindled by the hell is want of safety when he moved to the big hit bypasses owned Dodge all laid out the time of the accident board and even now is gone but why I made the now the on the minutes as average and now all those are bringing the emerging service of celebration move into the children with me anything that anyone with a getting hard to pass our church invited with me but yet the problem is a as I will have a strong mouth of what we believe in their walk what happened is that we had this right here in the ministry right now there are seven bandannas what they think and my birthday are you listening so what happened is that when this writer the priestess rates of Moni Ben the present brain the messages they print everything else but our message to anyone or make the music all allows of the Communist Party are you with me so I haven't had to service me a second that way not only national of beers but by practical all spirits I did with me on how to do charts are you missing children the second the introduction of balls these factors readers anchor where nowhere I like shipping what saying that the Army Bible camps about Bolzano we were not these suckers readers but the bigamy second book barrel students of the word and we must understand our mission because the word penis length and staff received word we has seventy minutes are called to be just like fans the member of the world from this Babylonian you are come upon the mighty living and when I was sans commission the Bible says about picking any unclean thing or strong drink but the Bible also said he was not the ability was a mobile make the very plan as France was not the cut is what because I was that if he cut his hair he loses what his nose is strained there we had no power to deliver the people of God I saw this optimism for this so I wanted to see one day he came across a line in a straight now the Bible pictures about a stored boost your group one choice answer the mental muscles my bad and everything I believe that management is of regular and overestimated but when I was assembly of this right in the Bible settlement the Spirit of God hallelujah dentist fourteen verse six came mightily upon him came oh one okay bringing people the Bible says that he ranked and only warn you up as he may raise a few in the Bible says in Athens that he did nothing in his and he did it with his bare hands when he is layout they are so you must understand that the job is walking around as a royal life thank you we may want but God 's people are all at the power of the Holy Spirit and to give them up into areas they know now what he is lay out their devices right here the source of Samson Strangelove the Holy Spirit but that's the longest running buses so the sauce of God bringing people is the one not currently a lower writer is sitting the ball upon God 's people that have the wired all my mama would let the power of the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit is seeking the right of all God 's people but the problem is to have us cannot remember the blocking the way from getting your identity blocking you from getting wet in your Christian experience you must get wet and everything is open only on the good limitation the Bible says that the word doc is the Lord of the one therefore you grab us that's warned with me until I use this more skillfully the Bible says and sophomore Billy bought gone to Jim I have how to fight I think I'm I cannot be in Boston or karate master work a master of the word about the way that lets each user has no one in the Bible where troops by the deathbed watch the darkness in the lives of the people of the world and attracts so only when the Bible where the truth and the power of the Holy Spirit we can have a devil of the spirit as Francine but we need the power of the Holy Spirit we need to get wet with early in way which was seen as the baptism of the Holy Spirit LMI says that everything is even received a fresh batch of them passed another of the Holy Spirit as you say Eminem we're missing a daily baptism of the holy one a bomb is a very planned a guy like me up in the morning as you need the tall are you listening in a total of pillows and a man with a Ali Baba campaign that I spread involving copy anything assaulted last night of the Holy Spirit but the simple is the parade of messages and brothers assistance this is the symbol of our strengths on atomic in Atlanta weeping compromise and imitated his radio Matt hold copies of some of the tablet within Israel this is the symbol of our site and it will diminish up because this method for my mission operates in our teaching even while we here on Obama camp will have no power is the go out in the army and witnesses were the guests must have had a problem yet medical problem because a model similar symbolic double what church and revelation you have mature church was a pure woman and a half ball surface symbolic of a horror morale so you're not sick and injured children it is our name of the lilac and her name in Aramaic means what subducted and in the Bible say that in the last days medicine Department of faith giving heed to use the fellow and a lot of of this is the ecumenical movement of the Gabbay but that is an Vatican II is permeating all about circuit and is permeating in our life as well I didn't make the where we feel is that the idea we can come together and go to other charges as a hobby and worship and how they didn't charge our charges can improve but as far as to allow the seminary all our past thing that Paul is a great artist charge Valero the bottom line that went from America to Gloria and had to wait six hours to sit in on about as they brother on how to make nature does great satellite dishes in Iraq but is it what are you want easily if the General Counsel seventy minutes everyone on the literature through the woods of his library introductory books evangelism Gospel workers and Christians there about somebody call Ellen G White and on the table and said outbound only hello policy out of the way to develop a website with me don't want down the bulk of the South what happened is that at the medical movement is weakening the child of a laugh a lot when science is not their doing is what I want he had admitted without all the while one are you I live in our life then there can be no compromise of dollars while worsening health cheese that I was sound than many more issues this is a one hundred z said that she was shown that many would find a big list the state than there is between seventy minutes and built to keep the birthday of the week and if is going on with this writer is oriented in the Jericho visibility in the RIP or do you see the growth and omega have an ecumenical LL and at last he was a doctor might let me know that he know that he wrote because I have love for nine minutes about this on the nose he was right I mean I love you want to get what he wanted to do and what please himself by the name and because I can't messed up in the past people he wasn't all get caught and then he gave the secret of his strength and economic dialogue she said looking at science no man look like you can kill a line like that was a secret of your string the Bible city lot there are three time the second time every time he says something that we haven't methodology envisions an abnormal digital broke down quite a bit meet meditators right now Babylon is not wanted sainted Whitney invented Babylon is not going to take the Bible says are my people and we need to get our message usually given the loud cry to eliminate that is the religion of death my mother 's visit he decided all the airlines over man we all serve the same God I did with me it all in and in the ministry what if it was if I owned this text are you with me I'm around others assisted as subject of an ecumenical movement around what the date up the sacred mystery he said you know what if you put a raise my hand out because as we get any other man and guess what the Bible says she made him to sleep upon her work while the bridegroom carried all the version slumbered and slept hello I live me and when I was she made us think upon what to wear has anybody ever sat one row on the job when he was a baby mama or daddy had only need or when a vertical position it was able to make you sleep very with me at his weakest moment in the most darkest period of the Earth this argument of his history she call for AMI as she caused them to save all have a lot visited seven loss of his hand and then she began to do what and his strength went from him this is what Satan wants to do that administer this save off the seven locks and the affliction of Delilah Samson is a national summit lockups assist they can buy because when the law is enforced LOI says that Satan sees the Sabbath keepers of the more chaotic and I think somebody was nothing left with the active window on the earth March I will be complained so what happens if you get the people at Army bathroom and people to say that unlocks all are here otherwise you'll just theologically take away some things there are stridently from within this writer disembarked the band we need to know if you provide may now the seven locksmiths have to do a lot of but I is salvation and righteousness by Ursula a man because if you don't have a special relationship no one is about to experience death by the end of our second last in a long time and the ones where your same vibrations in Spain you will be able to keep below and limits out of a man but are not the baptism is comparable only to the love God we will realize that he'll want his mother sacredly as keep the ten Commandments amen but both lack and a sanctuary where they got what happened is he going to the multiple of the low and the Sabbath and the help book is that because on the bad atomic energy league and the most holy Place come on now I mean and I'm up early and as a Muslim I am in the most holy Place by threatening somewhat out of the family of and when you've got the last luck on your losing power the lot of them and they administer or that you haven't in the is the true understanding of the state of the what they know what the victim learning nowadays on that but that they know not what and we are told in the spirit of prophecy that Satan will use spiritual level at one of those who bring the whole world under his deception I did with me while his writing this Adventism spirit Robinson I think and that puts you understanding by Allison White whether through class maybe and numbers in that once you will i.e. Whitney is run at any other probability when I ever spoke in the limelight and and the son-in-law is that you understanding out the second gondola there but we know the movie left God is truly a fictitious book I picked me as a fictitious movie we know that is not only no secret rapture that we've got to which Rampal anyone is a lot and I've got to believe our understanding and our practices that will know while I have an opening night when I will know what happens instantly and I am a weekend without people getting hit away from the limelight with me and let both lost in the argument Atlantis Atlantis my hair when he got in this league in the world he got one and you see it right here the woman whom the moment we had ecumenical union with many Tatars and we cannot make no compromise why because they are waiting with flavored with me and while they're not saving enough so the about is right now while some of the parts I've try to keep us possibly copied in Babylon becoming the person so while we don't family living to the families of the van and not the detail was rated and Dan Olds this writer when the company 's pollen is so below make sure that you have no more site late Pope 's Isaiah lateral and what happened was that I is symbolic of this right here or send a nine person or not if I've got what was rated the fourth time in Israel when Amanda 's percentage at the nada verse nine when a man went to inquire although not these back and said then is no until July the eighty call paper or rather it is now what do you believe in what there's no way peers in the amygdala Barrett in the prophetic gifts or have I otherwise there will does provide the opposing line starts at the spirit of the seminary administered see the prophetic guidance the entire president and White House villages all around we cannot let out a little red book know what you think I mean all of it and blue now you made me if you can download a managed it even banged up at what you want to stay alive the elegy wide are only nineteen dollars and then announcing a man all of them and Mark aloe like Rhapsody to go with that of the required textbooks are you with me acid catalyst is over the gift you even know and if my doctor is aware by now little you are not an assembly of this life you lead the twentieth Protestantism is blessed with both eyes are you bit me out one of my comments in theology department Sylvia unknown they said we could never zip seventy minutes at the lobes of the original beholds a small they believe elegy what will you know what that God be true in every man what you said about theology for men the majority of the people in Christianity there hold doctorate degrees in religion and theology teach the one about an R so I always saw that the net as episode the right with me I have some gems a journal but I would say this right here I think I love you what is our causality what it will be allowed to a man at the whole business door of our article met Monday was right here so we take our eyes out to catcher they are divisive it is whose life away from the faith of God 's people in the world and this has been a major part of the shaking of additive in the last fifty years maybe I'm a runner on starting and ninety six aggressive zone Doctor with a giant on human nature of Christ and with you know that I I with them I will get that issue and from that time on where we beginning our doctrinal understanding on the sanctuary are you and Dan on and all of a sudden everything starts tumbling him to wear right now we have we are we have a generation right now who believe that our stance on jewelry is not good I didn't mean up to my bypass the remnants and they can restate was what she says before probation closes the other shouting from the music and dancing in our churches and data read that statement and will what they would do the computer people right now the soul train and philosophy I can make you think that what you see going on every single week in the seven-day literature is not without my talk about I miss me so I have this set is applicable at the eyes that the churning of a hair maze left is diminished on the space between us and everybody else is that you can't do that you can't do a sense you can't do it because guess what hoping things but mostly as a fabric along the worst Amanda is in order to all they could become a part of the body of Christ in the world prophecies being fulfilled Pamela 's assistance the point is Santa right now that is the worst major part of the body which means a good night sleep insomnia is a popular body and then executives like that is all leading to the national what suddenly what law and last year you had the potential worked through Sunday in the European Union i.e. Whitney and the plan is not about the Jesuit order rather this is the just as a change within the greatest writer we're so that was weird we are in the whatnot as time went everything they can anyone alive or not if you don't know what information do not and where in the Overbay 's commandments and imitated everything the doctor child in the Bahamas where profit got expressed as the one they had argued with me Fayetteville Becky has worked innovative to him and not to about Islamic sharia treasures of all people upon her death I denominate our dispersion is not what you think and it can be Tuesday hair on the angel in thinking that possibly about how I can make me a watch is right here I got a seriously when the long God is made void as with a lot of class but certainly sipped about what kind of class as you did a great allowance was never not anticipate will give me the work out of spirits I call the Delilah spirit argument and the doctors of what devil sold imitators right here what I would arrange you right now is a letter written by Samantha Smith who resigned last conference in this world is in this world church in the purpose of this is not disposed anybody but the site was going on which of us in this letter is to happen to me seventy of the robot cannot anchor in the word of God I did with me the safety of company balls and because of these false people obviously cannot right now FLV Obama actually did read all I did with me must fifteenth two thousand and ten dear notice also is the careful consideration but I submit my letter of resignation as pass of the salt is also conference a seventy minute effective this date he said no one witnessed the business must year challenge leadership I assure you that this decision is not revoke a disagreement or ill-treatment in the membership of a leadership my reason for Islamic this not the government adopted not because I stole money he said because God is calling to preach and teach the unadulterated what our solely in Scripture rather than the Gospel plus elegy why and it was a sermon preached not too far from year where at one of our popular churches where assignments please call Jesus bless which in essence saying that you teach this health reform press with warm encounter reform S Jesus blots which like a positive view preseason campers but if we can back me up agencies are you you can't separately is what it's all with the cost another gospel is if I can allow a great capris or take the gondola and seventy minutes or want for myself and one of the hybrid with them but allow it to be plain and specific because I've been a student of the word and is sensitive to the Lord 's leading and teaching on no longer believe that the script supports the back the mission the mission of the church the three eight the Bible calls up relaying messages the everlasting gospel I even he does not believe that the seven managers in the remnant church he does not believe in the investigative what and then I believe it open eyes out right here at LSU I is a messenger of God or that the Sabbath is the CEO of what and who doesn't believe in the great controversy will be rather the sisters this dog was trying in our school playing with our Lord he went okay but what alternative is that the Seventh-day Adventist minister leaves yet that honest as I give them credit for that him was so sad was his mom 's a breach of gondolas while the department be broken in my heart will download this map does not know his name of the midget 's name but what happens it hurts me when I see people leave his children with because what happens is do not anchor anywhere in the old would get a jump she said Doctor Okie said I'm Gary graduate from here around the world what I believe in these classes they teach young my premise of the judicial tell me what you got into the half as well as as his assistant in this way it got people right now in our school stuff is rolling out in life while at the middle of what they believe and why they believe it David told what to did not why are you with me joy is a big issue in our church my mamma run around upon us because a lot of us were told what to do whenever was given a biblical reason why I miss me so after this simply is this right here best Amanda sonically and he says you know I will present my classmate commission this conference considers entering begins his resignation to this conference than anything this minute this is what I have on a worldwide scale pretty soon it will be people that will go along with his movement was Sunday on service in the last days and promises that you are not anchored on the rock Jesus Christ brothers and sisters you want to be shaken out Friday with me and what happens it simply is this what he analyzes a property eighty eight many of us thought to be the mark was what Williams will then go out and what darkness that when white light went out and that's why I got went out what about us in this room right here that needs a bit of thought getting deep into the burning Man we cannot take for granted what we believe when you bid me that I didn't research it yourself why we believe the seventy is the fact by depending what we believe in a deep water port and the investigative judgment and the sites where I went me I believe these things usually result on the Bible I went me and the Bible alone to believe the Jubilee I am when you understand the Bible correctly will understand all the Ellen G White lines dude is confirmed about already seeing you when I'm reading out my eye nose he got up and burned with even know I'm unable to find it give me sometimes either that he will give you you'll given an assignment so after the top was discarded everything that cannot be shaken is going to shake and buses radiant because it she is beautiful to live here and are select anesthetized and eighty five the glycation is so near at hand will do what those whom God is not what any lab up your truths like the five ministry repeater for the latter what is not diploma pastoral ministries some of the misery to spin this right here this will weed out those who are not willing to go only with Jesus he is one I have an army of workers our likely way trained in this word and minimum will and give the loud cry and finished his work and God was all the in this room to be a part of that cannot be shaken so therefore the Bible says in Matthew seven twenty four here is what my and does what the lipid knowledge must you hear the word of the Bible Satan is also what do you know now that I will have her do I live what an agreement whereby implies upsizing a prepared in advance so what happens if the nose was worldwide what happens if we are preparing down his leg in time for the study and application of the word of God amen the anointing of the Spirit the Bible says I want him unto a wise man which built his house upon the one in Little Rock is Judaism a shield in the word amen opposite the one I wasn't prepared in a band builders are found based on the you live in Boston and all other feelings and act as if their plan and this is all always guided by the word by the lives they've imagine I live by bread alone but by every that proceed out of the one that the wise man he built his house upon the rock and one rendering of the translatable words that he built his house inside a van I like that even then a man that will happen this is a spiritual experience in a building and fire Christ is not a monarch and what is coming up with an private accounts outweighing alive so what are you the person the Bible says and after weighing what and the last thing the win moved the family law pay my independent Parsonage using found so let me in mind and then we can leave the mountains of violence at every LeBlanc that will house to house a spiritual experience is an advantage I had the Bible says it will not make it was time to talk about upon the rock Limited is writing out there how weak you are the weakest person and they need on their needs and in the word is more than a match for Satan and his house to look at how weak you are the past on the wording of a man and when you put the work and practice he receives supernatural strength of the disgrace her life but imitators right now began to them and our own flesh but we articulated in our quest for the power of the word amen that's why we have to allow the word to sink deep into our hearts we must allow ourselves to be rooted and grounded building our spirits a house upon the rock of his word for no matter what happens in the attack Alan M when they feel buildings a bit in certain places they build the foundation so the immigrant to where it in all and comes in a slow-moving and brown in their way is his eleventh right but while this might have dust on the following map and plan on them is wounded so I'm in the end the ground where the matter what here's the top of all the materials are now what are you building what are you building your spiritual experience than with a slate of a fatality that the plan will you and what were called the entertainment industry with an entertainment industry is preparing a lot of opportunity second out because we are told that the yield is step-by-step to the world with all the company with someone out of the simile of this writing we read the rest of the Bible we shun the Bible and read all the way I even and when we allow our last of the road and got about the word mini table matter what happens that the time of trouble you will not follow a man in the good news the Muslim and everyone is the book right here that he recklessly is a month or I've only had the word I eliminate up if they make a NAPA auto out of your head you look at what not savvy like it until I found a man list may our work was in the great means it needs more visually oriented and Eleanor Ron Ayers and Charlie stupid bottles that will year that the work environment album in fact I like to bury stupid person are you was built his house was right here upon the what one versus if upon the river being now I see I'm in the West Coast noun from the East Coast of the will bore that season house that will build right on the is about but I don't say I'm a and the somehow Muslim is seventy five degrees in your White House policy on this on the repair of the cyan and ninety five in the city and that white bandages shall not having a good time that you make away that law wow but guess what her waist and in some hurricanes you made me why I was the last man on this house upon the sand upon the threat often be unable to make planned I'm an optimist many you want a little long-winded tonight with me want one and the one I want one and much argument made by one of the recent study of the liar the uncertainty is will the sun was reading the chart with me and when Apple was on the wane what am the last one of the love game and let the eight eighty in the Winston well in a beat up on that person spirit 's the Bible says it they'll and his latest fail incident rates was the fall of the selected is ready to fail because of Google form wrong foundation Guerrero now this makes me crack it because they had an atomic level to be pushed down the pharmacy to make sure that our spiritual life is done by the word amen I've been in the hardest thing we got a new everyday you submit our will to God LSU my sins in the book testimonies by a page three thirteen that every single day the apostle Paul wheel and desires conflict with the word is good news because all of the man of God was new everything the probable horses if you don't empathize the word of God be with me that that's me know that I got hope amen must let you know that you have hope every day if I testify that you will and desire out the word about I even what happened Paul knew we believe he had to rip it his foundation upon the one word NSB said I die daily I even thought every day here to experience it crucifixion to South and if you allow the word thought they would shoot me and will the far south I am therefore anxious to walk it seems the foundations solid the person who built it up on the cyan the surface Brown reader to service around here and map of the law on the autonomic liar of the wired what happened last yes it's good in the springtime in the sun when nothing happened but he did not understand that the seasons change right with me LOI says that what you feel to do in a time of peace and safety but do it in a much more terrible time so what happens is this right here when I last surface meters in the church today are you who are not inappropriate every not even believing that as Bobby Riley terrible child this month after spiritual foundation I don't think they're okay well there is one generation Adventist I been up all bad that is those I want to keep out what the Ali Baba cabin her to pop us out of our past problem hires on a background of this is that I now imagine what my reality which in reality government that things in your hearts I admit me the power of the Spirit of God well we're in the heart of the city wanted change in Iraq because Linda Davis easily begin the change right now is that when you see stuff going on sky radio this is the hypocrites can discern you can discern a thousand times and imitators right now the CEO of Walmart said that the price of inflation is going to skyrocket gruesome that Walmarts in the humility don't have a roomy not if Family Dollar cellulite okay last dismounted out of man when an advantage right now the CEO of Walmart said the possibilities go to skyrocket an elegy by seeing in the book memo page one hundred eighty one that saw us from Abbas Jordan would be here when they see the price of food rising in the Vallejo Google the time of trouble with tells me that applies of polarizing will be very shortly before that becomes shortly before the time travel and what we stand right now with a threatened him government shutdown see the definition and a fifteen years ago will be nothing like will be given happy right now I know that my personal views on acclimating it saw that the meningitis outbreak tablet times are coming is that his right ear that's why analyze them even galleries it is able to contradict up in the last days the problem of bias that would be theories what is that going on right now in the one on right now so when you see the father plans I was two months ago I was not to does not assert that way when you are wrong when you read Robison you know and I will bring on the time of Taiwan around that time and yet he may again his name is alcohol back and did you know shortly after that a judge dismissed with meteorite with the what happens is that we does this by you all the best all in place for the love the rain when the light bending over we got a do babies laugh they love bring this to a close we had a good house upon the rock amen build a house upon the rock life is a volume five page one thirty six when the religion of Christ most Hill Inlet and him with his law is the most was visualizing a window and our courage and awkwardness the most one unflinching despair in the fifth of July and I just knows when the majority will do what was the majority on Oldsmobile administration of oneness and I went me to serve the fight the battle of the law windjammers are you are you with me she says this will be our work but if you grew up on the rock just like you what was the Meiji the bull that all men may persuade him not Romo because the father is with me and you must understand I just walked it was I can now lay only a few of them under the minute they are now when God is on your side while the majority are you Britney and we got a couple of what will be leaned completely apology society with me every thing I even have undermined and the goblet last three or so years with father every days my boys the past in late region competence on the spot of a day but will not do circulating more than that so also believing Obama were everywhere the Dalai Lama Brenda come sit with you the communal losses sports brothers and sisters imitators right God may have taken was when I opened with me if that was to get into that word with me it inflated the sacrifice and hours of sleep in the morning and worthless to get that daily Word from Jesus are you missing daughter is making files it is so much more easier not to get online policies right now to where it was season hearing the word because the files is a as the one they want to win problem if an invalid not aware what about the hearing of the worth of what the files that you want to lump all Christians into the last day here and aware of the law is not what I always wondered what that meant to slam someone again I was out there in the final rewrite in their hearts with the Internet now the day is going people benevolence and website revision which will work a little early with an Ali Baba cancel the shutdown amazing fast maybe shut down all cultural websites of a difference you are a dog and not on it because the mobiles met with a man not a council be debunked because the women are still anyway is that at this time got away on the call is alive those local want to go right for them amazing you have a man cars from there what goals do not want to spread the truth it went with elementary aperture though the heavens fall will reprogram what treason I've seen people there raised against Islam music now the fourth and everything to refinance I went me adamant that one young lady I know a number among the leading cause analyte plated Fiero preaching the word ministering me to total one eighty degree turn to where it got to the one where I almost got so sick I submit young what happens is God 's tell us that you cannot trust nobody in this room about how spirit you may think anybody is a you think the spiritual is you better trust Jesus and Yahweh with man will say man-made type of the Word of God never changes and when you build your house upon the rock you won't change a guide with me and so what happens is you may mean that believing that Daniel Ebbets also contend that as we are right or wrong but as you spread it a lot happened that I began again I am want to angle this one looked really want when the cold and the child in the trees about that's why we're told that God has what comes their on the maples are unsigned of the maples are long as people service will in the shaking testing time will be what when it gets dark in his first history choose document shot I honored by the path is only one of the issues that God is using right now to make you stop and back in and they'll want to be a NBA style of entertainment stuff but then we take God so that was not my way this place is that the Bible is the book of Daniel that if the goals who turn many to righteous will shine as the small US foreign God 's waiting his turn away from sin and wisest of Jesus and when you take the prisons you learn here are revival camp and leave others across argument makes you sound as a star in heaven Jesus now precious was now hit will not bow the knee to the mail if I have a people amen I get a pair of legs these are the people went to be with what I looked up viewable consecration and deliverance in the thick of imitators right here right now is Thursday night in the earth this Jesus is not become supply and Jesus with appearance at Peter and double time assiduously I thought they these pray for don't let them down amen what SCO and off we answer as solid as the people of Basile the Nepalese CLO market can be seen original is assembling the intellectually and spiritually really cannot be and just as so as the people of God are sealed and prepare for the shaking his woman might now gone just prepare us to not be shaken again you coming up I'm not adept at the best that you have made argument about something as banal away have a people is going to be like him the revenant and does not do anything or speak live not as a disabled finding out where they were received the latter rain a man may be powerful and going back cents yes a lot of stuff is born the church says it didn't begin his business is here if I dig it hope that he became a laughingstock of the Philistine nation but because these the him to cut Somalis hated it drove back a man in the battle set out and I had a fat head began to grow again after he was what they mean all legally he realized I better come on back I article back to the old way are you Jeremiah six versus the affair on you know I always come back and always lead to final rest of the just sold it when I want his hair began to grow and having him about his straight came back I meant me the realignment 's founders owners no longer has found that he never tells them back by well you know you and do all the man ultimately when they realized that that that that that God will go understanding that the person in the third Angels message is really pleased in the test when I was a wife and putting it in the practice is here began to grow so I was wondering it until the bodies like the back I look at it again so the realized with him between two and told the young man but my album is the life of your muscular body and pray the prayers to Lord of business to the highs that I've lost and you know what happened he pushed on a push the cover the two pillars that have destroyed mankind ever since that has built up false religion of practice for now is a good argument and a lateral posts against those philosophies of the Michigan truth and even with his boss alleged evils of the world and the Bible says that he slew all people in that day and he slew with his old entire life premises this is that symbolize revival Reformation amen that is the greatest days of the seven images in the income you that it was something eighteen forty four it was seen nothing yet and God is going to make a generation anymore edit and select in a spiritual power to do the work on a solo the way Jesus can get them up on high and use them as a specialist of righteousness to bring on the end of time Ellice Thomas on another issue the refreshing of the Holy Spirit unless we obtain the victor over three what will over selfishness by the love of the world over everyone already one of the bounces went across to the young man cleanse his way I think if you were genetically drawing nearer and nearer to the Lord and be earnestly seeking the preparation necessary to an name of the span in the battle of the Bigelow what they would say is impossible because the Army I will let because we are not sold in the Army repair the battle of the day Lord but we need to come to the foot of the cross because he's coming back very soon and is looking for rain is looking for people to understand that we and be counted at home about two to seven minutes vote born on twenty one years and this has been the most sweetest thing in my entire life but about ten or eleven years ago went through a time of trouble that almost brought the women's double payment you personally instead curse God though I had had market falls in the balance I got back argued with me all because of the word of God the Bible says that if you cannot run our grocery removable and if you cannot moment the horses and your lack of anything my service same in the unlimited eyes this can distract our minds from reading and preparing honest value of the board and anytime something new admitted that he got beaten up by as a pastor I admitted that until I play and the only thing they can't mingle with my sense of oh the gospel ministry with me and them back to the bottom across me and that my mother lays in the grave right now wait in the first resurrection parade the brave men of the world that person not only come to Christ WB in Minnesota I can't let my mother down I can't let a call available special payments is that I have the halo on where you give me I had a handle on the alert eighteen Jones this is based if depending upon the word not only Annie's baby network only to knew what was there an end of violence make I came out I think that I can not my second bottom reason not probably understand when the basic brother and sisters the more will become the Christ the more are only turned on a good friend of the most amazing they one day at yourself passing Louisiana the double payment is eighty it was operating which includes Ali Malone industry operational leader revels in systems that will examine the matter right now you can just open you learn your army I'll leave you alone we discussed many times in this collegial samadhi stand and walk on a lot of water because all my banking needs of a man because it shows on the right but you know what we need we need deliverance and strengthening them to walk with him alone with Jesus home about you but it's time with great remember back to out of the water of the Holy Spirit we need to be anointed right now God is bringing the seventy minute search that I will adorn ahead and to mitigate probably the church religion what the watch the last segment but it was rejected only one in the wilderness of one hundred and twenty years but in two thousand and ten call tad busy will be the present of the general where he is now a revival in reclamation and I finished when I heard a sermon house like old mom like can I do not believe what I'm here and I am up about another Mexican minute it's easy and analyze how much all my mama hot topic and will talk about this now yeah well yeah what is not amounted him say I'm a little more done than a database the stakes are greater now in two thousand and eleven eleven eighteen eighty eight the issue and eggs meeting with legalism we get the commands of God Pope Clement Russell probably got Jesus but now we got a lot think about the document is not now I think that will and I will still wear and start it all recognizable some people in the this is not the problem at hand guess what is going eligible voters on but I want to know if anybody wants what you missed it about Richard will be by way Reformation will be shaken because Don will people will love him so much with the hates talk to the latest basin hearts annual service talk about it's the acting role you know you got ten euros of a loving Jay-Z the audio and editing a loving real JVs site Michael Lazio I was saying to myself and I am very manual though do I really premises this is the best of them a missed because Jesus that he wants all of me and say honeyed cinema network you will be baptized in God or the spotlight of the appraisal power is to have a good bypass about this you pray with me asked about this acidosis will not work for your consecration will be anointing of the Holy Spirit in them will close with a prayer of the live was aided by the sin of looking at me with sin Hathaway of monthly art faculties to where were not able to appreciate the word if somebody is wrong to be strong with some simple had I wanted to know you're coming to be delivered at Army and when you join the Army when the first of a new with the cuts and how about an authentic theological here will be the cook something for a famous movie to see all all my evening will be going to the house a special prayer by passive others for the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon everybody and efficient as artists in your heart is and what in them a prayer prayer for deliverance in the McGraw amen acidophilus usually three I would like you to remember the quote found in early writings page seventy one that says that we need to overcome beset our lives before we received the outpouring of the A is someone ask you to take a few moments now and then repeats Psalms one thirty nine first twenty three and twenty four that says search me O God you will know my heart try me again know my thoughts if there be any wicked way in me leaving to the way everlasting I want you to sincerely pray within your hearts now and ask God to show you what percent is still in your life and what also makes this statement found in great controversy she says the devil will get us to overlook the minor affairs of life thinking that it's unimportant what he shows in his dealing with Jacobs that he would not overlook anything that's unlike him friends were getting close to the end if Christ is soon soon soon become a scummy for church without spot or wrinkle the problem with the Laodicean church Revelation chapter three that their blind they do not recognize their need someone ask God to give us ourselves so that we can see ourselves we don't have time to look at anybody else it's us O Lord standing in the rescue to take a few moments now and search our hearts and asked the Lord to show you your self to give you a high self that you can see that after you prayed that prayer give a few moments then asking the by his grace to help you to get rid of it see you can get rid of it but if you given permission to Christ would do it for you to take a few moments now that we're before his home on bend in the rightful position would be called before the monarch of the universe you know us better than we know ourselves in fact the investigative judgment is going on right now in the spirit of prophecy says that when you come to our individual names and still we would only person on the planet in the records of our lives open we may be able to fool men and women but we can't fool you Lord we confess our sins we asked you to cleanse us and then we plead the blood of Jesus Christ and we invite his presence into our lives on a daily basis to help us to be over comers College orgy has told us that as a church we've made a mistake and tried to be righteous on oral we now understand that this mess is a right just I think indeed is the three angels message is that not only that we are supposed to preach what was supposed to practice in our lives we invite Jesus to come in and do for us that which we cannot do for ourselves though do we plead his blood but we plead his righteous life and no do we please is righteous life but we please his power John sixteen thirty three says bewitch you for I have overcome the world and his overcoming is ours as well so we claim that the Lord operated everyone under the sound of my voice will leave you victorious in faith with power and now father before we pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit only do we have to have clean hands up your hearts but we need to also have a conviction and determination to witness it or leave serve the Lord says that the A will not be poured out until the church mobilizes itself to work so on a individual basis Lord show was our responsibility yesterday 's and empower us to be able to do with you take away the fear the apprehension is the reticence excuses the procrastination and also that are dying out there dear Lord who indeed need to hear the word from the everybody can't preach everybody can't teach but everybody can do something show us our duty and a responsibility revealed to us our giftedness develop that gift and help us to use it Lord to warn men and women boys and girls that use coming we need to be transformed into your image forgiveness for lethargic this forgiveness for procrastination and give us a determination that when we leave this place is node will would be over comers of every preset mineral lives but we will be empowered to go until the gospel whoever you tell us to the Lord because of the promises that you may found in Luke the father give the fish to his son is asked no he may give it but your heavenly father will give you the Holy Spirit to them that I certainly will not stuff the promisor if you want to give good gifts to your children and that the message of that you could give us the Holy Spirit Ellen Weiss says that when we receive the Holy Spirit we receive everything else in a stranger so now Lord were pleading for bullies and Ritalin and for a whole article to a desperate for the Holy Spirit way outback does not stand for the Holy Spirit did not download this place as the old Lord we need to every hour we need you we can make it without you Lord your God that cannot lie promised to give it to us we benefit ourselves overboard and we've have now promised to go into which told us to do so with the name of Jesus I pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit everyone was under the sound of my voice cluster we want no more loyal and not only do it I'm asking for the baptism tonight but while they help us remember that we need to get fresh supplies of the baptism of the Holy Spirit every day it was the desire to recognize are needed to ask the reason we don't have it because they don't ask for written Lord 's good we shall receive seek and we shall the door will be opened up with the remembered the claim those promises Lord as the Holy Spirit comes until exhausted brings Jesus Christ with human it brings the love of God with him so that inside would be transformed into the image of God we thank you for all of what it brings all of which you promised and now Lord we rest in that promise and thank you in advance for hearing and answering our prayers thank you for touching us Lord I will think of it touching us thank you for filling us thank you for blessing us in Jesus name that everyone say a bad father that we pray a prayer of deliverance more commonly remove the unbelief yes remove the spiritual laziness are ever called is not even one in particular nor removably that will pay me know we need every out area out the father it is anybody going right now with older possessed by evil speak that would have to need to and fill us with the Holy Spirit is a cry study habits VR study may Christ prayer might be Opera alignment and we ask that you will bless the rest of this argument maybe not be shaken out because wearing Raven on the homeopath and we'd love you anything that will always and everything else the parade in Jesus name and


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