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Holy Flesh

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • April 8, 2011
    9:30 AM
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I is getting back to life in a home they found another interesting like a longtime opponent thought is that I guess okay I want to get right in the method again of it made me think about it through alley number four they unit no note on his left line so let us start praying and him open up God 's word father in heaven was so grateful again you brought us here to secure your word Lord I pray that as we hear your word is not only hearing that we do but doing that would other help us be faithful in what you call this business lastly and probably also do this message this morning as we look not only at ideas for studying your word the Lord application is so important as well help us to see what was fully studied today how to apply it to us ourselves for now as I asked for guidance I asked for your spirit report out and Mark Twain 's morning Jesus name amen okay if you open your Bible with me to do the book of Matthew chapter thirteen Matthew thirteen chapter yesterday we would not be lurking just for a little bit and how many parables in Matthew thirteen is in I remember seven while the Giardino D member from yesterday I'll try so hard okay enough of me can't you get a frustrating it is the preserve after many say something thing is really good and yes my thought is next they like or maybe saying that so regular again in Matthew seven thirteen the twenty eleven after utility seven parables and verse fifty one Jesus said under them and he understood all these things then said he to them therefore every scribe which is instructed in the kingdom of heaven is like a man which is like a demand that is a householder which brings forth fruit I bring forth out of his treasures rather things old and new new and old so every got it thereby constructed in order God doesn't just something in and go there they bring things in the movie ringtones on a old enough for my country today in a message they now yesterday can I get I like studying the Bible we don't look in the stories in the Bible to try to find how we can apply to us from the children of Israel meal that wasn't very good with letting others what you learn from them again sometimes God will just give you inspiration yawning to be reading a text like this just doesn't make sense and you start kind of figure out this text means and all of a sudden it's kind of blows up like amazing things and that the what were going over the days one of those things that happen to me one time and enter in my devotional time and do some growing and growing in and I can't believe how encouraging this message is an and hopefully you get the idea for your group you know after becoming a Seventh-day Adventist average America shall even become a Christian one of the things I struggle with enough accuracy can a Christian is how can I be sure that I actually save up to be sure that if Jesus came that I can go to heaven at entity really clear for all my sins you have another pretty bad things have you ever wondered things like at times your struggle with that and the this was these this morning will help to remove all doubt as a matter of fact I discovered that from the Bible that could doubt that God has forgiven me after I'm asking them to ask them to is tantamount to blasphemy again will show that the Bible was eleven I was moving out most of the book of Leviticus verse will have a study this morning and that interesting book of Leviticus no one even laughing over that any regular Leviticus you find it interesting really okay maybe you had Leviticus and I have say the book of Leviticus the book of Leviticus chapter six verse twenty four the Bible says the Lord spoke to Moses saying speak unto Aaron and to his son saying this is the law of sin offering in the place where the burnt offering is killed jealousy offering be killed before the Lord most holy priest shall offer and shutting it in the holy place it shall be eaten in the corner of the tabernacle of the coronation whatsoever shall touch the flesh thereof shall be rolling out why reading more analysis 's and when this end when there is sprinkled of the blood thereof and a garment else out what that were on it is sprinkled in the holy place okay so this sin offering and talking about here Leviticus it says that this animal when Ezekiel becomes then holy right anything that touches that last week that holy glass in itself become solid avoidance rather taking intense that they are limited if the animal sacrifice would be holy and anything that plus the analog and also be holy they know what is a sacrifice represent I'm sorry in Leviticus Leviticus chapter six and verse twenty four the twenty sixth of February that you ever thought about her ever since Jesus Christ so this animal sacrifices holy glass anything that touches it then becomes holy interesting start this is not especially turned to look at Haggai now that I got on exactly how to say that matter how I said someone said is wrong so you can decide how we want to the define it you're the book of Matthew V backup three three books that he is way to find a good amount the backup rebooked for Zechariah I guess I got accepted to verse eleven so in the sacrificial system modeling of the Bible says Iowa Lord is in the thanks Ray high save how do I think this is found in the sanctuary and so wanted a little bit of investigating the sanctuary wanting some things out of the old something 's Avenue answer some questions that many adults in text and you never really thought much like what Jesus was actually sending them honestly this is another this okay I got accepted to starting in verse eleven thus saith the Lord of host asked the priest concerning the law one very holy flesh and the spirit of environment and with the skirt he got Brad are plotted your wine or oil or any meat shall be holy in the present instead now now all that needs acclamation because you probably how one don't have any idea what I'm even saying there with that sex with affecting things electronic explain a little bit just looking into some isolated questions like this you know that anything personally blessed holy right of the act is at the brief concerning the law that if the priests holy glass that holy place represent Jesus Christ is caring in the spirit of them got coupled up like this together it's part of garment in the Rizzoli now becoming is testing always I we know that political law but the question is asked if he wants by any half of the trust 's podium at the start of his garment the volume of Emily the answers lie within our ability to all parties or wine or anything it doesn't become holy now what is the holy flesh representatives represent Jesus as of the Old Testament okay not check this out in the Old Testament figure in contact with the holy flesh you are holy but you couldn't make anything else holy putting out let me to make a quick application in the New Testament we are in contact with the holy blessed Jesus when your contact within your clean family holy for sure all right they can elect anybody else holding or anything else holy because avoiding a today holy now only got to do that right community in Canada personally happen out there there's a real on a lot of applications are just when I went on to some of them real quick I understand seasonably a hundred percent in the principle that we have the God given us don't wear jewelry you may be modest eat the right foods go to the right places avoid the wrong places if anybody knows me knows I present in the Bible are strongly allegedly by the standard right but because the were doing these things and were connected to Jesus are we holy work activities that I really got nothing on someone else I can think of off the mother anymore good eating that where this don't wear that perfect on a holy now than we do a little while they look good on the outside but there is on the inside by until I can confidently flash those things are important and Lincoln and contactable at last it does you no good at ignoring that is dyslexic or looking at in the Old Testament here that he's asking the priest a look into your holy if you come in contact with a holy flesh which we would say would be presented of the Jesus are you holy priest yeah but if you touch something else can you make it holy no Africa listen it makes having a fully unit bring them to the holy flesh which would be Jesus isn't it interesting that this Old Testament stop is the singular now if you notice in verse thirteen in hate activity verse thirteen this is a guy if one is unclean by that body touches any of these things shall be unclean we presented and said to him it's ugly now that that's relevant has amassed other like matter how holy I am making a holy but upon the file I can mess things up that doesn't put us in a very good position doesn't like all we can do exactly what the Bible think all we can do is run things messed things up no one can help anybody or help anything is if we ourselves bring them in contact with Jesus the holy flesh of the Old Testament delivered the book now of Leviticus chapter five Leviticus the fifth chapter back to that interesting book in the Old Testament you know about getting clean and unclean and donate it this way of doing it that way and all interesting stuff latest chapter five verse two in the salt touches by the litigants like to send him ensure I get to sorry you get to seven iPad units in the body of the director not use the Bible to better 's assault is any unclean thing whether it be the carcass of unclean these the carcass of unclean cattle carcass of unclean creeping things it is hidden from him you also be unclean and and and what would a sleeping guilty verse three because of the uncleanness of a man wants her uncleanness of the that a man shall be defiled with all its hidden from him when he knows a bit finish of the guilty so basically you can come in contact with something as unclean Klinger not really you know you're guilty you're not really guilty we haven't done anything for you become aware of it honestly the only unclean you can't fix that right once you become aware that I went on this then you must get the money must be something really do that now that because your guilty uncleanliness is legal to guilt verse four in the souls were financing with his lips to do evil or to do good whatsoever be that a man shall pronounce with an oath it is hid from him when he knows of it he shall be guilty of one of these things and it shall be when he shall be guilty of one of these things that he shall confess that you have sand in one of these things and then it goes on a verse six on a describe the sacrifice must bring and we just read will do that while ago that sacrifices holy blessed you can comfortably flash and you become holy they ask a question the Messiah to come in the future from the book of Leviticus anytime ever become unclean until the Messiah now is not possible because unclaimed is legal to yelp which would be equal to sand which means you have to offer this in sacrifice so think about this the Messiah to come in the future analogy as you think they were known this young like they know the Bible better than any of us like they memorize the Bible so that you looking at now the people of the children of Israel would announce the Messiah to come if you would ever it he were ever to become unclean you can be guilty and could not be the Messiah all is well known that right okay now from this point is that a link is preventing you from Leviticus after visiting and by the way as far as I will study goes you need using a word that were coming oftentimes with this is a couple more as well as uncleanliness are unclean and yellow is holy flesh bodies these terms rendered so how do you suppose you come up with that idea like what you see in this RNA we like what I level that is what enables God okay that is very interesting what out of life it is a nicely I got a confession might 's concordance became the biggest ever fifteen members nineteen people what is an issue of sovereignty meant to enter into serious turf last be blood she shall be put up for seven days and whosoever touches her shall be unclean until the evening and if they're unsound claim there also guilty and would have a president sacrificing along right so it is a woman of an issue in her shoes in her class and she and she touches something that something is unclean and guilty that levels of numbers after nineteen Leviticus Leviticus you have numbers any longer the numbers chapter not chapter nineteen in verse twenty two number nineteen twenty two the device of the right whatsoever and unclean person touches shall be unclean and to sell it touches it shall be unclean until evening so anytime someone is unclean with a touch you are you touch them don't make you unclean and then when you would be giving him ask a question again could the Messiah to come in the future ever become unclean and guilty as the Messiah and everybody knows it right let us go now March five Martin the chapter marks after five when look at the story here it obviously Jesus is out wandering around telling parables and calling people to repentance and doing good things in the money came and said hey my daughter she's homesick and she's dying to become until her driest direct area so when everything was right he later to send out an season locale Kevin Millar and so is on his way there to Hillary verse twenty four of Mark chapter five Jesus went with them and much people follow them and they thronged him Carmen Oliver Jesus and a certain woman which had an issue of blood twelve years and had suffered many things in a position that I level by the model works think sometimes year ago to position you suffer death so I appreciate that and spent all that she had was not better but rather grew worse I hate standing on his body my bottom and other thought and you will Wednesday she is all she had seen in every facet of everything she can do the math yourself right to Mexico holy and how it is man I just didn't thought when students feel autonomous and the woman is that all the money that she had she done everything she could to make yourself better are you following this season over money desire doctrine founded in all the breeze like everybody in town wouldn't know this lady she tried her best to fix things on her own so when you say he was an impossible situation like actually it is out of the Bible says that this is an action getting worse the harder you try to make things right election getting worse and she was unclean well it goes on and says in verse twenty seven when she had heard of Jesus she came from behind and come from behind and touched his garment what timing eleven out of the limited testing of the garment thank you again the second time in a never ending the press and she testified out the problem here Jesus is not the Messiah is going in your setting around the first nearest driver or one of the people that know the Bible very well you know as well as I clean I can picture like this too but when you let me leave imagination is little bit here to read the Bible and of the advocates of the same right as you read it so the people are trying to draw around Jesus and here comes this woman who is that all her monies in every doctrine County is really messed up right and she's coming about an patient like they're the Red Sea parting like the people who's getting a life I don't element of the Mandeville process of doing an animal sacrifice now I arrived to the spreading out how to get in the latest one with her issue right she comes up and I can assist you see him and he is about the problem of diving motion I can almost imagine I can like if you tested him of his garment now as you read the story is a classic of the development has revealed the genius of any number they wanted to that magazine now picture this scene is that if anything is going going to move along all right because of him are doing is very invited all my guys going around thinking the site you're wrong because some of the bill on the issue custom back there is that that makes it likely did you offer the sacrifice brother Jimmy Messiah before I can imagine what's going to their my mind there's anything place again he touched his garment Dorsey said that Armada touches close I shall be home and immediately don't take this out all she could do to make her something felt that as soon as he touches Jesus immediately she's made right in the negative but you can contact the multiplicity of sacred holy double justification on like in the prestigious things are good enough to ask a question here before going the rest the story the woman touches Jesus garment e-mail is you may foliage instead woman you are healed right you yeah you know me thank you Lord Greg Wright is it okay I don't want you to go and eat work anymore Clark delineating a new timeout and a response is that it is an example now why because he so grateful as to what Jesus has done to change your life he was impossible she could fix things you come in contact of the holy flesh now she's the oldest of all whatever it is one of the walk of a cliff I'm sure she would win because she's great and what he has done for our you following this that he touches the holy place user becomes holy and then she had no problems your obeying whatever deals with everyday t-test to disclose inanely about her blood was dried up she thought I might as you would feel that way and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue the word is Dennis which means power power had gone out from him on antidepressant said those Nigerian others in the design rated as royalist Bonnie what we read the Bible you had that they had contacted the final synonym of Lord the multitude anything you touch me can imagine how embarrassing the event the disciples like were falling around twenties and the science am I a anyone in the test disclosing the revised both the anonymous on right the Gina said that that was different that that was different angled roundabout you're the dumbest thing you want your family knowing what was done in hurricane and fell down before him and told him all the truth and he said and her daughter your faith has made you rolled one-piece maple of your play immediately when this woman had realized that her uncleanliness she comes to test Jesus when she finally to Jesus he comes at such MLS and the only thing that can happen did happen there's two options to use becomes unclean and is not the Messiah or she becomes clean and he is Messiah are you filing this evening Holly placed in the contact with him she couldn't defile him the only thing that happened was he could make her clean and visited the double essay on what the blasphemous statement but in practice with what article you admit that this message okay have you ever known somebody that says a lot been so bad I did the things he is can forgive me for a been so bad I went on to ask but I'm just not sure that he will forgive me if you don't like that you know we do with people we love the people I behold them as they all their dish soap so holy that is so humble the date the individual and how bad they didn't how great God is there so humble nothing on their blaspheming you're saying that figures out if you say I reached out and I ask you to forgive me but I don't think you get what you sang as I touched him and him and him I'm going because your file eyeballing that so the only thing that can happen does happen first on one identity that was a list if we confess our sins he just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from on high business I think I something when everyone asking is the beginning of your sands he has no choice not Southwest with other masking as an online audio content line because the Bible says in Titus chapter one verse two I cannot lie I is about a blacksmithing it may think I can get my visit as once as a right word also says that he claims you you come out in your resulting in an you may contact within these a large I placed cleanly on righteousness he doesn't because the Bible says it's a promise from him not because of your medical Huguenots not because you got them they are cleaned of a string of these that I am ready coming and now not because of your virtue but because of his people and the onset because he is the holy flesh and whatever comes in contact with the holy flesh itself becomes holy Queen I just got this letter back to the numbers numbers after nineteen were not across another impossible situation numbers chapter nineteen starting in verse eleven number nineteen eleven he that touches the dead body of any man shall be unclean for seven days and guilty of sin after the process each up your arms up on the third day and on the seventh day shall be clean verse twelve numbers nineteen twelve but if he purifies not himself the third day then the Senate they shall not be going who's ever touching the dead body of any man that is then somehow the one about the wording the dead body of a man that is that if you're a good place it has a dead body a man is not bad somebody in trouble and does not purify himself he files the tabernacle of the Lord said he touched a dead body it's I that make you unclean and you and you do not go to the closing process UD filed a tabernacle of the Lord and that's also become from Israel he called that water separation was not Sprint upon you shall be unclean event things yet upon him so if you touch a dead body in anybody you are unclean and guilty this is a law when Amanda attend all that come into the tent and all that is in the tent shall be unclean for seven days every the which I know coming down the client is unclean oligomer sixteen whoever touches one of the slain with the sword in the fit of a deal or a dead body or the bone of a man or even gray shall be unclean for seven days and then would be guilty enough anything one of the storage units raise the dead and ongoing there yet when I go there when the lunch after five marks of the something in the New Testament Luke but the chapter in Bible study all your doing is looking up references and things that have to do with cleanliness and uncleanliness to try to explain what we found in the book of Haggai when it says if you cut something in your claim and you have you have the holy place with unique SME guide only the question is why is answering and marble study is already answering the question laconically we blacks he brought up his reading but I got a County people here prior to this remember ever reading the book of a guy remember reading it I guess if you cannot read of it however anything ever said those things everywhere the Bible sometimes you have to dig a little your payment of thirty from his loving for the mechanic Luke chapter five verse seventeen taking a pass on a certain day as he was teaching healing Jesus that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by your there were over there listening Pharisees and doctors of the law already there I they were there and he can out of every town of Galilee and Judea and Jerusalem and the power of the Lord was present at ELM noncontact the person is the best electrical energy are sitting there like many guys are helping their wealthy bridges and the president will end up our Lord is presently no them where they need help from his funny go it may go with me to look chapter eleven Lu Chapter 11 I used to wonder about this at understanding come back to take him back and I like on the critics has now Luke eleven verse forty four wall use drives and Pharisees you hypocrites for your life graves that do not appear an manner I'll cover them and are not aware of them now you are that that's probably on a candidate like I sound is even talking about one of the main targets and apparently I got everything that I very save your life and do not appear to listen if you touch a grade that was unmarked Netherlands Denmark gives the market you trust the grading a lot your unclean and guilty is established unabashedly through my grades with the northern zone people come in contact with you every day and becoming unclean and guilty and they don't even know it now not I wanted to make this application to modern day Israel it is a Matthew chapter twenty three hundred fifteen and he said he's got and Pharisees you hypocrites you you you a lot about the timeline proselyte one hour make one disciple one can imagine and when you find them you making twice the job and how is health data design a lot United Bank via dial-up you know you're getting that you're going outside the bladder getting the coupling is always nice picking outside but inside your level and you come in contact with you and they are becoming holy that actually becoming unclean can you imagine what that sound alike to the ears of the scribes and Pharisees they want me to Jesus to be cleansed the meal they could come to Jesus the Clintons know that you want without an altogether they didn't need Jesus they had they had arrived on their own the reading right they were living right there doing all right one they wouldn't come to Jesus wow the first powerful worthy is gated and there was in it I hope he wins anything like that of us now muscular Luke chapter seven Lib seven chapter null of this now the first instance we looked at the woman had an impossible situation didn't think when the chapter seven we have one is a little more impossible if the woman had been sent to come to Jesus I like the Pharisees related misguided neither because he was dead verse eleven a blue chapter seven it came to pass the day after that he went into the city called Main and many of his disciples went with him and much people and when they came not in the gate of the city behold there was a dead man carried out the only mother of his only son his mother and she was a widow and much people the city was whether and when the Lord saw her he had compassion on her instead do not weep and he touched the casket all big problem is getting us happy and healthy because if that's the casket anything unclean and therefore guilty enough Messiah would you say this is a pretty impossible situation I went like a wallet that was the issue that was pretty impossible but when she was alive and she coming out with this guy didn't even go to Jesus for help she is looking for him he was then isn't as far gone is gone can get and as impossible as impossible to get the Jesus comes it is impossible situation because nothing is really impossible with Jesus and said he is gone they touch the casket he convinced the disciples what all we needed about of following the Messiah bulimics will happen this and the only thing that can happen does happen it's an impossible situation and use them to put his hands on you file him the only thing that can happen is you may cling to them because of the casket and he said the math any arise and the dad set up immediately set up in the long forgotten the undead and he began to speak and delivered him to his mother not to read this out of the vibrators because well she does it better than I could ever put in my own words if you have a way of doing that is an impossible situation was and what he says as they drew near that your train is seen coming from the gate with slow sad steps it is proceeding the place of burial on open casket carried if I is the body of the dead and about other mourners filling the air with their wells in the cries and all the people the town seem to be gathered together to show the respect the dead and sympathy for the bereaved of this idyllic and sympathy the deceased was the only son of his mother and she was a widow the lonely mortar was following to the grave or so are the supporting comfort when the Lord Solari had compassion on her and as she moved on blindly waving not noting his presence he came close beside her in jail he said we not seen as another stranger grievant enjoying he can't he cannot permit expression of inner sympathy that his most exciting part of me like as I was going to the studying is like wow Jesus can be defiled to get me to file run reading this she agrees it came he came and touched the casket to him even contact with death that impart no defilement taken him out China Canada seven what is it that has raised the matter how far you've gone about how bad the CNS when you go back and you just use you clean it with a large if you elegantly guess what cleanses you like you can't say I don't think you forget to leave you say that your blaspheming there is beyond the lamentation of the motor see the two companies gathered about the casket holding in your help one was present who had vanished as these vanquish demons that officer think this power in clear authoritative voice the words are spoken young man said he arrives the voice appears in the ears of the Dan Emmett opened his eyes can you imagine your dad son is being carried out by these people and if you want on the site is not as attentive as like what you really think is a wake-up of white men disguised crazy and easier son can you imagine what that would do you will what is a puzzle what is abuzz at this point raisin and they had a delivered this month what do you suppose they would undoubtedly lead its employees will do their thing work please don't do this for me what it was forced to hire whenever you sigh why because they first come in contact with the holy flesh you must first come in contact with Jesus powerful powerful at eleven for the sum of amount almost every department funds because it the voice peers and leaders within the young man opened his eyes Jesus takes a minute and lets them up his gaze falls upon Herdman and weeping beside him and mother and son unite in a long cleaning joyous embrace can you mindlessly like in the resurrection is not cheated yet is that she did resurrection did you know you did what she did is only temporary I guess that I can't let the other vital so that I'm on I figured it's a little bit of the runtimes of them talking really fast we'll get there Hebrews I love the section in Hebrews Hebrews Chapter 11 this is so so good a listener this verse thirty four humors eleven thirty four the question about the fire escape the edge of the sword out of weakness were made strong lacks valid if I turn the blood of Yarmouth and aliens women received their dead raised to life again five and others were tortured not excepting the labyrinth that they might think is right and getting it again one point let me night we went to Holland one Gbit right my dad loved one you like I like Coletta another car with my dad is like Anita 's writing the different heart but had pleasantly mounted Friday on holiday eternity right that you like a calculated and you know what you die again but there is a resurrection coming we don't die anymore it is designed to achieve resurrection however the Machida like definitely bothering the dying does not process right and so using out letters under the end of the process of dying twice with no worry that Doral mostly upper laughers unlike Wesley Lord but it was for it showing the power of God there okay they do this he's going to do the real resurrection back to the story Luke chapter five even worse than being dead whichever five worse than being dead whichever five verse twelve taking a pass when it even a certain city behold a man full of leprosy leprosy is worsening debt the then integrating erotic leprosy your line and running what would you choose like for sure this is another impossible situation another very unclean situation one that nothing can be done to fix I love you Jesus build in impossible situations so it came to pass when he was in a certain City Hall a man full of leprosy seeing Jesus film is based beside them saying Lord if you will you can make a claim and seventeen of the board now keep in mind that when that when this happen already in the Derby is an and I got in the illustration part whenever Jesus found in this outgoing guy come to do that with time early in his ministry the Final Fantasy dismount for the coming towards you and I think Edith Rankin out of hand and if I would like an occupation Islamized electronic died in playing an elaborate right now that designing weapons like they tried Corinthians and passing out leprosy monoline we written our regular line because the man that touches somewhat leveraging himself became unclean guilty messed up but nothing that has the holy flesh defile the holy flesh think of what his hand pressing thing I will be thou clean and three days later the man's leprosy left him none of how quickly it happened immediately even how I'm going to see if the claims you have other setters in the late that is good news is teammate Emily the levers in part from him not just of the battery here because it's the best leaf parsley but it the work of Christ including a letter from this terrible disease as an illustration whatever an illustration of his work in cleansing the solvents and complicated out how messed up can you make what you can't do that but even worse omega the deadline are living in Jesus will fix the manager came to Jesus he says was quoting full of leprosy if deadly poison permeated all violet body noticed that the disciples thought you meant their master from touching him I can come to conjure the bulk of the ideas done using the playwright of slow-motion and I like how him him I like Peter 's I just signed up to follow this dialog window immediately Messiah the son remember maximum cutting him for he who taught the leper himself becomes unclaimed oh but laying his hand upon the leopard Jesus receives no defilement his class imported life-giving power the leprosy was cleansed however visitors and take your discourages when you got youngest been so bad am I ever going to building things right we are told in verse one one here is an illustration of Jesus pointing us no matter how bad it you come to him and you're going and goes on and says thus it is with the leprosy is sin deep-rooted deadly in possible kidney cleanse by human power the woman was impossible the dead was impossible the leper Simplot leprosy to impossible your sand is impossible you're a lost soul and become a contractor that holy flesh even clean everything up you are going here going there quit wearing their start wearing that cover this up but in the coming consequently pleasure still going to hell you're still lost it don't clean the filthy those things happen as a result of appreciation for he who is cleansed you are not insane I have people from Tony Addison worked with him a kind of live this lifestyle none of the government of the gospel Uganda Zimbabwe is not evidence but you got it right you do I do these things as a result of enclosing me like he might make some ass I was lost I was done I was going to mount a hell and he claims me any sets out my life now a clear view image right in wanting to come in and you don't you don't need the here's on your face and then you don't need that because I'm I'm yours elegantly about really have to honestly I just claim you what you're going to our life is what you're going the easy argument in opening up that window as he does on the New Testament of the Bible he asked us to do everything you are going on what they are saying what I clean you up I made you okay you have eternal life abiding in you I have done this for you he said the police did not want to wear our brains perhaps you never really believe that if Quincy to start with the leprosy was cleansed that that is what delivers this in the grid then the impossible equipment and power the whole head is sick no hardest thing from the soul of the unit of the head there is no soundness in it but worms bruises and putrefying sores they want but Jesus coming to dwelling humanity receives no relation with elaborate as beautiful as I pointed talking about a lot of he's not e-filed your Maclaine I can serve a God like that back where I was she is receiving an environment see ultimately other Mac D is coming to augment the receipt of pollution 's presence at healing virtue for the center I bolded him a note here so I don't miss this who ever will fall at his feet who ever will thought his feet saying Lord if you will you can make me clean we'll hear the answer I will be thou clean that's it UL GS not because you deserve it like a leopard and deserving clan of the ligament was dead as a bracelet then the woman that is your blog and learn how to does your blood that right than I deserve these things but they happen because they come in contact with Jesus and their impossible situations were taken care of and you may have some impossible situations this morning the Bible says we are all that unclean thing all of our righteousnesses are as the raggedy done much study and that you know that the Iraqi talking up menstrual rags all of your goodness is like a woman's menstrual rag so that means you are unclean in your own business you are unclean the issue you a little bit issue if you can contact your unclean all your goodness with it issue your unclean that his goodness magically never join a study note by the way this could go on and on had he not ever Jesus tells Peter if you don't want to wash your feet yet no part of me John he claims he had no part of me in your first Corinthians and it says thought about the people of our whore mongers sorcerers and they were idolaters they were there homosexuals all the things and he says such were some of you but now you are clean your watch ideology is what you kicked if the reader in and in them John seven thirteen if you know what he wants you you have no part in me is you've got to come to Jesus that holy flesh and here's the good things no matter how be filed you are when you touch him you become going because he's and so is the North expands the divine forgiveness and conversion knows full well that it is a comp least immediately and suddenly it was from by the way a black and green one of the predictions is looking up I'm not that old monogamous the remote panels memorized reread it again every soul who has the glorious experience of divine forgiveness and print version those full well that it is accomplished immediately and suddenly now and that is and that his creation for we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus and the claim heart is the result of creation creating a clean heart O God in the beginning and is beginning of Christian experience being as everyone knows immediate and sudden now is evidence enough that Christian experience at every stage is encompassed in the same way by creation is not even if it isn't not even so written that now is except the time now the day of salvation that is simply to the assurance of every soul of the divine the Christian experience of the creative power reward and power that ecology these things now I love that made me made holy now come to him I think you were finished father in heaven is open up your word this morning and we looked at we brought things out of both the old and the new bodily compared Scripture to Scripture Lord help us to be faithful in doing these things as we study your word looking for you and all the passages Lord I thank you for also the prom so we have here that when we come to you in faith no matter how filthy and rotten and disgusting we are whole or new matter how good our righteousness is is guilty rotten disgusting we destroy ourselves prostate you Lord and Savior if you will you could make us clean and orderly to the promise I will be thou clean thank you for that promise but I pray that you help us to live our lives every day in such appreciation for that cleanliness that whenever you ask us to do anything we know that we do not hesitate because Lord you are master matters right I was always appreciate that but I thank you for the way you work in each of our lives spring is here this point thank you for your cleansing power what may we if anyone here is not heard those words for they not ask or do not let them have rest they reach out unit in and call out the Lord if you will you make me clean let us be assured Lord that we do so you have done what you promise we can have an assurance that will see you coming the clouds of glory not hiding in the rocks but in looking at single this is our God we wait for him he will save us Jesus thing we ask a man


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