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Adventist 201

Isaac Olatunji


Isaac Olatunji

Teacher in the School of Religion at Oakwood University and the pastor of the Stateline SDA Church in the Gulf States Conference of SDA.



  • April 8, 2011
    10:30 AM
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nine anybody wanting to come back for a second session on Evans two oh one amen oh nine and women on the recent theory and by the grace of God will do a practice run out how to systematically understand the doctrines of the Bible now on you his work for who we get to work Bob and him we pray for the outgoing of the Holy Spirit in early and latter rain power you should race and with less of this and we pray in Jesus name amen the Bible says in the first Peter chapter three first Peter chapter three first Peter the third chapter will focus in on one verse of this book of this chapter first the third chapter many new enemies they met all my reviews and pages terms will give you another minute first Peter chapter three Amherst fifteen all right was the exact reverse of your pages trying to first Peter chapter three and verse fifteen the Bible say it but I the Lord God where another person one thing is that in the Bible is making sure that when a attitude and in a condition where God inside the box with God is set apart where our wheel submerged in his will when we can do is will repeat the word the Bible says beside the bottom of in your hearts and be ready how how how all and be ready always to give an answer to every man that has to view a reason of the whole that is where with meekness and fear which means that as born-again Christians as disciples of Christ we should be able to give an asset oh what we believe in much of what we believe but why we believe it from the bar even so therefore we need to know how to study the Bible now on yesterday we talked about the Bible as a whole we dealt with these different periods of the Bible with the overall message of the Bible we dealt with our UI talk about in terms of maintaining the mouse of the grand central theme of the Bible also by God 's original purpose of the creation of the world lies the great controversy in the work of redemption and we also learn about how we should understand the two principles contended for supremacy the principles of rebellion versus love my human now that every act of life Ellen Weiss is revealed which wanted to and take an antagonistic motives control us it is leading up and we understand that we can gain a general knowledge of the message the Bible so yesterday 's workshop dealing with when you ring the Bible through from Genesis to Revelation okay me doing it nearly bobble reading only reading different books of the Bible we talked about yesterday or help to understand the Bible that way now averages the doctor says while one was really too little one advances in two oh one as a part where God willing blessed me over twenty years ago and what will talk about today is how to systematically understand the doctrines of the Bible gives them this right here the Bible always a mess now Bob I have a message but the Bible has documented teaching it it that God would like to have us enough the key point here now are impossible to understand the book of education page one hundred and ninety that is really what started the verse by verse method is often the most wet help notice he says the verse by verse method which is referred to in the text in the book of Isaiah twenty nine Burstein a thirteen or the Bible says that line must be upon what precept upon what here a little and then let a little now did Jesus Christ use this method of biblical interpretation when it came to explaining the doctrine about who Jesus was and who the price would be the book of Luke chapter twenty four Luke chapter twenty one and only get better sponsors regular twenty four emperors twenty seven now look at verse twenty five people going to verse twenty seven the Jesus Christ is the verse by verse method as outlined by the pop of the Lord women are starting from the Bible that he most assuredly did now one thing you must understand that you cannot build a doctrine all one checks are you with me now but now you can use the foundational title context of foundational text that brings out the father to try to bring but what happens simply of this right here just as our house is the foundation of apposition foundational text is the foundational idea of the topic you want to study about the present this Psalm one but went vibrant script in my Scripture you build the house the artist that we talking about so out of this up with this writer in every start every time you want but about a topic of the Bible or doctrine lab with his mother apartment you should do is find a foundational text is not with and from that point build on that with what are they in the book of twenty four verse twenty five then he said he has of them all bowls and small heart to believe that all was the proximate are not rise that suffered these things cannot enter into his glory at eleven twenty one twenty seven cents you sent and beginning where at malls this was not about most of them up again with the first problems the Bible beginning at models if at all the way he is proud of them and all the way that things concerning what himself so when Apple was in order to prove that he was only why he began at the beginning eighty built up all the weight throughout the province and all the script is where you are the Messiah or silo of the Lamb each element systematically how he was the Christ are you with me and they were convicts so out of this ugly as this writer we have got people about letting the bottom of his last days with me able to systematically show what we believe and why I believe it beginning at Moses and all the prophets but they've confronted that you are you with anonymity this is my favorite part that he is called systematic theology theology systematic theology theology don't get confused on that word work out isn't it means the study of God and his Word are you so systematic theology deliciousness much study of God and is what word was systematic theology another woman the study of what kind of documents Bible doctrine still apples when you're being the Bible we are studying doctoral topics what happens to them and after they die but if the Sabbath or what should we eat or drink almost to what happened this newsletter model for less than what you are practicing systematic but the study of Bible doctrine is now systematic theology is the body and since the categories categories and is interested in a systematic theology of the body of the seven categories about seven is a complete number identity so what was in the Bible systematically was not a complete system of chilled natural a complete system of chilled and when is that a problem asked my advice the Bible document easy to understand that category systematic out to be said about is the study of what God and his word the second type of payout is called Christ out of this study Christ but their archival theology is called Numa what was the most that were new policy which is the study of the holy one because the word in the Greek means are you with so no mythology is a study of the holy one that one was caught anthropology is the study of the nature of who man the type of galaxy in systematic theology is he claimed the policy was just a study of the world church because the virtuous cosmic great when ecstasy are you listening to work and the next one is called salt honestly which is the study of salvation and the last one which is my favorite is eschatology which is the study of last day events when you put all conservative policies together now a complete system of systematic theology topical doctrinal Bible study about a visit with this right here now these are policies which will be big is your favorite to study and write anybody else so the teleology that the dissemination of anybody else out as a after five and in the now what happened is that when this writer there are many something here on the seven branches of systematic theology that made it interesting you indicated that all go hand-in-hand amen and so what happened this simply is this why I believe will a proper understanding of eschatology you got is that all reality the one apologizing with me as a woman that I believe that my study of eschatology that NY help you to understand all the above policies altogether defendants you cannot neglect one with out the author are you getting so out of this ugly of this crazy notice it is as you notice right here it's all really in order because without value have Jesus a visiting without things you can have the Holy Spirit i.e. with me and them is that the nature of man that man was created as a a moral being at first when Mancini became moralizing with me anytime something of the death on I'm not alone so many to understand what happens to a person when they die any understand all of them for quality we understand Beverly that the anthropological teaching of the Bible teaches us that man does not go to heaven or hell uniquely identify you with me I even when they understand that the study of the Holy Spirit with understanding to be filled with the Holy Spirit and that the Holy Spirit is the third person of the handwriting with me we understand the price policy which is the Christ not all the Bible amen which ennobled me lots which nobody cameras are we to understand the human nature which he totally came on this very frightening and each of the major atom after all I admit me but yet he was filled with the Holy Spirit I kept them from setting in with me selling us practically that mankind are individual the Spirit of God can live a life without sin what he is lay out their ugly story about God and his word everything is right here there were always together the study of the church we let you how but certainly functioning giving the gift should be doubt as I did with me systematic theology will leave us with our item availability misgiving is efficiently with without a doubt who should be leading the charge rated the war is a settled issue of women's ordination I even I think everything is a ecclesiology right and other things start to reality does not have salvation we understand and probably we understand that we are saved by grace and we're safe from three things that the Uncle Sam the power of sin and the presence of sin I am doubly not believe an adaptive boat once saved always one say and lastly eschatology without it the right way we would know exactly what's going happen when it's going up and I wasn't happening in all these things are important doctors are extremely important argument because separate doctrine from Jesus lady with me when I was visited by it when we study about you began to study always in the light of Christ amen how does this relate the class level one and how this relates to you when you study those two ways it brings the bastard is alive in your life amen always ahead talk about it let's go so what happened is in the seven-day Adventist church we have accepted twenty eight fundamental what believes which has all seven policies now in its way onto monopolies are going to show you how it is fundamentally about church and we got to know we believe that the church falls into these seven categories number one it could take hours in the first three highs I was in the locality you have our first doctors called the what then the second out of bubble began down the father God the son and God the way Holy Spirit articles the first time after the marchers and companies three artisans now policy we have to bathe in my mouth at the possibilities you cannot start my business is about creation the derision type is six thousand years ago yesterday that China had illustrated life was one thousand years and with different life that now is about two thousand years that means that the only six thousand years old the understand this right here for instance although we were not made from a month during the payment illustrated in the beginning of where understand of the work of the Lord what I have is what made it all the holes and by the breath of his mouth when you understand the correct understanding of the word Gothic software has created power when it comes to the creation you know and man eons of years and he created a human and for the creation of the training everything was made about the word of one so we see how this document in order bail is foundation of the next opportunity with so after creation we understand the nature of who may have been going to start to reality we didn't let the great controversy between price and statement of life the death and the resurrection of what Christ known a class that is sinless life a man that you are sensitive and high level and that he thought to take our place and playing naughty roles that Sunday morning for the patient when the Romans in verses twenty five so we understand that my ear and a happy experience of what salvation and now for those who did not know in the year two thousand added another doctrinal belief to our understanding of the Bible doctors and is called rolling and what clients because when you have your spiritual salvation is sound that is what it is that the one-time event where I became cited an estimate no one out of this rate it went to grow in Christ the script is that they become if they but we'd rolled will majority are solely honest band growing inquiries correctly we see character perfection the controversial character reflect the gold of the spirit of salvation the life and death and resurrection at the end of my controversy is the antichrist to character what profession attack the profession cannot be obtained if we do not see below about the needs about is the hottest all coming together and so laughably simple loan average landscape of God 's character Romans seven personnel said the law is holy just and good will only obey the law God Elmore will not will lead all but the moral law the Commandments ten Commandments we can grow in Christ are you with me because they have the experience of what momentum salvation because of the life death and resurrection over and the life of the great what because we understand the true nature of who NME McGrady and if anything are all and upon us that it always may have a pot in the creation because of the word God talking to somebody and when we understand that we can be subjected the bond government called God he argued with me please in the Bible systematically you see all these doctors go hand-in-hand illustrated in the above log on to have us call but what the Sabbath and how the sun is still the Lord 's name in revelation one of verses about love in the Spirit on the Lord 's day so systematically say or how it millionaire and advice on the Philharmonic so systematically Buddha Matthew chapter twelve of verse eight when the Bible say is how the Son of Man is lord even of the wet day so systematically you see that the only David Jesus sitting with one I will do what sat up talking to somebody but it is man's quest this is the Sabbath a lot about one of the Saturdays starting on Sunday is no systematic way to do the reclamation of Christ hello where he died on the way and he rose on Easter and Mark chapter sixteen said that he will on the first day of the week so that tells me the first in the week that the day before the Sabbath of the message after the Sabbath and I always even disseminate Sabbath is still binding on the seven deadly Saturday and Sunday and then we understand that you make on the Sabbath but we can be good stewards and with about five companies on that TV because there was as money but it was rebutted by part-time identity and time was raised because of course but time is truly money because the script is that if you are laying the install will not mislead people people talking to somebody fill me understand biblical stewardship that was later our prosperity is spiritedly in terrible ways all were both heavily on how we spend our time afterwards I even wish it was over time our money our talent and office designated our time money sound and what else possessions and also are able company somatic cell only understandable possibility like that if I want to go to come it isn't all these things and experiencing life I even so out of the abyss is not the only thing the Bible theologically as the Natalie what happens if God is John now and again was nice but to give us wisdom I was the application of treatment then it were good Christians do with our behavior hello we understand were stewards of our implements and I found money and talents I will be federal court in Boston was invited with me we don't where certain things maybe with the balloon within the certain types of music we don't want certain things because we're still woodland with pop me so I behave how to do I want because they keep the Sabbath with Islamist hypertension are you able which has been a long time because the growing where the character perfection because it was as if there is one for the live government imaginable in the light of the great left controversy because they understand the true nature of man would rain and godlike image to come we were created by God but Allah and Holy Spirit the weakening and subjection to the bottom biblical body and with the guide his authority from the word God so he's got all billing together fitting together than when our behavior is intact in our marriages will be and our families will be intact right with me so we understand that if we are children will behave like Christians sexually than we know that marriage has to be between a man and a woman therefore we can reject what is going on in society today are you with me with same-sex marriage according to the word of God and then it's that included out but what about search word search means call out what's being understandably and is what mission in Revelation the Bible describes God 's remnant people specifically because they keep all the commandments of who and Apple testimony of Jesus which is the spirit of what prophecy so bad for the remnant church must be disseminated the church because the remnant church is the character went on the bottom of the window when you are you listening now when you understand and then it is our mission is a pretty slippery and is what I'm to talk about this at the end of this so what happened when the other half is integral to who we are hello what I know about Disney did not only on what is our mission I've been known as it is because you are talking about because they are part of the what church they then met rather than learning it must have inherently in the body right where we should all be speaking the same thing so when I was is this lady being studied is Buddhism all bundles if the police to give Scripture there is a huge interpretation it is not in the Bible virtual humans systematically form of theology which will route you and round in a relationship with Christ and will lead you to have a great relationship with you I even illustrated this venue within about a quite often one or one and then you have one load of what witches by emerge in an envelope of the regular analog others as Sartre wears is often helpful the gestalt is also concordance to wear a solution on the meaning of certain words or baptism in the original language needs to immerse a litany to go under someone are you and when you read biblical examples systematically in the New Testament he was pleased that the person getting that five was in the water and the present in the baptizing within the work there we know speculative not to get a cabbie can be unilateral then he was just going to Albright baptizing them identity and place entries right so that those who understand to get baptized in our own that we know anything about the outcome of the vegetarianism the wing is not his systematic galleys of the Bible systematically what happened is his show on you without the real resume sawing you what is right and what is wrong to live right and who is wrong I often is about I was afraid so that is to take place or thing called below is what sup now we've all been baptized believer in Jesus and if not we can have a baptism maybe here somewhere but lab this is my beloved software partaking of the body and blood of what Christ and also washing somewhat crazy because he was at all as he do this usual law is that the law what can't sing and act are better than handling but that our Lord 's supper is a committee that the money was so lavender this writer family plummeted we do these they are in union with one another the yam was called the spirit gives and what because even if marketable is what you join the body of Christ and because your part of the remnant that is what all of the search because the families are strong Christian what become of you what a even though this is a sign of sanctification we describe the law where and because you are growing and what is only made possible by growing and what because you have the experience of the life death resurrection of whom in the light of the great what because and this is your subject to the Guardian which is something where you been responsible for this is good since that's a and then you have a specific gift and not when you say the Bible systematically you will study about a specific get the dog of the managers called the gift of what prophecy to see how the Bible prophets of old Limited were canonical and noneconomic awards by the same Holy Spirit and you also see in the book back to the Bible say it out while I will let his son and daughter Stella and using the goblet equal opportunity employer with with the spirit gives me the one made it so that all of them like the medical elegy one and what happened when you read the biblical foundation of this gift of prophecy it will lead you to accept what God did through and will roof is the why I even and then you'll know that her place is not to take the place of the Bible yet all writings serve as a lesson like leave the Lola and we understand the gift of prophecy correctly you understand that the inspiration all homebodies is equal to that of Scripture but what else and is different I looked outside the Bible is a legion of Jesus but because of our life is the region back to the bottoms you neglected to you with me when you realize that we understand the God of iPad it will lead you to be a Armstrong Christianized with molasses writer and the last with eschatology and one the first doctors in eschatology well he is the foundation of the seventieth minute thankfully with now John three sixteen of the foundation of our state but she is that in them in his history and I have anywhere I want right here in theology details call collapsible contributions without observations are in every denomination on this planet has given some type of theological contribution to Christianity but the seven activists are what makes us unique the company will look at it logically speaking we are a conglomeration of all the truth of every denomination in which brought the Muslim but the thing that makes us unique is our understanding of Christ's ministry some I think Wright's ministry think people are looking at the atonement in his life on the earth and it's only made on the cross and that's just the way you understand Christ ministry and the heavily where and I understand that I must meet and I went to my other words behold the Lamb of what the landlord was the type of the anti- fight is Jesus I eliminate the Temple was the type of families legibly is the anti- one type you must understand what you mean the bowels of the map with the Bible was actually at the top eleven MO was made on the earth was symbolic of the tabernacle in and at the high priest blocker is symbolic of the high priest later a Hebrews PayPal again right I reason with a more excellent ministry all that means that what Jesus did on was not all it argument me about it but not all I've been to where he's doing and I told her right now in the most holy place talk to somebody on the blotting out of transgressive and when you understand that we miss is that ministry didn't have the second coming of what lots will bet when he comes back every Osceola see him are you with me and we lose our lot remains of the closet of the way to meet the Lord in their that will be going to discuss the amount of trust a lot about what basis do you believe in the remarkable would refuse whenever of the in the desert I even thought twice does Jesus that in essence that say it was the government 's seeming is that it were true you realize the town you see how blocking is very important just to talk about right now when you understand how deep is it really going to come in you know that every any other way is not befall claimant so therefore you won't wash them will be called left behind I even because you know a good document understanding of a single request is not scriptural are you with me so therefore you get during the history of the ratchet was one of the life of your little personal visible and audible second Cunningham in prayer with you as part of that was mere humans because death and what else happens to match after they were good men and women go in either heaven or hell because this purchase is a bit know now what is going to stop this is about you will find out the major man that man was moral aphis and therefore man is subject unto that therefore when a man dies the Bible says called the sleep of death we are sleeping in the gray and when you read the Bible the Bible says the dead in Christ shall rise what works well pump it was in heaven when they die know your in the ground until the resurrection and with either fully understand that you understand the millennial not better amen now he is letting about was the Berlin you mean is that we're living in the Bible navigators besetting about the doctor systematically you are not there sometimes it begins is not right in the Bible per se in terms all the word but the concept some of the concept the word millennium is not in the world living will never find a note version of the bipartisan bickering over what happens you'll find that unsatisfied with me so what happens that leaves this minute when it comes than a millennium the world millennium must mean something he will what a dictionary in addition everything that when he means how many years so once I have one thousand years and then the bout will tell you that when Jesus comes back westward here that the antichrist of a resurrected bilateral men are everywhere and the level in my antenna for the dynamic of the skirt is that we which are alive and remain together with and where the and I had only come back with a glass toward the horizon of the day independently and in the millennium with an matter how many years out I'll let you judge them all those that are left on the earth because these but it is not a Berliner you will find out that the day will be in the grade the rest of the day in the Bible does lead up now systematically reading the Bible will deduct your thinking and they would say when you read the Bible systematically the you got a take off denominational glasses and read a bit payment are now enough will be his God when we knows Drupal will have a visit with this writer most people when they read about the thousand years the rest of the misstep hardware sales but the rest of the Gambia not again if in Atlanta in any event what limited I'll write about any rate the Bible systematically implies that is those little golden ale I was made in a bargain right now in our own chilling is that about systematically what happens is your personal people to get his arguments in this book are you it is unclear what obvious will finish this is the first resurrection and then at the millennium if cannot deal with it in the black and the Bible says he revealed agency had even ended in a light of what any revelations are worried about a self-knowledge and when you look and see what the Bible says that the weight of our walk and the rest of the way the revelations are twenty independent ministries of the system not from the Bible and every day this writer you got to use your thinking cap when you read the Bible rightly with a laugh of business writer Babylon spirit of Babylon the denominational spiritual Babylon have adulterated will Bob where people have read the Bible glasses on Agostini 's test and not understand what it means a big but what happens than Don Ringgit God-given aluminate of alert would be good nobody means the revelations happens when visited it very carefully but the interesting all the same with Australia Revelation chapter twenty emperors nine and they went up on the breath of aware and compassionate site is about and the blood what an fire came down from God aware and in what no one is right here with our company away that means is not underneath the ground plane burn the row right now the worst hell won't be all hard on our own I been almost as if in they went to them with my devour me it means they completed you missed that there devoured me a completed what I mean when the fire comes to does God do with weapons of the completely devour anonymity that means a lot for me any personal libre Barton almost minerals the acquired or wherever and however all of them pointing out your list lined up one line raised the bottle here little and there was booking you won't find about Barbara and I have a unlimited meaning and eight minutes of meeting I admit me I'm around and you will find out that Jonah was in the belly of that is five hundred Lamanites but John is their house in the biblical Celeron Elizabeth near Midwest lodging if there and that will inhale when asked into the lake of fire this is the web there are old the one are you that this is an outline that will give us a second death that will make a number we turn to the bill money for charity they would not be the and I will also not so and is not in the market systematically in damages and serious water as noted in the famous millionaire if you don't know who believes in crazy things I did with me and we comes about with an open mind to understand the true brothers assisted anything is something you will find out that separately administered has called the present truth these last days and then you will find out this will be a new earth amen Revelation twenty one since the first half-dozen of them was when one and verse one Leslie now have you seen how all the doctrines of the seven and the church we believe systematically theologically all into Latin id. you see that and what happens when you start in the .au data study not just theologically or just again I definitely am a practical sense they meant all dollars and more shall you are reportedly still utilizes what you make I have since I was right here published twenty one and verse money yet unless we the Bible says about that one verse one Milla depending on what exercise a day verse one saith and I saw a new heaven and a lot reason why their new heaven and new earth we don't all have it and I will and I was not all see is compulsive what water but somewhere I read that the father had been dissolved all the elements is one element yes so the Arvin Hill is for all that but that's one of the more see effort is no more birth art or birth and are you threatening but that after we grade all over again on the same kinds of combat him him in the pocket breakout I met me and I found out twice on you well crafted by using laymen a man where is my quicker it will think you are so on is over we believe is the last Israeli we're going to build a man I got about fifteen minutes left posterior we'll talk about how to understand the Bible a a novel strain using the burst vibrant significant Internet finishing out a new one right here but he's done a document if the way you present the back to somebody else I even so now I given yourself about you teaching your son how to get somebody else about that so enjoy doing what is right in order to eligible access he says that we are minors digging through for you with and when you did something together using tools that and the word about is the treasure but we need some tools on the biggest dating back to number one Berkeley Bennett committed to battle a man secondly indivisible that the payment black or blue like ordering a corporate backup and data highlighter yellow green blue or pink I very much when you and what is this an unnecessary get us all of what and what it would be live in imitators right here was also concordance is one the best think once compared free with an account cannot mile at the store happened up on Google to have online one Apple TV the Greek and Hebrew working with you do not say if I did with at an hour you will learn the Hebron great out there are you with me and that I was I even so after this update is what will I know the great writ in the big winners at the flea always like that I even buy all man versus the enigma we really want to show off but about a lot of this writer should have all of the knowledge of biblical lands and what words we hear a man MRI will honestly we're going to hold this app in the ongoing study about you consider Doctor Osama bin Laden and his mission amen so what happens is the somewhat reminiscent Revelation twelve seventeen AA 's twelve seventeen number of us in the most barbarous method in this verse right here now with the little quick on this when I got about thirteen minutes left now one the best tools for Bible study is from a website called amazing facts I don't know about you when I first became a seven a.m. Dennis icicle to exit through every single day and evening on all of the bombs and materials with a beautiful in this one but maybe there is right here our systematically understood that the Bible is about the informal amazing facts .org to have a booth out here and you can systematically understand all the doctors of the Bible systematically and what happened was is this right here what I did was I've been to show you is what helped me to understand what we believe clearly thousand of verse seventeen Mbits plan was to drag somebody how do you know what verse prose of the Dragon is about person I tell you that the dragon is the devil so the devil was well below woman willfulness amount about in the past Old Testament script is for that they must anger with Jersey but they will vote ready and now we live in award-winning American gold to the remotely broke we mingled with the very best of the main the last piece of the original seller after this slightly below what the nature of the last phase I human identity as a special trip despite against West the commando Solo Atlanta Guyana Commandments what was the seventh days of that happening at the development while on assignment HR some of us are I am establishing a new contracts with the management not have the testimony of the home and the environment is nineteenth accounted what the testimony deletes it in the spirit of what pharmacy and sampling to say that will uphold exciting to me that means that the managers of the effeminate sanity denomination that I have the ministry of a private improvement are you listening and we looked all over it only was the one denomination the Seventh-day Adventist church and what about all the other churches Jesus said many secrets I have which are not public mode this brilliant bold hello I must go also ring I have been going on for the mission of writing it argument me and is found in Revelation fourteen versus ethics as well as the developers working and I have about the study here my hand call Angel messages from outer space this will help it to systematically understand the Raymond and its mission I even and what you do is is the even do some things right now I need all about the city of Monterrey versus made about the reverse I would expand on right now for my reverse six rebar six in reimbursement verse six my brother I will have a mess in the present everlasting what the numbers in reverse them about real Barbie birthday Wheatley is reversed now together believers not to standing up we were bursting instead the same shall drink of the wine of the rabble who which is one out without what is a covenant but and usually point with our and what if he'll are in the rest of the of the hallway and rather than what Dennis Fogelberg 's woman of some of them are ever never ending and no rest day nor night as the beast and his image didn't lose everything the model is what liberals will burst now will sell you that when the remnants of guilt its mission operation everlasting thou who has been producing saints amen the Bible says here is the patients although thanks here are they that he's not worried I buy from Amazon will not and have not paid a little asbestos is not a party with me so I want to visit later this night and when the women understand what they are and understand their mission are you with me than without when the out of band who are whatever seven a.m. and is understanding who played on them presumably the land laws island in the well and all the spirit of Babylon are God 's children to pick me and it was edited by now God has chosen in every denomination amen so being around my makeup better is more accountability and responsibility so out of business are you a link even when we amount below gospel the everlasting gospel is random burst out of beer got so that the fear God he knew what the young audience so you want to write down the word beer got your note spirit was Amanda Beard got the moderate on Ecclesiastes chapter twelve hundred thirteen Ecclesiastes chapter twelve number thirteen to give energy to think I am currently supporting 's right now okay quickly the bookmarking is one area in the room I now got a couple of minutes left stop the daughter revelations that and adding them what they have already employed behind on achieving its commitment to my keeping is meant to give glory to him I genetically look at what we must be obedient and law-abiding the benefits again the moderate earthquake is temperate one area who do not know a lot arthritis and thirty one and thirty one that ultimately allow that means that only beyond the instrument of the unbearable to get logged in by our lifestyle giving glory to God amen by eating and health reform amen amen ISS for the hour of his judgment is not shout it was and why is going on way right now meaning to get a job in the lower area Daniel Santos said the judge that was what and the books were one when she was gone we comes if you read Daniel seven therapy does not like before you come right with so you're systematically putting together of theology you are you using it right there walk on a fast because I have a good book to get almost a month if that wasn't him that made heaven and what amnesty and the found the one on actresses who lives in the house was not in spirit so what might these there are lower it is true will be wise enough and ruled that means we won't even in low light emitted but as there was in the mood had an earth and the CM about the militant where the last time in the Maumee River by then it acted as satellite where it says one hundred day the Lord made heaven and what else are MSc Pamela fountains on attendance oh thank you very much okay so evident as I know they have a seasonal half of this you cross those whose as the other whereby God is calling them a time set by the so therefore a part of the everlasting gospel is to teach the whole world that it is time to keep all the documents that did you know that right now bear people that are not part of the seven adventures Sabbath rest of the so-called the Monique show those nuncio beaching possibly channels one and a wife to show machine out for those normally easy the loudmouth know inside and out in the world personal that you say what you think of the office one day a week where we don't do anything all Saturday language whatever the family of Israel we don't know what I will know what I meant me somewhat out of the family has decided that highest of the Miami-Dade break adopted down in Virginia legislator legals obstructed somewhat unclear amazing fact does it very well in a thing called question Scripture interpretation questionable one that is what and what question Scripture and what else was not questioned Scripture interpretation to give you to question and then went into the Russian people to buy it I have about the topic but the thing to do in don't allow that his spoon feed you Google the text yourself so easy all was good chap is also going to the Bible text and you read along with the study and one reading if you want to get on the line or highlight are you a lift and then your previous surveys and if this sounds stupid I know it is you have visited tell you what he means a win when you're doing questions correct interpretation of interpretation all studies what happens is before you know it you'll be doing it without that hearing with anyone happens is this right you're systematically dealing with spiritual theological house to where not only understand the message of the Bible you understand the theological content of the bobwhite with me to wear as a public shaking last night she said the ceiling is a segue into the church intellectual study the doctors and less viable and spirited when you cannot will someone out of court and the last thing we has knowledge that they MSA in the near body language oh eight and you'll be able to allow the Holy Spirit to go into the reasons of Goma to weaken pullout that mouth of the DVD years ago I even and you will be healed only no gain on the word but the power to weight estate it is written the Bible says this this and that and what it means is this learning that a altimeter watch on YouTube and Internet sales on how people got so what the writer is not about you was the one hundreds that is right here the biggest will close always have more time to talk about it was in the know you don't out how to get it will the job Lisbon indicators right here if you would do have to say question Scripture interpretation it was amazing that output has twenty seven thousand now you take a poll Barack Obama you know the Bible on this the most of my first Bible but I had I bought several bottles since then it was a big letter violence is that I'm a little bit better Bibles my first viable if you hit fifty homers at that it was marked up yellow green blue writing all through it and you know what it's again a matter of less than lots of aware of subject files and as you share what you learn the people you will have all connected together before then but the more you share it the more it makes more sense to you it will meet some people that they know better than you should lead you back to that word amen at the study inevitably setting with somebody and they tell you something at your advancement I don't have the answer right now but give me a week occupancy I fully say that show the people of the land like you know everything that you know I don't know everything there spins an open of my class after class I have to go back to that event so I have this right here as you study for your self-delusion leader to somebody else emulate somebody else it would help you be more firmly rooted which is and when that becomes a reality the effect of the Bible will be reality was that the Bible it is when most will be what to wear ill crime St. Laurent out of all the people Mister you chose me to understand this truth amen what do all we will be what challenge because even recently in the documents of a challenge it away in the way of thinking but it is inevitable to Jesus Australia Johannes will be what the big UB convicted of truth and number four how will you your behavior patterns but what feebly understand the doctors what practical standpoint of the intellectual standpoint issue needs you to change your behavior a with his endless radio and your behavior patterns changed the attitude will be what modified to have the attitude of mind of Christ and that attitude is modified lastly although you are characters will be transform their perfected into the image of what envisions good to be for field and I saw another angel coming down from heaven and a great in the earth 's life the glory the character of Christ and to go for a present this truth on the B anointing in the South of the early and latter rain is good news Milton at the foot of Jesus because of you amen is not only to PhD 's in those who have been reasonable finished the work is only people just like you and just like me we just put people just like you and just like me they are people right now in other denominations while walking in all the light of their identity walking all the light of the lose interest in God 's children to those walking over there I'm seeing in the hearing and saying some of things I missed that in the mark will now it's about the papacy being decent and I was alone in oh well firstly protuberances against hip-hop you believe the rational and like the shape of the possessed that you are just let his best friends a seventy G Greg Lewis lastly so gossip here people all over the world were not a member of this church again some of the concepts it only when you like the opening and bacteria it all got us thinking built a person and safety understand what boundaries in the manual technique can you help me and what this study will give them the truth and they may say to you what doth hinder me to be baptized is going on close two thousand and eleven had about twenty five years ago I got to say it is twenty seven years ago nineteen eighty four the team will not does not turn thirteen I digital world a little Olson on in the world set out for them this spot is very special to me he was ten I was thirteen that the music is there out and let me know all I NBA player knowledge will about God I don't know the state of auditing that they hope the elite and not sacking up in a bad relationship abusive relationship but that won't work a minimum of who can see it sold her a big family Bible with the biblical interpretation that whenever the start and end laws without they follow that they thought I him here that the book Malone that David and Reginald Johnson which inseminated with both of you as well as I ever met many were very nice yet we went to high school together I am going on I is that I then anyone in Florida even Atlanta was all I will want anyone to embed you said it's okay but you are in or years later right also known as this is a much look great and one that was personally the again what is a dissenting passive voice obviously see the holds were in settlement later register opening is getting a because if you do this when obligated to anything the literature and are regulated and understands there's another that Elizabeth ever tasted and when a solvent basis and then a little help with homework what all bodies are pulled out in remote Windows in November nineteen eighty nine seven of his mother I will be a seven yard is like having your house and told on the other obvious that inevitably got a hold will end in this on a nine hours and only are baptized I hope the minister I heard the cuticle with the Hartman and Windows 7 to pick mimosa with you teaching it in a somewhat heavy in you not the subversion and even on the Internet and read the old not as deep as it is amazing I don space in and it is in God 's report rang like to open this place without you have a Facebook page views your Facebook page we've had the copied and pasted amazing and easy to read this that is bonded that it will just turn my fellow fire and I guarantee you might agree that you are not Wilson uses violence as the own meal right notes move right now will play a very good and I was betting that we can understand that and please go that amazing fact a man and get the material that will help you help Bob and Henry went on the Bible and in all the right limits after my father thank you for my friends from God and one of them Google is graciously and thank you for using the consumer house full thank you that you will not know when or when the resurrection will number is a renewed interest in the study are sweet to the taste laziness remove the theory or in the laboratory of the acid of the bay window in the unit at the bottom less than the one immediately seizes


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