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A Little Leaven

Phillip Sizemore


Phillip Sizemore

Pastor of Personal/Public Evangelism at Lay Institute for Evangelism (LIFE)



  • April 8, 2011
    1:15 PM
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him an hour in only forty five minutes so I had an asset had an option of either talking slower or say something little different beginning and ending in the message and since it has been active conference really wanting to put them on how to get Bible studies that I've think I've had a message prepared out one degrees this afternoon and it will not have a study on all alike but basically eschatology entitlements I think you know it and how to go to the set studies like that little impressed with you that but actually the Lord came to mind sorbent is available different find the rest going to be a little bit of what originally had wanted to do and so this over a Bible sister minute to look at Revelation I was looking at the revelation one time and three domestic relations after sorting out how there might have that and down when I first began a seven-day Adventist Christian many people give gifts to our time and still is they'll try to give him a hard time saying your Adventist eye at all of you all you want to do is talk about the law is in an is will is is this microphone ready okay but I I I would have been a lot agreed from people saying you just want to let the law you want to talk about judgment even talk about being being holy and and and you never wanted to be like Paul Basil Davidson wanted to be like on presenting the Jesus Christ and him crucified you know tomorrow Batson question answer time this is one of the answers to the questions some interesting here it wasn't that reporting has nothing to do right now talk about assuming a microphone and back again it says I saw her six enemies of alignments of heaven what did he have the everlasting gospel so this this angel with the everlasting gospel to preach to all that dwell upon the earth every nation kindred tongue peoples of this everlasting gospel is to go to all the world and the next word him or herself at first were presented in things other words saying would mean he's getting I decide what the everlasting gospel I find that at the end of money preaching of the everlasting Gospel it isn't that what context would would bring out inverse this end is coming out of reach the everlasting gospel okay I think with a loud voice fear God Reverend God everlasting gospel to call to Reverend Scott give glory to him for everlasting Gospel of the Lord God there you find by the way health reform dress reform not going certain places it doesn't continue continue on present the Bible says whatever you drink whatever you do do all to the Lord got seventy eight the Lord God if you were not marked why God they find that my very everlasting gospel using either that's all in their and bring a message and it says for the hour of his judgment has come good you know that part of the everlasting gospel is the judgment our message that's part of the gospel that good news or the gospel right and worship him in a heavier pussy and abounds waters so EEO we we say well they see the Sabbath in that the author it is a call back to worship God as creator LASC something when was it that this part everlasting gospel begin to be preached the hour of his judgment is come to give you a clue taking forty four video is very interesting there was an eighteen forty four that Darwin 's origin of the species was first published the same year that God calls us to the judgment our message he also called us back to worship him as the creator in the singular goblets that I think it will be called away worshiping him as the creator fascinating and let them know if they yet estrogen this step is not really everlasting Gospel he would say that Paul preached everlasting Gospel Jesus Christ and him crucified but in acts twenty four this is the warm-up the message because the topic is thanks but will talk about today in the message part of this should affect our life forever here I can back home Sunday and what happens then is even more important perhaps than what happens here like it's good to be here but what is it what you want about me when you get home before him talk about it a few minutes but the best way for act twenty four and twenty four after certain days when feelings came with his wife Drusilla which was a gymnast he sent upon hurting him concerning what faith in Christ what the sermon title appallingly presented really care faith in Christ sermon title at their bank goods are vital for you to go increasing average your church thinking Christ look what the Bible says that Paul says to him and heaving Paul reasons of righteousness temperance and judgment on the Internet the Bible says is I think I written about righteousness different adjustment account and analysis daily struggle and everything going for the time when I'm attending a seasonal call for you in other words all in discussions of feelings righteousness Deborah there just was coming that wasn't met with eldest summary of the message because you don't tremble when someone says doesn't righteousness and and and the upcoming righteousness givers and judgment you'll travel with him I said that it was what was in containment message right now listen Paul Priestly Crossman crucified Felix Antonio your unrighteousness but Jesus Christ on the cross your intemperance that Jesus Christ on the cross and impulsive my lane Felix Sir that same Jesus whom you crucified it from your judge in the judgment and then Felix trembled right that's a better summary of the message pollen outreach that message today if he was the seventh and indiscretions then he would present message he agrees about righteousness temperance and the judgment has come in be more you so reprising the right message for producing message of the apostles preached that is the gospel that's partly everlasting Gospel we found it rather in a file that not all targeted at all about it in the message that wanted to you about it honestly I had not intended on frankly getting the message nothing about that it hasn't the Bible study ideas in it you will use it debilitating like what you just learned there much money to Pakistan through the methods will become the lot there but him it your thing you come here in the house that a Bible nineties and you embrace new techniques and some good ideas come to you but you go home and act like the devil like have even changed is the question is what you're hearing after changing your heart and so am already little bit of background in my life because it'll help poured into the messenger okay first of all as a tech support is keep in mind license five nine Paul says a little leaven leaven the whole lot is keep that in mind a little leaven leavens the whole makes the whole thing whatever you are putting in their for limiting permeates the whole being whenever I was first mate what would happen I cannot like when I grew up there in Kentucky my parents were not Christian at all like I never been to a conference like this going up you know it was nothing at all we we had to have a Bible we can pray we didn't we didn't study we did nothing in our home my parents were good people that my dad had very godly principles of amount actually live a godly in character like they would do things that Christians were not Dell sure some of that within a minute but brands since I never have a memory now check this out there is no memory that I can bring back recall ever my parents ever fighting are you nothing ever like I never have no memory that I don't have a memory my parents everyone and anyone am ever building me I don't know when but my knowledge note no member that you like what housing and just like using them out with the other but they were very godly in there and there vegetables like it my dad ever thought that I would lie still her cheek it would be like it would be a shame on me in my neck it is like John Timmy and I have such respect for them because the way they acted them up again home life was the never one of the disappointment that even as a heathen when I left home and away our two-year college degree and got electronics degree and when I left home and moved levels alone for the first time I would not get into the alcohol or drugs involved in the value in life because I was afraid my dad would find out and not me and not do anything to make the other braided by not be disappointed in me I ended is one of the things that help in finding a Christian and and and like affecting out what God has done for man God the father you know you think God the father loving father in heaven I can't think and I went when ever I realize that the certain things he doesn't want me to do a bit one or disappoint him and when people say we are being legalistic and that private bank unearned God 's love by not doing certain things that so foreign to me on unlike what you talking about like I never did the things I did not do for my earthly dad I didn't put it on disappointed not to get his lovely arty love me for this is this is like another bank I hadn't access and cousins when I was growing up that were Seventh-day Adventists but we ridiculed the monopoly on again of the faith in no event about Seventh-day Adventist by the way was that they they did report and in a church on Saturday and although they were going to the world that that I haven't used the data to the Muslims didn't eat pork handgun and on that stop me to dislike this what they were weird and when we know we ridiculed enough action the family would always get a hard time Christmas Easter holidays always have we been given a hard time right and and it's really sad to me that my landlord were not worth another and are not in charge of the kids are in the church cannot do this it was Sunday but now I know like that is so with that little bit back also I played at one time not to think about this my parents both businesses and growing up down at heating and air-conditioning business my dad was very honest in his dealings and things like that and he would hijack regional employees working for the conflict thirteen fourteen employees in a small town working as a pretty concise bit out there right and it seems like every time some and every time I done wrong is a Christian attorney near you that your table talk write and an icon that was one guy that I was eighty one and one thousand eighty great nitrates have great in high school yup I would go work with certain of the service guys in his business like van Gogh service called Audi to go for a nod and get back under house somewhere working on it heating air network something to work on something and I did one find a fourth album in the house rep in the attic below the gopher and output employee working with my parents out I was working with this one employee one time it was a really thereby know some efficient hot guy and one time we went for lunch with him I has half the luncheon in our front for their couple of hours and hours of my time card on nothing as but one hour of the few hours for lunch over there for two hours while he turned in his timecard for one hour for lunch is the Christian thing you know you're always witnessed by the way and so my dad my dad at an growing up he let the Christians basically for the most part as not very honest people he respected everybody but Christmas is like you not only that uniform I'm pretty a pretty much better off than they are with the reduce of the things of the Russians do when I was in high school sophomore just at the end of our road it was at a couple of kids one the girls my age that that the brother with your older than me there dabbles on death row in Tennessee and their mom and abandon them to and then abandon them and the kids had been in school there for so long and things like that of Brandon they were they were scared Robbins delivers care to pregnant the state would come into millennium user-friendly wouldn't have that going on right my dad found out about it we sitting a table and I remotely haven't seen spaghetti and he gets up sophomore in high school he gets up and goes down in the road he goes in and talk to the fiftieth you can attack all the things they have he brings into our house and he just don't not too much for many years earlier than that we had a small three bedroom home with a nice big failure in the living room my dad brings them and takes them in with nobody knowing in verse one the living room into the bedroom for the boys they impose the girl in the bedroom of my sister Ann and I'm I spent with a minimum brother and he raised them for the next three years paid our bills but everything like that never ask anything from anybody and never expected anything from anybody that love those people love those kids dry as a result guess again everything in and now that I am a Christian I like the remaining seven Venice Christendom to the second line and I said that this was my view of of like what my life was like compared attrition against me straight on us with the okay now with that background let us go back to the Bible now an analyst should look at a few things Matthew chapter twenty three Matthew the twenty third chapter does not thought about it no people little bit is it Matthew seven twenty three Jesus spoke to the multitude of verse one and his disciples please make an effort by the church folk saying the scribes and the Pharisees they sit in Moses seat all therefore whatsoever they bid you to observe that observe and do but do not use after their works they say and do not Jesus is telling his disciples others whatever the church folks the people leading thank whatever they cited the liberty to correct that we sign located in other words are taking the correct but don't do after what they had to do after what they say what what what he's saying is in other words he sang the described Thursday's they say one thing into another how would what would you define it out what does the work for that democracy democracy right they tell he's telling his disciples let their hypocrites like they say one thing and another I want to say one thing and another I wanted to what you told the practice I want you to act it was telling that their actions are important here I was not much inning else to say there was mean out the message after sixteen Matthew chapter sixty now Matthew chapter twenty three telling him what they say Malaga Matthew chapter sixteen verse five when the disciples were come to the other side they forgotten to take bread with them and she is said to them take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees I love with the says they reasoned among themselves saying it because we didn't take a bread Jesus said all you little faith why do you resemble yourself because you brought no bread do you not understand neither remember the five loaves and the five thousand twenty baskets you took up near the seven loaves and the four thousand I mask did the cup but he found it yet when it crossed the dam of Haiti where the levers of the scribes and Pharisees ready when eleven all you must be saying that you have read with us again it is a teaching moment here okay I'm not talking about Levin is a rental unit right that five thousand people in seven thousand and now can imagine like all young only he's teaching us something good to know that every time you reading the Bible Jesus is our fecundity to something how is it that you don't understand that I concerning the bread beige where the laminate of the Pharisees and the fantasies then understood they have anybody do not beware of the leaven of bread but of the acquired doctor and the Pharisees is that is enough to reading your Bible three the questions I can open your mind here my doctors replaced it's all that interesting beware the doctor and eleven like if you are ever Bible study right now studying your Bible personally what you think it will look up from this point the word limit and doctors let what was the doctrine or the leavening or the that the leaven of the doctrine of the Stradivarius he's right he wanted your question you're asking is what is this lavender doctrine of Jesus is telling us of his followers to beware of again I like that if I read of a Jesus on his disciples now beware the doctrine of the Pharisees onward it must be that doctrine keeping the seventy seventh minute Doctor W Nona they had a doctor nation he unclean birds you think that got the ideas and how I discipled everybody for you my word beware of that document it but they have about eating unclean foods don't know about that doctrine of it what you suppose the doctrine would be that Jesus is warning us to stay away from well we don't know what this doctrine is we don't know now because another site and attack the West we do we should note what your visit as president intestinal diseases that can try to find out if I'm reconnect a splendor that's what this Leninism this doctrine is pretty fair is not featured accordance out and start looking through to try to figure what this is an and so what we're going to do now is when ignored under the gospel of Luke chapter twelve Warwick we found the answer but lately chapter twelve so we might discover that Jesus tells his disciples in one place whatever describing Darcy stated to do it they got in another place don't do something and on unit whether teaching this one I don't want to follow there is one particular one that I don't want to get caught up in you think that you have a thing counsel rested I like there's a certain doctrines that he doesn't want follow us on this document will jabber developers want in the meantime it was gathered together in innumerable multitude of people insomuch they tried upon one another he began to say to his disciples first of all beware of the requirement of lab and other Pharisees which is democracy what was there eleven Boulder Doctor Limon URL hip-hop receipt nocturnal wonder what he would say to us today hypocrisies pretty serious accusation is not Jesus many times that you scribes and Pharisees you because you're making clean the outside of the cup and the platter but inside your rotten which is hypocrisy hypocrisy sadly this looking like everything is okay on a outside when you're rotten on the inside by the way when you're rotten on the inside of looking good on the outside lately what you do in front of the church everybody unit so that when your home your tyrant maybe when your work you can like the time a new time card or take something that's hypocrisy you are all witnessed what we are all witnesses right again is important to understand the Bible but many people another Bibles quite well instead it quite well that are not burn God wants a change that's he wants he doesn't want us to live like the crypt season warning us of that here you're the word hypocrisy means to be claiming to have moral standards are bullies which one's own behavior does not conform the pretense that that's what the dictionary definition of hypocrisy would be our religious actor now I love this on others because some people like you give it to these it is an especially the young people in often young people that the double savings like this at intervals as they are just dangling churches simple hypocrites arthritis as they host is full of hypocrites you are not the state of your tummy that it takes one to know one young people that the older people as they are hypocrites themselves are worse your hypocrite in its acting one way in one place a different way to another place in a different when another place of hypocrisy you like when you come to army and you the greatest president ever walk the earth and you get back to your room in the evening and your back to say anything in your writer friends nearby yourself I got back yet insanely different bundle that the people you see an add-on Bible camp that hypocrisy if you're not getting on the same person where you are that's the medical definition of hypocrisy and Jesus warned family against being that way I wonder what I would be the case one wife morning is not to be hypocrites your interesting that Jesus thing about this the religious leaders of his day scribes and Pharisees the hypocrites that we found her the limiting groove eleven is hypocrisy it's interesting that Jesus had to point this out to his disciples in other words when he was okay you try to the Pharisees you hypocrites it's interesting that he had to tell them that that that that the player of their individual that tells me as regular Bible that they were doing such a good job her acting was so bad they had everybody pulled like I might like to view anything Symantec is going to be saved we pass all the papers to the disciples go there in Jerusalem right and is out for sure scribes Pharisees the other good and the list of the Vonnegut and the poor Lazarus is therefore for Lazarus is from Kentucky to say whatever you want into a modeling I like to write me letters liberty letters that the yellow mirror my grammar you know it here's the thing though and it is big with this I don't care what you say monogram or if you understand what I'm trying to say that I'm using correct grammar the ego I not only got a message ever fight for just a minute Matthew the fifth chapter twenty yes that the disciples are not just think about this think this grip you're one of the disciples try to put yourself there I sent you Matthew five twenty that an extent you are righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees ye are going to go to hell that's what he says right you should not enter the kingdom of heaven so the other option would be sitting on right now so it was your righteousness exceeds the righteousness of God in everything you're going to law can you imagine being one the disciples at that point like Peter really nice were done like you I think your righteousness can exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees as well as it describes the Pharisees that they tithe of mint and something I got him better than that like but it is starting to sleep now like often when I was like listening up back home and forget this whole thing is over there's no hope for community just imagine what's going to the disciples mine is Jesus telling them there their righteousness has exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees redistricting is with Jesus clears things up we get the message of the twentieth sermon of the whole lot better in Matthew chapter twenty three ninety seven twenty three IIA is the chapter refuses giving the scribes and Pharisees what where I really appreciate that chapter is me hope Matthew chapter twenty three and verse twenty three Jesus said that I would listen very carefully while you scribes and Pharisees you hypocrites for you great time of myth and us and government and amended the weightier matters of the law judgment mercy and faith these aren't you done enough of the others undone so is important by time and it hasn't given guys that he showed on this coming off on the now noticed this after reading your Bible notice the first three things he mentions everybody can say it up a time limit as a gimmicky Cialis but not can you say that when I'm necessarily so yet when I have judgment mercy and faith that's doing up inside you understand right that uses back to the Olympic Democrat hypocrisy thingies as your hypocrites right in the work of our hypocrisy you find again your hypocritical you're doing things that are vital so you cannot hear a good Christian but inside your rotten you're admitting them weightier matters about more important things he says that he says were clinically blind guide you straight in that swallow a camel have you ever studied that like what I like the wipers on reading the Bible for the first time you know in Iraq and across that during a camel it was a total foreign-language like what in the world even talking about any and all the all the unclean claims altogether the wettest May ninth it was unclean thing in that it's also an unclean thing in camel the scribes and Pharisees the Jews would take their water comes through the governor administrator to make sure that you accidentally swallow and that is everything the water he says that your strength and happiness while camel River think vitamin as a human small things that make her things judgment love and mercy you're missing your swallowing the camel can you see how the application is that it is on while you scribes and Pharisees for you you clean the outside of the company platter that was in your bold extortion and excess it is amazing how may times you got there that the Gospels and the income place in the New Testament and find where God is condemning these people for their hypocrisy you can always use the word hypocrisy sometimes necessitate your saying one thing and doing another and even if you're residing a Bible you might not find builder looks up at him but I'll let the word hypocrisy because sometimes he doesn't use the word is as I is saying one thing other church folks looking to add on the outside you got cleaned up I love him of the parable method three it is getting the treatment went back through no begin imagining forth good fruit no but here's the thing you have a bad tree has a list backward honestly pick all the fruit off of it the tree-lined of them as a country then I think a lot of results going back you have change the jury she is as always images focus brother visited was in his focus was always the heart once he has your heart he has all of you time and again he says don't be a hypocrite and by the time I get in this message I think the lineup definitely why have such a passion about that you know it's funny Luke chapter twelve if you turn there with me just for moment Luke chapter twelve looking at the same thing we look at this a while ago we just read verse one percent beware of the leaven of the Pharisees which is democracy right the first two there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed neither hidden that shall not be known therefore whatsoever you spoken a darkness shall be heard in the life and that which is spoken in the air the call that shall be proclaimed in the housetops he doesn't simply saying your hypocrisy is going to be revealed whenever you put on the show recognized and your rock God is looking at that half ago and Mike were all the right godless agenda heart now I'm not talking about the occasion of the Dieter missed the here were talking about the trend of our lives my following Jesus is my heart toward him or my foot are our most precious thoughts about him or my scoundrel and you know yesterday Linda three God yourself and your spouse for your kids we can share put on a show at the church the home the really comes out the Robin leave your at this height is begin running iPhone study Bible and how to start a Bible if we go back our families were jerks them in the suite has been enough good genius was the daughter hearts so much of it was another skirmish and I be hidden now when I read that nothing 's ever since nothing 's covered it shall be revealed rather wait when I read that how is I got my illness things like that would mean he would have to be reading my mind busy candidates but there are certain things that are no one else knows about you right you can do that even hide things you needed to network at home for a while at times your girl you will come out calibrating wonton your Matthew chapter nine but I think I started finding liking that the many places in the Bible find the same thing thought where it says on it like this and Jesus knowing their thoughts your story about the announcement of the story you can read it yourself in the Bible Matthew chapter nine provided they are an absolute somewhere I can result up my head they bring is quadriplegic to Jesus in any speaker likely linger on the bed a landowner by Jesus and Jesus looked at him and what he say to him son your sins are forgiven now there's something you may not have picked that up in the story may have I'll nobody's read the story says the scribes and Pharisees the people sitting around worth thinking with in themselves they will say anything to work they were speaking they were thinking within itself this man commit blasphemy there can forgive sins but God alone now Jesus the Bible says knowing there said why do you reason these things in your heart knowledge and thing about this before he ever heal the guy he shows in the news God Francis this will pick somebody out here I don't know who to pick up hope they don't bathroom feel here less of those ideas that are near the past reveals they can I wish Philip would hurry up flag go home go out and get me a burrito before before sat right at four that was up to MNF when you think you're now and that's exactly what he was thinking what do you think that would do to him right now I'm thinking about what Jesus shows them that his God by telling them what their thinking again about the approach he told the Dominion of a walk so into eighty seven these got there I want to get the other problem and the Libyans very interesting back to the blood justice after six verse five and verse eleven I think the other point is that something like that the thoughts and intents of the heart was only evil continually in other words we think of the act invalid things are going to God as if any of the dances are important I think that you only want then bad things they were thinking about he was known to a heart the problem with the people that died in a bloodletting of the things they were going out early in the things they were doing eminently now just something to think about using living in the last days Jesus said the last phase of the audit was in the days of Noah not about you but when I go to Walmart regular analog of the month when all men are wicked people we know you can tell humanity is pretty good at all at all involving honestly preceded by the one you know what invalid or some terrible for the most part but the labor living in the last days if you do that ever like it was in the days of Noah my contention is eliminated always like most people that I got so bad that you were looking on how we can make ourselves look on the outside and honestly deny the more all looking to get on the outside beauty looking for another want to do their bodies by Majeed is a non- bypassing it he said there wicked in their hearts now the trouble now the trouble in the church and that's a troubling church even in the last days Jesus is not your hearts the judgment in the judgment before I get the point what about going on in our hearts the identity is braided and if it's in your bank how the cohort of medical porters littermate is going door-to-door knock on doors on the front house postings and promise another part of Kentucky and I lead guard at Lee Gardens up in central Kentucky in the northeastern part like no difficult to Cincinnati Ohio but is in Kentucky about the country now as well as lead guard to get by the way that you cannot card doctor 's office for the developer but not well following up on it had Israel not handwriting on new this woman is like a man and a woman an advantage because of my mind thirty seven years old and isolate in you becoming it is because you reading and writing writing delegate of logical order I get that she doesn't disappoint as exact a well-thought-out sleep just a little boy about eight years old mid thirties he has and that's physically athletic RSS recommend how I set down their episode accounts like right here and she's attracted across me like you're sitting the boy is sitting right about that and also showing the book at the Smalltalk and and but that's on it and then right at that moment she said I hear some rustling in the back door and equipment coming in and he says oh my husband now I'm about you but I'm a young lady home and she does all that my husband and okay what does all that my husband might become a bit faster I says and so anything that I jump up and Alan Sega tennis on the books everyone is wondering there and immediately this guy blows up he starts yelling at parties like your youngsters garbage eaters in later life as you will you have to prefer again I sent any for the past twenty one analyst that is what I dislike this rating are outright to be more like my dad what he said anyone like my dad I commended by the stimulus a yard anyway and comes out very uncomfortable the woman looked me looked me straight at like me and she said I'll hope you forgive my husband see you through the Seventh-day Adventist adventures about four years this time like on what my mind is racing your like your start ringing you are getting planning enough as I think like what he asked me if I may write about my and so I get down on the likelihood that they look they can give her free book in and give the Bible studied that you sign up or get out of there I becomes like in the meantime and if I got in the online shotgun as I write is that he was right the seven habits that you recognize something you say that I was given life that our government is now the scoundrel I got a dime a dozen and he doesn't it isn't that he sees it doesn't ring a bell right I haven't found in the argument that races patients what I guarantee you that many Adventist homes in the empty when recognized the book so he yelled at her and your company storms out she has asked me what religion I am I pray with her the models they think and I get out there and then I can like pre- early evening with no carport who work at the past darkened this shocked me so much especially the earlier had been with him on driving us are heading home my mind is racing like and dislike strikes me the minute what must've been like in his voice home look back to the DVM yard all of it he is so proud tonight elimination instrument is down a young lack of homes reality interface really does not talking about homes like real people real homes with real problems that's what happens after these meetings here and sometimes I picture what must've been honest with license picture displayed you let me the imagination that the boy is Sabbath morning fifteen years prior to this maybe twenty years prior to this day I and dad comes and turns on the lights and start yelling at the kids to get out of bed mom comes in wearing what she was aware to church and then start yelling at her unit members anywhere in the church on this one is like that yelling and getting right right here but you get the idea so they go to get a card that the leakage on a settlement Robert and I don't hear one word about how you got it you got embarrassment I insert you what to get home the biggest jerk that Sabbath that doesn't report up in the parking lot of the church in that mama yelling and fighting and that's yelling at the kids and yelling at mom and step out of the car and put on the cyberspace that looked at the front door he opens up near the head of oh so good to be in the house the dog this morning happy Saturday any kids are like that dirty old man I hate him bodily in the recent hate your parents out of the unit like this Jesus says you got a be of your enemies so you definitely read your parents so that I can like a pirate and because it certainly so happy so that we can establish the death of their preaching etc. perhaps he pulled out the book of of of Romans chapter one he reads about how bad things where they live in the Libyans and how they were bring evil things he said nobody ever TVs any touch church family half you want to my house we do that TV on the yard this week of Edisto have a TV in your house don't you all he so pious and her mother did have a cohesive sentiment about his kids in a particular setting in the front row going I can't wait I get out own up to get out of this house the time passes by now this would be fun it wasn't true the time passes by can leave the church and that gets up thereafter is generally level of the church in every family sent I just wish my kids were in church your think we had more stuff for the kids my kids still be here today with his tyrannical my democracy the drove his kids out of the church no wonder any of what I want to tell you if you have anyone as people you're still alive and are still working on your heart please repent regardless of San Diego to Florida God will not forgive you we learned that already right please turn back to God pray for them and try to make things right with the kids if you're tentatively a pressure-treated you hear hating them for that you better come to Jesus and get over it and you better not be that way yourself got looking at all the things I can imagine is going on it like this are just sorry I just like whether you can imagine right you can want the trip to charge most of them like you probably been a car without happening at Sabbath morning like that my wife sitting of it she knows note that you ever notice out generate the same Independence Avenue de la Garza when you think about God you get him and eat while driving and looking to Grassley 's got an anytime you want if they only do they grasp at the tomorrow like the devil automatically get your mind off the Obama God right or are you gone long and any other like a job like always let me sing a brilliant work on this and you follow the same of the devil tries anything to get you distracted and get you you jerk ever flaring and we let them get as so often and it leads brothers sisters and one sees what were doing was not many Otterbein Church thereby home particularly got democracy with the probably said in the Bible was with the scribes and Pharisees what would he say to us today keepers graded for process therefore judge nothing before the time until the Lord comes who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness and you're hiding and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts and lives I remain a priest of God was not wanting to deal with part what is your man I forgot about her homes and me I hope none of us and only tyrants our families and tell her why else how are praying for them I hope will come through sometime hundreds who in spite of us in our Bibles from and relationship and three note you know what the last church and the Bible called Laodicea in the lettuce in the judging of the people the last church is the one is in the judgment the one that got that the judge did the church of the judgment right of judging of the people Abyssinia so you're looking here and an interesting liquid words mean about life doctors reported Philadelphia Philadelphia Maine brotherly love that would be the pioneers in the interesting the ones that thought you were going to come in eighteen forty four they put all their mouth aside like they search their hearts brotherly love but now the church of Laodicea I do notice something here with my wife to say about it please don't miss this last part of method is most important all the Bible says this to the angel of the church of legacy ends write these things saith the amen the people and true witness the beginning of the grace of God I know you quarks that you neither color hot I wonder you were cold or hot so because you are lukewarm and neither cold or hot you make me one of mom that that's what he said Thursday on another throwing a block mask the not rented apartment in the board and I struggle with this little bit of white women women got another any hold which we would consider lost when you be hot would you consider all the about on our hard drive but because you are lukewarm you make me sick and out of a start on that one anything that cold is better than live why I left that in the Bible hack and I had an end I questioned up her longtime to something happened in my life something happened my life it made it abundantly clear numbers yet with unit a little bit ago that shares a bear with me I told you the story about my dad now when I first met my girlfriend and was dating her Lara and that by now that I was actually studying and thinking of becoming a Christian particular that cultish Seventh-day Adventist now his view of your argument we haven't tested that were like that right he saw that he thought of you know he didn't like the id. he becoming a Christian he did bring up with my moral standards honestly that was his party like I do I'm a regard for Christians honestly enough I believe in God I wanted to become a Christian ninety one acres and what what what I've been exposed to Christianity I do my dad called me Monday and it's like one of those think their vitamin would happen on my limited place until you're too young I hardly let our path right now some a migratory route when JFK was shot right we first heard about it like a stick on your mind this is one of those moments for me it's like that golf now but if I'm identical to his business down he'd had little but health problems he was working part-time at the airport is for somebody like him I'm a pilot of the flying so when I would go home to visit me to be over and outline around the airport hopping we go eat the hundred dollar hamburger you know the embers and I wasn't Christian yet Orlando fishing my I love fishing all right dad and I like that he got as he got older elected official I would with outgoing of fishing so my cell phone thing I look at my back on reflect on my back in this economy fishing the for the first time I want to I can ever number I hear my dad crying I like how so I know you thought you already think I'm funny writers like what is it is like your mom in the next one then I figure mom left me like no I listen underlying you know what Jesus says the two become one flesh when you're married but one flesh Eli says that because of a divorce is mostly liked my ripping your arm off divorce was that bad and it's worse when he told me that I like it out of your held the kids are if you decide you want to go ahead of a divorce because it gives ravenously one dissolving different found it exciting listen it destroys your kids are care how old they are so he said her mom left me not like talking about like has never liked honestly like in love even when they were all young people in love is a kind like Olson when I can know that Amazon has seen like that known and unknown on this can happen and that so they did begins unwanted licensing my mom also started working after the sugar business down she chewed and bookkeeping for over twenty years in the business of based on the definitive meet Lincoln County retired company known and so am to start working in a board and the ice cream place in that secretary placed the board come in the truck drivers would come into their orders and drop things off and she was taken for the money and all iconic stuff and see there was that one guy can predict the was a Pentecostal preacher that like my mom better than my dad did is a married man and I am he was flirting with my mom and and while they had a fair and he told him him oh I love you I can some of the heat the word love but he didn't love her which use a different word I did he could he said oh I left you will be better as a mom like going to get them enough classes begin down on McKinney 's use for what she did was wrong but gentlemen add Jan Bilby with him and my dad I mean he actually communism someone to kill the guy and and I had I wasn't converted Elizabeth hi Jennifer do not think you should honestly I was born killing him and the one on the bluesman that mom is going on think and struggling with this you know and the heat until the guy they went one is a happen over time as a guy really him him him him to start with either the married man to the family and in a church and you think that is a unit back to church in the course grades it's all about grades that you are forgiven for my demure preacher listen someone does that they do not deserve to opening more social things are to be used to be safe insane and that you can still go to forgive forgive me say that you don't desire to be in a leadership position anymore Sago Baptist Church and the other all okay with it my dad like this stripe and him I've ever gone home right when my dad was never the same is like all most like messed up economy like he is surrounded on the road to be looking and so forth however few years I was I was mangled him after that and we had kids coming along and and him that was a little messed up enough they are going fishing one time after all is the placement among them back together that they were back together they never got divorced each other for government you know Ralph phenomenon of anything or going fishing and and over the glove box with it are out-of-the-box and is a type there have been however work with my dad always Christians in Iraq but in the glove box and if the George Jones patent Gospel music I get my dad 's truck traffic and that is my opening is like talking them right the data of NSR catalyst and he said everything about this but if I think not I don't want to talk about a similar this whole heaven business knowledge that the feminine mistake like the anyway the people to be there are not likely to place the back like that they're not going to be there then I put them in a silent talk about it some life and I think you might know what a seat is implanted all have time I'll quote him again like like another time gotten over the door but then again you think that time never came I have commented that government has a hard ridiculous to him and their mistakes again I was that you were cold or hot but because you are lukewarm you make me sick all I understand that takes now you see here's the thing my bad friends that were called why Christians those people were lost in a knot in it wasn't thinking a lot how it am the people that are on fire eleven Chrysler focus on the college years are living for Julie's at her on fire please be my people because you are lukewarm you make me want to become lukewarm people listen to me the lukewarm people in the church this is the last faith lukewarmness text people have with them the color you going by yourself with a cold heathen you're not enough by yourself but listen predecessors in the image search to be one but in the church and one for the world you're not going to help yourself because you are a witness do you think you make me sick you to be quite frank with you you make me want to do that I think until we have the judge when the CNS in the study and manipulate the ignorant cat again out in a meatball on Virginia M and do that are related regardless and lukewarmness you're still going to hell the problem is you have more combination because you're taking others with you you know when your job going in your home and your being a pirate you may not get along with when you're it when you're the job and you many many still lament the company is after all you deserve it even if done it on an island in the money seems that your tests is that you are my witnesses when it mattered but you're still a witness Jesus as I want to be hot or cold but don't be lukewarm and this is counsel to the church of Laodicea while it technically more sense now you understand why he is warning us against hypocrisy hypocrisy don't go to know myself scribes and Pharisees mineral or what he said at a quarter little earlier and any other message that Matthew twenty three fifteen that you scribes and Pharisees you know you many find one hour energy twice a child held yourself that you get taking them with you but everything to you here out of the use instructor is negative one thirty five and eighteen ninety nine after presenting the goodness of God toward Israel Joshua called upon the people in the name of Jehovah to choose and you will serve Joshua desired delete them to serve God not by compulsion are willingly but willingly rather love to God is the very foundation of religion to engage in his service merely from the hold up the hope of reward doing a disservice to the public reward of the fear of punishment is no good upon apostasy would be more expensive to what would would not be more presently got open apostasy would not be more offensive to God than hypocrisy and mere formal work and and Amir formal worship but let me really internalized a funky little bit open apostasy is not more as of the God then we open the open apostasy is not workers of the God and hypocrisy that more and other visiting hypocrites that I think of an apostate out of anyone hot or cold up saving file is better than a form of religion being an double we can appeal to everyone of us either be full one for Jesus either live your life a hundred percent for him we do everyone else a favor and leave you not preach the sermon one time I got Hasek not to mention not I'm a hypocrite on opium affecting anybody using acid leave yes did you know that Otterbein Church the same University written the book of life and God looking at your heart if you know your hypocrite you better go to Jesus was anything say the guy Stephen what did Paul said what was the very technical to the report prefer the sermon or what was going to analysis I a little leaven leavens the whole interleave like when you out here home is entirely was we came meeting them you know good and Army cannot help you at all we have to let Jesus Gendreau it has to be applied in a primitive is no father in heaven you know each one of our lives better than even though your heart forward desperately wicked but what we don't want to be I pray Lord that you will give us a new heart create within us a new order Lord father help us to be the fireball you have us to be to live full on for you cannot be a tyrant Lord help us to avoid the sin of hypocrisy and not especially Lord think that it was a doctrine of the scribes and Pharisees in other words it was that it was a common teaching God please met any far from us but we want to repent an attorney with all of our hearts I asked the Lord that everyone is in the sun I voice right now will not be among those that are lost in crying for the rocks and mountains the phone and when you come because of our façade is putting on Barnabas Peterson yesterday today and forever like you the Lord of yesterday and today we were living like the devil I pray that from now on heart change I was not something we can do ourselves we have to come to you we have to beg for you to be that good beggar Lord we don't have it within ourselves to be good to be righteously holy but is wearing contact with you that holy being I live the change in father I pray the opposite is honest as Jesus loving as Jesus is true to you as Jesus Lord when you come pick it home your kingdom pray that in the name of Jesus amen


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